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					                                                                                 Run Run Shaw Library
                                                                                 City University of Hong Kong

                                   Oxford Scholarship Online

Oxford Scholarship Online is a cross-searchable collection providing access to the full text of Oxford books
in subject areas including: Biology, Business and Management, Classical Studies, Economics and Finance,
History, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Religion.

   Access Oxford Scholarship Online E-Books

1. At the CityU Library Home Page (http://www.cityu.edu.hk/lib/), select E-Resources.
2. Click on E-Books.
3. Click on Oxford Scholarship Online.

                            Click to browse by Title, Subject or Author.


Quick Search

     1.   Enter search term(s).
          [Search terms are
          combined with an AND                                                  2.    Click Search.

Advanced Search
    Multiple entries will be automatically combined with an AND operator.
                                                                                     7. Click

 1. Select to search in
    either Books only or
    Books and Chapters.

 2. Enter search term(s)
    into one or more fields.

 3. Enter a full ISBN (non-
    hyphenated), if desired.

 4. Specify a date                                                                   6. Choose to search all
    range, if desired.                                                                  subjects or to limit
                                                                                        your search to any
 5. Specify in advance                                                                  subject(s).
    the sort order of
    your results.

Search Tips

     Use Boolean operators to broaden or narrow your search.
       Operators            Examples                                          Results
       AND          china and taiwan               will return results containing both terms.
       OR           hiv or aids                    will return results containing either hiv or aids or both.
       AND NOT      zen and not metaphysics        will return results containing zen but not metaphysics.

    Oxford Scholarship Online automatically searches for variations of words. For example, world
    will find worlds, world-famous, world-soul, etc.
    You may also use the wildcard symbol * to widen the scope of your search, e.g. ratio* will find ratio as
    well as rations, ratiocination, etc.
    Use quotation marks " " to search for phrases, e.g. "intellectual property".
    Use brackets ( ) to specify the order of execution of the Boolean operators in your search statement,
    e.g. zen and (metaphysics or epistemology).
    Searches are case insensitive.

   Display Search Results
                                                                                                  Toggle to hide
                                                                                                  or show

                                                            E-mail search results of the current screen page.

                                                                                 Select a different sort order.
Click on the title to read
the bibliographical data,
the abstract, the                                                        Click to read the chapter
hyperlinked keywords and                                                 abstract, the chapter full
the hyperlinked table of                                                 text or a specific page.

                                       Click to view other titles in
   View E-Books                        the corresponding subject.
                                                                               Either click to return at any time
                                                                               to the table of contents or use the
                                                                               contents scroller to go to other
                                                                               parts of the current e-book.
                                               Click to print the
                                               current screen page.

                                                                                     Click on the footnote number
                                                                                     to view its text.

                                                                                                 Search terms are

                             Click to view the full citation of the e-
                             book. You may also export the citation                          Click on in-text
                             using other citation management                                 parenthetical citation
                             software, such as RefWorks.                                     to view the
 Click to view other
                                                                                             reference at the end
 titles in the
                                                                                             of the e-book.
 corresponding sub-
 subject/subject.                                      2
Search within the e-book
     You may search within the current e-book.

            1. Enter search term(s)
               into the search box.                                        3. Click Search.

               2. Select search this
                  title only.

    You may cross reference any word or phrase within Oxford Scholarship Online for more e-books of
    related interest.
                                                                                         1. Highlight the
                                                                                            word or phrase
                                                                                            to be cross-
   2. Click on                                                                              referenced.

         3. On the search
            results page, you
            can click to read
            the chapter
            abstract, the
            chapter full text
            of related
            interest in each

Bibliography Search
     You may locate a specific citation in an e-book within Oxford Scholarship Online.

 1. Click Bibliography
    Search to start.

 2. Enter search
    criteria into
    one or more
    fields and
    click Search.

 3. On the search results page, you will see
    the citation together with the page number
    where it appears in the e-book.

   Logout                                                                            Click to log out.

                                                                                              Reference Section
                                                                                                     June 2008


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