Quick action restores some destroyed systems in Haiti

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No. 21— March 2010                                                                

In this
              Quick action restores some
Appy net      destroyed systems in Haiti
up to 40           Much remains to be done to repair, upgrade equipment
                  The earthquake that smashed
              Haiti took its toll on the LWW
Students      clean water systems in that na-
study us      tion, but quick action has re-
              turned most systems to produc-
Leaders:          With clean water a major need
              in the disaster, the demand for
The Hoges     more units is strong, and LWW is
              pushing to install more units and
              upgrade existing ones to solar
She’s angel   power.                                 LWW’s top priority in Haiti is this destroyed orphanage at Leo-
                  LWW Haiti Network Coordi-
of CWU        nating Team moderators Chris
                                                     gane, where 100 children are homeless and three in four, with-
                                                     out clean water, now have dysentery. Water system repair, with
              McRae of Fort Smith, Ark., and         solar power, is estimated to cost $12,000.
              Bob McCoy of Huntsville, Ala.,
Yucatan       were in Haiti January 24-30 to       their abilities. After the earth-      fects of this tragedy will be years in the
                                                   quake, our partners at our first       recovery.
stronger      assess damage.
                  Their key findings:              solar installation, located in Arca-       Solar Under the Sun (SUTS), a
                  1. All of our Haitian partners   haie, immediately began produc-        Synod of the Sun mission, in conjunc-
                                                   ing clean water seven days per         tion with LWW’s Haiti Network has
Spreading     and their families were unhurt.
              They were deeply grateful to see     week, 24 hours per day.                authorized a program to work with our
the word      Bob and Chris as tangible proof          4. Our Priority Plan of Action
                                                   for Haiti calls for destroyed sys-
                                                                                          original Initiating Partners to rebuild all
                                                                                          destroyed clean water systems.
              that we are partners with them.
                  2. Six of 19 clean water sys-    tems to be rebuilt as soon as             As part of this effort, and due to
Thanks to     tems were destroyed. This is         possible, with first priority given
                                                   to reconstructing the building and
                                                                                          the lack of any reliable energy infra-
              particularly remarkable given                                               structure for the foreseeable future,
our donors    that the epicenter of the earth-     system at the orphanage in Leo-        we plan to convert all clean water sys-
              quake was near Leogane, which        gane, where 100 orphans were           tems there to solar power.
              has been the center of our work      left homeless.                            Toward accomplishing these goals,
Plotting      since 2001.                              Long term, the Haiti Network       SUTS was hosting its first Solar School
                                                   will consider the development          March 13 – 16 at Ferncliff Camp and
the future        Valdez Innocent, one of our
              full-time employees, immedi-         of a program toward “expanding         Conference Center outside of Little
              ately went to several damaged        into the need” in Haiti, as the ef-    Rock, Ark..
Myrick our    sites, crawling into destroyed
              buildings to salvage as much           HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP
new head      equipment as possible. Using               To date, donors have contributed and pledged $64,200 toward
              parts from several systems,            our clean water system rebuilding and expansion efforts in Haiti.
              Valdez soon had a new system           Significantly more funds are needed – at least $100,000 in total – to
              pumping out clean water!               fully implement our Priority Plan for Haiti.
                  3. LWW system sites that               To donate or get more information, visit our web site, livingwa-
              were unharmed are continuing  and click on the Haiti aid box at upper right.
              to produce water to the best of
network up
to 40 units,
plans more
            By JEFF WAGNER
   February’s wintry weather in Appala-
chia cooperated for a change, two suc-
cessive weekends without snow in the
mountains of East Tennessee.
   That allowed First Presbyterian
Church, Cookeville, Tenn., to install two
water treatment systems in the commu-
nity of Tazewell, Tenn. The units, one at
Pleasant View Baptist Church and the
other at the home of Patsy Arrington,
were the 39th and 40th water treatment             Engineering students examine date from their tests of pro-
systems installed in Appalachia.                   cedures at the LWW Bryson Campus at Oxford, Miss.
