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 What in 8th                                           Are You Ready
                                                       for the Real World?
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                                                                     8th Grade

      A partnership of the Indiana Department of Education and
                       Indiana Commission for Higher Education

North Daviess Junior-Senior High School
                                         for Life                                                               You r gu i de to sch oo l success

    We want every Indiana student to be successful, so this issue of               was
    created with you in mind.                                                                                    Brought to you by:

    Eighth grade is an important time to start thinking about your future. You don’t have to                     Indiana Department of
    make any big decisions today, but right now is the time to start planning and preparing                      Education
    for what’s ahead:                                                                                            Indiana Commission for
    ★ Find out if you are ready for the “real” world on page 15, explore going beyond Core                       Higher Education
      40 on page 6 and read about the importance of math on page 7.                                              If you have questions, call Learn
    ★ Commit yourself to finishing high school and preparing for college by updating your                        More Indiana at 1-800-992-2076 or
      Graduation Plan with your school counselor. You can read more about it on page 7.                          go to www.learnmoreindiana.org.

    ★ Apply for the state’s Twenty-first Century Scholars program. If you apply and meet
      eligibility requirements, the state of Indiana will give you a tuition scholarship to help                 Learn More Indiana provides
      pay for college. Details are on page 17, and you can apply at www.scholars.in.gov.                         information in print, in person,
    ★ Talk to your parents and school counselor about your future. There are some tips on                        through partnerships and on the
      page 18 to get the conversation started, or you can use the checklist on page 19.                          Web to get more Hoosiers to and
                                                                                                                 through college.
    Indiana has set world-class standards for what you should know and be able to do by
    the end of 8th grade, so make sure you work hard this year. Each grade builds on the
    previous year, which is how 8th grade helps lay the foundation for learning through high                     KnowHow2GOIndiana.org is a
    school and beyond. Take a look at pages 8 and 9 or visit www.doe.in.gov/standards to
                                                                                                                 statewide campaign led by Learn
    learn more about Indiana’s Academic Standards.
                                                                                                                 More Indiana. It is designed to
    We hope you enjoy this issue of            . If you have questions about anything                            let students know that college
    you have read or want to learn more, visit www.learnmoreindiana.org/8thgrade                                 does not just happen and that
    or call 1-800-992-2076.                                                                                      there are actual steps to take.
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    Have a great year!                                                                                           national effort led by the Lumina
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                                                                                                                 Council and the American Council
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   Mitch Daniels                 Dr. Tony Bennett           Teresa Lubbers
   Governor                      Superintendent of          Commissioner
   State of Indiana              Public Instruction         Indiana Commission
                                 Indiana Department         for Higher Education
                                 of Education

Indiana’s Academic Standards for Grade 8:
What You’ll Learn This Year                                                                 On the cover                 features photos of Hoosier
                                                                                            students from schools across the state — such as the students
To see the “big picture” about what you can expect to know and be                           from North Daviess Junior-Senior High School in Elnora that
                                                                                            appear on the cover of this magazine. Learn more about these
able to do by the end of 8th grade, go to page 8. You also can go to                        students at www.learnmoreindiana.org/ontrack.
www.doe.in.gov/standards or call 1-800-992-2076.

                                                                                                               OnTrack Bonus

Contents                                                                12     Don’t Be Career
                                                                               Clueless: Take the
                                                                                                               17       Be Smart, Be Safe

                                                                                                               Be a Pain, in a Good Way …
  3   Tips to Get It Together in    8      What You Need to Know        14     Choosing the Right              18       Ask for Help
      8th Grade                            in 8th Grade: Indiana’s             College for You
                                           Academic Standards                                                  OnTrack Bonus
Push Yourself                                                           Put Your Hands on
                                    10     ISTEP+ Reality Check:        Some Cash                              19       Make It Happen:
  5   Get with the Program:                How Much Do You Know?                                                        Your 8th Grade
      Core 40                                                           14     Learn More, Earn More                    Checklist
                                    Find the Right Fit
  6   Go Beyond Core 40                                                 15     Quiz: Ready for the Real        Parent Tips
                                    11     7 More Ways to Learn                World?
  7   Get Going on Math,                   about Careers                                                       Back          10 Ways to Help
      Keeping It All Straight:                                          17     You Can Afford College          Cover         Your Student
      Your Graduation Plan
    Tips                     to Get It
                             Together in
                                                                     Let’s get straight to the point: Only you
                                                                     can make your future happen, and the first step is getting the

                                                                     best education you can.

                                                                     Middle school is the time to get it together before making the
                                                                     jump to high school. It’s a great time to prove to yourself and
                                                                     others your ability to work hard and succeed.

   Here are some practical tips to use right now to make sure you do well in 8th grade:

                to Scho
                       ol                                                                rganize
1            Go
         It sounds obvious, but you might be surprised at
         how many students fail to take attendance seriously.
                                                                          2         Get O
                                                                                   The first step toward organization is having the right
                                                                                   equipment. It doesn’t have to be fancy; a different color
         A solid attendance record is important:                                   folder (neatly labeled) for each class and a calendar or
                                                                                   planner should do it.
         ★    You’ll get better grades and learn more if you
              actually attend school. You can’t learn if you’re                    In the folders, keep notes in one pocket and handouts
              not there.                                                           in the other. In your calendar or planner, create a sched-
         ★    In middle and high school, you will need to learn                    ule to keep track of all your major assignments and
              about your school’s attendance policy and limit                      tests. Take time to plan your weekly schedule: home-
              absences. Too many absences might mean that                          work, activities, school and time with friends. Then try to
              you won’t earn enough credits to graduate.                           stick to the plan.
         ★    Employers want to hire workers they can count
              on, and regular school attendance shows
                                                                                    Do You ework
         If you must be absent for any reason, take the

                                                                          3            Hom
         necessary steps to get the absence excused and
         make sure you contact your teachers or someone
                    from your classes to find out what was
                       covered. Then, be sure to get the
                         homework you’ve missed completed                         Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, some students
                             and turned in.                                       blow off homework by either not doing it at all or
                                                                                  not putting enough effort into it. Blow it off and
                                                                                  your grades will suffer: You’ll lose the points for the
                                                                                  assignment and miss an opportunity to learn the
                                                                                  material before the test.

                                                                                  There are two schools of thought on homework: Com-
                                                                                  plete the easiest tasks first to give yourself a boost of
                                                                                  energy and confidence, or complete the hardest and
                                                                                  longest assignment first to get it out of the way. Try both
                                                                                  methods to see which one works better for you.
Where to Go When You Need
HomeWork Help                                                                     Whichever you choose, make sure you give yourself
                                                                                  a little downtime or a reward between tasks to give
                                                                                  your brain a break. Experts also suggest scheduling a
You can find help from many sources. Ask your teacher or school
                                                                                  specific time each day for homework. Create the right
counselor about homework clubs, study tables, or where to go for
                                                                                  environment — free of distractions — and have all your
free or low-cost tutoring in your community. Rose-Hulman Institute
                                                                                  supplies on hand before you start.
of Technology’s Homework Hotline provides free math and science
homework help. Students can visit the website at
www.askrose.org or call the Homework
Hotline from 7 p.m. to
10 p.m. (EST) for free at                                                                                8th Grade                               3
        Don’t Waelp                                                                 ork Har
4       to Get
                                                                       5           W
    If you’re worried about your grades or test scores                           Do more than just get by. For example, if your teacher
    — or you know you should be worried — ask for                                offers you extra credit, take the opportunity — even if
    help. Whether you are struggling with homework                               you don’t need it. Take the most challenging classes
    or aren’t doing well on quizzes, tell your teacher                           you can. (Check out page 6 for more information.)
    or school counselor about the problem and ask                                Grades matter, but it’s more important to stretch
    for specific advice on how to improve. Speak up if                           yourself than to take an easy class. Students who go
    you think you’re falling behind, and be sure to take                         the extra mile will have more job opportunities and
    advantage of the extra help sessions, study tables                           college choices.
    or tutoring your school may provide.

