Green Initiatives at Gillette Stadium

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					 Green Initiatives
at Gillette Stadium
•   Vision / Mission
•   Property Overview
•   Green Initiatives
•   Utility Usage and Reduction
•   Waste Water / Reuse Plant
•   Patriot Place Solar Project
•   Other Initiatives
•   Q&A
Ensure Our site program encompasses all facets of Gillette
Stadium and Patriot Place operations and recognizes its
environmental responsibility to set and define measurable
goals and objectives to be tracked and monitored to ensure
eco-friendly standards are achieved.

Manage and sustain a comprehensive site-wide program
dedicated to:
 – Practicing waste prevention
 – Maximizing water and energy conservation
 – Promoting awareness of long-term environmental
 – Fostering partnerships with environmentally conscious
   individuals and organizations
Property Overview
Stadium Overview
        •   1.5 million sqft sports and
            entertainment center.
        •             l t i ll d          it
            10 MW electrical load capacity,
            (double fed high voltage) Siemens
            electrical distribution system.
        •                             controlled.
            Siemens BMS and LSS controlled
        •   GE Lighting control.
        •   Dunham-Bush 1700 ton air cooled
            chiller plant with free cooling
            system for winter operation.
        •   Bryan 1100 BHP FHW boiler
        •   Total organization 16 folks in
            operations and project
Patriot Place Overview
            •   1.3 million sft. mixed use retail
            •   7 MW electrical load capacity
                GE Main gear and distribution.
            •   Siemens BMS and LSS
            •   Common areas RTU DX
                indirect gas fired with electric
            •                      design
                Non Centralized design.
            •   Sustainable design practices .
            •   White roofs.
            •   Energy efficient HVAC
            •   Lighting pollution reduction
Green Initiatives
            Green Initiatives

• Recycling Program
  – Paper and Cardboard
  – Plastic Bottles
  – Parking Lots
• Carpooling Incentives
• Green Clean
• Operational
        Paper/Cardboard Initiative

• Gillette Stadium employees are urged to recycle
  white paper, mixed paper, bottles and cans, and
  cardboard throughout the site.
• Audits are conducted to monitor employee
  Clean cardboard is segregated out of waste stream,
• Cl         db d i              d     f
  installed into “clean compactor” in stadium
            l bl               th    h R d Whit
• All recyclables are process through Rand Whitney
  Recycles facilities located throughout New
           Stadium Bottle Initiative

• Bottle shaped receptacles are placed in and
  around the stadium
• Fans are encouraged to recycle bottles and
  cans into such receptacles
• Bulk items are cleared from seating areas
  and during post-event clean up
• Recycling of clean cardboard, bottles and
  cans to redemption center

           Parking Lot Initiative

• Translucent recycling bags are distributed to
  every car that enters into
  parking lots on Patriots game days
• Fans are encouraged to place their empty
                    g      p             py
  bottles and cans into the bags and leave the
    g         p      g p     p
  bags in the parking space post-event
• The bags are collected by Gillette Stadium
  personnel and sent to recycling plant
       Employee Carpool Initiative

• Employees who carpool together on game
  days receive a $10 g card p employee
    y            $ gas         per p y
• Not-for-profit employees receive a $10
  donation to their respective organization

                  Clean Green
• Green Chemicals
  – Use of only sustainable cleaning products with
    ingredients not derived from non-renewable
    Ingredients constitute at least 80% of active ingredients
  – I    di t       tit t t l t          f ti i        di t
    (excluding water)
  – Follows Green Seal’s guidelines
• Recycled Content Trash Liners
  – Contracts with manufacturers to meet EPA’s
    Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines f post-
    C      h i P                G id li    for
    consumer recyclables
  – Includes chlorine-free bleach processes

• Partnerships with local food banks
  – Food that was never served is donated to shelters
• Operational Recycling
  – Scrap metal and other construction materials
  – Fluorescent lights
  – Obsolete IT Equipment ( Computers, Monitors, TV’s
  – Printer Toner Cartridges
• Carbon Offset for large stadium events

Utility Reduction
Utility Consumption
         •   Electrical Consumption was reduced by
             26% from 2003 to 2009!
         •   N t l Gas C          ti         d d
             Natural G Consumption was reduced
             by 43% from 2003 to 2009!
         •   Leveraged building management
         •   Aggressive scheduling of equipment
         •   Changed occupancy set points ( 72° f
             summer / 68 ° f winter
         •   Leveraged NGRID efficiency programs
             and incentives

             Emissions Equivalents

• Since 2003 we have reduced our electrical consumption by
  8.1 M kWh and 307,142 therms of natural gas

• This reduction of Carbon Dioxide Emissions equates to:
   – 7,358 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide
   – Emissions from 1,407 passenger vehicles
   – Emissions from 827,602 gallons of gasoline
   – 17 110 barrels of oil consumed
   – Emissions from electricity and gas used by 893 homes
     for one year
   – 136,248 propane cylinders used for home barbeques
WWT / Reuse Water Plant Overview
              •   Recycling capabilities enhanced the
                  commercial viability of the
              •   250,000 GPD, membrane bio-reactor
                  wastewater treatment plant – Accepts
                  flows up to 1.1 MGD.
              •   Typically the WWTP reclaims 75% of
                  the total flow for reuse on site /
              •   In the period between February 08 and
                  January 09 this plant reclaimed 15.6
                  million gallons of water, that’s over 23
                  Olympic size swimming pools worth of
                  drinking water saved!!!
              •   2.4 acre leach field – on site wastewater
                  discharge and recharges local aquifer
              •   Reclaimed water is utilized for stadium
                  and mall toilet flushing
Site Renewable Energy Projects
        Renewable Initiatives

• Patriot Place Solar Project ~ 500 kw across
  7 roofs.
• Wind Power – Feasibility study MTC grant
  application filed
• Large Event / Game Day – Wind Offset,
  Constellation supplies wind power for full
  stadium events ( Football, NCAA Lax,
Solar Power Overview
          • ~ 500 kw solar power arrays across 7
                  ft     t P t i t Pl
              roof tops at Patriot Place.
          •   Systems will generate ~ 600,000 kWh
              / yr.
          •   Approximately 25% of the common
              area electrical usage / yr.
          •   Local Massachusetts products 2800
              Evergreen Solar PV panels.
          •   Patriot Place is a host to
              Constellation’s system via a PPA.
Daylighting of Neponset River
                -Longest river corridor
                ever created in MA.
                -Wetland Creation
                -Stormwater management
                -Floodplain buffer
Other Environmental Initiatives
          •Bog naturalization
              - Organic Bog
              - Last operating bog in Foxborough, MA

          •Cardboard Recycling to Rand Whitney Recycle

          •Renewable research efforts
              - Wind/solar powered parking lot lighting
              - LED parking lot lighting
              - LED digital displays

          •Future projects
                  p j
              - Permitted with planned environmentally
                 friendly design practices (i.e. Designated
                 parking for elec cars, bicycle friendly
                 projects, etc.)
              - Master planning around existing assets (i.e.

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