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									          IHRA                                                                                Tax planning, 2009 style
                                                                                                              by Stanton B. Herzog, CPA
                                                                                                        IHRA Financial Consultant & Auditor

                   t the end of 2009 we approach the possibility of the beginning of major changes in the current tax structure. 2012 may be sched-
                   uled as the end of the world, but 2011 comes first and it is a watershed year for taxes because all of the Bush era tax cuts come to
                   an end on January 1st of that year.
              We start with estate taxes, renamed by Republicans as the “Death Tax”. The connotation was that it was a very bad tax, and in 2010

            we were slated to bury it forever. BUT forever is a long time and it busted even the Republican budget back in 2001. So Congress voted
            back then to have no (estate) Death Tax in 2010, but return the tax to 1999 levels for 2011. Of course, this was nuts even back then, but
            the idea was to vote now, or soon, to eliminate it. But what is more certain than death and taxes? And what can be more certain than a
            combination of the two? So now we have a terrible budget deficit and Congress is looking everywhere to find revenue. The dead are not
            complaining and they don’t vote. WALLAH! The great probability is that Congress will approve a bill extending the present rules at least
            through 2010 (forget about throwing Grandma off a train in 2010) and probably for years to come, because no one wants to return to the
            1999 rules nor can we afford to be without the tax.
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                                   You have to take the bad with the good

                                   by Steve Grossman, CPMR
                                   GM Partners
                                   IHRA Founding President and Delegate to MRERF

               have been a manufacturers’ rep since the early 80’s and I must admit I have never experienced a buying environment like the one we are
               in now. I have heard from reps and manufacturers alike that it is very tough to make progress. I will also admit that at times it is somewhat
               hard to stay busy, since buyers don’t want to make appointments because many have been told not to buy or add new items.
                 The positive news is that the amount of inquiries for new representation seems to be on the increase giving new opportunities. Some
           are worth pursuing and some are not. I personally like new items that I can get excited about and, they make sense since it gives me new
           reasons to contact present buyers and ones I have not called on before. My strength has never been “cold” calling but over the years I have
                                                                                    managed to do it with success. And with present buyers it gives me the opportunity
                          November 2009                                             to show them I am always looking for more ways to help them to be successful. They
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Herzog (continued from page 1)
  Let us next turn our attention to capital gains. The current tax rate of 15% on long-term gains (assets held more than one year) appears safe
through 2010. But there is a strong push toward raising the rate back to the 1999 level – 20%, beginning in 2011. With stocks apparently on the
rebound, you should consider selling appreciated stocks in 2009 and 2010 rather than waiting until 2011 and beyond. Remember that stocks sold
at a gain can be repurchased immediately; the 30-day wash sales rules only apply to losses. Of course, many taxpayers are carrying forward
significant capital losses, and these would be used to offset gains before any gains become taxable. The future of the 15% tax rate on qualified
dividends is even more at risk; enjoy it while you can.
  The tax rates are the easiest things to change. Those changes are also the most difficult to predict. The present tax rates are slated to revert
to 1999 rates on January 1, 2009. How will Obama’s stated intention of not increasing taxes on family income of less than $250,000 meet with a
return to 1999 rates in 2011? If so, that would only affect the top two brackets: the upper part of the 33% bracket would increase to 36% and the
present 35% bracket would increase to 39.6%. Would this solve our deficit? No way! It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the 25% bracket went back
to 28% and the 28% bracket reverted to 31%, thus increasing taxes on every joint return with TAXABLE income over $65,000 and singles with
TAXABLE income over $32,550. If you are fortunate enough to be owed bonuses and a choice of taking them this year or next, the rule would be
the sooner the better unless 2009 is already a super year; I would not delay a bonus past 2010. Unfortunately I believe that Congress will delay
any decisions well into 2010. They’ll want to see how the economy is recovering. They also know it’s an election year, and raising rates would be
near impossible save for the fact that all of the above increases happen automatically unless they’re overruled. So here’s a chance for Congress
to look like heroes by increasing taxes less than scheduled.
  Well, Congress and the Administration may act totally different than I expect, so the educated predictions I’ve made above might be changed
radically as 2011 draws near.
  The above is simply my best guess.