6       Read for Fun
                                                                                             Get the
                                                                                             In addition to the information in this mini-
                                                                                             magazine, the KnowHow2GOIndiana and
                                                                                             Learn More Indiana websites are your
    Spend some time reading outside of class — books, online news, magazines,
                                                                                             connections for information on college and
    whatever appeals to you. Reading for fun gives you a chance to learn about new
                                                                                             careers and how to succeed in school.
    things, which will help you do better in school. It can also improve your scores on
                                                                                             Visit www.learnmoreindiana.org or
    standardized tests like the ACT or SAT and help you explore your career interests.
                                                                                             www.KnowHow2GOIndiana.org for
    Here are more tips from the Department of Education’s Read On, Indiana!                  more tips, checklists, career interest
    campaign (more are available at www.doe.in.gov):                                         inventories and other information about
    ● Sign up for a library card and visit your local branch as often as you can.            what you can do to
      Borrow books that interest you.                                                        get the future you
    ● Work together with your family to build a library at home. Create a special            want.
      place to keep your books.
    ● Spend time reading every day. Try chapter books that take multiple days to read.

                                                  o     College …
                              ow2gGollegtbut big dreamskeanind 8gthodgrade.
                        owH ey plan to o to co e, you need to ta o
                      Kn say th
        7              Most stude
                       grades a
                               ren’t en
                                       ough. There
                                                   are actual s
                                                         spell it out
                                                                      in four step


                     1. push Yourself
                        (pages 5–10)

                       Fi t                                                                                            , in a
               e right                                                                                     4. Be a pain Ask
    2 . Find th s 11–14)                                            3. put Your H                           Good W  ay —
          (page                                                                   an
                                                                       on Some Ca ds                             for Help
                                                                       (pages 14 –1 h                           (page 18)
4               8th Grade
                                                                                                                 Push Yourself
                                                                                                            push Yourself
                                                                 Get with
                                                                 the ProGram
In Indiana, all high school students
have to complete              to
                                                                                    Core 40 gives you:
graduate.            is a set of                                                    3 A basic academic foundation for life
courses in English/language arts,                                                         after high school.
math, science and social studies
that provides you with a solid
                                                                                 3 Opportunity to explore careers.
foundation for college, work
and the real world.
                                                               More Opportunities!
Course & Credit requirements
  english/language                              8 credits
  Arts                                          Including a balance of literature,
                                                composition and speech

  mathematics                                   6 credits
  All students must complete a                  Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II                     Stay on track toward the career you want.
  math or physics course during
  their junior or senior year.                  or Integrated Math I, II and III                       Revisit the Graduation Plan you started in
                                                                                                       6th grade (see page 7). Use the checklist on
  Science                                       6 credits                                              page 19. Meet with your school counselor.
                                                Biology I; Chemistry I or Physics I or
                                                Integrated Chemistry-Physics; and any
                                                additional Core 40 science course

  Social Studies                                6 credits                                               what’s this about
                                                U.S. History; U.S. Government;                          electives?
                                                Economics; and either World History
                                                and Civilization or Geography and                                 spells out only some
                                                History of the World                                    of the courses you have to take.
                                                                                                        High school class schedules
  Directed electives                            5 credits                                               provide lots of time for electives.
                                                Any combination of world languages,
                                                fine arts, and career and technical                     Electives are courses that you
                                                education courses                                       choose and can include math
                                                                                                        and science, fine arts, career and
  physical education                            2 credits                                               technical courses — whatever
                                                                                                        you want. Choose your electives
  Health and Wellness                           1 credit                                                wisely and be sure to complete
                                                                                                        a College and Career Pathway,
  electives                                     6 credits
                                                                                                        which means taking classes to
  College and Career Pathway
  recommended.                                                                                          explore your interests and prepare
                                                                                                        for possible careers.
  Total                                         40 credits

In addition to Core 40, schools may have local graduation requirements that apply to all students.

                                                                                                                8th Grade                       5
         push Yourself
                                                                                          TAKE CHALLENGING COURSES

                                                                                        Your high school will offer many opportunities to take more

                                                                                       challenging courses. Some options include the following:

                                                                                  ★ Advanced Placement (AP) — College-level courses offered in high school. If you score well on AP
                                                                                   exams, you may move directly to upper-level college classes and possibly receive college credit.
                                                                                 ★ Dual-credit courses — Courses taught in high school, at local colleges and through distance
                                                                                   education (online classes) that provide both high school and college credit. Before signing up for
                                                                                    a dual-credit course, find out how it will transfer. College classes from the Core Transfer Library
                                                                                     (CTL) will be accepted (assuming an adequate grade is earned) by all of Indiana’s public colleges
                                                                                      and universities. If you complete a dual-credit course that is not from the CTL, those credits
                                                                                        might not transfer to another college. Make sure to discuss transferability with your school
                                                                                          counselor before signing up for a dual-credit course. For a list of CTL classes or more
                                                                                            information, visit www.transferin.net/CTL.
                                                                                               ★ International Baccalaureate (IB) — A program for 11th and 12th graders
                                                   se it provid                     that requires students to complete rigorous courses across all
                                       40 becau

                           lete Core                     o u w an t to
                     o mp                           if y                                 disciplines. Not all schools offer this program, so check
          tudents c                    ation. But                    sh
                      ad e mic found                 e basics, pu                              with your school counselor.
           a solid ac                    an just th
                       ith  your life th
           do more w           0.
               eyo nd Core 4                                  u take an
                                                                         d the
    yourself b                               ec  ourses yo                  id and
                                  look at th                    financial a       ore 40
                nd e mployers              quali fy for more           onors or C
     Colleges a              s, you may                 Ac  ademic H
                u earn. Plu ting Core 40 with
     grades yo       y comple
                ips b
     scholarsh            nors.
      with Te chnical Ho

                                                                                                                                               Plan Ahead!
Earn an Honors Diploma
Indiana offers two advanced diplomas: Core 40 with Academic Honors and
                                                                                                                                           When you start thinking about what
                                                                                                                                        classes to take, plan ahead and find out
                                                                                                                                       what AP and dual-credit courses your high
Core 40 with Technical Honors. Here’s what you have to do to earn them:                                                                 school offers. Most challenging courses
                                                                                                                                         require certain other classes — called
                                                                                                                                            prerequisites — to be completed
                                                                                                                                              first. So if you can, try to take
                                                                                                                                                  prerequisites next year.

     (minimum 47 credits)                                                                  (minimum 47 credits)

     Students must complete all Core 40 requirements, plus:                                Students must complete all Core 40 requirements, plus:
     ★ Earn 2 additional Core 40 math credits                                              ★    Complete a career and technical program (8 or more related credits)
     ★ Earn 6 to 8 Core 40 world language credits (6 credits in one language or            ★    Earn a grade of a “C” or better in courses that will count toward the diploma
       4 credits in each of two different languages)                                       ★    Have a grade point average of a “B” or better
     ★ Earn 2 Core 40 fine arts credits
     ★ Earn a grade of a “C” or better in courses that will count toward the diploma       Students also must complete two of the following
     ★ Have a grade point average of a “B” or better                                       (one must be A or B):
                                                                                           A. Score at or above the following levels on WorkKeys®:
     Students also must complete one of the following:                                        • Reading for Information — Level 6
     ★ Complete AP courses (4 credits) and corresponding AP exams                             • Applied Mathematics — Level 6
     ★ Complete IB courses (4 credits) and corresponding IB exams                             • Locating Information — Level 5
     ★ Earn a combined score of 1200 or higher on the SAT critical reading and             B. Complete dual high school and college credit courses in a technical area
       mathematics                                                                            (6 college credits)
     ★ Score a 26 or higher composite on the ACT                                           C. Complete a Professional Career Internship course or a Cooperative Education
     ★ Complete dual high school and college credit courses from an accredited                course (2 credits)
       postsecondary institution (6 transferable college credits)                          D. Complete an industry-based work experience as part of a two-year career and
     ★ Complete a combination of AP courses (2 credits) and corresponding                     technical education program (minimum 140 hours)
       AP exams and dual high school and college credit course(s) from an                  E. Earn a state-approved, industry-recognized certification
       accredited postsecondary institution (3 transferable college credits)

