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									                                 Email & Mobile Edition

The new way to manage and
optimise your email and mobile
marketing campaigns.
Unlock your potential.
Campaign Commander ™ is the industry leading
software as a service (SaaS) solution for email
and mobile marketing. Thousands of marketing
professionals worldwide rely on Campaign
Commander to execute successful campaigns
and adopt best practices in relationship marketing.
At every stage, Campaign Commander enables
online marketing managers to automate more of
their work so they can significantly increase the
relevance and profitability of their campaigns.

Campaign Commander from Emailvision
Emailvision is the worldwide leader in on-demand email and social marketing. The Emailvision
mission is to provide excellence in technology and services for online relationship marketing.
The company is majority-owned by Francisco Partners of California, and is led by the same
visionary leaders who founded Emailvision in 1999. With offices in 18 countries, Emailvision
delivers 4 billion messages per month on behalf of more than 3,000 clients worldwide. The
organisation provides a pioneering technology platform, industry-leading deliverability rates,
in-depth relationships with more than 150 global ISPs, and best-in-class client services.
Emailvision’s unprecedented quality of service is driven by 12 years of research and development
and by the organisation’s 400 passionate employees – who are dedicated to helping customers
harness the exceptional potential of email and social marketing.

“Armed with 12 years’ experience and millions of successful campaigns worldwide, we are
 passionate about driving your email and social marketing program to the next level.”

           Nick Heys
           CEO of Emailvision
03     Overview


Campaign Commander revolutionizes the way email and mobile
marketing campaigns are managed and delivered. Product interface in
16 languages, enterprise approval and workflow systems, integration
of customer preference and behavioural data, multi-account
management, and automated marketing that drives customers back to
points of sale – set Campaign Commander apart from all the rest.

Campaign Commander for Enterprise Organisations
Email and Mobile campaigns for Corporate Marketing
Campaign Commander enables organisations to realise the benefits of email
and mobile marketing while also addressing the specific requirements of
corporate marketing teams. Marketing teams can roll out highly relevant and
fully translated campaigns to regions or business units; control their content
and data with specific user rights, and automate the approval processes for
critical steps in the campaign workflow. Key technology alliances and APIs
provide seamless integration of campaign data with Customer Relationship
Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Sales Force
Automation (SFA), web analytics, and other in-house data sources.

Campaign Commander for Professional Online Marketers
Email and Mobile campaigns with Advanced Tactics
Campaign Commander powers revenue generating email and mobile campaigns
for Professional Online Marketers around the world. Daily campaign execution
is fully automated giving online marketers the ability to focus their efforts on
advanced programs, expansion into new markets, segmentation strategies,
testing, re-marketing, and much more. When email marketing is mission-critical
and a significant part of the business, Campaign Commander is the trusted
solution for today’s Professional Online Marketer.

Campaign Commander for Digital Marketing Agencies
Dedicated platform for Digital Agency Partners
Campaign Commander provides unique capabilities for Digital Marketing
Agencies with multi-account management, role-based campaign management,
and a co-branded product interface. Campaign Commander immediately
delivers agencies with the ability to manage complex campaigns for end-clients,
track costs and performance, and provide high value consultancy services
around best practices.
04      SaaS Infrastructure and Deliverability

SaaS Infrastructure, Global Deliverability, Support and Services

The Emailvision Infrastructure and Deliverability team provides
best-in-class IT services, 99.9% uptime, and leading deliverability rates
for our global client base.
SaaS Infrastructure
Over 3000 organisations put their trust in the availability and security of
Emailvision’s SaaS infrastructure to send over 40 billion emails annually. Working
with key technology partners like Equinix, TelecityGroup, Akamai, AlertSite,
ReturnPath, Oracle, and Cisco, Emailvision embraces international security
standards and runs a fully redundant infrastructure model on “active standby”
at all times. IT and Deliverability professionals work 24/7 to guarantee that
business critical campaigns go out on time, every time.

Global Deliverability
Our dedicated team of deliverability experts work with over 150 Global ISPs
to maintain daily communications on current sending activities and evolving
regulations that are specific to each region and each ISP. The Emailvision
deliverability team provides guidance and best practices to help our clients
manage their data, and increase their deliverability rates with every campaign.
Campaign Commander also provides built-in deliverability monitoring features
that analyse deliverability rates before, during, and after the sending of
campaigns in order to maximise campaign success. 

