The Laser

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					   The Laser
     Tyler Willison
4th Hour Social Studies
   January 2nd, 2008
 Expert in Residence
                 The Laser

   Although you
    probably think the
    laser is only in
    movies as a special
    effect, it is used
    often in everyday
       How the Laser works

   The laser works by the light atoms
    inside of a ruby becoming stimulated
    into a narrow beam that emerges from
    the crystal in that ruby’s color.
             History of the Laser
   The laser was invented in
    1957 by a physicist known
    as Gordon Gould (right).
    However, before he could
    get a patent, a man named
    Douglas Towne took his
    idea. Later, Gould sued
    Towne for stealing his
    design, and Gould won
    after thirty years in the July
    of 2000.
   Right, Gordon Gould.
                Uses for the Laser

   The laser is used in
    devices that read
    discs, such as CDs,
    DVDs, video games,
    and the Blu – Ray
    disk. The laser in
    the Blu – Ray,
    however, is blue.
   Right, a blue laser used in the Blu
    – Ray video console.
          Uses for the Laser

   The laser is also used in medical
    procedures where more precision is
    required. This can include LASEK eye
    surgery, the removal of tumors, and
    the killing of cancer cells. The laser is
    also used as a scalpel and can replace
          Uses for the laser

   Another use for the laser is the laser
    lock. This mechanism reads scans the
    ridges in a person’s finger with a weak
    laser, and compares them to recorded
    prints in it’s computer memory.
          Uses for the laser

   A laser can also be used in factories
    and construction facilities as a welder
    or saw. It can perform both of these
    tasks because it produces such
    extreme heat that metal can be fused
    or cut almost instantly.
                   Uses for the Laser
   Yet another use for the
    laser is in the military. It
    can be used widely in this
    field, with uses such as
    defense from missiles,
    protection from being found
    on radar, and as a weapon,
    the last of which has been
    attempted often, and
    involves many failures.
    Right, the Greek army uses low power
    lasers on rioters.
                The Laser

   Even though the laser appears in
    many films about the future, it is used
    often in modern society and will
    definitely grow in use over the next
    few decades.

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