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					Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                   Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                  Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology (DDRT) Exam

                                                2011 Exam Application
                                2011 Application and Exam Fees Valid Through March 31, 2012

This application provides information concerning the Delaware        Within guidelines established by state law, the Delaware ORC
Dental Radiologic Technology (DDRT) Exam and the require-            determines exam policy and standards. The Delaware ORC
ments for dental assistants applying to expose radiographs           issues a state certificate after the examinee has passed the
in the state of Delaware. The DDRT exam is administered              DDRT exam. All inquiries regarding the Delaware state certifi-
by DANB under an agreement with the Delaware Division of             cate should be addressed to the Delaware Division of Public
Public Health, Office of Radiation Control (Delaware ORC).           Health, Office of Radiation Control (ORC), 417 Federal St.,
Inquiries regarding the exam should be addressed to DANB             Dover, DE 19901; 302-744-4546.
at the address on the bottom of this page.

                                                      Table of Contents

    Page                                                             Page
     1-7        Exam Information                                       4         J. Improper Behavior
      1         A. Delaware State Requirements                         4         K. Nondiscrimination Policy
      2         B. State Requirements for Exposing x-rays            4-5         L. Testing Candidates with Disabilities
      2         C. DDRT Exam Application, Candidate                    5         M. Hand Scoring/Appeals
                   Notification and Scheduling                         5         N. Contacting DANB
      2         D. Testing Centers                                   5-7         O. Exam Content
      2         E. DDRT Exam Fees                                    8-11        Registration Information and Forms
      2         F. Exam Payment and Refund Policies                    8         Application Statement
      3         G. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies              9         DDRT Application Form
      3         H. Retest Policy                                      10         DDRT Exam Checklist
     3-4        I. Exam Expectations                                  11         Reasonable Accommodations Form

                                            A. Delaware State Requirements

   To expose radiographs in the state of Delaware, dental assistants must possess a state certificate as a Dental Radiation
   Technician from the Delaware Division of Public Health/Office of Radiation Control (Delaware ORC). A dental assistant
   may qualify for the state certificate by first passing the Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology (DDRT) Exam or the
   DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam and then submitting a completed Form R-16 to the Delaware ORC.

   Delaware State Requirements: To obtain a state certificate application (Form R-16), visit our website or contact
   the Delaware Division of Public Health, Office of Radiation Control, at 417 Federal Street, Dover, DE 19901; 302-744-
   4546; or visit Direct link to form:

     The Delaware Division of Public Health, Office of Radiation Control (Delaware ORC) enforces the requirements of
     state regulations regarding the safe and legal practice of operating dental x-ray equipment and performing dental
     radiologic procedures. Effective September 1, 2006, the state of Delaware recognizes the Delaware Dental Radiologic
     Technology (DDRT) exam or the DANB Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam (passed on or after September
     1, 2006) to qualify for a state certificate as a Dental Radiation Technician.

    Currently, the State of Delaware has no provisions for recognizing certificates issued by other states.

 DANB • 444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 900 • Chicago, IL 60611 • 1-800-367-3262 • Fax: 312-642-8507 • •

                                                                 1                                   2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                           Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                     Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Exam
   B. State Requirement for Exposing X-Rays                                       Delaware Computerized Testing Locations
This application packet provides information on the Delaware                                Dover     Newark
Dental Radiologic Technology (DDRT) Exam. Passing this exam                Candidates interested in taking the exam in a state other than
and applying for a state certificate to the Delaware Division of           Delaware may contact Pearson VUE at www.pearsontesting.
Public Health, Office of Radiation Control (Delaware ORC)                  com/danb for a list of national computer test sites. Or, when the
is required for individuals who are not licensed practitioners             candidate receives his/her Test Admission Notice he/she can
(physicians, dentists or DANB Certified Dental Assistants) to              call Pearson VUE’s toll-free number. Because test site deletions
legally expose radiographs in Delaware.                                    and additions may occur with out notice, DANB cannot guaran-
                                                                           tee the availability of specific test center locations or times.
              C. DDRT Application,
      Candidate Notification and Scheduling                                                   E. DDRT Exam Fees
The application for the Delaware Dental Radiologic Technol-                   Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology (DDRT)
ogy (DDRT) Exam is on page 9. Candidates should complete                                         Exam
the application and mail/fax it, along with the $87 application/
                                                                                                  Total Fee: $87
exam fee, to DANB at the address or fax number on the
                                                                           (Includes $37 exam fee and $50 nonrefundable application fee.)
                                                                           Payment must accompany the exam application.
It is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure that the applica-
tion is complete. Candidates will be notified of incomplete                      F. Exam Payment and Refund Policies
status by letter only. Personal phone calls will not be made.
                                                                           All incomplete applications are returned to the sender
The candidate will receive a Test Admission Notice from DANB               along with a letter indicating that the application is in-
within four (4) weeks after DANB receives the application. This no-        complete. A refund of the submitted fee, minus the $50
tice will provide all of the information needed in order to schedule       nonrefundable application fee, is sent within 30 days of
an exam through Pearson VUE. Candidates can register online
                                                                           notice of incomplete application. Refunds will be made only
at or by calling the toll-free hot
line immediately after receiving the Test Admission Notice.                to the payor, regardless of whether it is the exam registrant.
Candidates will receive an e-mail or confirmation letter from
Pearson VUE within one week of scheduling an appointment                   An application is considered incomplete if it is missing in-
with the exact location, date and time of appointment.                     formation or documentation, including, but not limited to: Social
                                                                           Security number, complete name and address, signature, or
Testing must be completed within the 60-day eligibility                    appropriate exam fee. A candidate who wishes to reapply with
window listed on the Test Admission Notice. If the exam                    a complete application, or who fails the exam and wishes to
is not taken within this period, the entire application and                retake it, must complete a new application and pay the full
fee will be forfeited. The candidate must report any and all               exam fee.
errors on the Test Admission Notice to DANB immediately
at 1-800-367-3262 before calling to schedule an exam.
                                                                           If two applications are received, DANB processes both
If you provided DANB with your email address, you will receive             applications, and the candidate will have two (2) records and
email confirmation from VUE with your appointment information              will be charged twice. When the two records appear in the
(date/time/location), otherwise you will receive your VUE                  application process, DANB automatically cancels one of the
confirmation through regular mail. Open and read all emails/               applications and returns it to the candidate. DANB then issues
mail from VUE. There will be important information regarding               a refund within 30 days of the notice of the returned, duplicate
your appointment.                                                          application, minus the $50 nonrefundable application fee.

