New challenges for broadcasters

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					                                                                                                    September/October 2004
                                                                                                    Vol. 23 No. 5
                                                                                                    PP 4408/2/2005 ISSN 0127-4902

         New challenges
         for broadcasters
              roadcasters need to

         B    work together to
              address new challenges
         created by rapid advances
         in technology, the ABU
         President, Katsuji Ebisawa,
         has said.

           “We broadcasters have to
         address new issues that we
         have not faced before,” he
         told a media conference
         in Almaty during the ABU’s
         annual meetings.
                                                           The Vice Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Byrganym Aitimova, welcomes
                                                             delegates at the Opening Ceremony of the 2004 General Assembly
                 Rising influence
            The influence of broadcasting was      creating the digital divide between rich      Mr Ebisawa expressed similar
         increasing year in and year out because   and poor countries, between the haves      sentiments at the official opening of
         of advances in digital technology and     and the have nots.                         the three-day General Assembly.
         the Internet, Mr Ebisawa said.
                                                      In the face of increasing competi-               Global sharing
            News and other information now         tion, the ABU needed to help minimise
         transcended national borders instantly.   the information gap among its mem-            He said broadcasting uniquely
         People could obtain information wher-     bers by exchanging information and         allowed people in different places
         ever they were, in real time.             other activities.                          to experience global events at the
                                                                                              same time, and share knowledge and
            Broadcasters could deliver content        He said that with terrorist incidents   excitement in real time. Broadcasters
         via mobile phones and even to cars.       and ethnic conflicts continuing, broad-    needed to act globally to better serve
                                                   casters had a responsibility to promote    their public.
            However, digitalisation was also       dialogue between civilisations.                                  (cont’d on page 3)

ABU News
                                                  N e w s               &        E v e n t s

                                                                                           Senior broadcasters from around
                                                                                       the region suggested ways to meet the
                                                                                       fierce competition from satellite and
                                                                                       cable television – in particular by
                                                                                       relying on the quality of their content
                                                                                       and the trust they have built up with
                                                                                       viewers over the years.

                                                                                          Providing interactive content and
                                                                                       making it available on several platforms
                                                                                       would help attract young viewers,
                                                                                       participants heard.

                                                                                          Before the General Assembly itself,
                                                                                       technical, programme and sports
                                                                                       delegates met separately over several
                                                                                       days to discuss important issues.
       Entertainers at the Opening Ceremony provide a modern touch
                       to a traditional Kazakh folk song                                  The Technical Committee discussed
(from page 1)                                                                          a wide range of topics, from enhanced
    “To provide credible and varied          advance the cultural strength of broad-   HDTV to basic issues around training
information, and to produce quality con-     casting in each region.”                                          (cont’d next page)
tent – these, I believe, are the principal
roles of broadcasters, whether journal-          The General Assembly and associat-
ists or stewards of culture,” he said.       ed meetings, hosted for the first time
                                             by ‘Khabar’ Agency of Kazakhstan, were
    “I would like to work with you to        held from 19 to 27 September. They
fulfill these ambitions, serving as a        attracted more than 300 delegates from
bridge among civilisations.”                 94 organisations.

   Mr Ebisawa said ABU members were                Growing challenges
particularly committed to producing
educational programmes.                         A key focus of the General Assembly
                                             was a lively discussion on the growing
   “I would like to build on efforts to      challenges facing free-to-air broad-
further expand the ABU, responding to        casters, and how they could meet
                                                                                         ABU President Katsuji Ebisawa
suggestions for new projects that may        them.
                                                                                        addresses the General Assembly

                                                                                        Ahmed Maizan of RTVM-Maldives
 Delegates from MRTV-Mongolia concentrate on the President’s address                        listens to Mr Ebisawa

ABU News
                                    N e w s                &   E v e n t s

                                                                  (from previous page)
                                                                  and certification of operational and
                                                                  maintenance staff in member countries.

                                                                      The committee decided to provide
                                                                  all practical assistance to members
                                                                  who are contemplating the introduc-
                                                                  tion of digital TV services, and in
                                                                  particular an early introduction of
                                                                  high definition services.

                                                                               Radio news
                                                                      The Programme Committee gave
                                                                  its backing for the introduction by the
                                                                  ABU of a daily radio news exchange,
                                                                  with members contributing audio
                                                                  material for free use by others.

                                                                     In addition, the ABU’s daily TV news
                                                                  exchange, Asiavision, will soon launch
                                                                  a second daily satellite transmission of
                                                                  news material from members.

                                                                     The committee also discussed
                                                                  progress on several co-productions
                                                                  including a children’s drama series
                                                                  and a documentary series focusing
                                                                  on environmental issues.

                                                                     The Sports Group agreed to continue
                                                                  to work for equitable broadcast rights
                                                                  fees for sporting events.

                                                                     Delegates heard how sports property
                                                                  holders, in their quest for higher fees than
                                                                  ever, were abandoning market realities
                                                                  and marginalising small countries and
    Delegates visit the new Kazakhstan capital of Astana
                                                                  small broadcasters.

                                                                      ‘Khabar’ Agency proved superb
                                                                  hosts, handling the meetings with
                                                                  efficiency and professionalism. It was
                                                                  the first time most participants had
                                                                  visited Kazakhstan.

                                                                     ‘Khabar’ organised a range of
                                                                  excursions for spouses and other
                                                                  people accompanying the delegates.
                                                                  And on excursion day – the day before
                                                                  the General Assembly began – it laid on
                                                                  two special flights to take participants
                                                                  to Astana, the new capital city of
     Accompanying persons visit the Nomads film set               Kazakhstan.

ABU News
                                                   N e w s                 &        E v e n t s

General Assembly:

A Presidential welcome
                                                 Mr Nazarbayev said the General
K    azakhstan’s President Nursultan
     Nazarbayev issued a special
message of welcome to participants
                                              Assembly could not be viewed in
                                              isolation from the situation in the Asia-
in the General Assembly.                      Pacific region, which was developing
                                              dynamically as a powerful social and
   He described the assembly as               economic community, geared towards
an “important mechanism of regional           scientific and high-technological
cooperation”, which united peoples            development.
in their common striving for peace
and stability.                                   An important achievement in
                                              Kazakhstan, he said, was the develop-
   The only way towards the progressive       ment of advanced laws to support the
development of the world, he said, was        mass media and create favourable
through trust and mutual understanding,       economic conditions for media
the openness of national economies and        activities.                                        The President’s message was read
the mutual enrichment of cultures.                                                                   by the Vice Prime Minister

                                                                                          ABU President
     ‘Khabar’ proud                                                                         re-elected
    to host assembly                                                                      T  he 41st General Assembly
                                                                                             unanimously re-elected Katsuji
                                                  “The arrival of world class TV and
‘K   habar’ Agency was proud to
     host the General Assembly,
the Chief of its Board of Directors,
                                              radio professionals… will undoubtedly
                                              influence not only the work of ‘Khabar’
                                                                                          Ebisawa of NHK-Japan as ABU
                                                                                          President for a three-year term.

Dariga Nazarbayeva, told the                  Agency but also the development of             Mr Ebisawa, who is also NHK
opening ceremony.                             independent journalism in our region.”      President, has headed the ABU since
                                                                                          January 1999.
    She said she viewed it as a sign of the      Noting that ‘Khabar’ was also a
increased authority of Kazahkstan on the      member of the ABU’s governing body, the        A Vice-President, Zainal Abidin
international scene and an acknowledge-       Administrative Council, Dr Nazarbayeva      Iberahim of RTM-Malaysia, was also
ment of its efforts to promote peace,         said: “We express our gratitude to our      re-elected for a three-year term.
stability and intergovernmental dialogue.     colleagues for the high level of trust
                                              rendered to our young organisation.”           The other Vice-Presidents are K S
                                                                                          Sarma of Prasar Bharati (the Broad-
             Dariga Nazarbayeva
                                                  ‘Khabar’ regarded its membership        casting Corporation of India) and
                                              in the ABU as an important part of          Mohammad Honardoost of IRIB-Iran.
                                              its activities, and hoped the General
                                              Assembly would have very productive            FBCL-Fiji, IRIB-Iran and KBS-
                                              results.                                    Republic of Korea were re-elected
                                                                                          to the ABU Administrative Council.
                                                  She said one of the issues of top
                                              concern to journalists should be how to         The General Assembly also renewed
                                              fight the evil of international terrorism   the contract of the Secretary-General,
                                              and make a significant contribution to      David Astley, for a four-year term. Mr
                                              its extermination.                          Astley took up the post in July 2002.

ABU News
                                                   N e w s                  &         E v e n t s

Secretary-General’s report:

A vital year ahead for ABU
       he ABU must complete                                                                     In his annual report to members, Mr

T      implementing many new
       initiatives in the year ahead,
the Secretary-General, David Astley,
                                                                                            Astley outlined the key activities of the
                                                                                            ABU’s departments during the year. He
                                                                                            also outlined some of the activities
told the General Assembly.                                                                  planned for the future:

   “The next year is going to be what I                                                     G   A new secondment scheme would
might call a ‘crunch’ year for all of us at                                                     soon be realised when an electronics
the Secretariat in terms of delivering what                                                     engineer and a television producer
we have promised,” he said.                                                                     from KBS-Korea would arrive to work
                                                                                                from the ABU Secretariat in Kuala
   Mr Astley noted that at the 2002                                                             Lumpur for one year.
General Assembly in Tokyo he had
presented a five-year plan that involved                                                       They would assist the ABU to expand
operating at a deficit for several years to                David Astley                     activities in the Technical Department
enable the ABU to introduce new projects                                                    and the International Development
and activities to make its membership             “2004/05 is the year in which we must     Projects Department.
more attractive.                              complete implementing many of these
                                              new initiatives, and the year in which we         “We are very grateful to KBS for
   The purpose was to increase future         must start a concerted membership drive       providing these additional resources, and
income through contributions from             to raise revenues to cover the increased      we hope that their personnel will benefit
new membership subscriptions, rather          costs that we have incurred in launching      from spending a year working in a more
than increasing the membership                new projects and expanding our services       multi-cultural environment and being
subscription unit.                            to members,” he said.                         exposed to international broadcasting
                                                                                            issues on a day-to-day basis.”
   The five-year plan forecast that by            “We have spent a lot of time during two
2005 the ABU should start to see              Planning & Strategy Group meetings this       G   Early in 2005 year the ABU would
increases in subscription income from         year reshaping the future direction of the        launch its first ABU Study Tour,
new memberships, as a result of making        ABU itself. We have reviewed the mission          which was a new activity designed
the ABU a more relevant Union, and            statement, updated the objectives for the         to meet the needs of its more
making it an organisation that other          Union, and debated at great length a truly        advanced members. The 2005 tour
broadcasters see value in joining.            meaningful vision statement to guide us.”         would be hosted by KBS-Korea,
                                                                                                and would enable chief executives,
                                                                                                and other senior management
                                                                                                personnel involved in the planning
                                                                                                of business strategies, to spend
                                                                                                three days in South Korea looking
                                                                                                at how new broadband and mobile
                                                                                                broadcasting services had been

                                                                                                “This is not a technical tour, but one
                                                                                            that is designed to show how new
                                                                                            technology has been utilised to achieve
                                                                                            organisational objectives, and how the
                                                                                            implementation of such strategies is
                                                                                            helping members to remain competitive
      General Director of ‘Khabar’ Agency, Zhanar Abdildina (left)                          in the new media environment,” Mr
     and some of her staff listen to the Secretary-General’s report                         Astley said.

ABU News
                                                  N e w s                &        E v e n t s

                                                                                            Among the new projects in which the
                                                                                        ABU would be involved over the next 12
                                                                                        months were the World Conservation
                                                                                        Congress in Bangkok in November and a
                                                                                        public service announcement competition
                                                                                        for World AIDS Day in December.

                                                                                           The ABU was also assisting to co-
                                                                                        ordinate an HIV/AIDS prevention project
                                                                                        in South Asia that involved several UN
                                                                                        agencies, ABU members in that region,
                                                                                        local government and civil society agencies.

