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									                        Dorset & Wilts – Hardy Country Run
                                    29 Sept 02

Meeting Point and Route
The Meeting Point
Meet/Start: "Bartley Lodge" just off J1 of the M27 at Cadnam. The morning route is 60 miles (roughly
1:30hr) long and we'll aim to start the run by 11.00am so that there's plenty of time for lunch before
the afternoon run.

To get to Bartley Lodge for the start:
     Come off the M27 at Junction 1, turn left onto a short dual carriageway (signposted
        Cadnam, Lyndhurst, etc)

       Move over to the right lane and at the roundabout turn right onto the A337 toward New
        Forest Visitor Centre, Lyndhurst, Lymington

       After 25M (almost straigt off the roundabout), turn left into the driveway into Bartley Lodge
        *** CAUTION *** The driveway has several near-invisible speed humps and a cattle grid - its
        YOUR suspension!

       Park at the back of the lodge in the general car park area

Park-up, reset your odo and partake of coffee or tea in the Hotel, and start talking bollocks about
cars, etc.
See the Maps page.

Top-up with fuel
Fuel can be found a few hundred metres along the A31 "Romsey Road" (off the final roundabout
prior to the start point - see Maps page); on the M27 (Rownhams Services) just west of the M3/M27
junction a few miles short of the start point; and in Lyndhurst (3 miles) on the A337 (try not to enter
Lyndhurst town centre - it has a large one way system you have to follow to get back out again!).
There are also a few fuel stations on the route, but not many.

The Route
Some final thoughts before the off:
    The route is a mixture of quick and gentle. Where its gentle take time to enjoy the
       scenery - don't assume you have to blat between every corner!

       The first 10 miles are fairly slow, across the New Forest. This should give us time to
        settle down and get used to traveling in convoy. Enjoy the scenery and BEWARE of the
        animals: they're used to cars STOPPING for them to cross the road, etc.

       Try to keep to groups of about 4-6 cars. If you feel "in the mood" leave in one of the
        first groups of cars; if you're a newbie to these runs or not looking for an adrenalin rush,
        wait for one of the last groups - the last thing we need is someone who wants to blat
        everywhere having to overtake people who are in no hurry

       Autoroute Express files are here: Morning and Afternoon

       Note that all distances were measured in my car - an Elise S2-111s: as is usual with
        these runs, your odo may well show different distances as the miles roll by - just keep a
        note of the difference and apply that difference as you go along.

                          Dorset & Wilts – Hardy Country Run
                                      29 Sept 02

Odo - from
             The morning run is in two parts, an initial slow part to Fordingbridge, and then a good run
             to Compton Abbas where we stop for lunch.

             Section 1: Bartley Lodge to Fordingbridge - See the Maps page.
             At "Bartley Lodge":
             - Reset odo
             - Headlights "ON"

             From Carpark, follow the driveway back to the A337 - again beware the speed

   0.3       At A337 turn right toward the M27

   0.4       At the roundabout, turn left toward the M27

             At the M27 junction, go straight across (2nd exit) toward Brook, Bramshaw &
             Fordingbridge (B3079)
             *** CAUTION *** This is the New Forest: 40mph blanket limit *** BEWARE of animals
             plus cattle grids on entry/exit to the forest itself
             Take the left fork at Brook to Fordingbridge (B3080 - note maps seem to show this
             section as the B3078)
             Pass through Godshill and under the A338 into Fordingbridge. Go over the bridge (Bridge
   10.5      Street) and turn left at LLoyds Bank/Lloyds Pharmacy mini-roundabout, down the High
             Street, then follow the road to the right, up Shaftesbury Street.
             At the roundabout by the "Augustus John" pub, turn right up Station Road, through
             Ashford to Sandleheath

             Section 2: Sandleheath to Compton Abbas - See the Maps page.
             At last we can leave the initial boring bit behind and begin to enjoy ourselves...

             In Sandleheath, at the cross roads, turn right, signposted to Rockbourne (signs to
             Roman Villa). Attraction: visit the Villa if you feel you have time (8-)

   18.5      At junction with A354, turn right toward Salisbury.

             Cross the river in Coombe Bissett, then turn left toward the Racecourse, Stratford Tony,
             Bishopstone & Broad Chalke
             In Broad Chalke, turn left at the Queens Head pub toward Bowerchalke. Pass through
             Bowerchalke and on to Sixpenny Handley
             At Sixpenny Handley, at Junction with B3081, turn left toward Ringwood, Blandford,
             At roundabout with A354, go straight across, still on the B3081 toward Ringwood &
             Turn left toward Ringwood (stay on the B3081 - do not go straight-on toward Wimborne
             St Giles)

                    Dorset & Wilts – Hardy Country Run
                                29 Sept 02

35.8   At junction with B3078, turn right towards Wimborne, Ringwood & Verwood

38.9   At staggered junction, with pub on the right (Horton Inn), turn right

43.1   At junction with A354, turn right toward Salisbury.

46.6   At roundabout, turn left onto B3081 toward Tollard Royal & Shaftesbury

       Pass through Royal Tollard and down Zig-Zag Hill. At junction in Cann Common, turn left
       through Melbury Abbas
58.4   At top of hill, turn left, signposted to Compton Abbas Airfield
58.6   Follow signs into the airfield - park, eat, look at the aeroplanes, etc

       The Afternoon run is in two sections, with a planned stop point to view one of the
       chalk hill-carvings. The two sections together will probably take a good 2 hours...

