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									                                                                                                                                                               Volume 9, Issue 10

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006                                                           

Advocacy Day                                                                                                                                                             POST SECRET
                                                                                                                                                                   Center Spread

                                                                                                                                                                Siler emphasizing the overwhelming
                                                                                                                                                                contributions of black culture to New Orleans
                                                                                                                                                                                            -photo by Michael Croft

                                                                                                                                                               Keep Out of
                                                                                                                                                               the Big Easy
Governor Erlhich is mobbed by MC Students on his front lawn, during a visit on Advocacy Day                                         -photo by Teneriffe Mapp                  By Michael Croft
                                                                                                                                                                                 Staff Writer
            By Melissa Andrews                    Hetherington, Vice President of Student                 for Maryland’s community colleges.
                 Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                                    New Orleans is unsafe, unhealthy, not
                                                  Services at Howard Community College,                        “During the next month it is critical that      ready for you today, and certain to be flooded
     More than 400 students from all 16           told students during the assembly. “You are             you in your respective community colleges            tomorrow, said Charles Siler, program curator
Maryland community colleges traveled to           indeed sending a powerful message,” she                 contact your legislators,” said Hogan. “Ask          for the Louisiana State Museum in Baton
Annapolis for Student Advocacy Day on             said.                                                   for the vote.”                                       Rouge.      Cautionary epithets about New
Feb. 15, to personally ask their legislators to         Community colleges are competing                       The     Maryland       Association      of      Orleans repeatedly peppered Siler’s Friday
support funding for community colleges.           against many other worthy causes for a finite           Community Colleges (MACC) started SAD                “Black History Month” guest lecture on “The
     Once they arrived in Annapolis, students     amount of dollars, said Sen. Patrick Hogan,             five years ago as a way for legislators to           culture of New Orleans: What does it mean for
gathered for a general assembly where they        Vice Chair of the Budget and Tax Committee              hear students from their constituency saying         America?”
were addressed by college officials and           and Chair of the Education Subcommittee.                the community college in your district is                 “My doctor warns” and “the New Orleans
members of the legislature.                             “We gotta keep this issue a high priority         very important to us, said H. Clay Whitlow,          Chambers of Commerce says” prefixed his
     “By your presence, community college         [in legislators’ minds],” said Hogan who                Executive Director of MACC.                          polar opposite descriptions of today’s New
students are saying to our legislators that we    sponsored Senate bill 356 (also known as the                                                                 Orleans. He’s deeply worried about the city’s
need their support” for the colleges, Dr. Kate    Cade bill) which proposes increased funding                  see Advocacy continued on Center Page           government and tourism interests aggressively
                                                                                                                                                               campaigning for residents and visitors to

 MC: Massive Construction
                                                                                                                                                               immediately return to New Orleans. His
                                                                                                                                                               warnings came during two lectures given
                                                                                                                                                               at Montgomery College Rockville campus’
                                                                                                                                                               Technical Center and at the public schools’
                                                                                                                                                               Carver Educational Services Center.
                                                                                         By Thomas Risen                and for good reason. Dean                   Moneyed interests have suspect motives,
                                                                                                Staff Writer            Daniels describes the anxiety,         said Siler repeatedly. He personally wouldn’t
                                                                                      There have been plans             “This campus was built for             walk around the city breathing that polluted air
                                                                                 for a new science building             8,000 to 9,000 students.               without a protective mask. Before hurricane
                                                                                 at Montgomery College                  We now service 15,000”.                Katrina, the “Big Easy” image of a city center
                                                                                 for some time now. This is             Dean Daniels said that                 drunk on pleasure and smoke filled alcoholic
                                                                                 merely the beginning of a              another factor in the need for         jazz promising a barely legal good time for all.
                                                                                 new wave of construction               renovation and construction            To personalize his cautions, Siler said if he got
                                                                                 for all three campuses of              on campus stems from the               drunk and fell into the mud of New Orleans,
                                                                                 Montgomery College. With               projected influx of “the               then he’d be worried about lying down in a
                                                                                 interviews with Facilities             Millennium        generation”          batch of toxic chemicals.
                                                                                 Manager      David    Capp,            which is not only the largest               Siler used his Barry White-like resonant
                                                                                 Dean of Student Life James             recorded      generation    in         baritone voice full of laughter and cheerful
                                                                                 Daniels,    and analysis of            American history, but will
                                                                                 the proposed Master plan               also be the richest generation
                                                                                 on the Montgomery College              in American history and                        see BIG EASY Continued on page 3
                                                                                 website, the Advocate brings           will thus have the highest
                                                                                 you an in depth report on              collegiate attendance rate
                                                                                                                                                                           DATE MOVIE
                                                                                 the architectural future of
                                                                                 Montgomery College.                         Montgomery       College
                                                                                                                        Facilities Director David
                                                                                      Students at Montgomery
                                                                                 College have been eagerly              Capp provided a complete
                                                                                 awaiting     promises     of           timetable of design and
                                                                                 renovation and construction,           construction for all three
                                                                                                                        Montgomery            College
                                                                                                                                                                           Page 11
MC Additional Parking? The real question is not if it will be continued, but when
                                                                     -photo by Teneriffe Mapp                        see BUILD continued on page 4
Page 2 | Tuesday, February 21, 2006                                                  Editorials                                                                       The Montgomery Advocate

