; 2009 WLEA classified timesheets
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2009 WLEA classified timesheets


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									                         2009 CLASSIFIED NON-EXEMPT TIMESHEET (WLEA CONTRACT)                                                                           DATE RECEIVED IN PAYROLL

PERSON ID:                                                                           PAY PERIOD           JAN A (12/21/08-01/03/09)
      REQUIRED                      (Found on Earnings Statement)
                                                                                     BEGIN:         12/21/08              END:     01/03/09
NAME:                                                                            DUE DATE:          01/05/09       PAID DATE:      01/15/09
            (Last, First, Middle)
                                                                   PAYROLL AND LEAVE ACCOUNTING SECTION                                                                 SUPPLEMENTAL PAY
                                      Work Shift - Actual Hours Worked                            VAC-     SICK   PERS            COMP                             DIFFERENTIAL   COMP STAND-
   Day       Date                                                                       HOURS    ATION    LEAVE   HOL     LEGAL   USED           √ IF           NIGHT    WKEND    USED BY
                        Begin         Lunch and/or other gaps in work shift  End       WORKED     (VN)     (SL)   (PH)   HOL (LH) (CT)   MISC   FMLA            (ND)     (WD)      (CA) (AA/SD)

SUN          12/21
MON          12/22                                                                                                                                      TOTAL
TUE          12/23
WED          12/24                                                                                                                                      WEEK
THU          12/25
FRI          12/26
SAT          12/27
                                           WEEK ONE TOTALS

SUN          12/28
MON          12/29
TUE          12/30                                                                                                                                      TOTAL
WED          12/31                                                                                                                                      2ND
THU          01/01                                                                                                                                      WEEK

FRI          01/02
SAT          01/03
                                           WEEK TWO TOTALS
                                                                                      TOTAL      VN         SL    PH       LH     CT     MISC           TOTAL     ND       WD      CA    AA/SD
                                                          BIWEEKLY TOTALS
EMPLOYEE SIGNATURE:                                                                                                                                         PAYROLL USE ONLY
                                                                                                          REPORT HOURS TO BE
                                                                                                          CREDITED TO COMP                                      HR REG HOURS
REMARKS:                                                                                                  TIME IN THE BOX (CH)                                  OT OVERTIME
                                                                                                                                                                OK HOLIDAY
Instructions for Completing your Timesheet
Use the Hourly or Salaried Timesheet Instead
• Enter your person ID in the Person ID field. This is required for us to process your timesheet properly.
• The person ID can be found on your earnings statement. Do not use all or part of your Social Security Number, your SOLAR ID, or write "on file".
• Select the proper pay period by clicking on the pay period box and using the dropdown menu. All dates will fill in automatically
• There is a blank space at the end of the pulldown menu. Please select that space if you need a timesheet without dates filled in.
• Enter times either in AM/PM format or using military time. For example, for 4:30 PM, either type 4:30 PM, or 16:30.
• If you use AM/PM times, you must put a space between the time and the AM/PM.
• Most times will default to AM if you do not enter AM/PM. Please make sure times are entered correctly.
• Do NOT cut and paste times. Copying and pasting is okay, but cutting and pasting will break multiple calculations, requiring you to start over with a fresh copy!
• Start and end times must be filled in for each day worked.
• When a work shift begins on one calendar day, and continues into the next day, all hours should be reported on the day the shift began.
• The timesheet supports two breaks in the work shift during the day. If you only take one break, it does not matter which two break boxes you use.
• If the timesheet cannot correctly calculate the time, the hours worked box will turn red. The most likely cause of this is a missing break time.
• If hours worked in a day are greater than 12, the hours worked box will turn yellow. Please review these times to ensure that AM/PM is entered correctly.
• Please enter any leave time used and comp time earned in the appropriate boxes using hours and tenths.
• There is a minutes to tenths conversion chart in the Reference tab of this timesheet.
• Use the miscellaneous column to cover paid leave situations covered under contract such as jury duty, union business, military leave, etc.
• If time is marked in the miscellaneous section, provide a description and explanation of the time in the remarks section.
• If time off is related to a serious medical condition, place an "X" in the FMLA box.
• The timesheet will compute hours paid, overtime, and differential, and will total leave balances used.
• Night differential will be paid for all hours worked between 6:00 PM and 6:00 AM per contract or administrative code provisions.
• Weekend differential will be paid for all hours worked between 12:01 AM Saturday and 12:00 midnight Sunday per contract or administrative code provisions
• Please print out the timesheet and submit to your supervisor. The timesheet needs to be in the payroll office at 10:00 AM on the due date listed.
• The timesheet no longer needs to be printed on a specific color paper.

• Enter Furlough Time Off by placing the number of hours taken in the "Misc" column, and note furlough for that day in the remarks.
• The Human Resources Office will assume that any "Misc" time is Furlough Time Off unless noted otherwise in the remarks.
• No more than 10 hours furlough time can be taken in a single week.
• Furlough time may only be taken in 2 hour increments (i.e. 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 6 hrs, 8 hrs, 10 hrs). Other amounts are not allowed. (Pro-rated for part time employees)
                                     2009 Holidays - Dates Observed

      Thursday, January 01, 2009               New Year's Day
       Monday, January 19, 2009                Martin Luther King Junior's Birthday
           Monday, May 25, 2009                Memorial Day
          Saturday, July 04, 2009              Independence Day ** Floating Holiday
     Monday, September 07, 2009                Labor Day
    Thursday, November 26, 2009                Thanksgiving Day
    Thursday, December 24, 2009                Christmas Eve
      Friday, December 25, 2009                Christmas Day
    Thursday, December 31, 2009                New Year's Eve

Conversion Chart - Work Hours to Tenths of Hours                    Fixed Furlough Days - 2009

01-06 Minutes                       1 Tenth                               Friday, November 27, 2009
07-12 Minutes                       2 Tenths                             Monday, December 28, 2009
13-18 Minutes                       3 Tenths
19-24 Minutes                       4 Tenths
25-30 Minutes                       5 Tenths
31-36 Minutes                       6 Tenths
37-42 Minutes                       7 Tenths
43-48 Minutes                       8 Tenths
49-54 Minutes                       9 Tenths
55-60 Minutes                       1 Hour

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