                                                                                             “These new projects make an
                                                                                        important contribution towards achieving
      One of the photographs that the Secretary-General used in his                     the ABU’s vision of improving the quality
 presentation to the General Assembly to illustrate the digital divide in the           of life in our region through broadcasting.”
    Asia-Pacific. He said this was a typical family that he had visited in
 Mongolia, watching black and white television on an old receiver powered
   by a car battery which was attached to a solar cell on the roof of the
                                                                                            Mr Astley said that as the ABU expanded
  family’s dwelling. Mr Astley said: “Whilst we talk much about the latest              its activities into 2005, it hoped to find an
     developments in HDTV and mobile broadcasting, it is worthwhile                     appropriate balance between serving the
 remembering that there are still many thousands of people that if it rains             needs of our more advanced members,
        during the day, they don’t get to see any television at night”                  those in developing countries, and the
                                                                                        many members in between.
   “But we need to keep our feet on the         “We are still very focused on
ground and remember that our members         providing such core assistance to             “In serving our membership we
in developing countries still require very   members in developing countries            must remember how important it is to
basic broadcasting development assist-       through our technical and programming      reach and serve every member in some
ance, mainly in the area of training.        advisory services.”                        tangible way.”

                Study into new awards proposal
                                                The awards would commend
T   he General Assembly gave the
    go-ahead for a feasibility study
into a proposed new film and
                                             outstanding work in film and television,
                                             taking in “the nationalities, languages
television awards for the region.            and cultures of the immense region
                                             serviced by the ABU,” he said.
   The assembly ratified a decision of
the Administrative Council in May 2004          They would bring together
in Osaka to support the study leading        broadcasters and film-makers in a
to a business plan for the development       mutual enterprise. An independent jury
of an Asia-Pacific Film and Television       would judge the entries.
Awards, as proposed by the Queensland
Events Corporation in collaboration             “At all times, the ABU will have a
with the ABU.                                major role in determining policy and
                                             conduct of the awards and the enterprise
   The Chairman of the Queensland            associated with them.”                                    Des Power
Events Corporation, Des Power, told
delegates the proposal involved an annual       Answering questions from the floor,        The idea was for the awards to be
awards-based ceremony to be televised        Mr Power said ABU support for the          held in Queensland in the first two years,
throughout the Asia-Pacific region via       proposal was vital. The awards would not   with other countries hosting them later,
member broadcasters.                         go ahead without the ABU’s involvement.    he said.

ABU News
                                               N e w s                 &        E v e n t s

ABU Prizes 2004:

ABU Prizes winners honoured
     colourful stage show featuring           This year’s ABU Prize jury members      Wangchuk of BBS-Bhutan, Setsuko

A    traditional and modern
     Kazakh performances was the
backdrop to this year’s ABU Prizes
                                          screened 28 short-listed TV programmes
                                          and 60 radio entries during a two-day
                                          judging session held at ‘Khabar’ Agency
                                                                                      Koizumi of NHK-Japan, Chae-Hoon Yi of
                                                                                      MBC-Korea, and Zohara Gany Bathusha
                                                                                      of NTV7-Malaysia.
award presentation in Kazakhstan.         in Almaty. Altogether 99 TV and 64 radio
                                          entries were received this year, the           Judging for the External Broadcast
   The ceremony took place at the Abai    highest numbers in the history of the       (Radio) and Sports (TV) categories was
Opera and Ballet Theatre in Almaty,       ABU Prizes contests.                        earlier completed by jury members who
honoring 17 winners for excellence in                                                 judged the entries via correspondence.
several areas of broadcasting.               The four-member radio jury was
                                          chaired by Alex Tseu of RFA-USA and            Chaired by Sakuntala Gupta of
   The awards were presented by the       included Yi Jong Man of KBS-Republic of     MediaCorp Radio-Singapore, the External
ABU President, Katsuji Ebisawa, and the   Korea, Ginger Da Silva of RN-Netherlands,   Broadcast jury included Mahmood
General Director of ‘Khabar’ Agency,      and Erol Eldem of TRT-Turkey.               Ahmadi of IRIB-Iran, Sitiveni Halofaki
Zhanar Abdildina, to 12 radio and TV                                                  of FBCL-Fiji, Harold Essoo of MBC-
programme winners in the newly               For the TV categories, a pre-selection   Mauritius, and Pialisiri Thongprom of
expanded contest categories.              was held in Kuala Lumpur in August          NBT-Thailand.
                                          where 28 programmes were chosen for
   Winners for the ABU Engineering        the final judging.                             Judging for Sports programmes
Excellence Awards, Technical Review                                                   was conducted by Yumiko Nakagawa
Prize, Dennis Anthony Memorial Award          The five-member final judging jury      (Chairperson), Ken Shipp of SBS-
and ABU CASBAA UNICEF Child Rights        for TV was chaired by Wong Cheong On        Australia, and Mohd Taha Hj Metahir
Award were also honoured onstage.         of TDM-Macau and included Dorji             of RTB-Brunei.

ABU News
                                                         N e w s               &      E v e n t s

   Apart from the inclusion of new                  From among all the entries, one
contest categories for both radio and TV,        entry each for radio and TV was
a special highlight this year was the            awarded to recognise the work of
presentation of the Special Jury Prizes for      producers from developing countries
radio and TV, initiated as part of the ABU       whose entries are creative and
Prizes reforms.                                  innovative despite limited resources.

                                                    Dr Dariga Nazarbayeva, Chairperson
                                                 of the 41st ABU General Assembly
                                                 Organizing Committee, presented the
                                                 winners with their awards.

                                                    The ABU CASBAA UNICEF Child                          Special Jury Prize winner Aitykeev
                                                 Rights Award was presented to the                        Asankodjo of NTRC-Kyrgyzstan
                                                 best television programming on
                                                 children’s rights produced in the                An initiative started by UNICEF in
                                                 Asia-Pacific region. Juan Aguilar, a          2001 with the partnership of the ABU and
                                                 representative of UNICEF Area Office          CASBAA (the Cable & Satellite Broad-
                                                 for the Central Asian Republics and           casting Association of Asia), the contest
 Phoebe Chan accepts the Child                   Kazakhstan was on hand to present             is organised annually on a rotational
 Rights Award on behalf of RTHK                  the award.                                    basis between the ABU and CASBAA.

                                              ABU PRIZES 2004 WINNERS

  Category                         Programme title                                       Organisation

  Drama                            “The First Teacher”                                   NHK-Japan
  Infotainment                     “A Chindon Band Descends to Earth                     NAB (Miyazaki Broadcasting Co., Ltd)-Japan
                                   – Grandmothers from a Mythological Village”
  Children & Youth                 “Blow Blow Thou Serene Air”                           AIR-India

  News & Documentary               “Typhoon Maemi’s Rebellion”                           SBS-Republic of Korea

  External Broadcasts              “Sweet Sorrow: Indentured Indian Labour in Fiji”      SBS-Australia

  Special Jury Prize               “Old People’s Home – A Fijian Dilemma”                FBC-Fiji

  Category                         Programme title                                       Organisation

  Drama                            “Bunshiro and Fuku, Episode 2: Partings”              NHK-Japan

  Entertainment                    “The Fountain of Trivia”                              Fuji TV-Japan

  Children & Youth                 “The Apple Tree Scholarship”                          MBC-Republic of Korea

  News & Documentary               “The Man Who Fought Against SARS”                     NHK-Japan

  Sports Programme                 “Vertical Ascent”                                     NHK-Japan

  Special Jury Prize               “And Blind Said…”                                     NTRC-Kyrgyzstan

ABU News
                                                            N e w s             &            E v e n t s

ABU Prizes 2004:

What the winners had to say…
Drama (Radio)                                                             Drama (TV)
“The First Teacher” – NHK-Japan                                           “Bunshori and Fuku Episode 2: Partings” –
Tsutomu Yoshida, Director
                                                                          Takayuki Sugano, Executive Producer
I’m extremely grateful for the ABU’s high evaluation of
this show. Since this series is set in a foreign land, we                 Winning an ABU Prize has been the greatest possible
worked hard to convey the way of life and historical                      encouragement for the actors, actresses, and pro-
background of the people in the story. We also strove                     duction people who worked on ’Bunshiro and Fuku’.
to enable listeners to identify with the characters.                      This recognition of our work is a great motivation for
                                                                          us to start planning our next great TV love story.

Infotainment (Radio)
“A Chindon Band Descends to Earth – Grandmothers from a
Mythological Village” – NAB (Miyazaki Broadcasting Co., Ltd)-Japan        Entertainment (TV)
Kazunori Yuasa, Producer                                                  “The Fountain of Trivia” – Fuji TV-Japan

I wanted to suggest ways by which the aged could live,                    Jiro Miyauchi, Producer
though this tale of women who experienced hard knocks                     Fuji Television is extremely honoured to receive this
in their past but are now actively involved in local                      prestigious award. We are very pleased to know that
activities. I am very pleased to learn the story of these                 our show has received support from people outside
seven grandmothers forming “The God’s Plain Woman                         Japan. “The Fountain of Trivia” will be devoted to
Chindon Band” has also been accepted overseas.                            provide enjoyment for the entire family, and to spark
                                                                          up hot conversations at school or at home.

Children and Youth (Radio)                                                Children & Youth (TV)
“Blow Blow Thou Serene Air” – AIR-India                                   “The Apple Tree Scholarship” – MBC-Republic of
Padmalochan Das, Programme Executive                                      Korea
I was thrilled that the panel of international jury had                   Kwan Moon-Hyuk, Producer
honoured this programme. Despite many limitations                         This award is not only a great honour for myself, but
we achieved international standards both in programme                     also for MBC and Korea. I’m overjoyed that the story
software and hardware, through the hard work of our                       transcended country boundaries and warmed the
three-member team. (Mr Das won the award in 1998                          hearts of the international jury members. I’d like to think
and a commendation in 1987)                                               of this award as a big encouragement for the kids
                                                                          featured in “The Apple Tree Scholarship”.

News and Documentary (Radio)
“Typhoon Maemi’s Rebellion” – SBS-Rep. of Korea
Kim, Young Woo, Producer                                                  News & Documentary (TV)
                                                                          “The Man Who Fought Against SARS” – NHK-Japan
As climate changes around the world, we have to
prepare for damages and loss of lives from natural                        Tadashi Mimura, Director
disasters. I hope this show will enhance public                           In this programme we tried to address, through the work
awareness on disaster prevention and promote better                       and death of Dr Carlo Urbani, how to deal with
assistance for disaster victims. I’d like to express my                   mysterious new viruses. The award is a welcome
sincere thanks to the ABU and to colleagues who                           encouragement for the researchers and other NHK
supported my team during the production.                                  personnel who studied his battle to identify the SARS
                                                                          virus and bring it to public attention. In a sense, it’s
                                                                          also a tribute to Dr Urbani himself.
External Broadcasts (Radio)
“Sweet Sorrow: Indentured Indian Labour in Fiji”
– SBS-Australia
                                                                          Sports Programme (TV)
Kumud Merani, Executive Producer                                          “Vertical Ascent” – NHK-Japan
This documentary speaks of inter-race relations which                     Katsumasa Takahashi, Cameraman
is of great relevance today. I’m glad that SBS magnified
                                                                          Making “Vertical Ascent” was a huge challenge in every
those voices that came from the heart of the human
                                                                          way. When the team got back down to the ground after
enigma. I’d like to thank all who helped in making this
                                                                          four weeks of climbing, I felt a huge sense of relief and
show, in particular the technical producer Stephane
                                                                          accomplishment. And now, winning an international
Albert and Siobhan McHugh for her guidance.
                                                                          prize from the ABU has made the effort even more

Special Jury Prize (Radio)
“Old People’s Home – A Fijian Dilemma” –
FBCL-Fiji                                                                 Special Jury Prize (TV)
Solomone Lewanavanua, Producer                                            “And Blind Said…” – NTRC-Kyrgyzstan

As the first Fijian radio show to win a prestigious                       Aitykeev Asankogo, Director
international award, it’s an honour for me and FBCL.                      Winning the ABU Prize was a great event in my creative
The ABU contests can be a forum to promote the                            life. This success inspired me and I am going to
realities of small island states such as Fiji. My thanks                  continue my creative work. I have a lot of new projects
to the ABU and CRA-Australia, and my appreciation                         but I have not enough means, but now I am encouraged
to FBCL’s CEO and Director Fijian Programmes for                          to realise my projects and present it for the audience.
their continuing support.

