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          PRESIDENT’S PERSPECTIVE                                                                              DIRECT
                                                                                               FROM THE ALUMNI DIRECT OR

                                                 Staying            the

     I n early January I joined small college presidents from across the country at the
       Annual Convention of the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) in Tucson, Ariz.
     The CIC represents over 570 private colleges from across the nation who range in
                                                                                               B     ack in the summer of 1989, I stepped
                                                                                                     onto the campus of Adrian College
                                                                                               and headed directly to the alumni office
     size from a few hundred students to a few thousand.                                       for my first interview. The following week
       Like Adrian, these other colleges focus on teaching excellence and personal             I was in the midst of a 10,000-piece mail-
     attention. They believe that colleges should teach students how to think instead of       ing of Homecoming brochures and it
     what to think, and that a craving for lifelong learning is one of the greatest gifts we   hasn’t slowed down since.
     can give to undergraduates. These colleges do not believe in packing hundreds of               Working for the College motivated me
     kids into lecture halls or delivering lectures through a TV screen. They understand       to finish my degree and legitimately
     that small class size is critical to a vibrant learning environment, that only in a       claim Adrian             as    my     alma
     milieu of open classroom dialogue can we nurture a broad liberal arts curriculum.         mater. Promotions moved me from
       As I was waiting for my plane ride home, I sat next to a president who has              the alumni office to the development of-
     attended these gatherings for 25 years. “How do you evaluate the financial health of      fice, and in 2005, I came full circle when
     these colleges?” I asked him. “Do small, tuition-driven colleges have a secure fu-        asked to serve as the interim alumni di-
     ture?”                                                                                    rector. When a year later the invitation
       “Honestly,” he said, “I believe that half of the small privates in America are only     came to remove the “interim” from my
     two bad freshmen recruiting classes away from serious financial trouble. Some             title, it was welcome.
     may even close their doors.”                                                                  The work is constant and the hours
       His answer shocked me. To hear this from a respected college president with 40          are often long but the rewards are great.
     years of experience in higher education is sobering news, and it reinforces the           Meeting and working with alumni from
     challenge that lies before us as we attempt to grow Adrian College to 1,400 stu-          all over the country and beyond has
     dents.                                                                                    broadened my view of Adrian College and
       Once I caught my breath, however, I was heartened by his words because they             the lives lived after graduation. Each remi-
     magnified the outstanding work of our admissions recruiters. In an era when many          niscent conversation I hear and Class
     small privates are struggling, they have increased our applications by 330 percent        Note I read tells a story of the important
     over two years.                                                                           impact this place and its faculty, staff
       His words also underscore the importance of our Renaissance Plan and “staying           and students have made.
     the course” as we solidify the future of the school by growing our enrollment with            During this exciting time of growth and
     increasingly qualified students. We have a plan, the plan is working, and Adrian          change, I recognize that each new stu-
     College will be the beneficiary.                                                          dent eager to step on campus will, in a
       We certainly are traveling through uncharted waters, but far from being a scary         few short years, join the family of Adrian
     journey, Adrian College is reaping the rewards of risk as we break all known admis-       College alumni. It’s our responsibility to
     sions records by building a new and different educational experience for our stu-         share the legacy that connects them with
     dents.                                                                                    AC history and tradition and theirs to
       This surge in interest also emboldens morale on campus and leads professors             share a 21st century perspective to keep
     and administrators alike to dream big dreams about Adrian’s potential over the next       us in touch with today’s young alumni. I
     several years.                                                                            hope to meet many of these students
       We hope that our readers can feel the sense of excitement that permeates Adrian         now, introduce them to some of you and
     College when they read this issue. We also hope you – our readers and alums –             officially welcome and congratulate them
     will become more involved in the life of our college by contributing generously,          when it’s time to call AC their alma
     returning often, and keeping Adrian College in your thoughts and prayers.                 mater.
       Thank you for allowing me to be your president during these Renaissance years.              I’m sending out Homecoming bro-
                                                                                               chures again—and invite you to come
          Kind regards,                                                                        full circle, too—whether it’s back to cam-
                                                                                               pus or just reconnecting in some way.
                                                                                               Stop by the alumni office, give me a call,
                                                                                               send a letter or an email, join the online
                                                                                               community, mentor a student or employ

          Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking                                                                                   continued on page 19

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                                                          Why does a philosophy conference matter?

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               Spring 2007

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                                              1 0 Uncharted Waters
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Nate Jorgensen                                 1 4 Emergency Med
Chris Momany ’84
Shelly Neumeyer ’05                                        From trauma to terrorism, Dr. Suzanne White ’84
Kaye Reinhart                                              prepares doctors for the worst.
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                                              1 6 One with the Animals
                                                          Suzanne Husband ’84 is dedicated to
                                                          enriching the lives of primates.

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     A Chip Off the Hockeytown Block
                                                   College breaks ground on ice arena

                                                                          Freshman Brandon Tingle has been playing hockey since
                                                                       he was four years old, and when he graduated from high
                                                                       school, the 18-year-old from Pittsburgh wanted to play in
                                                                          “I knew I wasn’t going to make the NHL, but I wanted to
                                                                       play college hockey,” he said. “Aside from academics, it
                                                                       was my main factor for choosing a school.”
                                                                          Brandon is one of the first members of a growing group of
                                                                       students who are being recruited through ice sports. The
                                                                       College broke ground on the Arrington Ice Arena in October.
                                                                       Scheduled for completion this fall, the arena will enable the
                                                                       College to offer four new athletics programs by the 2007-08
                                                                       season: intercollegiate men’s hockey, intercollegiate
                                                                       women’s hockey, intercollegiate synchronized skating, and
                                                                       men’s club hockey.
                                                                          “Michigan is a hockey state, and synchronized skating
                                                                       is an up-and-coming sport. For many high school seniors
                                                                       from the Midwest, Canada, and beyond, Adrian will be the
         President Docking and Trustee Jack Vivian face off at the     place to come,” President Jeffrey Docking said.
         October “ice-breaking” ceremony. Jack, who is an expert on
                                                                          As for Brandon, his hopes are high.
         building ice arenas, won.
                                                                          “I think it will be fun to play for a team in the inaugural
                                                                       season,” he said. “I think we might be pretty good.”

         History in Pictures

           If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how many will it take to cover
         150 years?                                                                           Adrian College senior Tavarski “Taz”
           At least a book of them, according to Dr. Stephanie Jass, chair of AC’s          Wallace ended his collegiate career as
         history department. To commemorate Adrian College’s sesquicentennial in            the most prolific tackler in NCAA
         2009, Jass is preparing a pictorial history of Adrian’s 150 years of higher        Division III history with 13.41 tackles per
         education.                                                                         game. He recently played in the East
           Keep an eye out for updates, and in the meantime, there’s plenty of time to      Coast All-Star Game and the Magnolia
                                                                                            Classic, showcasing his talent to
         brush up on how to pronounce “sesquicentennial.”
                                                                                            professional football scouts. The Adrian
           Have photos or other historical information to share? Contact Dr. Jass at        native is likely to get his shot in the NFL,
         517-264-3946 or                                                  the Canadian Football League or in
                                                                                            Arena Football.


Chapel Entrance Updated AC Gets Equestrian
    The front of the chapel has a new look                   Partnership formed with local boarding facility

   New doors were made possible by the friends and             Students can now bring their horses with them when they
family of the late Thelma MacNaughton, whose late           come to Adrian.
husband, former AC religion and philosophy profes-             The College has a new partnership with Wolf Creek Stables
                                                            in Adrian to offer boarding facilities. Wolf Creek Stables is
sor Dr. Douglas MacNaughton ’34, wrote extensively
                                                            one of the finest equine facilities in the region. Less than a
about the chapel’s stained glass windows.
                                                            ten-minute drive from campus, the 80-acre farm features a
   The doors have beautiful windows and are handi-          heated indoor arena, large outdoor riding arenas, and trails.
cap-accessible.                                             For the price of boarding, students can rest assured that
   “To me, they are a symbol of inclusion,” said Chris      their beloved horses are well cared for.
Momany, Adrian College Chaplain. “They bring to mind           Several opportunities for students in conjunction with the
the United Methodist expression, ‘Open Hearts, Open         stables are in place or in process, including an equestrian
Minds, Open Doors.’”                                        club that is increasingly visible on campus. A full-fledged
   In addition, new peace poles were donated by             equestrian team is a possibility, as are physical education
trustee Rev. Marsha Bitson Woolley ’82 and her              classes and a “Horse Fun Day” for the larger student body.
husband Chuck to replace the old, weathered poles.             To learn more about the facilities, go to
Peace poles are part of a worldwide project started by
the World Peace Society, a nonprofit, member-sup-
ported, non-sectarian organization dedicated to unit-
ing people across the world through the universal say-     Why Feminism is Cool
ing, “May peace prevail on earth.”                               AC introduces Women’s Studies Minor
   The poles were given as a gift in honor of Ann Arbor
First United Methodist Church, where Marsha was a             Adrian College has introduced a women’s studies minor.
pastor from 1994-2006. They celebrate the church’s            The interdisciplinary program examines the past and the
                                                           present from the perspective of women and gender. Students
missional connection across the globe, and the hope
                                                           are encouraged to take classes that focus on women’s experi-
for peace they share with those around the world. The
                                                           ences and the construction of gender roles and identities from
languages on the poles represent those places across       a variety of areas, including history, psychology, religion, En-
the globe where the church has been connected in           glish, communication, and sociology. Both male and female
mission and ministry, and with the hope that Adrian’s      students are welcome.
campus community will continue to be a place where            The minor creates an interdisciplinary track utilizing classes
peace is explored and uplifted as a viable goal in their   that Adrian already offers. The 2006-07 academic year is the
lifetime.                                                  first time it has been in place.
   “They are a symbol that relates to Adrian’s entire         An event in October was designed to help get the word out
institutional philosophy and mission,” Momany said.        about the program. It included an expo for organizations that
                                                           aid local women and girls, and a presentation by keynote
                                                           speaker Jessica Valenti, a 27-year-old feminist writer from New
                                                           York who is executive editor of Her presenta-
                                                           tion was titled “Why Feminism is Cool.”


          Better Housing                                                      Real Dedication
            Singles in Pellowe and a Freshman Quad                             Campus celebrates stadium opening
           Plans are underway to transform Pellowe into a residence
         hall that is once again used by students. The building, which
         for a long time has been used primarily by Conferences to
         house off-campus guests, will soon be renovated into 80 single
         rooms with private bathrooms. It is anticipated that the facility
         will appeal to both the students who use it during the aca-
         demic year and the outside groups that book rooms over the
           New theme housing will enable a group of students to ex-
         plore common interests or issues while living together. Ex-
         amples are houses for a foreign language, a sport, a club or
         activity. Two houses near campus have been purchased and
         more purchases are possible.
           Cargo Hall is being renovated, and Davis, Feeman, Stevens
         and Powell halls will now be a freshman quad. A freshman
         quad is designed to create greater opportunities for bonding
         and programming for incoming students, and has successfully
         improved retention at other cutting-edge colleges.
                                                                               Adrian College dedicated the multisport performance sta-
                                                                               dium on the opening day of home games for the fall ath-

         Facelift                                                              letic season. Fans poured onto campus for the festivi-
                                                                               ties. There were home games by the women’s and men’s
                                                                               soccer teams, with the AC women scoring the first point
               Adrian Tobias Room gets a new look                              ever in the new facility. A three-ton Bulldog statue com-
         As part of the project to renovate Ritchie Marketplace, the Adrian    missioned by Jack Shimko ’79 was dedicated at the
         Tobias Room has been beautifully renovated. Included in the           stadium entrance, and the football team played on cam-
         project are a new roof, inviting entryway and coat room, re-          pus for the first time in over 40 years that night, under
         decorated bathrooms, new carpet, lighting and paint, and more.        the lights. The game ball was delivered by a parachutist,
         Faculty and staff members performed a “ribbon cutting” to dedi-       and a fireworks display after the fourth quarter bid the
         cate the facility at a fund raising and appreciation dinner in        fans farewell. The stadium is located behind the Merillat
         December.                                                             Sport & Fitness Center.

         Plinko, Come on Down!
                                                  Student changes name for game show
                                                     Senior Mike Ballard loves the “Price is Right” so much that he changed his
                                                   name to try to get on the show. Unfortunately for his disappointed mother, it
                                                     Mike went to court to legally change his middle name from “Walter” to “Plinko.”
                                                   His mother was horrified and his father contacted the judge, but the change went
                                                     Last August, he and a friend camped out at the studio in Los Angeles. Mike
                                                   wore a T-shirt that read, “Plinko is my middle name” on the front and showed an
                                                   enlarged image of his reissued driver license on the back.
                                                     He made it on the show and ended up winning a toaster, ice cream maker,
                                                   electric toothbrush, an iced-tea jug, a vegetable cutter, and a $2,200 scooter. A
                                                   member of AC’s baseball team, he held up an Adrian College baseball shirt on air.
                                                     The campus was ready to watch at 11 a.m. on Oct. 25, but Mike’s half of the
                                                   show was interrupted by a speech by President Bush. Mike is waiting to hear if it
                                                   will air again, but he thinks it was worth the adventure either way.
                                                     As for his mother, she eventually came around and is now his biggest fan. He
                                                   made her a shirt that says, “Proud Parent of Plinko,” and she went with him to the
                                                   courthouse when he changed his name back.
                                                     “‘Walter’ is Mom’s dad’s name,” he said. “I got to tell Grandpa the entire story.”


             Derek Brereton, a lecturer who teaches an-                        Dr. Sheri Bleam, professor of communica-
             thropology, was the issue editor of Michigan                      tion arts and sciences, has served as a pan-
             Discussions in Anthropology, v. 16,                               elist at several conferences, including at the
             “Retrospectives: Lives and Works of Michi-                        National Communication Association
             gan Anthropologists.” A publication celebra-                      Conference’s “Analyzing Commercials as
tion took place in April; Derek addressed about 50 anthro-       Sites for Connection and Action: The Workshop on Visual
pologists to explain the genesis and purpose of the vol-         Communication, Race and Gender,” and another NCA
ume. His talk was followed by a major address by Dr.             panel, “Womentoring: A Site of Connection and Action in
Regna Darnell, a historian of anthropology from the              Academe.” She was an honorary judge at the Eastern
University of Western Ontario.                                   States Invitational Parliamentary Debate Tournament, and
                                                                 will be a panel debate participant at the Central States
            Fritz Detwiler, professor of philosophy/reli-        Communication Association Conference, “Online Class-
            gion, published an article called “The Chris-        rooms.” She served as one of three judges for the
            tian Right and American Public Education:            Washington-Franklin Collegiate Challenge Debates at
            1980-2005” in the Forum on Public Policy:            Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Va.
            Religion journal. This article is derived from
his presentation at the Oxford Roundtable on Religion, the                   Dr. Deborah Field, associate professor of
State, and Education, at Oriel College, Oxford University,                   history, was the discussant on a panel en-
in the summer of 2005.                                                       titled “Sex and Family in the Post-War Soviet
                                                                             Union” at the annual conference of the Ameri-
Dr. Forest “Rock” Haines, earth science professor for 36                     can Association for the Advancement of Slavic
years, climbed to the top of Mount Kilamanjaro in Africa         Studies held in November in Washington, D.C.
just before the fall semester began.
                                                                             Dr. Gordon Hammerle, professor of psychol-
           Maher Mualla, professor of chemistry, has                         ogy, presented a poster with Sandra Schroer
           been elected co-president of the Southeast                        from Muskingum College at the Annual Meet-
           Michigan Chapter of the Fulbright Association,                    ing of the Society for the Scientific Study of
           the membership organization of the Fulbright                      Sexuality, Las Vegas. It was reprinted in the
program’s alumni and supporters.                                 Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality in November.

