House Fire at Historic Site Residents Plan To Rebuild Together

					April 1, 2011

                                A Biweekly Newspaper                 April 1, 2011                     Volume VIII, Number 3

Ayrlawn, a local goat of some   House Fire at                      accidentally by a worker’s
                                                                   cigarette started the fire.
 repute, wins international
humanitarian award. Details     Historic Site                      Fueled by strong winds,
                                                                   the flames consumed the
         on page 21.                By Rande Davis                 cedar shingle roof and
                                                                   swept through the upper
                                     A house fire broke out on     floor of the residence. Ms.
                                Saturday, March 19 at 18200        Brown, who was home at
                                Beallsville Road, Poolesville.     the time, called 911, tossed
                                The home is on the property        out dogs and cats, and
                                of George Kephart, Sr. and         evacuated the site.
                                is the house located about              The Upper Montgom-
                                seventy-five yards north of                                         Pam Boe of the UMCVFD
                                                                   ery County Volunteer Fire
                                the main home on the historic                                     talks with George Kephart, Sr.
                                                                   Department got the call at
                                homestead, which is registered                                     as both watch a house on his
  Carol Hansen was the who                                         12:46 p.m. and, arriving
                                as Chiswell’s Inheritance. The                                            property burn.
 in who-done-it, and she and                                       in minutes, was the first
                                main home, built in 1796, was      on the scene. Other responders
  Chris Hall won awards for     untouched by the fire.
Best Costumes. See the Family                                      from Carroll Manor and down
                                     Ann Brown, daughter of        county departments came later
Album on page 2 to make sense   Mr. Kephart, resided in the                                           buildings of the late 1700s on
           of this.                                                to assist. The fire damage was     the Sotterley Plantation in Hol-
                                house. Her daughter, Amanda,       limited to the roof and upper
                                lives in Rockville; and her son,                                      lywood, Maryland. Ann Brown
                                                                   rooms, although smoke and          teaches art and runs her alpaca
                                Simon, currently serving in the    water unavoidably caused fur-
                                marine corps, is stationed in                                         farm, Rainbow Pacas, on the
                                                                   ther damage on the first floor     property.
                                Florida. No one was injured in     and in the basement.
                                the fire. Apparently, an em-                                              By Sunday, the Kepharts,
                                                                        The house was built in 1931
                                ber from a burning brush pile      for the farm’s dairyman and his                  -Continue on Page 6.
                                thought to have been set off       family and is modeled after the
                                                                   ing Hands-Poolesville (HH-
                                                                   P)—whose funding and person
                                Residents Plan                     power for the work is possible
                                                                   only because of the support of
                                To Rebuild                         local churches, civic organiza-
                                                                   tions, and businesses, will join
                                Together                           hands and talents on a Rebuild-
                                   By Catherine Beliveau, Ray      ing Together (formerly Christ-
  Rachel Macairan won the       Hoewing, and Bernie Mihm           mas in April) project.
 Knights of Columbus Poster                                             Every April for the past
 contest about alcohol abuse.        It may not be “Extreme        dozen years, with one or two
                                                                                                          Poolesville Rebuilding
  See Tidbits on page 10 for    Makeover,” but for the elderly     exceptions, has witnessed
                                                                                                       Together has a project planned
       another winner.          Dickerson couple whose small       the renovation of at least one
                                                                                                             for later in April.
                                two-story house will be scraped    house owned by individuals
                                and painted, rotting window        or families in the Poolesville/    on Saturdays, April 23 and
                                sills and damaged siding           Upcounty area facing economic      30. Besides the work noted
                                replaced, basement stairs and      difficulties. House Captain        previously, unsafe wiring will
                                door rebuilt, and new deck         for this year’s Rebuilding         be replaced, safety rails built
                                installed later this month, the    Together project, Chrisler         at one entrance, and debris
                                results will be the same: A        Homes’s owner, Joe Hetrick,        removal and landscaping
                                drastic improvement in ap-         says the required work will        undertaken. While skilled
                                pearance, safety, and comfort.     be challenging but certainly       tradespersons will obviously be
 Read about Robert Winning      Once again, a group of local       “doable.” Two large crews, as      required, many of the workers
   and the rest of the PHS      residents, this year mobilized     many as twenty to twenty-five
 wrestlers in Youth Sports on   by a new ecumenical nonprofit      persons each day, are needed
                                                                                                                  -Continued on Page 9.
            page 8.             service organization—Help-         to tackle the various tasks
April 1, 2011                                                 The Monocacy Monocle                                        Page 2

                                                     The kids are feeding the kids as
                                                     a big kid looks on. Joshua and
                                                    Alexandra Davis with Dominique

  These ladies enjoyed the Pinot on the Patio
       wine-tasting event at Bassett’s.                                                   The St. Peter’s High School Youth Group, at
                                                                                        their Balmy Bahamas Murder Mystery Dinner
                                                                                        fundraiser. Hannah Dowdy, adult leader Traci
                                                                                           Stevens, Connor Hall, Jesse Stevens, Anna
                                                                                          Clayton, Alex Wiley, and William Stamm.

 Attending the grand opening of Poolesville Vision Services
  are Franzisca Mayer, Monika Mevissen, Jean Pierre and
     Helga Schwartz, Robin Mevissen, and Jim Belson.
April 1, 2011                             The Monocacy Monocle                                                                                    Page 3

  In The Garden                         percent below the age of twenty-        at the water’s edge and dry them        For two days, we slowly traveled
                                        five; however, these statistics         by spreading them out on plants,        through the labyrinth of canals,
                                        bring with them many prob-              shrubs, and trees in the sun. The       lakes, and rivers, their banks
                                        lems. In urban and rural areas,         area’s main business and export         lined with dense tropical plants,
The Many Faces                          overpopulation, noise, animals,         trade is tea and spices. They have      coconut, banana, and rubber
                                        poverty, garbage, and a lack of         their own culture, language, and        trees. Lining the shores, there
Of India                                clean water are constant concerns.      cooking.                                were small villages where men,
    By Maureen O’Connell                Improvements are held back or                Our tour first took us to the      women, and children carried out
                                        slowed by the government’s low          backwaters of Kerala around the         their daily lives. If you stopped
      I recently returned from a        budgets and a lack of technology        town of Kollam. The best way to         and looked closely, you could
two-week photographic study             and trained manpower. Cows,             observe the life of this area is on a   see women in colorful saris at
course in Kerala, a state in the        goats, dogs, and monkeys roam           houseboat, modeled after the old        the river’s edge, slapping their
southern part of India. It was          the streets; nobody follows driv-       rice barges, called kettuvallam.
offered by a small London travel        ing guidelines, so congestion is        We had four houseboats, each
                                                                                                                                    -Continued on Page 15.
company, Frui Creative Holidays         overwhelming. Huge billboards           having three to four bedrooms.
and Courses, that specializes           line the highways and small
in small photography, cooking,          villages’ narrow, dusty streets.
and painting tours in locations         Looking skyward at them, you
all over the world. We bypassed         see beautiful sari-clad women
the usual tourist destinations of       advertising diamonds and gold
India and focused on the off-the-       jewelry and expensive seaside
beaten-path small villages in the       condos for sale. Look downward
wonderfully expressive Kerala.          toward the streets and you see
The Taj Mahal would have to wait        trash: plastic bags, plastic bottles,
for another trip.                       beer cans, crisp packets, and
      India is a country of contra-     discarded food. What is amazing
dictions. It has positioned itself as   is that the people seem unaware
an emerging world power, glob-          of the need to change their at-
ally, politically, and economically.    titude towards trash disposal and
With a population of 1.25 billion,      removal. Now that I have spoken
it is the second most populated         of some of the problems facing
country in the world, with fifty        India, let me tell you why I grew
                                        to love India.
                                             Kerala has its share of prob-
                                        lems, but it is a long way, dis-
                                        tance wise and emotionally, from
                                        the densely-populated, fast-paced
                                        large cities of Mumbai, Delhi, and
                                        Bangalore. The people of Kerala
                                        live in an area that time seems
                                        to have forgotten. They live in a
                                        relaxed state and carry out their
                                        daily lives in much the same way
                                        as their forbears did decades ago.
                                        The men cast their nets in the sea
                                        every morning and night, the
                                        women wash the family’s cloth-
                                        ing by pounding them on rocks
April 1, 2011                                                         The Monocacy Monocle                                                      Page 4