ABU News
                                                  N e w s                  &         E v e n t s

Engineering awards honour industry contributors
      he ABU’s two prestigious

T     engineering awards, the ABU
      Engineering Excellence Award
and the ABU Engineering Industry
                                                  K S Sarma accepting the ABU Engineering
                                                  Excellence Award on Ram Gupta’s behalf

Award, were presented at the ABU
Awards ceremony in Almaty.

   The ABU Engineering Industry Award
went to Richard Barton, former Director
of Engineering with FACTS (now Free
TV Australia) in recognition of his
outstanding contribution to the broad-
casting industry in standardisation and
spectrum regulation.

   Dick Barton, as he is usually known,      (ITU), he chaired the 1999 Conference        played a key role in the introduction of
was active in the ABU Technical              Preparatory Meeting for the 2000 World       new digital technologies in DDI, leading
Committee, chairing the satellite and        Radiocommunication Conference.               to a landmark improvement in pro-
terrestrial transmission Working Party.                                                   duction and transmission quality. He
Capping a 20-year association with the          The award was received on Mr              oversaw the launch of DDI’s free-to-air
International Telecommunication Union        Barton’s behalf by Bruce Robertson           DTH satellite services. Mr Gupta was
                                             of Nine Network, Australia.                  Vice-Chairman of the ABU Technical
                                                                                          Committee and has represented India
                                                Ram Kumar Gupta, Engineer-In-Chief        in international conferences. The award
                                             of DDI-India, received the ABU Engineer-     was accepted on his behalf by K S
                                             ing Excellence Award recognising his         Sarma of Prasar Bharati.
                                             contribution to the development of digital
                                             TV and DTH satellite services in India.            Distinguished service
                                                Mr Gupta has been with DDI and                The Technical Committee also
Award recipients Mark Krivocheev             AIR for over 35 years and rose to the        conferred a Distinguished Service Award,
    (left) and Richard Barton                top technical position in 2002. He has       the first of its kind, on Mark Krivocheev
                                                                                          of Russia. This special award recognises
                                                                                          his lifetime dedication to the develop-
                                                                                          ment of television spectrum and service
 IRIB wins for quake coverage                                                             applications, benefiting broadcasters
                                                                                          in the Asia-Pacific and other regions.
                                                 IRIB’s contributions to AVN covered
I RIB-Iran has won the Dennis
  Anthony Memorial Award for its
coverage of the earthquake that hit
                                             all aspects of the disaster, including the
                                             extended rescue and relief operations.
                                                                                             Professor Krivocheev, 82, has been a
                                                                                          long-standing Chairman of the ITU Study
the city of Bam in December 2003.                                                         Group on television broadcasting and
                                                This is the third time that IRIB has      has contributed to building TV standards,
   The award, presented by CNN, has          won the award. Last year it shared it        both analogue and digital. He has been an
been given annually since 1997 for the       with BTV-Bangladesh – both chosen for        inspirational leader in spectrum develop-
best Asiavision news coverage of the year.   the overall excellence of their coverage     ment. Recently Professor Krivocheev
                                             for the news exchange.                       was awarded the ITU Gold medal.
   The Bam earthquake killed more
than 20,000 people and destroyed more           The award is named after a former             Guennady Kachalov of the Russian State
than half the homes in the historic city,    ABU Senior Officer, News, who died           Television and Radio Broadcasting Com-
about 1,000 km southeast of Tehran.          in 1996.                                     pany accepted the award on his behalf
                                                                                          at the Technical Committee meeting.

ABU News
                                                    N e w s                 &         E v e n t s

Special Topic Discussion:

Success built on trust
      ree-to-air broadcasters can                                                           information, quality programming and

F     help meet fierce competition
      from satellite and cable
television by relying on the quality
                                                                                            advanced technology.

                                                                                                The fourth speaker, K S Sarma, CEO
of their content and the trust they                                                         of India’s Prasar Bharati, described the
have built up with viewers over the                                                         trust of the audience as a valuable asset
years, the General Assembly heard.                                                          for free-to-air broadcasters.

    Other ways to maintain their edge                                                          He said the strategies adopted by
include offering their material on a wide                                                   Indian state television, DDI, included
range of platforms, providing fast, accurate                                                drawing on this trust, increasing
news and making good use of their                                                           advertising revenue through strong
archival material, senior broadcasters said.                                                marketing, making more archive
                                                          Nam Sun-Hyuon                     material available, and launching free
   They were addressing a special topic                                                     direct-to-home TV services.
discussion on the subject The changing         content, as well as delivering them across
role of free-to-air broadcasters in the        various platforms, including broadband,
new media environment.                         mobile devices and digital radio.

   Stephen Chan of TVB-Hong Kong                  One key strategy in the successful
chaired the session, which featured            development of the content, he said, was
four speakers.                                 collaborative work with other industry
                                               partners and institutions.
   Nam Sun-Hyuon, Managing Director
of the Global Affairs Division of KBS-             Responding to change
Republic of Korea, said that in the face of
growing competition, public broadcasters          The third speaker was Toshiyuki Sato,
needed to put the audience first and           Director-General, International Planning
protect the public interest.                   and Broadcasting Department, NHK-Japan.

    At the same time, KBS was pushing             He said that after years of little
ahead with digitalisation and streamlining     competition for broadcasters, the scene                 Toshiyuki Sato
its organisation to stimulate progress.        began to change in the 1980s with the
                                               introduction of cable and satellite             Also important, he said, was improving
   Mr Nam said Koreans were crazy              broadcasting.                                the quality of the content and having
about new products, and the Internet,                                                       complete autonomy on programming
cable and new media all posed real                 Now one could subscribe to more          matters, with no interference from the
challenges to public broadcasters.             than 100 channels. Viewers’ behaviour        government.
                                               was changing towards zapping and two-
       Interactive content                     way interaction. NHK had responded               A lively question and answer session
                                               to these changes by introducing satellite    followed. It covered such issues as the
    Colin Knowles, Director of Technology      broadcasting (BS), high definition TV        cost of introducing new media services,
and Distribution, ABC-Australia, said          and data broadcasting.                       the regulatory framework involved, and
television was becoming a secondary                                                         how to ensure major sporting events
activity, and young people were switching          A number of new channels were            remained on terrestrial channels.
rapidly to new, interactive technologies.      packaged into the BS service, he said. At
                                               the same time, NHK had repositioned             The rapporteur for the Special Topic
   The ABC was working actively on the         its free-to-air services through fast and    session was Pengiran Ismail Mohamed,
development of digital and interactive         accurate news items, reliable disaster       Director of RTB-Brunei.

ABU News
                                                     N e w s                  &         E v e n t s

ABU FES Seminar:

Reporting in changing societies
      he challenges of news                        A Philippine journalist, Cecilia Lim           The BBC’s correspondent in Kazakh-

T     reporting in countries in
      transition was among the
issues addressed at a day-long
                                                Lazaro, said her country’s press freedom
                                                had contributed to the fall of power of
                                                President Joseph Estrada, by covering
                                                                                              stan, Ian MacWilliam, said television was
                                                                                              perhaps the single most influential
                                                                                              cultural phenomenon around the world.
seminar in Almaty.                              the impeachment proceedings against           It was important that there be rules of
                                                him extensively.                              behaviour to guide journalists towards
    Organised jointly by the Friedrich Ebert                                                  best practices.
Foundation (FES) of Germany and the                However, problems still affecting the
ABU, the seminar covered such topics as         Philippine news media included a                 DDI-India asked whether the
the safety of journalists, their professional   blurring of the line between news and         independence of the BBC was being
ethics, newsroom training and working           entertainment, and the strong influence       put ahead of the interests of the country.
with international organisations.               of public relations people.                   Mr MacWilliam said this was not so;
                                                                                              the BBC saw its job as being to report
                                                    Daniel Kaufman of the World Bank          developments accurately and inform
                                                Institute said freedom of expression was      the public about what was happening.
                                                too often viewed as a single issue
                                                independent of others, instead of an              The third session, on developing and
                                                integral component of transparency and        sustaining training in the newsroom,
                                                good governance.                              featured Karl Lippe and Wilfried Solbach
                                                                                              of the AIBD, Johari Achee of RTB-Brunei
                                                    The media had a vital role in
                                                keeping governments accountable and
                                                disseminating data. Access to inform-
                                                ation was essential when it came to
                                                public sector reforms.
         Sayyora Ruzikulova
                                                   Zainal Abidin Iberahim of RTM-
   The first session, moderated by Chu          Malaysia moderated the second session,
Pui Hing of RTHK-Hong Kong, looked              which dealt with professional ethics and
at the difficulties facing journalists in       codes of conduct in broadcasting news.
countries in transition, such as those in
Central Asia.                                       Gopal Gurugain of the Nepalese Radio
                                                Network outlined the hazards facing
   A broadcast journalist from Uzbekistan,      journalists covering Nepal’s Maoist                    Cecilia Lim Lazaro
Sayyora Ruzikulova, said that in the post-      insurgency, including killings, kidnapping,
Soviet era, the number of media outlets         harassment, death threats and looting         and Alan Williams of the ABU. Luu Tuong
in Central Asia had grown, but the              of equipment.                                 Quang of SBA Radio, Australia, moderated
increase had not resulted in quality.                                                         the session.
                                                   Other challenges included lack of
   There was too little coverage of issues      skilled human resources and the                  The final session focused on working
such as human rights and the protection         absence of an independent body to             with the international community,
of children. State censorship prevented         regulate or monitor broadcast news and        moderated by Artine Utomo of TPI-
the news from being timely or objective.        programmes.                                   Indonesia.

   Even many non-state media outlets               On the positive side, journalists had         It featured presentations by Tim
were scared to speak out, and there was         developed courage and greater skill in        Carlsgaard of the UN Office on Drugs
no adequate legal framework for the             coping with the work, the military had        and Crimes, Steven Griffiths of the
media to operate under. Many people             learned to deal better with the media,        Asian Development Bank, Elvira Pak of
did not trust what they saw on TV or            and there was a greater recognition of        FES in Kazakhstan and Matthew White
heard on radio.                                 the need for an independent media.            of National Geographic Television.

ABU News
                                                   N e w s                   &         E v e n t s

Programme Committee:

Project action plans approved
      ction plans for a new                      The Deputy Director of the Children            “There is an old Chinese saying that

A     educational documentary
      co-production series, Voyage
to the Future, were approved at
                                              and Youth Programme Centre of CCTV,
                                              Zang Xiaojun, outlined the plans for
                                              the event and expressed hope that the
                                                                                             you are not truly a strong man until you
                                                                                             have climbed to the top of the Great
                                                                                             Wall,” Mr Zang said. He explained that
the Programme Committee meeting               contest would attract even more active         the aim of the contest would be to climb
in Almaty.                                    participation by countries in the Asia-        the Great Wall and feed fuel balls into five
                                              Pacific region.                                torches and four bonfires by manual
   The Executive Producer of the                                                             and automatic machines.
project, Takashi Harada of NHK-Japan,             “This contest has become a focus of
told delegates that the first study site      attention of Chinese universities. I believe      The ABU Robocon is an international
would be on the island of Borneo in           this will be a celebration of science and      co-production that is both educational
East Malaysia in the middle of 2005.          technology in a city known for its ancient     and entertaining. It provides a platform
                                              civilisation and modern beauty. We are         for students to showcase their creative
   “Participants will visit the region to     going all out to make this contest a new       and unique ideas in robotics. It is an event
study the environment, and the whole          starting point,” Mr Zang told the delegates.   where the ABU members work together
study process will be recorded on
video to be made available to the ABU
members participating in the event,”
Mr Harada said.

    Learning opportunities
   The event aims to provide young
people with opportunities to learn what
should be done for sustainable develop-
ment while protecting the rich nature of
the Asia-Pacific region.