        Stanton B. Herzog, CPA, principal in the firm of Applebaum, Herzog & Associates, P.C., Deerfield, Ill., serves as IHRA’s accountant and
    is a regular contributor to The REPorter. He participates in Expert Access, the program that offers telephone consultations to IHRA members.
                                 You can reach Stan at 847/564-1040 x111, or e-mail him at

Grossman (continued from page 1)
don’t always agree.
  Based on what I have heard on the news, read in the papers, heard from other reps and manufacturers, along with my own experience, this fall
retail sales will be below last year; at least in units. I have been telling my friends and family: “If you see something you like for the holidays, buy it
now, since there is no back up stock or heavy inventories.” Very little is made here in the USA and container shipments are down. There is just not
time to replenish retail stocks.
  Retailers might make better profits this season, because they have not hired as many holiday staffers, should not have to offer deep discounts,
and the markdowns should be less. But in total, the unit orders did not match 2008. If you have a different theory let me know.
  Lastly, I am puzzled. I know I am not perfect and sometimes I am naïve, but I still have a hard time understanding why, when a rep calls a buyer
to follow-up, one tends to get no answer. You have to call multiple times to get an answer, or you are told: “When I have an answer I will call you.”
Just imagine, if we got a clear response to our question, the buyer and his/her staff would not have to handle multiple inquiries from multiple people
and so much time would be saved for all.
  I wish all of you a warm and healthy Thanksgiving to share with your loved ones and friends. You can contact me at
    Steve Grossman, CPMR, IHRA and MANA Member
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                                        Our recent member survey results indicated you wanted
                                                to see more of our continuing, monthly feature:
                                                               “Tech Bits” . . . . here they are!
                                                                  Gregg Marshall, CPMR, CSP, is a speaker, author and consultant. He
                                                                   can be reached by e-mail at, or visit
                                                                                        his website at

Tech Bit 29 - Build Your Own Wiki                                       Gillette School of Marketing—give the printer (razor) away, the real profits
When I got my MBA, for one class I was part of a virtual team of 5. One are in the ink (razor blades). Take a look at this graph, HP Ink is more
member was in Bosnia, one in Singapore, and three of us scattered acrossexpensive than oil or blood!
the US. Every week we wrote a paper using Microsoft Word’s track changes  Worse, most of the cartridges that come with printers are what the in-
                                                                        dustry calls “light loads,” they don’t have a full amount of ink or toner you
feature and email. That was my first truly global collaboration, but there
weren’t great tools readily available.                                  get with a new cartridge.
   Last time I introduced collaboration software and the open source peer Despite computers being heralded as leading to paperless offices, we
to peer althernative to Groove, Collanos. There are online collaborationprint more and more each year. Frankly some things are easier to read
                                                                        on paper. Paper files away nicely. And you can read paper during take
alternatives, many use the web. In fact, there are a lot of online collabora-
tion tools on the web.                                                  off and landing.
   For most people, collaboration is a way to work on a document together.So if you don’t want to have most of your office supplies budget going
                                                                        to printer ink and toner, what can you do?
Emailing drafts works, but there are problems keeping track of two people
                                                                          One option is to switch from brand name ink cartridges to “house brands.”
editing the document roughly at the same time. Plus the emails really start
to multiply.                                                            While I’m sure there are a lot of people who will tell you the ink isn’t as
                                                                        good, or the colors aren’t right on, for most applications close is good
   One alternative is to use a wiki. Take a look at this video on wiki’s that
shows how they can reduce the email storm:      enough.
watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY. There are a lot of free wiki sites like PBwiki or    I’ve also found that shopping on-line results in even less expensive
                                                                        “compatible” ink cartridges. For instance a friend’s Epson CX9400 uses
WikiDot. For more options Google “free wiki”. A wiki lets you collaborate
on some editing and gives you a place to put supplemental files.        $35 Epson ink cartridges. The local Office Depot brand is about $15.
                                                                        Doing a Google products search netting cartridges for $1.99 each.
   Another option is to use one of the many on-line document creation tools
like Google Docs, Zoho or Buzzword. All three let you share a document  Of course if you really want to go cheap, try refilling your cartridges. Some
with other users so they can edit the document too. And since Buzzword  cartridges have internal fuses or memory chips to record they have been
is part of, up to 3 people can go on-line together and shareused up, but if you don’t let them run out you can often refill them. And
their desktops and editing.                                             some laser cartridges require burning a hole to refill them. But many are
                                                                        easy to refill, the office supply stores even sell refilling kits.
Tech Bit 30 - Save Money, Refill Ink Cartridges                           The bottom line is you don’t need to sell a pint of blood to get that next
Ever notice that sometimes you can buy a new printer for less than that printer cartridge.
replacement ink cartridge for it? The printer manufacturers went to the                                                    Continued on page 4 >>>>

