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Diocese of Wollongong Athletics Championships


									               Diocese of Wollongong Athletics Championships

                           Campbelltown Athletics Track

                         THURSDAY 3 SEPTEMBER 2009
                              (Back up Monday 7 September)

(8.00am Arrive Warm up, Managers/Officials meeting 8.15am, 8.30am first events, 4.30pm finish)
          All events will be conducted under I.A.A.F. rules with the following amendments
   The carnival will be conducted in six age divisions 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17+ for boys and girls
    except in triple jump where there will only be an open division. The walk and hurdles will not be
    held at this year‟s carnival. Access to the NSW CCC Championships for these events is via a
    nomination form, which is available in this journal. Please note that walk competitors will be
    grouped in 12/13/14‟s and 15/16/17+‟s divisions for the NSWCCC Athletics.

   Age is at December 31 2009. Students who turn 17, 18 or 19 years shall be eligible to compete
    in the 17+ division.

   Competitors may only compete in their own age event or group.

   Each school can enter the following number of competitors per age group:
       1500m        -2                   Shot        -2                  Triple Jump                   -1
       200m         -2                   Discus      -1                  AWD Events                    -4
       800m         -2                   Javelin     -1
       100m         -3                   High Jump - 1
       400m         -1                   Long Jump - 2
       4 x 100m     -1

   A reminder to schools that application for an “extra” competitor can be made to the executive
    officer and convener in situations where you can only enter one (1) student. Applications
    should be made only in exceptional circumstances.

   Competitors in the discus, shot, and javelin events will only be allowed three throws in rotation.

   Competitors in the long jump and triple jump will only be allowed three jumps in rotation.

   Competitors in the high jump shall have three attempts in rotation, that is, there may be three
    rounds at each height. Three successive failures shall exclude a competitor from further
    participation in the event. In the event of a tie, the best record on a count back as used in the
    I.A.A.F. rules, shall decide placing.

   Track events take precedence over Field events. Competitors leaving a Field event must report
    to the field official before leaving and return within 30 minutes or forfeit their attempt in any
    completed round.

   Protests. The referee shall be the sole arbiter in points of law. The referee and manager will
    deal with protests. All protests should come through school team managers. No protest shall
    be considered unless lodged in writing to the manager or referee within 15 minutes of the
    conclusion of the event.

Page 1                                                               Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
   Coaching. Once competitors are in the hands of the officials controlling the event, they shall
    not receive any coaching or advice. In all races up to and including the 400 metres,
    competitors are encouraged to use a crouch start. Campbelltown Park Athletic Track supplies

                                     General Information

   A registration fee of $5.00 will be charged to all students who compete in the athletics carnival.
    This fee will help to cover costs involved in running of the carnival. All monies will be
    invoiced to schools at the end of term 3 - no money is required on the carnival day.

   Officials. All Co-Ed will be required to supply 3 officials. Single sex schools will need to
    provide 2 officials. Any school able to provide more should list these on the form provided.
    Officials can be parents, preferably with some knowledge of athletics. Please note all officials
    need to sign the Prohibited Employment Declaration found in the “Other Information” Section of
    this Journal, prior to the championships. Local schools will be asked to provide student
    assistance in terms of runners and some officials. Schools allocated a field event for
    supervision are asked to supply students from their own school to assist at that event. The
    attached official form should be returned to John Sparks by Thursday 27 August.

   All track events are timed finals. Schools have been asked to enter their fastest runner in heat
    1, their next fastest in heat 2 etc. A list of placegetters will be published after all heats for that
    particular age and event has been run.

   Amenities. The Athletics Centre is serviced by male and female toilets. A full canteen will
    operate on the day. Shelter at the centre is via a grandstand seating approximately 850
    students. Grass areas around the venue allow for the set up of tents or shelter for your team.
    Please ensure that students bring sufficient warm and wet weather gear. Schools should also
    consider sun protection guidelines for team members.

   Clean Up. All grounds are to be left in a clean condition. Please use the bins provided. A fee
    may be incurred if the track and grounds are left in an untidy state.

   Spiked Footwear And Starting Blocks. It is essential that all users of the athletics track
    adhere to the recommended spike length in respect to footwear. The maximum spike length is
    7mm. Individual starting blocks will not be able to be used. The centre will provide starting
    blocks. Track Usage. No students are allowed on the track unless they are competing in an

   Vehicles. All vehicles must be parked outside the athletics Centre in the car parking areas
    provided. Vehicles can be driven into the athletics track, via the access road, for the purpose of
    setting up and packing away.

