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    The Newsletter of Missouri Ozarks Mensa                                                     August, 2010

ILLUMINATE is a monthly publication of Missouri Ozarks Mensa, a division of American Mensa, Ltd., 1229
Corporate Dr. West, Arlington, TX 76006-6103.                This newsletter may be viewed on the web at Mensa is an international society whose sole requirement for membership is a
score in the upper 2% on a standardized IQ test. It is nonprofit, has no religious or political affiliation, and holds no
opinions. MENSA serves as a means of communication and assembly for its members and is interested in gifted
children and psychological research. The web address for American Mensa is
Missouri Ozarks Mensa Publications Officer/Editor: Dan Stanley

Mensa Monthly Dinner
A time to relax and experience fine food and good conversation.
Where:        Cedar’s South
             3322 S. Campbell, Springfield
             (Please note this is the SOUTH location)
When:        Monday, August 16th, 6:30pm
Contact:     Dan Stanley
             daytime phone – (417) 862-2781 ext. 4003
             email –

Future Monthly Dinners:
September 15th (Wed.) @ 6:30pm – Purple Burrito
                              1700 S. Campbell, Springfield
October 15 (Fri.) @6:30pm – Digiacinto
                             2259 S. Campbell, Springfield

Last Friday Lunch
Take a break and enjoy a fun time with some smart people.
Where:       Springfield Brewing Company
             301 S. Market Ave., Springfield, MO
When:        Friday, August 27th, 11:45am
Contact:     Vivian Wasson
             (417) 881-7571 (mention “Mensa” on the answering machine)
             email -

Cover photo: Summer swim lessons, Nixa Community Center (courtesy of Dan Stanley)
                               Missouri Ozarks Mensa News

   Illuminate Contributions Wanted!
       Do you have a recipe, poem, or news item that you’d like to have in an upcoming
   “Illuminate?” We’re especially looking for cover pictures of scenes around the Ozarks. If
   you have a contribution, please send it via email to Contributions are used
   at the discretion of the editor and should be family-friendly. If you have any questions, feel
   free to contact me at the same email address. I’d also love to hear what you’d like to see in
   future issues of “Illuminate.”

   Album Sale Fundraiser!
       Dean Wasson (husband of MOM member Vivian) has donated his collection of vintage
   vinyl LPs to be sold as a fundraiser for Mensa. The cost for each album is $5. Checks can
   be made out to Missouri Ozarks Mensa. People can send an email to to make a reservation. The albums can be picked up only at one of
   our meetings: a lunch or a dinner. The list of the albums is available on our Missouri Ozark
   Mensa website or by emailing Vivian at the above address. Country, jazz, classical, pop and
   many other genres are represented in the collection.            Be sure to take a look!

   Come Out To A Gathering!
       Many Mensans join Mensa just to see if they qualify. While that may build self-esteem,
   such a limitation is akin to buying a theater ticket to see if there’s enough on your credit card
   balance. There is a great deal more that Mensa has to offer.
       One of the greatest benefits of being a Mensan is an automatic group of people with
   whom you have something in common. It’s a great opportunity for the growth of fellowship
   and friendship. But these benefits are only beneficial if you avail yourself to their
       Please consider coming to one of our monthly dinners or luncheons. You’ll find good
   people, good food and good conversation. If you have any questions, you’ll find contact
   information on the second page of this newsletter.

Items for consideration for publication (photos, poems, recipes, news, etc.) are welcome
and should be submitted to the Publications Officer by the 15th of the month previous to the
month for newsletter publication. No previously copyrighted materials will be accepted.
Inclusion of material in ILLUMINATE is at the discretion of the Publications Officer and
Missouri Ozarks Mensa.
                             Campbell’s Soup…M M Good
                                   Eddie Campbell

Our next Excom meeting is scheduled for August 19 at 6:30 pm; it will be in the Harrison Room
at The Library Center on South Campbell in Springfield.


For those of you who don’t watch Big Brother, CBS’s reality show; one of the players is a


I received this email from Peggy Pannke-Smith, our Region 7 Vice Chairperson;

Just back from the Mensa AG in Dearborn where I met up with the vivacious VIVIAN WASSON
(photo attached). She's even cuter than her photos in the newsletter!