   Letter to the Editor
                                          RDT, is not okay? For the record,
     Editor:                              I am quite happy that we receive
     Let me get this straight.            excellent cell phone service via
     Property owners cannot               the large tower right across the
fly a small plane for pleasure            street from our home.
from their own Rural Density                   I am a strong supporter of
Transfer (RDT) zoned property             the current RDT zoning and its
even if there are only two flights        minimum lot size of twenty-five
per week; however, if the same            acres. We even sold our develop-
people want to fly the same plane         ment rights to create a permanent
from the same property fifty              conservation easement on our
times per week in order to spray          own property. It is important to
pesticides on their hayfield, that’s      keep in mind, however, that there
okay? Let’s remember that farm-           is a vast difference between RDT
ers start early and work late, so if      low density zoning and a wilder-
the first flight is at dawn and the       ness area or national park.
last at dusk, that’s okay as well?             Bernie Mihm, Jr.
     There are thousands of tele-
phone poles spaced every couple           LCA Grand Award Winner-
hundred feet and miles and miles          Hardscape Construction
of telephone lines spread along           International Society of Arbori-
every road in the RDT; however,           culture-Certified Arborist
a comparatively few cell phone            Certified Professional Horticul-
towers, necessary to provide com-         turist
petitive cell phone and internet
service for us residents of the

                                                                                                                         said that, I think the item was in-
Warning: This                             taxes; conservation; moderation;
                                          more voice in government by the
                                                                                  about how all this translates into
                                                                                  our twenty-first century world. I
                                                                                                                         sightful and desirable. There is no
                                                                                                                         denying that the fragmentation of
Column Features                           individual; and a good cigaret [sic]
                                          after a delicious meal.
                                                                                  noted that the Packet’s concerns
                                                                                  about the size, role, and scope
                                                                                                                         our policies into special interests
                                                                                                                         is counterproductive. It also oc-
Smoking                                         Actually, this isn’t the stated
                                          philosophy of the Monocacy
                                                                                  of the federal government are as
                                                                                  fresh today as then, but one has
                                                                                                                         curs to me that if the Packet folks
                                                                                                                         don’t approve of special-interest
     By John Clayton                      Monocle, which is not to say that       to admit that some of these ships
     Editorially, [we] will be indepen-                                                                                  advocacy dominating the politi-
                                          it is all bad. This is from The         have sailed. The welfare state,
dent Republican. We tend to Repub-                                                                                       cal process, then they probably
                                          Weekly Packet, which serves Blue        cradle-to-the-grave security, and
lican philosophy, but won’t follow                                                                                       haven’t become Democrats yet.
                                          Hill, Maine, and other nearby           federal aid to education are the
the party when we think it’s in the                                                                                           I’m sure they would continue
                                          communities, and the section is         rule of the land, and certain com-
wrong.                                                                                                                   to lament the challenges to
                                          their inaugural pronouncement           ponents of these are considered
     That’s sort of a fancy way of say-                                                                                  individual freedoms. This might
                                          to the world (or at least their part    third-rails of American politics,
ing we’re conservative.                                                                                                  not even be from the big ticket
                                          of Maine) in their first issue on       that is, to suggest reducing
      We strongly oppose massive-                                                                                        challenges such as wire-tapping,
                                          December 1, 1960, which was             benefits is regarded as political
ness in government; the paring away                                                                                      electronic surveillance, Barrack
                                          printed late last year as a fifti-      suicide. Not even the Tea Party
of individual freedoms; the welfare                                                                                      Obama’s prison in Guantanamo
                                          eth anniversary celebration. A          has seriously sustained a call for
state; bad roads; cradle-to-the-grave                                                                                    Bay (say what?), and speed
                                          copy was kindly sent to me by           cutting its own health benefits.
security, federal aid to education;                                                                                      cameras. I suspect they would
                                          Kathleen and Steve Hayward,             Admit it—we like our welfare
class legislation; hot-rod driving;                                                                                      most lament the loss of our
                                          who live in Maine. Steve was            state—we just don’t like paying
pessimists; suppression of minor-                                                                                        freedom to pursue annoying
                                          the longtime rector at St. Peter’s      for it, especially not for someone
ity groups; government waste; high                                                                                       habits such as letting our cats
                                          Parish, and Kathleen, it should         else.
fashion; teen-age alcoholics; news                                                                                       run loose and smoking cigars
                                          be noted, has some responsibil-              I found their aversion to
suppression; high taxes; and newspa-                                                                                     in public, or maybe the loss of
                                          ity for the Monocle as she was the      “class legislation” interesting. I
pers that never take a stand.                                                                                            public clam flats. Such pleasures
                                          one who told me, while we were          inferred this to be an objection to
     We strongly favor a sound, non-                                                                                     are greatly eroded by the simple
                                          in Maine, that there was someone        special interest politics in all its
inflationary economy; the private                                                                                        fact that so many more of us are
                                          else I knew in Poolesville who          forms. It’s easy to be cynical and
enterprise system; integration; an or-                                                                                   living closer together. This is also
                                          was interested in starting a local      say that someone else’s remedy
derly, economic growth for this area;                                                                                    known as Smart Growth, the art
                                          newspaper.                              is class legislation and one’s own
less pork-barrel legislation; a massive                                                                                  of getting other people to live
                                                I found the Packet’s political    remedy is the furtherance of our
foreign exchange program as the key       positioning fascinating as a pe-        precious freedoms, but having                       -Continued on Page 11.
to world peace; individualism; lower      riod piece, and it made me think
April 1, 2011                                The Monocacy Monocle                 Page 5

