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									 July 31 - August 3, 2006 | Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston MA


 CONFERENCE        BROCHURE          >   2006
                  from the
Conference Director
                                                                                 WHO SHOULD ATTEND
                             If you’re currently involved in a technolo-         Campus Technology 2006 is designed for cross-departmental teams to attend
                                                                                 together and develop solutions for new technology implementations on their
                             gy implementation at your institution,              campus. Whether you attend with your team or as an individual, sessions
                                                                                 address the specific needs of:
                             chances are you’re interacting with
                                                                                 CIOs                                    ACADEMIC COMPUTING
                             colleagues from several departments                                                         DIRECTORS
                             across campus. You make change                                                              ADMINISTRATIVE
                                                                                 CFOs                                    COMPUTING DIRECTORS
                             happen by working collaboratively in                PROVOSTS                                DEANS
                                                                                 VPS OF TECHNOLOGY                       DEPARTMENT CHAIRS
                             cross-functional teams. That’s why,
                                                                                 IT DIRECTORS                            TECH-SAVVY FACULTY
for our 13th annual summer conference we feature practical                       AND MANAGERS

examples of team change, offered by several highly successful
campus teams and nationally recognized technology leaders.
                                                                                 TOP REASONS TO ATTEND
                                                                                 > AN EVENT UNLIKE ANY OTHER
Our “team” panelists will discuss their cutting-edge initiatives                   IN HIGHER EDUCATION
                                                                                   At Campus Technology 2006 you’ll hear from panels of teams who have
within a framework of ten topical “clusters” designed to cover                     discovered solutions, moved initiatives forward, and implemented change.
the hottest ed-tech issues that are impacting your institution                     Campus Technology 2006 provides real-world information and solutions so
                                                                                   you can make change happen.
right now. And our interactive session formats encourage your
                                                                                 > TEAM PRESENTED, TEAM ATTENDED
participation. Whether you attend as part of a campus team or
                                                                                   Sessions are interactive panels and mega-panels of technology leaders
as an individual, you’ll gain a “team perspective” that you can                    and visionaries, designed for cross-functional attendee teams from
                                                                                   campuses across the nation.
draw on immediately when you return to your home campus.
                                                                                 > TOOLS TO PUT TO WORK IMMEDIATELY
In this brochure, you may notice that we’ve changed, too—from                      Attendees will leave Campus Technology 2006 with practical, applicable
                                                                                   information they can use on their campus. Learn who’s innovating, get
our name, to our location, and our format! We’re excited this                      technology “blueprints,” and best practices. Find out what works and
                                                                                   what doesn’t.
year to be on the East Coast, in Boston, and we’ll have campus
tours and presentations from our host campus, MIT. Look for all                  > UBIQUITOUS NETWORKING
                                                                                   You’ll have full access to speakers during and after our uniquely formatted
this and more in the pages that follow, and register “Early Bird”                  “topic cluster” sessions, keynote, plenaries, and poster sessions. Join your
                                                                                   peers for topic dinners, network at the Exhibit Hall reception, and more.
for Campus Technology 2006!
                                                                                 > INSIDE MIT TECH INNOVATION
                                                                                   This unique Monday workshop admits you to an “insider’s” afternoon at
                                                                                   the renowned Media Lab, Stata Center, and MIT Museum.

Mary Grush                                                                       > PEER-TO-PEER LEARNING
Conference Director                                                                All sessions are developed and presented by your peers—faculty,
                                                                                   administrators, and IT professionals who are the technology drivers on
                                                                                   their campuses and are passionate about the role technology can play
                                                                                   in the delivery and management of higher education.
                                                                                 > EFFECTIVE IT SOLUTIONS
                                                                                   Monday workshops, as well as the Campus Technology 2006 Exhibit Hall, will
                                                                                   offer practical solutions and drill-down information about your IT challenges.
Keynote Speaker                           Exhibit Hall & Sponsors . . . 12
and General Sessions . . . . . . 3                                               > COLLEGIAL ENVIRONMENT
                                          General Information. . . . . . . 13      Campus Technology 2006 offers a collegial atmosphere with easy access
Workshops . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5                                            to speakers and vendor representatives. You’ll enjoy a relaxed environment
                                          Registration Information . . 14          where the goal is to find solutions and not just talk about change, but
Conference at a Glance . . 6-7                                                     make it happen on your campus.
                                          Registration Form . . . . . . . . 15
Session Descriptions . . . . 8-11                                                > HISTORIC, SCENIC BOSTON
                                                                                   Boston is often considered to be New England’s capital city, with historic
                                                                                   sites, grand architecture, world-renowned academic and cultural
                                                                                   institutions, festivals, outdoor activities, trendy shops, and multicultural
                                                                                   dining experiences. Whether walking the Freedom Trail, visiting Boston
                                                                                   Public Garden, the nation’s oldest botanical garden, or enjoying a baseball
                                                                                   game at historic Fenway Park, Boston is a city with something for everyone.
                                                                                       KEYNOTE             >    GENERAL           SESSION        PANELS

                TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 4:00-5:15pm

                CHRIS DEDE
                Harvard University
                                     In this fascinating, fast-moving keynote address, Harvard teaching and learning scholar Chris Dede will
                                     take conference attendees on an unforgettable journey into the future of learning in the 21st century.
                                     In this New World of learning, a tech-culture is seeking problem-solving challenges that interweave face-
                                     to-face interactions with shared virtual experiences across distance and time. Immersive, game-like

                                     educational simulations such as multi-user virtual environments or augmented realities place students in
                                     the center of learning situations “experienced” with others across cyberspace. Is this new virtual world
                                     of education inevitable? Will it dramatically alter our strategies for teaching and motivating students?
                                     Does your campus need to adapt now, before the educational tsunami? Join Dede as he traces the
                                     surge of this sea-change in learning, from middle- and high-school, through college, and beyond.
                Chris Dede is the Timothy E. Wirth Professor of Learning Technologies at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. His
                fields of scholarship span emerging technologies, policy, and leadership. He has served as a member of the National
                Academy of Sciences Committee on Foundations of Educational and Psychological Assessment, the U.S. Department of
                Education’s Expert Panel on Technology, and the International Steering Committee for the Second International
                Technology in Education Study. His funded research includes grants from the National Science Foundation and the U.S.
                Department of Education, and he is widely published and cited in the field of education technology. Most recently, he
                co-edited Scaling Up Success: Lessons Learned from Technology-based Educational Innovation, published in 2005
                by Jossey-Bass.

                WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 4:00-5:15pm

                             Lucinda T. Lea
                             Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, Middle Tennessee State University

                             FEATURED PANELISTS:

                             Brian D. Voss                                                   John Lawson
                             CIO, Louisiana State University                                 Former CIO, Tulane University
                Change sometimes happens fast and furious…and often it’s the wrong kind of change. Despite the best efforts at
                preparedness, a natural or man-made disaster can leave an otherwise smooth-running organization scrambling for
                even the most basic operational needs. Campus Technology board member Lucinda T. Lea moderates a discussion
                with two CIOs who have personal and unique perspectives on hurricane Katrina—LSU’s Brian Voss, whose institution
                responded almost instantaneously to help its neighbors, and John Lawson, who saw Tulane through the crisis.