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Marshall (continued from page 3)
Tech Bit 31 - Mail Merge Emails                                                    Tech Bit 32 - Quick On-line Surveys
If you use Outlook, did you know you can use Word to do mail merge                 A lot of business decisions are made on what people think their customers
to create custom emails to a group of people? If not you should check              want. A lot of those business decisions are flat out wrong.
out this Microsoft web page:                 Why not ask your customers (or a set of prospects) what they think?
HA011464811033.aspx                                                                You could do a customer service satisfaction survey. Or you could poll
   MAPILabs ( can take that great feature and              them on how they see their business during the coming quarter(s). Or
make it even more powerful. They have an inexpensive ($24) Word/                   you could ask them how they feel about a new product idea.
Outlook add-on that “fixes” two huge Word merge to email limitations.                The easiest way to get this information is to use an on-line survey tool.
   Word merge to email won’t let you have attachments. In the past my              They are easy to set up and give you your results as an Excel spreadsheet
way around this was to put Outlook into “work offline” mode, do the merge,         you can analyze any way you want.
open all the messages in my outbox and manually (or using a macro)                   The two most common on-line survey tools are SurveyMonkey (http://www.
attach the file or files, and then switch back to online mode to send the and Zoomerang (
messages.                                                                          Both have a free option, the most significant limitation being 100 responses
With Mail Merge Toolkit, I can now select to merge to the toolkit which lets       per survey. And both have paid options, which remove the response limits
me attach the files right at the time of merging.                                  and allow you to customize the look and feel of the survey.
   The other limitation Mail Merge Toolkit “fixes” is I can now do merge             Doing surveys is easy, designing great questions is harder. But even a
substitutions in the subject line of the email, letting me personalize an          survey with marginal questions is better than no feedback at all.
email more. Either of these two limitations make Mail Merge Toolkit worth            Are you using surveys? Take this survey:
every penny, of course it has other features too.                        
   Another related MAPILabs add-on that is inexpensive (also $24) is Send          3ew_3d_3d
   If you want to send the same email to a bunch of people, you can stick          Tech Bit 33 - Sending a Bunch of Emails
all their email addresses in the TO field. That really makes some people           Be a spammer; make lots of money using the Internet! There is some
mad since it discloses their email addresses to other recipients (want to          truth to that claim.
see how mad, just do that to a large group of journalists, you’ll get flamed         I’ve got a feeling that a lot of business people view email marketing as
in public as they reply all to tell you how stupid you are).                       nothing but being a spammer.
   The alternative is to send that email to yourself and use the BCC for             Let’s get the issue of spam out of the picture. Spam is the sending
the list. But many spam filters assume that BCC sent emails are spam,              of unsolicited commercial emails (UCE), generally to people you don’t
so some of your recipients won’t get that party invitation.                        know. It works because if you send out enough (millions of emails are
   Send Personally adds a button to your Outlook next to the send button.          very common), a very small percentage will get an order. But more likely
If you click the Send Personally button, it takes the long list of emails in the   your efforts will get your emails blocked.
TO field and sends the email to each one as if you had done it individually.         There is a different kind of email marketing, one that I can recommend
You can even do some limited data merging without resorting to doing a             every business use. Permission based email to a list of people who know
full scale Word merge.                                                             you (and likely trust you).
   MAPILabs has other Outlook addon’s that I’ll write about later.                                                                 Continued on page 5 >>>>