Babies Hold Annapolis Hostage                                                                          Hamas: Victory for Democracy?
                                                  senators and state government.                                                                         democratic victory.
                                                             Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele stood in                                                               But in a case such as this, where a people
                                                  front of all 16 colleges and said, “this is not                                                        elects an organization believed to be terrorist
                                                  the 13th grade…this is college.” A very true                                                           by other countries, we have to understand why
                                                  statement considering many MC graduates,                                                               the Palestinian people would vote for them.
                                                  including Del. Henry B. Heller, will say that                                                          Are they in nature a savage and uncivilized
                                                  Montgomery College isn’t the easiest school                                                            people? That thinking is racist and ignorant.
                                                  in the area. In fact, many former MC students                                                                Which leads me to the conclusion that
                                                  who transfer to UMCP have confided in me                                                               perhaps the people of Palestine see Hamas as
                                                  that due to the strict learning environment at                                                         a help to them in a time where the rest of the
                                                  MC, they find classes at the university level                                                          world refuses to hear their pleas for aid; and
                                                  much easier than at the community college                                                              also a force to combat the Israeli parliament,
                                                  level.                                                                                                 whose majority seats are taken by the Likud
                                                        With that in mind, I question the                                                                party (a party elected on the basis that no
                                                                                                                      By Marjan Asi
                                                  motives of our representatives. You treated                        aSSoCiate editor                    Palestinian state will be established west of
                                                  us like babies who were eligible to vote. It                                                           the Jordan River.)
             By Dominic Gwinn                     doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that             We live in a society of many                        So why is everyone so surprised?
                editor-in-Chief                   most college students are ignorant to most         contradictions. We preach peace and love yet        When you turn your back on oppression, the
                                                  everything concerning local politics, but          go to war. We say all Americans are allowed         oppressed will lose hope in you and look for
      This past Wednesday, community
                                                  regardless of the fact that we may not know        to defend themselves against charges leveled        another way to end their suffering. Hamas
college students from all over the state of
                                                  who you are or what you do, rather than            against them but refuse to tell them what           has proven to do so, in words and actions.
Maryland descended upon Annapolis in an
                                                  spending 20 minutes patting yourself on the        they’ve been charged with. We guarantee the               They’ve      provided      basic    human
attempt to ask local senators and delegates
                                                  back, why not spend 15 minutes finding out         right to privacy yet spy on civilians without       necessities, like food and medical care, to
for support. We were told that our school is
                                                  what you, as our representatives, can do for       letting them know.                                  the Palestinians when they were deprived of
in desperate need of funding for numerous
                                                  us, the voters?                                          Speaking words of tolerance but acting on     them. Because of Hamas, there is a system
projects that would better the infrastructure
                                                        Many of the representatives told us to       the basis of intolerance permeates throughout       of education for Palestinian children. And
of all three Montgomery College campuses
                                                  get out and vote. They were absolutely right,      the nation as well as the power governing           yes, whenever the Israeli military would
for years to come. We were told that this
                                                  however, I’m confident they meant “Get out         the nation. One example of this would be            try furthering their illegal occupation of
was our chance to talk to our representatives
                                                  and vote for me.” Regardless of who you vote       the government’s recent campaign to spread          Palestinian lands and killing civilians that got
on a personal level; they wanted to know
                                                  for, if you’re eligible to vote in the elections   “democracy” throughout the world.                   in their way, it was Hamas who retaliated and
about our experiences in community college,
                                                  this year, do so. You do yourself and other              So when the Palestinian people have free      fought back.
specifically what we as students thought about
                                                  citizens a great disservice if you don’t.          and fair elections and vote certain political             So why is it that everyone dismisses
the conditions and needs of our school.
                                                        The only problem that I see with voting,     parties to positions in parliament, why are we      Hamas as a terrorist organization and nothing
          What could’ve been a fantastic
                                                  however, is the people running for office.         not celebrating this victory for democracy?         else? Has anyone even read the Hamas
meeting of youthful constituents and state
                                                  If everyone running is only in office to                 For those of you not familiar with the        constitution? Does anyone even know they
representatives turned out to be a big, “vote
                                                  support themself and not the goals of their        recent parliamentary elections in Palestine,        have a constitution? Here’s a sample.
for me” campaign. When they weren’t flexing
                                                  constituency, why should we even vote? It’s        the people voted with a 78% turnout and the               “The Islamic Resistance Movement is a
their egotistical political prowess, they were
                                                  like choosing between a moldy sandwich             majority of seats went to Hamas.                    humanistic movement. It takes care of human
asking us our names and addresses to find out
                                                  and soggy cereal, no matter what choice you              The Fatah party was the previous ruling       rights and is guided by Islamic tolerance when
who was eligible to vote in their district.
                                                  make you’ll still have that nagging feeling        party and it was generally believed that            dealing with the followers of other religions.
          Walking away from Advocacy Day,
                                                  in the pit of your stomach, that feeling of        they would remain so. But to the surprise of        It does not antagonize anyone of them except
I felt hopelessly depressed about the future of
                                                  choosing one piece of trash over another           everyone but the Palestinians themselves,           if it is antagonized by it or stands in its way
not only our state, but our country. If these
                                                  equally unappealing piece of trash.                Fatah was unseated by Hamas the same                to hamper its moves and waste its efforts.
are the people who represent us, then it’s no
                                                        We are the people and we have a voice.       organization labeled as “terrorist” by the          Under the wing of Islam, it is possible for
wonder why 16 community colleges had to
                                                  If you really like a candidate, support them       United States because of the bombings that          the followers of the three religions - Islam,
flood the state capital to beg for money. In
                                                  100%,                                              have been carried out on what Israelis believe      Christianity and Judaism - to coexist in peace
an election year, all the politicians want are
                                                        If you think I’m wrong and you think         to be civilian targets. Hamas’ justification        and quiet with each other.” [Article 31]
our votes, and in talking with various other
                                                  that Advocacy Day was a great thing for the        for this is that because military duty is a               So why aren’t we given Hamas’ point-
members of the local media familiar with the
                                                  students to be a part of, then I encourage you     requirement for all Israelis, Israeli citizens      of-view? If we are confident that Hamas is
event, I was informed that due to an election
                                                  write a letter not only to me as the editor of     have been trained in the art of warfare and         a terrorist organization, let them say it for
year, our actual voice as human beings was
                                                  this newspaper, but to your representatives.       therefore are not civilians.                        themselves. At least let us hear that side
technically irrelevant. All that seemingly
                                                  Tell them how great or pathetic you thought              Also, it is stated in the Hamas Charter       to the story. We are an educated, thinking
mattered to our representatives was that a
                                                  our fantastic display of school spirit was.        that, “Israel will exist and will continue to       society. Let us decide for ourselves who the
plethora of college students show up and
                                                  As someone who’s never had school spirit           exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it    terrorists are.
make a bunch of noise in support of our
                                                  before, I felt insulted to be cheering for my      obliterated others before it.” Mainly for this
                                                  own school then treated like an ignorant           reason, the United States and other countries
                                                                                                     of the West refuse to accept Hamas’

                                                  Marjan Asi AssoCiAtE Editor

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The Montgomery Advocate                                                                  Editorials                                                            Tuesday, February 21, 2006 | Page 3

Hamas Constitution More Hurtful Than Said
     Dear Editor:

     Marjan Asi’s editorial “Hamas: Victory
                                                             It gets even better, though; the next
                                                       paragraph in the Charter refers to “Zionist
                                                                                                               But I could go on. There’s so much
                                                                                                          more in this document that needs badly to
                                                                                                          see the light of day -- a reference to the long-
                                                                                                                                                               BIG EASY                       from front
for Democracy?”, [in the] Feb. 7 issue                 Nazi activities.” Article 20 explains this         discredited Protocols of the Elders of Zion as
is, ironically, bursting at the seams with             bizarre comparison -- apparently, both             fact (Art. 32), a prohibition on “slandering or      reminisces to bring alive the city’s culture.
“contradictions” -- not to mention thinly              Nazism and Zionism “make no differentiation        speaking ill of” any Islamic group (Art. 24), a      His talk was always in the present tense about
disguised hatred for the Israeli people --             between man and woman, between children            declaration of Rotary Clubs as “nothing more         this city that he openly acknowledges has a
never mind her decrying it.                            and old people” -- but not quite satisfactorily.   than cells of subversion and saboteurs” (Art.        highly uncertain present. He talked about the
     I’ll begin with the most obvious omission/        For instance, how do suicide bombings on           17), and so on.                                      Indians of New Orleans, their unique cultural
outright lie. Ms. Asi asks whether “anyone             buses and in restaurants -- which, by the way,          There is one good thing about Hamas,            contributions, their musical flavorings, and
even read(s) the Hamas constitution? Does              target those who haven’t yet served in the         though. Ms. Asi says, “We preach peace and           their carnival dress for Mardi Gras. He
anyone even know they have a constitution?”            Israeli military (more on that in a bit) -- pass   love yet go to war.” Hamas, on the other             showed jazz greats jamming in local homes
It’s a wonderful idea to draw attention to             muster with Hamas? Or, indeed, with Marjan         hand, has no such problem. They’ve made              before and after Katrina.
the guiding principles of Palestine’s future           “Peace and Love” Asi?                              their choice, and it’s in black and white for             Rhonda Miller, his wife of 16 years,
government, but the author’s excerpt is                      There is only room in the Hamas Charter      everyone to see.                                     added after his Carver presentation, that
unrepresentative of the document as a whole.           for constant struggle with Zionism. “Leaving            If Ms. Asi has read the Charter in whole,       they’re both concerned that local moneyed
The very next sentence after the excerpt               the circle of struggle with Zionism is high        and still disregarded all this evidence that         interests are intentionally obscuring the
is: “Peace and quiet would not be possible             treason,” it says, “and cursed be he who does      contradicts her rosy view of Hamas, she is           biggest problems of the city. They see the
except under the wing of Islam.”                       that” (Art. 32)                                    dishonest. If she hasn’t, Hamas comes to             city’s future as highly uncertain.
     What happened to Ms. Asi’s beloved                      How does Ms. Asi justify protesting the      power in about a week. What better time                   Miller was especially critical of city
“tolerance”?      And is it not “racist and            U.S. government’s wiretapping of suspected         than now? As the Charter itself states (Art.         leaders. They are unwilling to publicly discuss
ignorant” to argue that only Islam can govern          terrorists’ phones, while staying silent in        14), “The day the problem is dealt with on           and confront the problems of levees that
pacifically?                                           regard to Hamas’ well-known propensity             this basis . . . the present state of affairs will   can’t possibly be ready before the hurricane
     Ms. Asi goes so far as to quote the               to attack civilians (ostensibly targeting          change and the day of liberation will come           season only months away. Is it reasonable
Charter’s insistence that “Israel will exist           “Zionists”) -- even though the article is          nearer.”                                             to rebuild in areas that are almost certain to
and will continue to exist until Islam will            supposed to be about the Palestinian election?                                                          be flooded again? Is it good public policy to
obliterate it,” and then promptly forgets about        (It’s not as though a different focus would be          -- Lowell Rudorfer                              subsidize flood insurance in this city? Is it
this frightening prophecy, instead riffing on          an excuse for such asymmetry, of course.)               MC-Rockville, Student                           sensible to rebuild without insurance or pay
the importance of medical care and the Likud           I’m afraid this, too, justifies the C-word.                                                             sky high premiums? As Katrina refugees,
                                                                                                                                                               they’ve temporarily relocated to Texas, and
                                                                                                                                                               they’re planning to move again after they’ve
                                                                                                                                                               had time to look around. They both don’t see
      Before I respond to Mr. Rudorfer’s letter        is so opposed to Hamas. It also shows the          while others take it as a falsehood. Hamas is        people wanting to return en mass to the area.
to the editor, I would first like to express           friction between the two powers, more so           among those who take it for truth. I cannot                 “I’m concerned [about New Orleans]
my appreciation to him for expressing his              when you take into consideration the Likud         say it is truth or falsehood, because I do not       because I lived there, I worked there, and I
opinion. We each have our own views and                Party who, as I stated, have the majority of       know.                                                can’t go back there to live anymore,” said
beliefs and it is my belief that all sides should      seats in the Israeli parliament. Likud outright         And you mention “a prohibition on               Siler early in his Carver lecture, “being in
be heard.                                              says there should be no Palestinian state west     ‘slandering or speaking ill of’ any Islamic          there on a daily basis is detrimental to my
      Mr. Rudorfer, after reading your letter,         of the Jordan River. This statement in itself      group.” What you failed to mention is the            health according to a couple of my doctors.”
I was under the impression that you believe            goes against international law, yet why do         sentences following which state, “Whenever                Reaching for any possible positive spin
that I agree with everything about Hamas               we not hear this? Everyone knows of Hamas          those stands are erroneous, the Islamic              on this disaster and with glistening eyes he
and its constitution. Simply stated, I do not.         and its intolerance of Israel, yet why did we      Resistance Movement preserves the right to           later continued, “I know that in ten years,
Though there is much I believe in, indeed as a         not hear of the Likud Party’s intolerance          expound the error and to warn against it.            wherever people may be, wherever [New
Muslim it is my duty to believe in, there is also      to Palestine when it came into power in the        It will strive to show the right path and to         Orleans] Indians may be, they’re going to be
that which I feel is not necessarily Islamic.          Israeli parliament? I was merely pointing          judge the case in question with objectivity.”        traveling to New Orleans like Muslims go
      But to your first point; you used the quote      out this bias and hypocrisy in Western mind        [Article 24] They clearly state that if anyone       to Mecca.” Their potentially health risking
that “Peace and quiet would not be possible            and media.                                         does wrong, they will be judged accordingly.         behavior is unavoidable; “they’ll have to
except under the wing of Islam” and said that                Thirdly, you mention quite a few quotes      It does not say you cannot speak against a           have that connection [to New Orleans] in
this is racist thinking to believe in nothing but      that I did not in my column, including a           Muslim no matter what. Do not take words             order to move forward within the [Indian]
Islamic governance. As a Muslim, it is a duty          comparison between Zionists and Nazis where        out of context.                                      tradition.” He’s certain even this effort will
of mine to believe in Islamic governance for           both treat women, children, and elderly as              Finally, you speak of Rotary Clubs              be incomplete after their hurricane forced
Islam goes beyond the bounds of the Church             they would soldiers. There is much evidence        and Hamas’s aversion to them. I confess              dispersal, “the diaspora has caused us to have
(or religious center) and permeates all                in support of this statement, including UN         I know little on this matter, but perhaps if         to rethink those plans because New Orleans
aspects of society. But that was not the point         reports of human rights violations of the          you seek out someone more learned in the             is not going to be inhabited by those people
I was trying to make. The direct quote I took          Israeli military against Palestinians.             issues of Palestine and Hamas, you will find         who have the traditions and who maintain
from the Hamas charter was, “Under the                       You also mention the suicide bombings        a reasonable explanation, instead of just            them at a high level.” Looking ahead, he sees,
wing of Islam, it is possible for the followers        and how they are akin to the inhumanity of         scoffing at them.                                    it “might be ten years before New Orleans
of the three religions - Islam, Christianity           the Israeli military and Nazi Germany. I                My main argument in the previous                might be considered safe. That depends on
and Judaism - to coexist in peace and quiet            don’t believe in suicide bombings in which the     column was of being aware of other points-           whether a hurricane the size [of Katrina]
with each other.” [Article 31]                         Israeli military is not the target. This would     of-view. We need to understand each other            decides to pass that way again.”
      By pointing out this overlooked aspect of        be one of the points I would have to disagree      in order to help or at least be neighbors                 Siler’s       hour-long       multi-media
the constitution, I was merely demonstrating           with Hamas on, if indeed they do believe in        to one another. As the charter itself states         presentation at the Carver Educational Center
Hamas’s openness to other peoples outside              this sort of targeting. But I have not heard       (Article 21) “The day that such a spirit [of         to a dozen attendees showcased the culture
the Muslim community.             The common           from a leader of Hamas that they support this      social responsibility] prevails, brotherliness       of New Orleans using photos, videos, and
misperception here in the United States is that        type of violence, only from Western media,         would deepen, cooperation, sympathy and              jazz excerpts. Technical problems at MC-R
Hamas is nothing but a terrorist organization          which I have already shown to be biased.           unity will be enhanced and the ranks will be         blocked the multimedia presentation, so their
and highly intolerant of those not Muslim.                   You also mentioned the Protocols of the      solidified to confront the enemies.”                 two score attendees heard an abbreviated
But if you were to read the constitution, this         Learned Elders of Zion, which is a widely                                                               lecture with an extended question and answer
is not the impression you would get.                   circulated book in the Islamic world about              Sincerely,                                      session.
      Secondly, the quote about Israel’s               a Zionist conspiracy for world domination.              Marjan Asi
existence was to show why the United States            Some people believe the book to be true