                THURSDAY, AUGUST 3, 11:30am-12:45pm
                             M.S. Vijay Kumar
                             Associate Provost and Director, Academic Computing, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                             Daniel A. Updegrove                                             Barbara A. White
                             Vice President for Information Technology                       CIO and Associate Provost
                             University of Texas-Austin                                      University of Georgia

                             Jay L. Dominick                                                 Diane Barbour
                             Assistant VP for Information Systems and CIO                    Chief Information Officer
                             Wake Forest University                                          Rochester Institute of Technology

                This conference has offered a forum for discussions of change in technology for higher education—both the planned
                changes that cross-functional campus teams work towards and the unwanted ones that we must react to with our
                security and emergency preparedness strategies. For our closing session, we’ll tap our community’s visionaries,
                strategists, and thought leaders—including you, our conference teams, for an open discussion of visions for
                technology change. What are the key technology advancements we can promote that will have the most impact for
                                                                                                                                                      3 > THREE

                higher education? What are the enabling technologies that support them? And what are the funding realities along
                with the “technologies to watch” for the next 5-10 years? Don’t miss this lively discussion of our collective vision.
     WORKSHOPS                    >      M O N DAY, J U LY                31
                                                                                                “TECHNOLOGY IS GROWING FASTER THAN
                                                                                                MOST OF US CAN COMPREHEND THAT CHANGE.
                                                                                                WE MUST LEARN HOW OTHERS ARE UTILIZING
                                                                                                NEW TECHNOLOGIES SO WE CAN MAKE THE
                                                                                                APPLICATIONS WORK FOR US ON OUR CAMPUSES.”
           8:30am – 12:00pm                                                                     — WILLIAM H. RIFFEE, UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA

           CYBERSECURITY: WHAT EVERY CIO NEEDS TO KNOW                                        theorists and cognitive researchers—that will guide administrators and
           Douglas S. Gale, Ph.D.                                                             instructors in their design of effective and efficient learning experiences in
                                                                                              today’s high-tech learning environments. These essential principles will help
                               As a senior IT administrator or CIO, cybersecurity is a
                                                                                              educators embrace the new technologies and identify the transformational
                               primary concern, but just how well-equipped are you to
                                                                                              patterns that should be nurtured. This is an ideal workshop for
                               meet the challenges of managing an area that is not only
                                                                                              technologist/faculty team attendance; attendees will work through instructional
                               complex and rapidly changing, but one that has been the
                                                                                              design problems along with the workshop presenter and the group.
                               domain of cybersecurity experts? Here is the kind of in-
                               depth crash-course you’ve been waiting for, with a six-topic   Judith V. Boettcher, principal and founder of Designing for Learning
                               overview covering: regulatory and legal issues, enterprise     (www.designingforlearning.info) has worked and written extensively in the
                               security architecture, network security, system and data       areas of distance learning, faculty development, and instructional design
           security, identity management, and disaster recovery and business continuity.      with technology. Boettcher has consulted with a wide range of universities
           We’ll tackle the hot-button issues: perimeter protection vs. client protection;    and organizations and is recognized as a higher education thought leader in
           commercial and open source intrusion detection; vulnerability scanning; Web,       design and implementation issues of higher education technology and
           server, OS and data security; authentication; and more. Checklists and             distance and online learning.
           exercises will help attendees work through planning and troubleshooting
           scenarios. Attendees will return to their campuses with tools and insights they
           can immediately apply as they interact with staff and the campus community.
                                                                                              SOCIAL SOFTWARE: DEMOCRATIZING THE CAMPUS
           Founding principal of Information Technology Associates                            Robert Cavalier
           (www.itassociates.org), Doug Gale has served as CIO at the University of
           Nebraska-Lincoln and George Washington University, has authored over 80                               Should we be thwarting text-messaging and IM-ing, or
           publications, and has received $7.7 million dollars in external grants. Among                         optimizing social interaction via technology? Social
           other notable accomplishments, he was a Program Officer at the National                               software offers new opportunities to engage students more
           Science Foundation and has played a key role in the creation of the Internet,                         deeply in academic and campus life—using tools they feel
           Internet2, and national and regional dark fiber networks.                                             at home with. Participants will explore the growing body of
                                                                                                                 interactive, social software in abundance today, and
                                                                                                                 consider the many ways academic and administrative
           M2                                                                                                    leadership can now employ social software and “polling”
           THE MILLION DOLLAR DECISION—                                                       tools to make a difference in the classroom and campus life in general. We’ll
           ERP IMPLEMENTATION AT THE TABLE                                                    work through the process of designing and implementing “deliberative polling”
           Rory J. Weaver, Barbara A. White                                                   at the campus level. Participants will discover how Carnegie Mellon University
                                                                                              uses a social software tool called PICOLA (Public Informed Citizen Online
                              If you want to gain valuable insight into the practical         Assembly), developed by the presenter and his colleagues at CMU. They will
                              realities of making one of the most significant and             then design their own deliberative polls, complete with timeline and budget.
                              expensive decisions facing you and your institution, then
                              don’t miss this workshop. It’s offered by co-leaders who’ve     Robert Cavalier is a Professor of Philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University,
                              been through it all before—to the tune of $6.5 million.         internationally recognized for his work in ethics education and interactive media.
                              This workshop arms participants with fundamental and            He is also the Director of CMU’s Center for the Advancement of Applied Ethics
                              critically important decision-making tools. You will learn      and Political Philosophy as well as the Director of the Center’s Digital Media Lab,
                              how to: apply Enterprise Resource Planning in support of        which houses Project PICOLA, the Public Informed Citizen Online Assembly.
                              the vision, mission, and goals of your institution; explore
                              what the system must do and where to find the funds to
                              support it; identify, involve, and motivate key decision
                              makers necessary to implement a multi-million dollar ERP        LESSONS LEARNED FROM MIT’S EDUCATION
                              system; and determine and clarify the institution’s ROI and     TECHNOLOGY EXPERIMENTS
                              benefits from the system. Participants will discuss where       Phillip D. Long
                              responsibilities lie for million-dollar decisions, identify
                                                                                                                   MIT is known for its cutting-edge technology experiments, and
           internal and external forces that are keys to success, and explore ways to
                                                                                                                   its research applications span many fields—education
           build teams of ‘best minds’ that guarantee success.
                                                                                                                   technology is no exception. Workshop participants will enjoy
           Rory Weaver is Associate Director of Networking and Computer Services, and                              an insider’s view of major experiments underway at MIT, along
           Project Manager, ERP at Utah State University. Barbara White, CIO and                                   with the vision and leadership initiatives that go hand-in-
           Associate Provost at the University of Georgia, was VP of IT at Utah State                              hand with research and dissemination efforts. You’ll get
           University when USU set about the task of replacing its obsolete legacy                                 updates on ongoing projects like iCampus, OpenCourseWare,
           system—a three-year marathon that ran on time and under budget.                                         DSpace, and others, from the researchers closest to them. A
                                                                                              critical part of good research is assessment of their outcomes. You’ll gain insight
                                                                                              into what has worked, what hasn’t, and some ideas as to why from the
           M3                                                                                 assessments conducted and underway. And you’ll have a unique opportunity to
           INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN FOR HIGH-TECH CONTEXTS                                        question key investigators and hear their “lessons learned” and the valuable
           Judith V. Boettcher                                                                experience they have to pass on to the education community. Those planning to
                                                                                              participate in the afternoon tours of MIT may want to pair the tours with this
                              We are in the midst of a new wave of technologies that are
                                                                                              workshop, for an in-depth, full-day MIT experience!
                              transforming teaching and learning environments worldwide.
                              Highly visual, highly connected, and always-on tools are        Phillip D. Long is Senior Strategist for the Academic Computing Enterprise at
                              challenging existing teaching and learning patterns. In this    MIT. Among many responsibilities associated with that post, he serves on
                              enlightening session, teaching and learning technology          MIT’s iCampus project team, working to develop and disseminate new
4 > FOUR

                              expert Judith Boettcher takes workshop attendees through        education technologies in partnership with Microsoft Research. He is our MIT
                              the 10 core learning principles—derived from learning           campus host for the Campus Technology 2006 conference.
                                                                                    MONDAY, JULY 31
 1:30pm – 5:00pm                                                                    Nate Angell is Assistant Director of Web Communications at Portland State
                                                                                    University, Oregon’s largest and only urban public university. As part of PSU’s
                                                                                    Office of Marketing and Communications, Angell integrates Web strategies,
M6                             FIELD TRIP TO MIT                                    content, and design for the main university Web site. Wende Morgaine is the
                                                                                    Faculty Team Leader for PSU ePortfolio Expansion and an Instructor in the
                                                                                    University Studies Program at Portland State. She leads Sakai and Open
Campus Host: Phillip D. Long
                                                                                    Source Portfolio adoption at PSU, partnering with University Studies, the
This afternoon workshop takes participants on a field trip to the campus            Office of Academic Affairs, and the Office of Information Technology.
of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, just across the Charles River
in Cambridge. Select one of the following three tours:
                                                                                       “THERE WASN'T A SESSION THAT DIDN'T ADD VALUE.
MEDIA LAB—The Media Laboratory opened its doors in 1985, pioneering                    RECEIVING LATE-BREAKING INFORMATION ON THE
unprecedented collaboration between academia and industry. It provides a               STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES AND
unique environment to explore basic research and applications in disciplines           THREATS RELATIVE TO EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY WAS
such as cognition, electronic music, graphic design, video, and holography, as
                                                                                       EASILY WORTH THE COST OF THE CONFERENCE.”
well as computation and human-machine interfaces. This tour will give
participants a chance to see this famous lab, and get a glimpse behind-the-            —DAN FINDLEY, INSTRUCTOR, INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY
scenes at some of the world’s most outstanding research endeavors.                      PORTLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE

STATA CENTER—Designed by renowned architect Frank O. Gehry, this striking
building enables interaction and collaboration across many disciplines. The         M8
Stata Center is home to the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence            LAUNCHING ONLINE AND DISTANCE LEARNING
Laboratory (CSAIL), the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems             PROGRAMS: FROM STRATEGIES & TOOLS TO
(LIDS) and the Department of Linguistics and Philosophy. Its unusual                ONLINE DEGREES
design—featuring tilting towers, many-angled walls and whimsical shapes—            Judith V. Boettcher
provides flexible research facilities, classrooms, and social areas. Your tour
will encompass both the CSAIL lab and the architecture and learning spaces.         If your institution is planning to offer degrees and programs in the online
                                                                                    environment, this is a workshop that shouldn’t be missed. In a fast-paced
LEARNING SPACES—The new interpretation of learning spaces considers the             interactive environment, online learning pro Judith Boettcher (see bio for M3) will
entire campus as the “learning space.” Different types of classrooms, computer      provide attendees with a strategic, action-oriented framework for planning,
labs or clusters, new media centers, and non-formal spaces where students           developing, and delivering online programs—one that can help your institution
gather and leverage technology to support academic work are all part of this        surmount the myriad bumps and barriers impeding your institution’s successful
landscape. The learning spaces tour will bring people to different types of         development of its own program. Importantly, the workshop includes a Program
learning spaces scattered across the MIT campus. There is a fair bit of walking     Planning Countdown Template for managing five key elements of programs: the
associated with the tour, so wear comfortable shoes. Bring your digital camera,     learner, faculty, content, environment, and program leadership and management.
or camera-equipped cell phone to capture ideas along the way.                       The template incorporates instructional design principles to guide the choices of
                                                                                    program design and development, technology and media selection, faculty
Workshop attendees will gather at 4:00 p.m. at the celebrated MIT Museum for        support, and pedagogical issues. Take this template back to campus and get that
a tour of the iCampus Exhibit “Tech’ing it to the Next Level: Highlights from       online program off the ground! BONUS: Workshop participants will engage in
iCampus.” This is, a multi-disciplinary, interactive exhibit on how technology is   problem solving and discussions about their own planned and current programs.
changing the way we learn, and interact with one another. The projects exhibited
were funded by iCampus, the MIT/Microsoft alliance for educational technology.      M9
Meet with the researchers who developed these tools and innovations that are        FACULTY DEVELOPMENT—FUNDING HOW-TO’S
revolutionizing learning, human interaction, and the traditional classroom          David Starrett, Michael Rodgers
experience. Buses will return to the Sheraton at 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                        A strong faculty development program is key to effective
M7                                                                                                      use of technology to support teaching and learning. In
                                                                                                        times of tight budgets, finding the resources needed to
OPEN SOURCE IMPLEMENTATION STUDY:                                                                       implement a robust program can be a challenge. In this
E-PORTFOLIOS                                                                                            session we will explore ways of making the best use of
Nate Angell, Wende Morgaine                                                                             current resources. Through small group discussions,
Two co-leaders who have deployed a highly successful, open source ePortfolio                            worksheets, and an interactive session, participants will
program will guide you through the process, from idea to implementation. The                            learn some approaches to funding faculty development
architects of open source adoption at Portland State University use their own                           programs that they can take back and use at their home
institution as a model, showing you how to secure buy-in from administration,                           campus. Participants are encouraged to come with
faculty, students, and IT. We’ll explore the participants’ own campus climates,                         questions and concerns about funding faculty
focusing on typical concerns and barriers, with guidance on mitigating                                  development programs.
challenges. Participants will learn specific principles that have enabled                               David Starrett is Dean of the School of University Studies and
successful, widespread implementation, including: aligning open source with                             Director of the Center for Scholarship in Teaching and
your teaching, learning, research, and institutional vision and mission; scaling    Learning and Office of Instructional Technology (CSTL/OIT) at Southeast Missouri
pilots to ensure adoption; selecting which departments/users should participate     State University. Michael Rodgers is an Associate Professor of Chemistry, also at
at different stages of adoption; promoting and supporting widespread adoption       Southeast Missouri State University. Together, Rodgers and Starrett built and
among faculty and students; and identifying the real impact of open source          maintained Southeast’s program and have given numerous FD workshops for
systems on IT staffing and infrastructure.                                          national conferences.
                                                                                                                                                                          5 > FIVE

     CONFERENCE               AT    A     GLANCE          >       J U LY         31      -       AUGUST               3, 2006

          MONDAY                    8:30am - 12:00pm                         CYBERSECURITY:                                                     THE MILLION DOLLAR DECISION—
                                                                             WHAT EVERY CIO NEEDS TO KNOW                                       ERP IMPLEMENTATION AT THE TABLE
          JULY 31                                                            Douglas S. Gale, Ph.D.                                             Rory J. Weaver, Utah State University

                                          1:30 - 5:00pm
                                                          M1                 Information Technology Associates
                                                                                                                             M2                 Barbara A. White, University of Georgia

                                                                                                                                               OPEN SOURCE IMPLEMENTATION STUDY:
                                                                             INSIDE MIT TECH INNOVATION                                        E-PORTFOLIOS
                                                                             Field Trip to MIT                                                 Nate Angell, Portland State University
          12:00 - 1:30pm                                  M6                                                                 M7                Wende Morgaine, Portland State University

                                          8:30 - 9:45am
          TUESDAY                                                            TECHNOLOGIES FOR SOCIAL NETWORKING:
                                                                             STUDENT COMMUNICATION TOOLS
                                                                                                                                               SECURITY CHALLENGES:
                                                                                                                                               THE DARK SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY
          AUGUST 1                                                           Robert Cavalier, Ph.D.                                            Diane Barbour

                                        10:00 - 11:15am
                                                          T1                 Carnegie Mellon University
                                                                                                                              T2               Rochester Institute of Technology

                                                                             DIGITAL VIDEO CAPTURE                                             EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS
                                                                             IN THE CLASSROOM                                                  PREPAREDNESS
                                                                             William H. Riffee, Ph.D.                                          Lucinda T. Lea

          Exhibit Hall Open
          11:15am - 2:30pm                2:30 - 3:45pm
                                                          T6                 University of Florida
                                                                                                                              T7               Middle Tennessee State University

          Poster Sessions                                                    SMART CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT:                                       PRIVACY AND COMPLIANCE: SURVIVING
          11:15am - 12:15pm                                                  TWO SMART APPROACHES                                              THE REGULATORY AND LEGAL QUAGMIRE
                                                                             J. Stephen Fitzgerald                                             Douglas S. Gale, Ph.D.
          11:15am - 12:45pm
                                          4:00 - 5:15pm
                                                          T11                University of Minnesota
                                                                                                                              T12              Information Technology Associates

          5:15 - 7:00pm                                                  Chris Dede, Ed.D., Harvard University

                                          8:30 - 9:45am                      CYBER INFRASTRUCTURE FOR
          WEDNESDAY                                                          “IMMERSION” LEARNING
                                                                                                                                               DATA SECURITY ON CAMPUS:
                                                                                                                                               HOW TO STOP HACKERS COLD
          AUGUST 2                                                           Krishna P.C. Madhavan, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                                               Matt Villano

                                        10:00 - 11:15am
                                                          W1                 Purdue University
                                                                                                                              W2               Campus Technology

                                                                             THE SECRET LIVES OF DATA:
                                                                                                                                               ASSURING BUSINESS CONTINUITY:
                                                                             IDENTIFYING AND LEVERAGING
                                                                                                                                               BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES
                                                                             INSTITUTIONAL CONTENT                                             Douglas S. Gale, Ph.D.
                                                                             Daniel A. Updegrove