6                           8th Grade
                                                                                                                push Yourself

Get Going on Math
Maximize your options by taking more advanced math, such as trigonometry
and calculus, in high school. Why? There are lots of reasons.
★ It pays. Every occupation uses math in some form.                   ★ Math exercises your brain. At football practice,
  Also, some of the fastest-growing and highest-                        do athletes just spend their time throwing and
  paying occupations, like those in engineering and                       catching a football? Of course not! To create a
                                                                                                                                     Knock o
                                                                                                                                     the Tou
  technology, rely heavily on it.                                         solid foundation for success on the field, they also
★ You can use it to shine at your first job. At                           run laps, lift weights and might even take ballet.
  some point in the next few years, there’s a good                        Similarly, advanced math will train your mind to think
                                                                          logically and linearly, which is a skill that helps with
  chance you will have a part-time job at a store or
  restaurant. Good math skills will help you process                      everything from organizing papers for English class
  transactions, calculate discounts and make sure                         to winning debates with your parents.
  your paycheck is accurate.                                          ★ Math appears in some surprising                         Explo
★ Math gives you options. Many students change                          places. The sciences and social                   Dif ferent Lre a
  their career plans throughout high school and                         sciences use math to explain                     Most progra         uage
                                                                        the world; music relies on it to                             ms at Purd
  college. By taking advanced classes now, you’re                                                                   University,                   ue
                                                                        organize scores and create                              Indiana Univ
  ready in case you need them in the future. Plus,                                                                  other colleg              ersity and
  research shows that the more math you complete                        harmonies; doctors use it to                             es will expe
                                                                                                                  have taken                  ct you to
  in high school, the better you will do in college.                    calculate treatments; CEOs need                        two years (o
                                                                                                                  world langu               r more) of a
                                                                        it to run their companies.                            age while in
                                                                                                                    You also m              high school.
                                                                                                                                 ay have to s
                                                                                                                     world langu              tudy a
                                                                                                                                  age to grad

                        ll St raight:
                                                                                                                            from colleg

             a io     n
       Your Grad                                         to track as  you think abou
                                                                                      t and plan for

                                         of information                                       rite down
                          There is a lot                                       eat place to w
                                                        duat  ion Plan is a gr
                                          gh school Gra
                           future. The hi               formation on:
                                           and track in
                            your thoughts                            need for grad
                                                ★Th e courses you

                                                ★ Your care
                                                            er interests
                                                             ation goals
                                                 ★ Your educ
                                                                                    ed to do
                                                                      things you ne
                                                  ★   Checklists of
                                                       each year to pr
                                                                                                 r by the end
                                                                                   hool counselo
                                                               your  parents or sc           s by revisiting
                                              Fill it out with                 ward your goal
                                                              S tay on track to
                                              of 8th grade.                 e updates.
                                              the plan ea  ch year to mak

                                                           ol counselor
                ut                            Ask your scho
        ill It Oall
       F sF                                   about your Gra
                                                             duation Plan.

        T hi GO! Week               sa
               ge             24) i
                  er  20 to fill out              Who are these people? Visit

          temb unity to

                                                                  to find out.
                 p or t           n. As
         a t op             n Pla
    g re            uatio            r fo r
             G r ad            nselo
     yo u r           o l c ou
       yo u r
              scho ails.
                      d et
                                                                                                                    8th Grade                       7
  What You Need to Know in 8th grade                                                                                                            INDIANA’S
  Eighth grade is an exciting time. Want a sneak peek at what you’re going to be learning this year?
  You’re in luck: Indiana’s Academic Standards spell out what you’re supposed to know and be able                                               StAndARdS
  to do by the end of 8th grade. And since our state has the best standards in the country, expect a
  world-class education. Check out the “big picture” below.

                                                          setting, rhythm, rhyme), incorporates precise and       ■ Solids Find and use the surface areas and
   EnglIsh/lAnguAgE Arts                                  varied vocabulary, and shows a command of basic         volumes of cones, spheres and pyramids. Use scale
                                                          literary devices (e.g., symbolism, alliteration, per-   factors to find areas and volumes of similar figures.
■ Vocabulary and Concept Development                      sonification). Review, revise and edit writing.
Identify the difference between the literal and figura-                                                           ■ Solving Equations and Inequalities Write
tive meanings of words given the context in which         ■ English Language Conventions Write para-              and solve multistep equations and inequalities in
they occur. Make connections between the history          graphs that display varied sentence constructions       one variable.
and etymology of words and their present meanings.        and clear and meaningful connections of ideas
                                                          within sentences. Edit pieces of writing to correct     ■ Linear Functions Use linear functions and
■ Informational Text: Structure,                          spelling, grammar and punctuation.                      linear equations to represent, analyze and solve
Comprehension and Analysis Analyze different                                                                      problems. Translate among tables, equations,
informational documents serving the same purpose          ■ Listening and Speaking Outline the organi-            verbal expressions and graphs.
to determine the strengths of each (in coherence          zation of speeches and deliver presentations that
of structure, development and accuracy of ideas,          are well organized and supported with details,          ■ Analyzing Data Use mean, median, mode,
extent of information) and to find which best fulfill     language and speech techniques appropriate to           upper and lower quartiles, and range of data to
their function.                                           a particular purpose and audience. Analyze and          compare data sets. Organize and display data to
                                                          evaluate speeches to determine the validity of a        analyze central tendencies of data. Investigate
■ Literary Text: Comprehension and                        speaker’s conclusions. Identify the impact of visual    effects of change in data values on the measures of
Analysis Describe the characteristics of different        images on listeners’ opinions.                          the central tendency of the set of data. Display data
forms of poetry and the structural elements of fic-                                                               in scatter plots, informally finding lines of best fit.
tion. Chart and analyze the overall structure of plots
(including subplots and parallel episodes) within                                                                 ■ Evaluating Claims, Selecting Samples
literary texts and connect to the mood, devices,
                                                             MAth                                                 and Analyzing Bias Identify claims based on
themes, language and ideas within the texts.                                                                      statistical data and, in simple cases, evaluate the
Discuss the historical context of different works
                                                          ■ Integer Exponents Use the laws of integer             reasonableness of the claims. Identify differ-
                                                          exponents and evaluate expressions with negative
(including those within American, British and world                                                               ent methods of selecting samples, analyzing the
                                                          integer exponents. Use scientific notation for small
literature).                                                                                                      strengths and weaknesses of each method, and
                                                                                                                  the possible bias in a sample or display.
■ Writing: Informational, Research and
Persuasive Texts Use a variety of strategies to           ■ Square Roots Use irrational numbers.                  ■ Simple Experiments Compute probabilities
                                                          Calculate square roots. Use the inverse relation-
develop topics, and display knowledge of how to                                                                   of events from simple experiments with equally
                                                          ship between squares and square roots.
organize pieces for different purposes, topics and                                                                probable outcomes.
audiences. Use note-taking skills to summarize
                                                          ■ Constructions and Properties of Shapes
relevant information from carefully evaluated paper
                                                          Perform basic compass and straightedge construc-
and online sources. Write pieces with a well-defined
thesis, a balance of original ideas and evidence, and
                                                          tions, such as constructions of angle and segment          scIEncE
                                                          bisectors, copies of segments and angles, and
clear and well-supported conclusions. Revise writing,                                                             The Nature of Science
                                                          perpendicular segments. Justify the constructions.
improving clarity and organization. Edit writing, cor-
                                                          Identify properties of geometric shapes.
rectly crediting all ideas and wording from sources.                                                              ■ Evaluating Conclusions Critically evaluate
                                                          ■ Pythagorean Theorem Use the Pythagorean               data from a simple experiment and form a logical
■ Writing: Literary Text Use graphic organiz-             theorem and its converse to calculate lengths of        statement about the cause-and-effect relation-
ers, a list or notebook of ideas, and various strate-                                                             ship. Compare this information against prevailing
                                                          line segments.
gies to plan writing. Write biographical, descriptive                                                             theories. Identify when further studies of the prob-
and literary text that is told from a distinct point of   ■ Rates Solve simple problems involving rates and       lem being investigated may be necessary.
view, follows a clear organizational pattern, contains    derived measurements, such as speed and density.
necessary elements of the chosen form (e.g., plot,        Express measurements in a given unit in terms of
                                                          other units within the same measurement system.
 8                          8th Grade
                                                                                                                       push Yourself