Bits & Pieces                                       -By Caitlin Woods
Page 4 | Tuesday, February 21, 2006                                                      News                                                                     The Montgomery Advocate

News In Brief                                                    CyberWATCH                                  BUILD from front
                                                                                                             Campuses. The Proposed Master
                                                                                                                                                           solutions for the issue of parking at the
                                                                                                                                                           Rockville Campus. One option is to
                                                                                                                                                           pave over existing land on the campus,
    Compiled by Liliana Koebke & Tom Risen                                                                   Plan for Campus Construction is               which would mean paving over the
                                                           The National Science Foundation has awarded
 Culinary Arts Festival on                                                                                   available on the college website at           soccer field. Another proposes building
                                                      a $3 million grant to a consortium, including                                                        a $20 million parking garage (the online
                                                      Montgomery College, to establish and support                                                         Master Plan has 3 of them on its map
       March 4th                                      a regional headquarters for the Cybersecurity:
                                                      Washington Area Technician and Consortium
                                                                                                             news/hottopics/facilitiesplan/, or by
                                                                                                             simply searching, “facilities”, on the        surrounding the campus). A third option
                                                                                                                                                           proposes making a deal with the City
     There will be a day-long Culinary Arts Fair                                                             Montgomery College website. At the
                                                      Headquarters (CyberWATCH) program.                     site are maps of proposed construction        of Rockville to reserve parking for
“Celebrating Food!” on Saturday, March 4th                 Montgomery College will develop cyber             layouts as of 2012 for the Takoma             students in the numerous new parking
in the Marriott Hospitality Center presented by       security curricula, which is designed to fulfill the   Park, Germantown, and Rockville               garages they plan to build as part of its
the International Education Department and the        demand for cyber security technicians in the area.     campuses. The potential map for the           massive Rockville Center development.
Montgomery College Women’s Studies Program.           This curriculum will include both internships and      Rockville Campus map proposes 7 new           There would be a shuttle back and forth
The event is sponsored by Les Dames d’Escoffier       externships.                                           academic buildings. Along with the            from these Rockville garages that David
International, a distinguished group dedicated             According to the press release, “Montgomery       new science building, these include a         Capp estimates might take 10 minutes
to Women in the Culinary Arts, which holds the        College will build and maintain a state-of-the-art     new Student Services Center, a Library        by backroad. Any parking garages that
event to celebrate its 25th anniversary. There        Remote IT Security Lab to be used by all members       Research Center, an Arts Addition, a          might be constructed will be decided
will be cooking seminars of 16 panels with 43         of the consortium.” Students from all of the                                                         upon within the next 2 years.
                                                                                                             PE Addition, a Humanities Addition, a
renowned speakers, and sampling of wonderful          consortium schools will be able to access the lab                                                          Facilities Director David Capp
                                                                                                             GITE Addition, and a PAC Addition.
food from around the world. The keynote speaker       remotely via the internet.                                                                           assures that any construction will
                                                                                                             Many of these will be 4 stories tall.
of the festival will be Chef Lidia Bastianich, who         The money will be distributed over the next                                                     have no affect on student tuition now
                                                                                                             Other potential construction being
hosts Lidia’s Italian American Kitchen on PBS.        four years. The consortium includes most local                                                       or in the foreseeable future. The way
                                                                                                             discussed might expand the athletics
There will be free parking all day. There is $35      colleges and universities as well as some high                                                       the funding process works is that the
                                                                                                             facilities, adding stadium seating and
registration with student ID, $75 without. At the     schools and government agencies. Prince Georges                                                      College President and Director Capp
                                                                                                             lighting to the baseball diamond, or
end of the day the anniversary party will have        Community College is the project leader.                                                             present the Capitol Outlay Budget
                                                                                                             expanding the football field. However,
champagne and cake. For further information                                                                                                                to the State Council at Annapolis on
                                                                                                             out of all the proposed construction on
contact Gail Forman of the International Education
Department (gail.forman@montgomerycollege.                 African American                                  the Rockville campus map, only the new
                                                                                                             Science building is currently funded,
                                                                                                                                                           behalf of Montgomery College, a public
                                                                                                                                                           institution.    Because many students
edu) or Cici Williamson of Les Dames d’Escoffier
[ (202)973-2168 ]                    Women Right to Vote                                 and guaranteed to begin construction.
                                                                                                                  The Master Plan calls for large
                                                                                                                                                           were at Advocacy Day in Annapolis
                                                                                                                                                           on February 15th, Dean Daniels was
                                                           Dr. Rosalyn Terborg-Penn, Professor and
            Indian Dance                                                                                     scale renovation of existing buildings        moved to comment, “The best way to
                                                      Coordinator of Graduate Programs in History at                                                       secure the funding our college needs
                                                                                                             as well. The new science building will
                                                      Morgan State University, will be giving a lecture,                                                   is for the students to get involved.
     There will be a free lecture and demonstration                                                          be built on the South Parking lot. Once
                                                      “African American Women in the Struggle for the                                                      They need to make their needs known
of Odissi Dance from India Friday, February 28th.                                                            construction is complete, all classes in
                                                      Right to Vote,” Thursday February 23rd.                SE and SW will relocate to the new four       to the state and county governments,
Odissi is a classical Indian dance form.                   The discussion is one of the Black History        story building while the older science        the way they have at Advocacy Day
     Sandhyadipa Kar will be leading the lecture      month events and will focus on the roles of            buildings are renovated. After which the      through petition and demonstration.
and demonstration. According to her website, she      both southern women in the Voting Rights Acts          old buildings will be made into a math        The American community requires that
is “from a family of renowned artists of Orissa,      and African American women in the suffrage             building and a computer lab. The new          everybody be involved in order for it to
India. Her grandfather, Pandit Khetramohan Kar        movement.                                              science building is slated to undergo         function well,”. David Capp likewise
was a noted Tabla-maestro of Puri and her father,          Dr. Terborg-Penn is the founder of the            design soon and will begin construction       encouraged the students to pressure the
Shri Prafulla Kar is a well know music director,      association of Black Women Historians, co-             in 18 months.                                 county government, “Legislators will be
singer and lyricist.” Kar has been teaching Odissi    author of Black Women in America: An Historical             With the Science building slated         very confident in their investment when
dance for twenty years.                               Encyclopedia and author of African-American            to cover the South Parking Lot and            they see the students are determined
     The Montgomery College International             Women in the Struggle for the Vote, 1850 – 1920.       other construction in the Master Plan         and ambitious to ask for what they
Education program is co-sponsoring the event with          The lecture will begin at 7pm in the Theater      proposed to be built on other parking         need”. Dean Daniels said of community
the Montgomery College Dance Program. The             Arts Arena and will be followed by a book sale and                                                   involvement: “If all Education does is
                                                                                                             facilities, the campus will be ill equipped
event will be at 2 pm in room 126 of the Music        signing. It is free and open to the public.                                                          to make you an active member of the
                                                                                                             to handle the growing need for parking.
Building.                                                                                                                                                  community, it has done its job”.
                                                                                                             David Capp described three proposed
The Montgomery Advocate                                                                  Features        Tuesday, February 21, 2006 | Page 5