    It also seeks to promote the advance-
ment of broadcasting culture and educa-
tion in the region and foster the spirit of
collaboration in the joint production            New team… (from left): Dorji Wangchuk, BBS-Bhutan; Han Hee Joo,
of related educational TV programmes.                     KBS-Korea; and Setsuko Koizumi, NHK-Japan

   Mr Harada noted that the United                He said the event would give countries     to produce programmes with the aim of
Nations had designated 2005-2014 for          in the ABU region a chance to exhibit          promoting the advancement of the region’s
Education for Sustainable Development.        their latest technological products and to     broadcasting culture and fostering the
                                              exchange information and experiences.          spirit of collaboration in joint production.
   “Emphasising that environmental
education is an indispensable element            “This is a significant event for the           It has been a year since the ABU
for achieving sustainable development,        students, as well as a boost for science       General Assembly approved the creation
through this series ABU members can take      and technology development. Producers          of a working party to reform the ABU
the initiative to make people aware of the    and directors can exchange ideas and           Prizes.
importance of environmental protection        experience through cooperation.”
and preservation,” Mr Harada said.                                                               The working party, chaired by
                                                 Mr Zang announced that the theme            Kim Kyung Hee of KBS-Republic of
   After the success of Robocon Seoul         for the Robocon Beijing 2005 would             Korea, reported to the meeting the steps
2004, the ABU is gearing up for next          be “Climb the Great Wall and Light the         that the group had taken for the reform
year’s event to be held in Beijing.           Holy Fire”.                                    of the ABU Prizes.

ABU News
                                                   N e w s                 &         E v e n t s

   Participants expressed appreciation        the Committee for the first time. NHK-           Yuji Suzuki, Senior Researcher at
on the positive changes, specifically the     Japan was re-elected as the other Vice-      NHK’s Broadcasting Culture Research
expansion of the award categories and         Chairperson. The officers will serve their   Institute, talked about Viewer Preference
the new Special Jury Prize.                   two-year terms beginning January 1, 2005.    Studies for TV Programming. He explained
                                                                                           how broadcasters can develop more
   The working party said they would             Two discussion sessions were held         appealing programmes that meet viewers’
endeavour to take further steps to reform     on the topics Do you know your               demands and discussed viewer preference
the ABU Prizes.                               listeners/viewers? and Copyright             studies conducted by NHK.
                                              Exceptions : A Green Light?
   Delegates had the opportunity to hear                                                      Delegates also heard a presentation
the experiences of some ABU members                                                        by Nah Young of KBS on the phenomenal
who have taken leading roles for the                                                       success of the Korean drama “Winter
Programme Department’s projects in                                                         Sonata” in Asia. The drama series has a
the past year.                                                                             huge following in Asia and is expected
                                                                                           to achieve the same popularity in the
   Chung Hyun Sook, Head of Children’s                                                     Middle East.
Programme Department of EBS-Republic
of Korea, shared her experiences in                                                                 Copyright issues
serving as Executive Producer of the ABU
Co-production of Children’s Drama                                                             Lawyers from different organisations
Series. She showed excerpts of the                                                         engaged in a lively panel discussion on the
programmes and expressed confidence                                                        limitations and exceptions of copyright.
that there would be more participants for
next year.                                                 Joan Warner
                                                                                              WIPO Counsellor Carole Croella
                                                                                           made a presentation on copyright
   Meanwhile, KBS, through producer              The CEO of CRA-Australia, Joan            exceptions based on the UK-derived
Nah Young, shared its experience in           Warner, spoke on Marketing Research          concept of “fair dealing,” while Fernand
hosting the Robocon Seoul 2004. Mr            on Digital Radio and shared consumer         Alberto, ABU Legal Officer, talked about
Nah showed video clips of the contests        research results on awareness, interest      limitations based on the US-derived
and described how members had held            and demand of listeners that had been        concept of “fair use”.
domestic robot competitions and pro-          conducted by Digital Radio Broadcast-
duced Robocon related programmes.             ing Australia.

            New projects                          “There are many stakeholders in the
                                              digital debate and it is only through
    The meeting also heard reports from       research that we can possibly hope to
the ABU’s partners in several projects.       define a consumer proposition which
Presentations on new activities were made     will adequately meet all their needs. If
by UNESCO (Asia Pacific Bureau for            we fail to do this, we will replicate what
Communication and Information), Hoso          has happened to digital television in
Bunka Foundation (HBF-Japan), Asia-           Australia,” Ms Warner said.
Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Develop-
ment (AIBD), Prix Jeunesse Asia, Japan           She explained that digital TV in
Prize, and UNICEF (Area Office for the        Australia had stalled because it offered
Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan).      viewers, advertisers and broadcasters
                                              no compelling reason to convert their
    The Programme Committee elected           analogue receivers.                                        Yuji Suzuki
its officers for 2005-2006.
                                                   “We have created a multi-layered           A panel discussion followed, with
    KBS-Republic of Korea was elected         market research programme that aims          lawyers from SBS-Australia, TVB-Hong
Chairperson of the Programme Commit-          to track awareness and interest in digital   Kong and TVNZ-New Zealand joining
tee, while BBS-Bhutan was elected as          radio across a broad sample of the           the speakers in a debate on the various
Vice-Chairperson. Both organisations          community,” she said, adding that people     copyright exceptions relevant to
will hold their respective positions on       still spent most time with radio.            broadcasting.

ABU News
                                                   N e w s                   &         E v e n t s

Programme Committee:

Radio news exchange to be launched
      he ABU is to launch a daily             where interested members could select          Department sent a questionnaire to radio

T     radio news exchange. The
      decision to do so was taken
by the Programme Committee in
                                              suitable programmes for exchange.

                                                 The working party recognised the
                                                                                             members in August this year. Key members
                                                                                             were asked about the ideal frequency,
                                                                                             content and duration of items. The
Almaty. The news exchange will                diversity of the ABU radio membership in       members were also asked about the most
enable members to contribute audio            terms of reach. Some radio members             suitable way of retrieving and contributing
material for free use by others and           are domestic, some are public, others are      audio files and whether they were willing
is expected to start early next year.         commercial while some are international.       to host the file exchange.
                                              Language requirements also vary.
    In January, a working party was                                                             Seventeen members responded to the
established to evaluate ideas for new radio      Bearing this in mind, it was recom-         questionnaire. A majority said that they
activities. It comprised five members: ABC    mended that the first activity be an audio     would definitely join the project while
Radio-Australia, RTPRC/CNR-China, AIR-        news exchange in English.                      the rest expressed keen interest. Most of
India, RTM-Malaysia and MediaCorp                                                            the respondents expressed a preference
Radio-Singapore. Jean-Gabriel Manguy,                Exchange initiatives                    for daily exchanges while others wanted
Head of Radio Australia, was appointed                                                       exchanges more than once daily.
Chairperson.                                      “Once this simple, daily and readily
                                              automated activity is operational, it will        The news exchange will be hosted on
   The working party discussed possible       represent a major development in terms         the ABU web server which will contain
radio activities that the ABU should          of regional cooperation. It will then lead     the audio files with scripts in English.
consider. These included an online            to further initiatives relating to programme   Participating members will be able to
radio programme exchange; online              content exchanges of audio materials in        upload their contribution and download
exchange of text news; co-production of       other major regional languages,” Mr            or retrieve audio files for exchange.
a radio documentary series; a series          Manguy said in his report.
of “live” public debates to be known                                                             Each participating member will need
as “Youth Asia 21”; and a listing of              In order to gauge the members’             to ensure that all the necessary copyright
members’ websites in one location             interest in this activity, the ABU Programme   licences are cleared.

  A   siavision’s decision to launch
      a second daily satellite feed
  of news stories was an exciting
                                              ‘Exciting challenge’ for AVN
  challenge, the News Group                       The new feed, to be launched in the           “One of the likely benefits of the
  Chairman, Johari Achee, told the            New Year, will take place almost four          second feed is that there’ll be more
  Programme Committee.                        hours after the existing daily transmission.   same-day coverage.
                                              The News Group, which sets policy for
                                              the news exchange, gave the go ahead at           “Items from late in the day, which
                                              its annual meeting in Kathmandu in July.       until now were kept for the next day’s
                                                                                             feed, will go into the second feed,
                                                  “The feed (from 1215 to 1230 GMT)          reaching Asiavision members much
                                              will continue for one year and if it’s a       more quickly.”
                                              success, members will decide on making
                                              it permanent,” Mr Johari said.                    Mr Johari welcomed the growth
                                                                                             in Asiavision’s membership during
                                                 The feed would probably be of most          2004. He noted that MCOT-Thailand
                                              value to AVN’s most westerly members,          had joined in January and that TV5-
                                              particularly those in South Asia, since it     Mongolia had also been approved
                                              would come well in time for their main         for membership.
              Johari Achee                    evening news bulletins, he said.

ABU News
                                                     N e w s                 &         E v e n t s

Technical Committee meeting:

Interactive sessions set new direction
      he Technical Committee has                   Committee recognised the need to          logies on achieving cost and operational

T     set a new direction for itself
      with three sessions in Almaty
devoted to identifying and debating
                                                   assist many members on appropriate
                                                   technology and business related
                                                   decision factors for implementing
                                                                                             efficiencies in newsroom operation and
                                                                                             from TRT on research and development.

issues currently facing the industry,              digital TV services.                         Highlights included the technical
and Asia-Pacific broadcasters.                                                               details of how NHK kept their camera
                                                                                             equipment operational in the sub-zero
   The regular status reports session                                                        temperatures of the Antarctic, how they
has transformed over the past three                                                          managed to produce television (and
years into a more interactive format in                                                      survive!) during the constant dark
the meetings.                                                                                environment over the winter months;
                                                                                             the in-depth experience of NHK’s HD
   Led by Colin Knowles from the                                                             experience over so many Olympic Games
ABC, this session draws out from the                                                         events; and a discussion on experiences
members status reports and the current                                                       in achieving efficiencies in newsroom
developments and issues facing ABU                                                           operations following digitalisation.
members, setting the scene for valuable
and informative debate amongst                                                                   There was also a lengthy discussion
members.                                                   Colin Knowles
                                                                                             that highlighted the many different
                                                                                             approaches by broadcasters throughout
    This year the Committee decided to         G   Working towards setting up regional       the ABU membership to retaining R&D
allocate more agenda time to issues                VHF/UHF frequency plans for digital       facilities. These ranged from ‘no-need’
arising from the status session plus               broadcasting services in the region       among many members to some such
additional key issues of interest to               and to encourage members to               as TRT, who continue to operate R&D
members. These two sessions were                   consider this and advise their national   facilities to the benefit of their organisation
also led by Mr Knowles, who was                    spectrum regulators. The Committee        and to the wider industry within Turkey.
assisted by a number of experienced                also supported further efforts to seek
members of the Committee.                          protection of broadcasting services           In a formal recommendation, the
                                                   against enhanced interference result-     Committee drew the attention of the ABU
    Topics discussed included:                     ing from the ITU’s RRC planning           General Assembly to responsibilities
G   Certification of broadcast engineers.          conference in member countries            required of broadcasters to understand
    A significant number of Asia-Pacific           adjacent to the borders of the RRC        and avoid programming which could
    countries have no framework to                 planning area.                            cause photosensitive epileptic seizures
    recognise the level of competence of                                                     in vulnerable individuals, particularly
    technical staff. Such staff who are not    G   Awareness and opportunities to gain       children. The ABU will monitor inter-
    professional engineers have differing          practical experience with the DRM         national studies and exchange information
    types of formal and non-formal                 digitalisation over the MF bands.         and results of research into ways of
    qualifications and often have spent                                                      reducing the severity of flickering television
    many years gaining on-the-job                  The Committee’s new direction             images, which are understood to be the
    experience, but with no opportunity        includes a second year of informal get-       main trigger for seizures.
    for recognition. The Committee agreed      together sessions run in parallel with the
    to carry out studies into how the          Developing Broadcasters and Digital
    Union could assist the development         Radio Forums. This year’s first session
    of suitable certification processes.       included presentations from NHK on their
                                               Antarctic HDTV Broadcasting Station, and
G   Progress on implementing digital TV        the history of NHK’s HD broadcasting in
    and, in particular, the growing interest   the Olympic Games.
    in developments with High Definition
    in Europe and the accompanying                The second session included a
    debate on emission formats. The            presentation from MediaCorp Techno-
                                                                                                 NHK’s presentation on their
                                                                   18                                 Antarctic HDTV
                                                                                                   Broadcasting Station
ABU News
                                                     N e w s                   &         E v e n t s

Technical Committee meeting:

Broadcasting to audiences on the move
     he emerging markets pre-                      DMB receivers will also have the facility   download soundbites and ringtones.