                                          2:30 - 3:45pm
                                                          W6                 University of Texas, Austin
                                                                                                                              W7               Information Technology Associates

          Exhibit Hall Open                                                  THE NEW “CONSORTIUM APPROACH”
                                                                                                                                               HOW TO HAVE THE MOST
                                                                             TO DEVELOPING AND MANAGING
          11:15am - 2:30pm                                                   WEB PORTALS
                                                                                                                                               SECURE WIRELESS LAN
                                                                                                                                               Matthew Gast
          Poster Sessions                                                    Diane Barbour
          11:15am - 12:15pm
          Lunch                           4:00 - 5:15pm
                                                          W11                Rochester Institute of Technology
                                                                                                                              W12              Trapeze Networks

                                                                                          IN CASE OF DISASTER, BREAK GLASS: REACTING TO EXTREME CHANGE
          11:15am - 12:45pm                                   GENERAL SESSION PANEL:      Lucinda T. Lea, VP for Information Technology and CIO, Middle Tennessee State University

                                          8:30 - 9:45am
          THURSDAY                                                           BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS
                                                                             TO DIGITAL CONTENT ACCESS
                                                                                                                                               SUPPORTING HIGH-PERFORMANCE
                                                                                                                                               COMPUTING ON CAMPUS
          AUGUST 3                                                           Linda Detterman                                                   Craig Stewart

                                        10:00 - 11:15am
                                                          TH1                University of Michigan
                                                                                                                              TH2              Indiana University

                                                                             MANAGING THE MOUNTAIN: THE KEYS
                                                                                                                                               NEXT-GEN VoIP
                                                                             TO DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT                                       Matt Villano
                                                                             Scott Siddall
                                                                                                                                               Campus Technology

                                   11:30am - 12:45pm
                                                          TH6                Denison University
                                                                                          VISIONS FOR TECHNOLOGY IN HIGHER EDUCATION
                                                              GENERAL SESSION PANEL:      M.S. Vijay Kumar, Ph.D., Associate Provost and Director, Academic Computing, MIT
6 > SIX

          CLUSTER LEGEND                                           THE “SMART”
                                                                                                           SECURITY                   OPEN SOURCE                          MOBILITY
                                        CONFERENCE AT A GLANCE
         INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN                                SOCIAL SOFTWARE:                                    LESSONS LEARNED FROM MIT’S
         FOR HIGH-TECH CONTEXTS                              DEMOCRATIZING THE CAMPUS                            EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY EXPERIMENTS
         Judith V. Boettcher, Ph.D.                          Robert Cavalier, Ph.D.                              Phillip D. Long, Ph.D.

M3       Designing for Learning
                                                    M4       Carnegie Mellon University
                                                                                                      M5         MIT

         LEARNING PROGRAMS: FROM STRATEGIES                  Michael Rodgers, Ph.D.
         & TOOLS TO ONLINE DEGREES                           Southeast Missouri State University
         Judith V. Boettcher, Ph.D.                          David Starrett, Ph.D.

M8       Designing for Learning
                                                    M9       Southeast Missouri State University

         ADOPTING OPEN SOURCE ON YOUR                        FROM TUNES TO TEACHING:                             FINDING THE DOLLARS FOR ESSENTIAL
         CAMPUS: A CLEAR ASSESSMENT                          IPODS ON CAMPUS                                     FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS
         Nate Angell                                         Jim Wolfgang, Ed.D.                                 David Starrett, Ph.D.

T3       Portland State University
                                                    T4       Georgia College & State University
                                                                                                      T5         Southeast Missouri State University

                                                                                                                 THE ROLE OF “VENDOR MANAGEMENT”
                                                                                                                 IN ADMINISTERING INSTITUTIONAL
         Scott Siddall                                       Jay L. Dominick, Ph.D.                              TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                                                 Galen R. Work, Jr.
T8       Denison University
                                                    T9       Wake Forest University
                                                                                                      T10        Rutgers University

                                                             PERSONAL INFORMATION MANAGEMENT
         SYSTEMS—KUALI FINANCIALS                                                                                FUNDING STRATEGIES: NEW MARKETS
                                                             (PIM) WITH MOBILE DEVICES                           Ian Tebbett, Ph.D.
         AND THE POTENTIAL FOR SIS                           Judith V. Boettcher, Ph.D.
         Lee Belarmino                                                                                           University of Florida

T13      San Joaquin Delta College
                                                    T14      Designing for Learning

                                                             E-RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES                            ACADEMIC ANALYTICS ARE HERE:
         Sean DeMonner                                       FOR THE GAMING GENERATION                           CORRELATING CMS AND SIS DATA
         University of Michigan                              Craig Westman, Ph.D.                                John R. Campbell

W3                                                  W4       Ferris State University
                                                                                                      W5         Purdue University

         OPEN SOURCE FROM THE GROUND                         PROGRAM ASSESSMENT WITH                             WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT
         UP: UC MERCED’S IMPLEMENTATION                      E-PORTFOLIOS                                        TABLET PCS FOR INSTRUCTION
         Richard M. Kogut                                    Trent Batson                                        Roger Von Holzen, Ed.D.

W8       University of California, Merced
                                                    W9       University of Rhode Island
                                                                                                      W10        Northwest Missouri State University

                                                                                                                 MORE STUDENTS, BUT IMPROVED
         WANTED: NEW IT LEADERS!                             DATA WAREHOUSING:
                                                                                                                 LEARNING: LARGE-ENROLLMENT
         Amelia A. Tynan                                     Rory J. Weaver                                      COURSE REDESIGN
                                                                                                                 Dorothy Clayton, Ph.D.

W13      Tufts University
                                                    W14      Utah State University
                                                                                                      W15        East Carolina University

         HIGHER ED 101                                                                                           ONLINE PROGRAMS:
                                                             SAVE A BUNDLE AND
         FOR IT STAFF DEVELOPMENT                                                                                DELIVERING THE MAX
         Leslie P. Hitch, Ed.D.                              REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR PURCHASING                       Christian J. Lehmbeck
                                                             Ralph Maier
TH3      Northeastern University
                                                    TH4      University of Pennsylvania
                                                                                                      TH5        University of Virginia

                                                             HOW WILL MARKET CONSOLIDATION                       DOES IT REALLY WORK? ASSESSMENT
                                                             IMPACT YOUR ERP PLANS?                              OF EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES
         APPROACH                                            John W. Webster                                     David A. Singer, Ed.D.
         Lisa Miles Raposo

TH8      State University of New York
                                                    TH9      Dakota State University
                                                                                                      TH10       MIT
                                                                                                                                                         7 > SEVEN