The Nature of Technology                                   Earth and Space Science                                   ■ Chronology, Analysis and Interpretation
                                                                                                                     Recognize historical perspective. Formulate
■ Constraints, Values and the Future                       ■ Earth Structures Describe the cause and                 questions about issues confronting the United
Analyze how technological developments are                 history of the movement of Earth’s lithospheric
                                                                                                                     States and use a variety of sources to compare
constrained by the laws of the physical world and          plates and how these movements have shaped
                                                                                                                     and contrast American culture.
by the values and priorities of diverse groups of          Earth’s surface. Predict which geologic events and
people. Examine some of the issues that surface            features will be present at plate boundaries.             Civics and Government
when technological changes occur.
                                                           Life Science                                              ■ Foundations of the U.S. Government
Physical Science                                                                                                     Explain the essential ideas of constitutional gov-
                                                           ■ Change in Living Systems 1. Identify that               ernment, including limited government, checks
■ Properties of Matter Describe how the                    instructions specifying the traits of an organism         and balances, rule of law, due process of law,
chemical properties of a substance are determined          are found in the DNA packaged as chromosomes              and representative government as they appear in
by the arrangement of atoms and molecules. Draw            inside its cells. Recognize that DNA is the same in       founding documents.
diagrams to show that atoms may come together as           every cell of an organism. Describe how traits are
well-defined molecules and also that they may be           inherited by the passage of chromosomes from one          ■ Functions of the U.S. Government
packed together in large arrays.                           generation to another. 2. Differentiate between           Identify the three branches of government and
                                                           traits that are acquired and those that are inherited.    describe their powers. Explain the function of
■ Changes in Matter Describe the change                    Explain how a particular environment selects for          government in people’s lives. Compare the pow-
in movement of atoms and molecules in a solid,             traits that increase survival and production by           ers reserved to federal and to state governments.
liquid and gas that occurs with a change in state.         individuals bearing those traits. Explain how not all
Recognize that although such a change in state may         traits that are selected for are necessarily beneficial   Geography
occur, atoms and molecules are in constant motion          for long-term survival of the species.
and do not change their internal structure.                                                                          ■ Maps and Globes Map and describe the
                                                                                                                     major climate regions and physical regions in the
■ Chemical Changes Diagram or describe a                                                                             United States. Create maps that identify physical
simple chemical change that occurs when two sub-              socIAl stuDIEs                                         growth and development of the United States.
stances, elements or compounds react and produce
one or more different substances. Use examples             History                                                   ■ Human and Physical Systems Describe the
to explain that when a chemical change occurs                                                                        role of major mountain ranges and river systems
in a closed system, the total mass of the system
                                                           ■ The Foundations of the United States                    in the development of the United States. Identify
remains unchanged. Explain how chemical reac-
                                                           to 1800 Explain specific causes and effects of            agricultural regions and explain land develop-
                                                           the American Revolution. Describe the roles the           ment and land modification. Explain factors
tions involve the exchange or sharing of electrons
                                                           Founding Fathers played in the establishment of           influencing migration and settlement.
between the atoms of the reactants.
                                                           the Republic. Identify the conflicting ideas and
■ Energy Use examples to explain that when                 the compromises that shaped the new nation.               Economics
energy is transferred from one system to another,
                                                           ■ Westward Expansion to 1861 Define                       ■ Development of the Nation and the
the total energy before the transfer equals the total
                                                           Manifest Destiny and explain how the United               Economy Explain how the characteristics of a mar-
energy after the transfer. Describe the transfer of heat
                                                           States grew through westward expansion.                   ket economy have affected the development and
energy across space or through a material and how it
                                                           Describe the interactions between settlers and            history of the United States from colonial explora-
involves the collision of atoms within the material.
                                                           Native American Indian groups and identify the            tion through Reconstruction. Analyze the effects of
                                                           consequences of western expansion.                        urbanization and immigration on labor productivity
                                                                                                                     and the development of the U.S. economy.
                                                           ■ Civil War and Reconstruction to 1877
                                                           Describe the impact of slavery on the United              ■ Role of Government Explain the basic
                                                           States. Explain the causes of sectionalism and            functions of the government in the economy of
                                                           the Civil War, including key events, individuals          the United States (e.g., taxation, providing goods
                                                           and movements. Describe the policies, practices           and services, promoting competition).
                                                           and consequences of Reconstruction.
                                                                                                                           8th Grade                                  9
For the full set of Standards, visit www.doe.in.gov/standards.
           push Yourself

Since 3rd grade, you have been taking the Indiana Statewide Testing for
Educational Progress-Plus (ISTEP+). ISTEP+ is important because it lets
                                                                                         When is the test?
                                                                                                          Reality check:
                                                                                                          How much do you know?
                                                                                         You will take ISTEP+ in the spring. The test generally takes 4.5 to
your teachers know if you are ready for more advanced work or if you                     6.5 hours to complete and is usually administered over three mornings.
need extra help.                                                                         What’s covered on the test?
            The test is based on Indiana’s Academic Standards, which are                 ✔ In 8th grade, the test includes questions on English/language arts
                   some of the best in the country. Academic standards                     and mathematics.
                        outline the knowledge and skills you need to learn
                                                                                         ✔ There are two parts:
                          at each grade level to graduate from high school
                           prepared for college, careers and citizenship.                     ■     In March, you will take part
                            (An overview of the key concepts in the grade 8                         one, which includes an essay and
                            standards is on pages 8 and 9.)                                         other questions that will ask you to write
                                                                                                    down your answers.
                                                                                              ■     In late April or early May, you will take

       th at0a1Glance11 ISTEP+
                                                                                                    part two, which includes multiple-

      8 ade 2 0 –20
                                                                                                    choice questions.