                                                                                                                                                        Page 4
Marshall (continued from page 4)
   That email marketing might be a notice of a sales promotion. Or it might
be a newsletter with useful content. Or it might be a quick note with a
link to a relevant article on-line.
   The key to successful email marketing is 1) permission, 2) relevance,
leading to 3) trust. Satisfy all three, your emails not only won’t be blocked,
they’ll be opened.
   You should be getting an email address from every customer or lead
you come in contact with! Put a stack of sign up cards on your store
counter. Include an offer on your website. Ask for the address on the
phone. But get that address! And then use it wisely.
   Don’t send an email to a group of people by copying their email ad-
dresses into the To: field of your email client. They may not want their
email addresses shared. And using the Bcc: field can get your email
   Once you have more than a few email addresses, you need to use a
“real” email blaster that is designed for sending messages.
   I use a PC application for my email blasting called GroupMail (http:// It is cost effective, reliable, and has a lot of features I
use. It can format HTML and create text-only alternatives automatically.
I use its scheduling feature to set up emails to be sent weekly at the
same time for a couple of months. That way I don’t need remember to
send my weekly newsletter. It also can manage LARGE lists and handle
unsubscribe requests automatically. I also use its exclusion list feature
to make sure no email I send goes to someone who has asked to stop
receiving emails.
   If you’d prefer a web based alternative which doesn’t require any set up,
I suggest the Emma email service ( I found
Emma to be feature rich and very cost effective for most small business
   You can use email to build your business, what’s stopping you?

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Last month’s REPorter contained the results of our 2009 Member Benefits and Services Survey . . . . .
The survey, containing the 15 most often stated and tangible IHRA member benefits and services, was sent to all 266 representative member
companies on August 20, 2009. Eighty-one (81) companies (30% of the membership) responded by September 11 . . . . 58 of the respondees
having been members for 2 or more years; 15 for more than one year; 8 for less than a year. Last year, a total of 49 out of 280 responded.
  Members were invited to offer suggestions and comments about improving or adding to IHRA benefits and services. Several did. Because they
did not give specific permission to use their names, we will only printed the statements or questions. Where appropriate, we responded to the com-
ments or questions.

Last month we printed 15 of the comments/questions. Here are three more:

1. I think members should be encouraged to get new vendors to join IHRA, find professional rep organizations and learn how to work with indepen-
dent agents.

We’re with you 100%! We’ve been trying to do this for more than 10 years . . . with little success. Although we value the participation and
support of the seventy-seven (77) current or past IHRA Manufacturer Members, only seven (7) were sponsored by an IHRA Rep Member.
IHRA rep members are the best salespeople in the industry. It shouldn’t take much effort to convince a principal of the value of belong-
ing to IHRA. If only 20% of our 268 rep member firms “sold” one of their principals on belonging, we could add 52 manufacturers to our
active member list.

2. You do an excellent job! I would like to see more interaction with vendors. As reps, we often have no voice in contracts, commissions, etc. Ven-
dors should be “educated” on the fact we are “independent reps.” They do not get the whole aspect of independent contractors.

