Innovative Concepts Shaping the growth of the Packaging Industry by UflexLtd


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									              Innovative Concepts Shaping the growth of the Packaging Industry

Unlike earlier when packaging used to be an afterthought for many manufacturers, the packaging
industry today is witnessing number of changes, owing to increased consciousness amongst consumers
as well as manufacturers.      More and more packaging companies today have moved towards
environmentally responsible packaging which has become an integral part of their businesses.

As the packaging companies are focusing on sustainability initiatives through waste minimization and
drifting towards environmentally responsible ‘green packaging,’ these trends are driving the product
innovation in the packaging industry.

According to an international survey by Accenture, that included corporate decision-makers in the
U.S., U.K., and China, out of the 247 businesses contacted, 72 per cent say that their sustainability
initiatives fruitful and delivered results beyond expectations. This clearly reflects that with growing
concern, consciousness and increased consumer awareness, packaging industry today is turning green.

What started as PlantBottle (30% of the bottle is plant based) by Coca-Cola has inspired peers and
others in the industry for product innovation and companies across the globe, including the Indian
flexible packaging giant Uflex have been making use of green and environment-friendly packaging

Moving away from plastics, some of the common packaging materials that are now being used by
packaging companies include:

Bamboo: Renewable and easy to grow, Bamboo is being increasingly used right from packaging to
clothing in the western world. Due to its antibacterial properties and ability to naturally wick moisture,
Bamboo has become a preferred material and is made use in shipping by top brands, including Dell.

Ecocradle: 100 percent biodegradable and renewable, Ecocradle is a great replacement to EPS, EPP
and EPE foams made from oil or natural gas. A product grown from mushrooms, Ecocradle has become
a preferred choice being non-toxic and non-disruptive to the environment.

Cornstarch Peanuts: 100% biodegradable and edible, cornstarch packaging peanuts are just amazing
as they dissolve safely in water or can be thrown into the compost bin. Cornstarch peanut are used in
packaging for not being a sustainable option but also because of their ability to not shrink in humid
conditions and having a high density for rugged durability.

With packaging industry moving towards sustainability, packaging companies worldwide have been
focusing on product innovation with the use of non-plastic and biodegradable packaging materials and
at the same time maintaining the products look and feel.

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