                                 Subjects                      Types of questions                               Get ready for
      Testing date
                                 English/language arts         Essay and                                      the Graduation
      March                      Math                          short answer                                  Examination
                                 English/language arts         Multiple choice                        ISTEP+ is just one in a series of tests that you will take throughout your
       Late April or early May   Math                                                               educational career. As part of Indiana’s high school diploma requirements,
                                                                                                  you will need to pass Indiana’s Graduation Examination.
                                                                                              The Graduation Examination includes two smaller tests you will
                                                                                            take after completing courses in Algebra I and English 10.
                                                                                          Some students take Algebra I in 8th grade or even earlier, so
                                                                                         you may take that part of the Graduation Examination this year.
                                                                                        To find out more, contact your school counselor.
Tips to
test da help you do
            y       your be
                            st on

Be prepared
Cramming for any test is never the best way to prepare.
Keep up with your homework, complete assignments and               Have a good breakfast
ask your teacher for help when you need it.                        Protein such as eggs, meat, cheese or yogurt will help you
                                                                   perform better than a sugary doughnut. Too much food
Review                                                             can make you feel sleepy, so don’t overdo it.
ISTEP+ checks what you should be learning. Your teacher
may do some reviewing during class in the weeks before             Take a break
you take ISTEP+. Take it seriously.                                When you get the chance, get up and walk
                                                                   around. Too much sitting can make you
Get plenty of sleep                                                restless during the test.
Go to bed a little earlier so you get a good night’s sleep.
Being well rested will give you an extra boost of energy for       Ask for help
test day.                                                          If you’ve had trouble with the ISTEP+
                                                                   in the past, ask a teacher, counselor
                                                                   or parent for help right now. Passing            To find out more about ISTEP+, go to
                                                                   ISTEP+ is important every year.
                                                                   Your school and community have
                                                                   extra help available. Be sure to take
10                          8th Grade                              advantage of it.
                                                                                                Find the right Fit

7More Ways to Learn about
      In high school, take classes that will
      help you explore your interests and
      start to figure out what you want to
      do in life. Right now, you also can
      use these other tools:
    1 Search
      Check out www.learnmoreindiana.
      org/careers for career interest
                                               3 Shadow
      inventories (like Career Clickers               Job shadowing is a great way
                                                      to see what a job is really like by

                                                                                                     5 Perform
      eXpress and Career Clickers
      eXpanded) and hundreds of                       spending the day with someone
      career profiles to help you start               who works in a career that inter-
                                                                                                        The creative arts (which include
      figuring out what jobs might                    ests you. Even spending a day
                                                                                                        music, acting and painting) teach
      interest you.                                   with one of your family members
                                                                                                        creativity and self-expression
                                                      at work is a great start.

    2 Drive
                                                                                                        — important skills companies

      Drive of Your Life
      (www.driveofyourlife.org) is
      an online activity that lets you
                                               4 Join Clubs and organizations let you
                                                      explore interests in new areas
                                                                                                        desire in their workers.

                                                                                                     6 Serve
                                                                                                        Community service or
      explore your career interests                   and develop leadership skills.
                                                                                                        volunteer work can give you the
      in a customizable car.                                                                            opportunity to try out various
                                                                                                        career areas.

                                         Want to
                                                in Indiana
                                                                             Hot                     7 Experience more
                                                                                                        Indiana high schools offer elec-
                                                                                                        tive courses that allow you to
                                     most jo     know      which c                                      combine school and work —
                                             b open                   areers                            great ways to get a firsthand
                                       Check          ings an                will hav
                                              out the             d pay t             e the
                                    at www                Hoosie          he bes                        look at different careers.
                                           .learnm                  r             t salarie
                                                     oreindia Hot 50 Jobs li               s?
                                                                  na.org /            sted
                                         You als                           hoosier
                                                 o can fi                           hotjobs
                                         need fo          nd ou t
                                                                  w ha                      .
                                                   r dif fer                 t edu c a
                                           Indiana           ent t y p                  tion yo
                                                     C ar e er         es of jo                  u
                                                               Cluster             bs with
                                             w w w.d                     s, avail           t he
                                                     oe.in.g                         able at
                                                                         e r p a t hw

                                                                                                     8th Grade                    11
     Find the right Fit                                                                                                     – I’m an
                                                                                I’m an “SIE

     Don’t Be
     Career Clueless:
     Take the                                                                            Quiz
         Eighth grade is a great time to start exploring options for your future. What do you love to do?
         Whether it’s playing sports, building models or playing an instrument, what you like to spend
         time doing today says a lot about the career you might
         want to pursue.
                                                                           1. activities or people that are the most
                                                                            In each section, check the subjects,

         Don’t be clueless — start exploring your interests now.             appealing to you.

         Follow the three steps at right to take an inventory of
         your interests and match them to possible careers. If
                                                                           2. Count the number of itemsnumber at
                                                                              in each section. Write this
                                                                                                          you checked

                                                                             the end of each section.
         interactive quizzes are more your style, you can take
         the online version of this quiz — called Career Clickers          3. Write containing the highest numbers at
                                                                                    the letters from the three sec-
         eXpress — at www.learnmoreindiana.org/careers.
                                                                             the top of the next page, from greatest
         Whichever version you choose, the quiz is easy — and fun.                                                            ill
                                                                             to smallest. This is your career code. An “ICR” w
                                                                                                                            love this part   ; -)
     ✓   R                                   ✓     I                                    ✓          A
         Gardening                               Advanced math                                 Being in a play
         Auto mechanics                          Astronomy                                     Drawing or painting
         Carpentry                               Physics                                       World languages
         Exercising or working out               Using a chemistry set                         Reading about art or music
         Wildlife biology                        Being in a science fair                       Going to concerts
         Building things                         Doing puzzles                                 Fashion design
         Fixing electrical things                Building rocket models                        Creative writing
         Driving a truck                         Working in a science lab                      Playing an instrument
         = ToTAl r                               = ToTAl I                                     = ToTAl A

     ✓    S                                  ✓    E                                     ✓          C
         Studying foreign cultures               Talking with people at a party                Using spreadsheets
         Community service                       Working on a sales campaign                   Using a cash register
         Teaching children                       Buying materials for a store                  Working in an office
         Helping people                          Selling a product                             Typing reports
         Making new friends                      Being with leaders                            Following a budget
         Attending sports events                 Being elected class president                 Using copiers or faxes
         Belonging to a club                     Giving speeches                               Keeping detailed reports
         Working with elderly people             Talking to salespersons                       Filing letters and reports
         = ToTAl S                               = ToTAl e                                     = ToTAl C

12              8th Grade
                                                                                         Find the right Fit

                                                               Fill in your code: __ __ __
Career Codes
R                                                                 I Investigative
     Realistic people have athletic or mechanical abili-                 Investigative people like to observe, learn, investi-
     ties. They usually like to work outdoors with objects,              gate, analyze, evaluate or solve problems.
     machines, tools, plants or animals.

     Auto body repairer           Farmer                                 Biologist                    Fire investigator
     Cabinet maker                Landscaper                             Chemist                      Meteorologist
     Commercial driver            Mechanic                               Doctor                       Pharmacist
     Electrician                  Surveyor                               Engineer                     Veterinarian

A Artistic                                                        S Social
     Artistic people have innovative or intuitive abilities.             Social people like to work with others. They like
     They usually like to work in an unstructured situa-                 to inform, enlighten, help, train, develop or cure
     tion, using their imagination or creativity.                        people. They also may be skilled with words.

     Actor/actress                Interior decorator                     Athletic trainer             Probation officer
     Architect                    Musician                               Counselor                    Psychologist
     Composer                     Stage director                         Dental hygienist             Speech therapist
     Dancer                       Writer                                 Physical therapist           Teacher

E Enterprising                                                    C Conventional
     Enterprising people also like to work with people,                  Conventional people like to work with data, have
     but they like to influence, persuade or perform.                    clerical or numerical ability, and pay attention to
     They like to lead or manage for organizational goals                detail.
     or economic gain.
                                                                         Accountant                   Receptionist
     Buyer                        Lawyer
                                                                         Air traffic controller       Administrative assistant
     Cosmetologist                Manager
                                                                         Computer operator            Tax preparer
     Flight attendant             Salesperson
                                                                         Mail carrier                 Analyst
     Insurance agent              Travel agent

Do You Feel That You Fit?                              Now What?
It’s OK if you don’t think you fit any of              1. To www.learnmoreindiana.org/careers. Click on the “Advanced“Career Profiles”
                                                             learn more about careers that match your interests, go to
                                                                                                                       Search” link
the results above. Most occupations                       and where it says “RIASEC,” enter your career code. Then click the “Get
include more than one career code let-                    Careers” button. You will get a list of careers that match your interests, along
                                                          with detailed profiles about each career.
ter. For example, although doctors are
mainly investigative, they also fall within            2. Investigate other career options through the Learn More Indiana website,
the social and artistic areas. Interest
inventories can help you explore career                3. Talk to your parents, teachers, school counselor and other adults about your
                                                          preferences and career options.
ideas that may not have occurred to
you, but they are not meant to limit your              4. Record your for details). This information can help as you your Graduation Plan
                                                          (see page 7
                                                                       career code and possible career interests in
                                                                                                                     choose your high school
choices. More are available online at                     electives and other courses and as you plan for college.
                                                                                                   8th Grade                           13
       Find the right Fit                                            put Your Hands on Some Cash