  Business Briefs                          camp is for kids and adults. Fur-
                                           ther information can be obtained at
New Winemaker At SMV
     Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard
                                           Grand Opening: Poolesville
is pleased to welcome Benoit Pine-         Vision Services
au as their new winemaker. Ben                 Congratulations to Drs. Robin
hails from France and was edu-             Mevissen and Thomas McInnes
cated in oenology and viticulture in       on the grand opening of their
Bordeaux and Toulouse. He went             new professional offices located at
right to work to inventory and             20005B Fisher Avenue. Poolesville
taste SMV wines aging in barrel            Vision has serviced the area since
storage and to put new approaches          2006, and this new location has
in place, such as aging the Rosé           been beautifully renovated, is
wine in the tanks to keep it fresh         cheerfully bright and open, and
and crisp. He has also established         offers a larger selection of glasses
a new racking regimen where the            and specialty frames for children.
wines are removed from the bar-            Ballet Garden Grows
rels, the lees (i.e., yeast remnants) is         The Hope Garden Ballet Acad-
removed, and the wine returned to          emy and Hope Garden Children’s
the barrel.                                Ballet Theatre have made the move
Fire Will Not Disrupt Art                  to a bigger and better space—but
                                           still in Poolesville. Hope Garden’s
                                           new location is in the Poolesville
     Ann Brown, whose residence
                                           Village Center. The dancers will
suffered major damage in the
                                           use the old Curves space temporar-
recent fire, has reported that her
                                           ily as they build out the old CVS
planned art camp in Poolesville
                                           location. New construction (gen-
will go on as scheduled. “They will
                                           erously contributed by Wathen
be held at the farm, but maybe not
                                           Construction and volunteers)
on the porch. None of the art camp
supplies were damaged.” The
                                                        -Continued on Page 13.
April 1, 2011                                                     The Monocacy Monocle                                                 Page 6
      “Fire at Chiswell Inheritance”
             Continued From Page 1.      Remembrance                         as owner/operator of Poolesville
                                                                             Barber and Stylist.
                                                                                                                 humor about the wonderful way
                                                                                                                 Whit filled the iconic position as
with assistance from friends and                                                  During the memorial service    a barber in Small Town, America.

                                       Whitney Staver-
neighbors, were able to put a                                                at Memorial United Methodist        Gini plans to keep the barbershop
temporary roof beam in place                                                 Church, retired Baptist minister,   open.

and drape the house with a huge,                                             Ken Fitzwater, performed the cer-       In lieu of flowers, the family
blue tarp. The family is planning                                            emony. Whit had been a member       requested that donations in Whit-

to restore the house, but cedar                                              of the International Order of Odd ney’s name be made to WUMCO,
shingles will not be used for the                                            Fellows (I.O.O.F.) Post #97
                                           By Rande Davis                    since 1996. Grand Noble
     The Kephart family ex-                                                  Thomas Dillingham led a
                                            Whitney Staver, 63, of           special remembrance service
pressed their deep appreciation
                                       Poolesville died suddenly March       by the Odd Fellows in honor
for the quick action of the fire
                                       21, 2011 of a heart attack. He is     of Whit’s service to the
department personnel and for the
                                       survived by his wife of twenty-       organization and the com-
family, friends, and neighbors
                                       nine years Gini, son Whit Wil-        munity and for his valued
who helped in the massive job of
                                       liam, daughter Victoria, his          friendship. Whit was also a
cleanup and in securing the tarps
                                       parents Preble and Isabell, three     member of the Poolesville
against inclement weather. They
                                       sisters, Leslie, Lynne, and Laurie,   American Legion Post #247.
offer a special thanks to Chris
                                       niece Cindy Broderick, nephew              Friends and family
Hren, Robert diGregorio, Bob
                                       Eric Bouvet, and their families.      spoke of his perpetual warm
Kapsch, Don Brown, Amanda
                                       Whitney also leaves his dogs          and wry humor and pleas-
Brown, Erin Mansfield, Patricia
                                       Cayda and Jazz.                       antness, always greeting
Brown, Elise Muldoon, Caroline
                                            Whit served his nation as        each customer as a friend
Taylor, Jim Snider, Robin Snider,
                                       a marine with two tours in the        and sometimes with a bit
Patt Robertson, and Susie Homire
                                       Vietnam War during the 1960s.         of teasing. It was not un-
with her brother, Rick, and
                                       Afterwards, he worked as a            usual, as William Poole
nieces, Annie and Lizzy.
                                       contract employee with the CIA        pointed out, for customers
                                       in McLean, Virginia for thirteen      to come for the haircut and
                                       years and as a stay-at-home dad       stay for the company.        Whitney Staver—Poolesville’s Barber
                                       for two years before joining Gini     Many shared stories of
April 1, 2011                          The Monocacy Monocle                 Page 7

  Daytripper                          um. Within its twenty-five acres,
                                      she established gardens, four
                                      fall-out shelters, statuary, foun-
                                      tains, pools, sculptures, paths and
The Legacy of                         walks, a dacha (small, Russian
Lady Bountiful of                     second/vacation home), and ex-
                                      panded the greenhouse (200 spe-
Hell’s Kitchen:                       cies of orchids then, 2500 now).
                                      The museum showcases her two
Hillwood Estate,                      principal interests: decorative and
                                      fine arts of eighteenth-century
Museum and                            France (including tapestries and
                                      porcelain) and Imperial Russia
Gardens                               (two imperial Fabergé eggs and
    By Ingeborg Westfall              numerous icons). When she lived
                                      in Moscow with third husband
     Born March 15, 1887, Marjorie    Ambassador Joseph Davies, Sta-
Merriweather Post has been de-        lin opened to the diplomatic com-
scribed as America’s Empress be-      munity warehouses of valuable
cause she inherited a vast fortune    items stolen from Russian aristo-
from her father, C. W. Post, who      crats. Items she purchased then
developed Postum and founded          formed the foundation of her
Postum Cereal Company. Her            Russian collection, which became
earliest memories were of gluing      one of the finest in the world.
Postum boxtops. By age ten, she            The museum is breath-taking,
was accompanying her father to        and the gardens are its match.
board meetings. Later, she and        Serene and welcoming, the Rose
then-husband E.F. Hutton trans-       Garden, the French Parterre, and
formed Postum Cereal Company          others present different rooms or
into General Foods Corporation,       spaces that feature a variety of
buying Birdseye Frozen Foods          historical styles combined with
in the process. During her life       horticultural designs of the time.
she was famous for her lavish,        My favorite is the Japanese-style
glamorous lifestyle, her four         garden, an artful hybrid of Japa-
marriages, and her grand enter-       nese and American gardening
taining. Since her death in 1973 at   traditions.
age eighty-six, it has become clear        These paragraphs offer just
that she was also a shrewd, far-      the barest glimpse of the trea-
sighted businesswoman (it was         sure that is Hillwood and the
her idea to acquire Birdseye). She    extraordinary life of the woman
was known as a discerning art         who gifted the nation with it. Her
collector and generous patron of      ashes are there, in an urn at the
the arts (the Kennedy Center and      base of a granite monument in
the Washington Ballet, among          the Rose Garden. The monument
others) and other causes. During      is inscribed, “All my hopes rest in
the Depression, she put her jewels    me,” an accurate summation of a
in safe-keeping, canceled the         well-lived life.
insurance, and used the money
to establish a soup kitchen serv-
ing daily meals to one thousand
women and children (other soup
kitchens fed only men); for that,
she was given the nickname:
Lady Bountiful of Hell’s Kitchen.
Years later, the New York Times
wrote of her, “While she always
lived like a queen, she always
gave like a philanthropist.”
     In 1955, she bought a prop-
erty in D.C.’s Van Ness area,
renaming it Hillwood. She over-
saw its redesign and expansion
to house her art collection, with a
mind to later making it a muse-
April 1, 2011                                                        The Monocacy Monocle                                                    Page 8