“...with Campaign Commander’s intuitive and easy-
 to-use interfaces, we manage all our email marketing
 campaigns in-house. The Emailvision Service team is
 always available to understand our problems and give
 us accurate solutions. Since we have been working with
 Emailvision, our deliverability rate is excellent and our
 open and click-thru rates have increased by 20%.”

David Bastian
CEO of
05      Client Support/Client Services

Client Support
Client focus is one of our core values at Emailvision. Support is not just a box to
check. It’s having product experts available for our clients 24/7, in local languages,
in local time zones. Client Support representatives are available to address
everything from the smallest questions about product features to the largest
questions about campaign strategy. Thousands of clients around the world rely
on Emailvision’s Client Support team to deliver highly responsive and dependable
customer service that helps them to achieve their marketing goals.

Client Services
Emailvision’s Client Services team is dedicated to providing timely and targeted
professional services that rapidly deliver value to our clients. Members of the
Client Services team have significant online marketing expertise and can provide
a range of services from Training to Creative Services to Managed Services, and
much more. With an average engagement of 1-2 days, Emailvision’s consultants
can provide the right advice at the right time for marketing projects of all sizes.

“Emailvision set-up, monitoring, data management
 and broadcast services are high performance. Our
 switch from a basic email newsletter tool to Campaign
 Commander has driven a revenue gain for our brands
 online. The added value of Emailvision is not only
 defined by its Campaign Commander software. The
 expertise of the support team, high value services on
 a partnership basis together with advanced technical
 consulting skills and best practices is a great relief to
 us. It enables us to focus more on the coordination of
 our Brand-Online-Activities. Well done!”

Jens Geisler
IT Partner Manager at Unilever
06      Best in Class Email and Mobile Marketing

Why choose Campaign Commander

Today’s online marketer requires easy-to-use email and mobile marketing
solutions that automate daily campaign activities and power advanced
tactics that lead to greater revenue opportunity. Campaign Commander’s
intuitive features step users through the basics of email marketing with
planning, testing, deliverability monitoring, list management, and
reporting tools. Users of Campaign Commander rapidly move on to more
advanced campaign execution involving segmentation strategies, triggered
marketing, integrated email & social campaigns, and more.
Best in Class Email and Mobile Marketing
As the worldwide rates of internet adoption rapidly increase, companies with global
strategies for their online marketing will clearly experience competitive advantages.
Campaign Commander fully supports the management and execution of marketing
campaigns in 16 different languages including:

US English, UK English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Russian, Swedish,
Italian, Chinese simplified and traditional, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese,
Danish, Japanese, and Korean.

Messages can be personalised based on country location. Time zone options
provide invaluable help for scheduling campaigns at optimal times and dates for
each location. Deliverability experts at Emailvision have relationships with over
150 global ISPs to ensure maximum deliverability rates in all regions.

Comprehensive product features, complete internationalisation capabilities,
and client support and services teams who guarantee customer success; make
Campaign Commander the leading choice for today’s online marketer and the
leading technology in relationship marketing.

“True global deliverability matched with local support,
 a comprehensive set of features, and easy to
 use interface appealed to us. Since launching our
 newsletter, promotions and informational emails
 on Emailvision Campaign Commander we have
 seen improved results. The guidance we get from
 the Emailvision team on best practice is extremely
 valuable in improving campaign effectiveness.”

Laura Santos
Director E-Commerce Operation at Danskin
07    Main Features

Main Features

The main features of Campaign Commander automate daily execution
of email and mobile campaigns and increase success rates through
advanced capabilities.

                          Reports &                         Campaign
                          Analytics                         Planner

        Portfolio Manager
        & User Rights                                                  List Management
                                                                       & Segmentation

     & APIs                                                                Split Testing

                  Email, Social                                    Deliverability
                  & Mobile                                         Monitoring

                                      Marketing   Transactional
08         Campaign Planner

Campaign Planner

Campaign Planner provides marketers with a calendar view of their
campaigns and enables them to automate campaign planning and
execution directly from a single view. Campaign results can be seen
through visuals in the calendar. Sophisticated time zone options assist
with scheduling multiple campaigns to execute at optimal times in
different times zones.