 Choosing the Right                                                             $
                                                                      Learn More,
                                                                       Earn More
 College for You                                                                                    Money may not be the only thing you need for
                                                                                                    the future you want, but getting a good job that
 More and more good jobs — those that pay a good salary                                             earns a good paycheck gives you flexibility to
 and have room to move up the career ladder — require a                                             pursue your dreams. And the more you learn,
 two- or four-year college degree or an apprenticeship.                                             the more you earn …
                                                                              r …
 Although you don’t have to decide on a college just yet,
 8th grade is a great time to start exploring your options.
                                                                     Each yea
                                                                                                       Average annual earnings (in thousands)
 There are thousands of colleges and universities in the                                               of full-time workers, by degree
 United States — more than 70 college campuses and 80
 apprenticeship programs in Indiana alone — and each one                                       $50.0
 has its own distinct personality.

                                                                      Dollars (in thousands)
 With so many options, it is good to get started early so you                                  $30.0
 can choose the one that best suits your interests.                                                                                                     $30.8

     Talk to your parents, friends and school counselor.
     Tell them what you picture when thinking about                                            $10.0

     “college.” Is the campus a small community, filled with                                    $0.0
     a wide variety of people or something else? How many
     students should be in your classes? What do your fellow                     ifetime …
                                                                      Over a llifetime earnings (in millions)
     students do for fun on the weekends? Having these                   Average
     conversations now can help you discover the types                                                 of full-time workers, by degree
     of colleges that fit your interests. Later, in grades 11
     and 12, you’ll start to narrow down your options based                                                             $2.5
     on more specific factors, like what you plan to study,
                                                                       Dollars (in millions)

     distance from home and other important factors.

     Take a virtual tour. Many college websites offer virtual                                                                                             $1.4
     tools that provide a feel for the campus. An online look at a                              $1.0
     campus is a great first step to take before an actual visit.


     Visit in person. Colleges and apprenticeship programs                                      $0.0
     love it when 8th grade students visit. If there is a campus
     in your community or one nearby, ask to visit. If your family                                         Bachelor’s              Associate’s             High school               High school
                                                                                                           degree                  degree                  graduate                  dropout
     is traveling on vacation, ask if you can stop at a college                                    Source: College Board, Education Pays 2004: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society
     or two along the way. Visits can be scheduled with the
     admissions office, or you and your family can just wander
     around the campus.

4    Attend a regional college fair. In addition to visiting
     college campuses, attend one of the many regional
     college fairs around the state. Colleges set up booths
     at these fairs and distribute information about their
                                                                      Completing Core 40 may make it easier to pay for college.
                                                                      Earning a Core 40 with Academic Honors or Core 40 with
                                                                      Technical Honors diploma means you may be eligible for

     schools. Check out locations and dates for regional              even more state financial aid — up to 100 percent of
     college fairs at www.learnmoreindiana.org/collegefairs.          approved tuition and regularly assessed fees at an eligible

                                                                      Indiana college or university. (Other diploma types —
     Get college tuition paid for right now. Apply for the            including Core 40 — are eligible for 80 percent.) See
     Twenty-first Century Scholars                                    www.in.gov/ssaci for more information.
     GEAR UP program. (See page 17.)
                                                                      In addition, completing any of the Core 40 diplomas can
                                                                      position you to earn a federal Academic Competitiveness
                                                                      Grant. See www.studentaid.ed.gov for more information.

14                  8th Grade
                                                               put Your Hands on Some Cash

  Ready for
$ the
                   real world
                    uiz                        Think you’ll have it made with just any job?

                   q                           Picture your perfect life in 10 years, then take our
                                               quiz to find out what you’ll need for that oh-so-cool
                                               future during your first two years in the workforce.

                    1. Housing                               4. entertainment                        7. educational plans (circle one)

                    I’d like to live in (circle one)         My entertainment will be                a. high school dropout
                    a. an unfurnished one-bedroom            (circle all that apply)                 b. high school graduate
                       apartment                             a. a movie, four times a month          c. proprietary (private career) school
                    b. a furnished one-bedroom               b. golfing, three times a month         d. apprenticeship program
                       apartment                             c. surfing the Internet and watching    e. two years of college
                    c. a rented two-bedroom house               cable TV every night                 f. four years of college
                    d. a two-bedroom house that I            d. biking, rollerblading, hiking and    g. four years of college, plus a
                       will own                                 other outdoor sports                    master’s degree
                                                             e. attending a concert, once a month    h. professional degree (such as a
                                                                                                        law or medical degree)
                    2. Transportation
                                                             5. phone
                    I’d like to drive a (circle one)
                    a.   new economy car                     I’d like to (circle all that apply)
                    b.   used economy car                    a. have a phone
                    c.   new midsize car                     b. have a cell phone
                    d.   used midsize car                    c. not have a phone
                    e.   new sports car
                    f.   used sports car
                    g.   new truck
                    h.   used truck
                                                             6. Insurance

                                                             I plan to purchase
                    3. Food
                                                             (circle one in each group)

                    I’d like to (circle one)
                    a. buy groceries and cook all my
                                                             a. renter’s insurance
                                                             b. homeowner’s insurance
                    b. eat all of my meals at fast food
                                                             c. no renter’s/homeowner’s insurance
                    c. cook some and eat out some
                                                             a. I plan to continue my education
                                                                after high school so the job
                                                                I hold is likely to provide
                                                                insurance as a benefit.
       Apply tod                                             b. I do NOT plan to continue my
      Twenty-firs for the                                       education after high school so
  Scholars        t Century
            G E AR U P                                               the job I hold is NOT likely
    Don’t wait         program.
               ! Applicati                                               to provide insurance as a
   are due b               on s
             y June 30                                                    benefit.
  www.sch               . Visit
           olars.in.g                                                      c. no health
      1-888 -52       ov or call
                 8 -4719                                                       insurance
         for details
                     .                                                                               8th Grade                          15
                put Your Hands on Some Cash
     1. Housing:
                                            Match your answers from the previous page to the approximate monthly costs
                                            below and then enter the totals in the space at the bottom of each column.

                              2. Transportation      3. Food                 4. entertainment           5. phone                   6. Insurance
          If you plan to                                                       Include all that apply     Include all that apply     Include all that apply
          have a room-        a. $400 (new           a. $250 (buy gro-
          mate, reduce           economy car)           ceries and cook      a. $32 (movie four         a. $30 (phone)             Home
          these amounts       b. $250 (used             meals)                  times a month)          b. $60 (cell phone)        a. $20 (renter’s
          by one half.           economy car)        b. $450 (eat at fast    b. $90 (golf three         c. $0 (no phone)              insurance)
                              c. $550 (new              food restaurants)       times a month)                                     b. $30 (homeown-
     a. $475                     midsize car)        c. $300 (cook           c. $100 (cable TV                                        er’s insurance)
        (unfurnished,         d. $350 (used             some and eat            + Internet)                                        c. $0 (no
        one bedroom)             midsize car)           out some)            d. $0 (outdoor                                           insurance)
     b. $600 (furnished,      e. $700 (new                                      activities)
        one bedroom)             sports car)                                 e. $70 (concert
     c. $800 (rented,         f. $450 (used                                     one time per
                                                                                                                                   a. $0 (insurance —
        two bedroom)             sports car)                                    month)
                                                                                                                                      employer pays)
     d. $1,000                g. $710 (new truck)                                                                                  b. $160 (insurance
        (purchased,           h. $425 (used                                                                                           — you pay)
        two bedroom)             truck)                                                                                            c. $0 (no insurance)
     unt h $
amote your

          _____ + _____ + _____ + _____ + _____ + _____

     Car                      Clothing               Doctor and              Utilities                  Savings
     a. $100 (Add this        Estimate your          Dentist Visits          $95                        Experts recommend
        amount for car        monthly clothing       At an average of        Add this amount for        saving 10 percent
        insurance. Liabil-    costs.                 four visits per year,   utilities.                 of your income
        ity insurance is                             you should budget:                                 (use income figures
        required by law       laundry                a. $80 if you have                                 below).
        in Indiana.)          $20 minimum               medical insur-
                              + dry cleaning            ance (see #6,
                                                                                                                                   Add up the
                                                        above)                                                                     amounts in all
                                                     b. $300 if you do                                                             of the boxes
                                                        not have medical                                                           above.