   In addition, teams from Westminster

                                                Ole Miss engineering
Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tenn.,
and West Emory Presbyterian Church
in Knoxville, Tenn., traveled to Tazewell

                                                students check us out
with Tim Myrick of First Presbyterian
Church, Oak Ridge, Tenn. They met with
families who are candidates for receiv-
ing clean water systems and conducted
water testing.                                      A unique working arrangement be-        rate sessions at the Camp Hopewell
   If all goes well, the families will be re-   tween Living Waters for the World and       clean water buildings indicated an over-
ceiving clean water systems in the not-         the University of Mississippi’s Civil En-   all decrease in total coliform throughout
too-distant future. Currently, three clean-     gineering Department is producing ben-      the clean water system. A decrease in
water systems are in place in Tazewell          efits for both parties.                     total coliform observed between the two
with the potential for over 40 systems to           In the Fall of 2009, the Ole Miss de-   filters indicates the usefulness of the fil-
be installed over the next two years.           partment teamed with LWW by offering        tration system in removing microorgan-
   Tazewell is the fourth Appalachian           the course, Service Learning in Water       isms.
community where Living Waters for the           and Sanitation Engineering, led by Dr.          Ozone, although difficult to measure
World has systems in operation; the oth-        Cristiane Surbeck.                          accurately, proved to successfully dis-
ers are Buffalo Creek (Clairfield), Tenn,           This water treatment engineering        infect water, evident by the decrease in
Greeneville, Tenn., and Frakes, Ky.             course not only strengthened the criti-     total coliform along the churn. An alter-
   In the first two months of 2010, four        cal thinking skills of the students, but    nate one-pass ozonation system was
more churches have declared their in-           also opened their eyes to world water       proposed and tested, but was not as
tent to sign, or have signed, covenants         issues.                                     successful in removing bacteria as the
with the Appalachian network, pledging              The students were thankful to LWW       standard system.
monetary support as well as resources           for allowing them to test the treatment         A review of the Clean Water Systems
to install water treatment systems in the       system. They enjoyed the opportunity to     Handbook led to several recommended
region.                                         gain hands-on engineering experience,       revisions for the next edition:
   They are Westminster Church in               to help LWW in evaluating the efficiency        •The calculation for the preparation of
Nashville; Great Bridge Presbyterian            of the treatment systems, and to ulti-      a stock solution of chlorine was correct-
Church in Chesapeake, Va.; Erin Pres-           mately help people around the world to      ed and confirmed in the laboratory.
byterian Church in Knoxville, and a joint       drink clean water.                              •A new table was developed for de-
team from Trinity Presbyterian Church               Benefits to LWW came in the students’   termining the amount of bleach to be
in Martin, Tenn., and First Presbyterian        measurement of coliform bacteria con-       added to obtain a certain concentration
Church in Paris, Tenn.                          centrations and testing of the efficiency   for a given volume.
   The Spirit is indeed alive and at work       of the clean water system, as well as in        •The contact time calculations and
in Appalachia.                                  proposed improvements to the Clean          chart for the number of passes required
   Jeff Wagner is Appalachian Network           Water Systems Handbook and testing of       were updated to consider the ozone pro-
and information technology coordinator          an alternative system configuration.        duction capacity of the PZ2-4 and the
for Living Waters for the World.                    Water quality results from four sepa-   different flow rates for each pass.
Leadership Highlight:
  George and Dee Hoge’s commitment
  to Living Waters runs deep and wide
    Those who know George and Dee Hoge of Anchor-
age, Ky., know they don’t do anything half-way. And
when it comes to their partnership with LWW, they’ve
jumped into the deep end.
    As owners of SunTime Pools West, Inc., water is
second-nature, and their influence is visible every time
clean water is produced by a LWW system. That’s be-
cause, way back in 1997, George greatly simplified our
earliest hardware configurations using his considerable
experience in water treatment.
    George has been personally involved in installation
trips to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala, and the
Hoges’ leadership in the LWW mission is evident in their
own Anchorage Presbyterian Church outside of Louis-
ville, Ky. Anchorage PC clean water teams have estab-
lished partnerships with four Guatemalan communities,
bringing good news, friendship and clean water.