             Chaplain Chris Momany has published a                            Dr. Richard Koch, professor of English,
             recent article on metaphysics, personhood,                       recently published “Models of Inservice” with
             and community entitled, “The Fellowship of                       Laura Roop and Gail Setter as part of The
             the Spirit/Intersubjectivity by Participation” in                National Writing Project at Work.
the Asbury Theological Journal. Chris also continues writ-
ing for the Daily Bible Study of the United Methodist Pub-       Dr. Dale Nesbary, vice president and dean of academic
lishing House.                                                   affairs, had a paper entitled “Public Wireless Internet” ac-
                                                                 cepted for publication in the Encyclopedia of Public Infor-
           In July, Don Cellini, Spanish professor in the        mation Technology during the first quarter of 2007.
           modern languages and cultures department,
           gave the commencement address for the mas-                       Dr. Janet Salzwedel, professor of biology,
           ter of arts in teaching a second language gradu-                 recently passed the test to become a 4th de-
ates at Bennington College in Bennington, Vt.                               gree Black Belt Master of Tae Kwon Do, pro-
                                                                            moted by Master Dennis Rodriguez, 7th De-
             Jeff Ball, art and design instructor, has pub-                 gree owner of the Black Dragon’s Den in
             lished “Architecture: The Long Nineteenth Cen-      Adrian. She has taught Tae Kwon Do at AC for 12 years.
             tury” in “The American Midwest, An Interpre-
             tive Encyclopedia.”                                 Ron Elardo, professor of modern languages and cultures,
                                                                 gave a paper at the 41st International Medieval Confer-
                                                                 ence in Kalamazoo in May. The conference is the largest
             Cindy Bily, assistant professor of English, has     of its kind in the world, with thousands of
             published “Pollution,” a book for middle school     participants. Elardo has been chosen to head up the Ar-
             students that is part of the “Introducing Issues    chetypal Interpretation of Medieval Literature and Culture
             through Opposing Viewpoints” series of              session for the 42nd conference.
             Greenhaven Press. The book was released in


                                              A    drian College is hosting the 34th Annual Conference for
                                                   Value Inquiry on April 12-15, which will attract scholars
                                              from around the world to discuss this year’s topic: “Social
                                              Justice and Individual Responsibility.” What does it mean for
                                              Adrian College? Dr. James H. Spence, assistant professor of
                                              philosophy and religion and conference organizer, offers his

                                              There is a stereotype about philosophers being
                                              a little hard for everyday people to understand.
                                              Will the conference be accessible to
                                              non-philosophers, and how is it connected to
                                              everyday life?
                                                 I’m not sure what to say about the stereotype, other than
                                              that like all generalizations it may be true of some but that
                                              doesn’t mean that it is true of all. The keynote lectures are
                                              intended to be accessible to everyone. One of our invited
                                              speakers has an award-winning paper on whether or not there
                                              is a moral obligation to vote, another has worked in hospitals
                                              as an ethics consultant. The third has a book on how we
                                              allocate organs for transplants. So that gives some indication
                                              of their interests. I think everyone has opinions about fair-
                                              ness, rights, responsibility, and on how we should live to-
                                              gether in society. Thinking carefully about these ideas is what
                                              the conference is really all about.

                                              What sort of people will this attract?
                                                Well, it is an academic conference, so most participants
                                              will be professors. Most but not all will be philosophy profes-
                                              sors – some will have advanced degrees in business, others
                                              will have law degrees. One is a practicing lawyer, another is a
                                              poet. In the past the conference has had participants from
                                              places like China, Australia, and Scotland, and so far it doesn’t
                                              seem like this year will be any different. We have a paper
                                              submission by a fellow from Mexico who has an MBA, and
                                              several philosophers from China attend regularly. We already

                                              have submissions from Canada, the Philippines, India and
                                              Sweden. Ethical concerns, and basic questions about the
                                              fairness of a society and its institutions, are relevant no mat-
                                              ter where you are.

                                              Is it rare for a school of Adrian’s size to be

    Deep                                      selected to host a conference like this? Because
                                              Adrian is small, are there any added benefits for
                                                 The conference moves around the country. The past few
                                              conferences have been held at Louisiana State University in
                                              Baton Rouge, Malloy College in New York City, the University
                                              of North Dakota, the Medical College of Wisconsin, Okla-
                                              homa State University. So I guess it probably is a bit unusual
         Does a philosophy conference         to have the conference held at a school of this size, but I
                                              think that benefits the students. Students often know the fac-
                 really matter?               ulty quite well here, and may be more comfortable interacting
                                              with them at a conference. It also means that if they want to
             A Q&A with Dr. James H. Spence   participate or help out, there will be a place for them, and that
                                              will give them a chance to meet a lot of people they wouldn’t
                                              otherwise meet.

Who at Adrian will be involved?                              The conference web page quotes Eleanor
  Adrian faculty will be fully involved – presenting papers, Roosevelt: “Justice cannot be for one side alone,
commenting on papers, chairing sessions, and so on. They but must be for both.” Why?
have been very helpful in helping me connect with their disci-         Take any issue where fairness and our rights matter, and
plines – history, women’s studies, political science, and so        the quote is relevant: the violence in the Middle East, the is-
on. Students are already helping with the planning. I’m hop-        sue of gay marriage in the U.S., or affirmative action here in
ing they will also present and comment on papers.                   Michigan. You can’t have a fair resolution to an issue that is
   I am also hoping that alumni in related fields can come          fair to only one side – it is either fair for everyone or it is not fair
back and talk to students about their careers, and how is-          at all. That doesn’t mean everyone will get what they want, it
sues of justice and individual responsibility matter in their       means that we all need to recognize the importance of set-
professional lives.                                                 tling our disagreements with impartial principles. I think we
                                                                    would all benefit if everyone agreed to this. Some might say
The conference has a social justice emphasis.                       that is unrealistic, but you have to remember, I am a philoso-
How do Adrian’s history and present goals play                      pher. And the alternatives to finding a reasonable solution that
                                                                    is fair for everyone don’t look all that realistic to me.
into that?
   It fits well, I think. President Docking wants Adrian College    For more about the conference, click the link on the News &
to be a source of creative solutions to real problems. I think      Info page at
that building trust between groups with competing interests,
how we as a nation decide to allocate our health care re-
sources, what it means to be a professional with integrity,          The Philosophical Grounding
these are real world problems with practical implications. It                       of Adrian College
also fits well with the history and mission of the college. Asa
Mahan, the first president of the college, had an advanced                by rev. chris momany ’84, adrian college chaplain
degree in philosophy. In fact we were just reading some of
his work in one of my classes. Mahan was very dedicated to              Many know that Adrian College has roots in the nine-
issues of social justice. In his autobiography, he described         teenth-century abolitionist movement and women’s rights
himself as “the first man in the history of the race who con-        movement. Yet few pause to explore the philosophical prin-
ducted women through a full course of liberal education,” and        ciples that drove Adrian’s social justice emphasis. Consid-
he engaged in acts of civil disobedience as a way of protest-        eration of these principles must focus on the life and thought
ing slavery. The faculty is aware of this tradition, and they        of President Asa Mahan.
continue to have an interest in social justice to this day. That        After the 1780s two competing schools of thought domi-
                                                                     nated American moral philosophy or ethics. One of these
is why I chose this particular theme for the conference.
                                                                     approaches is now termed teleological (from the Greek,
                                                                     telos, meaning “end” or “goal”). According to this perspec-
Why is it important for Adrian students to study                     tive, actions are judged with reference to their consequences.
philosophy?                                                          The strength of this approach consists in its passion for
   The study of philosophy enhances a person’s ability to think      good results. A weakness is its tendency to excuse im-
clearly about complex issues, because it forces you to think         moral means if they create a good end. The opposite ap-
logically about highly abstract and complicated things. It also      proach has come to be known as deontological (from the
                                                                     Greek, deon, meaning “duty”). This perspective holds that
helps you to clearly express your own thoughts about these
                                                                     actions are intrinsically right or wrong and can not be justi-
complicated issues. There is evidence to back this up – phi-         fied by appeal to some end. The deontological view was
losophy majors average about ten percent better on stan-             given intellectual precision through the German philosopher
dardized exams than other majors. They score 17 percent              Immanuel Kant.
above the average on the verbal portion of the Graduate Record          Asa Mahan read Kant very early in his career, and by the
Exam. Philosophy majors do better than business majors on            1840s Mahan was teaching a modified Kantian ethic.
the test taken to get into MBA programs, and only econom-            Mahan’s deontological commitments made him an unyield-
ics majors do better on the Law School Admissions Test.              ing person. He even considered drinking coffee to be a vio-
So, philosophy may not be for everyone, but it can be helpful        lation of his principles! But his strictness was beautifully
                                                                     committed to the unconditional value of all people. Mahan
to any student regardless of their career goals. You might be
                                                                     opposed every dehumanizing custom, such as slavery and
surprised where philosophy majors can go. One of my former           the oppression of women. Adrian College was one of the
professors worked for the federal government on projects de-         first institutions to embrace educational opportunity for all,
veloping artificial intelligence. Another has testified as an ex-    at least in part because of Mahan’s ethic. Was the Old
pert witness on the issue of suicide. Several of my friends          Doctor an extremist? Perhaps. He was certainly an extrem-
from graduate school work with hospitals as ethics consult-          ist when it came to human dignity.
ants, others are very successful lawyers. So, the study of              Momany will present a paper at the conference about Asa
philosophy can take you in many directions. One of the judges        Mahan titled, “Theonomy and the Higher Law: History
on the U.S. Supreme Court was a philosophy major.                    and Hope.”


                                                                                            to the

                                                                       NEH Grants Benefit Students

                                                                                                by dr. jeffry berry

        W       hen I presented my research in a
                session titled “Faulkner and Film”
        at this fall’s American Studies Conven-
                                                      the classroom.
                                                         When Richard Koch studied “The Civil
                                                      Rights Movement” at the W.E.B. Du Bois
                                                                                                    seen some results of Robin’s study as
                                                                                                    we collaborated on a panel discussion
                                                                                                    on teaching non-traditional literatures at
        tion in Savannah, it was the result of work   Institute at Harvard University, it was a     a session of the Michigan Association
        done at a National Endowment for the          natural extension of his interest in issues   of English Departments.
        Humanities Summer Seminar, “Faulkner          of social justice. Dick worked with such         In addition to these three English De-
        and Southern History.” The seminar, or-       figures as Julian Bond, Anna Devere           partment NEH Grants, I was also fortu-
        ganized and led by University of South        Smith, Cornell West, and Henry Louis          nate enough to participate in one on Post
        Carolina historian Don Doyle, gave me         Gates. His research has made its way          Colonial Studies in London at the School
        an opportunity to work with colleagues        into the classroom in courses on Civil        for Oriental and African Studies. As with
        from around the country as I did research     Rights and African-American literature. I     the other grants, one of the best aspects
        that focused on my senior seminar class       have seen some of the effects of Dick’s       of this research was its application to
        on Hawthorne and Faulkner. It was a           NEH Seminar experience over the past          the classroom. This spring as I teach
        great opportunity to teach this course        several years as we have team-taught          “African Fiction” and “Post Colonial Lit-
        as I presented my work and received           classes on African-American literature.       erature,” I am often reminded of things I
        feedback from my seminar colleagues.          One result of our collaboration is a pa-      learned at that NEH Seminar. For ex-
           The National Endowment for the Hu-         per we are giving at this year’s African      ample, when I teach Buchi Emecheta’s
        manities is an independent agency of the      American Studies Convention in Baton          novel “Second-Class Citizen” I will always
        federal government that offers professors     Rouge on teaching W.E.B. Du Bois and          remember the two days she spent with
        opportunities to study humanities top-        Booker T. Washington.                         us, which included a walking tour of the
        ics in a wide variety of summer semi-            As with Richard Koch’s experiences,        places where her novel is set.
        nars and institutes. People apply from        Robin Bott’s NEH Seminar participation           These NEH grants have been a bless-
        across the country and 15 are selected        relates both to scholarship and teach-        ing to us in the English Department. We
        for each seminar to work under the di-        ing. “Re-Imagining Indigenous Cultures:       have traveled from Harvard to Hawaii, from
        rection of one of two leading scholars.       the Pacific Islands” connects both to         London to the American South. They
        NEH Summer Seminars have created a            Robin’s teaching and her scholarship,         have been rejuvenating experiences for
        wonderful opportunity for me and my           reflected in her article on Queen             all three of us. We have had opportuni-
        colleagues in Adrian’s English depart-        Liliuokalani published in “Remaking           ties to work with colleagues from around
        ment to do independent research that          Queen Victoria.” Robin brings back the        the world and to focus on our research.
        has led to both scholarly work and class-     NEH work she did at the University of         But most importantly, they have given
        room enrichment. I have noticed over and      Hawaii to the classroom each year in          us things to bring back to our students
        over how their NEH work shows up in           her course “Literature of Hawaii.” I have     at Adrian College.


      Handling the Admissions Flood
                           by brad whitehouse

 W       hen Kim Williams gets the morning mail, she can be sure
         of one thing: it will be a new record for the number of ap-
 plications that Adrian College has ever received.
   Williams, admissions secretary and application coordinator, tries
 to keep up by working Thursday evenings when her daughter is in
 dance class.
   “Every little bit helps,” Williams said. “I’m so swamped with ap-
 plications right now that I hardly ever take
 a lunch.”
   “I used to get maybe two to four appli-
 cations on my desk, and not every
 day,” said Lisa Napierala, associate
 director of admissions. “Now Kim
 brings us stacks.”

               Charting the Numbers
               The results of Adrian College’s recent enrollment efforts have been extraordinary. The numbers at this
               point in the year indicate a record class next fall.