          _____ + _____ + _____ + _____ + _____ = ______

                      Now based on the educational plan you selected on #7 on page 15,

                      find out your estimated monthly income (after taxes and medical insurance).
                      (circle one)
                      a.     $1,100   High school dropout
                      b.     $1,400   High school graduate
                      c.     $2,100   Proprietary (private career) school
                      d.     $2,100   Apprenticeship program
                      e.     $2,000   Associate’s degree (2 years of college)
                      f.     $2,800   Bachelor’s degree (4–6 years of college)
                      g.     $3,000   Master’s degree (5–6 years of college)
                      h.     $5,200   Professional degree (6+ years of college)
                             Which was greater — your expenses or your income?
                             How much money will you need to earn to live the life you want to live?
                             How much education will you need to pay your bills?
                             Did you pick the right educational plan?
     16                      8th Grade
                                 bonus                      put Your Hands on Some Cash

Be Smart, You Can
 Be Safe    Afford C
                                                                                                                          ney to afford it.
How do you keep in touch with your friends? Do you call, text,                               but you can find the mo
                                                                      College is expensive,
                                                                                                                          ool, you will
“tweet” or post? Technology has provided some amazing                                          senior year of high sch
                                                                      Between now and your                       college. Right now,
                                                                                                on paying for
tools for school, socializing and mindless fun, but it’s also         get a lot of information                                ms
                                                                                                                                             Paying fo e to
                                                                                                                                                          r Colle
                                                                                                        financial aid progra
                                                                                                                                                   An Introduct ge

                                                                                   ng about dif ferent
                                                                                                                                                               ion for

                                                                      start learni
                                                                                                                                                          Families and
created new ways to get in trouble. You have to be smart to                                                                 a’s

                                                                            your school counse    lor or by getting Indian
                                                                      from                                                      ilies
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Get starte

stay safe.                                                                                         e: An Introduction for Fam
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        d toda
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               See what
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              can do each

                                                                       Guide to Paying for Colleg
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          year p3
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Learn about
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            to save for ways
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       college p4

                                                                                                           y of the guide, call
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Get an estimat
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          college will e of how m
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      cost p5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Apply for the

                                                                                              r free cop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Scholars GEARTwenty-first C
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        UP program

                                                                       and Students. (For you
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       process p6the financial aid
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Prepare for

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     searches p7  scholarship

You’ve probably heard the stories about people who have
                                                                       1-800  -992-2076 or visit ww w.l                                              www.learnmorein

gotten into serious trouble. They posted something they
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Your colleg

                                                                                                                                                                                                                e   and caree
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              r   connection!

shouldn’t, met people online who persuaded them to do things
that are wrong or texted someone an inappropriate photo.

                                                                      Become a Twenty-first
Tips to Be Safe                                                       Century Scholar
                                                                      The Twenty-first Century Scholars GEAR UP program is too great
★ Follow your parents’ and school’s rules about computer use          a deal to pass up.
  (or risk losing your privileges).
                                                                       Indiana started Twenty-first Century Scholars to ensure that
★ Never give out personal information. Don’t ever reveal your          every student can afford a college education. Income-eligible
                                                                       6th, 7th and 8th graders who enroll in the program and fulfill
  name, address, phone number, Social Security number,
                                                                        a pledge of good citizenship are guaranteed the cost of four
  passwords, names of your family members, your parents’                years of college tuition at any participating public college or
  credit card numbers or the name of your school. It can happen         university in Indiana.
  accidentally — for example, a picture of you in a school shirt or
                                                                         If you attend a private or an independent institution, the
  at an event could let someone know where you go to school or
                                                                         state will award an amount comparable to that of a public
  live — so be careful. When in doubt, don’t post it.                     institution. If you attend a participating proprietary (private
                                                                          career) school, the state will award a tuition scholarship equal
★ Make sure your online identity (e-mail address, screen name,            to that of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana.
  etc.) doesn’t identify whether you are male or female. When
  using chat rooms or posting on blogs, use names that are                 As a Twenty-first Century Scholar, you can get help finding free
                                                                           tutoring, a mentor and a part-time job, and once you get to
  different from your e-mail addresses.
                                                                           college, students who are Twenty-first Century Scholars
                                                                            receive support to finish their college degrees.
★ If you use Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, pay close attention to
  your privacy settings. Work with your parents to make sure only           But first you have to apply. Students and their
  people you all know and approve of can access your accounts.              parents must complete and return the application
                                                                            by June 30 of the 8th grade year. Don’t wait.
★ Remember that everything you post or e-mail is saved forever,             Apply today at www.scholars.in.gov. (It’s
                                                                             the best way to apply.) Questions? Visit
  so write or text only what you are willing to say in person.
                                                                             www.scholars.in.gov, see your school
  Pictures, e-mails and text messages can also get easily                    counselor or call 1-888-528-4719.
  forwarded beyond whomever you want to see them. Before
  sending anything, ask yourself if you want your parents,
  grandparents, teachers, kids at school, potential
  employers or colleges to see it (because there’s a good
  chance they just might). And never post
  anything online about others you would not
  want posted about yourself.                        For more information
                                                     on Internet safety, visit
★ Keeping a journal is a great way to keep track of
  your thoughts and ideas. You should consider       www.safeteens.com or
  keeping your journal in a notebook rather than a   www.netsmartz.org.
   blog or website. Anything you write or any pictures
   or videos you post on the Internet are available for
   all to see … not just your friends.                                                                   8th Grade                                                                 17
        Be a pain, in a Good Way …
                                                                                          Sometimes it
                                                                                                          can be hard to

        Ask for Help
                                                                                          talk to adults,
                                                                                                          but they can h
                                                                                          you succeed in                elp
                                                                                                           school and ge
                                                                                         college. Here a                 t to
                                                                                                          re some helpfu
                                                                                         tips to keep in                 l

          Talk to Your Parents
          The best way to communicate with parents, or any adult, is to keep talking
          to them no matter what. Strong relationships really depend on keeping
          open the lines of communication. Here are some ways to approach your
          parents (or any adult) with an important topic:

          Plan what you want to say                   Pick a good time to talk. Try
          ahead of time. Think over what              to approach them at a time
          you want to say in advance, and             when you know they’ll be less
          write down the two or three most            busy and more able to focus on
          important points you want to make.          you. You may even want to ask if
                                                      they could talk at a particular time
          Let them know directly that                 so that you know you’ll have their
          there’s something you’d like                attention.
          to discuss. To be sure you have
          their full attention, be direct in your     Write it down first. Some people
          language. Say, “There’s something           find it easier to put their ideas into
                                                                                                 are challenged. Using respectful
          important I want to talk to you             a letter. Let the other person read it
                                                                                                 language and behavior is important.
          about,” instead of, “Hey, when you          and then have your discussion.
                                                                                                 Resist the temptation to use
          have a moment, I’d like to talk.”
                                                      Disagree without disrespect.               sarcasm, yell or put down your
                                                      Parents are only human, and they           parents, and you’ll have a much

                                                      can feel offended when their views         better chance of finding a solution.

