Designer Diamond Rings Need Not Be Expensive With Hybrid Diamonds by sonadiamond


									Designer Diamond Rings Need Not Be Expensive With Hybrid Diamonds
Designer diamond rings are expensive because of their unique design and
they are composed real diamonds. But new hybrid diamonds can make these rings affordable with almost the same quality. Designer diamond rings are undeniably expensive. Popular brands that make them can amount up to more than $15,000. Finest diamonds are carefully placed by designers in an elegant pattern that is truly unique and worth keeping. It surely is an investment for people who can and who try to afford it. But how about individuals who cannot? What can be the best option when looking for creatively designed diamond rings? Well, the only thing that makes it expensive is the real diamond. If we are able to find a good substitute or an alternative to diamonds, then we are sure to have the same brilliance and design for a cheaper price. An alternative that is becoming more and more popular in the industry today is man made diamonds. People have come up with a procedure and a device that imitate Mother Nature’s recipe in making diamonds. Although not identical, the gems produced have the same clarity, durability and feel of a real one but for a far lesser price. One may find it difficult to find a good company that manufactures quality alternative diamonds but there are corporations that guarantee their merchandise. It’s just that one should be patient enough in locating a reliable source. With alternatives such as these, having designer rings will not be that expensive anymore. Created diamonds are now approximating the beauty and elegance of real natural diamonds. With the arrival of the New Star Hybrid diamonds, we are now perfecting the imitation of real diamonds in all their finest properties.

The New Star hybrid diamond will really put the love of your life to tear of happiness when you present them a designer ring intricately outlined with elegant gems surrounding it. People who have low budget can have faith that they can make a special occasion more special because they know that they have tried their best to give the next best thing. A very popular alternative that is marketed all over the world are simulated diamonds. These diamonds are reasonably inexpensive and are a chosen favorite of couples when buying their engagement rings, wedding rings, necklaces, or what have you. These jewelries can amount to $500 to $1500 depending on the carat of the diamond, and design of the item. See? From a whopping $15,000 you can buy a diamond 1/10 of that amount. But the quality is almost the same. But if you want a best quality diamond alternative, there is a new technology that is very close to a real diamond. Star Hybrid diamonds came from processing real diamond ions with gemstone cores creating a real diamond layer that a mined diamond has. It ranks Gpa70 compression hardness equal to 10 Mohs scale as compared to a real diamond’s 10. It is a competitive gem that can really replace diamonds in designer rings. We are now at a time where we are about to perfect the creation of diamonds. Soon, there will be a time where‐in it will be hard to distinguish natural diamonds from man‐made ones. The New Star hybrid diamonds is one such kind.

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