All exam appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-                Original Payment by Check: When the candidate provides a
served basis. For rescheduling and cancellation policies, see              check as payment, the payor authorizes DANB to either use
Section G of this Application.                                             information from the check to make a one-time electronic funds
                                                                           transfer from the payor’s account or to process the payment as
            D. Computerized Test Centers
                                                                           a check transaction. If DANB uses information from the check
DANB has contracted with Pearson VUE to administer the Dela-               to make an electronic funds transfer, funds may be withdrawn
ware Dental Radiologic Technology (DDRT) Exam. This allows                 from the account as soon as the same day payment is received,
candidates flexibility in scheduling dates and times. The exam is          and the check will not be returned from the financial institution.
offered at the locations listed in this section. Site deletions and
additions may occur without notice. DANB cannot guarantee                  Returned Checks: If a candidate has applied for an exam with
the availability of specific test center locations or times.               a check that is returned by the bank for any reason (including
                                                                           but not limited to non-sufficient funds, stop payment, closed ac-
                                                                       2                                     2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                      Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                      Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Exam
count or refer to maker), DANB will assess a $25 non-sufficient        scheduling fee so that it is received by DANB up to 60 days
funds (NSF) fee to the candidate’s account. The candidate will         after the end of the 60-day eligibility window. Go online
be notified that he or she will not be allowed to take the exam        to (Downloadable Forms link) to download or
until a cashier’s check or money order for the full application        call 1-800-367-3262 and request a Request to Reschedule a
and exam fee plus the $25 NSF fee has been received. If full           Computer Exam Eligibility Window form. Within three weeks,
payment has not been received within 30 days, the application          you will receive a new Test Admission Notice with a new
will be null and void and the candidate’s account will remain          60-day eligibility window.
on finance hold. The candidate must pay $75 (the $25 NSF               Important Note: A candidate may reschedule an exam up to
fee and $50 non-refundable processing fee) before DANB will            three times. After the third reschedule, a current exam applica-
remove the finance hold and consider any exam application.             tion with full fees must be submitted.
No new business will be allowed for the candidate until the
finance hold has been removed.                                         Rescheduling an Exam Due to an Emergency: If a candidate
                                                                       experiences a personal emergency and is not able to take an
Original Payment by Credit Card: If a payor paid for a DANB            exam, the candidate must submit a Request to Reschedule
exam by credit card and requires a refund, DANB will credit            Due to an Emergency form explaining the nature of the emer-
the payor’s credit card for the balance remaining after the $50        gency that prevented the candidate from taking a scheduled
nonrefundable application fee is deducted.                             exam, including documents supporting the emergency claim.
                                                                       The request form must be received by DANB (via mail/fax)
                                                                       within 30 days of the scheduled exam date or exam window.
   G. Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies
                                                                       (Call 1-800-367-3262 with any questions about what constitutes
DANB allows candidates to reschedule or cancel exams. The              an emergency and appropriate supporting documentation.)
required forms to reschedule or cancel an exam are available           Approved requests will be rescheduled at no additional fee.
on DANB’s website at or by calling DANB at
1-800-367-3262. Regardless who paid for an exam, only a                Cancelling an Exam: If a candidate has submitted an applica-
registered candidate may reschedule or cancel an exam and              tion for an exam and wishes to cancel (not reschedule), the
request a refund. DANB returns the refund to the individual            candidate forfeits the full application & exam fees and the ap-
who paid for the exam.                                                 plication is null and void. No refunds are given for cancelled
                                                                       exams due to the fact that DANB’s nonrefundable application
Rescheduling of an exam: Candidates who have scheduled                 fee of $50 and cancellation fee of $35 is only $2 less than the
an appointments and wish to reschedule to a later date within          Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Exam fee of $87.
their 60-day eligibility windows must call Pearson VUE. The
candidate can reschedule the appointment up to 24 hours                Cancellation of an Exam Due to Other Factors: All efforts are
before his/her scheduled time. Pearson VUE’s website, www.             made to hold the exams as scheduled. However, in the event of, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to            a weather or other emergency, Pearson VUE will make every
reschedule appointments. Pearson VUE’s toll-free hot line              effort to notify candidates by telephone of a cancellation and
(noted on the Test Admission Notice) is available to resched-          will reschedule the candidate without additional fee.
ule appointments from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST, Monday through
Friday. The appointment will be rescheduled at no additional                                H. Retest Policy
fee within the 60-day eligibility window.
                                                                       Candidates who fail to pass the exam and wish to retake it must
If a candidate cannot schedule or reschedule an exam before            do so by reapplying to DANB. For each retry, the candidate
the end of the 60-day eligibility window and would like to re-         must submit a new application, accompanied by the appropri-
schedule the exam window for a fee of $35, the candidate               ate application/exam fee.
must complete the following steps:
                                                                                         I. Exam Expectations
STEP 1: If an exam appointment has been scheduled, the
candidate must cancel his/her appointment with Pearson VUE             Exam Time Schedule: The candidate will be allowed 75 min-
at least 24 hours before the scheduled exam time. Pearson              utes for the exam, plus time for a computerized tutorial lesson.
VUE’s website,, is available 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week to cancel appointments. Pearson VUE’s               What to Bring: The candidate must bring the Test Admission
toll-free hot line (noted on the Test Admission Notice) is avail-      Notice and one form of ID to the exam site (see below for
able to reschedule appointments from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST,             specific ID requirements). No reference materials or notes are
Monday through Friday. Failure to cancel a scheduled exam              to be brought to the exam area. No visitors or unauthorized in-
will result in forfeiture of the full application/exam fees, and the   dividuals will be permitted in the computer center during testing.
application becomes null and void.
                                                             ID Requirements: The computer center will request one
                                                             form of ID when the candidate arrives. Candidates will be
STEP 2: Mail/fax the Request to Reschedule a Computerized
                                                             electronically fingerprinted and photographed for ID purposes
Exam Eligibility Window form to DANB, along with a $35 re-                                                      (continued)
                                                           3                                  2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                          Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                      Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Exam
only. Candidates may also be video/audio recorded during the              formance of all candidates taking the exam will be monitored.
exam. A candidate without proper ID will not be seated for the            Test center personnel will notify DANB of any candidate who
exam. The application will be considered null and void, and the           gives or receives assistance, or otherwise engages in dishon-
full application/exam fee will be forfeited.                              est or improper behavior during the exam. Those candidates
                                                                          may be required to cease taking the exam and leave the test
The name on the ID MUST match the Test Admission Notice                   center. Test center personnel will follow up with a report to
EXACTLY in order for the candidate to be able to test. This               DANB regarding the incident.
is especially important for candidates with hyphenated last               After reviewing the reported incident, DANB will determine
names. The candidate must report any and all errors on                    whether there is reason to believe that a candidate has engaged
the Test Admission Notice to DANB immediately at 1-800-                   in cheating or other improper behavior, or has otherwise vio-
367-3262 before calling to schedule an exam.                              lated the security of the exam. If DANB determines that there
                                                                          is reason to so believe, it may, at its discretion, pursuant to the
The ID must be a currently valid, non-expired government is-              procedures set forth in the DANB Discipline Policy and Proce-
sued photo and signature-bearing ID, in Roman characters.                 dures, take any of the following disciplinary actions:
The printed name on the ID must match the name exactly as                    1. Order the candidate to retake the exam at a time and
it is printed on the Test Admission Notice. Acceptable forms                    place to be determined by DANB
of ID include:                                                               2. Refuse to release, or invalidate, the candidate’s score
    •Driver’s license                                                        3. Deny the candidate’s current application
    •Valid Passport                                                          4. Require the candidate to wait a specified period of time
    •Military ID card                                                           before reapplying to take the exam
    •State ID card                                                           5. Revoke the candidate’s eligibility to sit for future exams
    • A U.S. government issued permanent resident card (com                  6. Take a combination of any of the above actions or such
      monly known as the green card, formerly known as the                      other action that DANB may deem appropriate in the
      alien registration card)                                                  particular circumstances before it
    • If an applicant does not have one of the above forms of
      ID, he/she may provide a current school year ID card if it          If an examiner allows a candidate to take an exam for which
      has the candidate’s photo, signature, and name imprint-             he or she is not registered, those results will not be scored.
      ed on it                                                            The candidate will be required to apply with an application and
                                                                          full payment of the application & exam fees plus an additional
If an applicant recently changed his/her name, and the IDs                $50 processing fee.
have not yet been changed, contact DANB before making an
appointment to find out how to proceed.                                   Improper Behavior After the Exam: Any individual who re-
                                                                          moves or attempts to remove testing-related materials from
Failure to Bring Proper ID: A candidate without proper ID will            the test center, or who reproduces, distributes, displays, or
not be seated for the exam. The application will be considered            otherwise misuses a test question or any part of a test question
null and void, and the full application/exam fee will be forfeited.       from an exam, will be subject to legal action.