   Morning Tea will be supplied to all officials. Lunch will be supplied to all non-teaching officials

   Ribbons will be awarded for first, second and third placing in each event, not heat. Age
    Champion trophies will be awarded in each age group to the student accumulating the most
    points from individual events. Results will be posted on the side the grandstand closest to the
    recording area. Team managers will need to collect ribbons for all timed finals and information
    letters for the NSWCCC Athletics Championships. Field competitors will receive ribbons and
    letters at the completion of their event.

Page 2                                                                 Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
         NSW Combined Catholic Colleges Athletics Championships

   The NSW C.C.C. Championships will be held on Friday 18 September at Homebush. Students
    who finish first in field events, the 1500m and 800m will qualify for the Wollongong team.
    Students who finish first and second in the 100m, 200m, 400m and will also qualify for the
    Wollongong team.

   Students are able to nominate for the hurdles and walk events by filling in the nomination form
    located in the Sports Journal. Please note there is NO 12 years Javelin or 400m held at the
    CCC event. Triple Jump is NOT available to 12 year olds for the same reason.

   School based relay teams winning the 12/13, 14/15 and 16/17+ age divisions will have the
    option to represent the Diocese at the CCC Championships

   Field event and Hurdle event Specifications are outlined in the CCC journal on pages 50-51.

   Students gaining selection in this team need to return permission notes to the team manager
    at by Monday 7 September.

   Sports Coordinators will be issued a full list of representatives from their school. It is imperative
    that notes are returned by the due date.


All Schools will be expected to submit their entries via email. A sports carnival program will be
available for downloading off the CEO homepage to assist with data entry and team organisation.

You must have the program Filemaker Pro to access the Athletics program. Full instruction
sheets detailing computer entries are available if required. Please use the event numbers in the
carnival program when entering your students.

Page 3                                                                 Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
Entries are due by Thursday 27 August. (Week 5, Term 3).

Also attached is a school official‟s form and a disability entry form which are both due to John
Sparks at CEO by Thursday 27 August.

                  PROGRAM OF EVENTS – THURSDAY 3 SEPTEMBER, 2009

                              TRACK                                      FIELD
         Block A    1500m                                   Block H
         1. 17+ Boys 1500m                                  79. 17+ Boys Shot (2)
         2. 17+ Girls 1500m                                 80. 14 Boys Discus
         3. 16 Boys 1500m                                   81. 15 Boys Javelin
         4. 16 Girls 1500m                                  82. 17+ Boys Long Jump (1)
         5. 15 Boys 1500m                                   83. 17+ Girls Long Jump (2)
         6. 15 Girls 1500m                                  84. 13 Boys High Jump (2)
         7. 14 Boys 1500m                                   85. 13 Girls High Jump (1)
         8. 14 Girls 1500m
         9. 13 Boys 1500m                                   Block I
         10. 13 Girls 1500m                                 86. 17+ Girls Shot (1)
         11. 12 Boys 1500m                                  87. 14 Girls Discus
         12. 12 Girls 1500m                                 88. 15 Girls Javelin
                                                            89. 16 Boys Long Jump (1)
         Block B 200m                                       90. 16 Girls Long Jump (2)
         13. 17+ Boys 200m
         14. 17+ Girls 200m                                 Block J
         15. 16 Boys 200m                                   91. 16 Boys Shot (2)
         16. 16 Girls 200m                                  92. 13 Boys Discus
         17. 15 Boys 200m                                   93. 14 Boys Javelin
         18. 15 Girls 200m                                  94. 12 Boys High Jump (1)
         19. 14 Boys 200m                                   95. 12 Girls High Jump (2)
         20. 14 Girls 200m
         21. 13 Boys 200m                                   Block K
         22. 13 Girls 200m                                  96. 16 Girls Shot (1)
         23. 12 Boys 200m                                   97. 13 Girls Discus
         24. 12 Girls 200m                                  98. 14 Girls Javelin
                                                            99. 15 Boys Long Jump (1)
         Block C 800m                                       100. 15 Girls Long Jump (2)
         25. 17+ Boys 800m
         26. 17+ Girls 800m                                 Block L
         27. 16 Boys 800m                                   101. 15 Boys Shot (2)
         28. 16 Girls 800m                                  102. 12 Boys Discus
         29. 15 Boys 800m                                   103. 13 Boys Javelin
         30. 15 Girls 800m                                  104. 17+ Boys High Jump (2)
         31. 14 Boys 800m                                   105. 17+ Girls High Jump (1)
         32. 14 Girls 800m
         33. 13 Boys 800m                                   Block M

