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Verification Process Verification Summary Report


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									Verification Summary Report

     In accordance with Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on
     the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.
     To file a complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights (Office of Adjudication), 1400 Independence
     Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call toll free (866) 632-9992 (Voice). TDD users can contact USDA through
     local relay or the Federal Relay at (800) 877-8339 (TDD) or (866) 377-8642 (relay voice users). USDA is an equal
     opportunity provider and employer.
             USDA issued:
Eligibility Manual for School Meals
        January 2008 edition

   Federal Policy for Determining and
     Verifying Eligibility of students

   Download from link on DPI website at:
  Save These DPI Webpages:
 DPI Child Nutrition Website is located at:
(click on “Verification” in the green left margin)

      Verification Forms are located at:
Be sure to check each school year for the most
            current forms/information

More Training Opportunities
Click on “Training Opportunities” to review
webcast sessions and other DPI training
opportunities at:

       Watch for October 1 mailing
  addressed to Authorized Representative
                 of your
     Local Educational Agency (LEA)

  How is Verification conducted?
 As of Oct. 1, the total number of approved paper
  household applications submitted for the
  current school year are counted
 Required sampling method is determined
 Select required percentage based on sample
  method - but no more (cannot verify 100% of
 Select applications to be verified “for cause” are
  “in addition” to the required sampling number.

Highly recommended:
• use one Verification
Tracker form for each
application to be verified

• streamlines final
Verification Summary

•updated “Verification
Forms” packet includes
the Tracker on page 15.

 Verification Summary Report
 Required “Standard sampling method” this year has been
  determined by non-response rate of 20% or greater in 2009–
  2010. Specific SFAs sent 9/21/10 mailing.

 Any of 3 sampling methods can be used by agencies with
  less than 20% non-response: 10/1/10 mailing.

 DPI is required to collect Verification data. (Do not include
  “Verified for Cause” applications on Verif. Summary Report)

 Agency will be placed in “claims withholding” if the
  Verification Report is not submitted by Nov 15.

 October 15: “Instructions” will be posted on DPI
 website. Print & complete ahead of submitting

 November 1: on-line access to Verification
  Summary Report opens

 November 15th: Verification and Verification
 Summary Report should be completed

         SY 2010 – 2011
“Verification Summary Report”
  form and “Instructions” are
            posted at:

   under “On-line Services”
Let’s start with reporting:

   “Pre- verification”

Before you start reporting:
 Print a copy of the “Instructions to Complete
  2010-2011 Verification Summary Report”
 “Instructions” will be posted on the website after
  October 15. Complete this worksheet at your
 The information must all be entered in one session
  or you will need to start over.
 “Instructions” explain where and how the
  information is to be reported.

        Log in for the
Verification Summary Report

   2010 - 2011

Select the name of your school/agency from the drop-down box.
Be careful to pick your own when the names are similar.
Pre-verification Information
 School name, Agreement number and LEA type will
 automatically appear on screen after you log in

 PLEASE insert an email contact to facilitate the
 process – this should be the person responsible for
 submitting the report

All schools must use the USDA “Household Application
If your agency did not receive or approve any applications
 by October 1 this school year, select “No Approved
 Applications” and continue to “Part II. Results of Verification”
All agencies (except Provision 2 in a non-base year)must enter
 “0” or a number in both numbers 2 and 3
 All schools/RCCI will fill out #2 and #3 in
  Column A with information as of last operating
  day in October
   #2. number of sites operating for NSLP or SB
   #3. number of enrolled students WITH ACCESS
       to the program. If you have schools or grade
       levels without program access they must be
       subtracted from the reported total enrollment
 Only Provision 2 schools not operating in a Base
  Year will complete Column B numbers #2 & #3


   Note the column headings and dates for information
Report number
of students and
approved Free
or by income as
of the last
operating day
of October

Report number
of students and
approved by
income and
Eligible as of
last operating    Note that all agencies must enter “0” or a number in all sections of
                  Column A (except 4-4 and 5-1 which are only for Provision 2
day of October
                  operating a base year) and Column B.
NOTE: Column Headings have Changed!
Column A is Students                 Column B is Applications
4. Total of Free eligible students   4. Total # of Free Applications
   from all categories on last       approved (as of the last
   operating day of October          operating day of October)

4-1 through 4-3: break out the       4-2 and 4-3 report total number
  actual number of free students     of applications for each specific
  by specific category               category (as of the last operating
                                     day of October)

 Note: Column A #4.4 is only for Provision 2 schools

Line# 5 reports the
Reduced-price Eligible students
Column A: enter total number of reduced-priced
students (as of last operating day of October)
 Column B: enter total number of reduced-price
applications (approved as of last operating day of
 Do not enter data into #5 - 1 unless you are a
Provision 2 school not operating in a base year

                 Provision 2
 Wisconsin has about 20 schools on Provision 2

 Provision 2 schools provide meals to all students at
 no charge and in turn have a different application
 collection structure

 Collect applications only in the base year

 Do not fill out Line 2 Column B, Line 3 Column B,
 Column A Lines 4-4 or 5-1 unless you are a
 Provision 2 school and are not in a base year

   Reporting the
Results of Verification

Select “Type of Verification Used” from the drop-down box
If LEA had no approved applications on October 1 to verify
 select “No Verification Performed (no approved applications)”

Record the results of verification for each application in the column that
represents the “Original Determination”
Column A Free Eligible by Case number
for FoodShare, W-2 Cash Assistance or FDPIR
              Column B For Free Eligible based on Income
                         Column C Reduced Price Eligible based
                         on Income

For questions on completing and submitting the
Verification Summary Report, contact Jessica Sharkus

Verification Results
 An application is ALWAYS posted in the column (A,
 B, or C) where it was originally determined

  Example – Income application originally
  determined to be free eligible is posted in
  Column B on the numbered line that corresponds
  with it’s status after verification
 Lines # 7 through 11

Report each
application in
of the original

Report each
application in
the line (7-11)
of the results
of verification

1. When you are sure the information is complete and
   accurately entered “Submit”.
2. Print a copy of the Verification Summary Report for your
   records to show the date submitted.

Claims for reimbursement will not continue to be
accepted/paid on-line for agencies that:
1) have approved applications; but did not
   conduct verification
2) have not submitted the on-line Verification
   Summary Report to DPI by no later than
   November 15

on the Verification Process?

Contact DPI School Nutrition Team
 using the Personnel Directory posted
 at: http://dpi.wi.gov/fns/directory.html

Contact Jessica Sharkus with questions
 on the Verification Summary Report.
Thank you for participating
   and for your support of
 Wisconsin students every day

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