  Local News                                                                     much flexibility.”                   Volunteer vacancies still remain on
                                                                                     The commissioners voted to       the planning commission, ethics
                                                                                 accept the reappointment of Den-     commission, and the resident posi-
Town Government                                                                  nis Minor on the Board of Zoning     tion on the CEDC.
Report                                                                           Appeals, Lynne Bodmer and Helen
                                                                                 Gunther on the CEDC, and Rande
Public Hearing on                                                                Davis with the Sign Review Board.
Budget Draws Few
Comments                                                                          Youth Sports                        one thing: Hungry.
    By Rande Davis                                                                                                         This season had all the ap-
                                    Bob Roit (right) was one of only two                                              pearances of a rebuilding year
     The public hearing on the offering comments at the public hearing                                                with a very young starting lineup
proposed 2012 town budget             on Poolesville’s proposed budget.          The Longhorn Tradition               including one freshman, seven
set for the March 21 commis-                                                       By Dominique Agnew                 sophomores, and two juniors.
                                         panding with the two new housing                                             Coach Dorsey and Assistant
sioners’ meeting attracted only two
                                         developments and parkland, the                                               Coach Mark Agnew concurred at
speakers. Rudy Gole queried the                                                       Each season, the ultimate
                                         town commissioners considered                                                the beginning of the season that
commissioners on the changing                                                    dream of any high school wres-
                                         subcontracting the lawn mowing                                               it was going to be a wild one. “It
scale of pay over the past few years                                             tler is to be a state champion.
                                         responsibilities to an outside firm.                                         seemed like, against some teams,
that has resulted in a narrowing of                                              Four years ago, in his second sea-
                                         Currently, town employees handle                                             at least half the matches were
pay structure from employment                                                    son as head coach, Kevin Dorsey
                                         this responsibility.                                                         swing matches,” says Agnew.
grades sixteen to twenty. The town                                               decided to take his lone state
                                               A request for proposal for                                             “We knew it was going to be a
manager is a grade twenty. Mr.                                                   qualifier, David Johnson, to the
                                         lawn maintenance resulted in three                                           rollercoaster ride every match.”
Gole opined that in considering                                                  Longhorn Steak House after the
                                         firms submitting a bid. The bidding                                               Despite getting off to a strong
the responsibilities of the town                                                 state tournament. Since then, he
                                         on the RFP ranged from $37,000                                               start in a win against Rockville,
manager and, in his estimation, the                                              has continued the tradition—and
                                         to $77,000. The proposed FY2012                                              the second match against Da-
exemplary performance of the cur-                                                it’s beginning to hurt his wallet.
                                         budget had not included this cost                                            mascus was a perfect example.
rent town manager, Wade Yost, the                                                Last year, the Poolesville team
                                         and, after considering the propos-                                           Leading by one point going into
grade twenty should be raised. Mr.                                               qualified a school-record seven
                                         als, the concept was dropped. In                                             the final match at heavyweight,
Gole lobbied the commissioners on                                                wrestlers from a senior-led team
                                         rejecting all bids, the commis-
a salary range “in the six figures.”                                             that was expected to do very well.
                                         sioners were swayed by the town
Commissioner Jim Brown con-                                                      At the end of a state tournament                  -Continued on Page 12.
                                         manager to hold off on contracting
curred on Mr. Gole’s evaluation                                                  and a long season, wrestlers are
                                         out lawn mowing and to instead
of the performance of the town
                                         consider expanding the two part-
manager, but no commissioner
                                         time employee summer work from
committed to the proposal.
                                         the current eight-to-ten weeks to
     Bob Roit asked for clarification
                                         eighteen weeks. The estimate of
on the budget plans of a lawn-
                                         these expanded work hours was
mowing contract that was under
consideration that evening.
                                               Director of the Parks and
     After Jerry Klobukowski asked
                                         Streets, Preston King, and his staff
for clarification on the verbiage
                                         were present at the meeting, and
used in the proposed new forest
                                         Mr. King supported the part-time
conservation ordinance (Ordinance
                                         concept and in so doing spoke of
#122) with specific concern on its
                                         the pride his staff takes in the care
requirements for replanting of
                                         of the lawns. He emphasized that
trees, the commissioners unani-
                                         an outside contractor cannot match
mously approved it.
                                         their work ethic and love of the
     The Request for Proposal (RFP)
                                         town. “Our staff either lives in the
for the paving in Seneca Chase had
                                         town or their parents and grand-
ten firms requesting a proposal
                                         parents do. Outsiders will not have
package for the RFP, while six
                                         the high standards, personal touch,
actually submitted a bid. The con-
                                         or how they (the staff) relate to
tract was awarded to M. T. Laney
                                         town residents.” He also pointed
Company, Inc. In addition to the
                                         out that the town is “starved for
work to be done in Seneca Chase,
                                         entry-level jobs” for young people
the contract also provides curb and
                                         coming out of high school. Mr.
gutter installation at Dr. Thomas
                                         Yost also spoke of concern that
Dillingham Park. M. T. Laney sub-
                                         first bids often lead to increases
mitted the bid at $486,848.40. The
                                         once a contract is locked in and the
paving work is anticipated to be
                                         town becomes dependent on those
completed by this spring.
                                         services. With an outside contrac-
     With anticipation that lawn
                                         tor, Yost stated, “We won’t have as
maintenance in the town will be ex-
April 1, 2011                         The Monocacy Monocle                                                                                   Page 9
   “Rebuilding Together” Continued                                        as the sponsor and coordinator          staffed by willing volunteers to
                                     supplied over sixty percent of the
                      From Page 1.                                        of the project, is less than a year     respond to modest house-related
                                     funding (Memorial Methodist,
                                                                          old. Its most noteworthy project        emergencies of elderly and low-
                                     Poolesville Presbyterian, St. Pe-
will be doing important grunt                                             previously was a Rebuilding To-         income residents.
                                     ter’s Episcopal, and Our Lady of
work, such as paint scraping,                                             gether-like work day last fall that          Helping Hands is proud to
                                     the Presentation Catholic), three
assisting carpenters, hauling                                             resulted in extensive inside and        be the sponsor of one of the thirty
                                     civic organizations (Monocacy
debris, and wielding paint                                                outside repairs to the headquar-        separate Rebuilding Together
                                     Lions, Poolesville Area Chamber
brushes.                                                                  ters of WUMCO Help, Inc. While          projects taking place all over
                                     of Commerce, and Odd Fellows
     Organizational work for the                                          the committee is still defining its     Montgomery County this month.
                                     Lodge 97), Hilton Funeral Homes,
late April renovations began in                                           program, the vision is that of an       Readers who may be interested
                                     and an anonymous contributor
early December when HH-P ap-                                              ecumenical community service            in joining their fellow residents
                                     of a significant sum. Three busi-
proached a number of entities in                                          organization that will support          at the local Rebuilding Together
                                     nesses—Kettler Forlines Homes,
the Poolesville area for financial                                        WUMCO, not only in maintain-            project should contact Catherine
                                     Cugini’s Pizza, and Selby’s Mar-
support. The $2,750 fee required                                          ing and improving its physical          Beliveau at 301-452-5318 or Ray
                                     ket—will be providing in-kind
to participate in the county-wide                                         facilities, but also in raising funds   Hoewing at 301-461-9399 for fur-
Rebuilding Together program                                               for its critical social service work    ther information.
                                          Helping Hands-Poolesville,
came from four churches that                                              and in developing a program
April 1, 2011                                                       The Monocacy Monocle                                                           Page 10