Page 4                                                              Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
         34. 13 Girls 800m           106. 15 Girls Shot (1)
         35. 12 Boys 800m            107. 12 Girls Discus
         36. 12 Girls 800m           108. 13 Girls Javelin

                             TRACK               FIELD
         Block D 100m                Block M (cont)
         37. Open Boys AWD 100m      109. 14 Boys Long Jump (1)
         38. Open Girls AWD 100m     110. 14 Girls Long Jump (2)
         39. 17+ Boys 100m
         40. 17+ Girls 100m          Block N
         41. 16 Boys 100m            111. 14 Boys Shot (2)
         42. 16 Girls 100m           112. 17+ Boys Discus
         43. 15 Boys 100m            113. 12 Boys Javelin
         44. 15 Girls 100m           114. 16 Boys High Jump (2)
         45. 14 Boys 100m            115. 16 Girls High Jump (1)
         46. 14 Girls 100m
         47. 13 Boys 100m            Block O
         48. 13 Girls 100m           116. 14 Girls Shot (1)
         49. 12 Boys 100m            117. 17+ Girls Discus
         50. 12 Girls 100m           118. 12 Girls Javelin
                                     119. 13 Boys Long Jump (1)
                                     120. 13 Girls Long Jump (2)
         Block E Spare 51-54
                                     Block P
         Block F 400m                121. 13 Boys Shot (2)
         55. 17+ Boys 400m           122. 16 Boys Discus
         56. 17+ Girls 400m          123. 17+ Boys Javelin
         57. 16 Boys 400m            124. 15 Boys High Jump (2)
         58. 16 Girls 400m           125. 15 Girls High Jump (1)
         59. 15 Boys 400m
         60. 15 Girls 400m           Block Q
         61. 14 Boys 400m            126. 13 Girls Shot (1)
         62. 14 Girls 400m           127. 16 Girls Discus
         63. 13 Boys 400m            128. 17+ Girls Javelin
         64. 13 Girls 400m           129. 12 Boys Long Jump (1)
         65. 12 Boys 400m            130. 12 Girls Long Jump (2)
         66. 12 Girls 400m
                                     Block R
         Block G Relays 4 x 100m     131. 12 Boys Shot (2)
         67. 16/17+ Boys 4 x 100m    132. 15 Boys Discus
         68. 16/17+ Girls 4 x 100m   133. 16 Boys Javelin
         69. 14/15 Boys 4 x 100m     134. 14 Boys High Jump (2)
         70. 14/15 Girls 4 x 100m    135. 14 Girls High Jump (1)
         71. 12/13 Boys 4 x 100m
         72. 12/13 Girls 4 x 100m    Block S

Page 5                                      Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
                                                         136. 12 Girls Shot (1)
                                                         137. 15 Girls Discus
                                                         138. 16 Girls Javelin
                                                         139. Open Boys Triple Jump
                                                         140. Open Girls Triple Jump
                                                         141. Open AWD Long Jump

                              ATTENTION: John Sparks

                      Attention: Chris Ford
     Diocesan Athletics Championships 2009 School Officials


Official positions available:

Announcer, Time Keeper, Starter, Marshal, Judge, Field Events - shot, javelin,
discus, long jump, triple jump, high jump,
Please select from the above list and write the names of your officials in the table
below along with preferred positions.

                       Name of Official                               Preferred Position

     Prohibited Employment Declaration form has been signed:
                      YES         NO 

     Prohibited Employment Declaration form has been signed:
                      YES          NO 

     Prohibited Employment Declaration form has been signed:
                      YES          NO 

Page 6                                                         Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
                Please return this form by – Friday 15 August

                                  FAX — 02 4253 0971

                              2009 ATHLETICS NOMINATION FORM NSW CCC
                                          HURDLES AND 1500M WALK

Student Name:______________________________ Age:__________ Date of Birth:______________


Event:____________________________________           Best time:_____________________________

Verification: 1.___________________________ (Sports Coordinator)

             2.___________________________ (Parent/Guardian)

             3.___________________________ (Coach/Little Athletics Official etc.)




This form is to register athletes for hurdles events which will be conducted in boys and girls
categories in the following age groups - 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17+ years (please note distances,
number of hurdles and heights in CCC journal on page 53). The best time/application for the
Diocese will be entered in the Combined Catholic Colleges Championships.

Page 7                                                           Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
Registrations are also being taken in the 1500m walk to be conducted for boys and girls in two set
age groupings - 12, 13, 14 and 15, 16, 17+. The two best times/applications, boys and girls, will
qualify for the CCC Championships. This form has been designed to suit the needs of the
Wollongong Diocesan Sports Council. School sport coordinators are responsible for the return of
this form.

