Evidence Gathering

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					Evidence Gathering
                   Es&Os
            Learning Intentions
              Success Criteria
        o used to focus observations
       o used to evaluate the learning
  o used to inform self & peer assessment
 evidence that supports learning & teaching
  Accessing the NAR materials
• Internet search
• www.nationalassessmentresource.org.
• Select from –
  Local authority school & nurseries via
  Glow or
  Independent Schools & Colleges via
• Glow /SQA details
• Browse assessment exemplars
• If already in Glow, go to National site
  area and click on NAR banner
    Advance search
•   Feedback
•   Parental involvement
•   Learning logs
•   Learning journals
•   Peer evaluation
•   Self evaluation
•   Thinking skills
•   Skimming and scanning
•   Reporting to parents
•   ...
       Assessment evidence
     may come from things pupils
        say   write   make   do

in response to their learning experiences.
say       write   make   do   Possibilities!
      • video clips            •   observations
      • audio clips            •   photographs
      • transcript             •   drawings
      • diaries                •   models
      • reports                •   checklists
      • PowerPoint             •   highlighting
        presentations          •   cartoons
      • notes                  •   storyboards
      • posters                •   ...
say   ‘Trash & Treasure’ activity + commentary

Health and wellbeing & Science
SC: Through research pupils are able to describe the
short/long term harmful effects of alcohol on the body
and so how best to prevent them
                              Literacy & Social subjects

                              SC: I can create the front
                              page of a newspaper by
                              utilising the key features of a
                              front page: columns,
                              headlines, sub headings,

write   photograph & report
poster & peer assessment activity

                                    Health and wellbeing & Science
                                    SC: Chambers correctly
                                    identified. Direction of blood
                                    flow correctly labelled.
                                    Oxygenated and de-oxygenated
              make                  blood correctly identified
Numeracy & Social subjects
SC: Select and use the proper
equipment to collect weather data.
Use the correct units of
measurement to enter data under
the correct heading in the prepared
table.                              Research in action and data handling
Numeracy & Art and design
SC: I can evaluate my work and identify
where there is understanding of

   artwork and ‘walk about talk about’ activity
Literacy & Social Subjects
SC: I can show an understanding of people in a
photograph by the words and phrases that I use


                                           Notes & teacher
         Numeracy & Art & design
SC: I can apply the techniques of scaling up
 an image to produce an enlarged drawing

    make   work in progress and final piece
do   Visiting the local supermarket where they were given a
     guided tour which highlighted how the stock was organised
     according to food groups.

 Health and wellbeing & Social subjects
 SC: I can organise a range of foods into their specific group.
                                  Literacy & RME
                                  SC: I can work in a group
                                  to exchange information,
                                  give explanations and
                                  opinions of the
                                  characteristics of Joseph,
say   self-assessment checklist   Jacob and brothers
                   Literacy & Art
SC: I can show understanding of my chosen artist’s life
                   and paintings

         write   information poster & artwork
                           Kyle Academy
                         History Department
                            NAR Sample
                           S2 - Holocaust

               To assess an outcome from ‘Health and
             Wellbeing’ that is the responsibility for all
            through a suitable Social Subjects Outcome.

                      make   PowerPoint presentation
Health and wellbeing & Social studies
SC: Pupil response included subject specific language and
clearly contextualises their learning through developed talk of
their own emotional response to their learning.
Pupils at Work – Activity 2 and 3

      Evidence Used for Assessment
               Activity 1

say                    Learner 4, 5 and and
                      Rachael, Rachael 6 Elliot
         do   game cards designed by pupils

     Health and wellbeing & Science
 SC: Cards made cover key areas of diet,
 exercise and smoking and questions and
answers demonstrate understanding of role
           each key area plays.
traffic lights checklist

Health and wellbeing & Science
Traffic light sheet before and after fitness test
demonstrates an ability to accurately evaluate their
own fitness level. When questioned can confidently
relate current fitness level to activity levels and
performance in fitness test.
One of the main messages of BtC5 is that
we now value a range of evidence of
learning when making decisions about
pupil progress. We need to plan for
assessment at the same time as planning
for teaching and learning. You can look at
the exemplars on NAR to help you with
your thinking and practice around
evidence gathering.

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