    Throughout the years, the Hoges have been telling
the LWW story, speaking at churches, presbytery meet-
ings, and conferences whenever they can. Partners at
every level, they donate an essential filter in our clean            George and Dee Hoge enjoy grandson, Harrison.
water systems, an in-kind gift worth thousands of dollars each      George and Dee Hoge, and we thank them for their years
year.                                                               of tireless service so one day clean water may flow for all of
    Living Waters for the World is blessed to have partners like    God’s children.

   Clean Water U Who —
       Behind the scenes: Pierce, the Dependability Lady
              By KENDALL COX                  ferent capacities, both on the local and
     Issue after issue of this newsletter     national level. Of all the positions she
  has carried group photos of classes         has served in over the years, Pierce will
  of Clean Water U students. (None            tell you that her involvement with LWW
  this issue because we haven’t had a         continues to be the most exciting for
  CWU session since the last issue.)          her.
     Someone who was at every one                 With all of her duties, she manages
  of these sessions since the begin-          somehow to also keep up with the joys
  ning is missing from every graduat-         and needs of the members of the Living
  ing class photo. Always behind the          Waters for the World family and is quick
  scenes, helping ensure that things          to share the latest accomplishments
  run smoothly.                               of her two daughters or details of the
     When these photos were taken,            activities of her grandchildren (of whom
  she was no doubt making a run to            there are five).
  a store to pick up some batteries or            Pierce’s involvement with LWW goes
  a toothbrush for a student or some          back to the very early days of the orga-
  ingredients for a recipe for the eve-       nization, even before CWU, when she
  ning’s party.                               crossed paths with LWW as part of her
     This edition’s Clean Water U Who         work as development officer with the
  spotlight is on Pierce Buford, our as-      Presbyterian Foundation program.
  sistant administrator, a title that calls       One group trip in the early 1990s          Pierce Buford, preparing Com-
  for utilizing her gifts and talents (with   with Wil Howie to an LWW installation          munion at CWU.
  a smile!) as hostess, tour guide, and       in Reynosa was all it took — she was
  historian.                                  hooked. The reason for her continued        ing clean water and teaching health and
     This native of West Point, Miss.,        involvement is easy for her to sum up:      hygiene, but through these actions to
  (and proud graduate of Ole Miss!)           She sees the work of LWW and CWU            show the love of Jesus Christ.
  has a long history of serving the           as an opportunity to respond to The            Kendall Cox of Greenville, Miss., is
  church and has done so in many dif-         Great Commission by not only provid-        CWU’s program director.
                                                                                          Water income
                                                                                          buys couple
                                                                                          a new home
                                                                                             Call it the parable of the clean water
                                                                                             It’s a wonderful story from Monte Mo-
                                                                                          riah church in Campeche, Mexico, where
                                                                                          a Living Waters team partnered to install
                                                                                          a clean water system in April 2007. Since
                                                                                          that time, the brothers and sisters there
                                                                                          have worked very hard, made improve-
                                                                                          ments, and created a flourishing ministry
                                                                                          of water.
                                                                                             They have been able to purchase a
                                                                                          used truck in order to deliver the water
                                                                                          to more people of the community: They
                                                                                          proudly display the Living Waters for the
                                                                                          World sign on their truck, and they pro-
  Carlos Arias MacGregor talks with system operators in a                                 vide over 800 five-gallon bottles of clean
  small group session about health department compliance.                                 water to their community every week.
                                                                                             Some of the income from the water
Independence is hallmark                                                                  system has been used in a ministry of
                                                                                          housing. These photos show an elderly
of Yucatan operators’ seminar                                                             man and woman who were living in what
                                                                                          could not even be called a shelter. With
                                                                                          proceeds from the water system, the
           By JOANIE LUKINS                  the feeling shared by LWW representa-
                                                                                          church built them a new “house” of wood
         Yucatan Network Team                tives that if Living Waters suddenly dis-
                                                                                          and tin — nothing beautiful, but it keeps
    A “sort of Declaration of Indepen-       appeared, the clean water capability in
                                                                                          the rain out and provides a decent place
dence” — that’s what the fourth an-          the Yucatan peninsula would continue.