Nominations close on Thursday 3 September 2009. Forms can be handed in at the recording
room at the Diocesan Athletics Championships or faxed to John Sparks at the Catholic Education
[Fax: 02 4253 0971] Prior to Thursday 3 September.

     Classification System for Students with a Disability in Track and Field Events

  Current             Previous                                              Definition
  Classific         Classification
  Deaf      (Track & Field Events)
   T/F 01      ED                        Deaf or Hearing Impaired refers to a hearing loss which renders it
                                         impossible to understand speech through hearing alone, even if a hearing
                                         aid is used.
  Visually Impaired (Track & Field Events)
   T/F 11      B1                        From no light perception at all in either eye, up to and including the ability to
                                         perceive light; inability to recognise objects or contours in any direction and
                                         at any distance.
   T/F 12      B2                        Ability to recognise objects up to a distance of 2 metres i.e., below 2/60
                                         and/or visual field of less than five (5) degrees.
   T/F 13      B3                        Can recognise contours between 2 and 6 metres away ie 2/60 – 6/60 and
                                         visual field of more than five (5) degrees and less than twenty (20) degrees.
  Intellectually Disabled (Track & Field Events)
   T/F 20      ID                        Intellectually disabled. There are many different descriptions and conditions
                                         of intellectual disability. Intellectually disabled athletes must have
                                         substantial limitation in present functioning characterised by intellectual
                                         functioning. (The athlete‟s intellectual functioning is approximately 70 – 75
                                         or below). Limitations in two or more of the following adaptive skill areas;
                                         communication, self-care; home living, social skills, community use, self
                                         direction, health and safety, functional academics, leisure and work. They
                                         must have acquired their condition before age 18.
  Cerebral Palsy     (Track & Field Events)
   T/F 32      C2 Upper -Wheelchair      Severe to moderate quadriplegia. Upper extremity events are performed by
                                         pushing the wheelchair with one or two arms, and the wheelchair propulsion

Page 8                                                                             Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
                                       is restricted due to poor control. Upper extremity athletes have limited
                                       control of movements, but are able to produce some semblance of throwing
   T/F 33   C3 Wheelchair              Moderate quadriplegia. Fair functional strength and moderate problems in
                                       upper extremities and torso. Wheelchair for daily activities but may be
                                       ambulant with assistive devises.
   T/F 34   C4 Wheelchair              Moderate to severe problems in lower limbs, good functional strength and
                                       minimal control problems in upper limbs and torso. Wheelchair for daily
                                       activities but may be ambulant with assistive devises.
   T/F 35   C5 Ambulatory              Good functional strength and minimal control problems in upper limbs. No
                                       wheelchair. May or may not use assistive devices.
   T/F 36   C6 Ambulatory              Greater upper limb involvement, less co-ordination / balance problems
                                       when running or throwing. Ambulates without walking devices.
   T/F 37   C7 Ambulatory              Moderate to minimal hemiplegia (i.e., one half of the body affected – arm
                                       and leg on same side). Good functional ability in non affected side. Walks
                                       / runs without assistive devices, but with a limp.
   T/F 38   C8 Ambulatory              Minimal hemiplegia. May have minimal co-ordination problems, good
                                       balance. Runs and jumps freely.
  Amputee & Les Autres ( Track Events)
    T40                                Little People
    T 42    A2,A9                      Single leg, above or through knee amputation. Combined lower plus upper
                                       limb amputations. Minimal disability.
    T 43    A3,A9                      Double leg, below knee amputation. Combined lower plus upper limb
                                       amputations. Normal function in throwing arm.
    T 44    A4, A9, LAT3               Single leg below knee amputation. Combined lower plus upper limb
                                       amputations. Ambulant with moderately reduced function in one or both
                                       lower limbs.
    T 45    A5,A7                      Double arm above elbow. Double arm below elbow.
    T 46    A6,A8,LAT4                 Single arm, above elbow. Single arm, below elbow. Normal function in both
                                       lower limbs. Other impairments in trunk. Upper limb function in throwing.
  Amputee & Les Autres     (Field Events)
    F 40                               Little People
    F 42    A2,A9,LAF5,F8              Single leg, above or through knee amputation. Combined lower plus upper
                                       limb amputations. Minimal disability.
    F 43    A3,A9,LAF5,F8              Double leg, below the knee amputation. Combined lower plus upper limb
                                       amputations. Normal function in throwing arm.
    F 44    A9,A9,LAF5, F8             Single leg below the knee amputation. Combined lower plus upper limb
                                       amputations. Ambulant with moderately reduced function in one or both
                                       lower limbs.
    F 45    A5,A7                      Double arm above elbow. Double arm below elbow.