Teachers Are                                  Questions for
People, Too                                   Your School Counselor
It may be hard to think of your
                                                Your school counselor is one of your best resources as you plan for high school
teachers as real people. But given              and college. Take the first step and make an appointment to discuss your plans.
the chance, they can offer you the             The following are some basic questions that you might ask your counselor:
kind of advice and support that                ■ What courses should I take to prepare         ■ How do I explore careers?
might change your life forever.                     myself for life after high school?
                                                                                               ■ Do you have any after-school or evening
                                               ■ How should I use my electives?                   sessions available for exploring careers?

                                               ■ Where can I get extra help if I need it?      ■ What are the “Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs”?
                                               ■ What activities can I do at home and over     ■ What are the new careers in science,
                                                    the summer to help me plan for college?       technology, engineering and math?

                                               ■ What kinds of grades do different col-
                                                    leges require?

 18                  8th Grade

    ✓     Your 8th Grade
                         Hap e It
Keep it all straight: Start working on
your Graduation Plan now!

Push Yourself
 ✓    Read             8th Grade from cover to cover.
      Focus on your classes and stay on top of home-
                                                              2   Find the Right Fit
                                                                  Explore careers.
                                                                        Complete a career interest inventory at
      work assignments.                                                 www.learnmoreindiana.org/careers.

      Take a learning-style assessment (if you                          Visit www.driveofyourlife.org to explore some more.
      haven’t already) to understand the ways you                 Get involved.
      learn new information best. One is available
                                                                        Join clubs, play sports, explore the arts and
      at www.learnmoreindiana.org/learningstyle.
                                                                        volunteer — great ways to expand your career
      Sign up for the right high school classes — Core 40.              interests and prepare for future scholarship
      Reach higher — find out about classes that will                   opportunities.
      challenge you (Advanced Placement, dual credit,                   Remember to keep a list of your involvement
      International Baccalaureate) and their prerequisites.             as well as any awards or recognitions you receive.
      Set a goal of earning a distinguished diploma                     The grade-specific insert for the Graduation
      (Core 40 with Academic Honors or Core 40 with                     Plan has space for this. Download it at
      Technical Honors).                                                www.learnmoreindiana.org/plan.

      Start a world language.                                     Start thinking about college now.

      Use your electives to explore possible careers.                   Explore Indiana’s public universities and private
                                                                        colleges at www.learnmoreindiana.org/college.

                                                                        Ask to visit universities or a college fair in your area.

    Put Your Hands                                                      It’s never too early to start gathering information.

    on Some Cash
       Apply for the Twenty-first Century Scholars
       GEAR UP program now to help pay for college
       later (see page 17).
       Do the Ready for the Real World activity on
       page 15 or at www.learnmoreindiana.org/
                                                              4   Be a Pain, in a Good
                                                                  Way — Ask for Help
                                                                          Discuss your future plans with your family and
                                                                          other adults. Fill out the Graduation Plan with your
       realworld to test your financial savvy.
                                                                          school counselor. (See page 7.)
       If you don’t have one, request your Social
                                                                          In the spring, an orientation session may be
       Security number at www.ssa.gov or by calling
                                                                          offered by your high school. Go to it!
       1-800-772-1213 — you’ll need it for financial
       aid and job applications.                                          Bookmark www.learnmoreindiana.org and add
                                                                          1-800-992-2076 to speed dial. You can turn to
       Save money. College is a great investment in
                                                                          Learn More Indiana for tips on how to do well in
       your future!
                                                                          school now and how to get to college later.

                                                                                         8th Grade                              19
  parent Tips                                                                                                         more r even
                                                                                                                   your 8 ways to he

                  aStsutdoeHtelp 6.
                                                                                                                          th gra
                                                                                                                                 de s lp

               Wr y n
                                                               math matters. Math exer-                          www. ceed this ye tudent
                                                                                                                     learnm         ar, vis
                                                                                                                             ore            it
                                                               cises your brain and trains                              8thgr indiana.org
                                                                                                                               ade.            /
                                                               your mind to think logically.

               You                                             Every occupation uses math in
                                                               some way, and the fastest-growing,
                                                               highest-paid jobs rely heavily on math
                                                               skills. Encourage your child to take and succeed
                                                               in math; he or she should take a rigorous math
                                                               course all four years of high school (no slacking

 1.   Have high expectations. It is important for
      your child to know that you value education.
                                                               senior year). Even if your child struggles with
                                                               math, don’t reinforce the myth that math is hard
                                                               — enforce the fact that math is power!

      Has your child completed a Graduation Plan?
      (See page 7 for details.) Make sure your stu-            Get involved. Volunteer, participate in parent-
      dent understands that you expect him or her to           teacher organizations and attend school
      work hard, graduate and continue learning after          events. Your involvement will have a big impact
      high school.                                             on your child’s education. Most schools offer

 2.   Use free tools to drive academic success!
      The Indiana Department of Education can help
                                                               parent nights or teacher-parent sessions that
                                                               provide great information. Check your school’s
                                                               calendar for details.

      you “Take the Wheel” of your child’s education.
      Use the Parent Checklist and Growth Model to             plan for the future. College is an important
      understand how your student is doing in the              investment that will pay back for a lifetime. Call
      classroom. To get these free tools and impor-            Learn More Indiana at 1-800-992-2076 or visit
      tant questions to ask your student’s teachers            www.learnmoreindiana.org/ordermaterials to
      and administrators, visit www.doe.in.gov.                order a free copy of Indiana’s Guide to Paying for

 3.   Talk to teachers. Teachers know how hard
      students are working, how well they are
      behaving, the quality of their homework and
      what areas need improvement. E-mail or call
                                                               College: An Introduction for Families and Students.
                                                               Apply for the Twenty-first Century Scholars GEAR
                                                               UP program (www.scholars.in.gov or 1-888-528-
                                                               4719). Open a savings account and investigate
                                                               opportunities like Indiana’s 529 college savings
      your child’s teachers to check in periodically.          plans (www.collegechoiceplan.com), which
      Ask how your child is learning what’s in                 can help pay for education after high school.
      Indiana’s Academic Standards.                            Remember, a few dollars saved each month now

 4.   Don’t buckle on homework. If your child is
      not studying at home, ask why and check with
      teachers. Making sure your child does his or
      her homework and studies is crucial for aca-       9.
                                                               can make a big difference in the future.

                                                               lead by example. Show your child firsthand
                                                               the importance of education. Take a class. Fin-
                                                               ish your diploma. Earn a college degree. Seeing
      demic success.                                           you demonstrate a personal commitment to

 5.   Ask for help. Students who are struggling in a
      particular class may need extra help. Contact
      your school and make sure your student gets
      the support he or she needs. Catching a prob-
                                                               lifelong learning sends your child a powerful
                                                               message about the importance of education.

                                                               learn more. Learn More Indiana has free
                                                               information to help Indiana students and
      lem area early can make a big difference.                families explore careers, prepare and
                                                               pay for college, stay on track
                                                               for academic success, and
                                                               more. Try it out: Visit
                                                               the website or call the
                                                               Helpline today.

                                      Show you t to
                                    com mitmen pport
                                            and su             Learn More Indiana is a partnership
                                 education schools.            of the Indiana Commission for
                                     loc al                    Higher Education, the Indiana

                                          e an
                                                               Department of Education, the
                                                               Indiana Department of Workforce

                                                               Development and the State Student
                                                               Assistance Commission of Indiana, with

                                     Pl                        additional support from Indiana’s colleges
                                                               and universities, USA Funds, and Lumina
                                               s, visit
                                     For detail v/bmv.
                                                               Foundation for Education — all working together
                                                               to provide information that supports learning.
                                     w w w.in.go

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