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									E Website Administration

Using your browser, go to

Locate the button on this page that says. "A+ Panel."

A login screen should appear. Enter the SWE account name and password here (be careful, it is case sensitive):
         Account name is: swetwint
         Password is:     sweets2002 (should be updated each year)

                               Sections of the website are as listed in the menu after you complete a successful

                               Each item will be covered here as it pertains to the existing Society of Women
                               Engineers, Twin Tiers website (

          The accounting page includes all of the following options for managing the Twin Tiers SWE account with
Aplushosting. This is particularly important to our section if the person responsible for our subscription changes.
The charges for the account are $25 per year under the arrangement that we have. This was a special program that
no longer exists, so you will not see information about it on their site any longer. An active credit card must be kept
on file for our account. Aplushosting will notify the email address on record of the pending charges near the end of
January. The card will be charged in early February for the annual fee.

            Add credit
         Credit card                                         Use to update credit cards for new person responsible or
            Submit new credit card                           for new expiration dates.
            Credit card submission history
         Money transfer Via WesternUnion
            Payment history
            Set pre-payment settings
            Pre-payment submission history
         Special Services                                    If SWE Twin Tiers ever decides to relinquish this
            Account cancellation                             account, that action would be done here.
            Pay for special work
            Upgrade/ downgrade

CGI Apps
       CGI applications are tools to be used for web site design. This company offers some that can be used. This
       is not required for site account management, but may be accessed by a designer with permissions to the
       account for use in enhancing the web site.

DNS Domain
      This area allows for the creation of Domain pointers ( have another domain end up at our site) or
      subdomains within the domain. Again, this is an advanced design tool not currently used
      for this site.
EMail Setup
        This area is very important to the website. This is what allows us to have generic names
        on the website for email addresses (i.e. and have them sent to the correct
        member's e-mail address. This account has the capacity for 15 total e-mail accounts/ forwarders / aliases.

              Set a new alias
              List aliases
              Set a new Autoresponder
              List Autoresponders
           Email forwarding
              Set a new
              Convert POP3 to
              List forwarders
           External email Services
              Change an account's password
              Change all email passwords
              Lost your email Password?
           POP3 email accts.
              Create a new email account
              Delete an email account
              List POP3 email Accounts

           Need help defining these features:
           Extra Accounts
              List accounts
              New extra acct.
              Reinstall extensions
              Reinstallation/ deletion status
           MySQL Admin
              List Databases
              New database SSL
              READ ME FIRST
              Setup SSL
              Buy a secure certificate
              Provide a secure certificate

        This is where the passwords for the account are controlled. The instructions refer to both a control panel
        password and a system password. At the present time, both are the same. It is recommended that these be
        kept the same for the purposes of managing this web site.

Resellers - This is not used for SWE purposes.
           This section offers account holders the opportunity to create Meta tags for the site that make more
           keywords available to search engines. It also allows us to subscribe to a search engine submission service.
           These services are not used at this time. It is not expected to be needed for the purposes of this site.

          This area offers web statistic reporting and log analysis features. Special software is required for analyzing
          a log, so this will be used primarily for reports on traffic at Reports can be
          generated for any date range within the period for which a particular type of data is stored.
          Reports appear on the screen in both graphical and tabluar fomat (it is uncertain that the data can be cut and
          pasted outside of the application displaing it. Screen shots may be the only option for capturing report

           Stat reports that are available include:
           Summary                                            Check how many hits you get, unique users that visit
                                                              your site or how much data is transferred per hour, day
                                                              or month.
                                                              Data is stored indefinitely.
           File hits                                          Check which of your site's files are being accessed the
                                                              most, or the least, along with the amount of data that
                                                              they consume.
                                                              Current and previous month data is available only.
           Directory hits                                     See which directories on your web site are your users
                                                              visiting the most and which directory's content is
                                                              consuming the most bandwidth.
                                                              Last 6 months of data available.
           Referrer                                           Review where people are coming from, which sites are
                                                              linking to you and with which web site should you
                                                              arrange some kind of advertising depending on the
                                                              volume of users they send to your web site.
                                                              Current and previous month data is available only.
           System used                                        Learn the browsers and operating systems your visitors
                                                              are using. It will help you know for what browser to
                                                              design for, and with which browser compatibility must
                                                              be maintained. You can also learn who's winning the OS
                                                              war, or, to provide OS specific articles or software on
                                                              your web site.
                                                              Last 12 months of data available.
           File types                                         See what types of files are being hit on your web site
                                                              (.zips, .jpg, etc), the number of hits they are getting and
                                                              how much bandwidth each file type is consuming.
                                                              Last 12 months of data available.
           Unique IPs                                         Find out how many hits a unique IP (possibly a unique
                                                              user) made on your web site.
                                                              Current and previous month data is available only.
           Errors                                             It is very important to keep your site in good shape. Find
                                                              misbehaving CGIs, login attempts, broken links and
                                                              where are those problematic URLs.
                                                              Current and previous month data is available only.

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