Page 9                                                                          Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
    F 46    A6,A8,LAF6                   Single arm, above elbow. Single arm, below elbow. Normal function in both
                                         lower limbs. Other impairments in trunk. Upper limb function in throwing.
 Wheelchair Athletes    (Track Events)
    T 52    T2                           Damage to spinal cord in the higher parts of the back. Substantially
                                         impaired or no trunk function; no leg function. Pushing power comes from
                                         elbow extensions.
    T 53    T3                           Impaired trunk movements, some with no spinal control. Some interference
                                         in their ability to perform long and forceful strokes and the ability to rapidly
                                         grasp and release the pushing rim of the wheel.
    T 54    T4                           Have normal or nearly normal upper limb function. May have no upper
                                         trunk movements and when pushing, the trunk is usually lying on the legs.
                                         Those with almost normal trunk function are able to perform long and
                                         forceful strokes. Double above the knee amputations.
 Wheelchair Athletes    (Field Events)
    F 52    F1, LAF1 CP2                 Limited arm function. Difficulty gripping with non-throwing arm.
                                         Shot – Unable to form a fist and therefore do not usually have finger contact
                                         with the shot at the release point.
                                         Discus – Have difficulty placing fingers over the edge of the discus.
                                         Javelin – Usually grip the Javelin between the index and middle fingers, or
                                         between the middle and ring fingers.
    F 53    F2, LAF1, CP2, CP3           Have nearly normal grip with non-throwing arm.
                                         Shot – Usually a good fist can be made. Can spread fingers apart and can
                                         „grasp‟ the shot put when throwing.
                                         Discus – have good finger function to hold the discus and may be able to
                                         impart spin on the discus. Are able to spread and close the fingers, but not
                                         with normal power.
                                         Javelin – Usually grip Javelin between the thumb and the index finger.
                                         Have ability to hold javelin.
    F 54    F4, LAF3, CP3, CP4           Normal arm function; no trunk or leg function. Shot, Discus and Javelin –
                                         Have no sitting balance and usually hold onto part of chair whilst throwing.
    F 55    F5, LAF3,CP3, CP4            Some trunk function; no leg function. Fair to good sitting balance.
    F 56    F6,      (A1),     (A9),     Trunk function with some upper leg function. Good balance and
            LAF3,CP4, CP5                movements backwards and forwards.
    F 57    F7, (A1), (A9), LAF3         Usually one „good‟ leg and one „bad‟ leg. Good movements backwards and
                                         forwards, usually to one side. Can raise from a sitting to a standing position
                                         with assistance during the throw.
    F 58    F8,A2, A3, (A9), LAF3,       Seated. Better function than F57 athletes, but not enough to stand to throw.
            (LAF4)                       Usually similar impairment in both legs.
   T/F60*                                Transplantee. A person who has received a kidney, heart, heart and lung,

Page 10                                                                             Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
                                           liver or bone marrow transplant.

                                 OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM

     Student‟s Surname                                            Student‟s First Name

     Student‟s Age (in 2008)                                      Student‟s DOB
     Student‟s School &
     Gender – (please circle)       Male       or     Female

     Parent‟s Name/s                                           Home Address

     Contact Home Phone                                        Contact Mobile

     Contact Work Phone                                        Email Address

Description of Disability: _____________________________________________________

Classification: _________        Date classified: ____________
Refer to classification system for correct classification (details may be found on the School Sports Unit website - Parents of AWD students may be asked to provide written evidence of their child
meeting the disability criteria at Athletics events along the representative pathways. Attach any current & valid medical
records on to the AWD entry form (including evidence to meet intellectual disability, vision or hearing impairment

                                                                                                    Yes No
 Has the classification been officially documented with the Australian Paralympic

Page 11                                                                           Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events
Please tick events entry is required:

      Ambulant 100m                 Ambulant 200m             Standing Shot Put             Long Jump

  AWD Girls                  AWD Girls                                            
  AWD Boys                   AWD Boys                                             
Contact teacher‟s name (Sport Coordinator/Special Education): ______________________________

Parent‟s signature:____________________________________ Date:___________________

Principal‟s approval:__________________________________ Date : __________________
               Completed forms must be sent to: John Sparks, Catholic Education Office

                                            Fax – 4253 0971
                             By: Thursday 27 August 2009 (Week 5, Term 3)

Page 12                                                                 Secondary Sports Journal – Diocesan Events

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