 Tidbits                                     An informational meeting is
                                        planned for Wednesday, April 27 in
                                                                                Substance Abuse Awareness Poster
                                                                                Contest. In this contest, students
                                        the school auditorium. The meet-        were encouraged to develop an
    PES Turn 50!                        ing will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will    original poster and slogan idea
     Poolesville Elementary School      encompass some of the following         designed to discourage their peers
(PES) turns fifty this year. To         agenda items: election of officers,     from experimenting with drugs
celebrate this big event, PES PTA (a    formation of committees and             and alcohol. Winning entries now
501(c)3 organization) is planning a     alumni database, and fundraising.       progress to local, district, state, and
lot of fun events for the community,         There is also interest in estab-   international levels of competition.
students, alumni, staff, and parents.   lishing a scholarship fund, reunion           The winners at the council             Pete Barry won the Knights of
The PES PTA is also looking for         networks, alumni picnics and            level were both from Poolesville            Columbus Poster contest about
business sponsors. For only $50,        dances, Indian/Falcon alumni bas-       Elementary School: Pete Barry                           drug abuse.
your business can have its logo with    ketball games, and the long-awaited     for Drug Abuse Awareness, and             Perry Dominici.
a link to its website from the spon-    institution of a PHS Sports Hall of     Rachel Macairan for Alcohol Abuse               Council winners receive a spe-
sors’ webpage.                          Fame.                                   Awareness. Posters were submit-           cial certificate of recognition and a
Activities will go from the week             Please feel free to share this     ted from Poolesville Elementary           $100 savings bond. First place win-
of May 2 (Spirit Week) through an       opportunity with any alumni you         and Monocacy Elementary Schools,          ners receive a special certificate of
open house event on Poolesville         know. The Poolesville High School       were judged by individuals selected       recognition and a $50 savings bond.
Day, along with active participation    Alumni Association hopes to, as         from the community, and winners           Runnersup received a $10 gift cer-
in Poolesville Day events.              part of its mission, make a posi-       from each school then went onto the       tificate from Café 107 in Poolesville.
     Individuals or businesses who      tive impact on the community and        council level for further judging.        All contestants receive a certificate
may wish to donate can do so at         school. If you are interested, please         Winners at the school level         of recognition for their participation., as well. Please         contact Skip by April 22 through        from Monocacy Elementary School           A total of 127 posters were entered
email for more          the Poolesville High School Athletic    were: for Drug Abuse Awareness,           from both elementary schools.
information.                            Booster Club or email him directly      Chloe Insalaco (first place) and                Contest judges were Julia
     Call Out to PHS Alumni             at James_M_Etheridge@mcpsmd.            runner-up Sam Garrett; for Alcohol        Barnes, senior, Poolesville High
     Skip Etheridge, in conjunction                                             Abuse Awareness, Alexis Abrigo            School; Doreen Fowler, owner,
with the PHS Boosters Club, is or-                                              (first place) and runner-up Su-           Healthworks Fitness Center,
                                            Knights of Columbus Abuse
ganizing the formation of an alumni                                             sanna Schmidt. The runners-up at          Poolesville; Nick Tucci, Mont-
                                        Awareness Poster Contest
association for the high school.                                                Poolesville Elementary School Drug        gomery County Official, retired;
                                            The local council of the Knights
Alumni are invited to be a part of                                              Abuse Awareness was Kellie Dahlin         and Pete Picariello, Montgomery
                                        of Columbus is proud to announce
a committee to spearhead this new                                               and for Alcohol Abuse Awareness,          County Official, retired and high
                                        the winners of the eighth annual
organization.                                                                                                             school teacher.
April 1, 2011                         The Monocacy Monocle                                                                               Page 11

                                                                                                                  “Commentary” Continued From
  Police Blotter: Past and Present                                          April 7, 1960 The summer
                                                                        resort town of Seneca was inun-                                Page 4.
                                                                        dated by floodwaters caused by
    By Jack Toomey                   house at Monocacy Cemetery
                                                                        the Potomac River and Seneca
                                                                                                              closer together to allow the rest of
                                     caught fire and burned to the                                            us to live further apart, at least for
                                                                        Creek overflowing their banks.
     Current Crime                   ground. Sparks from the burn-                                            a little longer.
                                                                        The Seneca Hotel was particu-
     Sex offense: 17500 block of     ing building took flight and set                                               Indeed, the Packet’s para-
                                                                        larly hard hit with water enter-
Kohlhoss Road.                       fire to other buildings nearby.                                          graph of things they “strongly
                                                                        ing the first floor. Most residents
     Assault: 17100 block of                                                                                  favor” would be hard for any
                                                                        took to boats to escape the high
Conoy Road, Barnesville.                 April 5, 1906 The family of                                          rational person to contest, and
     Theft: 17500 block of Collier   Edward Green of near Frederick                                           I’m sure they are unhappy with
                                                                            April 7, 1942 Edward Dowd,
Circle, 20400 block of West Of-      were said to be greatly relieved                                         our forty-one years of progress
                                                                        nineteen years old, was killed
futt Road, 22200 block of Peach      when they were notified that                                             on pork-barrel legislation—at
                                                                        when he fell thirty-five feet into
Tree Road.                           Mr. Green was alive and well in                                          least we’re still arguing about it.
                                                                        a rocky crevice while hiking
     Disorderly conduct com-         Baltimore. The family had been                                           A comment on women’s rights
                                                                        with fellow Bethesda-Chevy
plaints: 19500 block of Jerusalem    previously told that the body                                            would have been nice, but maybe
                                                                        Chase High School students on
Terrace, 19950 Fisher Avenue.        of a man, identified as Green,                                           that’s a cheap shot given that it
                                                                        Sugarloaf Mountain. Dowd was
     Past Crime                      had been buried in the Potters                                           was 1960. Even a more liberal
                                                                        the son of the superintendent of
     April 5, 1896 The cemetery      Field near the Frederick County                                          publication probably would have
                                                                        the Postal Telegraph Company.
                                     Almshouse.                                                               overlooked that one in 1960. I
                                                                            April 9, 1969 Montgomery
                                                                                                              note that the after-dinner smoke
                                                                        County announced plans to
                                                                                                              was expressed using the mascu-
                                                                        purchase 233 acres of property
                                                                                                              line form of the noun, rather than
                                                                        on Route 28. The intention was
                                                                                                              the preferred “-ette” spelling, but
                                                                        to build the county’s first police
                                                                                                              we don’t speak of such things
                                                                        and fire academy.
                                                                                                                    Hot-rod driving needs no
                                                                                                              comment. You know who you
April 1, 2011                                                     The Monocacy Monocle                                                      Page 12