        At this time last year, the campus was shocked to see the       “We believed he had the right vision for Adrian College.”
      number of applications climb by 64 percent. This year that           Docking wasted no time in getting started. One of the
      number seems small, with applications rising by a mind-           first changes he made was to hire his close colleague
      boggling 315 percent.                                             and friend, Rick Creehan. Creehan was appointed ex-
        “It looks like we’re going to set a new applications record     ecutive vice president and put in charge of growing the
      every day until it’s all over,” said Rick Creehan, executive      student body.
      vice president.                                                      “A major component of what Jeff thought I could bring
        The effort to grow enrollment has been so effective that        to the table was experience with enrollment,” Creehan
      sometimes Creehan is in awe.                                      said.
        “It’s an exciting journey, but we find ourselves in uncharted      Docking was vice president and special assistant to
      waters. With numbers like these, we have no way to predict        the president at Washington & Jefferson College (Pa.)
      the size or shape of next year’s class,” he said.                 before coming to Adrian. It was at W&J that he first heard
        Why are so many students suddenly interested in Adrian?         of Creehan, who worked at Allegheny College (Pa.).
      And is the College prepared for such wild success?                Creehan was earning a reputation for an innovative tech-
                                                                        nique to leverage enrollment by making coaches part of
      Story of a Turnaround                                             the recruiting team. When Docking heard about the idea,
        The story of Adrian’s turnaround in enrollment starts           he urged Creehan to interview at W&J without ever meet-
      with Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking. When he became president in          ing him.
      July 2005, he already had a strong idea about what he                Docking and Creehan helped implement an admissions
      wanted to happen here. In fact, it was a big reason why           yield model at W&J that performed an overnight turn-
      the Board of Trustees chose him for the job.                      around in applications, selectivity and matriculation. In
        “The reason we as a board hired Jeff Docking is be-             the very first year, the size of the freshman class went
      cause of his plan,” said Ron Reeves ’64, former trustee.          from between 309-315 students to 469. Now the pair is


trying something similar here.                                   Many colleges today are moving in a different direction,
  “I sleep like a baby at night because I know this plan is   following a strong current of popular wisdom that says to
going to work at Adrian,” Docking said.                       invest in online classes, satellite campuses and nontradi-
  One of his first changes was to restructure the admin-      tional students.
istration. Every division related to enrollment now reports      Docking has a different idea: stay true to what AC al-
to Creehan, including financial aid, admissions, athlet-      ready does well, by providing a traditional, individualized
ics, marketing and public relations, and plant/mainte-        education that promotes learning both in and out of the
nance.                                                        classroom. This has always been a place where students
  “Jeff believed that the various constituents should all     can get involved, so the College is focusing on recruit-
report to one VP to create an enrollment team,” Creehan       ing through students’ extracurricular interests.
said.                                                            To Docking, the fact that many students are recruited
  Every one of these departments now plays a critical         as athletes is a strength of the plan.
role in admissions, and Creehan can easily coordinate            “A lot of people in this industry write off student ath-
their efforts.                                                letes as ‘dumb jocks,’” he said. “I disagree with that. These
                                                              are disciplined students, great leaders and contributing
Advisors are Recruiters, Too                                  citizens, and I don’t apologize for bringing them in.”
  When Adrian College hired Jen Lafferty as the full-time        New students bear out his theory. Not only are num-
women’s soccer coach last year, she understood that           bers going up, but Adrian is becoming more selective
coaching was not her only role at Adrian. She was also        and the average standardized test scores are rising
an admissions counselor.                                      steadily.
  “The way Rick Creehan explained it was that athletics
was part of how Adrian was going to grow enrollment,”         A Reputation on the Rise
Lafferty said. “Each coach has a recruiting goal to meet        Pamela Wilkinson knew nothing about Adrian before
for the year.”                                                she started her college search. The high school senior
  That concept is the backbone of the plan. Adrian is         from San Antonio, Texas, toured colleges and universities
building new facilities, adding new programs, and hiring      all over the country with her father, including some top
full-time employees to run – and recruit for – those pro-     ranking schools. She ended up choosing Adrian.
grams.                                                          “From the first time I visited campus last summer, I was
  “Instead of trying to grow enrollment before any            pretty sure I would come here,” she said.
changes were made, the College was proactive,” Lafferty         Because Pam is valedictorian of her high school – a
said. “They built the stadium, and that helps us recruit      magnet school for talented and gifted students – she is
new students to pay for the changes.”                         eligible for AC’s new full tuition scholarship. However, she
  The stadium has paved the way for many new pro-             wanted to come to Adrian before she even knew about
grams, including a marching band, field hockey team,          the scholarship. Her decision was based on the arts

“It looks like we’re going to set a new applications
record every day until it’s all over.”

and lacrosse teams. Each has a full-time director or coach    management program, Adrian’s approach to liberal arts
who is also a recruiter, a person who is building             and developing well-rounded people, and what she and
relationships with future students before they even arrive    her parents describe as the “personal touch.”
on campus.                                                      “Once we visited Adrian, it became the benchmark,”
  “One of the things we found at Adrian was what we saw       her mother Denise said.
as an over-reliance on part-time employees in the re-           Students like Pam represent Adrian’s expanding geo-
cruiting arena,” Creehan said. “So our first task was to      graphic market. Recent reports indicate an 86 percent
restructure how we were staffed.”                             increase in the number of out-of-state applicants over
  Eventually this will include full-time advisors with re-    the entire year last year.
cruiting goals for the radio station, student government        “We’re sending mailings to high schools we’ve never
and the student newspaper, as well as a variety of sports     mailed to before. I’d say we’re hitting about 48 states,”
associated with the new ice arena and swimming pool.          said Michele Mathis, head of the admissions mail room.
  “I think this plan is working great,” Lafferty said.          As counselors and coaches work hard to get the word


                                                                                                Pam Wilkinson, valedictorian of a magnet
                                                                                                school for talented and gifted
                                                                                                students located in San Antonio, Texas,
                                                                                                represents a growing trend at
                                                                                                Adrian for attracting high-caliber students
                                                                                                from a wider geographic area.
                                                                                                Pam, a member of next year’s freshman
                                                                                                class, said she had mostly decided
                                                                                                on Adrian after her first visit to campus.

 “Once we visited Adrian, it became the benchmark.”
      out, they are noticing that prospective students are already         an incredible 40 percent, or around 100 students. Over
      more aware of the College.                                           the next five years, the College aims to achieve a fresh-
         “We are visiting more schools now, and what we’re finding         man class of 400 students. However, with the way things
      is that people are more familiar with Adrian,” said Lisa Napierala   are going AC might even hit that goal this year.
      from admissions. “And we’re getting applications from a wider          “Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think that
      range of high schools than ever before. We’re hoping that as         we’d hit our four-year goal of 360 students during our
      the word spreads to younger students at those schools, that          planning year,” Creehan said. “I have my fingers crossed
      in two or three years we’ll start to get a steady stream.”           that we can hit our five-year goal in year one of the plan.”
                                                                             If this happens, Adrian will be well on its way to its goal
      Then Just How Big?                                                   for overall enrollment of 1,400 students.
         So just how big will the class be next year? Isn’t a new            Of course growing pains will be inevitable. While record
      record a sure thing?                                                 enrollment is a good problem to have, the College is
         “This class will not enroll itself,” said Carolyn Quinlan,        working hard to figure out how to prepare for all the new
      admissions director. “We have to build next year’s class             students.
      one student at a time, and we have a lot of work left to               Adrian’s strategy is to shift the focus from facilities and
      do.”                                                                 enrollment in the first three years to a focus on updating
         Creehan is equally cautious. Colleges can traditionally           academics. Planning for the academic phase has already
      predict the number of applicants who will also enroll.               begun, and debate is vigorous and at times heated.
      However, this application pool is not only bigger than ever            In the end, there are many important decisions to be
      before, it also consists of higher caliber students from a           made about how to capitalize on the growth, and the need
      wider geographic area. These factors could make it much              for funding will be great. Residence halls must be up-
      harder to accurately guess how many students will actu-              dated, the curriculum must be revised, and technology
      ally show up next fall.                                              deficits must be addressed.
         “All I know at this point in the process is that this class         “I think that as a College we are learning to think big,”
      will be a historical high, with a composite academic pro-            Creehan said. “Momentum stops when you no longer seek
      file and selectivity that is unparalleled in our known re-           change and new initiatives.”
      cruiting history,” he said.                                            For Lisa Napierala, the momentum is what makes it so
         But even Creehan admits he is amazed by the num-                  great to be on the admissions staff.
      bers. He viewed last year at Adrian as a planning period               “Word of mouth is a powerful thing,” she said. “What
      when at best the school could halt plunging enrollment               people are saying about Adrian is that this is a place
      and make a modest gain. Instead, enrollment went up by               where students really want to be.”


                                   “Adrian provided me with
                                   a fantastic pre-med
                                   experience…it is very
                                   advanced in its vision…”

                                 S    uzanne Daws White, M.D., ’84 is among a very
                                      select group of physicians in the medical field: She
                                 is one of only three women in the nation who has the
                                 distinction of being chair of an emergency medicine de-
                                   “I am extremely honored,” says White, 44, who became
                                 the chair of the Department of Emergency Medicine at
                                 Wayne State University in September 2006.
                                   White earned her undergraduate degree in biology.
                                 She graduated from the WSU School of Medicine in 1988.
                                 She then completed her residency and fellowship train-
                                 ing there, her primary specialty being emergency medi-
                                 cine and her sub-specialty being medical toxicology.
                                 White has taught at the medical school since 1994. Dur-
                                 ing the 2003-04 academic year, she was a Hedwig van
                                 Meringen Fellow in Executive Leadership in Academic
                                 Medicine at Drexel University, located in Philadelphia.

Emergency                          “My work in emergency preparedness will serve me
                                 well as I take on this new position,” says White. “This is
                                 somewhat unprecedented and certainly speaks to the

                                 fact that we have seen some wonderful advances in
                                 medicine related to gender equality. About 50 percent of
                                 the students enrolled in medical school at WSU and
                                 nationwide are women. That’s a positive thing because
                                 women bring a unique set of talents to the table.”
                                   White explains that emergency physicians are chal-
  From trauma to terrorism,      lenged to the maximum each and every day.
                                   “You are making life and death decisions on a daily
   Dr. Suzanne White ’84         basis. At the end of the day, you realize the immediate
prepares doctors for the worst   impact you’ve had on the lives of patients; it’s very fulfill-
                                 ing,” she says. “I’ve always had a lot of energy and was
                                 never afraid to work hard. The huge variety of patients
         by kurt anthony krug    and illnesses we see makes it intriguing; I’m always ready
                                 to take on new challenges.”
                                   She will direct the clinical, educational and research


       aspects of emergency medical services for six hospitals       She credits Sokol for having the foresight to recognize
       in southeastern Michigan. This includes two residency         that WSU and other academic partners bring much to
       and six fellowship programs. She also co-chairs the           the table in the planning and response for these events.
       university’s pandemic planning taskforce.                     According to White, Sokol chose her because of her toxi-
         “WSU is known across the nation as being the pro-           cology background and knowledge of toxicology and
       gram that provides the best emergency care and train-         chemicals that can potentially be used as biological
       ing to treat the sickest patients. Many programs – not        weapons.
       just the military – send people to get their emergency          “Detroit is high risk for terrorism with a density of vul-
       medical training here. Its reputation is well-founded,”       nerable populations,” she says. “How many students in
       says White.                                                   pharmacy, nursing and medicine go untrained? Yet we
         In fact, WSU has the largest single campus medical          look to health-care professionals to take the lead when
       school in the United States with an enrollment of more        a disaster happens. Recognizing that WSU has a his-
       than 1,200 students of many different backgrounds. It is      tory of expertise in developing competencies for emer-
       the only medical school and research university in the        gency and disaster medicine, we are filling a training
       heart of Detroit, and has strong ties to the community,       gap with a five-module training program.”
       particularly the underinsured and uninsured.                    White credits her education at Adrian for preparing
         Nationally recognized as a leader in emergency medi-        her for a career in medicine.
       cine and trauma care, more than 420 doctors specializ-          “Adrian provided me with a fantastic pre-med experi-
       ing in emergency medicine have graduated from WSU.            ence. We really had all of the opportunities available at
       In fact, numerous field surgeons in the military have gone    larger universities but there was an in-depth and per-
       through WSU for its emergency medicine program, which         sonal approach to education. For example, my organic

      How many students go untrained? Yet we look to
      them when a disaster happens.

       offers fellowships in medical toxicology, emergency medi-     chemistry class only had about 12 people in it. The pro-
       cal administration, basic science research, clinical re-      fessors had an open door policy and were very inter-
       search, and disaster/weapons of mass destruction pre-         ested in the day-to-day student activities. The level of
       paredness.                                                    understanding gained was much more in-depth than what
          White’s overall vision for her department is for it to     would have been achieved at a larger university. Ulti-
       become the nation’s premier department for emergency          mately, many classes taken at Adrian were similar to
       medical care, education, and scholarship in an effort to      those required in medical school. In this regard, Adrian
       significantly advance the science and practice of the         is very advanced in its vision of pre-med education, and
       specialty area.                                               anticipates what will be emphasized in medical school.”
          “Dr. White’s commitment to the university combined with      It was her love of science and desire to apply it in such
       her skills as a leading toxicologist will serve the WSU       a way to help people that led White on her path to be-
       Department of Emergency Medicine well,” says Dr. Rob-         coming a doctor.
       ert M. Mentzer, Jr., dean of the WSU School of Medicine.        “As a doctor, you have such a unique entry into
       “I have full confidence that she is the right person to       people’s lives that is not afforded by any other profes-
       lead the department to a new level of excellence.”            sion,” says White. “It is truly a privilege to be a physician
          Additionally, White is project director for a grant from   and to have the potential to serve people in a way that
       the Department of Health and Human Services to de-            sustains and improves their lives.”
       velop a terrorism, disaster and public-health emergency
       curriculum.                                                   Dr. White lives in Farmington with her husband Bill –
          Former WSU medical school dean Robert Sokol re-            also a physician – and their twin daughters Nadia and
       cruited White into the area of terrorism, public health       Alexandra. Freelance writer Kurt Anthony Krug lives in
       emergency preparedness and disaster preparedness.             Dearborn.


Husband takes care of hours-old Bornean infant Bajik.

      One                                     with the
                        Suzanne Husband ’84 is dedicated to enriching
                                   the lives of primates
                                                                 by michael driehorst ’90

    Suzanne Husband ’84 is no Dr. Doolittle . . . but she’s close.               Adrian. She was the first intern at the Toledo Zoo, and worked in the
    While Husband does not talk the language of the primates                     aquarium department. After graduation, they hired her part time in
    under her care at the Toledo Zoo in Ohio, she has an innate                  the aquarium. In June of 1986, she was hired full time in the mam-
    sense of their needs.                                                        mal department.
       “It always surprises me that no matter what is thrown at                    “I just fell in love there, and have been there ever since,” she said.
    me, I can fix it, but I don’t know why. It really is just my niche             In addition to being lead keeper of the orangutans and chim-
    that somehow I can understand these guys [orangutans and                     panzees, Husband is senior keeper of the primates and small
    chimpanzees]. It’s like I can get into their heads,” said Hus-               mammals department, which includes the zoo’s education
    band, 44, who is lead keeper for the zoo’s orangutans and                    outreach program.
    chimpanzees.                                                                   One aspect of Husband’s work that has surprised her is the
       “It’s very hard to explain why this animal is going to do this, or this   depth of relationship with the primates.
    animal is going to do that. And the staff says how do you know, and            “It’s amazing how close the relationship can be, but we still
    I say I just do.”                                                            never go in cages or exhibit with them. I’m the only keeper
       Husband, daughter of retired Adrian biology professor Dr. Robert          that has any physical contact with the chimps. These guys
    Husband, earned a bachelor of science degree in zoology from                 consider me part of the group, and once they understand they


      can trust you, the respect they show you is amazing.”               sors and saw their excitement and dedication to their areas of
         For example, Husband sometimes has to give a chimpan-            expertise,” Husband said.
      zee or an orangutan a shot.
         “When I have to do it, they’ll just look at me and by their      Initiated an enrichment program
      expressions ask, ‘Really? It’ll be okay?’ And, when I tell them       In the late 1980s, Husband helped the Toledo Zoo develop
      it’s okay, they’ll understand, and come up to the bars and I’ll     an animal enrichment program– one of the first in the country.
      give them the shot,” she explained. “To me that’s such an odd       She and another keeper attended a conference seminar on
      concept that an animal knows you have to do something they          an enrichment program for chimpanzees and the impact it
      don’t like, and that you’ll do the best you can for them.”          had.
         Husband always knew she wanted to work with animals. At            “The other keeper and I wanted to do more for the apes, but
      first, she wanted to be a veterinarian. When she was in the         the mind-set in the 1980s was that sterile environments were
      fourth grade, Husband shadowed a vet at the University of           safer for the animals,” Husband explained. “We made a list of
      Georgia while her dad was there on a National Science Foun-         everything the presenter did, took it back to our management
      dation Post Doctoral Research Fellowship.                           and slowly were allowed to implement all of them.
         “I came home and said, ‘They only take care of sick ani-           “Now, there’s a lot more variety in their diet, and they have a
                                                                                          lot more choices,” Husband said. “They were
                                                                                          less aggressive, more willing to cooperate with
                                                                                          the keepers and much calmer.”
                                                                                             The enrichment program Husband helped
                                                                                          develop spread to the zoo’s other departments
                                                                                          by the early 1990s.
                                                                                             One new addition to the orangutans’ enrich-
                                                                                          ment program is scheduled for spring 2007. It
                                                                                          will allow them to push a button inside the out-
                                                                                          door part of their exhibit and shower zoo visi-
                                                                                          tors with water.