               By Alice Popovici                     “[Advertising art] is a collaboration, [you] get
                  Staff Writer                       to work with writers, editors and designers,”
                                                     she added. Vaughan worked as a freelance
      With Internet clip art and stock               illustrator for 30 years before teaching at
photography       offering      at-your-fingertips   MC.
convenience at a discounted price, demand                  “I think [the exhibition] has a lot of nice
for traditional illustration is waning. But,         pictures, a diverse amount of artwork,” said
to the people gathered at the CAT Gallery            MC student John Gilmore. “I like the way
Opening on Feb. 8, changing with the times           some of it blurs the line between traditional
is part of the job description.                      and digital.”
      The Illustrators Club of Washington,                 Randy Lyhus exhibited a digital piece
DC, Maryland and Virginia Members Show               entitled “Petrol Traffic,” an illustration he did
features an eclectic range of styles, as well        for the environmental magazine “Resources
as mediums ranging from oil on canvas to             for the Future.”
digital art.                                               “It’s 3-D modeling,” he said. “There’s
      “Illustration is an art that communicates,     a steep learning curve to 3-D; it’s a little
telling a story,” said Martha Vaughan,               intimidating,” he added. He has been working
Advertising Art professor and organizer of           in this style for 3 1-2 years.
this year’s exhibition.                                    John Lauer, one of Vaughan’s former
      According to its catalog, the Illustrators     students, studied each piece intently. Lauer,
Club, a nonprofit organization founded               who currently works at MC Copies, is
in 1986, strives to promote the work                 interested in joining the Illustrators Club. “I
of its members and create networks of                came for inspiration,” he said.
communication. It also sponsors monthly                    Jim Nuttle, who has been working as an
business seminars and lectures.                      illustrator for 17 years, exhibited two pieces:
      “The industry has been suffering               “Time Flies,” and “Buggy Ride.”
over the last couple of years, because of                  “Both were done as promotions for
stock illustration [and] the Internet,” said         myself,” Nuttle said. “I try to bring a little
Illustrators Club President Joe Azar.                humor to the pieces.”
      Azar, who does cartoon work, joined the              Sarah Palaszynski, a recent graduate of
Illustrators Club 18 years ago. He believes          Moore College of Art and Design, is also
the economy has shifted illustrators’ focus.         interested in becoming a member of the
      “Competition with photography has              Illustrators Club.
helped us look at [illustration] in new ways;              “My main goal is book illustration and
it’s more challenging,” he said. “The people         comic book work,” said Palaszynski, who
who stayed in it are hopefully leaner and            teaches children’s cartooning classes at MC’s
meaner.”                                             School of Art and Design.
      Vaughan said the show gives the artists              Azar said membership is open to anyone
an opportunity to try things without a specific      who works in the industry. Currently, the
assignment. “Some of the work is published           club has 155 members, but it had as many as
work, other is experiment,” she said.                250 at one time.
      “For me, it’s about the only time I get to           They are gearing up for an exciting year,
meet other illustrators in the area,” said Casey     starting with the 13th Juried Illustrators Club
Shaw, art director for USA Weekend, who              Exhibition, which will be held at PEPCO’s
exhibited a silkscreen poster piece entitled         Edison Place Gallery.
“Aquia Church.” He has been experimenting                  Illustrators Club also celebrates its
with this style for the past year.                   20th anniversary this year. “We’re going to
      Vaughan was present throughout the             coordinate it so it falls on the same day as the
show, introducing artists to one another.            Illustrators Club Exhibition,” Azar said.
      “I try to emphasize in my classes the                The Members Show will be on display
need to be a team player,” Vaughan said.             until Feb. 24.

           Ever thought about giving us a story?
            Write to the Advocate, Tell us if you hate us or love us.
              If fact if you think you have something that can
                         contribute to our readership.
                     Submit it to,
                                 The Montgomery Advocate
                                 Montgomery College
                                 Rockville Campus
                                 Campus Center 008
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A Secret Valentine
                                                                                                                                             Total strangers gaze at anonymous Post Secrets at a special
                                                                                                                                        Post Secret Exhibiton at the AVA Museum in Baltimore. -photo by Dominic Gwinn

