Abdallah S Abdallah by stariya


									     Factor Affecting the Adoption of Internet Banking: The TRNC case

                                  Abdallah S Abdallah


Internet banking has become an important channel to diversify the pull of banking services
and products. Many banks have started offering such services to reduce costs and increase
their revenues. Although the banks are willing to offer their services online, therefore making
those available at anytime, banks should also carry out a research from the consumer’s
perspective to assess the factors that may affect the adoption Internet banking. This study
discusses the factors that affect the adoption of Internet banking in the context of the Turkish
Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). A questionnaire has been prepared and distributed in
order to collect the empirical data. A sample size of 231 respondents has been analysed in this
study. The findings and results of the research were based on the regression analysis and the
One-ANOVA statistical test. The results suggest that among the attitudinal variables, relative
advantage, compatibility, internet experience, banking needs and trial ability were found to
affect the adoption in of Internet banking. The perceived behavioural factors considered in
this study were both irrelevant to the adoption.

Keywords: E-banking, Internet banking, TRNC, Attitude, Subjective norms, Perceived
Behavioural Control.

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