                                                                                          Missions to Borneo
                                                                                              During her career at the zoo, Husband has
                                                                                           been involved in two missions to Borneo in
                                                                                           Southeast Asia – which along with Sumatra
                                                                                           are the only places where orangutans are na-
                                                                                              Around 1991, Husband assisted in a re-
                                                                                           search project of male orangutans. At the time,
                                                                                           she said there was relatively little smuggling of
                                                                                            orangutan babies for pets and hunting in
Suzanne Husband is the only keeper to have contact with Toledo Zoo’s chimpanzees              By the late 1990s, fires had burned down
and one of few to have contact with the orangutans, like with 2 1/2-year-old Bajik          much of the outer part of the forests, and al-
(pictured). None of the contact, however, is inside the animals’ exhibit.                   lowed smugglers to make deeper inroads into
                                                                                            where the orangutans live. The combination of
      mals.’ So from the fourth grade on, I told everyone I was going the deadly forest fires and smugglers meant many mothers
      to be a zoo keeper,” Husband said.                                  were killed, leaving behind orphaned babies.
                                                                             In the late 1990s, Husband spent three weeks on a second
      Early influences                                                    trip to Borneo to work with the rangers, teaching them to care
         Growing up, Husband said her parents – Robert and Patricia for the orphaned and injured primates. Orangutans are typi-
      ’92 – were the biggest influences in her life. “My parents were cally with their mother until they are eight years old, so the
      awesome,” she said. “They encouraged us to try different foster care needed was a long-term commitment.
      things.”                                                               While Husband said she may look to take management
         Husband said her family – including brother David ’83 and and other classes needed to be a curator, for the time being
      sister Linda Psalmonds ’84 – spent a lot of time together she is more than happy to be a hands-on keeper.
      doing outdoor activities and learning about nature.                    “My parents and Adrian College definitely gave me the back-
         Another major influence was Dr. Craig Weatherby, profes- ground to do what I do now,” Husband said. “It’s just where I’m
      sor of Biology and Environmental Science/Studies. In addi- supposed to be.”
      tion to being a student, Husband often assisted Dr. Weatherby
      in his ornithology classes, and helped him trap, measure and Freelance writer Michael Driehorst ’90 works as a messag-
      band birds for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. ing strategist for Hanson Inc., an interactive market commu-
         “The reason I enjoyed it so much was Dr. Weatherby’s en- nication firm in Maumee, Ohio. In October he profiled AC’s
      thusiasm for what he taught. And, truthfully, that’s a big part President Docking for the “How’d you get there?” series on
      of my reason for choosing Adrian. I already knew the profes- his blog (“Mike’s Points,”


                                                                              Feed Your Inner
                                                                                 Whiz Kid

W       ho says kids don’t like math?
        When Dr. Doug Brumbaugh ’62 and Dr. David Rock
launched a weekly math contest on the University of Central
                                                                   Sample Problems
Florida website in 1996, within weeks they were flooded with       Try these, win a prize!*
hundreds of responses – despite no advertising.                    1) The Sock Problem – Elementary Brain Teaser
   “It worked beyond our wildest imagination,” said Brumbaugh,     You have red socks and blue socks in your sock drawer.
who retired from UCF in 2004 after 35 years of teaching math-
                                                                   Assume that none of the socks are paired. If you pull
ematics education. “Eventually, we had responses coming
                                                                   three socks out without looking at the color, what is the
from about 75 countries around the world, every state in the
                                                                   probability of a match?
United States, and most school districts.”
   Brumbaugh and Rock (who at that time was a graduate
                                                                   2) Math for Senators – Medium Algebra Problem
student) made it their goal to respond personally to every
                                                                   The United States Senate includes two senators from
entry. While this was overwhelming at times, it was worth it.
                                                                   each of the U.S. states. Today, there are 100 senators. If
   “I regularly posted problems at midnight between Saturday
                                                                   a new five-member committee on mathematics educa-
and Sunday,” Brumbaugh said. “Often I would be getting re-
                                                                   tion is to be created with no state represented by more
sponses from kids in California before I had all the problems
posted. Some of these were high school kids and I joked with       than one senator, in how many ways can this new com-
them that I was surprised that they were not on a date, hang-      mittee be formed?
ing out, or something like that. The typical response was that
they would do that later, but they wanted to be the first to       3) Strawberry Ice Cream – One of Brumbaugh’s favor-
solve this week’s problem.”                                        ites (We chose this one because the solution to another
   Questions were geared for different ages. After Doug and        of his favorites was 3.5 pages long!)
David noticed that several sharper-than-average third graders      An AC math professor invites a group of prospective stu-
kept coming up with the answers for the high school prob-          dents to her house for lunch. One of the guests asks the
lems, their parents were contacted about getting them all in       ages of her children. “I have three,” she says. “Each has
touch with each other.                                             a counting-number age. The product of their ages is 72.
   “They quickly forged some wonderful long-distance friend-       The sum of their ages is the same as this house num-
ships,” Doug said. “They were from Florida, Canada, Califor-       ber.” The guest thinks a moment, checks the house num-
nia, Singapore, Japan, England, Ohio, and North Carolina.”         ber, and says, “I need more information.” The professor
   The contest is still going today at the website for Columbus    says, “The oldest likes strawberry ice cream.” The guest
State University, where Dr. Rock is now dean of the College of     then gives the correct ages (and is promptly accepted for
Education. ( In 2004, Rock and        admission!). What are they?
Brumbaugh were invited to help President Bush promote math-        the contest and upon request.
ematical learning by running a similar site for the White House.   which when divided by 120 is 67,800,320. 3) Answer provided after
(                                           senators is not important. So, 100 x 98 x 96 x 94 x 92 = 8,136,038,400,
   *And what about you? Ever hear the wee voice of your inner      have been selected, divide by 5! (or 120) because the order of the
math student pandering for some attention? You can read            ways, the fourth 94 ways, the fifth 92 ways. Once five senators
their books, which are available in Shipman Library. Or, brush
                                                                   you can’t choose the second from the same state), the third 96
                                                                   senator may be chosen in 100 ways, the second 98 ways (since
off your thinking cap and try a few problems that Brumbaugh        there are no other colors. 2) 67,800,320 ways. Solution: The first
shared with us here. The first alum to solve problem #3 and        second sock be red. The third sock must be either red or blue since
send the answer to will receive a prize.        Answers: 1) 100% or 1. Solution: Let the first sock be blue. Let the
(No looking online – you must solve it yourself!)


                                                                                                from the

                                                                                             Alumni Board
                                                                           new graduates; we’ve helped with campus beautification,
                                                                           Homecoming and the Kickoff Classic; and, like you, we’ve
                                                                           marveled at the changes going on around us.
                                                                               It’s great to be a part of it and satisfying to hand off the
                                                                           leadership baton at such an exciting time.
                                                                               As of June 1, my three years as president come to an end
                                                                           and a new slate of officers will take the reins of the Alumni
          At the Alumni Awards Ceremony during Homecoming this year,           Deanna Baker Hartley ’72, of Clayton, will start her term
          Hiner, current Alumni Board president, talks with Deanna Baker   as Alumni Board president. She is currently vice president.
          Hartley ’72, who will become president this summer.
                                                                               Jessie Ellis ’97, of Rochester Hills, will become vice presi-
                                                                           dent of the board. John Geisler ’61, of Kalamazoo, will begin

      J    ill Merithew Ouellette ’89 couldn’t have said “yes” in
           any better way.
            In accepting an appointment to the Alumni Association
                                                                           a term as secretary/treasurer, filling the seat held by Marilyn
                                                                           Wilson Ward ’83, of Salem, Ohio.
                                                                               Deanna, Jessie and John come from different eras at Adrian
      Board of Directors, Ouellette said she had applied to be an          College, but I think they would agree that the present is every
      alumni director after reading a past column, by yours truly in       bit as exciting as anything they saw in the past.
      Contact magazine, extolling the virtues of alumni service to             And if their alumni stewardship experience is anything like
      the College.                                                         what I’ve enjoyed, these years will be their most rewarding on
           A nice surprise for the author, and a nice nod to Contact.      campus.
           And for Ouellette, the beginning of a period of service that        Thanks, AC alumni, for the honor of serving. Your interests
      I’m sure will be as gratifying as mine has been since 2002,          are in good hands.
      when I joined the Alumni Board.
           Ouellette, of Clare, is one of two alumni who are joining the     Are you interested in the Alumni Board? Contact AC Alumni
      Alumni Board to fill unexpired terms. The other is James             Director Marsha Fielder at or 800-264-
      Culbertson ’63 of South Lyon.                                        9063 for more information.
            They fill the unexpired terms of George Burk ’63 and
      Christy Cole ’98, and will keep your alumni board at its con-
      stitutional limit of 24 directors.
           The enthusiasm expressed by Ouellette and Culbertson in
      joining the board reflects the resurgence of our alma mater.
      There are many storied eras in Adrian’s history, but we cer-
      tainly are at the cusp of one now: Applications and enrollment       John Hiner ’82
      are soaring, campus building improvements are coming at a            President, Adrian College Alumni Board
      dizzying rate, and a sense of excitement – of “What’s next?”
      – pervades every aspect of AC life.
           You haven’t visited campus in the last few years? You owe       Alumni Director, cont. from page 1
      it to yourself to come, quickly.
          You’ve held off on donating in the last year, decade or more?    a new grad, perhaps even have lunch with an old roommate—
      Now’s a time when your dollar will go quickly to a cause with        the next step is yours and I’m happy to help you get there.
      a strong plan behind it.
           President Jeffrey Docking’s Renaissance plan is two-thirds
      of the way to its $15 million goal, and Renaissance II – a
      bolstering of the academic underpinnings at Adrian – is in the       Marsha Fielder ’00
      wings, ready to launch.                                              Director of Alumni Relations
           The Alumni Board, like the College, is riding high. We have
      representation from every decade, from the 1950s (Kandi              1-800-264-9063
      Weinlander Eklund ’51) to the 2000s (Andrew Zerkel ’04),
      and the constructive changes on campus are reflected in a            Marsha and her husband George live near Grass Lake in
      satisfying level of interest and activity among our board.           Jackson County. They have three adult children, Justin x’97,
            In the past year we’ve launched an email newsletter to         Anna ’99 and Julia. All have taken classes at Adrian Col-
      alumni and made advances with an online alumni page; we’ve           lege and voluntarily stuffed envelopes or worked for the Col-
      handed out scholarships to AC students and alumni pins to            lege in some way over the years – a family affair!


                                                                                           Scottsdale, Ariz., working as a motiva-
                                                                                           tional speaker and consultant. George
                                                                                           recently served on the board of directors
                                                                                           for the Adrian College Alumni Associa-

                                                                                           Richard Cheatham ’63 has published
                                                                                           a book, Can You Make the Buttons
                                                                                           Even? (Lessons Learned Along Life’s
                                                                                           Spiritual Path). It is available through
                                                                                           Cokesbury or most online book outlets.
                                                                                           Richard resides in San Antonio, Texas.

                                                                                           In 2006, Carolyn Lloyd Mitchell ’64
                                                                                           retired from Wayne Gray Elementary in
Annual ATO golf outing at Woodlawn Golf Course in Adrian                                   Addison, after teaching for 42 years. Her
                                                                                           husband, Bill, and four children hosted
1940s                                         by AC friend, Mary Alice Powell. At age      a reception in her honor.
Harold Boyse ’45, of Birch Run, and           88, Irv continues to operate a traditional
his brother, the late Charles Boyse ’34,      full-service lane at Dick’s BP gas sta-      Keith Beck ’65 received the Olney Medal
were honored in January 2006, at the Clio     tion in Adrian. Since 1937, Irv has          for outstanding achievement in textile
Area Educational Foundation’s 13th An-        pumped gas, served in the military,          chemistry at the American Association
nual Alumnus of the Year dinner and           earned a teaching degree, taught junior      of Textile Chemists and Colorists 2006
auction. They and the Boyse family were       high school and operated a gas station.      International Conference and Exhibition
recognized for their contributions to edu-    He also keeps in shape and helps di-         in Atlanta. Keith earned a doctoral de-
cation over the years.                        rect the age 85-90 division of the Michi-    gree in chemistry from Purdue University
                                              gan Senior Olympics.                         in 1970, and is a professor and head of
Marjorie Matthes Chambers ’46 and                                                          the Department of Textile Engineering,
                                              Calvin Rice ’53 of Cambridge, Ohio,          Chemistry and Science at the North
her husband, Joseph, celebrated their
                                              recently published William McFarland,        Carolina State University College of Tex-
60th wedding anniversary in 2006. Marge
                                              Civil War Chaplain, Ohio 97th, a book        tiles. Keith, a native of Morenci and
is retired from teaching in the Adrian
                                              based on a character portrayal that          member of SAE fraternity, is married to
Public Schools. The couple lives in
                                              Calvin researched, wrote and has per-        Beverly Seiser Beck ’68. They live in
Adrian, and has two sons, two daugh-
                                              formed over several years. Another pub-      Raleigh, N.C.
ters, six grandchildren and four great-
grandchildren.                                lication, Preacher Smith, Martyr of The
                                              Black Hills, will be out soon. Calvin has    Harvey Krupnick ’66 was featured in a
                                              performed the life of Henry Weston Smith     story which appeared in May in The
In July, Les Slauter ’49 was featured in
                                              since 1974, when he was with the Black       Boston Globe. Harvey has been the
the Volunteer Spotlight section of the                                                     head baseball coach at Holliston High
Orlando Sentinel News. Les volunteers         Hills Passion Play.
                                                                                           School (Mass.) for more than 30 years,
at Discovery Gardens in Tavares, Fla.,                                                     and continues playing ball in an over-40
caring for the hydroponics and topiary        James ’58 and Elizabeth Pruitt Smith
                                                                                           league in central Massachusetts while
plants, and sharing information with visi-    ’54 celebrated their 50th wedding anni-
                                                                                           still operating his Milford-based batting
tors about that area. Les is a retired Army   versary in June. The Smiths live in
colonel. He and his wife, Lynn, live in       Saginaw, and have two children and one
Eustis, Fla.                                  grandson. Jim retired as a Methodist
                                                                                           Karen Hosafros Laakaniemi ’67 and
                                              minister in 1993.
                                                                                           her husband, Ray, relocated to the Min-
1950s                                                                                      neapolis area where Karen is instruct-
J. Gregg ’50 and Dorothy McConnehey           1960s                                        ing nursing students. In 2006 they trav-
Arbaugh ’63 celebrated their 60th wed-        Pat Spaller Bacon ’62, of Black River,       eled to New Zealand, and were able to
ding anniversary on Sept. 6. Gregg re-        served as a judge for the 2006 Tawas         meet with their son who is serving in the
tired from AC as athletic director, and       Bay Waterfront Fine Art Show. Pat is an      U.S. Navy in Sydney, Australia.
Dorothy is retired from the Adrian Public     instructor at Sunrise Studio, a member
Schools. The Arbaughs live in Adrian, and     of several galleries and has won many        James Ingledue ’69 was recently
have three children, seven grandchildren      awards at state shows.                       named to the board of directors of Farm-
and seven great-grandchildren.                                                             ers State Bank and FS Bancorp of
                                              The third book by George Burk ’63, a         LaGrange, Ind. Jim is founder and CEO
Irv Dils ’50 was featured in a Septem-        memoir, My Mother My Friend, has been        of Jim Ingledue Construction, Inc., in
ber article in the Toledo Blade, written      published. He continues to live in           Angola, Ind.