T    sented by audiences on the
     move offer attractive new
propositions to broadcasters.
                                               of mobile phones, which can also be
                                               employed for interactive services. This
                                               was augmented by a live demonstration
                                                                                                   The DVB-H system, presented by
                                                                                               Sharad Sadhu of the ABU on behalf of the
                                               at the DMB broadcasting suite.                  DVB, broadcasts services to hand-held
   Technologies that make this possible                                                        and mobile receivers. Based on an IP
are DMB, DVB-H and ISDB-Tm, which                  Tsutomu Shimizu of TBS-Japan                platform, innovative techniques are
have captured interest in the Asia-Pacific     described the ISDB-Tm mobile broad-             employed to transmit 25-80 video streams
region, Europe and Japan respectively.         casting system which provides sufficient        for small screen mobile receivers.
                                               capacity for MPEG-4 compressed video,
   A symposium organised by the                audio and data services. Receivers will             Broadcasting to mobiles offers an
Technical Committee in Almaty addressed        be integrated with mobile phones for            entirely new multi-channel experience to
the theme “Broadcasting to Mobiles”,           interactivity, providing Japanese audiences     audiences on the move, and promises to
outlining these technologies and the           with highly popular shopping and lifestyle      be a challenging and rewarding venture
service applications that could be derived.    services.                                       for broadcasters.

    Video and audio programming for                A status report on video streaming to
mobile audiences needs an entirely             mobile phones by telcos in Turkey was
different presentation and creative            presented by Meltem Ergun of TRT. As any
treatment; as such programmes are short        productive partnership between the telcos
in duration, with very crisp storyboards       and the broadcasters who provide content
and lower picture resolution.                  is yet to materialise, the latter are not
                                               deriving any revenues from these ventures.
    Speaking at the symposium, Juhyun Oh
and Chun-sub Kwak, both from KBS-                  Asaad Bagharib of MediaCorp Radio-
Korea, introduced the DMB technology           Singapore presented a new concept of
and strategies employed in Korea. This         visual radio, where FM broadcasting
solution offers diverse services like video,   and GPRS can be employed to deliver
music, audio programming, and lifestyle        still images, graphics and soundbites to
information about traffic, news, stock and     mobile phones. This enables mobile
weather.                                       audiences to purchase merchandise,                          Meltem Ergun

             Rules tweaked for engineering awards
                                               of ABU broadcaster members within the           the ABU region have been made
  T  he Technical Committee in
     Almaty polished up some of
  the rules governing the ABU
                                               ABU region. Additionally, contributions
                                               made by the nominees within the last five

  Engineering Excellence Awards.               years will be considered for the purpose            In the future, nominations for this
                                               of the award.                                   award will be sought from all members,
     This was done to overcome some                                                            including those outside the ABU region.
  shortcomings that were observed                  The Engineering Industry Award is
  during the last two years.                   now known as the ABU Engineering                   The panels of judges for the awards
                                               Industry Excellence Award. In                   will be appointed every three years
     The Engineering Excellence Award,         addition to being open to all segments          and are expected to develop their own
  now known as the ABU Broadcast               of the broadcasting industry including          judging criteria. The awards will be
  Engineering Excellence Award, has            the staff of all ABU members, former            made only if the contributions meet
  also been opened to the former staff         staff of members and affiliates within          a certain standard.

ABU News
                                                   N e w s                   &         E v e n t s

Sports Group meeting:

   Athens 2004: ‘The Beautiful Games!’
                                                                           By John Barton, Head of Sport

      wenty-five minutes before the              So, with a stadium packed with                  Suddenly, where once there had been

T     Opening Ceremony of the
      Athens Olympic Games, I
received a call in the ABU office
                                             75,000 people, the athletes and officials
                                             already assembled behind their national
                                             flags, and with billions more around
                                                                                             stern disapproval, the demeanour of the
                                                                                             security people changed palpably.

from one of our members. His voice           the world ready to watch the ‘beautiful            Our cameramen were passed and
was shrill. It was obvious that a            games’ on television, there was more            recorded one of the more moving
calamity was about to unfold and,            than a sense of impending disaster.             ceremonies at a Summer Olympic Games.
because of the language problems,
he was not able to make any                         Countdown begins                            Ten minutes to go!
headway: “They won’t let our
cameramen into the main stadium.               The tell tale signs had been there for            In the weeks prior the Greeks had
They don’t understand!”                      weeks. Now it was real. What to do?             cajoled us into believing that no matter
                                                                                             how things might have looked at the time,
    Earlier that afternoon ABU staff            Twenty minutes to go..!                      ‘everything would be OK on the day’.
had painstakingly checked and issued
armbands, tickets, passes, and stickers         Rather than attend the opening                  We had little alternative but to accept
for all personnel going to the ceremony.     ceremony I had decided to stay and man          their assurances. After all, only a few
We had put in place a fail-safe system       the office in case there were last minute       months earlier it had seemed that
of ‘three’ checks, ably assisted by the      hiccups. It proved a fateful decision.          though the Games would go on, very few
redoubtable Yosuke Fujiwara of NHK.                                                          of the venues would be completed to
                                                 We had been getting reports from            their original design and specifications.
   What we had not counted on was that       around the stadium that there were
some of the 76,000 security personnel        pockets of confusion, approaching chaos.           For instance there would be no roof
were not familiar with the various symbols   A producer was despatched to the ‘front         for the swimming venue. There simply
on the Olympic Identity and Accreditation    line’ to negotiate with security while I took   was not enough time. As it turned out
Pass (OIAC).                                 to the phones. Fifteen minutes to go!           the venue was an outstanding success,

ABU News
                                                  N e w s           &       E v e n t s

especially at night with cool zephyrs
blowing in from across the Aegean.

   At the main stadium the pace of
building was frenetic. Would the centre-
piece of the stadium’s remodelling by
renowned Spanish architect Santiago
Calatrava be ready?

   Our drawn looks at various daily
briefings belied our deep suspicions. But
once again they were to be unfounded.

    Early in July, only weeks before the
start of the biggest sporting event in
the world, the giant roof frames were
slid into place. The reputation of Greece
was saved and so, too, their motto: Leave          The TVNZ-New Zealand facility where the ABU multi-feeds were monitored
it to the last minute.

    Elsewhere venues were being cleared
of rubble; trees and grass planted. In 12
weeks the Athenians had transformed
the city. They were ready.

    Problems and miracles
   While the construction gangs –
many of whom had been drafted from
Britain and Germany – were performing
miracles there were major technical
and communication problems still to be

   Inside the IBC, the second largest
building in Greece, there was an issue                CCTV-China staff conduct a daily conference in their studio space
of primary concern: communications.

    OTE, the giant Greek telecoms
company, was having considerable
difficulty meeting the expectations of
their many clients (there were 12,500
broadcast personnel at the IBC).

    Another statistic is useful in illustrating
how difficult their task was to become.
In total there were 1,850 business phone
lines installed at the IBC by OTE; the
quality was at best poor. Connections
were slow in being processed, capacity
was insufficient, especially for mobile
phones, and complaints were not readily
addressed.                                         All India Radio staff (l to r) Mukul Goswami, Suresh Nayak, Rajiv Saxena
                            (cont’d next page)                 and Anil Kumar Dabas prepare for the day’s work

   ABU News
                                                       N e w s                 &         E v e n t s

   (from previous page)                               We were represented by more than         unseasonably strong winds which
      The organising committee – ATHOC            2,000 broadcasters from Mongolia (four)      whipped through the satellite farm and
   – had sold ISDN services to India and          to Japan (700) and the deep south to         everyone had the same problem.
   Hong Kong broadcasters through the             New Zealand (100). The ABU took direct
   broadcast ratecard on the assumption           responsibility for 562 personnel from 15        The multi-channel concept, pioneer-
   that there was an inter-connect agree-         nations, by far our largest representation   ed by TVNZ and the ABU, has become the
   ment in place between the respective           at any Olympic Games.                        most important cog in our production
   Telecoms. There wasn’t!                                                                     wheel. It gives our members a bouquet
                                                     In partnership with TVNZ we packaged      of channels with absolute choice of
      But, cometh the hour, cometh the            eight channels, which included six full-     events. The ‘value’ of the multi-feed has
   man. Our gifted engineer L S Ng assumed        time programme streams of Olympic            not been lost on the International
   responsibility for the problem, was able       material. The remaining two were used as     Olympic Committee, which recognised
   to provide alternative circuits for both       overflow and these, too, were full-time.     how vital was the ABU’s contribution to
   broadcasters, and effectively dug ATHOC                                                     the Asia-Pacific Region:
   out of a considerably large hole.                  In total we put out almost 4,000 hours
                                                  of programming, around 2,500 of which        G   22 countries
      OTE had planned to open an office           was live. The number also included           G   4,000 hours of events
   within the IBC to assist rights holders        unilateral Olympic material that was         G   2,500 live
   with problems as they occurred. How-           transmitted on five channels in India,       G   Five countries received the broadcast
   ever the early indications were such           Thailand and Malaysia. It is fair to say         rights and signals free
   that it was going to be inundated with         that our signals were seen by more
   requests for help.                             people in the world than any other.             The President of the International
                                                                                               Olympic Committee, Dr Jacques Rogge,
      Rather than face the ‘heat’ on site,           The technical improvement over            said Asian broadcasters had led the
   they decided against opening the office        Sydney 2000 was due to the excellent         world in boosting Olympic television
   and relied, instead, on a not very effective   work put in by the TVNZ crew including       coverage and viewing hours.
   help desk located some kilometres away.        Denis Harvey, Murray Needham, Keith
                                                  Catchpole and John West.                         Speaking at Sportel in Monaco
       Still, it would be unfair to criticise                                                  recently, Dr Rogge said China best
   their staff who, like us, had become              I cannot recall one complaint in the      illustrated the huge demand for Olympic
   victims of the Greek penchant for              17 days of programme transmissions that      programming.
   ‘leaving it to the last minute’.               related to our technical performance.
                                                  There was an occasion where some of              “China celebrated its best ever medal
     For the ABU membership Athens                our channels were destabilised for a         haul in the Athens Games. There was a
   was a sporting watershed.                      short period, but that was due to the        total of nine billion viewer hours with

                                                                                                                      TV Asahi was of four
                                                                                                                      ABU members from
                                                                                                                      Japan at the IBC