“The whole process from start to set-up took around 3
 weeks. After completing the advanced training, I was
 up and running, building campaigns that made a huge
 difference to the marketing function.”

Jill Quick
Marketing Manager at Victory Services Club
United Kingdom

     Campaign Planner – Calendar view
09         List Management and Segmentation

List Management and Segmentation

With fully integrated and user-friendly tools for list management and
segmentation, Campaign Commander makes it easy to manage
subscriber lists, query large amounts of data, and generate the right
audience for each new campaign.
Marketers can gain insight into customer profiles directly from reports, target
customers by their unique behaviour, and adapt email programs for well-defined
audiences. The end-result; marketing campaigns that are more relevant,
more personalised, and provide higher return on investment.
Key features:
• Quick segments: Automates segmentation with customer behavioural information. Up-sell, cross-sell,
 and promote offers to customers who recently clicked links or opened messages
• Social segments: Identifies brand ambassadors by analysing customer behaviour and engagement
 across 16 global social networks
• Flexible segment builder: Enables marketers to define their own segments with fully customisable
 segmentation options
• Data mart: Brings marketing programs to the next level by targeting combinations of demographic,
  behavioural, purchase history, preferences, and other data available in the CRM or ERP applications
• List management: Provides import and export options for member data, manages member
  quarantines, and monitors overall list growth for active/ inactive members
• List hygiene: Keeps subscriber lists up-to-date with comprehensive list synchronisation
     Segmentation – Social segment view
10          Testing and Monitoring for Success

Testing and Monitoring for Success

Using Campaign Commander, online marketers increase their success
with every campaign. Key features enable testing before campaign
execution and deliverability monitoring during the live campaign. The
end result is more successful campaigns, higher response rates, and
improved return on investment.
The A/B split testing feature in Campaign Commander takes the guesswork
and risk out of email marketing and provides an empirical method for boosting
campaign response rates and profitability. Online marketers can analyse how
subscribers react to each offer, adjust content and offers in real-time, and
continuously improve campaign performance.

The deliverability monitoring feature in Campaign Commander enables
marketers to monitor email reputation, proactively identify content issues
that could affect reputation, and get actionable advice to fix deliverability issues
prior to campaign launch. Marketers can see if campaigns are being blocked
or filtered by the major ISPs. They can also see any campaigns that are causing
complaints, or other potential issues affecting delivery to the inbox.

     Testing – Deliverability inbox preview
11       Triggered and Transactional Marketing/Portfolio Manager and User Rights

Triggered and Transactional Marketing

Campaign Commander’s Triggered marketing tools enable automatic
marketing that targets customers at every stage of the customer
lifecycle including welcome, loyalty, and reactivation programs.
Multi-channel, rule-based campaigns are triggered by key business
objectives such as:
• Starting an effective engagement: Welcome programs
• Maintaining engaged customers: Loyalty programs, behavioural targeting, up-sell and cross-sell
• Reactivating dormant customers: Restarting inactive buyers, openers and clickers
• Addressing shopping cart abandonments: Retargeting customers who leave purchases
Campaign Commander’s transactional marketing platform provides real-time,
guaranteed delivery for customer service emails. Online marketers can also
use this feature to combine customer service emails with added branding and
promotional offers. Key capabilities include:
• Branded order confirmations with up-sell and cross-sell promotions
• Delivery alerts and confirmations
• New subscriber welcome messages

Portfolio Manager and User Rights

Campaign Commander’s Portfolio Manager and User-Rights
enables marketing organisations and agencies to expand their service
offerings to regions, business units, brands, or end-clients.
Multi-account management provides the ability to centralise and
manage email and mobile campaigns on behalf of end-clients.
User-rights provides marketing teams with the ability to assign specific levels of
access control, securely roll out campaigns, and empower end-users to manage
local campaign execution.
Key features:
• Supports campaign execution for a portfolio of end-customers
• Organises key marketing people into defined groups and roles
• Automates approval processes for critical steps in campaign workflow
• Controls content and data
12         Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Campaign Commander enables online marketers to execute integrated
or stand-alone mobile campaigns, create a seamless mobile experience
for their customers, and automate the sending of SMS campaigns.
Key features:
• Mobile Email Marketing: Provides previews on campaign content for multiple mobile devices to ensure
     a positive customer experience when viewing email messages on mobile
• Mobile SMS Marketing: Supports both stand-alone SMS campaigns, and fully integrated marketing
 channels that automatically send SMS campaigns based on triggered responses to email campaigns
• iPhone App: Enables campaign monitoring and mangement from any location

“Campaign Commander is easy to use and gives you
 great advanced features.”