                                                                                          to live.
nual Continuing Education Seminar for            Carlos Arias MacGregor, who is over-
                                                                                             This ministry would not have been
LWW’s Yucatan Network was last No-           all LWW coordinator for the peninsula,
                                                                                          possible without the gifts that YOU first
vember.                                      moderated the seminar with ease and
                                                                                          provided – time, talent, finances.
    Participants talked of future plans,     confidence. Next year perhaps LWW will
application of income for ministry pur-      be present only as observers!
poses, expansion of systems, marketing           While earlier seminars were devoted
tools … all indicators that the network      to very basic questions (e.g., how does a
has arrived at a point where they are no     filter work?), and last year they had pro-
longer totally dependent upon their Initi-   gressed to production questions (e.g.,
ating Partners.                              how can I get more out of my system?),
    Network members now have the             this year many of them were discussing
technical expertise and experience, the      the proportion of profits that should be
business acumen, and the visibility in       plowed back into the business vs. used
the marketplace to be a reliable and sus-    in the church’s ministries.
tainable network of producers of clean           At this seminar, those systems that
water.                                       are struggling were placed in the pres-       Before: Only a lean-to was
    With 45 systems in place, and more       ence of systems that are very success-        elderly pair’s home.
scheduled for 2010, the challenge now        ful, so that they were able to see that
is to continue to work for sustainable op-   success is possible.
erations, to maintain quality control, and       One more encouraging sign was talk
to direct the income in appropriate direc-   among the operators of tithing some of
tions.                                       their profits to a fund that would then
    With 85 people in attendance (includ-    provide another clean water system, in-
ing system operators, presbytery coordi-     stalled solely by Mexican Presbyterians!
nators, synod personnel, and Living Wa-          Representing LWW at the gather-
ters representatives), the seminar was       ing were Ralph Young, Bill Harney and
held in Kimbila, Mexico.                     Joanie Lukins.
    Several testimonials about the impact        “Paso a paso” – step by step – this
that clean water has had on communi-         Network is growing larger, stronger,          After: A more substantial tin
ties was encouraging, but best of all was    healthier, more sustainable.                  and wood structure.
Volunteer presenters keep spreading the word
               By BILL REED                     dall Cox), Association of Presbyterian       Files.php).
    Efforts to tell the Living Waters for the   Christian Educators Conference (Pierce          Federal law requires media outlets to
World story as broadly as possible con-         Buford and Joanie Lukins) and Presby-        provide segments of air time to charitable
tinue with exhibits and presentations for       terian Women of St. Andrew Presbytery        entities. Several of our folks have simply
a wide variety of groups.                       (Pierce Buford).                             dropped by the local station with a tape
    Those since the last newsletter in-             If you know of a group that would wel-   and asked if they could add our spot to
clude: Scioto Valley Presbytery (Jeff           come an LWW speaker or exhibit let Bill      their station’s play list. Sometimes radio
Wagner), West Virginia Presbytery (Bill         Reed know at              spots can even be E-mailed.
Bowman), American Public Health Asso-               Check out the TV and radio spots on         If you’d like to help, contact Steve
ciation Convention (Kary Lafors), Green-        the LWW website (http://www.livingwa-        Young at the LWW office or e-mail him at
ville, Miss., Delta Democrat-Times (Ken-

Presbytery of East Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn.                        PW of the Presbytery of Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Miss.
Holston Presbytery, Kingsport, Tenn.                                  PW of The Presbytery of North Alabama, Huntsville, Ala.
Presbytery of Mid-Kentucky., Louisville Ky.                           PW of the Ala./Miss. Conference, Jackson, Miss.