                                                                                              sor and financial services representative

                               Back to                                                        in 2005. Robert, a former Grosse Pointe
                                                                                              Farms resident, is a registered repre-
                                                                                              sentative and member of the Society of

                                 COLLEGE                                                      Financial Service Professionals.

                                                                                              Jane “Sammie” Lovell Rhoades ’71,
                                  Ron Reeves ’64 rejoins AC staff                             chief executive officer of Findlay Hope
                                                                                              House for the Homeless, Inc., was ap-
                                                                                              pointed by former Ohio Governor Bob
                                       Within 14 hours of retiring from Venchurs, Inc. as
                                                                                              Taft to the Interagency Council on
                                    its executive vice president and general manager, Ron
                                                                                              Homelessness and Housing. The unpaid
                                    Reeves ’64 was welcomed to Adrian College as the
                                                                                              panel makes recommendations to the
   new vice president of development.
                                                                                              governor on strategies to address
     Reeves has extensive experience at Adrian. He was the alumni director in the
                                                                                              homelessness. Jane resides in Findlay,
   early 1970s, and for the past ten years was a member of the Adrian College Board
   of Trustees. He is a former announcer at football games, and for more than 30
   years has announced Adrian College men’s basketball games.
                                                                                              Norma Gladu ’72 was inducted into the
     Reeves is truly excited about working for his alma mater at this time in the
                                                                                              newly-formed Wayland High School Ath-
   College’s history.
                                                                                              letic Hall of Fame in October. Norma was
     “I’m living a dream! It is a thrill to be a part of the transformation going on at our
                                                                                              a standout in field hockey, basketball and
   College,” Reeves said. “I hope you will join me in changing the face of Adrian for the
                                                                                              lacrosse before graduating from high
                                                                                              school. As a student at AC, she contin-
     Since Reeves assumed the position in December, he has been in charge of AC
                                                                                              ued her athletic pursuits by playing in
   fund raising. This includes the $15 million Renaissance Campaign that is currently
                                                                                              four sports. After teaching public school
   underway. So far, more than $10 million has been raised.                                   for one year at Dundee High School, in
     Venchurs, Inc. is located in Adrian. Reeves and his wife Kay Reed Reeves ’62             1973 Norma returned to the College
   are residents of Adrian.                                                                   where she has coached several sports
                                                                                              and serves as a professor of exercise
   In 2006, Bernard Riker ’69, executive        Harry Kammerer ’74, Dan Cropsey ’73,
   director of Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation     Tom Leman ’74, and Wynn Hensel ’74.
                                                                                              Stephen Semple ’72 accepted the po-
   of America, Michigan Chapter (CCFA)          Also attending were Jim Matherne ’76,
                                                                                              sition of vice president and community
   was appointed to the newly formed            Dave Sheely ’68, Dave Neuhauser ’74,          banking officer at United Bank & Trust
   President’s Advisory Council of the na-      and Ron Wells ’69. The Brothers enjoyed       of Ann Arbor. Steve has more than 34
   tional organization of CCFA. This coun-      the football game at the new stadium and      years of experience in the financial ser-
   cil provides feedback on developing poli-    all the changes that have happened on         vices industry, most recently serving as
   cies affecting patients and donors. Ber-     campus.                                       vice president and branch manager for
   nard has served as the Michigan                                                            National City. He and his wife, Peggy
   chapter’s executive director since 1998,                                                   Melzow Semple ’73, live in Ann Arbor.
   and lives in Huntington Woods with his
   wife, Kathryn.                                                                             Larry Brown ’74, a resident of Toledo,
                                                                                              retired from Powertrain in August after
   1970s                                                                                      more than 35 years of employment. Larry
                                                                                              plans to spend time traveling around the
                                                                                              United States.

                                                                                              In 2006, Robert Conklin ’74 assumed
                                                                                              the position of athletic director at
                                                Ruth Ann Schultz ’79 and Dorothy              Lakeside High School in Ashtabula, Ohio.
                                                Ewald ’70 have forged a friendship while      Rob and his wife, Susan Walter
                                                working as graphic artists, creating Yel-     Conklin ’73, live in Boardman, Ohio.
                                                low Page ads for AT&T in Troy. Ruth Ann
                                                (left) hosted a wedding shower at her         Bill Murray ’74, of Brighton, was fea-
   Members of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity held    home prior to Dorothy’s Aug. 11 marriage      tured in a news story in the Livingston
   their 32nd annual reunion on Homecom-        to Don McClaren.                              Daily in August. Bill is a history teacher
   ing weekend at the home of Ron ’72 and                                                     and head football coach at Brighton High
   Millie Miller Pruett ’75. Attending Pikes    Robert Crowley ’71 joined Michigan            School, reaching 200 lifetime wins last
   included (left to right) Jim Smoker ’75,     Financial Associates as a financial advi-     year. Bill played football for Adrian Col-


lege as a lineman and occasionally a           sales and marketing efforts for the 728-      In November’s election, Republican Con-
linebacker.                                    room hotel.                                   gressman Mike Rogers ’85 won his
                                                                                             fourth two-year term for the 8th District
Barbara Smola Nelson ’75 of Ft.                                                              (Ingham, Clinton and Livingston counties,
Myers, Fla., has been an elementary                                                          southern Shiawassee County and part
teacher for 29 years and earned her Na-                                                      of Oakland County). Mike and his wife,
tional Board Teaching Certification in                                                       Diane, have two children and live in
2003. She opened her own tutoring busi-                                                      Brighton. Mike served as Michigan State
ness in 2006 called Golden Opportunity                                                       Senator from 1994-2001.
Tutoring, serving grades K-12 in the
greater Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Fla.,                                                        Julayne Morningstar Hughes ’86
area.                                                                                        earned her master of music degree from
                                                                                             Oakland University in May 2006. Among
Bill Ellis ’77 accepted the position of                                                      other musical activities, she is the ac-
president and CEO of Blissfield State                                                        companist for several singing groups.
                                                        Robert Wentworth ’80
Bank in the spring of 2006. He joined                                                        Julayne does freelance editing on the
Blissfield State Bank in 1993 as a loan        John Gieber ’81, formerly of Wiscon-          side and serves on the AC Alumni Asso-
officer. He and his wife Linda reside in       sin, recently moved to Three Rivers,          ciation Board of Directors. She lives in
Blissfield.                                    where he is employed as a quality             Rochester Hills with her husband, Keith,
                                               engineer with Summit Polymers.                and daughter, Laura.
Melinda Loftin ’77 has been selected
as the new Designated Agency Ethics            Laurie Dickens Perkins ’82 recently           Stuart MacDonald ’86 has been busy
Official for the U.S. Department of the        authored a book in celebration of the 125th   with his new company Boomerang Stu-
Interior. Before her selection for this se-    anniversary of Sand Creek, titled In the      dios Video Production and Marketing. In
nior executive service position at Inte-       Center of Four Townships. Laurie, a           2005 he released his first film produc-
rior, Melinda worked at the Department         member of the AC Alumni Association           tion, A World at Waste, and has since
of the Air Force as an associate general       Board, lives in Holt with her husband,        received eight international awards for the
counsel, a deputy designated agency            Eric, and is working on a doctorate from      film. His father, Paul MacDonald (Coach
ethics official and director of the ethics     Michigan State University, which she          Mac), who taught at AC for over 30 years,
office. She received her law degree from       hopes to complete by 2008. She earned         played a cameo in the crowd scene.
Michigan State University College of Law,      her master’s degree in American stud-         Stuart started Boomerang Studios in
which honored her with its 2005 Distin-        ies from the University of Notre Dame.        2001, and has a website at
guished Alumni Award.                                                               A sequel to
                                               Dave Beachnau ’84 was named by the            the film as a full length feature is planned
Deborah Keppers Lonon ’77 has ac-              National Association of Sports Commis-        within the next two years. Stuart and his
cepted the executive director position         sions (NASC) to its board of directors        wife, Lori, were the magical entertainment
with the McDowell Arts Council Asso-           for a term to expire in 2009. Dave, ex-       at AC’s Extravaganza Campaign Kickoff
ciation (MACA), in Marion, N.C. Deborah        ecutive director of the Detroit Metro         event for employees, held in December.
and her husband have lived in Marion for       Sports Commission, has been a member
over 20 years, where Deborah has been          of the NASC since 1998, and is a              Tamara Adams Stubbs ’86 has been
active in directing and acting in local the-   member of the association’s marketing         promoted to assistant chief parole officer
atre productions.                              committee and past member of the              of the Macon, Ga., parole office. Tamara
                                               NASC retained earnings committee. He          has worked at the Milledgeville and
Cliff Weeks ’78 of Valparaiso, Ind.,           was featured recently in an article in the    Eatonton, Ga., parole offices and is a
joined the Hamilton Sundstrand Indus-          Lansing State Journal.                        certified cognitive skills instructor and a
trial Division as director of quality assur-                                                 Peace Officer Standards and Training
ance. During Cliff’s 10 years with Sullair                                                   general instructor. She was nominated
Corp., he has held positions in quality,                                                     for the Governor’s Public Safety Award
environment, health and safety, and fa-                                                      in 2000 and received the 2003 Central
cilities engineering. He has a master’s                                                      Region Employee of the Year Award.
degree in business administration from
American InterContinental University.                                                        Christina Brown ’87 joined the Chicago
                                                                                             intellectual property law firm of
1980s                                                                                        McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff
Robert Wentworth ’80 was appointed                                                           LLP as a partner, having extensive ex-
director of sales and marketing for the                                                      perience in representing clients on is-
Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Cen-                                                          sues involving patents, trademarks,
tury City, Calif. Bob coordinates the                     Dave Beachnau ’84                  copyright, and trade secrets. She holds


                                                                                                County as its individual giving officer. Prior
                                                                                                to joining Lighthouse, Laura served as
                                                                                                director of development for the St. Vincent
                                                                                                and Sarah Fisher Center for four years.
                                                                                                Laura and her husband, Lars Covintree
                                                                                                ’93, live in Clarkston.

                                                                                                Rachel Joseph ’92 has applied her BA in
                                                                                                German by working in the public schools
                                                                                                for the past ten years and for the past three
                                                                                                years, has taught German via interactive
                                                                                                television. She has three high schools that
                                                                                                she teaches simultaneously from a satel-
                                                                                                lite hookup. Rachel is also working with a
                                                                                                multinational company, teaching English
    Class of 1986 at their 20-year reunion in October.
                                                                                                as a Second Language to Koreans via both
                                                                                                Internet conferencing and Internet tele-
    a J.D. from the University of Toledo.          Rose, Caroline Grace and Lily Jane, on       phone. Her students are middle school-
    Christina is the niece of Dr. Craig            Sept. 22. The McNabbs live in Filion, and    aged children and adult Hyundai and Kia
    Weatherby, AC biology professor.               Darin is the band director at North Hu-      employees. Rachel, who received her
                                                   ron High School.                             master’s in German in 1994 and her license
    Jill Merithew Ouellette ’89, chair of                                                       to teach German in 1996, credits AC for
    Northwood University’s (Midland, Mich.)        1990s                                        the wide range of knowledge she experi-
    fashion department, was promoted from                                                       enced while on campus. Rachel lives in
    assistant professor to associate profes-                                                    East Lansing, with her cats Alex and Mimi
    sor last spring. She earned her master’s                                                    and dog Hannelore. She can be contacted
    degree from Central Michigan University.                                                    at
    She and her family live in Midland. Jill was
    recently selected to serve on the AC                                                        Colleen Kowich ’92 was appointed di-
    Alumni Association Board of Directors.                                                      rector of alumni services at Missouri
                                                                                                Western State University in St. Joseph,
    WEDDINGS                                                                                    Mo., in August. Previously, Colleen held
    Tammi Herdon ’89 and Chris Palmer                                                           the positions of director of alumni
    were married Oct. 16, 2004, at St.                                                          relations at Saint Leo University in St.
    Agatha Catholic Church in Redford. At-         Holly Petty Poppink ’94 and Rebecca          Leo, Fla., and alumni volunteer coordi-
    tending as bridesmaids were Carole             Beasley Diesing ’96 and their families       nator at AC.
    Bach ’88, Tina Hubbard Alread ’89,             got together at Homecoming 2006.
    and Joanne Israel Burke ’91. Guests            Their daughters are pictured, left to        Stephen O’Neill ’93 was promoted to
    included David ’89 and Karen                   right, Mia Poppink, Piper and Char-          sergeant, transferring to the Michigan
    Vanderpool Messer ’89, Patti Holmes            lotte Diesing, and Tess Poppink.             State Police post in Adrian, and is in
    Norbut ’89, Tony ’96 and Danielle                                                           charge of traffic enforcement detail at
    Laborde Trudel ’97, and Lora Abner             Tim Baechler ’90, Canton High                Michigan International Speedway. He
    Nortley ’89. Tammi is an attorney, and         School’s head football coach, was named      served as a trooper at the Owosso and
    the couple lives in Southgate.                 the “2006 Observerland Coach of the          Corunna posts in mid-Michigan since
                                                   Year”, an honor from the Observer news-      1994. He joined the state police after
    BIRTHS                                         paper sports staff.                          graduating from AC. Steve and his wife,
                                                                                                Teresa, have two children.
                                                   In February, Steve Ashley ’91, lead gui-
                                                   tar player with a Christian rock band from   Randy Browne ’97 has accepted a
                                                   Nashville, Tenn., performed at a local       position as a category manager with IRI,
                                                   school in Adrian. Steve joined the band,     a consumer package goods research firm
                                                   “Roads to Rome,” eight months ago.           in downtown Chicago. He recently com-
                                                   Last year, a song Steve co-wrote was         pleted his master’s degree in business
                                                   used on the CBS television show “Cold        from the University of Denver.
                                                                                                Jeff Michalowski ’97 recently started
    Darin McNabb ’89 and his wife, Brooke,         Laura Newberry Covintree ’91 has             his own practice specializing in corpo-
    announce the birth of triplets Audrey          been hired by Lighthouse of Oakland          rate law, business planning, elder law and


estate planning. Jeff resides in Sterling
Heights where his practice is also lo-

In 2006, Angela Kreusel ’99 accepted                                                          Eye
the client services manager position at
Entertainment Publications, Inc., in Troy.
Angela lives in Redford, and may be con-
tacted through the Adrian College Alumni
Connection online community.

