Alan S. Michaels Award in Bioseparations

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					                                                                           Alan S. Michaels Award in
                                                                       The Recovery of Biological Products
          Call for Nominations                          Send to: Anne Skaja Robinson, Ph.D.          Deadline: September 15, 2010
                                                             BIOT Awards Chair
       Alan S. Michaels Award in                             Professor of Chemical Engineering
   The Recovery of Biological Products                       Associate Chair for Biochemical Engineering
                                                             227 Colburn Laboratory, University of Delaware
Purpose:                                                     150 Academy Street
  To recognize outstanding research and practice             Newark, DE 19716
  contributions toward the advancement of science   (Electronic submission preferred)
  and technology for the recovery of biological        (Electronic submission preferred)
Nature:                                                1.    Name of Nominee: ____________________________________
  The Award consists of a total amount of up to
  $4,000 to cover honorarium and related travel        2.    Present Position (exact title): ____________________________
  expenses to attend an annual meeting of the
  Division of Biochemical Technology (BIOT) of               ___________________________________________________
  the American Chemical Society and is presented
  by BIOT at an annual meeting. A technical            3.    Mailing Address: ______________________________________
  address by the recipient is part of the Award
  Ceremony. The Award was established in 2006                ___________________________________________________
  by the Recovery of Biological Products
  Conference Series that Dr. Alan Michaels helped      4.    Status in American Chemical Society:             Member       ( )
  to start in 1981. The Alan S. Michaels Award is                                                             Affiliate    ( )
  granted in years that alternate with the Recovery    5.    Education:
  of Biological Products Conferences                         Institution            Degree          Year      Major Field
  ( The first
  Award will be granted for the September, 2006              _________________ ___________          ____ ________________
  meeting of the American Chemical Society.
  The Recovery Conference Series is the biennial             _________________ ___________          ____ ________________
  forum for presentation and discussion of the
  status, direction and trends in the recovery of            _________________ ___________          ____ ________________
  biological products. The Conferences are an
  international crossroads where academia meets
  industry in the pursuit of cutting edge, trans-      6.   Positions Held:
  disciplinary science and technology. The             Company or Institution            Position or Title                Period
  meetings are characterized by active
  participation, the dynamic exchange of ideas and           ___________________ _____________________                    ___________
  views on nascent and emerging technologies and
  the discussion of future impact of peripheral              ___________________ _____________________                    ___________
  sciences on the industrial application of recovery
  technologies.                                              ___________________ _____________________                    ___________
  The nominee, from academia, industry or a non-       7.    Academic and Professional Honors (include awards, membership in
  profit/government organization, shall have                 honorary societies, prizes, etc.):
  accomplished original research and/or technical
  leadership that has exceptionally significant              ___________________________________________________
  impact upon the isolation and purification of
  biological products.                                       ___________________________________________________
Procedure for Nomination:
All BIOT division members are encouraged to            8.    Technical and Professional Society Memberships and Offices Held:
  submit nominations. The DEADLINE for 2011
  nominations is September 15, 2010. The form                ___________________________________________________
  provided in this page should be completed and
  sent to BIOT Awards Chair, Dr. Anne Skaja
                                                       9.    Proposed Citation (not more than 25 words that accurately reflect
  Robinson, Professor of Chemical Engineering                specific accomplishments):
  Associate Chair for Biochemical Engineering
  227 Colburn Laboratory, University of Delaware             ___________________________________________________
  150 Academy Street, Newark, DE 19716 (Electronic submission preferred)       10.   Sponsor's Name and Address: ___________________________
The sponsor must also submit:
a) A complete description of the nominee's research          Sponsor's Signature: __________________________________
   and leadership contributions for which the Award
   is intended, b) curriculum vitae with publication          The recipient is selected among the nominees by the Michaels
   list, c) Letters of endorsement of the nomination
   by two additional persons.                                 Award Committee.

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