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Alan and Penny Arnold                     David and Elizabeth A. Hail          Bob Palandech
Priscilla Awsumb                          Ralph and Judy Hall                  Bernice Parker
Thomas M. Ayres                           Lisa S. and David L. Hankla          Dave Parks
Thomas E. and Betty L. Bailey             Edward and Lila Hardin               Cindy and David Peterson
Rims and Judith K. Barber                 Bill Harney                          Paul Pew
The Rev. Emett H. and Joyce S. Barfield   Robert V. and Martha F. Haynes       Rita C. Phillips
James and Cynthia Barnett                 Shelia and Donald Hensley            Elizabeth D. Preston
John and Suzanne Benton                   Tanya and Kenny Hensley              Julie Proud
Suzanne L. Bethell                        Charles and Leslie Higgins           Euripides Quinones
Dr. James D. Biggers                      Samuel Hodges                        Jerry and Ann Redus
Sam C. Bills                              Doris E. Hoenig                      Bob and Ann Reid
Catherine H. Bishop                       Peyton H. Hoge                       Ann C. Render
Houston O. and Paula C. Bishop            Mary Anne Hollingshead               Evelyn S. Rich
Brenda J. Black                           Wil and Michele Howie                Kevin and Jean Robinson
Diane Blankenhorn                         R. Joseph and Peggy B. Hrach         Schuyler W. and Linda K. Robinson
Daniel Blum                               Barbara W. Hunt                      Mike and Janet Sale
Bert and Jean Bock                        Carol A. Hyatt                       Andrew Sanislo
Bill Bowman                               Luella M. Isbell                     Bert and Beth Seaton
Michael Bowman                            Eric and Libby Iversen               David and Susan Shaw
William H. Breeze                         Andy James                           John and Barbara Sheble
Charles and Polly Brown                   Randall Janne                        John and Gwendolen Shell
Loretta Brown                             C. William and Esther P. Jansing     Louise H. Shouse
Ray H. and Christy B. Brown               Andrew C. Jenkins                    James W. and Jane A. Skillen
Pierce Buford                             W. P. Joest                          J. Hudson Slay
William M. and Marion S. Bugg             Martha and Robert Johnston           Ann Smith
Don & Bette Burris                        Kathy B. Jones                       Joan Smith
Ronald P. and Susan R. Byars              Sarah L. and Thomas W. Juntune       Ann Soderquist
Jose and Ann Cabre                        George and Laura Kappos              Cephas and Jean Starnes
Tom and Rebecca Caddell                   Alan L. and Karen S. Keiser Keiser   Jeanna and Wayne Steele
Karen Carman                              Jamie Keith                          Ann M. Still
Patricia L. and Calvin C. Carpenter       Joan and Jeff Kellam                 Rev. and Mrs. Walter Sutton
Becki Carroll                             Daniel H. and Ann Houston Kelly      M. H. Swain
John S. and Lee H. Carroll                Shirley D. Kem                       M. T. (Tommy) Taylor
Matthew G. Cary                           Lucas Keppel                         George and Jenny Thagard
Mary A. Christopherson                    John Klettner                        Carolyn J. and Marcia L. Thom
Thomas M. and Emily H. Clem               Gwen and Sam Knowlton                Glenn and Janet Thomas
S. Sayre and Susan H. Combs               Edward and Gaye Kopas                Mike Thomas
A. R. Conant                              Raymond and Nancy Kramer             Steven Thomas
Frances E. Copeland                       Cynthia and James Krapf              Virginia C. Thomas
Foye J. Covington                         Lynn Kszos                           Wilbur Todd
Amy E. Cox                                Kary and Nanette Lafors              David Townes
Kendall Cox                               Andrew W. Lamb                       Richard A. Tritinger
Kenneth E. and JoAnn R. Cox               Joan E. and Stephen M. Landgrebe     Louise Tune
Suzie and Scott Cunningham                William and Annelex Layson           Remi and Becki van Compernolle
Harold Deason                             Robert A. and Natalie E. Lemmon      Mark and Sally Vanciel
Pete and Bobbie A. Denton                 Matthew Lewis                        Janet and Robert Vawter
Denise M. Devane                          Stephen and Caroline Lewis           Kelly C. and Teresa K. Voyles
Greg and Paula Dimler                     Eileen M. Lindblad                   Bill Wade
Marguerite Doyle                          Nancy Lindblad                       J. Otey Walker
Susan and Danny Eaton                     Pierce Lively                        Nolan Waller
Robert S. Edington                        Steven A. and Kimberly M. Long       Mary Weber
Virginia R. Elting                        Joanie Lukins                        Jack Webster