In 2006, Aaron Swiggum ’99 was pro-
moted to audit principal at the William
Vaughan Company, a Maumee, Ohio-
based tax, accounting and financial re-
porting services firm. Aaron, a CPA and
CFE, recently taught senior-level audit-
ing courses at AC. He specializes in
evaluating internal controls and perform-
ing fraud investigations for William
Vaughan Company’s healthcare, ser-
vice, manufacturing and construction cli-
ents. He and his wife, Amanda Bailey
Swiggum ’03, live in Blissfield, and have
one daughter.                                  Alum’s home featured in
                                                  national magazine
                                                If you were sitting in the beautifully decorated home of Shana Beswick Smith
                                             ’97, the Christmas decorations might look oddly familiar to you.
                                                It’s not that the bold combinations of black, white and lime green are something
                                             you’re used to seeing at Christmas – it’s that you just might have seen the spread
                                             on newsstands this holiday season.
                                                Shana, who studied art at Adrian, runs her own design firm, S.L. Smith Design,
                                             from her home in Oxford, Mich. This Christmas her home was featured in an article
                                             called, “Tradition with a Twist of Lime” in Better Homes and Gardens Christmas
                                             Ideas 2006.
                                                “I was at one of the showrooms I go to, and I was introduced to one of the
                                             magazine’s field editors,” Smith said. “She said she was looking for fresh new
                                                Shana showed her photos of her clients’ homes, and the editor asked if she
                                             could see hers.
Marcy McNamara ’98 and Brian                    “I told her she could see the kids’ rooms, but that I didn’t think the rest of the
Gallagher ’99 were married July 29 in        house was ready. When she saw it she didn’t agree, and she asked me if I could
St. Clair Shores. Stacy Slessman             have it decorated for Christmas in two weeks.”
Pasche ’98 served as matron of honor            The photo shoot actually took place an entire year in advance. It consisted of
and Brent Widdows ’00 served as best         one day of set up and two days of photography. The accompanying article praised
man. Other AC alumni in the wedding          Shana’s unexpected detail, fresh color combinations, and repeating themes of
party included Cheryl Carter Kruger          polka dots, leopard print and pom-pom fringe.
’97, Allison Smith James ’98,                   “My house is a little bit funky. I like to think outside the box and am always
Amanda Beyer Ledy ’98, Larry                 looking for unique objects to incorporate,” she said. For instance, her great room
Hammons ’99, and Greg Hagen ’98.             includes an antique cherry-picking ladder. When it was too tall, she cut off the top
Attending the wedding were Don ’67 and       and used that part in the bathroom to hang towels.
Diane Haywood Taylor ’67, Tom                   Shana has been doing design work for 11 years, both with professional design
Haywood ’72, Dawn Dular                      studios and on her own. She had two majors in college: studio art and criminal
Fischhauber ’98, Todd Adams ’98,             justice.
Marie Sharlow Gluza ’99, Russell Pit-           “My dad wanted me to be a lawyer, and I took art classes so I could get a
og ’99, Brian Aulph ’99, Aaron Sparks        scholarship and help pay for school,” she said. However, she got hooked on de-
’99, Pete Lutenbacher ’99, David             sign and has never looked back.
                                                “I absolutely love it,” she said. “Sometimes I don’t even feel like it’s a job.”


                                                         Rieth ’94, Mark Lesinski ’97, Jon         in Monroe. The LaBeau family lives
                                                         Hamer ’97, Aaron ’98 and Carrie           in Newport, and can be emailed at
                                                         Bella Mickey ’00, Charlie Butz  
                                                         ’99, Pete ’99 and Michelle Beck
                                                         Norman ’02, and former director of
                                                         AC career services, Scott Crawford.
                                                         The couple lives in Clawson. Both Brian
                                                         and Marcy are employed with the U.S.
                                                         Secret Service.

                                                         Jill Geddes Curry ’90 and her hus-
                                                         band, James, announce the birth of

              “Our bench”                                their son, Tyler James, on July 13.
                                                         He joins brother John, 2. Jill would
                                                         enjoy hearing from former class-
                                                                                                         Andrew and Kyle LaBeau
             A story of campus love                      mates at         Kim Dao Waldis ’92 and her hus-
                                                                                                   band, Andrew, announce the birth of
       In the last issue, Alumni Board President                                                   their son, Dominic Thai, on June 24.
    John Hiner ’82 told the story of how Rick            Doug Miller ’90 and his wife,
                                                         Kristen, announce the birth of their      The Waldis family lives in Lake Orion.
    Senica ’72 met his wife Cheri Thompson
    Senica x75 on the Adrian College campus. As          daughter, Karsyn Delaney, on June
    a surprise for her, he became a sponsor through      7. Karsyn joins sisters Kyla, 6, and
    the ongoing “Share a Bench” program and had          Camryn, 4. The Millers live in Spring,
    one of the new campus benches inscribed for          Texas. Doug is employed as a se-
    her.                                                 nior power trader at Calpine Corp. in
       It turns out that the Senicas are not the only    Houston.
    alumni couple with a special connection to
    Adrian benches. David ’85 and Mary Jo Gorski
    Koppenhofer ’86 share their story below.
       Dave and I met in 1983 on a training retreat                                                        Dominic Thai Waldis
    to become resident assistants. In the fall, we
    returned to school and started to spend time                                                   Paul ’92 and Michele Alston White
    together, sharing our commonalities of being                                                   ’90 announce the birth of their fourth
    first-time R.A.’s as well as both being in the                                                 child, Avery Allen, on Feb. 14, 2006.
    pre-engineering curriculum. Often we would walk                                                He joins siblings Alexia, 9, and twins
    around campus and stop at a bench by the                                                       Alonzo and Alyssa, 4. Paul works for
    chapel as we had long talks. On April 29, 1984,              Karsyn Delaney Miller             the State of Michigan as a recipient
    on the eve of departing to go to different                                                     rights specialist and Michele has a
    engineering schools, we sat on “our bench” and       Riki Carson-Emmendorfer ’91,              private practice as a psychologist.
    said “I love you’s” for the first time. Four years   former AC cross country coach, and        The White family lives in Westland.
    later, after our graduations and both locating to    her husband, Eric Emmendorfer
    Indiana, we were back at Adrian College and          ’02, announce the birth of their
    we were talking on our bench when Dave pro-          daughter, Tanana Troy, on May 12.
    posed to me, and I accepted. Then on May 27,         The family lives in Adrian. Proud
    1989, after we got married in the Adrian Col-        grandmother, Carol Carson, works
    lege Chapel, we had a wedding snapshot taken         for AC in the development office.
    at our bench. Twenty years after our first talks,
    we still visit Adrian College occasionally and       Laura Gniatczyk Byars ’92 and her
    always look for our bench, where we fondly re-       husband, David, announce the birth
    visit our special memories at Adrian.                of their first child, Joshua Lawrence,
       The “Share a Bench” program was initiated         in June. The Byars family lives in
    by the Alumni Board as one of its annual cam-        Sterling Heights.                                 Alyssa, Alexia, Alonzo
    pus beautification projects. Benches are being                                                            and Avery White
    replaced and added all over campus. They were
                                                         Susan Windels LaBeau ’92 and              Denise Welhusen-Huttenlocker ’92
    initially targeting alumni couples, but others
    have already participated and all are welcome.
                                                         husband Kevin announce the birth          and her husband, Bryan, announce
    Each new bench costs $1,000, and is made of          of their second child, Kyle Phillip,      the birth of a son, Trevor, on June 8.
    comfortable and durable coated steel. Donors         on Jan. 24, 2006. Kyle joined             Trevor joins sister Peyton, 3. The
    have sponsored 19 so far. Contact the office of      brother Andrew Charles, now 2. Su-        Huttenlockers live in Spring Arbor with
    development at 517-264-3168, 888-691-0008 or         san is a teacher at Jefferson Schools     their dog, Hank.


Mitch Blonde ’95 and his wife, Dawn,         ern Michigan University in the spring of      2005. The Kauffold family lives in
announce the birth of their first child,     2006. The Aten family lives in Pinckney.      Interlochen.
Grace Kathryn, on September 15. Mitch
is the executive director of the JCC Foun-   Kristen Mickey Chinery ’97 and her
dation and director of philanthropy and      husband, Brian, announce the birth of
planned giving for Jackson Community         their daughter, Molly, on Aug. 28. Kristen
College.                                     works at the Walter P. Reuther Library
                                             as an archivist and recently completed
                                             her second master’s degree. The Chinery
                                             family resides in Dearborn Heights.

                                                                                                     Carter Allan Kauffold
                                                                                           Tennille Barta Taraszkiewicz ’99 and
                                                                                           her husband, Steve, announce the birth
                                                                                           of Tyler Steven on Aug. 15. His uncle is
                                                                                           Travis Barta ’03 and grandparents are
                                                                                           Sue Barta (AC Bookstore) and her hus-
         Grace Kathryn Blonde                                                              band, Rick.
Heidi Ewald Leigh ’95 and her hus-
band, Scott, announce the birth of their                   Molly Chinery
son, Conner Scott, on June 14. Heidi is      Jennifer Filippis Cattel ’98 and her
the group and playbill sales manager for     husband, Tom, announce the birth of
the State Theatre in New Brunswick, N.J.     twins, Thomas Alan and Kaylee Chris-
The Leighs live in South Plainfield, N.J.,   tine, on June 11. Jennifer stopped teach-
and      may      be     emailed       at    ing second grade after six years to stay                           at home with the twins. The Cattel fam-
                                             ily lives in Royal Oak.

                                                                                                  Tyler Steven Taraszkiewicz

                                                                                           Osman Antwi-Boateng ’01 graduated
                                                                                           in May from Georgetown University’s
                                                                                           Edmund Walsh’s School of Foreign Ser-
           Conner Scott Leigh                                                              vice with a master’s degree in security
                                                    Thomas and Kaylee Cattel
                                                                                           studies-international security. He previ-
Bridget Beckwell Montgomery ’95                                                            ously earned a master’s degree in inter-
and her husband, Sean, announce the          Lori Dusel Stanley ’98 and her hus-           national affairs-communication and de-
birth of their son, Ryan, on July 18. He     band, Joe, announce the birth of their        velopment from Ohio University in Ath-
joins brother Andrew, 2. Bridget works       second child, Trevor Joseph, on Sept.         ens, Ohio. In the fall, he began his doc-
as a nuclear medicine technologist for a     1. He joins sister Ashley, 4. The Stanley     toral studies in international relations at
large cardiology group in Sterling           family lives in Allen Park.                   the University of Delaware, where he
Heights.                                                                                   serves as a teaching assistant. Osman
                                             Tara Richason Fisher ’99 and her hus-         spent the summer as a faculty advisor
Gina Burton Aten ’97 and Daniel Aten         band, Josh, announce the birth of their       with the Global Young Leaders Confer-
’98 announce the birth of their son,         daughter, Ava Marie, on Jan. 26, 2006.        ence in Washington, D.C., teaching col-
Parker Daniel, on July 7. He joins broth-    She joins sister Elaney, 3. The family        lege bound students from over 100 coun-
ers Brendan, 5, and Cole, 2. Gina is a       lives in Petersburg.                          tries on global leadership.
stay-at-home mom and Daniel is a fifth
grade teacher at Spence Elementary in        Jamie Carter Kauffold ’99 and her             Matthew Chapin ’01, former science
Brighton. He received his master’s de-       husband, Timothy, announce the birth of       teacher and athletic director at Deerfield
gree in educational leadership from East-    their first child, Carter Allan, on Oct. 8,   High School, is the new assistant prin-


   cipal at Airport High School in Carleton.      previously employed at Yost Ice Arena           Also attending the ceremony was Don
   Matthew earned a master’s degree in            in Ann Arbor, and earned a master’s de-         Lilly ’00. The couple resides in Daytona
   educational leadership in 2004 from            gree in sports science from the United          Beach, Fla., at this time. Stacy works
   Eastern Michigan University, and lives         States Sports Academy in Daphne, Ala.           as a veterinarian technician.
   in Belleville.
                                                  In October, Sarah Vincke ’03, of New            Megan Adams ’02 and Tim Kempter
   Last summer, Kraig Kehrer ’01 reported         Lothrop, graduated with a master’s degree       were married July 22, in Litchfield.
   that he had marked his one year anniver-       in science from Central Michigan University’s   JoLynn Bowen Nelson ’01 served as
   sary of living in New York City, where he is   Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of          matron of honor. Other alumni attending
   surviving while pursuing an acting career.     Health Professions in the physician assis-      the wedding included Jessica
                                                  tant program. She is employed in the emer-      Wolfinger Bills ’04, Kyle Failing ’04,
                                                  gency room at Hurley Medical Center.            Kerry Walker Mello ’96, Christyn
                                                                                                  McPeek Barrett ’97, and Michelle
                                                  Last summer, Blair Griewahn ’04, of             Moore ’93. Megan is a sixth grade so-
                                                  Tecumseh, made the dean’s list in her           cial studies teacher in Quincy, and a
                                                  fifth term of study at The Thomas M.            basketball coach at Hillsdale Academy.
                                                  Cooley Law School in Lansing. She was           The couple lives in Litchfield.
                                                  also selected to the Cooley Law Review
                                                  Board of Editors.
               Kraig Kehrer ’01                   Andy Zerkel ’04 accepted the position
                                                  of financial aid counselor at AC in
   In 2006, Michael Lagger ’01, of                November. He also serves on the AC
   Perrysburg, Ohio, was promoted to an           Alumni Association Board of Directors.
   officer in Fifth Third Bank’s Business
   Banking Group in Monroe. He received           Rachel Wandell Beard ’05 accepted
   a master’s degree in business adminis-         a position with CCS Fundraising, the
   tration from the University of Toledo, and     world’s largest fund-raising consulting
   has four years of experience in the fi-        firm. She is in charge of the Lions Club
   nancial field.                                 International $200 million campaign for               Megan Adams Kempter ’02
                                                  sight preservation, in the Midwest and                    and husband Tim
   Matthew Mika ’01, a resident of Staten         Ontario, Canada, regions.                       Melissa Bouscher ’02 and Anthony
   Island, N.Y., was recently hired as an
                                                                                                  Mulka were married July 2, 2005. Serv-
   assistant in the office of Congressman         Lindsey Cowling ’05 has relocated to            ing as maid of honor was Jennifer
   Tim Walberg. Last year, Matt appeared          the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, where        Dzieciolowski ’03. Alumni attending
   in a feature article in The Hill               she accepted a position as director of          included Janice Denney ’02, Jeremy
   (Washington, D.C.), profiling his after-       the New Horizon Kid’s Quest. Kid’s              Butler-Pinkham ’02, Angie Phillips
   hours career of DJ, offering 80s music         Quest is one of the nation’s largest child      ’02, Rachael Dodson ’03, Jennifer
   at local clubs in the Washington area.         care providers.                                 Kay ’03, and Steve Amorose ’04. Me-
                                                                                                  lissa has since earned her master’s de-
   Sara Naab ’02 has accepted a new               WEDDINGS                                        gree in the art of teaching from
   position in Davis, Calif., as knowledge                                                        Marygrove College, and she is currently
   manager for Freedom from Hunger, an                                                            teaching second grade for Warren Con-
   international microfinance and education                                                       solidated Schools.

