Locomotive traction brush holders

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					Locomotive traction brush holders
Morgan AM&T provide traction motor brush holders to cater for many OEM applications.

Our range includes designs to suit the following traction                                                       D29 2 pocket holder
motor manufacturers:                                                                                                OEM P/N 8290124
General Electric                                                                                         Morgan part EMD-29G01
●●         EMD
●●         GEC
●●         Hitachi
●●         ABB
●●         Brush Electric
●●         Mitsubishi                                                                                           D77 3 pocket holder
●●         English Electric                                                                                         OEM P/N 8417729
                                                                                                        Morgan part EMD-315HM
Morgan AM&T also have in house capability to repair,
refurbish and redesign traction and transit brush holders.

A wide range of auxiliary holders is also available
on request.

           GE761 2 pocket radial holder                                                                        D87B 4 pocket holder
                    OEM P/N 8843525G01                                                                              OEM P/N 9550251
                         Morgan part GE445                                                            Morgan part EMD-315HMA

GE761 2 pocket reaction holder
                   OEM P/N 8843525G03
                       Morgan P/N GE445A

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MorganAM&T (Advanced Materials and Technology)
is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Morgan Crucible Company PLC

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