Late Arrival/Failure to Appear: If a candidate arrives more               Any candidate or certificant who engages in such improper
than 15 minutes after a scheduled appointment, the candidate              behavior also will be subject to disciplinary action by DANB,
will be accommodated at the discretion of the Test Center                 which may include denial or revocation of certification or re-
Administrator. If the Test Center Administrator is unable to              certification. The Delaware ORC will be notified in the case of
accommodate the latecomer, the candidate then forfeits the                levied sanctions.
full application/exam fees, and the application is null and void.
The candidate must reapply. If a candidate fails to appear for            Note: DANB’s Discipline Policy and Procedures are available
a scheduled exam, the candidate forfeits the full application/            on the DANB website at or from DANB upon
exam fees, and the application is null and void unless the can-           request at 1-800-367-3262.
didate qualifies for an Emergency Reschedule (see Section F
“Rescheduling and Cancellation Policies”).                                             K. Nondiscrimination Policy
Computerized Exam Tutorial: The time a candidate spends                   DANB does not discriminate in application, examination or
on the tutorial will not be counted as part of his/her exam time          certification activities on the basis of age, sex, gender identity,
period. The tutorial describes how to mark answers and return             marital status, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual ori-
to questions. This tutorial is also available on the DANB website         entation, or disability.
                                                                                L. Testing Candidates with Disabilities
                  J. Improper Behavior
                                                                          Exams are designed to provide an equal opportunity for all
Improper Behavior Before and During the Exam: The per-                    candidates to demonstrate their clinical knowledge. The exam
                                                                      4                                     2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                       Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                     Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Exam
will be administered to best ensure that it accurately reflects a       DANB’s Executive Director within 30 days of the date on the
candidate’s aptitude, achievement level or other skills intended        DANB correspondence that prompts the candidate to appeal
to be measured, rather than reflecting a candidate’s impaired           (i.e., date on the letter indicating candidate’s application was
sensory, manual or speaking skills, except where those skills           incomplete, date on candidate score/result letter). For the policy
are factors the exam purports to measure.                               governing these waivers, contact DANB’s Assistant Director,
                                                                        Strategic Initiatives, at 1-800-367-3262, ext. 431, or visit the
DANB adheres to the provisions outlined in the Americans                DANB website at
with Disabilities Act. In accord with this act, DANB will make
every reasonable effort to offer the exams in a manner that
is accessible to persons with disabilities. If auxiliary aids or                          N. Contacting DANB
alternative arrangements are required, DANB will attempt to
make the necessary provisions, unless providing such would              DANB’s E-mail Policy:
fundamentally alter the measurement of skills and knowledge             • All communications sent to/from DANB are the property
the exam is intended to test, would result in undue burden, or            of DANB
would provide an unfair advantage to the disabled candidate.            • DANB cannot guarantee that the individual e-mail
                                                                          messages will remain confidential, as they are sent over
Candidates with diagnosed disabilities, as defined by the                 unsecured methods of communication; as such, clients
Americans with Disabilities Act, who require reasonable test-             have no expectation of privacy with respect to items sent/
ing modifications, must be pre-authorized to test by DANB.                received
For more about this topic, please refer to page 11. To obtain           • DANB may also disclose any e-mail messages as neces-
pre-authorization for reasonable accommodations, submit the               sary to comply with legal processes
Reasonable Accommodations Form found on page 11, along                  • DANB will attempt to respond to received e-mail mes-
with the completed exam application and additional required               sages within two business days of receipt; some responses
documentation. If all requested information is not disclosed,             may take longer, but those individuals will receive phone
required documentation is not included, or the Reasonable                 calls, if a phone number is provided
Accommodation Form is not submitted with the candidate’s
application, DANB WILL NOT consider the request for an ac-              Please call 1-800-367-3262 if an e-mail has not been an-
commodation. On-site requests are not permitted.                        swered after one week.