 School News                           with unforgettable characters. If
                                       you haven’t, it’s time to come out
                                                                             sic. This isn’t a show just for kids;
                                                                             people of all ages will delight in
                                                                                                                     entertained. Mark your calendars
                                                                                                                     for April 7 at 7:00 p.m., April 8
                                       from under that rock you’ve been      this exhilarating adventure.            at 7:30 p.m., and April 9 at 2:00
                                       living under and experience the            The Midnight Players have
                                                                                                                     p.m. and 7:30 p.m.Tickets go on
                                       magic of Dr. Seuss live onstage.      been working nonstop since Janu-        sale Wednesday, March 30 in the
                                            This isn’t a show just for       ary to produce this one-of-a-kind
Hears a Who?
                                                                                                                     Falcon Foyer from 11:00 a.m. to
                                       kids. The value of friendship, the    performance experience. Music           11:30 a.m. and from 2:15 p.m.
    By Celeste Kelly                   insanity of what we fight about,      director Mrs. Christine Pappas          to 2:45 p.m. Tickets may also
                                       and the power of standing up for      has worked with Mr. Kenneth             be reserved online by emailing
    The Cat in the Hat will soon       what we believe in are lessons of     Goldsborough to bring beautiful         Mrs. Lisa Templeton at jlh.temp@
arrive at Poolesville High School.     which we can all be reminded.         sound to the stage, and Mr. Kelly It is expected that all
He will be accompanied by              The Midnight Players will be          DeLameter has choreographed             reserved tickets will be paid for
Horton the Elephant, Gertrude          performing Seussical, and it’s sure   the dance numbers. Costumes             at the will call table before each
McFuzz, Mayzie LaBird, the Sour        to be an unforgettable show. Fol-     were created by the talented Ms.        show. Come prepared to use your
Kangaroo, a little boy named           lowing the basic plot of “Horton      Nanci Niebauer, and the world of        imagination!
Jojo… and the entire population        Hears a Who,” Seussical incor-        Dr. Seuss has been made a reality
of Whoville! Have you ever read        porates aspects from over nine-       by the technical crew, led by Mr.
a Dr. Seuss book? If you have,         teen other Dr. Seuss stories. The     Matt Johnson and senior Anna
you remember what fun it is to         characters are zany, the songs are    Mihm, student tech director.
dive into a fantastical world filled   catchy, and the rhymes are clas-           Come to support and leave

          “The Longhorn Tradition”
                                       sification along with Rockville       tournament, the team was looking        and Cody Savage ended his career
            Continued From Page 8.
                                       and Wheaton, separating them          for its best state performance ever,    on a high note, finishing sixth
the Falcons lost a heartbreaker        from the other county schools         and it proved to be just that. In the   in the state—quite an accom-
on a disqualification on too many      to compete in the 1A/2A south         previous four years, the Falcons        plishment for a team that many
technical violations by a first-year   regional tournament at Glenelg        had only one wrestler place in the      thought might be in a rebuild-
wrestler who was winning the           High School in Howard County.         top six in the state. This season       ing year. As for Coach Dorsey, it
match before disqualification, giv-    The first day of the tournament       they had three state placers. Cory      would prove to be a costly year as
ing Damascus the win. There were       was cancelled due to a power out-     Savage had a great tournament           well, feeding six hungry wrestlers
several more close losses that were    age, forcing the entire tournament    and finished fourth in the state,       at Longhorn would not be cheap,
decided on the final match, but the    into an all-day affair on Saturday.   Robert Winning capped off a great       but he doesn’t mind. This is the
wrestlers kept working hard and        The top eight wrestlers from the      season with a fifth place finish,       tradition.
continued to improve. By the time      region qualify with the top four
the county championship rolled         advancing to the state tourna-
around, the Falcons were starting      ment located at the University
to peak. The team finished eighth      of Maryland, Cole Field House.
in the county out of twenty-five       Poolesville qualified ten wrestlers
teams, and junior Robert Win-          for the tournament.
ning was county champion at 145        Winning added to his first place
pounds, sophomore Cory Savage          county finish with a regional
placed second at 103 pounds,           championship, Cory Savage,
sophomore Will Korzenieski             sophomore Cody Dorsey (125),
placed fourth at 119 pounds, and       and Cody Savage placed second.
seniors Cody Savage (130) and          Will Korzenieski and sophomore
Henry Mangold (215) placed sixth       heavyweight Robby Lenz placed
overall.                               fourth, leading the Falcons to a
Poolesville is one of only three       fifth place team finish. With six
county teams in the 1A/2A clas-        wrestlers qualifying for the state
April 1, 2011                            The Monocacy Monocle                                                          Page 13
                                       ous nieces and nephews.
 Remembrance                                He was remembered as a very
                                                                               anyway.” Family knew if he could
                                                                               have attended his own funeral, that
                                       friendly man with a ready smile
      Jack Lee “Rip”                   and a love for flowers, numbers,
                                                                               twinkle would have come into his
                                                                               eyes, a smile would be on his lips,
       Broadwater                      and riddles. Daughter Cherise
                                                                               and he would have pointed that fin-
                                       Praniewski recalled her father in a
                                                                               ger and instead of saying goodbye
                                       touching poem, acknowledging his
                                                                               would have simply said, “I never
                                       bravery, pride, and strength. She
                                                                               liked you anyway.” Every one
                                       marveled that he died on March 17
                                                                               would have understood the true
                                       since he always played 317 in the
                                                                               love behind those words.
                                       lottery and the irony of his funeral
                                                                                    In lieu of flowers, donations
                                       being on March 21 since he enjoyed
                                                                               may be made to WUMCO Help,
                                       cards, especially black jack.
                                                                               Inc., P.O. Box 247, Poolesville, MD
                                            Jack served in the army. He
                                                                               20837 or ASPCA, American Society
                                       hated water, swimming, and the
                                                                               for the Prevention of Cruelty to
                                       like, but always saw the humor that
                                                                               Animals, 424 E. 92nd St., New York,
                                       his first assignment in the army
                                                                               NY 10128-6804
     Mr. Jack Lee “Rip” Broadwater,    was scraping paint on a ship for six
                                       months.                                           “Business Briefs” Continued
69, of Poolesville, died suddenly                                                                        From Page 5
on Thursday March 17, 2011. He              Granddaughter Kori recalled
was the loving husband of Jeanette     his smiles of happiness, mid-night           should be finished by mid-
Broadwater.                            snacks, and his wonderful silly         May. “I can’t be more pleased
     Born on October 14, 1941 in       jokes. Neighbor Bob Hernandez           with the location and amenities
Oakland, Maryland, he was the          spoke of his appreciation for Jack as   the new space will offer to my
son of the late Gerald and Hope        a good neighbor, someone always         dancers and their families,” says
Broadwater. Surviving him besides      with a warm greeting. He recalled       Fran Ichijo, artistic director of
his wife are one son, Jerry Broadwa-   Jack as a “gentleman and gentle         Hope Garden. “The size of the
ter of Cumberland, one daughter,       man.”                                   space will allow for more studios,
Cherise Praniewski of Poolesville,          Jack was seldom serious and        and the quality restaurants in
one brother, Leonard Broadwater        never, ever said goodbye. Instead he    this shopping center will make
of Annapolis, two grandchildren,       would smile, point his finger, and      for great convenience for waiting
Kandyce and Kori Lee, and numer-       humorously say, “I never liked you      parents.”
April 1, 2011                                                    The Monocacy Monocle                                                  Page 14