                                     PUBLISHING        AND SUPPORT                     DEVELOPMENT
      SESSION             DESCRIPTIONS

                               MOBILITY                                               SECURITY
                                                                                                                            DATA SECURITY ON CAMPUS:
                                                                                                                            HOW TO STOP HACKERS COLD
            T4                                                      T2                                                      Aside from good hardware, one of the best ways to
            FROM TUNES TO TEACHING:                                 SECURITY CHALLENGES:                                    fight hackers is to beat them at their own game.
            iPODS ON CAMPUS                                         THE DARK SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY                             Experts call this “ethical hacking,” or penetration
            Several institutions have iPod initiatives. What have   Security is near the top of every CIO’s “current        testing, and many campuses employ the approach
            we learned about the academic and administrative        issues” list. Incidents and monitoring are consuming    to keep vulnerabilities to a minimum. Hear about
            uses of these devices? Jim Wolfgang, CIO at Georgia     more resources, Information Security Officer            successes and failures at several colleges and
            College & State University—the first institution to     positions are becoming commonplace, and                 universities as Matt Villano, Senior Contributing
            explore iPods—will moderate a discussion among          campuses are engaging in security planning and          Editor for Campus Technology moderates a
            representatives from colleges and universities,         establishing campus-wide standards. An executive        no-holds-barred roundtable.
            focusing on content generation and management,          panel, led by Rochester Institute of Technology
            automating recording processes, the utility             CIO Diane Barbour, will reveal and critique emerging    W7
            of iTunes U, and the potential of the video iPod.       best practices in security management.                  ASSURING BUSINESS CONTINUITY:
                                                                                                                            BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES
            T9                                                      T7                                                      Hurricane Katrina underscored the fact that bad
            NEXT-GENERATION MOBILE                                  EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS                                things happen. If they do, is your institution
            COMPUTING VIA CONVERGED DEVICES                         PREPAREDNESS                                            prepared? This workshop will help institutions
            Moderated by Wake Forest University CIO                                                                         answer two questions: What can go wrong and how
                                                                    What happens when a natural or man-made disaster
            Jay Dominick, a panel from WFU—including faculty,                                                               can an institution reasonably prepare to minimize
                                                                    completely wipes out normal voice and data
            staff, and student representatives—will examine                                                                 the impact? Although disaster recovery will be
                                                                    capabilities for a college or university campus,
            MobileU, WFU’s groundbreaking converged device                                                                  covered, the emphasis will be on what can be done
                                                                    disrupting immediate and on-going information
            mobile computing initiative. Are converged devices                                                              before the disaster. The focus of this workshop will
                                                                    flow? Lucinda T. Lea, Middle Tennessee State
            suitable for the classroom? Valuable tools or just                                                              be upon simple, practical, and affordable planning
                                                                    University’s VP for IT and CIO will moderate a “team”
            gadgets? Campus requisites or student options?                                                                  methodologies that are applicable to higher
                                                                    panel from MTSU—individuals who realized what
            How well can they be integrated with today’s—                                                                   education and will include practical examples and
                                                                    they needed, but did not have effective procedures,
            and tomorrow’s—campus telecom? All of these                                                                     experiences. The session will include checklists and
                                                                    policies, and agreements in place for emergency
            questions and more will be tackled.                                                                             sample plans; it will also be interactive and
                                                                    communications. Their “lessons learned” can form
                                                                                                                            attendees are encouraged to bring questions as
                                                                    the basis of stellar planning for the rest of us.
                                                                                                                            well as best practices and solutions from their
                                                                                                                            home campus.

                                                                                                                                  ENTERPRISE STRATEGIES

                                                                                                                            E-RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES
                                                                                                                            FOR THE GAMING GENERATION
                                                                                                                            As “Gamers” rapidly increase in volume and
                                                                                                                            leave the Millennials in the dust, enrollment
                                                                                                                            managers will need to understand the vast
                                                                                                                            differences in attitudes, expectations, and technical
                                                                                                                            abilities this generation brings to the higher
                                                                                                                            education marketing landscape. Craig Westman,
                                                                                                                            Ferris State University’s Dean of Enrollment Services
                                                                                                                            leads a discussion of how to tune in to these highly
                                                                                                                            skilled, technically savvy prospects and bring a new
                                                                                                                            level of engagement-oriented activities to your
                                                                                                                            recruitment game plan.
            T14                                                     T12
            PERSONAL INFORMATION                                    PRIVACY AND COMPLIANCE:                                 W9
            MANAGEMENT (PIM) WITH                                   SURVIVING THE REGULATORY                                PROGRAM ASSESSMENT
            MOBILE DEVICES                                          AND LEGAL QUAGMIRE                                      WITH E-PORTFOLIOS
            Ubiquitous mobile computing, powerful search            Privacy and information security legislation has        Many campuses have ePortfolio programs with
            engines, affordable storage, and learning anywhere      added a new dimension to the management of              program assessment strategies in place.
            and anytime are here today. What are the new            campus information technology resources. Join           Aggregating student data over time, and assessing
            Personal Information Management (PIM)                   security consultant Doug Gale and a panel of            many courses in similar ways can serve institutional
            applications being developed for these synchronous      experts as they examine what’s here and what’s          assessment and accreditation goals. Trent Batson,
            technology advances? Learning technology                coming around the bend in privacy (FERPA, HIPPA,        Director of Information and Instructional Technology
            consultant Judith Boettcher will explore new PIM        and GLB) and security breach legislation (such as       Services at the University of Rhode Island will lead
            applications and lead an all-star panel discussing      California’s SB 1386). The session participants will    a cross-functional URI team in an eye-opening
            what these apps can mean to your students and to        also consider the impact of the Communications          discussion of that institution’s innovative
            your campus—today and tomorrow.                         Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).             assessment strategies.
                                                       SESSION DESCRIPTIONS
W14                                                      T6
FOR YOUR INSTITUTION                                     IN THE CLASSROOM
How do you know when data warehousing is right           Capture that Class! Capturing video of
for your institution? Who will benefit? What will it     classroom lectures has myriad
cost? Join Rory Weaver, Project Manager/ERP from         applications both in distance education
Utah State University in a discussion of the too-        programs and in other technology-
often-misunderstood topic of data warehousing in         enhanced courses. Bill Riffee,
higher education. Attendees are encouraged to            University of Florida’s Associate Provost
bring specific questions relevant to their own           for Distance, Continuing, and Executive
institutions, to ask our panel of DW experts as they     Education will lead a panel of experts
demystify data warehousing and crystallize the           in a discussion of digital video capture,
benefits your campus may be missing.                     encoding, and simultaneous Web
                                                         casting. The panel will also address
TH4                                                      ways you can equip your own “smart”
                                                         classrooms with appropriate
E-PROCUREMENT:                                           technologies.
Could your institution save millions with
eProcurement? The University of Pennsylvania did:        SMART CLASSROOM
$77.4 million in cost savings, in fact! The university   MANAGEMENT: TWO SMART                                  TH2
also saw 484% improvement in contract                    APPROACHES                                             SUPPORTING HIGH-PERFORMANCE
compliance, average cycle time reduction from            Now that we have smart classrooms, how will we         COMPUTING ON CAMPUS
18 days to less than one, and myriad improvements        manage them? Institutions may take wholly different
                                                                                                                Expectations and demands for high-performance
in process efficiency. Join Ralph Maier,                 approaches, based on their size, culture, funding
                                                                                                                computing resources on campus are as varied as
Director of Purchasing, and representatives              constraints, and organizational structures. This
                                                                                                                the approaches to providing it. More and more,
of Penn’s Purchasing, Information Technology,            mega-panel features two teams with very different
                                                                                                                CIOs are offering central IT support to researchers
and Comptroller’s offices as they detail their           strategies: A team from the University of Minnesota
                                                                                                                and departments for their high performance
program and open your eyes.                              describes a centralized model for its large-scale
                                                                                                                computing projects. Join a mega-panel discussion
                                                         operation, while a team from Millersville University
                                                                                                                of high-performance computing as we survey
TH9                                                      of Pennsylvania presents its decentralized,
                                                                                                                several campuses about their strategies for building
                                                         interdepartmental team approach.
HOW WILL MARKET CONSOLIDATION                                                                                   HPC clusters and engaging in HPC collaborations.
Confused by today’s ERP market? John Webster,
                                                         W1                                                     TH7
PeopleSoft Programs Director at Dakota State             CYBER INFRASTRUCTURE
                                                                                                                NEXT-GEN VoIP
University will moderate a panel of higher education     FOR “IMMERSION” LEARNING
                                                                                                                Now that higher education has embraced VoIP
information systems leaders who will share their         ENVIRONMENTS
                                                                                                                as the wave of the future in telecommunications,
views of the industry, where it is going, and the        What’s the next leap in smart classrooms?              the next step is taking it wireless. Moderator Matt
strategies they’ve used for vendor/application           Moderator Krishna P.C. Madhavan and a team from        Villano will delve into the challenges of wireless
selection and deployment since the Oracle/               Purdue University’s (IN) Envision Center for Data      VoIP, in a conversation with schools who already
PeopleSoft and SCT/SunGard consolidations. The           Perceptualization discuss future learning              have done it well—and with prospective adopters
forum is open for all of your questions about the        environments—informed by their work with multi-        about their plans for the months ahead. What
current and future state of the industry and what it     sensory “immersion learning” technologies at the       makes wireless VoIP so appealing? What are the
will meanto your campus.                                 Envision Center, an interdisciplinary, high-           costs? Can it be integrated with an existing
                                                         performance, perceptualization showcase facility to    campus-wide wireless network?
                                                         support discovery and learning at Purdue.
            THE SMART
        CLASSROOM/CAMPUS                                                                                                TECHNOLOGY FUNDING
                                                           IT/TELECOM INFRASTUCTURE
                                                                  AND SUPPORT
T1                                                                                                              T5
TECHNOLOGIES FOR                                                                                                FINDING THE DOLLARS FOR
SOCIAL NETWORKING:                                       W12                                                    ESSENTIAL FACULTY DEVELOPMENT
STUDENT COMMUNICATION TOOLS                              HOW TO HAVE THE MOST                                   PROGRAMS
Today’s students are accustomed to online                SECURE WIRELESS LAN                                    Promoting and supporting faculty use of
interactive communications tools—a trend you can         How can you make a wireless network secure?            technology usually means providing opportunities
leverage on your campus. From blogs, to online           One of the most basic steps is to require strong       for faculty development—but who pays? With
polling applications, to location-aware PDAs, find       authentication. But building a campus-wide             the perspective of having established and
out how today’s students can connect and                 authenticated wireless LAN is a major undertaking,     maintained a faculty development program
collaborate. Robert Cavalier, a philosophy professor     especially when it must seamlessly tie into many       on his own campus, David Starrett, Dean of the
and ethicist at Carnegie Mellon University will          distributed user databases run by different            School of University Studies and Director of
moderate a discussion of social software and             departments. Matthew Gast, author of 802.11            Center for Scholarship in Teaching at Southeast
technologies for social networking, and help             Wireless Networks: The Definitive Guide,               Missouri State University leads our panel
attendees assess their potential for their own           moderates a discussion of secure wireless              discussion of truly smart strategies for funding
campuses.                                                networking on campus.                                  faculty development programs.
                                                                                                                                                                       9 > NINE