DANB reserves the right to authorize the use of auxiliary aids/
modifications in such a way as to maintain the exam integrity
                                                                                             O. Exam Content
and security. DANB exams are administered only in the English
                                                                        The Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology (DDRT) Exam is
language. Reasonable accommodations will not be approved for
                                                                        composed of 100 “one best answer” multiple choice questions.
candidates who request accommodations because English is a
                                                                        Candidates will have 75 minutes to complete the exam.
second language. Call 1-800-367-3262 ext. 443, for complete
                                                                        Sample Question: The following question illustrates the format
                                                                        found on the DDRT exam. It should be noted that the sample
               M. Hand Scoring/Appeals                                  question is presented for format, and does not necessarily
                                                                        reflect question content or level of difficulty of the exam.
Hand Scoring: DANB will hand score an exam for $25. A
candidate must submit a Request for Hand Scoring of Exam                Directions: In the question below, select the one choice that
Results form along with a $25 hand scoring fee so that it is            answers the question best.
received by DANB (via mail/fax) within 30 days after the official
score date printed on the score report or certificate received.         1. A film that has been exposed to scattered radiation will
This form is available on the DANB website at                 appear
or by calling 1-800-367-3262. Results of the hand scoring of               A. brown.
the exam are typically completed within 30 days of receipt of              B. fogged.
a request. If the pass/fail status is reversed as a result of the          C. green.
hand scoring, the $25 fee will be refunded to the payor.                   D. clear.
Appeals: If a candidate believes his/her scores were not prop-
erly recorded or wishes to appeal DANB policies relative to
eligibility, administration or exam content, he/she may submit
a Request for Appeal form, along with a $25 appeal fee, to