       Section 1 - Compton Abbas to a view of "The Giant"
       See the Maps page.

       At the airfield carpark:
       - Reset odo (again)
       - Lights "ON"

       From Carpark, turn right
       At T-junction, turn right toward Melbury Abbas and Shaftesbury.
       *** CAUTION *** this is a nasty near-blind right turn - don't rush! ***
       Pass through Melbury Abbas and in Cann Common at the junction with the B3081, turn
       right toward Tollard Royal. Climb Zig-Zag hill and onto the downland road beyond.
4.7    Turn right, signposted to Ashmore (sign is small and not easy to see)

7.5    Pass through Ashmore and at the cross roads, go straight across toward Fontmell Magna

8.7    At cross-roars in Fontmell Magna (A350), go straight across (past The Crown pub)

9.8    At cross-roads in Bedchester, turn right toward Twyford and Shaftesbury

12.5   Pass through Twyford and at junction with B3091, turn right toward Shaftesbury

13.1   At the church, turn left toward Stour Row, Todber and Marnhull

14.8   At junction with A30, turn left toward East Stour & Sherbourne

17.2   At junction with B3092 in East Stour, turn left toward Sturminster Newton
       At junction with A357 in Sturminster Newton, turn right toward Lydlinch and
26.7   At junction with A3030, turn left toward Sherbourne

27.8   At junction with B3143, turn left toward Kings Stag & Dorchester.
32.8   Just outside Duntish: follow signs toward Cerne Abbas (off the B3143)

34.1   At T-junction, turn left toward Cerne Abbas

36.7   Turn right toward Cerne Abbas (down a narrow road)

37.1   In the middle of the village, turn right (towards "The Gianr" viewing/visitor parking

                    Dorset & Wilts – Hardy Country Run
                                29 Sept 02


       At Cerne Abbas, enter visitor parking place, park up and admire "The Giant" (girls: bring
       your binoculars). There's also Cerne Abbey and other attractions in the village.

       Section 2: Cerne Abbas to Pimperne - See the Maps page.

       Exit car park, turn left and head toward Cerne Abbas village centre
37.9   In Cerne Abbas turn left toward Duntish & Piddletrenthide
38     Turn right toward Piddletrenthide (down "Piddle Street" - how quaint!)
39     At staggered cross-roads go straight across (right/left) toward Piddletrenthide
41.4   In Piddletrenthide, at junction with B3143, turn left.

41.4   After 25M turn right toward Cheselbourne

44.2   In Cheselbourne, turn right toward Dewlish & Puddletown

45.3   Turn sharp left toward Dewlish
46.1   In Dewlish, go straight across the cross-roads, toward Milbourne St Andrew
47.9   In Milbourne St Andrew, at junction with A354, turn left toward Blandford Forum
       In Winterborne Whitechurch, take 2nd left toward Lower/Higher Whatcombe. Then pass
       through Winterborne Clenston, Winterborne Stickland and Turnworth toward
       Okeford Fitzpaine. Caution: Excellent road, but watch out for gravel/dirt washed out
50.7   from the fields and at corners

       Attraction: just after Turnworth there's a parking spot at the top of the hill for a fantastic
       view across the Dorset downlands (pure Hardy country)
57.6   Turn right and pass through Okeford Fitzpaine toward Sturminster
       At junction with A357, turn right onto A357 and immediately left (off A357) toward
       Hammoon & Manston
59.8   Pass through Hammoon and at T-junction, turn left toward Manston
61.3   In Manston, at junction with B3091, turn right toward Shaftesbury
       Turn right, through Hartgrove, Bedchester toward Fontmell Magna *** CAUTION ***
       Junction is in a set of Z-bends on a sharp near-blind left hand corner ***
66.1   In Fontmell Magna, at cross-roads with A350 (the Crown pub again), go straight across
67.2   At cross-roads turn right toward Blandford
71.8   Turn left toward Pimperne
73.2   In Pimperne, at junction with A354, turn right toward Blandford
       Westover Sportscars is on the right: park-up, mill about, have a cup of tea, look stupid,
       go home

             Dorset & Wilts – Hardy Country Run
                         29 Sept 02

Routes home:

1. If home is to the north east, turn left out of Westovers' and follow the A354 to
Salisbury, for Bath, Andover, Newbury and Swindon, etc.

2. If you're going home via Shaftesbury, DON'T take the A350 out of Blandford
(excruciatingly slow), but take the road across the Cranbourne hills that parallel's it (turn
right out of Westovers' onto the A354 to Blandford, go right when you reach the
roundabout, then right at the next roundabout - to Melbury Abbas and thus Shaftesbury).

3. For south and west, turn right out of Westovers' onto the A354 to Blandford then
follow roads west/south: A354 for Dorchester, A350 for Poole, A357 for Sherborne and
Yeovil, etc.

4. For London and the south east (M27/M3/A31/etc):

       Turn left out of Westover's onto A354
       After 4.5 miles, at staggered cross-roads, turn right toward Horton
       At crossroads with B3078 (8.9 miles), turn left (Horton Inn pub on the corner)
        and immediately right, again toward Horton
       Pass through Horton to Three Legged Cross then Ashley and then to the A31 at
        Ringwood (16.7 miles) *** WARNING *** 3 active speed cameras between Three
        Legged Cross and the A31 at Ashley - two (30mph) as you enter Three Legged
        Cross and one (40mph) in Ashley. The road is straight, but its a 40 limit - you
        have been warned!
       At roundabout, turn left onto A31 toward Southampton (for M27, M3, etc)


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