   Ryan Seipke ’03 was one of eight stu-
   dents invited to present a student-con-
   tributed oral paper at the 2006 general
   meeting of the American Society of In-
   dustrial Microbiology, in Baltimore in
   August. Ryan is a doctoral candidate in        Stacy Lynn Palik ’00 and Luther Terrell
   the department of microbiology at Cornell      Watts were united in marriage on
   University.                                    November 2. The ceremony was on
                                                  board the Carnival cruise ship The
   Jim Vergona ’03 has been hired by              Elation. The maid of honor was Amber
   Compuware Sports Arena in Westland             Liedel Lilly ’01. Another AC bridesmaid
   as assistant arena manager. He was                                                                Melissa Bouscher Mulka ’02 and
                                                  was Elizabeth Osborne Lampson ’00.
                                                                                                            husband Anthony


Aja Blackwell ’03 and Luigi Russo ’02       Erin Scott ’04 and Kevin Inkrott ’03        Allen-Kably ’01 announce the birth of
were married July 8. Danielle Hobbs         were married Feb. 25, 2006, at the First    Seth Joseph on July 17. He joins sister
’04 served as a bridesmaid, and alumni      Congregational Church in Wayne.             Audrey, 3. The family resides in Adrian
attending included Sara Rober ’03,          Bridesmaids included Laura Kennedy          and     may      be     emailed      at
Kristen Baker ’03, Holly Zorn ’04,          Jaissle ’03 and Alison Cousino Sills
Joshua Brink ’01, Lindsay                   ’03. Many AC alumni were also in atten-
Crutchfield ’04, Amanda Burke ’04,          dance. Kevin is a manager with the          Matthew Day ’00 and his wife, Sherri,
Nicole and Ryan Arnold ’02, Riki            Cintas Corp., and Erin recently earned      announce the birth of their daughter,
Carson-Emmendorfer ’91 and Eric             her master’s degree in education and        Allyson Claire. The couple lives in
Emmendorfer ’02, Dennis Savard ’04,         spent the past year teaching kindergar-     Onsted, and Matthew is employed with
and Joshua Richie ’02. The Russo’s          ten. The couple lives in Livonia.           Sysco, as a marketing associate.
live in the Cleveland area.
                                                                                        Bryan ’00 and Andrea Blythe Hartman
Christie Hammerle ’03 and Greg                                                          ’02 announce the birth of their daughter,
Gnepper ’02 were married Aug. 19, at                                                    Natalie Grace, on Oct. 4. The Hartman
the Lenawee Country Club. Christie is                                                   family lives in Pinckney.
the daughter of AC Professors Gordon
and Judith Roes Hammerle. Presiding
at the ceremony were Brian Martinus
’01 and Professor Emeritus Jerry
Stewardson. The wedding party included
Adrian graduates Brent Cartwright ’01,
Joe Milanovich ’02, Jeremy Butler-
Pinkham ’02 and Erin McCormack
’04. Numerous other AC alumni and pro-        Erin Scott ’04 and Kevin Inkrott ’03
fessors attended. Dr. Agnes Caldwell
was the reader and MacKenzie, their         Joanna Weigel ’04 and Joe
Boston Terrier, was the ring bearer. In     Mierkowicz ’04 were married on Aug.                  Natalie Grace Hartman
May 2006, Christie graduated from The       5, at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Tren-
University of Michigan Law School. Her      ton. Alumni in attendance included Ja-      Jennifer Stinehelfer Huss ’01 and her
paper, Free Will to Will? A Case for the    son Quaine ’04, John Bourdeau ’03,          husband, Korey, announce the birth of
Recognition of Intestacy Rights for Sur-    Luke Harrigan ’05, Rob Heumann ’05,         their first child, Hayden Garrett, on Sept.
vivors of Same-sex Marriage or Civil        Bobby ’05 and Brenna Hall Wrozek            18. The Huss family lives in Decatur, Ind.
Union was published in the Michigan Law     ’04, Beth Riske ’04, Matt ’05 and Jenni
Review. From 2005-06, she was a note        Lindimore Zatkin ’04, Marie Baranda         John ’01 and Laura Darold Neff ’00
editor at the Review. Christie passed the   ’04, Melissa Plummer ’04, Lyndsey           announce the birth of their daughter,
Arizona bar in October, and is an asso-     Davis ’04, and Amy Williams ’04.            Leah Candice, on Nov. 10, 2005. Laura
ciate at the law firm of Perkins Coie in    Joanna is a sixth grade classroom           is a kindergarten teacher at Renaissance
Phoenix. Greg is an associate at the        teacher in Saline Area Schools, and Joe     Public School Academy, and graduated
law firm of Gammage and Burnham, also       is employed within the communications       in December from Central Michigan
in Phoenix. The couple lives in the Phoe-   group at Detroit Diesel. Joanna and Joe     University with a master’s degree in early
nix downtown historic district.             live on the outskirts of Ann Arbor.         childhood education. John is a training
                                                                                        instructor for the Saginaw Indian
                                                                                        Chippewa Tribe. The Neff family lives in
                                                                                        Mount Pleasant.

                                                                                        In Memoriam
                                                                                        Mary Rice Leitch ’27, age 100, died
                                                                                        Feb. 28, 2006, at Rock Creek retirement
                                                                                        community in Washington, D.C., where
                                                                                        she had lived since October of 2003.
                                                                                        While a student at AC, Mary was cap-
                                                Joe ’04 and Joanna Weigel               tain of the women’s basketball team and
                                              Mierkowicz ’04 with AC graduates          a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority.
                                                                                        She retired as a fifth grade teacher in
                                                                                        Otsego, in 1970. Surviving are five chil-
   Greg ’02 and Christie Hammerle           BIRTHS                                      dren, five grandchildren and four great-
             Gnepper ’03
                                            Al Ashraf Kably ’00 and Christen            grandchildren.


                                                            Don “Bud” Matthes ’34, of Adrian,          John “Jack” Stafford ’43, a resident
                                                            died June 7. He was purchasing             of Adrian, died Nov. 16. Jack managed
                                                            agent for GOCORP in Adrian before          the dairy store at Michigan Produc-
                                                            retiring in the early 1980s. Survivors     ers Dairy in Adrian until the store
                                                            include one son, one daughter, seven       closed, and then became the field in-
                                                            grandchildren, 10 great-grandchil-         spector until his retirement in 1985.
                                                            dren, two sisters and one brother.         Jack was an avid golfer and a lifelong
                                                                                                       member of the Lenawee Country Club.
                                                            Mary McElroy Harris ’35, of                He was preceded in death by his wife,
                                                            Morenci, died Aug. 17. Mary was a          Marian Hurlbut Stafford ’43. Sur-
                                                            school teacher for Lyons High School       viving are three sons, one daughter,
                                                            for several years, retiring from Ches-     ten grandchildren and eight great-
                                                            terfield Middle School in Evergreen        grandchildren.
                                                            School District in 1977 after 26 years
        Ordinary                                            of service. She had received a
                                                            master’s degree from the University
                                                                                                       Catherine Spence Bull ’45, a resi-
                                                                                                       dent of Lincoln Park and 1983 retiree
        Moments                                             of Toledo in 1960. Surviving are one
                                                            son, one daughter, one sister, four
                                                                                                       of the Department of Social Services,
                                                                                                       died Oct. 19. Catherine known as
         Book on making memories                            grandchildren and five great-grand-        “Birdie” in college because of her love
      To Susan Jones ’72, one of the greatest gifts we      children. She was preceded in death        of bird watching, enjoyed world trav-
   can give ourselves is to create memories with our        by her husband, Robert Harris ’35,         eling and working for a variety of
   loved ones while we can.                                 in 1987.                                   causes for peace and justice, includ-
      This message rang so true that she wrote a book                                                  ing serving on the Social Concerns
   about it.                                                Carl Brautigam ’36, former super-          Commission for years and volunteer-
      “Until We Meet Again,” a self-published work,         intendent of schools in Vermontville,      ing with the Legal Aid Clinic. Surviv-
   was written with children in mind but has become         Belding, Dowagiac and Albion, and          ing are two sons, including Jim Bull
   a story for all generations. It tells about a grandpa
                                                            associate professor of education at        ’76, and a brother.
   who teaches his grandson the value of ordinary
                                                            Michigan State University, died May
   moments together, from checkers and hot choco-
   late to a wink that means, “We are in this together.”
                                                            7. A resident of Ridgefield, Conn.,        Jean Hurlbut Ellsworth ’45, a resi-
       When his grandfather becomes seriously ill,          Carl received his master’s of educa-       dent of Adrian and life member of
   the roles reverse and the little boy initiates similar   tion and Ph.D. in education from           Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, died
   kindnesses to warm Grandpa’s heart. Following            MSU. Prior to his retirement in 1991,      April 3. She was preceded in death
   their journey to Grandpa’s final day, the moments        he was a consultant to the Michigan        by her husband, Richard “Bud”
   become treasured memories.                               Association of School Boards. Sur-         Ellsworth ’45, and sister Marian
      Susan, a resident of Connecticut who has              vivors include a son, two grandchil-       Hurlbut Stafford ’43. Survivors in-
   worked as an elementary educator for over 30             dren and five great-grandchildren.         clude three daughters, two sons, a
   years, decided to write the book in 2000 after she                                                  sister, nine grandchildren and seven
   lost her father, mother, uncle and a close friend in     The College has received word of the       great-grandchildren.
   a short span of time.                                    death of Elizabeth Davisson Foster
       The book originated from a collection of per-        ’37, a resident of Springfield, Ohio, on   Virginia Miller Haas ’46, of Jasper,
   sonal memories and images that Susan quickly
                                                            Sept. 24.                                  died Aug. 15. She was preceded in
   jotted down after waking early one morning.
                                                                                                       death by her husband, Stanley Haas
   Thanks in part to the encouragement of a fellow
   author, Susan found the right editor and illustrator     Robert Tompson ’41, former chair           ’55. Surviving are twin sons, a daugh-
   to help her make the story cheerful, tender and          of the mathematics department at           ter and three grandchildren.
   hopeful.                                                 the University of Nevada, died Jan. 6
      Susan hopes that the book will help people of         in Reno. Robert received his Ph.D.         Dot Livezey Mott ’47, of Indianalo,
   all ages to realize the importance of making             in mathematics from Brown                  Iowa, formerly of Barnsville, Ohio, died
   memories now.                                            University in 1953, and spent 35           Aug. 13. She was a physical educa-
      The book has received a strong endorsement            years teaching math at the                 tion major at AC, and was active in
   from Dr. Robert Ancona, chief of the department          University of Nevada, retiring in 1991.    sports under Ioan Young Stepp. After
   of pediatrics at St. Joseph Medical Center in Mary-      He was instrumental in the forma-          retiring as a phys. ed. teacher, she
   land. He recommends the story to parents of all          tion of the Desert Research Institute,     was active in community affairs and
   young children who have suffered or are prepar-          and led the development of the first       she and her husband, Don, enjoyed
   ing to suffer the loss of a loved one. Several Hos-      computer science curriculum at the         travel in their RV. Dot leaves her hus-
   pice and grief centers for children and families
                                                            University of Nevada, which became         band of 59 years, four children and
   are also embracing this story.
                                                            today’s computer science depart-           four grandchildren.
   The story is dedicated to Susan’s father. “Until         ment. Survivors include his wife, a
   We Meet Again” will be released April 2007. For          son and a granddaughter. Robert was        Barbara Dow Brown ’48, a resident
   more, go to Susan’s             born in Adrian in 1920.                    of Addison and retired secretary for
   website is


the juvenile court in Jackson, died        sons and two grandchildren.              FREE WRITE
Sept. 18. Surviving are her husband,
two sons, six grandchildren, 15 great-     Willard “Woody” Books ’51, a resi-
grandchildren and a sister.                dent of Bartow, Fla., and retired di-
                                           rector of student publications at
Frederick Fox ’49, a resident of           University of South Florida, died Oct.
Adrian and retired elementary princi-      25, 2005. Survivors include his wife,
pal, died Dec. 23. While a student at      Anna, and three children.
Adrian, Fred played basketball and
tennis, earning letters in both sports.    O. Herbert Farver ’52, owner and
He had earned a master’s degree in         president of Blissfield Manufacturing
education from the University of Michi-
gan, and was a referee for high school
                                           since 1946, died June 21. Herb
                                           served in the U.S. Navy and has since
basketball and football in Lenawee         held membership in many area clubs                      Reasons to Run
County. Survivors include his wife,        and served on various boards includ-
                                                                                                by shelly neumeyer ’05
Opal, five children, nine grandchildren    ing the Bixby Medical Center Board.
including Eric Fox ’03, and four great-    In addition to his wife, Connie, he is      This past January, I decided to focus on run-
grandchildren.                                                                      ning. I wanted to work my way to running three
                                           survived by two sons, a daughter,
                                                                                    miles a day with ease. About a week after I made
                                           three grandchildren and one great-       that decision, I received a postcard from the Leu-
Virginia Sanborn Nielsen ’49, a            grandchild.                              kemia & Lymphoma Society, promoting their
resident of Lansing, died Sept. 8.
                                                                                    Team in Training (TNT) program. Running a mara-
Survivors include her husband,             Ned Harrington ’52, of Ann Arbor,        thon had never been a goal of mine, but this was
Mogens.                                    died June 27. Ned had earned a           a chance to run one in Anchorage, Alaska. Since
                                           master’s degree from Wayne State         I love to travel, I decided to go to an informational
Gilbert Eno ’50, a resident of Mesa,       University and a Ph.D. from the          meeting. Just like that, I was hooked.
Ariz., and former Lenawee County           University of Michigan. He played the       The five-month training process was very chal-
librarian and photo technician, died       trumpet in many dance and jazz           lenging. I experienced my share of sore legs,
Oct. 11. A 50-year Masonic member,         bands, frequently entertaining at the    cramped muscles, aching feet, and blisters (upon
Gilbert is survived by three daughters,                                             blisters, upon blisters!).
                                           Montreaux-Detroit jazz festival. He is
two sons, 17 grandchildren, eight                                                      In exchange for the coaching and expense-paid
                                           survived by his wife, Mary, two chil-    trip to Anchorage, I committed to raise funds for
great-grandchildren, two great-great-      dren and six grandchildren.
grandchildren, and two sisters, includ-                                             the organization’s mission to find a cure for leu-
ing Ruth Eno Clippert ’52 and her                                                   kemia, lymphoma, myeloma and other blood-
                                           Arlene Harsh Schrubb ’52, of Or-         related cancers. With the support from generous
husband, Emory Clippert ’50.
                                           egon, Ohio, died April 16. Arlene had    family, friends, and coworkers, I raised over
                                           been employed as a secretary at          $5,000!
Charles Hensen ’50, of Tecumseh,                                                       There were moments I thought of giving up;
                                           Gross Electric, and is survived by a
died June 30. He is survived by his                                                 that’s when the “117,466 reasons to run” came
wife of 57 years, Jane, a son, two                                                  into play. How did I come up with that many
daughters, nine grandchildren and four                                              reasons? Here’s the breakdown:
                                           Blaire Minier Bohs ’53, of Adrian,
                                           died Jan. 20. Blaire was an English
                                                                                         34,810 Estimate of leukemia cases
                                           teacher with Adrian Public Schools,
Carl Pocock ’50, a resident of                                                                  diagnosed in 2005
                                           where she retired after 30 years of           15,980 Estimate of myeloma cases
Wooster, Ohio, and former Methodist
                                           service. Survivors include her hus-                  diagnosed in 2005
minister for 30 years, died Oct. 8. Carl
was also a school teacher in Dundee,       band, a daughter, two sisters, includ-        66,674 Estimate of lymphoma cases
teaching English, social studies and       ing Carol Minier Wyman ’63, three                    in 2006
special education. He as a member          grandchildren and one great-grand-                1  trip to Alaska
                                           daughter.                                   +     1 personal accomplishment
of Oak Chapel UMC, ATO fraternity,
                                                                                       117,466 Reasons to Run
Veteran of Foreign Wars, American
Legion, and UM Retired Ministers.          Lorraine Schultz ’53, a resident of
                                           Clare and former psychiatric social         I finished the marathon in five hours and 43
Surviving in addition to his wife, Vir-                                             minutes. My 117,466 reasons, made all the differ-
ginia, are three children, four grand-     worker for over 30 years in several
                                                                                    ence in those final miles. I wanted to finish in un-
children and a brother.                    hospitals in Cleveland, died Aug. 27.    der five hours, but finishing was a victory in itself!
                                           Lorrie is survived by her sister,        I look at it this way: falling short of my goal has
Robert Trevarthen ’50, of Ironwood,        Sandra Schultz Campbell ’53.             given me yet another reason to run…I have to
died Nov. 22. He spent 42 years at                                                  beat that time!
the Ironwood Daily Globe in the ad-        Raymond Barnes ’55, of Las Ve-              Shelly, an interior design major and business
vertising department, retiring as ad-      gas, Nev., died May 21. He was hon-      minor, is a designer for Reico Kitchen & Bath in
vertising manager in 1993. Surviving       ored at the American Guild of Organ-     Alexandria, Va. For more information on the Team in
are his wife of 58 years, Cleone, three    ists on April 30, and given a certifi-   Training program, go to