       SESSION             DESCRIPTIONS                      >       CONFERENCE                BOARD

             T10                                                     TH8                                                     key applications for their campuses. Diane Barbour,
                                                                                                                             Rochester Institute of Technology’s CIO will lead a
             THE ROLE OF “VENDOR                                     INTER-CAMPUS FACULTY
                                                                                                                             panel from various organizations, who will share their
             MANAGEMENT” IN ADMINISTERING                            DEVELOPMENT: A SYSTEM-WIDE
                                                                                                                             experiences with the consortium approach to
             INSTITUTIONAL TECHNOLOGY                                COLLABORATIVE APPROACH                                  developing and maintaining Web portals and other
             Maximizing the effectiveness of technology              Positioned uniquely as part of both the academic        applications. Does it work? How can your campus
             investments includes consideration for contrasting      and technical communities and between SUNY’s            get in on the approach?
             perspectives of what constitutes a healthy              system administration and its member campuses,
             relationship with vendors. Galen R. Work, Jr.,          the State University of New York Training Center
             Director of Information Technology at Rutgers           (SUNY TC) creates opportunities for campus              TH1
             University will lead a panel discussion focusing on     collaboration, leveraging internal expertise and        BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS
             those differing perspectives at Rutgers, and offers     resources. Lisa Miles Raposo, SUNY TC Assistant         TO DIGITAL CONTENT ACCESS
             observations to other institutions for developing       Director, will lead a panel from SUNY in a              As an archive of quantitative social science digital
             similar strategies in the pursuit                       discussion of the system-wide approach and its          content, the Inter-University Consortium for Political
             of effective technology investments.                    inter-campus partnerships.                              and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of
                                                                                                                             Michigan provides student and faculty scholars
             T15                                                         DIGITAL MEDIA/PUBLISHING
                                                                                                                             with straightforward access to its content. ICPSR’s
                                                                                                                             Linda Detterman will lead a discussion of how the
                                                                                                                             consortium is moving beyond “housing” content
             NEW MARKETS                                                                                                     to “delivering” it and providing innovative means
             Entrepreneurial institutions have quickly identified    W6                                                      and partnerships to deliver and incorporate data
             globalization and new markets as a way of               THE SECRET LIVES OF DATA:                               into the classroom.
             generating revenue. Ian Tebbet leads a team from        IDENTIFYING AND LEVERAGING
             the University of Florida through an inside view of     INSTITUTIONAL CONTENT
             the university’s international efforts, including how                                                           TH6
                                                                     Digital data is all around us—research data, course
             to work with local partners, understanding cultural     material, student portfolios, informal blogs, scanned   MANAGING THE MOUNTAIN:
             differences and new populations of learners, pricing    images, administrative data…it’s distributed, mobile,   THE KEYS TO DIGITAL ASSET
             structures, and assessment. The university has          and found on all types of electronic devices. Who’s     MANAGEMENT
             exported several programs and developed an online       responsible for this data, and for its preservation?    Scott Siddall, Assistant Provost and Director of
             intensive English course.                               And which might be shared with the rest of the          Instructional Technology at Denison University
                                                                     world? UT Austin’s VP of IT Dan Updegrove will          reminds us that digital assets come in many forms,
                                                                     moderate a lively discussion with IT leaders as they    some common, some unique; in audio, video, and
               PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                              explore the exploding realm of institutional content.   multiple formats; as PDFs, Word files, and other texts
                                                                                                                             and images, searchable or not; as learning objects;
                                                                                                                             as URLs … just about anything digital. Siddall will
             W13                                                     W11                                                     moderate a panel considering approaches to DAM.
             WANTED: NEW IT LEADERS!                                 THE NEW “CONSORTIUM
             TRAINING THE NEXT GENERATION                            APPROACH” TO DEVELOPING AND
             In this not-to-be-missed session, visionary IT          MANAGING WEB PORTALS                                                       E-LEARNING
             leaders will share insights and ideas about how         In response to increasing costs and controls by major
             they are developing next-generation leaders within      vendors, many universities have banded together to      W5
             their organizations and campuses. Amelia Tynan,         create mutual help and support groups to develop
             VP for IT and CIO for Tufts University                                                                          ACADEMIC ANALYTICS ARE HERE:
             will moderate a practical panel                                                                                 CORRELATING CMS AND SIS DATA
             discussion of planning and                                                                                      Academic success is a combination of aptitude
             development strategies to identify,                                                                             and effort. John Campbell, Associate VP,
             develop, and retain talent in the IT                                                                            IT Teaching and Learning Technologies and a
             leadership pipeline, including coaching                                                                         team of researchers from Purdue University
             and developmental experiences to                                                                                will discuss how they correlate information like
             chart career directions for junior staff.                                                                       SAT scores from their student information system—
                                                                                                                             suggesting aptitude—with data leveraged from their
                                                                                                                             course management system—reflecting effort—
             TH3                                                                                                             in order to enable intelligent agents to trigger
             HIGHER ED 101 FOR IT                                                                                            appropriate interventions.
             Friction between IT and higher education                                                                        W10
             may occur when IT misunderstands higher
             education’s unique organizational                                                                               WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW ABOUT
             structure. Creating more tension, the                                                                           TABLET PCS FOR INSTRUCTION
             information technology industry has a                                                                           Roger Von Holzen, Director of the Center for
             propensity toward standardization—an                                                                            Information Technology and a team from Northwest
             anomaly in academe. Leslie Hitch,                                                                               Missouri State University will provide an inside-
             Director of Academic Technology Services,                                                                       track look at a wide range of features and software
             moderates a panel discussion of                                                                                 tools currently available for the Tablet PC that can
             Northeastern University’s mandatory staff                                                                       enhance the classroom experience: Ink annotation
             development course on how higher                                                                                for grading and lectures; the note-taking, research,
             education works. Will you pass?                                                                                 and collaborative features of OneNote; the voice and
                                                                                                                             handwriting recognition capability of the Tablet PC.
10 > T E N
                                                                                                                     Financials are percolating, and smelling that coffee
                                                                                                                     has heightened the buzz about student information
                                                                                                                     systems as well. Come see what’s up, as Lee
                                                                                                                     Belarmino, AVP for IT at San Joaquin Delta
                                                                                                                     College—a founding Kuali partner institution—
                                                                                                                     discusses the latest with a panel of leaders in open
                                                                                                                     source administrative systems.