    By Dominic Gwinn              of, an art             “It originally started as    even Braille.
       editor in Chief            project that invites its         an art project in November             When asked how he
     This Valentine’s Day,        visitors to mail anonymous       of 2004,” says Warren.            felt about people since
the American Visionary            secrets on a post card to an     “I printed out 3000 blank         the start of Post Secret, he
Arts Museum in Baltimore          address in Germantown.           cards and passed them out         reflected, “...I definitely feel
hosted an exhibition and          Every Sunday, Warren             at Metro Stations and at          more empathy.” Often the
book signing of local artist      updates the website with         Artomatic. I also went to         cards contain confessions
and author, Frank Warren,         numerous        confessions,     public libraries and slipped      of abuse and fantasies of
and     his   controversial       everything from adultery         them in between the pages         rape. “The [cards] speak
website Post Secret and           and molestation to taboo         of books.”                        to how [abusive fantasies]
its subsequent book, “Post        desires and child-hood                The           invitation     can    be      a    dangerous
Secret:      Extraordinary        fears are revealed on            proved all too enticing as        thing…The             message
Confessions from Ordinary         carefully    crafted    post     Warren received a slew of         might be misinterpreted.”
Lives.” The exhibition            cards. “Reveal anything          handcrafted creations that        Warren stated that he
featured 100 Post Secrets,        – as long as it is true and      contained personal secrets        felt people sometimes
many of which have never          you have never shared it         in numerous languages             forget a fantasy isn’t real.
been on display before.           with anyone,” Warren asks        including Hebrew, German,         “Women who write about
     Warren is the creator        on his website.                  French, Portuguese and            rape      fantasies…they’re
                                                                                                     in control [in the fantasy]
                                                                                                     because it’s not real. I think
                                                                                                     it’s inflammatory to put
                                                                                                     that on the Internet because
                                                                                                     people forget that.”
                                                                                                          The exhibition drew a
                                                                                                     long line of curious patrons
                                                                                                     from all over the area. “I
                                                                                                     thought it was really cool,”
                                                                                                     said MC-R student, Liliana
                                                                                                     Koebke. “My friend and I
                                                                                                     really loved it. I felt kind
                                                                                                     of awkward though…”
                                                                                                     Koebke revealed, “You’re
                                                                                                     reading      something        so
                                                                                                     personal with a perfect
                                                                                                     stranger right next to you.”
                                                                                                          Post Secret serves as
                                                                                                     an exit to the skeletons in
                                                                                                     our closet. “I think we all
                                                                                                     have rich internal lives,”
                                                                                                     Warren says, “This just
                                                                                                     allow people to share.”

                                                                                                          This red Dodge with yellow tint
                                                                                                          was parked in front of Mickey D’s.
                                                                                                          Ketchup and fries, anyone?

Riceism: Japan vs. the World
      Riceism(rszm)noun                              with “diverse”. When I asked the same kids
the act of discriminating against vehicles,          their opinion on domestics, the domestic
usually of Japanese origin                           owner generalized them as “clunky” while
      Even after the whole integration               the import owner stated that domestics have
movement of the 1960’s, there are still              been “outmatched”.
Riceists all around us, even in this racially             When I asked for criticism across the
diverse city of Rockville. One would think           board, the answers that I got were not the
that considering the length of time that has         polar opposites that would be expected. My
passed since the racial integration, a kid with      domestic friend stated that “Imports, Hondas
a cleanly modified Integra (come on, it’s            in particular, tend to have much less torque,
7/11ths of the word “integration”) would not         compared to their domestic siblings, because
be looked upon condescendingly for driving           they use tiny engines”, but he didn’t deliver                                                                     What’s to fear, amigo?
a “ricer”.                                           a wonderful compliment to his own breed                                                                           This Ford Aerostar minivan is modded
      Merely because it was made in Japan,           when he said that “Domestics are lagging                                                                          out with a “FEAR THIS!” sticker and a
I get called un-American by kids in Geo              behind in innovation. There are a few sparks                                                                      bullet hole sticker.
Prisms, who are totally unaware that their           here and there, but overall, it’s been a bit blah
car is a Toyota Corolla through and through.         for domestic cars lately.”                          that, the Mustang 5.0 would put out close to          in a hybrid. The Toyota Prius sedan offers
What is that all about? In all reality, in a world        As for my import buddy in Auto Tech,           550 horsepower.                                       over 50 miles per gallon and lots of space.
where Chevrolets are made in Canada and              he said that “Domestics should leave making               My domestic side is begging me to               I have driven a Prius on countless occasions
Toyotas are made in West Virginia, does the          fancy cars to imports because domestic              give domestics credit for things as well.             including a road trip all the way up the East
argument of “keeping your dollars domestic”          manufacturers need to get their acts in gear”,      To be perfectly honest, some economy                  Coast, and it is my opinion that it is the most
even hold up?                                        and his only complaint was that “Imports            domestics are capable of giving hot imports           wonderful slow car I have ever driven in my
      More importantly, do the domestic-             need more headroom.”                                a run for their money because the domestics           life. I traveled a distance of about 250 miles
bashers driving Mazda B-Series pickup                     Uneducated people make fun of imports          simply have the low-end power that imports            at an average speed of 85 MPH, yet the handy
trucks realize that they drive nothing other         for having such tiny engines. People often say      typically lack. With imports, while some do           touch-screen computer recorded that I got a
than a rebadged Ford? To all you General             things to bash imports, like “my soda bottle        have remarkable top ends, the bottom end              remarkable 38 miles per gallon. They aren’t
Motors diehards who hate on Honda Motors,            has more displacement than your engine”. I          is typically lacking. I was driving a 2005            race cars, however, which could explain why
just remember that the Saturn Vue has a 3.5L         will be the first to admit that in my V6 days,      Honda Civic rental car and an old lady in             they top out at 110 MPH.
Honda engine.                                        I laughed at my friend’s Integra because I          a ‘96 Oldsmobile Ciera (identical to mine)                  If the cars at the Toyota dealership are
      Over winter break, I asked a few               was merely uneducated. The truth is that the        smoked me right off the line. Hell, I think the       just as American as the Chevrolets at the
Montgomery College students about their              Integra Type R was the first vehicle to break       V6 Cutty would give the VTEC Teggy a run              dealership a minute down the Pike, it might
opinions on imports and domestics. When              the 100 horsepower per liter mark, beating          for its money, too.                                   be worth dropping Riceism out of your life.
asked what the first word that comes to mind         the power to displacement record that the                 However, the lack of power can be a             And, please, for heaven’s sakes, if you’re in
when thinking of import cars was, a domestic         Integra GS-R had broken, which is quite an          tremendous advantage when it comes to                 a Geo Metro or a Mazda B2300 pickup truck,
owner replied with “gutless” while an MC             accomplishment for a naturally-aspirated 4-         efficiency and saving money. If power is the          do a quick identity check before talking
Auto Tech student with an import replied             cylinder. With a horsepower to liter ratio like     last thing you care about, you should invest          trash.
Spread                                                                                                                                               Tuesday, February 21, 2006 | Page 7