Thanks for the compliment. Hopefully, we can respond to your comments.
  About “interaction with vendors”: that’s what we try to do with our programming at the Housewares Show and our involvement with
MRERF (our education and research foundation) and AMRA (Association of Manufacturers’ Representatives Associations). It’s a long,
slow process but many manufacturers who have used reps over the years understand and thrive on the relationship.
  About “no voice . . . “: as Gerry Newman, our legal counsel, has been preaching for the past several decades . . . “All contracts can,
and should be negotiated. And, the time to do it is before you accept the line.” Try it. You could be pleasantly surprised.
  And last . . . “we are independent reps”: Sorry. Wrong. You are “interdependent.” IRS might recognize you or your company as an in-
dependent contractor, but to succeed you are interdependent with your manufacturer and customer. You have to do whatever it takes to
be successful. Waving the independent flag in a manufacturer’s face is the wrong way to establish a lasting and profitable relationship.

3. I think you do a good job of being very proactive in reaching out and creating new ideas for us to grow our businesses. As a catalog rep, much of
the info is geared to retail reps, so I am more selective as to what info I need or use. But I value my membership anyway with all that you currently

Thank you. And thanks to all of you who took the time to respond to our survey and those who sent comments. Your input helps guide
your volunteer leadership and staff in making IHRA a meaningful part of your business and personal goals.

                                                                                                                                               Page 6
Opportunities to make you and your staff better at what you do for a living
One of the most important challenges of IHRA’s mission is providing educa- Calendar for CPMR
tional opportunities for our members and their staffs that make them better at          CPMR 2010: January 9-14
what they do as multiple-line, field sales professionals. We will keep you posted       Be ready for five days of intense instruction, interaction and reflection. You
on these opportunities and encourage participation whenever and wherever              will return to the office with a To-Do List chock full of ideas for improving your
                                                                                        Tuition is $1,345 for IHRA members and $1,845.00 for non-members. This
   IHRA and more than 30 other representative associations support the                includes classroom instruction, final exam, course and study materials, coffee
Manufacturers’ Representatives Educational Research Foundation                        breaks, and one programmed reception and meal. Not included are lodging,
(MRERF), a charitable, education foundation.                                          meals except as noted, or transportation.
   The Foundation is dedicated to:                                                      All classes are held at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. After you apply,
                                                                                      you will be mailed an information packet including hotel information.
     * Raising awareness of the independent multiple-line selling organization          Arrive in Phoenix Saturday for evening check in. Depart Thursday after the
     * Providing professional education for the representative community              written exam. Exam begins at 8am, and takes up to four hours.
     * Funding research concerning the representative function of business
     * Providing information on the value of the function to the marketplace          The Certified Sales Professional (CSP) program gives a thorough under-
                                                                                      standing of consultative selling. From business creation to improved time and
   The MRERF Education Program provides educational opportunities through
                                                                                      territory management; goal-setting to prospecting, and everything in between,
certification, sales training, and continuing education programs. The Founda-         attendees return to the territory with a renewed enthusiasm for selling.
tion also prepares educational materials, and publishes resource material and            Regardless of industry or place in the sales channel, you want CSP. Anyone
periodic reports concerning the representative function. All information gener-       calling on customers will find great value in the program. Three days of instruc-
ated by MRERF is available to both the academic and business communities.             tion, interaction and role-play will energize you and increase productivity and
   MRERF’s educational subsidiary, the Institute for Professional Advancement            As a sales professional, you are faced with knowledgeable, demanding buy-
(IPA), is the credentialing organization for all designations. Their education pro-   ers. Buyers expect a salesperson to be well-informed, able to demonstrate
grams have two distinct, yet synergistic, focus areas: Consultative Selling and       expertise in their products, and show professionalism. CSP graduates do just
Rep Firm Management. Program graduates receive the Certified Professional             that.
                                                                                         A salesperson needs to provide value – not only in the products and services
Manufacturers Representative (CPMR) or Certified Sales Professional (CSP)
                                                                                      they are selling, but in the relationships they have established.
designation. Their research spotlights understanding and improving the repre-
                                                                                                       CSP Sessions in 2010
sentative function.
   Certified Professional Manufacturers Representative (CPMR) is for any-                          April 20-23           Raleigh, NC
                                                                                                   May 11-14             Denver, CO
one providing outsourced sales functions to manufacturers, regardless of in-                       September 14-17       Minneapolis, MN
dustry. It is a professional designation earned by an individual, not a firm.                      October 12-15         Phoenix, AZ
   The CPMR program is executive education for firm owners and managers.
Participants invest one week annually for three years on campus at Arizona            Tuition is $1,395 for IHRA members. Fee includes program, all teaching materi-
                                                                                      als, certification registration including oral exam, lunch and certificate of course
State University. Attendees gain knowledge and insight into operating a busi-
                                                                                      completion. Classes run Tuesday through Thursday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, with
ness more effectively and profitably.                                                 breaks and lunch. These classes fill up fast. Reserve space, NOW!
   During the three years of CPMR programming, designation participants cre-
ate an international network of colleagues with a common body of knowledge            Complete information about MRERF Programs - including
and mutual ethical standards. Reaching beyond a single industry and across            “Managing Your Manufacturers Representatives Network (MMRN)” . . . a
                                                                                      program specifically designed for manufacturers who utilize, or want to
the profession, the CPMR designation identifies individuals that are committed        utilize field sales professionals to bring their products and programs to
to being on the leading edge.                                                         market . . . available at:

                                                                                                                                                                   Page 7
                                     Manufacturers Seeking IHRA Field Sales Professionals
Products: Yukon Grip is an adhesive washer that              Products: The ZIPIT - The World’s 1st & Only Bat-     Products: Stainless Steel Friis Coffee Savor Can-
locks the bolt and nut in a secured position so your         tery Operated Blister Pack Opener.                    ister with built-in degassing valve. Winner of “Most
seat remains fastened against the toilet, in other                                                                 Innovative New Product” at CoffeeFest Seattle
words it prevents you seat from loosening.                   QVC will be selling The ZIPIT on TV in late October   2009. Available in 12 oz and 16 oz sizes.
                                                             CSB COMMODITIES INC                                   FRIIS / DIV OF WING ENTERPRISES. INC.
                                                             14000 Military Trail, Suite 204B                      1198 North Spring Creek Place
P.O. Box 32872
                                                             Delray Beach FL 33071                                 Springville UT 84663
Detroit MI 48232-0872
                                                             (800) 471-1367                                        888.766.7463 • Fax: 801.489.3685
(800) 265-3666 • Fax: (519) 945-7281                                                                                                    Contact: Keith Emmel, Dir of Bus Development
                                                             Contact: Robert Schmeizer, President                  eMail:
Contact: Matt Hennin                                         eMail:
eMail:                                                                                     Territories: USA, Canada, Europe
                                                             Territories: Europe, Australia, Latin America         Nat’l Sales: $75,000,000 (Parent Company)
Territories: Retail in U.S.A., Canada                        Nat’l Sales: $10,000,000 (CSB Sales)                  Commission Rate: 5%
Nat’l Sales: $60,000,000                                     Commission Rate: 5%                                   Years in Business: 30+ (Parent Company)
                                                             Years in Business: 34                                 Channels currently sold: Direct; through reps for
Commission Rate: 5%                                          Channels currently sold: Gift / Novelty / Specialty   United Supermarkets, Fry’s Food, Kitchen Collec-
Years in Business: 29 years                                  / Premium Stores / Electronics / Toy / Hardware /     tion and Kohl’s
                                                             On-Line Retailers                                     Seeking Sales Through: Mass Merchandisers,
Channels currently sold: Through reps, wholesale                                                                   Department Stores, Wholesalers, Supermarkets,
                                                             Seeking Sales Through: Same as above
Seeking Sales Through: Retail                                                                                      Specialty Stores