W15                                                        such as Sakai and the Open Source Portfolio presents
                                                           different challenges and opportunities, depending on
MORE STUDENTS, BUT IMPROVED                                                                                          SUPPORTING SAKAI
                                                           campus size, mission, and resources.
                                                                                                                     One of the questions you’ll always hear about any
                                                           T8                                                        type of open source software is, “But how will we
A collaborative, interdisciplinary team of instructors,                                                              support it?” If you’re thinking of implementing Sakai
administrators, and IT personnel at East Carolina          THE GOOD, THE BAD, OR THE UGLY?                           on your campus, you’re probably hearing this
University redesigned PSYC1000, a large-enrollment         PERCEPTIONS OF OPEN SOURCE                                question, and more than once. Why not arm yourself
course, to replace labor with technology. Dorothy          Within higher education, adopters of open source          with some answers drawn from real-world
Clayton and members of the team from East                  software have often had to wear down                      experience? Come hear what’s needed to support
Carolina U discuss how redesigned sections                 misconceptions on their campuses concerning the           Sakai from a panel comprised of those who are
(230 students) taught by one instructor and                reliability, security, and true costs of open source or   doing it now—and bring the questions you’re
supplemental student instructors incorporated              community source implementations. Scott Siddall           expected to answer about supporting Sakai.
several technologies to present materials in               from Denison University will moderate a panel that
formats for different learning styles.                     reflects on perceptions of open source and
                                                           community source on campus, and alerts us to the
TH5                                                        myths that have developed over time.                      OPEN SOURCE FROM THE GROUND
                                                                                                                     UP: UC MERCED’S IMPLEMENTATION
                                                           T13                                                       Two key staff from UC Merced will talk about how they
                                                                                                                     implemented open source applications at California’s
How do you get the most out of online program              OPEN SOURCE ADMINISTRATIVE                                youngest campus, opened this past fall. CIO Rich Kogut
delivery? Chris Lehmbeck and a team from the               SYSTEMS—KUALI FINANCIALS AND                              will focus on decision elements and discuss the pros
Darden School of Business at the University of             THE POTENTIAL FOR SIS                                     and cons of open source, while Web Applications and
Virginia are experts, having just come from the            Past critics—including some who have embraced             Services Manager and Chief Information Technology
trenches of planning a brand-new eMBA program.             open source collaborative learning environments—          Architect Faust Gorham will relate UC Merced’s
If you want a first-hand look at the ins and outs          have doubted the potential of open source for the         experiences with three critical open source applications.
of planning to distribute full program content online,     administrative side of the house. Yet Kuali               Join us for some great implementation stories.
come hear their story.

TH10                                                                                      CONFERENCE ADVISORY BOARD
ASSESSMENT OF EDUCATION                                        NICKOLAS BACKSCHEIDER, Ph.D.                           PHILLIP D. LONG, Ph.D.
TECHNOLOGIES                                                      Auburn University                                     MIT (Campus Host)
                                                               DIANE BARBOUR                                          WILLIAM H. RIFFEE, Ph.D.
With the pervasiveness and investment in
                                                                  Rochester Institute of Technology                     (Board Chair) University of Florida
technology on campuses today, who can
                                                               JUDITH V. BOETTCHER, Ph.D.                             JOHN G. ROBINSON
afford guesswork when it comes to assessing                       Designing for Learning                                rSmart Group
its effectiveness? Three years of research at                     and the University of Florida                       CLYDE M. SAKAMOTO, Ed.D.
MIT into tablet PCs and associated software                    GEORGE R. BOGGS, Ph.D.                                   Maui Community College
such as Classroom Presenter has yielded a                         American Association                                DAVID STARRETT, Ph.D.
new, dynamic assessment process that                              of Community Colleges                                 Southeast Missouri State University
provides an interface for cross-correlation                    RICHARD H. EKMAN, Ph.D.                                AMELIA A. (MELY) TYNAN
between survey results and numerous                               Council of Independent Colleges                       Tufts University
performance criteria. Join David Singer and                    MARY JO GORNEY-MORENO, Ph.D.                           DANIEL A. UPDEGROVE
a team from MIT as they explore ironclad                          San Jose State University                             University of Texas, Austin
assessment strategies.                                         KENNETH C. GREEN, Ph.D.                                BARBARA A. WHITE, Ed.D.
                                                                  Campus Computing Project                              University of Georgia
                                                               LUCINDA T. LEA
                OPEN SOURCE                                       Middle Tennessee State University

As several open source applications designed for
higher education by higher education have become
available, universities the world over have started
thinking about education technology differently. In this
timely session, a team from Portland State University
                                                                                                                                                                                 11 > E L E V E N

will outline how adopting open source applications

           EXHIBIT     HALL       >       GENERAL        INFORMATION

                   EXHIBIT HALL
                       The Campus Technology 2006 Exhibit Hall is where attendees gather to see the latest products and services
                       from technology vendors. Attendees traditionally enjoy this busy, interactive environment with lively discussions
                       on new technologies, networking opportunities, poster sessions, and technology classrooms that offer detailed
                       product demonstrations and drill-down information.

                       SCHEDULE AND SPECIAL EVENTS
                       TUESDAY, AUGUST 1                                           WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2
                       11:15am - 2:30pm         Exhibit Hall Open                  11:15am - 2:30pm          Exhibit Hall Open
                       11:15am - 12:15pm        Poster Sessions                    11:15am - 12:15pm         Poster Sessions
                       12:00 - 2:15pm           Technology Classrooms              12:00 - 2:15pm            Technology Classrooms
                       5:15 - 7:00pm            Exhibit Hall Reception             2:15pm                    Exhibit Hall Raffle
                       5:30 - 6:55pm            Technology Classrooms

                       For a complete listing of Technology Classrooms and Poster Sessions, go to www.campustechnology.com/conf.

                       POSTER SESSIONS
                       Offering lively discussion and peer learning opportunities, these presentations provide a graphic display of
                       technology applications, papers, and best practices. Poster presenters will be on hand for Q & A and detailed
                       informal discussion. Twenty-five poster sessions per day are planned in the Exhibit Hall. Details and listing of
                       poster sessions are online at www.campustechnology.com/conf.

                       TECHNOLOGY CLASSROOMS
                       TUESDAY 12:00-12:45pm                                           WEDNESDAY 12:OO-12:45pm
                       FLASH AND WEB DESIGN MADE EASY                                  MIND MAPPING: BUILDING A BETTER
                                                                                       FOUNDATION FOR THE THINKING SKILLS PROCESS

                       GOLD SPONSORS:

12 > T W E L V E

                    SPONSORS AND EXHIBITORS AS OF 3/10/06

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www.sheraton.com/boston                                          sure to check the attendee networking box when you
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Directions to the hotel can be found on the hotel website
at www.sheraton.com/boston.                                      Our conference hotel is located in charming and historic
                                                                 Back Bay, ideally suited for visiting one of America’s most
AIR TRAVEL DISCOUNTS                                             historic and dynamic cities. The Sheraton Boston is
                                                                 connected to two premier shopping malls and steps away
American Airlines is offering discounts from any published       from boutiques and fine restaurants on Newbury Street.
domestic fare for travel to Boston between July 27 and           Boston Public Gardens, the New England Aquarium, Museum
August 9, 2006. Mileage members can receive full credit          of Fine Arts, and Museum of Science are all nearby. For the
for all American miles flown to attend this conference.          historian, the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile walk through Boston
To take advantage of these discounts, please call toll free,     that stops at Paul Revere’s house, Old North Church, Old
or have your travel agent call American Airlines at              South Meeting House, and many other sites, is just a short
1.800.433.1790 and reference #2576AG.                            distance from the hotel. Duck tours, unique tours of
(Reservations must be made by phone to receive the               Boston’s roads and waterways in a World War II-era
discount).                                                       amphibious vehicle, can also be booked through the hotel.
Book early to receive the best discount.                         For entertainment options and things to do while
                                                                 attending Campus Technology 2006, visit
                                                                                                                                 13 > T H I R T E E N


              REGISTRATION             INFORMATION                >     REGISTRATION                FORM

                       REGISTRATION INFO
                        HOW TO REGISTER                                                 REFUND & CANCELLATION POLICY
                        ONLINE:     www.campustechnology.com/conf                       A 100% refund less a $50 processing fee will be given
                        PHONE:      1.800.280.6218 (8:00am–5:00pm PST)                  for all cancellations requested by June 23. After June 23,
                        FAX:        1.541.346.3545 (credit card payment only)           no refunds will be given; however, all registrations are
                        MAIL:       Campus Technology 2006 Registration                 transferable to colleagues and associates with written
                                    1277 University of Oregon                           authorization from the original registrant.
                                    Eugene, OR 97403-1277
                        ON-SITE: You may register for the conference on-site.           REGISTRATION QUESTIONS?
                                 However space is limited and admission cannot          PHONE:       1.800.280.6218 (8:00am–5:00pm PST)
                                 be guaranteed.
                                                                                        E-MAIL:      CampusTech@continue.uoregon.edu
                        REGISTRATION DEADLINES                                          WEB:         www.campustechnology.com/conf
                        EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT DEADLINE: JUNE 23                   > Campus Technology 2006’s federal tax ID
                        REGULAR ONLINE REGISTRATION DEADLINE: JULY 25                      number is 95-4758348.
                        After July 25, please register on-site. Registration will be    > Campus Technology 2006 is a division of
                        limited to space available.