                                                                    5                                     2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                              Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                        Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Exam
                                                                                     C. Select infection control techniques and barriers to
DANB CDE credits: 12                                                                    minimize cross contamination in the operatory
Fee: $125                                                                               according to ADA/CDC and OSHA guidelines.
Visit to purchase.
                                                                                     D. Select patient management techniques before, dur-
                                                                                        ing and after radiographic exposure.
DANB created the DALE Foundation to provide online educational courses                  1. Address patient concerns about x-radiation,
and resources to help advance the dental team. The DALE Foundation’s
website offers exciting new products, including the DANB RHS Review and
                                                                                            including patient refusal of radiography.
DANB RHS Practice Test.                                                                 2. Describe techniques for patient management
                                                                                            while exposing radiographs, including patients
Completing the DANB RHS Review is a great way to expand your resume                         with special needs.
and your role within your practice. By the end of the course, you will be able
to: identify major anatomical landmarks of the teeth, jaw, oral cavity and ad-
                                                                                     E. Expose dental films, using various techniques.
jacent structures of the skull, understand basic radiation biology concepts,
practice radiation safety procedures for both operator and patients, operate            1. Define radiographic exposure concepts, including:
radiographic exposure equipment, catch and correct common intraoral and                    a. film speed.
extraoral radiographic exposure errors, use radiographic processing equip-                 b. kilovoltage.
ment and digital equipment, detect and fix common radiographic processing                  c. milliamperage.
errors, mount and label dental radiographs, apply effective infection control              d. collimation.
techniques, and implement necessary Quality Assurance procedures.
                                                                                           e. filtration.
DDRT Exam – Detailed Content Outline                                                       f. film density.
                                                                                           g. latent image.
(37%) I. EXPOSE AND EVALUATE                                                            2. Intraoral
   A. Select appropriate radiographic technique.                                           a. Define factors that influence quality of
      1. Describe use and purpose of various intraoral                                          exposure, such as:
          and extraoral radiographs, such as:                                                        1. mA setting.
          a. periapical.                                                                             2. kVp setting.
          b. bitewing.                                                                               3. primary beam angles (horizontal
          c. occlusal.                                                                                   and vertical).
          d. panoramic.                                                                              4. PID (cone) length.
          e. cephalometric and other extraoral views.                                                5. exposure time.
      2. Select appropriate radiographic film to examine,                                  b. Compare paralleling and bisecting angle
          view or survey conditions, teeth, or landmarks,                                       techniques, including advantages and
          such as:                                                                              disadvantages of each.
          a. caries.                                                                       c. Name the parts and functions of an x-ray
          b. temporomandibular joint.                                                           film packet.
          c. periodontal conditions.                                                    3. Extraoral
          d. apical pathology.                                                             a. Identify function and maintenance of film
          e. sinus areas.                                                                       cassettes and intensifying screens.
          f. dental anomalies, such as supernumerary teeth.                                b. Describe appropriate technique for exposing
          g. edentulous arches.                                                                 (patient positioning)
          h. localization of impacted teeth, foreign                                            1. panoramic film.
              objects, etc.                                                                     2. cephalometric film.
          i. dental implants.
                                                                                     F.   Demonstrate basic knowledge of digital radiography
    B. Select appropriate equipment for radiographic techniques.                          and other modern imaging techniques.
       1. Describe purpose or advantage of accessories                                    1. Advantages/disadvantages of digital radiography
           for radiographic techniques, including film hold-                              2. Image receptors
           ers, cotton rolls, bitewing tabs, bite blocks, lead                            3. Infection control for digital equipment
           apron and thyroid collar.
       2. Select appropriate film size and film speed (sen-                          G. Evaluate radiographs for diagnostic value.
           sitivity) depending on patient characteristics and                           1. Describe features of a diagnostically acceptable
           exposure technique indicated.                                                   radiograph.
       3. Describe purpose and advantage of dual (dou-                                  2. Identify and correct errors related to exposing
           ble) film packets.                                                              intraoral radiographs, including:
       4. Storage.                                                                              a. elongation.
           a. Inspect and evaluate film storage areas for                                       b. foreshortening.
                proper temperature, humidity, radiation                                         c. horizontal overlapping.
                protection and inventory control.                                               d. cone cutting.
                1. Identify and correct errors related to                                       e. light image.
                improperly storing exposed and unexposed                                        f. dark image.
                radiographic film.                                                              g. film bending.                   (continued)
                                                                                 6                             2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                   Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                     Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Exam
                h. reverse film (herringbone or tire track               B. Identify anatomical structures, dental materials and pa-
                     effect).                                               tient information observed on radiographs, including
                i. blank (clear) film.                                      differentiating between radiolucent and radiopaque
                j. blurred image.                                           areas.
                k. superimposed image.
                l. double exposure.                                      C. Prepare radiographs for legal requirements, viewing
                m. film placement errors.                                   and duplication.
         3. Identify and correct errors related to exposing                 1. Identify methods for duplicating radiographs.
            panoramic radiographs, including patient                        2. Identify information that must legally appear on
            positioning errors.                                                the mount label.
                                                                            3. Identify reasons for exposing and retaining
(16%) II. PROCESS                                                              radiographs.
   A. Prepare, maintain and replenish radiographic solutions
      for manual and automatic processors.                           (24%) IV. RADIATION SAFETY - PATIENT
      1. Describe functions of processing solutions.                    A. Apply the principles of radiation protection and
      2. Describe procedures for maintaining the integrity                 health physics and hazards in the operation of radio-
          of processing solutions.                                         graphic equipment.
                                                                           1. Demonstrate knowledge of the factors affecting
    B. Process exposed intra- and extraoral radiographs by                     x-ray production, including kVp, mA, and
       use of manual and automatic techniques, but not                         exposure time.
       limited to:                                                             a. Describe the characteristics of x-radiation.
       1. Identify optimum conditions and procedures for                   2. Demonstrate understanding of x-ray machine
            processing radiographs.                                            factors that influence radiation safety, including
       2. Identify and correct errors related to radiographic                  concepts of filtration, shielding, collimation and
            processing, including:                                             PID (cone) length.
            a. fogging.                                                    3. Demonstrate understanding of radiation physics:
            b. light and dark images.                                          a. primary radiation.
            c. clear (blank) film.                                             b. scattered (secondary) radiation.
            d. partial images.                                             4. Describe protocol for suspected x-ray machine
            e. overlapped films.                                               malfunctions.
       3. Identify and correct errors due to improper film
            handling, including:                                         B. Practice patient safety measures to provide protec-
            a. scratches.                                                   tion from x-radiation.
            b. white or black lines.                                        1. Identify major causes of unnecessary x-radiation
            c. static electricity artifacts.                                     exposure.
            d. fingerprints.                                                2. Demonstrate understanding of radiation biology.
                                                                                 a. Short- and long-term effects of x-radiation
    C. Practice infection control for radiographic process-                          on cells and tissues.
       ing, following ADA/CDC and OSHA guidelines.                               b. Demonstrate understanding of concepts of
                                                                                     radiation doses, and effective dose.
    D. Properly store chemical agents used in radiography                   3. Identify ways to reduce radiation exposure to
       procedures according to the local regulatory agency,                      patients (ALARA).
       in compliance with the OSHA Hazard Communica-                        4. Identify guidelines that determine frequency of
       tion Standard.                                                            exposure.