                                                                                                                      The KBS-Korea studio

TPT-Thailand staff celebrate their
country’s first gold medal

   TBS-Japan staff preparing for
       the first day’s broadcast
       ABU News
                                                         N e w s                 &         E v e n t s

       each person watching over eights hours of       “First, to reach the widest possible        Sharp letters from the IOC and the
       coverage,” Dr Rogge told the delegates       audience, hence the emphasis we put on       ABU had little or no effect. And why
       from around the world.                       the free-to-air broadcast: and, second, to   would they?
                                                    ensure an open, fair and transparent
          Compared with Sydney 2000, cover-         negotiation process,” Dr Rogge said.            Where a broadcaster makes a
       age had more than doubled with Japan                                                      conscious decision to subvert the rules,
       showing over 700 hours of the games.                  Copyright abuse                     implicit in that is the understanding that
       Each individual in Japan had watched                                                      ‘nasty letters from lawyers’ will follow.
       around 29 hours of Olympic events.              From New Zealand to Mongolia
                                                    disreputable broadcasters picked off            I received a text message from one
          Dr Rogge said around the world the        our signals, or those of others, and put     cable operator which said: “Speak to
       Athens Games had broken all records.         them to air.                                 my lawyers!”
       He quoted a vast array of statistics to
       support the IOC’s claim that the Summer         They defied international laws and           The contract to which we are
       Olympics was the most popular sports         conventions, and the rights of fellow        signatories contains many clauses as to
       event on the planet.                         broadcasters in their sovereign lands.       the various responsibilities of each party:
                                                                                                 the IOC, the ABU and its members.
       G   3.9 billion people had access to the        These were not wanton acts of
           games compared with 3.6 billion for      ‘broadcast vandalism’ but they were              The IOC talks of providing ‘exclusive’
           Sydney 2000                              deliberate and calculated. Their purpose     coverage in the designated territory.
       G   35,000 hours were telecast out of        was to eviscerate the standing of their      The ABU agrees to encrypting its signals
           Athens. Sydney had produced 29,600       competitors in the eyes of the television    so that rogue operators cannot easily
           hours                                    public, and to advance their commercial      intercept and replay Olympic material.
       G   Prime time coverage was up by 55%        standing.
       G   300 TV channels in 220 countries                                                           But recent history bears out the fact
                                                       We had confirmed reports by IOC           that ‘exclusivity’ cannot be guaranteed;
           Athens had also created some new         media watchers of copyright abuse in         it is not some inviolate principle to which
       technological firsts: live streaming of      Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore,    all are bound.
       Olympic events on mobile phones,             the Philippines, Mongolia and India.
       access to video highlights also on mobile                                                    No, it is repeatedly and successfully
       telephony, and streaming via the Internet.      The abuses were revelatory, not just      transgressed, and the violators go
                                                    because our colleagues, if we can call       unpunished!
          The IOC President repeated the key        them that, would do such a thing, but
       elements of its broadcast policy by saying   also because of the lack of a powerful          A blast of hot air from Lausanne does
       that there were two guiding principles.      deterrent.                                   not make anyone tremble!

                                                    RTM-Malaysia technicians undertake
                                                       final testing of their systems

                                                                                                              The Fuji TV-Japan studio
Samsung Group chairman
Lee Kun-hee makes a
visit to MBC-Korea
at the IBC

    DDI-India staff checking
            incoming feeds

                                              SBS-Korea used a projector
                                           system for its preview monitors
ABU News
                                                N e w s                  &         E v e n t s

Sports Group meeting:

Big sports events
‘becoming too costly’
      he ABU Secretary-General,            the intrinsic value in the television free-

T     David Astley, has warned the
      owners of major sporting
events not to price the event out of
                                           to-air broadcast. L A recorded a profit of
                                           US$25 million. The modern Olympics
                                           has never looked back.
the reach of medium to smaller
broadcasters.                                 “But before the dollar signs blurred
                                           our vision of the sporting world, before
   Addressing the 35th Sports Group        the professional athlete was paid scores       Mongolia was represented at the
                                                                                         Olympic Games for the first time by
meeting in Almaty, Mr Astley said if the   of millions, and long before the emerg-
                                                                                          TV5. Clockwise from top left are:
property owners did not address the        ence of the sports marketing agent, the           Adija Temuulen, Khaidav
costs spiral seriously there was a very    cost of producing an Olympic coverage             Monkhtulga, Davaajantsan
real danger that a growing number of       – rights and production – were within            Sarangerel and Baatar Oyun
countries would simply say they could      a tolerable range.
not afford them.
                                                        Clear roles
            Cost limits
                                              “The Olympics in those days was
    “There is clearly a disproportionate   largely the preserve of national
amount of money going into rights          broadcasters, many of which were
acquisition. That might make organis-      supported by licence fees, and where
ations like the IOC wince, but there is    their roles were clearly defined by
a limit to what even the NBC can pay       the public interest.                          IRIB-Iran staff pose for the camera
for an Olympic event.
                                              “But with amateurism vanishing
   “In some of our markets it is           from global sport and the rise of
double the amount spent on coverage        commercialism, fuelled by sponsors,
and transmission.                          a new chapter was written in the
                                           history of the Olympics and it is one
   “Obviously this is an equation out      redolent of money.
of step with the times,” Mr Astley told
delegates.                                    “Broadcast rights have risen to
                                           unprecedented levels, figures which            The NHK-Japan facility in Athens
    While it was true that the Olympics    only a few years ago would have been
had become the biggest multi-sport         unthinkable,” he said.
event in the world, it did not necessar-
ily follow that they should be the most       Mr Astley said the ABU was very
expensive.                                 mindful of its role in supporting
                                           smaller members manage major
   “Today’s Games are a function of        sporting events, which was why at the
market dynamics and commercial             recent Athens Games five countries
enterprise.                                were provided the broadcast rights and
                                           technical costs free of charge.               The ATV and TVB-Hong Kong areas
   “The seismic shift happened in
Los Angeles in 1984, considered to be         These were Afghanistan, Laos,
the first ‘commercial games’ and where     Mongolia, North Korea and Timor
the organising committee first exploited   Leste.

ABU News
                                                N e w s                &        E v e n t s

Doha picks Asian Games host
      rans World International

T     (TWI), one of the biggest
      producers of sport in the
world, has secured its second major
host broadcast contract in a few
months after winning the bid for
the 2006 Commonwealth Games in
                                             The modern Doha skyline

   In partnership with Host Broadcast          ”Both companies are recognised         Qatar for more than 10 years including
Services (HBS), Trans World Inter-         as world leaders in their respective       tennis, athletics and golf.
national will also provide the host        fields, and we think this dynamic
broadcast for the 15th Asian Games to      combination will deliver the best ever         Host Broadcast Services (HBS) is a
be staged in Doha in just over two         host broadcast coverage of an Asian        dedicated host broadcast organisation,
years.                                     Games,” he said.                           set up in 1999 to produce the television
                                                                                      and radio signals for the 2002 and 2006
    The Doha Asian Games Organising           TWI is the television arm of IMG, the   FIFA World Cups.
Committee (DAGOC) said it wanted to        world’s largest independent producer,
deliver the highest possible standard of   packager and distributor of sports            DAGOC aims to provide more than
television coverage and broadcast          programming.                               3,000 hours of TV coverage of 40 sports
facilities to its broadcast partners.                                                 on the current competition schedule.
                                              Last year it distributed nearly 9,000
    The Director General of DAGOC,         hours of live events and original              The Qatar government is spending
Abdulla Khalid Al Qahtani, said the        programming across 200 countries,          US$2.8 billion on the Asian Games and
Games would be a focal point for Qatar     covering more than 200 sports.             other sports in the hope of creating the
in the coming two few years and would                                                 most modern sports venues and facilities
bring major benefits to the country.          TWI has produced sports events in       in the world.

    Collaborative approach for Asian Games rights
        egotiations for the                   The ABU has devised a ‘three tier’      representatives of Dentsu at Sportel

  N     broadcast rights to the
        Asian Games in Doha are
  progressing well, the Secretary-
                                           marketing plan that encompassed all
                                           territories and all broadcast assets.
                                                                                      in Monaco recently where the details
                                                                                      of the idea were fully canvassed.

  General, David Astley has said.             “Our idea was to work colla-               “Our proposal covers around 30
                                           boratively with the Olympic Council of     countries which, if successful,
     “I am very happy with our             Asia so that we could dramatically         would be represent a huge increase
  submission to the agents for the         increase the number of countries           in the rate of participation,” Mr
  Games, Dentsu Inc.,” Mr Astley said.     taking the Doha Asian Games, and the       Astley said.
                                           number of transmission hours,” Mr
     “Initial reactions are very           Astley said.                                  At the last Asian Games in Busan
  encouraging, which is in stark                                                      the ABU pool comprised 11 countries
  contrast to the difficulties we had        The ABU’s Head of Sport, John            out of the total of 17 who took the
  at previous Games,” he added.            Barton, had lengthy meetings with          Games.

    ABU News
                                   N e w s                 &        E v e n t s

Deutsche Welle TV and their
 Afghan desk staff at work
                              Afghanistan sees the
                              Olympic Games
                              By Rodrigo Villarzú, DW-TV, Afghan and Arabic desk

                                   brahimkhail Safiullah, or              to get the product done so their Afghan

                              I    Safi as we call him, has just
                                   arrived. It’s one o’clock
                              in the morning. For the past
                                                                          colleagues can get to work at DW-TV’s
                                                                          headquarters in Berlin. The first phase
                                                                          of production is complete.
                              two weeks, together with other
                                                                             Now the translators and presenters
                              Afghan colleagues, as well as               can get on with their work.
                              reporters and producers from
                              the sports desk, Safi has been                 At three o’clock in the morning,
                              producing a special programme               Stephan visits the Afghan desk. Safi has
                              for Afghanistan.                            difficulties translating some sports
                                  “Bringing the Olympic Games to
                              my homeland is worth the effort. We               Lost in translation
                              are all tired but we know that our
                              fellow citizens are waiting to see what’s      Many sports are not known in
                              happening in Athens. And we’re              Afghanistan and must be explained;
                              bringing them the pictures!” he said.       sometimes the local staff have to coin
                                                                          new terms and phrases, or to simply
                                      Combined effort                     use the English word.

                                 The ABU, EBU and DW-TV, joined              Fazel Hazem and Wahab Shadan
                              forces to bring the Olympic Games           arrive at four o’clock. Fazel presents
                              to Afghanistan. The ABU granted the         the Pashtu programme and Wahab the
                              broadcast rights free of charge.            Dari.

                                 The EBU provided free access to              Both have television experience and
                              daily highlight images of almost all        have worked for the Afghan desk since
                              Olympic events. DW-TV produced a            it began producing news for Afghan-
                              90-minute programme in both Dari            istan in August 2002. The viewers know
                              and Pashtu and transmitted them to          and trust their voices.
                              Afghanistan via satellite.
                                                                              At nine the programmes are ready
                                 All this was done at no cost to the      for transmission. A DW-TV engineer
                              Afghan people. Kabul, Herat, Mazar-i-       calls his counterpart in Kabul. Yes,
                              Sharif, Faizabad, Kunduz, Sherbergan,       they are receiving the signal. The tape
                              Kandahar, Jalalabad and Ghazni were         is rolling.
                              all equipped with the necessary
                              receivers by DW-TV.                            Abdul Rahman Panjshiri, the
                                                                          director of International Relations of
                                 The phone rings. It’s Stephan, the       Radio and Television Afghanistan in
                              producer. He informs Safi that the          Kabul calls DW-TV: “Thank you for
                              German script is ready for translation.     these wonderful images. They are very
                                                                          important for our people. Thanks to
                                Stephan has edited the pictures and       your efforts we are connected to the
                              worked together with a sports reporter      world.”

ABU News
                                                 N e w s                   &         E v e n t s

CNN-ABU TV News Seminar:

Wider coverage, lower costs
        aking the best use of new

M       technology to expand news
        coverage – and cut costs –
was a key focus of a major regional
seminar for journalists in Hong
Kong in October.

   The three-day CNN-ABU Television
News Seminar, an annual event, brought
together 29 senior journalists from 12
countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

   This year’s seminar took the form of
a management retreat on “The Broadcast
Revolution: What it means to journalists,
news crews and news managers”.
                                              Participants check out the latest digital editing equipment
   Participants met for one-and-a-half
days at the historic Foreign Correspond-    news stories from remote areas via             directly into the CNN server in Atlanta,
ents’ Club, made a field trip to test new   the Internet, using a video phone and          where they can be easily accessed by
newsgathering technology, and ended with    a laptop computer for editing.                 other news staff.
a day at CNN’s Hong Kong’s headquarters.
                                               CNN described how it had sent laptop-          The safety of journalists in conflict
   Top CNN news managers, corres-           based editing equipment to its bureaus         zones was also addressed, with Andrew
pondents and operations staff led the       around the world after using it successfully   Kain of the security firm AKE on hand
discussions, which saw lively input         during the Iraq war. As a CNN man put it,      to talk about the kind of training
from participants.                          the equipment leads to “smaller crews          needed. CNN correspondents Michael
                                            and more coverage in more places”.             Holmes and Nic Robertson spoke of
   The field trip to the Royal Hong                                                        their experiences in covering wars.
Kong Yacht Club was a highlight, with          Field correspondents are now able
a demonstration of how to transmit          to feed their packaged news stories                The question of whether news crews
                                                                                           should have armed security guards in
                                                                                           war zones, or whether this made them
                                                                                           legitimate targets in the eyes of combat-
                                                                                           ants, sparked a lively debate.