                                                   has put in place unprecedented levels of
                        From Front                 funding for higher education.”
                                                        However, Hogan responded that the
       This year, MACC wanted students to          capital budget “was woefully inadequate on
 thank their legislators for their support in      community college funding.” He continued,
 the past and encourage them to vote for the       “[they are] funding two minor league
 Cade bill, Whitlow said. “We want all of the      stadiums instead of the bioscience center at
 students to be giving that message.”              Germantown.” This doesn’t make any sense
       MACC helped craft more specific             “unless they want the students to go to class
 messages for students that reflected the          in the stadiums,” he said.
 individual needs of each community college.            Students traveled to Annapolis for the
 After the general assembly, small groups of       meeting by charter bus and breakfast and
 students from all of the community colleges       lunch were provided. Students also received
 delivered these messages during visits with       a free MC sweatshirt, all compliments of the
 their local senators and delegates.               Office of Student Life.
       MC-R students asked legislators to (1)           Any MC student can take part in the
 support SB356 and HB586 that increase state       annual Student Advocacy Day. For details,
 support for community colleges and keep           contact the Office of Student Life.
 tuitions down; (2) support the Governor’s
 budget that increases need-based aid by $19
 million; (3) support the full capital request,
 including our Rockville Science Center.
       “I think it was a great experience. The
 [senators] welcomed us with open arms,” said
 Melissa Conley, a first-year business major.                                                                              The Advocate also made an appearance at our State Capitol
                                                                                                                                                                              -photo by Teneriffe Mapp
       Teneriffe Mapp, a second-year computer
 science major said, “I would have liked to
 have more time to spend with the senators….
 [There was] not enough time for them to hear
 our stories.”
       “The [legislators] pay attention to
 students,” said Dr. Judy Ackerman, MC-R
 Provost, when asked if SAD was really worth
 all the effort.
       When school administrators testify or
 speak with legislators, they anticipate what
 we will say, said Ackerman. However,
 “They don’t know the students’ stories and
 [when they hear them], that validates what
 we – the administrators – say,” she said.
       Although all of the legislators who
 spoke to students expressed their support
 for community colleges, some political
 wrangling still took place during the general
 assembly.                                         Delegate Heller poses with an MC Germanton Student
                                                                                                 -photo by Dominic Gwinn   MC-R having a photo op in front of the Thurgood Marshall Memorial
       Lt. Gov. Steele said, “Our administration                                                                                                                                 -photo by Tim Moraca

 Club Rush Spring ‘06
     By Marjan Asi
     aSSoCiate editor
      Montgomery         College’s     Rockville
 campus held its spring semester Club Rush
 on Thursday, February 9th where students
 from the College’s clubs and organizations
 set up tables to try to get people to join.
      Included in the many different clubs of
 MC this semester are ethnic clubs like the
 Latino Student Union, African Caribbean
 Club, and the newer Polish Students
      There are also religious clubs like the
 Catholics on Campus, the Muslim Students
 Association, and Echo and clubs to help
 improvement in different academic areas like
 the Philosophy and Math clubs.
      The basic purpose of the clubs is to         LSU and PTK recruit members
                                                                              -photo James Alexander
 connect students to a common cause and get
                                                 about Latino culture in Central and South
 them more involved in additional activities
                                                 America,” said the president of the Latino
 outside of the classroom. But the clubs have
                                                 Student Union, Froy Luna.
 their own specific purposes as well.
                                                      “We try to promote leadership by having
      The Roteract club’s aim is to “gather
                                                 members participate,” said Phi Theta Kappa
 young people and try to have them help the
                                                 Vice President Natalie Floris.
 community and at the same time have fun,”
                                                      This broad scope of clubs leaves
 according to club president Pamela Gervera.
                                                 something for everyone, from the academic
      “Main goal- have fun,” said Bobak
                                                 to the spiritual to the cultural.
 Manesh, a member of the Persian club.
                                                      The Office of Student Life sponsored
      “Our goal is to inform the school
                                                 event was “very successful,” according to
                                                       Student Life Specialist Val Melgosa.
                                                       “We had over 27 clubs and organizations
                                                       represented and probably close to 350-
                                                       400 people walk through[out] the day.”
                                                            The purpose of club rush, said
                                                       Melgosa, was to “let the student body
                                                       know that we do have clubs on campus
                                                       and that we do our best to work with the
                                                       outreach program so students are aware
                                                       of those clubs.”
                                                            For more information on the clubs
                                                       and organizations, visit the Office of
 Doughnuts are great bait for attracting new            Student Life in room 005 on the ground
 members               -photo by James Alexander        floor of the Campus Center.
Page 8 | Tuesday, February 21, 2006                                              Entertainment                                                                      The Montgomery Advocate

From 2D to 3D                                                                                             Torino 2006
                                                     is hyped up for months because of amazing
                                                     leaked screen shots which make it look like the                                                       to do with what is going on in the game,
                                                     most promising thing since Halo. But when                                                             but rather an overview of the sport you’re
                                                     screen shots are the only real previews we rely          (PS2, XBOX)                                  playing) to its records which are carried
   Are games as good today as they                   on to make early judgments about a game,                                                              in points, not time. The game really takes
were when we were kids?                              pictures can sometimes be deceiving. Take                 I’m going to try and be as quick and
                                                                                                         painless as possible while breaking down
                                                                                                                                                           out the whole spirit of the Olympics. They
                                                                                                                                                           are meant to celebrate the hard work and
                                                     50 Cent’s “Bulletproof”, or really, any of the
     Gamers who grew up in the 8bit era (or          recent Grand Theft Auto clones (187 Ride or         why Torino 2006 was such an awful game.           achievements of some of the best athletes
before) tend to look down on many of today’s         Die, True Crime 2, etc.) as an example. By          When I first started working at a game store      around the world. Instead, you have to
games, citing countless examples of classic          capitalizing on good graphics and a popular         in late 2004, we had one copy in stock of         watch an idiotic, poorly rendered character
games that current games will never be able to       market, developers can often get away with          PS2’s Athens 2004, a game based on the            blunder through mini-game to mini-
hold a tee to. Yet, these people fail to recognize   putting out a piece of crap in a pretty case.       summer Olympic games. I personally was            game as you attempt to time your moves
that for every “The Guy Game” there is also a             This is different than the days of the         pretty intrigued by the title, which touted       correctly.
“God of War.”                                        NES, in which Nintendo approved every game          a wide selection of playable sports and                 And notice I said “mini-game”, as that
     Sure, Mario may have evolved from the           before putting it onto its console. And they did    games mimicking the real events that had          is the best way to describe playing through
side scrolling confines that he grew up in on        this with the knowledge that they controlled        actually occurred. To this day, we have yet       each of the 15 sports depicted in the game.
the NES, but then again these games operated         over 90% of the video game market. Despite          to sell that ONE COPY, which I believe is         It honestly feels very lifeless, and again,
within just that – confines. 8bit technology         a library that could potentially be larger and      now priced at $19.99. I made a promise            unlike the spirited and fun Olympic games
was the best there was available at the time,        contribute directly towards a greater profit        to myself that (although I probably won’t         it is meant to represent. It is a chore to
and only so much could be done as a result.          to them, Nintendo chose to only put games           still be working there) if it isn’t sold by the   get yourself to continue sitting through a
Today’s systems offer seemingly endless              out that met the standards of their “Seal of        2008 summer games, I’m throwing it out            seemingly endless string of familiar (many
possibilities graphically which help to make         Quality.”                                           regardless of the consequences.                   play the same) games.
nearly any plausible idea a visual reality.               This leads into how I feel about today’s             That was sort of a metaphor for what              So please, if you are in the mood to
     This newer technology has given today’s         systems. If I were to buy a system solely           video games based on the Olympics have            rent or buy something related to the winter
developers an important responsibility which,        based on the sheer volume of games released         become in recent years; a piece of garbage.       Olympics, do yourself a favor and neglect
truthfully, they sometimes neglect. With the         for it, I would chose Playstation 2 without a       Torino 2006 (which I played on the XBOX,          that urge to make it Torino 2006. Instead,
potential to create visually stunning games,         second thought. But then you have to take into      if that is a factor in your game purchasing       I would suggest the movie Cool Runnings,
developers will often opt to create a game           account the ratio of good to bad games on the       decision) is no exception to this rule.           which is not only one of my favorite things
that is far below par simply because its             system. Sure, Playstation 2 has the Onimusha        The game is god-awful, from the lifeless          about the winter Olympics, but also one of
visuals will draw in sales. So often a game          games, Katamari Damacy, and Gran Turismo.           commentary (much of which has nothing             my favorite movies.
                                                                 But then there are all the samurai
                                                                 ripoffs and cheaply developed drag
                                                                 racing games that would make me
                                                                 never want to play games again.
                                                                 It makes you realize that there is a
                                                                 lot of quantity out today, but not as
                                                                 much quality to equal it out.
                                                                      Just beyond the horizon is
                                                                 the possibility for next generation
                                                                 systems to open up the gates to         Rating: 4.5 stars
                                                                 near infinite data storage and
                                                                 breathtakingly greater graphics.
                                                                 Games will be able to hold more,
                                                                 do more, and show more. Will
                                                                 developers revert back to the age of
                                                                 quality over quantity, or will they
                                                                 simply put out more games that only
                                                                 look good until you play them?