    E. Properly dispose of all chemical agents and other             (12%) V. RADIATION SAFETY - OPERATOR/OTHER
       materials used in dental radiography procedures.                         STAFF
                                                                        A. Practice operator safety measures to provide protec-
    F.   Implement quality assurance procedures (e.g., daily               tion from x-radiation.
         recording of solution temperatures, dates of solution             1. Identify sources of x-radiation to operators/other
         changes, test film runs, clean and maintain equip-                     staff while exposing radiographs.
         ment, knowledge of periodic inspections).                         2. Identify safety measures to reduce operator x-
                                                                                ray exposure.
(11%) III. MOUNT AND LABEL                                                 3. Demonstrate understanding of radiation physics
   A. Mount radiographs using buccal (facial) view.                             and biology pertaining to the operator exposure.
      1. Identify anatomical landmarks that aid correct
           mounting.                                                     B. Describe techniques for monitoring individual radia-
      2. Match specific tooth views to specified tooth                      tion exposure.
           mount windows.                                                   1. Describe the ALARA principle as related to
      3. Demonstrate appropriate technique for optimum                           operator safety.
           viewing.                                                         2. Explain the function of a personal monitoring de-
                                                                 7                                  2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                               Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                       Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Exam
                                 Application Statement
 Please read the following statements carefully. Candidate’s signature on the registration form indi-
                    cates understanding and agreement to be legally bound by these statements.
1.   I hereby apply to the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc.(DANB) for examination by DANB and issuing of my exam scores to the Dela-
     ware Division of Public Health in accordance with and subject to the procedures and regulations of DANB and the Delaware Division of
     Public Health. Under penalty of perjury, I declare that the information provided on my application is true. I have read and agree to the
     requirements and conditions set forth in DANB’s Application covering the administration of the Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology
     and DANB policies, including, but not limited to DANB’s Code of Professional Conduct. I agree to disqualification from the examination/s
     and to forfeiture and return to DANB of any scores granted me by the Delaware Division of Public Health based on DANB exam scores
     in the event that any of the answers or statements made by me in this application form are false or in the event that I violate any DANB
     rules or regulations. I authorize DANB to make whatever inquiries and investigations it deems necessary to verify my credentials or
     professional standing.
2.   I hereby release DANB, its directors, officers, examiners and agents, from any and all liability arising out of or in connection with any action
     or omission by any of them in connection with the application, exam administration, state registration and/or state or national certification
     process, any examination given by DANB, any scoring relating thereto, the failure to issue me an application form, exam score report
     and/or certificate (state or national), or any demand for forfeiture or return of such registration form, score report and/or certificate and I
     agree to indemnify DANB and said persons and hold them harmless from any lawsuit, complaint, claim, loss, damage, cost, or expense,
     including attorneys’ fees, arising out of or in connection with said application, administration, score reporting, state registration and/or
     state or national certification activities. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE DECISION AS TO WHETHER I QUALIFY FOR THE Delaware dental
     Notwithstanding the above, should I file suit against DANB, I agree that any such action shall be governed by and construed under the
     laws of the state of Illinois without regard to conflicts of law. I further agree that any such action shall be brought in the Circuit Court of
     Cook County in the state of Illinois, or the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois; I consent to the jurisdiction of
     such state and federal courts; and I agree that the venue of such courts is proper. I further agree that, should I not prevail in any such
     action, DANB shall be entitled to all costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred in connection with the litigation.
3.   I understand that, except as provided below, this application and any information or material received or generated by DANB in connection
     with this application or the examination process will be kept confidential and will not be released unless I have authorized such release or
     the release is required by law. I understand that DANB will verify receipt of any DANB exam application and the date received, on request.
     I further understand and agree that DANB may also provide verification to anyone by phone, by mail or on DANB’s website regarding
     whether I hold any DANB Certifications, including the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA), Certified Preventive Dental Assistant (CPDA),
     Certified Orthodontic Assistant (COA), Certified Dental Practice Management Administrator (CDPMA) or Certified Oral and Maxillofacial
     Surgery Assistant (COMSA) Certifications; any DANB Certificates of Competency, including the Radiation Health and Safety (RHS), Infec-
     tion Control (ICE), Coronal Polish (CP), Sealants (SE), Topical Anesthetic (TA) and Topical Fluoride (TF) Certificates of Competency; and
     any state-specific certificates administered by DANB on behalf of a state regulatory body, including the Arizona Radiologic Proficiency
     Certificate, Arizona Coronal Polishing Certificate, Oregon Radiologic Proficiency Certificate, Oregon Expanded Functions Dental Assis-
     tant Certificate and Oregon Expanded Functions Orthodontic Dental Assistant Certificate. Phone and mail verification will be provided
     to anyone upon request and will consist of oral or written confirmation of whether I hold any of the DANB-administered credentials listed
     above and the effective dates for each credential. Online verification through DANB’s website may consist of online display of my name,
     the DANB-administered credentials I hold and dates earned, current DANB Certification status, and my city and state of residence. My
     full address will not be posted online by DANB. I understand that if I do not want DANB to display my city and state of residence as part of
     the online credential verification process, then I must submit a written request for omission of this information to following address: DANB
     Communications Department, 444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60611. (I understand that my name, credentials held [issued
     by DANB as described above] and current DANB Certification status will be displayed for everyone; opting out of display of information
     is only possible for an individual’s city and state.)
4.   I understand that by providing my e-mail address on the application form, I am consenting to receive e-mail messages from DANB and
     its affiliates related to their products and services or news affecting the dental assisting profession. I understand that DANB agrees not
     to provide my e-mail address to any third party without my consent, and that I can request removal from DANB’s e-mail distribution list
     by following the directions contained in the Privacy Policy section of DANB’s Terms and Conditions of Use of, located at http://
5.   I authorize DANB to release my examination score(s) to state reporting agencies. I also authorize DANB to use information from my ap-
     plication and examination(s) for statistical analysis, providing that any personal identification is deleted.
6.   I understand that I can be disqualified from taking or continuing to sit for an examination and from receiving examination scores if DANB
     determines through proctor observation, statistical analysis or any other means that I was engaged in collaborative, disruptive, or other
     unacceptable behavior during the administration of or following the examination.
7.   I understand that the content of the DANB examination is proprietary and strictly confidential information. I hereby agree that I will not
     disclose, either directly or indirectly, any question or any part of any question from the examination to any person or entity. I understand
     that the unauthorized receipt, retention, possession, copying or disclosure of any DANB examination materials, including but not limited
     to the content of any examination question, before, during, or after the examination, may subject me to legal action. Such legal action
     may result in monetary damages and/or disciplinary action including denial or revocation of exam scores.
8.   I understand that for each application submitted, DANB will process the appropriate payment. If I fail to show up for an examination for
     which I have applied, and there is no documented DANB-accepted emergency, and I failed to comply with DANB cancellation policies, I
     am still obligated to pay the full examination fee. I further understand that taking the examination, and then revoking payment constitutes
     the wrongful use of DANB products and services, and I may be subjected to legal action. I am obligated to pay for the examination whether
     I pass or fail. I agree not to dispute the examination fee. Passing candidates will not be eligible to retain their scores if the examination
     fee is not paid in full.