        Eddie Campbell
        Mail: 5615 N. 11th Avenue Ozark, MO 65721
        Cell Phone: 417-209-7713
                           Regional Vice Chairman Report

                                   Peggy Pannke-Smith

Check out photos of the Annual Gathering on our award-winning Region 7 website:

CONGRATULATIONS! REGION 7 WINNERS honored during Awards Lunch!
Marie Mayer of CENTRAL IOWA MENSA: National Service Award
MID AMERICA MENSA: Group of the Year (group size 400-899)
SOUTH DAKOTA MENSA: Innovative Owl for Outstanding Membership Rentention (92.7%!!)
WYOMING MOUNTAIN MENSA Honorable Mention for Membership Retention
HIGH MOUNTAIN MENSA won Prolific Owl for Outstanding Membership Growth
Tami Whitney, Editor of The Brainiac of NEBRASKA-WESTERN IOWA MENSA won a PRP
Newsletter award for Member Recognition
In CULTURE QUEST, MID AMERICA Mensa (Warren Walker) won 6th place and $135.00;
BOULDER/FRONT RANGE Mensa (Peggy Pannke-Smith) won 9th place and $120.00 and
HIGH MOUNTAIN MENSA (Dennis McKim) won 16th place and $80.00 toward local
NAME THE EVENT $1000 contest winner was PLAINS & PEAKS (Sandy Halby $50) with
the winning entry: “Perk Up Your Parliament” (Parliament is a group of owls.)

GROWING GROUPS! DENVER welcomed 19 new members in June!
PLAINS & PEAKS welcomed 10 new members; MID AMERICA welcomed 7!


Susan McCurdy, Assistant Local Secretary CENTRAL IOWA
Andre Jordheim, Local Ombudsman, NORTH DAKOTA
Don Martin, Local Membership Officer MID-AMERICA
Jane Johnson, Local Secretary KANSAS SUNFLOWER
Kevin Myles, Asst. Local Secretary KANSAS SUNFLOWER
Marlene Henkle, Editor & Web Contact, KANSAS SUNFLOWER
Cynthia Wilhelmi, Leadership Development Committee, NEBRASKA/WESTERN IOWA

               I’d love to hear from you! Contact me at
                              WORD BOX PUZZLE
Word Boxes are like miniature crossword puzzles, except that each word is filled in
across and down the grid. That is, the answer to 1 across is the same word as the answer
to 1 down; 2 across is the same as 2 down; etc.

                    Row 1: Instrument
                    Row 2: Gumbo staple
                    Row 3: Eyeballs
                    Row 4: Final
        Answers will appear next month or request them at
Last month’s answers: Row 1 – LEGS, Row 2 – EPEE, Row 3 – GEAR, Row 4 - SERE

                                  Elected Officers
         Local Secretary: Eddie Campbell (417) 209-7713,
                 Asst. Loc. Sec.: Bill Day (661) 330-9292,
          Treasurer: Lorraine Gardner (417) 832-0390
        Program Coordinator: Gary Kirkpatrick (417) 869-6044,
          Publications Officer/Editor: Dan Stanley (417) 849-5081,
             Recorder: Elaine Johnson: (417) 864-6311,
                Scholarship Coordinator: Andrea Miller,
                                Joplin Area Coordinator: Open
        Southern Area Coordinator: Sally Schuster (501) 521-6443,
            Region 7 Vice Chairperson: Peggy Pannke-Smith,
           American Mensa, Ltd. (800) 66MENSA,
                        American Mensa website:
             Missouri Ozarks Mensa website:
                                  Recipe of the Month
                              Use those delicious garden tomatoes!

Sicilian Fresh Tomato Sauce


¼ cup olive oil
4 cloves garlic, crushed
1 medium yellow onion, finely chopped
9 cups cored and chopped very ripe fresh tomatoes
4 28oz. cans crushed tomatoes
¼ cup chopped parsley
1 cup dry white wine
1 cup chicken stock
1 tsp. dried marjoram
1 tsp. dried rosemary
6 tbs. butter
freshly ground black pepper


Heat an 8- to 10-quart heavy-bottom pot and add the oil, garlic, and onion. Sauté until the onion
is clear. Add the remaining ingredients except the butter and salt and pepper. Bring to a simmer
and gently cook, uncovered, for 4 hours, stirring often. Stir in the butter and salt and pepper to

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