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Chemistry Lab Drawer Equipment (PowerPoint)


									               Warm-Up # 2
Directions: Tell me the
name and function of      3)
the pictured pieces of

2)                        5)
1)   Triple Balance Beam   4) Goggles

2)   Stopper
                           5) Dissecting Pan

3)   Apron
  Common Science
Laboratory Equipment
            Today’s Mission

 Follow along during the powerpoint and fill
  in the name and function of each item in
  your notes
 Look over your notes at home to prepare
  for your quiz Friday
     Science Equipment

                Beakers
 Measure  and transport larger amounts
 of fluids or solids
            Science Equipment

   Dissecting specimens or cutting materials
science equipment

 Test   tube brushes
  Clean   out test tubes
       science equipment

            Graduated   Cylinder
   Precise measurement of smaller amounts
                   of liquids
       Science Equipment

          Teasing Needle
 Separating or point at a specimen
     science equipment

          Medicine droppers
 Administer exact amounts of a liquid
science equipment

   ErlenmeyerFlask
    Mix Chemicals
   Science Equipment

      Magnifying Glass
 Examining specimens closer
science equipment

       Forceps
    Pick up items
Science Equipment

  Dissecting   Pan
  Hold   Specimens
     science equipment

             Glass   Funnel
   Pour liquids into containers without
           Science Equipment

                  Petri   Dish
   Used to hold small particles, grow bacteria
 science equipment

 Red   and Blue Litmus Paper
         Science Equipment

               Slides
 Holdand examine very small
            Science Equipment

        Slide   Covers (Slip Covers)
   Contain specimens and protect them on the slide
       science equipment

                   Scoopula
   Transfers substances from 1 place to another
 science equipment

         StirringRods
 Mix together liquids or solids
             Science Equipment

                        Probe
   Pointing at places on a specimen, separating things
science equipment

   Test Tube Holder
 Pick up hot test tubes
       science equipment

          Standard    Test Tubes
   holds small amounts of chemicals (solids
                  and liquids)
           Science Equipment

                   Stopper
   Seals test tubes or other glass containers
Science Equipment

     Scissors
   Cut   materials
science equipment

  Lab Apron (Folded)
   Protects clothing
     science equipment

            Test Tube Rack
   Holds test tubes so they do not spill
science equipment

       Beam Balance
 Triple
   Measures weight
Science Equipment

      Thermometers
    Measures temperature
             science equipment

                   Wash    bottle
   used to “wash” off objects with alcohol or water
     Science Equipment

              Goggles
 Protects   eyes from chemicals
    Science Equipment

              Ruler
 Measures   distance or length
The End
         Put it all together
 With one partner, sort out the paper cut
  outs of lab equipment in the envelope
 Place the appropriate name and definition
  with the correct picture
 Ask if you have questions
 When you have them all matched
  together, call Mrs. Ison to have them

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