James M. Evans, Jr.                       James Magee                          D. J. and R. S. Wengert
Slade and Susan Exley                     Everett A. Marley, Jr.               S. Camille Whorton
Robert L. and Janice T. Farley            Lucy Marsh                           Jim and Sarah Wilbanks
Martha P. and Thomas K. Farmer            Jim and Mary McCauley                Bill and Anne Williams
Bill Farr                                 Russell H. McCuen, Jr.               Verna Williams
Bill and Evelyn Farrior                   Pat and Alice McGeachy               Betty Anne Wilson
Robert and Helen Ferguson                 Jeffery S. and Jane McGookey         Barry and Lois Wisniewski
David G. and Elizabeth B. Forney          Robert and Marjorie McLean           Daniel M. and Susan L. Woodworth
Bruce Foster                              Pete McMurry                         Linda H. and James P. Worden
T.H. Freeland                             Anne T. McNeilly                     Wayne T. and Joe Ann Wylie
David Freeman                             Chris McRae                          Julie Young
Juno Friedman                             Donna Merguc                         Margareta Young
Brian W. and Delissa N. Fulce             Charles and Diane Meshako            Ralph and Stephanie Young
Kathleen L. Gates                         Leland P. and Jo Ann Miner           Robin and Madelyn Young
Susan J. Gladney                          Judith D. Mitchener                  Steve and Tonya Young
Kyle Glossy                               Robert H. Montgomery                 Sharon K. Youngs
Dr. and Mrs. Bill Goforth                 SaraLee and William G. Morris        Walter and Gayle Yuras
    Bill Reed, Kendall Cox and Carie Turner were among leaders who braved the snowstorm to plan LWW’s path.

Snowstorm? No obstacle
to LWW’s future plotters
   Fifteen key LWW leaders came together January 29-30
to forge a new strategic plan for the organization, setting the
course for the coming year and beyond. This was the planning
event that almost wasn’t, as a snow and ice storm descended
on much of the southern U. S., including the Middle Tennessee
meeting site.
   These hardy souls braved the elements, ignored the condi-
tions outside, and transformed a meeting room at Franklin’s
Sleep Inn into strategic planning central command!
   The plan that was produced is exciting, ambitious, brings fo-
cus, and is designed to carry the organization forward. The key
focus is on sustainability of our water systems in the field – de-
veloping the framework and infrastructure necessary to ensure
that Living Waters for the World water systems are producing
clean water for years to come. This objective touches and im-
pacts every aspect of our organization, and we are blessed to        Bob McCoy and Ralph Young shared their experi-
have the collective input of our leadership reflected in our plan    ence and insights.
at this pivotal time.

Myrick new LWW Committee moderator
   Tim Myrick, a retired nuclear engineer from                                 a leadership role in the Appalachian Network,
Oak Ridge, Tenn., has been appointed as the                                    including securing a USDA grant source for
new moderator of the LWW Committee of the                                      $150,000 to expand our efforts there.
Synod of Living Waters.                                                            Tim retired early in order to focus on com-
   Tim and his wife, Teresa, attend First Pres-                                munity work, and is currently actively involved
byterian Church in Oak Ridge, where they have                                  in Red Cross Disaster Relief, the Tennessee
been involved in its Living Waters ministry in                                 Nature Conservancy Board, Habitat for Hu-
Belize as well as their backyard in Appalachia.                                manity, and Aid To Distressed Families in Ap-
   Tim, who succeeds Joanie Lukins of                                          palachian Counties, an agency where he has
Danville, Ky., as moderator, got interested in                                 served on the board for 12 years. He is now
LWW some five years ago as he was preparing                                    a key teaming partner with LWW in the Ap-
for early-retirement. He attended Clean Water                                  palachian work.
U in 2004, then applied his newly acquired wa-                                    His passion for working with high school
ter knowledge in systems installations in the                                  kids is evident by his 25 straight years of
Viking Mountain and Buffalo Creek areas in                                     teaching high school Sunday School and his
East Tennessee.                                                                part-time teaching of AP-Environmental Sci-
   Since that initial involvement, he has taken              Tim Myrick        ences classes at Oak Ridge High School.

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