Version C, Revised 1/1/11                                                 8                                       2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                                                                        Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                 2011 Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Application Form
                                                   2011 Application and Exam Fees Valid Through March 31, 2012

                                                                                          Fee: $87
1.      Carefully read the Application Statement on page 8.
2.      Complete all items and sign the registration form below.
        (Incomplete registration forms will be returned and the $50 nonrefundable application fee retained.)
3.      Mail/fax the completed, signed registration form to DANB with the $87 application/exam fee or credit card information.
4.      In approximately four weeks, a Test Admission Notice will be mailed, allowing the candidate to call and schedule
        the testing date. Candidates are encouraged to call early, as centers and dates fill quickly.
        Testing must be completed within the 60-day period indicated on the Test Admission Notice.

                                                                                   Candidate Information
Please print clearly.

SSN ____ ____ ____ - ____ ____ - ____ ____ ____ _____

Name (must match IDs exactly) __________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                          (Last)                                    (First)                                (Middle Name or Initial)
(Previous Name, if applicable)____________________________________E-mail________________________________________________


Phone Number(s): Office (____)________________Home (____)________________Cell (____)____________Fax (____)_____________

I work in a:             general dental office                   specialty dental practice                     other (please specify)________________________________________
I hereby affirm that my answers to all questions are true and correct, I have met all eligibility requirements, and will comply with all DANB policies and procedures. I further affirm
that I have read and understood the application statements contained on page 8, and I intend to be legally bound by them. I understand that the $50 application fee is not refundable
under any circumstances. I hereby apply in accordance with the rules and regulations governing the examination; and I herewith enclose the examination fee. I hereby agree that
prior to examination or subsequent to my exam, the Delaware Division of Public Health or DANB may investigate my eligibility and may refuse to issue examination and such refusal
may not and shall not be questioned by me in any court of law or equity or other tribunal, nor shall I have any claim in the event of such refusal to a return of the fee accompanying
the application.

Signature X____________________________________________________________ Date__________________________________________

                                                                                   Payment Information

Candidate’s Name _____________________________________________________ Candidate’s SS#___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___

     Check/Money Order payable to the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. or DANB                                                                                Delaware Dental Radiologic
                                                                                                                                                                       Technology Exam
      Checks must include candidate’s name and the name of the exam.
                                                                                                                                                                      Exam Code 3750
     VISA             MASTERCARD                       DISCOVER                    AMERICAN EXPRESS
Credit Card Authorization: Allows DANB to charge your credit card account. Please complete all information.