     Resident Evil 4                       game is the constant action and a
     (Gamecube, PS2)                       difficulty level that actually becomes
                                           harder throughout the game. Sure,
      Number three on my top five list     the final boss was a little easy, but it
is Resident Evil 4 (which I played         is easily excused due to some of the
when it was first released on the          ridiculously hard bosses and puzzles
Gamecube). As a person who rarely          in between. And it was actually a lot
comes back to action/adventure             of fun earning upgrades and deciding
games after an initial play through,       which guns I wanted to keep and
it’s remarkable to look back on how        which I wanted to sell, and at which
many times I’ve played completely          point I wanted to buy a rocket
through this game in the year it has       launcher, map, or bigger carrying
now been out.                              case.
      Resident Evil 4 took everything           The fun didn’t end after the
that had made Resident Evil games          game, as a second storyline was
good in the past, and then ripped          unlocked as well as an arcade-esque
it apart and put it back together          shooting mini-game and the option to
again. The developers took a huge          replay the game from the beginning
risk by changing the camera view           with my amazing weapons from the
to over the main character Leon’s          end. The options were endless and
shoulder and by making the controls        the game always as fun, original,
feel completely different. Previous        and at times scary as the first play
Resident Evil games turned me off          through.
because the control scheme was very             Next issue I’ll continue counting
difficult to adjust to.                    down the top five games with number
      Another great aspect of this         two on my list.                                                                                                                  Screenshot courtesy
The Montgomery Advocate   Entertainment                                   Tuesday, February 21, 2006 | Page 9


                                                  I was not born with a twin brother or sister,
                                                                I only have me.
                                              Born into a family with love, discipline, and dignity.
                                                I was not asked to be conceived, but I’m here.
                                                      Growing maim in my mid twenties.

                                                        I’ve been in some hard times
                                                         I’ve seen a lot of good times
                                             I count my blessings to close my eyes and guess who
                                                           Will come to join my life.

                                     I’m not looking, but lusting to have love show up and be by my side.
                                                         I won’t second guess my mind.
                                                   I sucked up a lot of shit to pro long time.
                                                      I’m desperate; I want what is mine,

                                 I learned just yesterday that my high expectations are what pressure my mind
                                            Expect nothing and no one can hurt you, hurt you inside.
                                                 I guess that’s why I don’t believe that he is mine.
                                               I’m not giving up, but I’m gonna look the other way.

                                                 Stop spending precious time on that part of me
                                                        and leaving everything else astray
                                      I will pressure my heart, polish my life to see the next of my Days.
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Computer going slow?                     --------------------------------------
Not working at all?                      Summer Day Camp
Retail techs charging twice as           in Darnestown, MD
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Manager of computer repair at            riding, rock climbing, archery,
both Circuit City and Best Buy.          air riflery, swimming, basketball,
Current MC student.                      soccer, gymnastics, and more.
I won’t even charge you a nasty          CDL a plus.
diagnostic fee.                          We will train.
All prices negotiable.                   Valley Mill Camp
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                                         Montgomery          Advocate,       our
--------------------------------------   classifieds range from club
Sitters Wanted.                          announcements to job listings,
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Montgomery Advocate!
Come see us at
Campus Center #008!

                    Daily Prayers
                      are held in
                    Serenity Room

        for further information:
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Date Movie, An Unbiased Review

Movie poster crop

                By Aaron Sperling                  an hour ago, and I know that I laughed, but
                    Staff Writer                   looking back on it, I can’t think of anything
     Before you decide to bash me solely on        that stands out as really funny.
my star rating of this movie, I want you to             As for “character development,” it
take into account that many of my favorite         seemed very rushed, and no doubt potentially
movies are considered by American cinema           confusing to anyone who hasn’t seen all
standards as “good fart jokes”, at best. After     of the (at least) 20 movies being parodied.
watching the trailer for this movie, I was         Also, some of the casting is just plain
psyched to see a slew of hilarious date movie      confusing. Eddie Griffin is really funny, but
parodies written by “two of the six writers of     I can’t understand why he was cast as Alyson
Scary Movie.” Unfortunately, I can see why         Hannigan’s father. Other characters, like
the other four didn’t consider signing on to       “Mrs. Fonckyerdoder” were well cast but just
the project.                                       generally not that funny.
     First of all, for the sake of anyone               Overall, I would suggest that you not see
who does plan on watching this movie, I            this movie. And if you do and can’t get your
won’t ruin the parodies not featured in the        $8 back, don’t complain that nobody tried to
commercial. But let me warn anyone who             warn you in advance.
has seen the commercial; you’ve already
seen most of the “best parts” in their entirety.       Rating: 1.5 of 5
Take that as you will. I just saw the movie
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