                                                       cate from the national headquarters         Westport before his retirement. He is
                                                       in New York as well as lifetime mem-        survived by his wife, Marie, his
                                                       bership in the organization.                mother, and five children and nine
                                                       Raymond, founding dean of the Las           grandchildren.
                                                       Vegas chapter, had served actively
                                                       on the executive board for 38 years         Phyllis Knapp Bruce ’60, of Sand
                                                       in several official capacities. He was      Creek, died Oct. 18. She was a
                                                       currently serving as membership             teacher for 25 years at Madison
                                                       chair and acting as coordinator for         Schools and the Adrian Training
                                                       placement and substitutes. Surviving        School, retiring in 1976. Surviving are
    Professor                                          are his wife and two brothers.              a daughter, a son, a sister and four
        Cynthia Bosio                                  Jack Birchfield ’55, a resident of
                                                       Ann Arbor and retiree from the              Paul Frederick ’60, who served in
                                                       University of Michigan, died Jan. 29.       both the Detroit and West Michigan
                   1953-2007                           Jack was a 1951 graduate of Adrian          Conferences of the United Methodist
                                                       High School. At Adrian College, he          Church, died May 20. He was a resi-
      It is with great sadness that Adrian College
                                                       lettered in several sports and was          dent of Chesterfield, and is survived
   announces the death of Professor Cindy Bosio.
                                                       inducted into the AC Athletic Hall of       by his wife, Jody Stiner Frederick
      Bosio, Adrian College professor of mathemat-
                                                       Fame in 1979. He was proud to be a          ’61, and three children.
   ics for over 20 years, died of cancer Jan. 15 at
                                                       member of the SAE fraternity, at one
   Bixby Medical Center in Adrian. She was diag-
                                                       time serving as its president. Jack         Myrtle Barron Solomonson ’60, a
   nosed with the disease six years ago, and after
                                                       also served on the AC Alumni Asso-          resident of Morenci, died Aug. 15. She
   chemotherapy had been in remission for almost
                                                       ciation Board of Directors and was          retired from the Morenci Area School
   three years before her recent relapse.
                                                       honored with the Alumni Service             system in 1988, after 44 years of
      “She was someone I could talk to, not just
                                                       Award in 2005. He is survived by his
   about math, but about real-life issues,” sopho-                                                 teaching. Myrtle received a master of
                                                       wife, Anne, three children,several
   more Tim Mathis reported in a front-page story                                                  arts degree in education from East-
                                                       grandchildren, a sister, brother
   in the College World, AC’s student newspaper.                                                   ern Michigan University in 1965, spe-
                                                       Roger Birchfield ’60 and wife, and
      Bosio was known for her ability to help stu-                                                 cializing in special education. In 1982,
                                                       sister-in-law. Memorial contributions
   dents overcome their anxiety about math.                                                        she was honored as the Teacher of
                                                       may be made in Jack’s name to
      “She was trained in family counseling and                                                    the Year by the Lenawee County Fed-
                                                       Adrian College.
   guidance,” Peter Boudreau, fellow AC math-                                                      eration of Women’s Clubs. She is sur-
   ematics professor, reported to the Toledo Blade.                                                vived by two children, two grandsons,
                                                       Larry Anderson ’56, of Manitou
   “She could translate some of the skills of be-                                                  seven great-grandsons, two brothers
                                                       Beach, died June 29. Larry was a
   ing a good counselor in talking with college stu-                                               and one sister.
                                                       real estate salesman, retiring in 1995.
   dents who expressed anxiety difficulties.”          In addition to his wife, Marilyn, he is
      “She was able to perceive the difficulty that    survived by three sons, one daugh-          Genevieve Smith Quigley ’62, a
   a student was having in ways not everybody          ter, one brother, one sister, five grand-   resident of Adrian and an English pro-
   could,” Boudreau said.                              children and one great-grandson.            fessor at Hillsdale College for 17
      When Bosio was awarded the 2005 Ross                                                         years, died July 7. She received a
   Newsom Award for Outstanding Teaching at            Don Enerson ’57, of Hudson, died            master’s degree in 1964 and her Ph.D.
   Adrian College, her students called her the best    Jan. 30, 2006. Don was employed             in 1972 from the University of Michi-
   teacher they’d ever had, and said her enthusi-      at the Cargill Co. in Minneapolis and       gan. She taught at Adrian Junior High
   asm inspired students.                              the Gamble Store in Hudson. He is           School and at Tecumseh schools.
      Bosio received the Phenomenal Woman              survived by one brother, Warren             Genevieve created the Charles
   Award in 2003, was recognized for excellence        “Bud” Enerson ’50.                          Dickens Award at AC. She also
   in instruction in 1997 and 1998, and was                                                        served eight years on the Lenawee
   involved in several different ways on campus.       The College was recently informed           County Board of Commissioners, run-
   Beyond campus, she worked with a state com-         of the death of Ronald                      ning as a Democrat. She is survived
   mittee that oversees and evaluates the state        Chmielewski ’59, of Brownsburg,             by a daughter and two grandchildren.
   mathematics exam, and participated in work-         Ind. Ron was employed by National
   shops to enhance her instruction for teacher        Gypsum Company, and is survived             Joyce “Mimi” Hadden Ganun ’63,
   education students.                                 by his wife, Arlene.                        of Adrian, died June 27. Surviving are
      Bosio earned a bachelor’s degree from Michi-                                                 her husband, Larry, five children in-
   gan State University, and two master’s degrees      Jerome DeSormier ’59, a resident            cluding Vicki Ganun Hall ’85, and
   from Eastern Michigan University.                   of Taunton and Westport, Mass.,             four brothers, Mark Hadden ’80,
      Surviving are her husband David, a son and       died Aug. 7. He was the owner of            Tom Hadden ’71, Richard Hadden
   daughter, three sisters and three brothers.         DeSormier Insurance Agency in               ’59 and Ron Hadden ’74. Joyce was


preceded in death by a brother, David       Spencer Sellas ’88, of Clearwater, Fla.,    four sons and grandchildren.
Hadden ’65.                                 died Dec. 15. He was most recently
                                            employed as a senior group manager with     Bonnie Hammersley, a resident of
Michael “Mikey” Hughes ’65, a resi-         the Home Shopping Network, and had          Adrian and friend of the College, died
dent of Detroit and ATO fraternity          formerly worked for IBM for 12 years.       June 14. She was preceded in death by
member, died Jan. 29. Mikey, a retired      Spencer was a member of SAE frater-         her husband, Gordon, in 2003. Survivors
dispatcher, is survived by his wife, two    nity and received his master’s degree in    include one son, one daughter and six
daughters, a son and five grandchildren.    business education from the University      grandchildren.
                                            of South Florida. Survivors include his
Herman “Tom” Lord ’66, of Southfield,       wife, Kristen, three sons, parents, one     Glenn Harbaugh, a resident of Evans-
died May 20. He had worked for many         brother and one sister.                     ville, Ind., and former AC theater arts
years in international sales as a produc-                                               educator and director for nine years, died
tion engineer for several automotive        Stephanie Glennon ’92, a resident of        June 24. During his time at AC, he con-
manufacturers in the Detroit area and       Lansing and teacher at Cooley Law           verted the old chapel in Downs Hall into
was most recently employed with Guard-      School, died Oct. 29.                       a performing arts space. Glenn spent the
ian Automotive as a program manager.                                                    next 20 years at Indiana State University,
Survivors include his wife, two daugh-      Anne Gulliver Reed ’93, a resident of       and ended his career in teaching as head
ters and a son.                                                                         of upper school at Evansville Day School
                                            Clark Lake and former teacher at Colum-
                                            bia Central High School, died Jan. 16.      in Evansville, Ind. Surviving are his wife,
Victor Mourer ’66, of Adrian, died May                                                  five sons, four grandchildren, one sister
                                            Anne was a member of DisAbility Con-
30. He retired in 2000 from the Ford                                                    and one brother.
                                            nections and Passages, both in Jack-
Motor Co. in Saline as a traffic agent,
                                            son, the Michigan Center Bible Church,
plant hazmat coordinator and EMTC af-                                                   Ronald Reece, a resident of Three Riv-
                                            and a former member of Dancing Wheels
ter 30 years of service. Victor was a                                                   ers and former trustee for AC, died Oct.
                                            in Hampton, Va.
member of the Adrian Jaycees and                                                        18. Ron had served as the superinten-
MENSA. Besides his wife, JoAnne                                                         dent of Three Rivers High School for 25
                                            John “Jay” Bowen ’98, a financial ad-
Carter Mourer ’69, he is survived by                                                    years, was a former member of the
                                            visor with Newbridge Securities in Boca
one daughter, one son, his mother, a                                                    Vicksburg Village Council, and served
sister and a brother.                       Raton, Fla., died Nov. 20. Surviving are
                                                                                        on many boards and committees. He
                                            his father, mother, a brother, a step-
                                                                                        was honored as the Three Rivers Citi-
C. Stephen Adair ’69, of Plano, Texas,      brother, a step-sister, and paternal and
                                                                                        zen of the Year in 1997. Survivors include
and boy’s basketball coach at Plano         maternal grandparents. The family has
                                                                                        his wife, three children, five grandchildren,
East High School for 16 years, died April   requested that any donations in Jay’s
                                                                                        three brothers and one sister.
3. Steve’s 30-year coaching career in-      memory be made to the Adrian College
cluded 12 years in Battle Creek (Mich.),    AC Fund.
where he coached track, football and
basketball and taught physical educa-       Friends In Memoriam
tion. He is survived by his wife, a son,    Myrtle Hooper Avis, a resident of
two daughters, his father and six grand-    Sandusky, Ohio, and former house-
children.                                   mother to the ATO fraternity in Cornelius   Submit a Class Note
                                            House in the early 1950s, died Jan. 30.
                                            Myrtle had also taught the Fundamen-
                                                                                        Send        your       news       to
Salvatore “Sam” Santell ’77, a resi-
dent of Wasco, Ill., died April 19. Sam     tals of Speech and Radio Workshop part- or Alumni
was the former director of planning for     time at AC.                                 Office, Adrian College, 110 S.
Kane County (Ill.), and was instrumen-                                                  Madison Street, Adrian MI 49221.
tal in the 2020 Land Resource Manage-       Marjorie Chesney, of Coldwater, for-        Photos and information may be
ment Plan that was recognized for its       merly of Adrian, died April 22. She had
                                                                                        used as space permits. Digital im-
innovation by the National Trust for His-   been employed as a telephone recep-
toric Preservation. He became director      tionist at AC many years ago.               ages must be of sufficient quality.
of planning and development for the                                                     Due to internal deadlines, there may
Northeastern Illinois Planning Commis-      Jane Davis, wife of Dr. John Davis,         be a delay of up to two issues from
sion in 2004. Sam received a master’s       emeritus professor of history, died Nov.    the time items are submitted.
degree in city and regional planning in     26. A graduate of Bucknell University,
1979 from Ohio State University. He is      Jane was an active member of the Adrian
survived by his wife, Beth Werstler         community, enjoying a 35-year career in
                                                                                        Change Of Address
                                                                                        Mail: Carol Carson, Records Clerk
Santell ’76, a son, a daughter, two sis-    real estate as well as serving on the       110 S. Madison St., Adrian, MI 49221
ters, two brothers and his father-in-law,   Lenawee County Board of Commission-         Email:
AC professor emeritus Dick Werstler.        ers. Surviving besides her husband are      Fax: 517-264-3331


                                                                                             Alumni Association Board of Directors

         ALUMNI Art Auction                                                                              Brad Barrett ’04
                                                                                                        Jim Culbertson ’63
                                                                                                  Kandi Weinlander Eklund ’51
                                                                                                          Jessie Ellis ’97
                                                                             2007                 Madeleine Lakatos Fojtik ’82
                                                                                                        Michael Fox Jr. ’04
                                                                                                         John Geisler ’61
            The Art Alumni Board will sponsor the third Alumni Art Auction at Homecom-                Stephen R. Gregg ’68
         ing 2007 (Oct. 5-7). Donations of artwork in any media are actively sought                Deanna Baker Hartley ’72
                                                                                                         Don J. Helser ’71
         from all alumni and friends of the art and design department. We will mat and                    Kevin Hile ’88
         frame two-dimensional work for you.                                                             John P. Hiner ’82
                                                                                                Julayne Morningstar Hughes ’86
            The auction takes place every three years. Proceeds support the Oxbow                        Jennifer Kay ’03
         Study Award for one student a year, and help purchase artwork by graduating              Mindy Dygert MacDonald ’74
                                                                                                   Beth Blonde McCaulley ’01
         seniors to continue to build an art collection for Shipman                                Marilyn Munsell McNitt ’73
         Library.                                                                                  Jill Merithew Ouellette ’89
            Send work to Professor Pi Benio, Art and Design                                        Laurie Dickens Perkins ’82
                                                                                                          Nate Smith ’81
         Department, Adrian College, 110 S. Madison St.,                                                 Eric Sullivan ’61
         Adrian, MI 49221. Contact Pi at 517-264-3901 or                                            Vicki Eustice Thomas ’80
                                                                                                    Marilyn Wilson Ward ’83                                                                              Andy Zerkel ’04
                                                                                          Trustees Elected by the Alumni Association
         The Art Auction subcommittee thanks you:                                                       Kurt L. Darrow ’77
                                                                                                     Robert M. Ransom ’59
         Elaine Martin Medrow ’86                                                                     Lynn A. Schefsky ’70
         Jackie Kruczek Sigan ’86                                                                        Jack Shimko ’79
                                                                                                      James D. Thomas ’84
         Ann Vreeland ’97                                                                            Linda Dox Weston ’65
         Deb Wilson ’94
         Sharon Voegeding Miller ’81

                                                                    Zeta Betas
                                                                    from the 1960s
                                                                    and 1970s:
                                                 Theta Chi Fraternity Reunion:
                                                 June 15-16, 2007
     June 18 – Lenawee Country Club              Golf – Cocktails – Campus Tours –
                                                 Meet with President Docking
     Luncheon, shotgun start, dinner-
     $150 per golfer                             Buffet Dinner on campus: $15
                                                 More details to be mailed.
     Up to 32 teams – first come, first
     serve. All proceeds will benefit AC’s       Questions? Contact Jeff Pinkham ’71,
     Bulldog Club                                410-585-4341,,
                                                 or Jim Mahony ’00, Adrian College
     For information, contact Aaron Klotz        Director of Development, 517-264-3104,
     at 517-264-3976 or

                          State of the College
                           President Jeffrey R. Docking
                           Founders’ Day
                           Wednesday, March 28, 2007
                           12:15 p.m.
                           Adrian Tobias Room, Ritchie Marketplace, Adrian College                    Oct. 5-7
                           All are welcome to attend. Reception following.
                                                                                              Contact or
         Visit to read or listen to the speech after 2:00p.m. that day.      800-264-9063 for more information.

                  A Spirit Shop


Silver Picture Frame                                             Desk Clock
Silver frame for 5” x 7” picture.                                Hinged 10” x 7” desk clock with 5 ½” x 3 ½”
$15.95                                                           photo frame.

                                                        Round Silver Desk Pen Holder
                                                        Polished silver round domed pen holder with matching
                                                        desk pen. Laser engraved with college name and seal.

 Ensemble Pen and Rollerball Set
 Twist action ballpoint pen and fine point rollerball          Pen and Business Card Case Set
 packaged together in a hinged metal gift box.                 Metal plunger action silver satin ballpoint pen and
 Both writing instruments have silver metal accents.           business card holder in metal gift box. Custom
 $14.95                                                        graphics on pen and card holder.

   Call 517-264-3185 to place an order.                   Visit to view more merchandise.

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                             grow enrollment

                             $15 million dollar goal

                             Over $10.2 million raised to

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