                        TEAM REGISTRATION DISCOUNTS                                     SECURE WEB REGISTRATION
                        When three or more people from a single school or
                                                                                        Rest easy—online registration at
                        organization register at the same time, you can realize
                                                                                        www.campustechnology.com/conf is secure.
                        savings of up to $200 per person. (See below for
                                                                                        Our secured server environment keeps your
                                                                                        information private.

                        REGISTRATION PACKAGES

                                                                                            PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOPS
                             CONFERENCE REGISTRATION
                                                                                            AND CONFERENCE REGISTRATION
                                >   3 days
                                                                                               >   Workshops/Optional Field Trip to MIT on Monday
                                >   All Conference Sessions
                                                                                               >   Lunch on Monday
                                >   Keynote & General Sessions
                                                                                               >   All Conference Sessions
                                >   Access to Exhibit Hall
                                                                                               >   Keynote & General Sessions

                                                                                                                                           Best !
                                >   Exhibit Hall Reception
                                                                                               >   Access to Exhibit Hall
                                >   Poster Sessions
                                                                                               >   Exhibit Hall Reception

                                >   Lunch Tuesday and Wednesday
                                                                                               >   Poster Sessions
                                >   Refreshment Breaks
                                                                                               >   Lunch Tuesday and Wednesday
                             ALL FOR ONLY $699                                                 >   Refreshment Breaks
                             Save $100 through June 23
                                                                                            ALL FOR ONLY $898
                                                                                            Save $100 through June 23

                                                    SPECIAL TEAM REGISTRATION PRICING!
                                                    (GROUPS OF 3 OR MORE)
                                                    When one member of your team or organization registers at the
                                                    individual rates listed above, additional team members (2 or more)
                                                    can register at the special team rates of $499 for the conference
                                                    or $698 for preconference workshops and conference registration.

                                                    TEAM MEMBERS SAVE UP TO $200!
                                                    For more information on group registration,
14 > F O U R T E E N

                                                    call Sara Ross at 1.972.506.9027.
                                                CAMPUS              TECHNOLOGY              2006           >        J U LY     31      -   AUGUST             3, 2006

                                                                     REGISTRATION FORM
STEP ONE                                                                              STEP THREE
Type or Print Your Name, Address, Phone Numbers, and E-mail ID Very Clearly.          Demographic Questions
First Name                                                                            Please tell us where you work:
                                                                                            4-year college/university
Last Name
                                                                                            2-year college
Title                                                                                       Government Organization
                                                                                            Vocational institution
Institution/Company                                                                         Other (please specify) _____________________
Mailing Address                                                                       How did you hear about Campus Technology 2006?
                                                                                            Received brochure in the mail
City                                 State/Province         Zip/Postal Code                 (Please indicate four-digit code on mailing label _____________ )
Country                                                                                     Saw brochure in Campus Technology
                                                                                            Campus Technology eNewsletter
Day Phone                            Fax                                                    Campus Technology Web site
E-mail*                                                                                     101communications Web site
                                                                                            From colleague/co-worker
*Required! (Please print this ID very clearly. We do last minute confirmations              My association sent me
                     and announcements via e-mail.)                                         Other publication
Your e-mail address is used to communicate with you about your Campus                 Please indicate your primary role:
Technology 2006 registration and future Campus Technology conferences. As                   Top Level Non-IT Executive (Chancellor, Provost, President, CAO, etc.)
a registered attendee you may receive relevant eNewsletters from the Campus                 Top-Level IT Executive (VP, CIO, CTO, etc.)
Technology Conference, a 101communications event. By providing your e-mail
                                                                                            IT Director/Manager - Academic Computing
address you are also granting the Campus Technology Conference permission
                                                                                            IT Director/Manager - Administrative Computing
to contact you regarding other products and services of 101communications
and/or carefully selected outside companies. Please indicate those you DO                   Administrative Mgmt (Dean, Dept. Chair, Director)
NOT wish to contact you:                                                                    Faculty Member (Professor, Adjunct, Instructor)
                                                                                            Media/Library Services
          Other IT products/services from 101communications                                 Other (please indicate title) _____________________
          Carefully selected outside companies                                        Do you recommend, specify, or approve the acquisition of technology
                                                                                      products and services?
          Attendee Networking – yes, I want to participate (See pg. 13 for details)           Yes              No

STEP TWO                                                                              STEP FOUR
Choose Your Registration Package                                                      Send in Your Registration
                                                                                      MAIL registration with full payment to: Campus Technology 2006, 1277
REGISTRATION PACKAGES                         EARLY BIRD          REGULAR             University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403-1277 or, if you use a credit card,
                                   Through June 23               After June 23        FAX your registration to: 1.541.346.3545.
CONFERENCE REGISTRATION (3 days)        $599                         $699
PRECONF. & CONF. REGISTRATION (4 days) $798                          $898             You may also register ONLINE through our secure Web site at
TEAM CONFERENCE REGISTRATION                                         $499             To pay by purchase order, please include a copy of your purchase order with
TEAM PRECONFERENCE & CONFERENCE REGISTRATION                         $698             your faxed or mailed registration. Registration fees must be paid in full before
Name of Team Member who registered at individual rate:                                the start of the event.

                                                                                      STEP FIVE
Group Name: _______________________________________________                           Select Your Sessions Online
                                                                                      After receiving your confirmation code, you may go to the registration page
                                                                                      at www.campustechnology.com/conf and enter your code. Then select the
TOTAL FEE $___________________                                                        conference breakout sessions that you are interested in attending. This will
        Check Enclosed (payable to 101communications/Campus Technology 2006)          help us in planning logistics; however, it is not binding nor required.
                                                                                      Transfer/Cancellation Policy: You may substitute another person in your place
Credit Card        Visa      MasterCard        AMEX        Discover Card              any time prior to the event. If you must cancel, your fee will be returned, less a $50
                                                                                      cancellation fee, so long as your cancellation is in writing and postmarked no later
                                                                                      than June 23, 2006.
Number                                                            Expiration Date
                                                                                      Questions? Registration Information: 1.800.280.6218 or 1.541.346.3537
                                                                                                                                                                               15 > F I F T E E N

Your Signature for Credit Card                                                        E-mail: CampusTech@continue.uoregon.edu
                                                                                      Web: www.campustechnology.com/conf

Address if Different From Above

July 31 - August 3, 2006 | Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston MA

                                                         Bird Pric
                                                       S          es
                                                            AVE $10
                                                                     by June 2
                                                      SAVE UP
                                                            with Sp         $200
                                                           Registratecial Team
                                                                    ion Pricin
A REVOLUTIONARY                                                               g!

   FOR HIGHER EDUCATION                                     > TEAM-PRESENTED, INTERACTIVE
                                                              PANEL DISCUSSIONS

TECHNOLOGY LEADERS!                                         > PRACTICAL INFORMATION TO TAKE
                                                              BACK TO YOUR CAMPUS AND PUT
                                                              INTO ACTION
                                                            > DESIGNED FOR
                                                              INTERDEPARTMENTAL TEAMS
                                                            > BLUEPRINT TO MAKE
                                                              CHANGE HAPPEN
                                                            > PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOPS
                                                              INCLUDE A TECHNOLOGY
                                                              INSIDER’S TRIP TO MIT


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