                                                                                              The ethics of reporting from areas of
                                                                                           conflict, especially live coverage, also
                                                                                           came under the spotlight. This included
                                                                                           how much footage to show of bodies,
                                                                                           and whether airing demands by armed
                                                                                           groups was playing into their hands
                                                                                           rather than simply covering the story.

                                                                                              On a more mundane note, dealing
                                                                                           with the demands of big advertisers was
                                                                                           discussed. One Asian journalist described
           CNN correspondents Nic Robertson and Michael Holmes
                                                                                           how some stories at his station became
                         share their experiences
                                                                                                                   (cont’d next page)

ABU News
                                                  N e w s                 &         E v e n t s

(from previous page)
“must cover, must use” stories because
advertisers requested it.

   AsiaSat, an ABU affiliate member, ran
a session on the use of satellites for
newsgathering and hosted a dinner for

   AsiaSat’s Lachlan Ma said competition
among satellite operators was high, and
prices had dropped significantly. But he
predicted that prices would pick up again
as demand for satellite space grew.

   Other senior CNN staff leading the
seminar included Paul Cutler, Paul
Ferguson, Richard Stokes, Chris Goacher
and Scott Clotsworthy.                                                  CNN’s Hong Kong newsroom

News content ‘key to mobile delivery systems’
      he demand for news content             able to talk about in the office the         quality that HDTV provides and we will

T     will play a key role in pushing
      the growth of new delivery
systems such as hand held devices,
                                             following day.

                                                 “When you look at this service, news
                                                                                          see HDTV introduction pulled into Asia.

                                                                                              “So very shortly your challenge will
according to the CEO of AsiaSat,             is always the most obvious.                  be to produce, store and distribute
Peter Jackson.                                                                            your programming in a format suitable
                                                “You will be required to produce,         for small screens and high definition.
   He said that video content was            store and distribute the content for this    Life is not fair!”
already available on so-called Third         application in a suitable format with such
Generation mobile phones, and as this        additions as sub-titling dimensioned for        Mr Jackson said satellites were able
technology developed, it would lead to       the small screen size.”                      to cope with the demands of these new
new generations of mobile services.                                                       formats, and would continue to play an
                                                 At the same time, Mr Jackson said,       important part in broadcast services.
    Addressing a dinner for participants     the demand for larger, flat-screen tele-     This was because of their ability to
in the annual CNN-ABU Television News        vision sets was growing, particularly in     reach every point under the satellite’s
Seminar in Hong Kong in October, Mr          Asia. Because standard television signals    footprint and to the most remote
Jackson said this technology would           looked grainy on these screens, the          locations where terrestrial infra-
allow real time video to be available        answer was to convert to high definition     structure was non-existent.
over a wireless connection wherever          television, HDTV.
the viewer was.                                                                               “In addition, satellite is also very good
                                                 “In Asia we are experiencing a boom      at meeting ad hoc transmission needs
    “The question will remain the screen     in large flat screen television sales that   of today’s broadcast industry, serving
size and what are we comfortable in          is faster than in the rest of the world.     television broadcasters, wholesale news
carrying around.                             Factories in Asia are either no longer       agencies and video services providers
                                             producing conventional televisions or        for real time broadcast of news, features
   “The type of broadcast content shown      are planning a rapid migration to flat       and sports events.
on such devices will be generally that       screen production.
which has relevance for viewing in real                                                      “I cannot think of any recent world
time – news, sports and even those reality      “One impact of this trend could be        event that satellites have not been
shows that apparently you have to be         that customers will demand the better        involved in,” he added.

ABU News
                                                 N e w s               &       E v e n t s

ASEAN TV News expands
      weekly news exchange by                  The satellite news exchange was          RTB’s Head of News, Current Affairs

A     satellite among the 10
      national broadcasters of the
Association of Southeast Asian
                                            launched in March 2003, replacing an
                                            exchange of news tapes by courier.
                                                                                     and Sport, Johari Achee, chaired the
                                                                                     Bali meeting. He described the extension
                                                                                     of the weekly feed as “an important
Nations has expanded its service.              The package is coordinated and        development” for the young news
                                            transmitted by RTB-Brunei. The other     exchange.
    The weekly ASEAN TV News (ATN)          members send their material to RTB
transmission increased by 10 minutes in     by satellite or courier.                     Information exchange
early October and is now 40 minutes long.
                                               ATN is transmitted each Wednesday        “This is our contribution to the free
   The decision to extend the trans-        on AsiaSat 2 and is made available       flow of information,” he said. “The
mission was taken at a meeting of ASEAN     free to members of the ABU’s daily       news exchange is a kind of bridge
journalists and broadcast engineers in      news exchange, Asiavision, and the       linking Southeast Asia with the Asia-
Bali three weeks earlier, hosted by TVRI-   European Broadcasting Union’s news       Pacific region and Europe.”
Indonesia.                                  exchange, Eurovision.
                                                                                         Asiavision’s Managing Editor, Alan
                                                                                     Williams, told the meeting that ATN had
                                                                                     made impressive strides forward since
                                                                                     its launch, thanks to the commitment
                                                                                     of its members. The packaging of news
                                                                                     items for the exchange was continuing
                                                                                     to improve steadily.

                                                                                         Asiavision sponsors an annual
                                                                                     trophy for the ASEAN broadcaster
                                                                                     contributing the best coverage to ATN.
                                                                                     The first winner, announced in April
                                                                                     this year, was VTV-Vietnam.

                                                                                        Nine of the 10 ASEAN national
                                                                                     broadcasters are ABU members:
                                                                                     Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos,
                                                                                     Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore,
                                                                                     Thailand and Vietnam. The other
                           ASEAN broadcasters in Bali                                broadcaster is MRTV-Myanmar.

         NHK, CCTV grab latest AVN awards
                                               NHK’s coverage was prompt, precise        The October 21 blast, which
  N    HK-Japan has earned another
       Asiavision monthly award for
  its coverage of the September 9
                                            and of a high professional standard,
                                            earning the Asiavision September
                                                                                     claimed more than 140 lives, was one
                                                                                     of the day’s top headlines. CCTV acted
  suicide attack outside the Austral-       award.                                   quickly to receive pictures from the
  ian embassy in Jakarta.                                                            remote area and make them available
                                               Coverage of another disaster, an      to Asiavision through a news flash
     The bombing killed at least 10         underground gas explosion that ripped    shortly after the tragedy.
  people and injured scores, damaging       through a coal mine in China’s central
  the embassy gates and walls as well       Henan province, earned the AVN October      The excellent content and coverage
  as several nearby buildings.              award for CCTV.                          added to AVN’s list of exclusives.

ABU News
                                                 N e w s               &        E v e n t s

      roadcasters from around the           WBU-ISOG meeting:

B     world are continuing their
      campaign to reduce satellite
interference – a problem that costs         Fight against satellite
them dearly, both financially and
in lost programme material.                 interference goes on
    The issue was high on the agenda at a
meeting of the World Broadcasting Unions’
International Satellite Operations Group,
WBU-ISOG, in New York in October.

    The group brings together members
of the world’s broadcasting unions,
including the ABU, satellite operators
and other service providers, to discuss
issues of common concern.

   The meeting heard that while some
interference with satellite signals is
intentional – with “pirates” being a
particular problem in parts of Asia – 95
percent of cases are caused by human
error or equipment failure.                                                             CNN’s New York newsroom

    The WBU-ISOG chairman, Dick Tauber
of CNN, described the amount broad-            The group has already compiled         interoperable, so that any decoder can
casters lose because of the problem as      universal uplink procedures, in asso-     be configured to successfully decode
“a frightening figure”.                     ciation with other groups representing    a signal from any encoder. Several
                                            satellite operators and cable and         satellite companies have offered to take
    Interference can be caused by people    satellite broadcasters.                   part in a test programme.
uplinking at the wrong time or at the
wrong strength, or pointing their dish         These have been circulated to              Other issues the group is looking
in the wrong direction.                     members of the broadcasting unions,       at currently include metadata, digital
                                            with the aim of standardising uplink      audio levels and latest developments
    The meeting agreed to compile a         procedures and reducing errors.           in fibre for carrying broadcast signals.
list of reliable uplinkers by asking
broadcasters for the names of service          In addition, the group is discussing      Mr Tauber was re-elected chairman
providers they have worked with and         with uplink equipment manufacturers       of the group for a further two-year
can recommend.                              the possibility of installing a device    term. Chimaki Sakai of NHK-Japan
                                            in their encoders to help identify the    and Louis Cheveau of the European
                                            source of the signal in the event of      Broadcasting Union were re-elected
                                            an uplink problem.                        vice-chairs.

                                                Participants also discussed latest       The WBU-ISOG meeting was hosted
                                            developments in high definition tele-     by CNN/Time Warner at the Time Warner
                                            vision. NHK’s Tom Gibbon predicted        Center, a 55-storey tower just off Central
                                            that all it would take to speed up        Park.
                                            HDTV’s introduction in the US would be
                                            for one broadcaster to cover a truly          WBU-ISOG meetings are open to
                                            major news event in HDTV.                 all ABU members. The next will take
                                                                                      place in Geneva on May 31-June 1,
                                                The group is working to ensure that   2005. The Secretariat will circulate
             Tom Gibbon                     all HDTV encoders and decoders are        details to members.

ABU News
                                                N e w s                 &        E v e n t s

      he Caribbean Broadcasting
      Union’s daily news exchange,
      Caribvision, could soon
                                           Caribvision may resume
resume operations after a gap                 The news exchange was forced to          York in October that he expected
of more than seven years, thanks           suspend operations in 1997 because of       the uplinks to be operational by June
to the European Union.                     high costs, in particular excessive telco   next year.
   The EU is to provide satellite uplink                                                  “We would expect to see Caribvision
facilities to nine Caribbean national         Tenders to install the EU-funded         renewed and significantly enhanced,”
broadcasters free of charge, paving the    uplinks – mainly flyaways but including     he said. “It was an important part
way for Caribvision’s likely relaunch.     two or three fixed earth stations –         of our activities but it became too
                                           closed in October.                          expensive.”

                                                     WBU support                           Its members’ financial woes were
                                                                                       compounded by the monopoly enjoyed
                                               The EU project is strongly supported    in the region by a UK telecommunic-
                                           by the World Broadcasting Unions’           ations company, Cable & Wireless.
                                           International Satellite Operations Group,
                                           WBU-ISOG. Working under the group’s             That monopoly has since been
                                           umbrella, Howard Fine of the Los            broken with the liberalisation of the
                                           Angeles-based Pacific Television Centre     telco business.
                                           has helped steer the project through.
                                                                                          The EU is now looking at providing
                                              The CBU’s Secretary-General, Patrick     similar uplinks to several Pacific island
            Howard Fine                    Cozier, told a WBU-ISOG meeting in New      nations.