Products: Pet Leashes & Collars, Grooming Tools,             Products: Cookware Basic / Cookware Premium /         Products: New and innovative Erasable Ink “Puzzle
Training Pads & Wipes. We now have “green” products          Cookware Hispanic / Food Preparation / Pressure       Pen”
that are extremely hot in the marketplace!! This line        Cooker / Coffee Maker / Specialty Cookware
includes organic cotton and recycled polyester leashes                                                             THE ROME GROuP
and collars. Our pricing is extremely low for the mass       NEWAY INTERNATIONAL INC.                              P.O. Box 1000
merchandisers, etc. since we are a partner in a joint ven-   929 S. Azusa Ave                                      Killington VT 05751
ture, vertical plant in China where we also manufacture
                                                             City of Industry CA 91748                             802.422.4466 • Fax: 802.422.4467
our own webbing!
                                                             626.513.2830 • 626.513.2832
JELLY GEAR COMPANY                                           Fax: 866.460.2830                                     Contact: Bernard Rome
P.O. Box 37                                                                                                        eMail:
                                                             Contact: John W. Shen, Manager
West Hempstead NY 11552
(516) 575-4272 Fax: (516) 575-4739
                                                                                                                   Territories: All USA                                            Territories: USA, Canada, Mexico
                                                                                                                   Nat’l Sales: N/A
Contact: Kathy Pancila, VP Sales                             Nat’l Sales: $2,000,000
eMail:                                                                                      Commission Rate: 7%
                                                             Commission Rate: 5%       Years in Business: 3
                                                                                                                   Years in Business: 3
Territories: U.S.A., Canada, Mexico                          Currently Doing Business: thru reps in NJ, NY,
                                                                                                                   Channels currently sold: Direct to Gift Shops,
Commission Rate: TBD                                         WI, IL
                                                                                                                   Airport News & Gift Shops
Years in Business: 60                                        Channels currently sold: Grocery, Supermarket         Seeking Sales Through: Wholesalers, Catalogs,
                                                             Chain, Mass Merchant Chain, Specialty
Channels currently sold: Through direct factory                                                                    Housewares, Bookstores, Stationers, Supermarkets
sales to wholesalers and/or other manufacturers              Seeking Sales Through: Department Store, Gro-
                                                             cery, Drug
The listing of a manufacturer is not an endorsement by IHRA, it being the obligation of each member to make their own evaluation.                                Page 8
   Manufacturers: Contact These Performance-Proven, Multiple-Line, Field Sales Professionals
         to learn how they can profitably bring your products and programs to market.

     & International Trade, Inc.
                P. O. Box 576
         Princeton, NJ 08542, USA
           Phone: (917) 592-5498
   Italian Cellphone: +39-335-708-0483
                                                             Representing gourmet
        Skype Phone: mavericknyusa                       housewares to leading retailers
                                                            in the Pacific Northwest                                  for over three decades.
                                                             We know the territory.
 Since 1986 specializing in the Sales
Promotion of Housewares (cookware,                              Permanent showroom:
small appliances) Home Complements                         Suite 453 Pacific Market Center
  (bath & kitchen furniture, faucets)                              6100 4th Ave., S.
      and Gourmet Foods Sales.                                    Seattle, WA 98108
  Also assisting manufacturers in the
 establishment of their company in the              
United States with local domicile and all                 __________________________
           related logistics.                                       Contact:                                  51 Morgan Drive, Suite 13, Norwood, MA 02062
                                                                         781-352-1400 phone; 781-352-1450 fax
  Fluency in English, Italian, French                                                                        