Credit Card Account Number __ __ __ __                           __ __ __ __           __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __                     Expiration Date:__ __/__ __                        Amount: $87.00

Cardholder’s Name_____________________________________ Cardholder’s Signature X________________________________________

Cardholder’s Billing Address___________________________________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip_____________________________________________ Phone Number______________________________________________

By signing, the cardholder acknowledges intent to register the candidate for the aforementioned DANB examination in the amount of the total shown hereon and agrees to perform the obligations set forth in the
cardholder’s agreement with the issuer. Furthermore, the cardholder understands that the signature obtained at the examination administration shall be used to indicate receipt of purchase. Candidates who fail
to show up for the examination for which they registered and have not cancelled their examination as described in this Guide are still required to pay for the examination. (See Application Statements, page 8,
for further requirements.)

  DANB • 444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 900 • Chicago, IL 60611 • 1-800-367-3262 • Fax: 312-642-8507 • •

Version B, Revised 5/5/10
                                                                                                       9                                                       2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                               Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                  Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology Exam
                                                    Exam Checklist

                Have you:

                       Read the instructions and information?

                       Read and agreed to be bound by Delaware and DANB rules, regulations, policies, and
                        procedures as noted?

                       Filled out the Application Form in its entirety?

                       Signed and dated the Application Form?

                       Enclosed the application/exam fee ($87.00) by check or credit card?

                       Enclosed the Reasonable Accommodations Request Form, if needed? Note: Candidates
                        applying under the Americans with Disabilities Act should refer to Section L: Testing Can-
                        didates with Disabilities.

                       Made a copy of your entire application packet for your records?

                       Addressed your envelope?
                               Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)
                               444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 900
                               Chicago, IL 60611

                        OR prepared your information (credit card payments only) to be faxed?
                               Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)
                               Fax: 312-642-8507

                    If you have not
                        •   completed the registration form in full
                        •   enclosed, dated and signed your registration form
                        •   enclosed proper documentation
                        •   provided payment (check, money order, cashier’s check) or
                            complete credit card information

                    your registration form will be considered incomplete.

                    Incomplete application forms will be returned, minus the $50 nonrefundable application fee.

                                                              10                                  2011 DDRT Exam Registration
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB)                                                                           Measuring Dental Assisting Excellence®

                                                      2011 Reasonable Accommodations Form
                                         Delaware Dental Radiologic Technology (DDRT) Exam
                                     (For candidates covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act ONLY)
To be completed by the Candidate’s physician, psychologist or another professional qualified to diagnose disabilities. A license number must
be provided. Complete and submit all required information with the candidate’s application to be considered for ALTERNATE arrangements for
the test administration. Contact Jane Hanson with any questions at 1-800-367-3262, ext. 452.
DANB requires the following requirements be met, and documentation to be provided before reasonable accommodations will be approved:
•     clearly state the diagnosed disability or disabilities
•     describe the functional limitations resulting from the disability or disabilities
•     be current — i.e., completed within the last five (5) years for learning disability (LD), last six (6) months for psychiatric disabilities, or last
      three (3) years for ADHD and all other disabilities; NOTE: this requirement does not apply to physical or sensory disabilities of a permanent
      or unchanging nature
•     include complete educational, developmental, and medical history relevant to the disability for which testing accommodations are being
•     include a list of all test instruments used in the evaluation report and relevant subtest scores used to document the stated disability; this
      requirement does not apply to physical or sensory disabilities of a permanent or unchanging nature
•     describe the specific accommodations requested (time and a half or double-time, separate room, reader, other [if available]).
•     adequately support each of the requested testing accommodation(s)
•     be typed or printed on official letterhead and be signed by an evaluator qualified to make the diagnosis (include information about license or
      certification and area of specialization)
DANB reserves the right to authorize the use of modifications in such a way as to maintain the exam integrity and security. DANB exams are
administered only in the English language. Reasonable accommodations will not be approved for candidates who request accommodations
because English is a second language.
Candidate Information
Please print clearly.
    Candidate’s Name______________________________________________Candidate’s SSN: ___ ___ ___ - ___ ___ - ___ ___ ___ ___
                            (Last)                    (First)             (Middle name or initial)
    Candidate’s Address_________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Candidate’s City_________________________________________________________ State_________________ Zip___________________
    Phone Number(s): Office (_____)___________________Home (_____)_____________________Cell (_____)_____________________
    E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Physician, Psychologist, or Other Qualified Professional Information
    Name_____________________________________________________________ Degree(s) Held _____________________________________
                   (Last)                   (First)                         (Middle name or initial)
    City___________________________________________________________________ State______________ Zip_____________________
    Phone Number(s):        Office (____)__________________________________________Home (____)____________________________________
    E-mail: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Reasonable Accommodation Needs
                                                                                                                                  FOR DANB USE ONLY
       Reader; a separate room will automatically be provided
                                                                                                                                        Reviewed by:
       Separate room (if available); computer testing facilities can provide earplugs
       Additional time – Specify the greatest amount of time needed below:
              Additional 30 minutes
              Additional time and a half
              Additional double time
       Other accommodations (if available) Specify here: ____________________________________
      English as a second language does not qualify for a reasonable accommodation.

     Signature of physician, psychologist or other                           License Number (must be included)                                           Date
     professional qualified to diagnose disabilities
       If ALL of the above information is not disclosed, required documentation is not included or this form is not submitted with the candidate’s application,
                                                    DANB WILL NOT consider the request for an accommodation.

    DANB • 444 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 900 • Chicago, IL 60611 • 1-800-367-3262 • Fax: 312-642-8507 • •

Version B, Revised 1/1/11
                                                                                   11                                          2011 DDRT Exam Registration

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