  Local News                                                                 everything associated with their
                                                                             equine operation—feed, tack,
                                                                                                                 farming and mowing equipment
                                                                                                                 in the fire.
                                                                             rope, halters, animal husbandry          Mr. Bauer told the Monocle
                                                                             equipment, pails, and all “the      that no livestock was in the barn
Barn a Total                                                                 little stuff”—was completely gone   at the time and that “no life was
                                                                             in a smoldering heap. The Bauers    lost; only stuff.”
Loss in Morning                                                              also lost their tractor and other

    By John Clayton

     On an unseasonably chilly
spring morning this past Mon-
day, March 28, Hap and Sha-
ron Bauer of the 18600 block of      The remains of the Bauer’s barn.
Barnesville Road were getting
ready to feed their horses on        and the barn was a total loss. The
their sprawling Silver Lining        structure, which was visible from
Farm near Monocacy Elemen-           Barnesville Road and very much
tary School when they noticed        a part of the spectacular agrarian
that their horses, none of which     scenery of the Barnesville vicin-
were in the barn at the time, were   ity, was about twenty-one years
extremely agitated. The Bauers       old, with six stalls and a machine
were subsequently stunned to see     shed on one end. It was built by
flames shooting out of their barn.   Doug Stein and Cornerstone, Inc.
     The fire was far too advanced   in Beallsville. The cause of the fire
for the Upper Montgomery             is presently unknown.
County Volunteer Fire Depart-             Mr. Bauer lamented the chal-
ment and the other companies         lenges they now face in “keeping
that responded to have any effect,   the horses going,” as virtually

April 1, 2011                                                      The Monocacy Monocle                                                Page 15

    “India” Continued From Page 3.     came into the church with their
                                       well-groomed and well-dressed
                                                                                 Things to Do                     combination of serious organ
                                                                                                                  works, orchestral transcrip-
washing against rocks and              young children. Then, men in                                               tions, and colorful novelty
rinsing them in the river’s water;     clean-pressed suits followed.           Reminder: Orders for PHS           works. A reception with re-
children in school uniforms            There must have been about two          Booster Club spring mulch          freshments will provide an op-
waiting for the their ferry-bus        hundred people, who had all re-
                                                                               sale are due by April 8. Order     portunity to meet Mr. Cheban.
to school; men casting their nets      moved their shoes before they en-
                                       tered, there for the weekday four
                                                                               online at www.phsbooster-          Freewill offering with sug-
hoping to catch fish for their                                       
                                       o’clock mass. Far above this little                                        gested donation of $15.00 per
evening meal; shimmering rice
paddies glistening in the morning      town were the jewels of the area:                                          person.
                                       the beautiful, green, manicured         April 1, 2, and 3                  7:00 p.m.
sun; and monkeys leaping from
coconut tree to coconut tree.          tea plantations. Here, high on the      Shades of Spring
     One of the largest and most       verdant slopes, women work all          Art League of Germantown           Cugini’s Entertainment Night
visited wildlife reserves in India     day hand-picking tea leaves and         Spring art show                    Featuring: Doug Bell. 8:00 p.m.
is the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary      earn about $2.00 a day.                 BlackRock Center for the Arts
in the Cardamom Hills region of              We finished our tour in Co-       Friday and Saturday, 10:00         April 3
the Western Ghats Mountains.           chin, which is situated between
                                                                               a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                  Wine Tasting At Sugarloaf
There are few, if any, tigers or       the Arabian Sea and the backwa-
                                       ters. We stayed in Fort Cochin,
                                                                               Sunday, 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.     Mountain Vineyards
leopards to see here anymore, but                                              Artist reception: Sunday, 1:00
                                       with its grid of venerable old                                             Live Music: Mike Bowers
there are plenty of other animals,                                             p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
including a good population of         streets and vestiges of the early                                          2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
elephants. In addition to the wild-    Dutch and Portuguese settlers.
life sanctuary, the area is well       The most iconic photographic im-        April 1                            April 4
known for its tea factories and        age of Kerala is the huge, elegant      PHS Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse,     Poolesville Town Commis-
spice plantations. As accommoda-       Chinese fishing nets lining the         Northwood at home                  sioners
tions are limited in the sanctuary,    northern shore of Fort Cochin.          Girls – 5:15; Boys – 7:00 p.m.     Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.
we stayed in the busy market           Traders from the court of Kublai
town of Kumily. This is a feast for    Khan are said to have introduced
                                                                               Cugini’s Entertainment Night
the eyes for any photographer.         them to the Malabar region.
                                             What do I remember most
                                                                               Featuring: JDN Band
The dusty main street is a road-                                               Jack Worthington, Denise
side bazaar jammed with sari-          about India? India is all about                                                       - Continued on Page 18.
                                       colors, smells, sounds, and above       D’Amico, and Neal Herron
wearing women, row after row
                                       all its people, especially the          8:00 p.m.
of little shops selling local herbs,
essential oils, cooking spices,        children. They are all captured in
bejeweled cotton shirts and hand-      the brilliant hues of the women’s       April 2
bags, and vendors cooking and          saris, a small girl’s sparkling, col-   Poolesville Library
selling on the sidewalks all kinds     ored dress, the pastel colors of a      Puppet Show: Animal Crack-
of curries. Cows, goats, stray         humble abode, the brightly-paint-       ers by Bob Brown
dogs, and a very pushy group of        ed fishing boats, the red pep-
                                                                               Once again, Master Puppeteer
monkeys roamed the streets at          pers, the deep green tea leaves;
                                       the pungent smell of incense in
                                                                               Bob Brown brings his magical
will, scrounging for any tidbit of                                             marionettes to life in this pre-
thrash or discarded food.              the temples and churches, the
                                       smell of curry that everyone eats       sentation of “Animal Crack-
     We left behind this stew of
                                       for breakfast, lunch, and din-          ers.” For children ages 2 to 9.
sights, smells, and sounds and
traveled four hours in a bus to        ner, the overwhelming scent of          Registration not required.
the town of Munnar, the center         flowers everywhere, the smell of        1:00 p.m.
of Kerala’s principal tea-growing      spices flowing out of the many
region. The town was a scruffy         shops; the sounds of the call to        PHS Baseball and Softball,
agglomeration of corrugated-           prayer several times a day, the         Gaithersburg at home,
iron-roofed shacks selling the         low, rhythmic sound of women
                                                                               1:30 p.m.
most fantastic array of food, live     gliding through tea gardens pick-
chickens, fish, clothing, spices,      ing tea leaves. Above all, I will
                                       remember the smiling faces of the       Wine Tasting At Sugarloaf
jewelry, and household goods.                                                  Mountain Vineyards
Cars, motorized rickshaws,             women, men, and children who
                                       were so excited to have their pic-      Live Music: Robert Thorworth
people, cows, and goats came at
you from all directions. Coming        tures taken. They were the faces        2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
to the edge of the town, I walked      of hope, both for themselves and
up a steep hill and came upon a        for India.                              Organ Dedication Concert
large, beautiful Catholic church. I                                            Memorial United Methodist
went inside to get out of the heat                                             Church
and to look at the pictures in my                                              Enjoy a performance by guest
camera. Soon, women in im-                                                     organist, Marc Cheban, who
maculate saris in jeweled colors                                               will present a delightful
April 1, 2011   The Monocacy Monocle   Page 16
April 1, 2011                   The Monocacy Monocle                            Page 17