Tim Sidebotham
Digital Marketing Executive at Littlewoods Clearance
United Kingdom

     Mobile Marketing – Triggered email & SMS campaign
13       Integration and APIs /Email & Social Marketing

Integrations and APIs

Campaign Commander provides secure, open, and powerful APIs
that enable a number of out-of-the-box integrations with data
from CRM, ERP, SFA, web analytics, or other in-house applications.
Campaign Commander can act as a key data source for these
applications with metrics on subscribers and campaign performance.
This 360° approach allows every marketing campaign to be fully
analysed, integrated, and optimised for maximum return on investment.
Campaign Commander APIs can also be leveraged to create a
customised marketing solution for in-house campaign management.
Key features:
• Campaign Management API: Uses existing publishing applications to directly update email message
 content into Campaign Commander. Every aspect of the campaign production process can be driven
 through the campaign management APIs
• Notification Messaging API: Adapts corporate templates to include marketing offers. Campaign
 Commander’s state of the art Notification Messaging Platform (NMP) transforms standard order
 confirmations, e-tickets, and billing & payment notifications into a profitable new sales channel
• SDK: Provides all of the resources developers need to integrate with Campaign Commander APIs
 including documentation, a developer portal, community sharing, and dedicated support

Email & Social Marketing

Campaign Commander enables online marketers to integrate
Email & Social marketing campaigns, boosting the effectiveness
of both channels. Campaign Commander incorporates social
community members to provide full campaign integration with
subscribers, followers and fans. Key product features, like social
segmentation and reporting, enable seamless campaign
execution across both channels.
Key features:
• Share with My Social Networks: Provides easy-to-install links that can be fully customised to connect
 email campaigns with over 16 global social networks
• Social Forms: Provides a custom Facebook application designed specifically for Emailvision
 customers. Marketers can create customised forms for Facebook pages, collect social data, and
 automatically integrate this information into Campaign Commander
• Social Segments & Reports: Enables marketers to discover the top social networks used by their
 members and identify key brand influencers in these communities
14         Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

One of the top priorities for online marketers is to have
up-to-the-minute and detailed reports on campaign performance
and customer behaviour. Campaign Commander’s reports and
analytics provide essential information on open rates, click-thrus,
purchases, shares on social networks, and much more. Campaign
Commander allows marketers to evaluate their campaign
performance from multiple types of reports.
Key features:
• Measuring the behaviour of different target groups as soon as they receive campaigns
• Receiving daily updates on all campaign KPIs
• Analysing detailed reports on each offer in a campaign
• Comparing campaigns to identify the high performers
• Monitoring deliverability rates to ensure that emails are reaching subscribers
• Viewing response trends
• Measuring campaign profit contribution

     Reports – Campaign snapshot report
15        Strategic Alliances

Strategic Alliances

Emailvision is partnering with a growing list of Strategic Alliances to
provide our clients with out-of-the-box technology integrations that
increase the visibility and success of their email marketing.
The interoperability of email marketing with key business applications enables
organisations to connect highly relevant customer data and continuously
increase the effectiveness of their online marketing. Email campaign
performance that’s linked to web analytics produces key data on the revenue
impact of specific offers.

Email subscriber information that’s linked to the CRM produces a bi-directional
data flow of important customer metrics that helps marketers improve
subscriber segmentation and helps sales teams to drive greater lead generation.
Email campaigns that are linked to e-commerce applications can provide
actionable data on shopping cart abandonments, re-marketing opportunities,
conversions for repetitive purchases, and much more. These partnerships
bring our clients integrated views of their customer data, tighter processes
between complimentary technologies, and improved relevance in their
marketing campaigns.

Just a few of Emailvision’s Technology Partners
Worldwide Contacts:

Argentina                   Austria

Belgium                     Brazil

Canada                      China

France                      Germany

Hong Kong                   Israel

Italy                       Mexico

Netherlands                 Portugal

Spain                       Scandinavia

Switzerland                 United Kingdom



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