                               SALES & MARKETING
                                  Professional Headquarters
                                 Representation & Specialized
                                       Retail Coverage
                                   FOOD - DRUG - MASS
                                   New York & New Jersey
                                   Contact: Frank Parise @
                                  Contact: Roberta Gordon @
                                   1037 Rt. 46E, Suite C101
                                                                                               37 Aspen Road
                                      Clifton, NJ 07013                                      Sharon, MA 02067
                               P: 973.778.0046 F: 973.778.1030
                                                                                     Tel: 781-806-5129   Fax: 781-806-5131

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                                                     2010 CALENDAR OF EVENTS

January                                         March                                   May
6 - 13                                          14 - 16                                 4-6
Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings   International Home + Housewares Show    National Hardware Show/Homewares Show
Atlanta GA                                      Chicago IL                              Las Vegas NV

12 - 18                                         15                                      June
California Gift Show                                                                    5-8
Los Angeles CA                                  7-8:30 am                               NACDS Marketplace
                                                IHRA Annual Breakfast & Program         San Diego CA
30 - Feb 4                                      at Housewares Show
New York International Gift Fair                                                        4-9
New York NY                                     April                                   General Merchandise Marketing Conference
                                                13 - 16                                 Orlando FL
February                                        New York Tabletop Market
1-5                                             New York NY                             July
Las Vegas Market                                                                        14 - 21
Las Vegas NV                                    17 - 22                                 Atlanta Int’l Gift & Home Furnishings Market
                                                International Home Furnishings Market   Atlanta GA
12 - 16                                         High Point NC
Ambiente                                                                                August
Messe Frankfurt                                 20 - 23                                 7-9
Frankfurt Germany                               Hong Kong Houseware Fair                Gourmet Housewares Show
                                                Hong Kong                               San Fransicso CA

                                                                                        14 - 19
                                                                                        New York International Gift Fair
                                                                                        New York NY

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IHRA MEMBERS:                                                                              2009 IHRA Officers, Directors & Staff
Want to know more about RepCare group insurance?                           Officers
Just find your business home state and call Pat Brown or John Doyle.       Chairman:                       Kent Kulovitz
Call PAT BROWN at 800-854-4636 if your business is in:                     President:                      Mark Glotter
Arizona         Kansas              Nevada                Texas            Founding President:             Steve Grossman, CPMR
Arkansas        Louisiana           New Mexico            Utah             Executive Director:             Bill Weiner
California      Minnesota           North Dakota          Washington
Idaho           Missouri            Oklahoma              Wisconsin
Illinois        Montana             Oregon                Wyoming          Directors
Iowa            Nebraska            South Dakota                            Robert Bachner             Jacob Bang-Knudsen, CPMR
                                                                            Ken Griffith               John Grob             Linda Krol
Call JOHN DOYLE at 888-243-0174 if your business is in:
                                                                            Seth Lapine                Morey McFarren        Peter Zacher
Alabama           Kentucky            New Hampshire       South Carolina
Connecticut       Maine               New Jersey          Tennessee
Colorado          Maryland            New York            Virginia         Past Chairs
Delaware          Massachusetts       North Carolina      Vermont           John M. Clampitt                Donna Peake
Florida           Michigan            Ohio                West Virginia     Steve Grossman, CPMR            Jim Adams
Georgia           Mississippi         Pennsylvania                          Jay L. Cohen                    James Ayotte
Indiana           Missouri            Rhode Island                          Tom Rooney                      David Silberstein
                                                                            Peter Bang-Knudsen

Home • Housewares • Gourmet • Hardware                                     Staff
                                                                           Administrative Assistant:        Stephanie Baron
Multiple-Line, Field Sales Professional:                                   Financial Director:              Myra Weiner

If you’re not a member of IHRA, you owe it to                                                            IHRA
yourself to join the organization that is your voice in
the industry and the manufacturers’ resource for                                                 The
         Well-Qualified, Performance-Proven,                                     InternatIonal Housewares representatIves assocIatIon
              Field Sales Professionals
For complete information about “first-timer”
membership and an application, contact us at:
              (847) 607-8912 • (800) 315-7430
                     Fax (847) 607-8559
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