                  Commercial Display
                                                            Welding, LLC
                                          COMMERCIAL, FARMING, &
                                           RESIDENTIAL WELDING
                                                 We service snow plows
                                               17612 Elgin Road – Poolesville

                Visit the Monocle
                    Online at

       See current updates to
            Things to Do
April 1, 2011                                                The Monocacy Monocle                                                 Page 18
   “Things to Do” Continued From     items, clothing for the whole      PHS Boys’ Volleyball                 Proceeds will support Holy
                         Page 15.
                                     family, books, electronics, jew-   Einstein at home, 5:15 p.m.          Name charitable activities.
April 5                              elry, linens, baby equipment,                                           7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
PHS Tennis                           toys, sporting goods, tools,       Cugini’s Entertainment Night
Blake at home, 3:30 p.m.             gardening items, and one-of-       Jay Summerour, 8:00 p.m.             Spring Cleanup at John Poole
                                     a-kind treasures. To donate                                             House
April 6                              your unwanted stuff, drop off      April 9                              Sponsored by Historic Medley
PHS Baseball and Softball            any time until Monday, April       PHS Boys’ Tennis                     District, Inc.
Wheaton at home, 3:30 p.m.           4. Hours are Thursday, April       Churchill at home, 10:00 a.m.        Volunteers needed
                                     7 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.;                                          Refreshments served
PHS Girls’ Lacrosse                  Friday, April 8 from 9:00 a.m.     Fourth Annual Inclusive Earth        9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Rockville at home, 7:00 p.m.         to 8 p.m.; and Saturday, April     Day Celebration
                                     9 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.      A 2011 Maryland Recreation           23rd Potomac River Cleanup
Poolesville Parks Board Meet-        St. Peter’s is located at 20100    and Parks Association Innova-        Hosted by Landscape and
ing                                  Fisher Avenue in Poolesville.      tive Program Award Recipient         Nature Discoveries, Inc.
Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.                 Call 301-349-2073 for more         Join this environmental stew-        Local site: Along the
                                     information.                       ardship program hosted by            Monocacy River in Dicker-
April 7, 8, and 9                                                       Calleva and Potomac Commu-           son; meet at parking lot of
PHS Spring Play: “Seussical”         April 8                            nity Resource (PCR). Calleva is      Monocacy Bridge
Thursday: 7:00 p.m.                  AARP Tax Assistance                a local nonprofit organization       Qualifies for SSL hours - dress
Friday: 7:30 p.m.                    Poolesville Library April 7 to     providing outdoor education          to get dirty
Saturday: 2:00 p.m. and              April 9                            to youth and adults in the           9:00 a.m. to noon
7:30 p.m.                            AARP will be providing free        region, and PCR provides ser-
                                     income tax preparation (be-        vices to teens and adults with       April 10
Super Rummage Sale                   tween 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.     developmental differences in         Wine Tasting at Sugarloaf
Another fabulous Rummage             by appointment) to indi-           their families.                      Mountain Vineyards
Sale at St. Peter’s Parish is just   viduals with emphasis on low       Come join with other vol-            Live Music: Dave Pepper
around the corner. There will        income and elderly people.         unteers to help repair trails,       2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
be thousands of household            Counselors are certified by        remove invasive weeds, and
                                     IRS. 10:00 p.m.                    begin spring composting and          April 12
                                                                        planting.                            PHS Baseball and Softball
                                                                        Calleva Farm, 19120 Martins-         Blair at home, 3:30 p.m.
                                                                        burg Road, Dickerson
                                                                        10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.              PHS Boys’ Lacrosse
                                                                                                             Seneca Valley at home,
                                                                        Wine Tasting At Sugarloaf            7:00 p.m.
                                                                        Mountain Vineyards
                                                                        Live Music: Ken Wenzel               April 13
                                                                        2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.               Poolesville Planning Commis-
                                                                        Cugini’s Entertainment Night         Town Hall, 7:30 p.m.
                                                                        Featuring So Far Gone.
                                                                        9:00 p.m.                            April 14
                                                                                                             Pre-School Storytime (3-6)
                                                                        Swing into Spring Dance              Poolesville Library
                                                                        Break out of your winter cabin       Stories, fingerplays, and music
                                                                        fever and come and enjoy an          for pre-school ages three to six
                                                                        evening of DJ music and fond         10:30 a.m.
                                                                        memories of the 40s, 50s, 60s,
                                                                        and 70s, and maybe even the          April 15
                                                                        80s. Beer, wine, soft drinks,        Cugini’s Entertainment Night
                                                                        and food will be served. There       Featuring The Colliders,
                                                                        will also be a raffle, silent auc-   9:00 p.m.
                                                                        tion, and a professional pho-
                                                                        tographer. $15 per person. For
                                                                        reservations, call 301-972-7208,
                                                                        or buy tickets at the door. St
                                                                        Mary’s Pavilion, Barnesville.
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