         France honours Australian journalist
                                              The France 2 news bulletin has              “This award is not only an honour
  A   n Australian journalist, Claus
      Hannekum, has received one
  of France’s top awards for his
                                           featured in the WorldWatch line-up
                                           since its inception in 1993.
                                                                                       for me but also recognition of SBS’
                                                                                       commitment to reflect the diversity
  services to French-Australian                                                        of Australia’s multicultural society.
  relations in the field of news and           “Mr Hannekum has played a key role
  current affairs.                         in promoting French news and current           “Most news services limit overseas
                                           affairs programmes on SBS, including        opinion coverage to short sound-bites
     Mr Hannekum is Manager of             more recently on the SBS digital World      but WorldWatch services allow for
  Overseas News Services at the Special    News Channel,” the embassy said.            proper background information.”
  Broadcasting Service Corporation,
  SBS. He was presented with the              “As liaison between SBS and French
  National Order of Merit by the French    television channels Mr Hannekum
  ambassador in a ceremony at SBS          has been influential in ensuring an
  in Sydney.                               uninterrupted presence of French
                                           news broadcasts over the past decade,
     The French embassy described          despite major changes in technology
  Mr Hannekum as the driving force         and contractual agreements.”
  behind the introduction of World-
  Watch on SBS television, which sees         Mr Hannekum said he was very
  television news bulletins from a         honoured by the generosity of
  number of countries broadcast every      France in awarding him such a high
  morning.                                 distinction.                                         Claus Hannekum

ABU News
                                                  N e w s               &        E v e n t s

Robocon Seoul 2004:

Vietnam wins Robocon again!
     or the second time in three

F    years, a team from Vietnam
     proved its prowess as it
emerged the winner in Robocon
Seoul 2004, beating 19 other teams
from 18 countries.

   In what was virtually a rematch of
the Robocon Tokyo 2002 final, teams
from Vietnam and China competed for
the honours in 2004.

   The exciting final match was wit-
nessed by a crowd of 3,000 supporters
and fans whose loud cheers of pride
swept across the Olympic Stadium in
Seoul. In the end, Vietnam emerged as
the winner amidst a torrent of wild
cheers.                                        The winning team from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

   “Making robots is our pleasure and        I hope you will forgive me the pride I        In the Robocon contest, teams tried
happiness. Our happiness became bigger       take in this undertaking,” Mr Ebisawa     to outdo each other by completing an
when we won the ABU Grand Prix,”             said.                                     unfinished “Ojak Bridge” with their
a representative of the winning team                                                   manual robots and carrying a “Golden
from Ho Chi Minh City University of             The Opening Ceremony was followed      Gift” with their automatic robots from
Technology, told ABU News.                   by the preliminary matches among 20       the “Gyeonwoo Zone” to the “Jiknyeo
                                             representing teams. It was the day of     Zone”. Each match lasted three minutes
    The 3rd ABU Robocon was held on          reckoning, after a series of domestic     and ended as soon as either team
September 11 and was hosted by KBS.          contests, the wide popularity of which,   accomplished the “Reunion”.
At the opening ceremony, the President       many said, showed that the ABU
and CEO of KBS, Jung Yun-Joo, told           Robocon was becoming a sort of               Out of 20 teams, eight qualified for
participants: “I hope that through this      “movement” among students in the Asia-    the finals. They were from Southwest
competition the students will success-       Pacific region.                           University of Science and Technology,
fully build a bridge with the robots of                                                People’s Republic of China; Electronic
their own making, while also building a               Korean theme                     Engineering Polytechnic Institute of
bridge of friendship and co-operation.”                                                Surabaya, Indonesia; Chungnam National
                                                The contest theme of Robocon Seoul     University, Republic of Korea; University
   Katsuji Ebisawa, President of the ABU,    was “Reunion of Separated Lovers,         Technology Malaysia; Mongolian
also addressed the participants and          Gyeonwoo and Jinkyeo” based on an         University of Science and Technology;
noted the dramatic increase in the           East Asian legendary tale. “Gyeonwoo”,    Samut Songkram Technical College,
popularity of the ABU Robocon in the         a celestial herdsman, and “Jinkyeo”       Thailand; Gazi University,Turkey; and Ho
Asia-Pacific.                                were forced to be apart from each other   Chi Minh City University of Technology,
                                             with the Milky Way between them.          Vietnam.
    “General interest in the ABU Robocon     Magpies and crows felt sorry for the
is greater than ever in the third contest.   couple and flew up to the sky to build       At the start of the final, the Chinese
The numbers of teams and participants        the “Ojak Bridge” using themselves as     team was leading but the Vietnamese
in the domestic preliminary round hit        a bridge to bring the couple together.    team caught up with its opponents and
817 and 9000, showing a phenomenal           The couple got together by crossing       was first to accomplish the “Reunion”.
increase. As a proponent of this contest,    “Ojak Bridge” once a year.                The robots of the Vietnamese team, both

ABU News
                                                 N e w s                  &         E v e n t s

                                                                                          What the team
                                                                                          members said
                                                                                            in Seoul
                                                                                          Champion: Ho Chi Minh City Univer-
                                                                                          sity of Technology, Vietnam:

                                                                                             “Making robots is our pleasure,
                                                                                          and happiness. Our happiness
                                                                                          became bigger when we won the
                                                                                          ABU grand prix. Now, we are trying
                                                                                          to use our knowledge in making
                                                                                          robots to create other useful
                                                                                          machines for our country and we
                The handover ceremony from Seoul to Beijing                               have confidence enough to do

                                                                                          1st Runner Up: Southwest University
                                                                                          of Science and Technology, People’s
                                                                                          Republic of China:

                                                                                              “What a pity, every game just
                                                                                          has one winner – but we are all
                                                                                          still good friends. The scores may
                                                                                          change, the time may pass, but the
                                                                                          friendship between us will never

                                                                                          2nd Runner Up: Chungnam Nation-
                                                                                          al University, Republic of Korea:

                                                                                              “We are so glad that we made
               Korean entertainment at the Robocon reception                              the long journey to Robocon.
                                                                                          Looking at ourselves now, we
the manual and the automatic, proved           The competition was sponsored by           have achieved fulfillment and
to be well designed as they were able       Panasonic, Toyota, Mabuchi Motor,             confidence through this contest and
to accomplish three “Reunions” in           Konami, Samsung and LG.                       it has turned us into positive and
their five matches.                                                                       constructive people.”
                                               Robocon fever continues, with next
   Apart from the grand prize, twelve       year’s contest to be held in Beijing. With    3rd Runner Up: Mongolian Uni-
other awards were presented to other        the theme “Climb on the Great Wall,           versity of Science and Technology,
teams.                                      Light the Holy Fire”, the robots will have    Mongolia:
                                            to climb a representation of the Great
    The participating broadcasters in the   Wall and feed fuel balls into five torches       “We had a huge desire to try
Robocon Seoul were RTB-Brunei,              and four bonfires.                            many new things and we have been
RTPRC/CCTV- China, ERTU-Egypt, Fiji TV-                                                   motivated by desire, decisions and
Fiji, RTHK-Hong Kong, DDI-India, TVRI-         To officially start the ball rolling for   goals. Defeating the opponent is
Indonesia, IRIB-Iran, NHK-Japan, KBS-       Robocon Beijing 2005, a handover              not more important than winning
Korea, TDM-Macau, RTM-Malaysia,             ceremony was held during which Mr             ourselves. Inventing something is
MRTV-Mongolia, NTV-Nepal, PTV-              Jung passed the flag for the Robocon          not more important than finding
Pakistan, ITN-Sri Lanka, TPT-Thailand,      Host Organisation to Huashan Zhang,           ways to reach the goal.”
TRT-Turkey, and VTV-Vietnam.                Deputy Editor-in-Chief of CCTV.

     ABU News
                                              N e w s       &       E v e n t s

     Robocon Seoul 2004:

     Some of the action in Seoul

  Teams line up for the Opening Ceremony                    The start of the Vietnam vs China final

     A tense moment in the final match                  Some of the many supporters at Robocon 2004

The winning team being interviewed on stage         Popular Korean singer Boa entertained the crowd

    ABU News
                                                       N e w s                 &        E v e n t s

   Workshop focuses on radio software
      t was down to the basics of                PC based radio station depending on

   I  computer programming at a
      recent radio workshop held in
   Penang, Malaysia.
                                                 individual requirements.

                                                    The workshop was jointly organised
                                                 by the ABU and Deutsche Welle Radio
       The workshop on “Low Cost Digital         Training Centre (DWRTC), with the
   Modular Radio Stations” introduced the        DWRTC meeting the cost of participation
   participants – a mix of experienced and       of delegates from ten ABU member
   those with no prior experience in the         organisations, the cost of the venue and
   field – to the complexities of Visual Basic   the cost of the resource persons.
                                                    The ABU’s Technical Director, Wayne
      Over the three weeks they were taken       Heads, said DWRTC had been a valued               Bernhard Disselhof (right) gives a helping
   through the process of designing PC           supporter of the ABU for many years.                   hand to workshop participants
   based radio stations capable of recording
   and playing back a play-list of music and        He added that judging from the               The workshop was attended by 15
   spots at predetermined times.                 enthusiasm shown, it was likely that an      participants from Afghanistan, Brunei,
                                                 advanced course in Visual Basic would        Bhutan, Laos, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal,
      The participants were shown how            be held next year for the same set of        Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka,
   various features can be added to the          participants.                                Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam.

   Improving programme research and marketing
   I  mproving skills in ratings
      analysis and programme market-
   ing were the key topics of the first
                                                 by Yokoyama Shigeru,
                                                 NHK Broadcasting Culture Research Institute
   Asia-Pacific Programme Research
   and Development Workshop held in                  Participants were introduced to a        G   An holistic understanding of TV
   Bangkok in September.                         holistic view of their rapidly changing          audiences, and reflecting this in
                                                 audiences on the first day, and looked           programmes and schedules, is
      The workshop was jointly staged by         at hit programmes and their scheduling           crucial in the digital era.
   NHK’s Broadcasting Culture Research           on the second day. The last day was
   Institute and the Mass Communication          devoted to marketing broadcasting in             The participants asked for the
   Organization of Thailand Co. Ltd. (MCOT).     the digital age.                             workshop to be an on-going exercise to
                                                                                              allow for the exchange of information on
                                                    Through the workshop participants         surveys and research into TV viewing, to
                                                 came to recognise:                           develop suitable research methods and
                                                                                              comprehensive analysis, and to initiate
                                                 G   It is desirable to make analysis of      a joint implementation of programme
                                                     data not only with ratings but also by   making based on research.
                                                     combining other research data such
                                                     as time-use, opinions and basic            NHK accepted the proposal and
                                                     attitudes of viewers                     announced that a second workshop
                                                                                              would be organised next year.
                                                 G   It is necessary to develop more
                                                     effective ways of programme                 More than 100 people from 30
                                                     marketing in accordance with the         organisations in 11 countries attended
                                                     actual circumstances and experiences     the Bangkok workshop as participants
Workshop session in progress                         of each broadcaster                      or observers.

ABU News
                                                  N e w s                 &        E v e n t s

     he Indian Government has
     been asked by the ABU
     to support the proposed
                                             India urged to support
Broadcaster’s Treaty.

   The ABU’s Legal Officer, Fernand
                                             Broadcasters’ Treaty
Alberto, told a seminar in New Delhi
in October that the outdated Rome
Convention provided inadequate protect-
ion for broadcasters.

   “If broadcasters are expected to fulfil
their public service obligations and to
provide information to the public, they
must be provided with effective means
to protect and exploit their broadcast
signals,” Mr Alberto said.

   He said the governments of India
and Brazil formed a minority who
opposed the convening of a diplomatic
conference to adopt a new treaty.               Pradip Baijal, Chairman of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
He told the seminar that it was time              (TRAI) declared that the regulatory body is committed to protect
for India to join the majority of                             the rights of all in the broadcast business
the governments who supported the
adoption of the Broadcasters’ Treaty.        broadcasters a little forward to be at      they were unanimous in the view that
                                             par with other rights holders,” he said.    a call for a diplomatic conference
   Mr Alberto was speaking at a seminar                                                  should be supported.
on “Broadcasting: A Look Towards the            The Joint Secretary of the Indian
Future”, organised by the World Intel-       Ministry of Human Resource Develop-             The Co-Chairman of the FICCI Enter-
lectual Property Organisation (WIPO)         ment, Bela Banerjee, discussed the need     tainment Committee, Kunal Dasgupta,
and the Federation of Indian Chambers        to balance the rights among all stake-      said that when programmes of Indian
of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).            holders and said that India “must keep      free-to-air broadcasters were shown
                                             an open mind” on the treaty issues.         abroad without permission, India could
    WIPO Counsellor, Carole Croella,                                                     not stop the infringing act because there
discussed the work of WIPO in updating          In reply, Mr Sarma said that “instead    was no international law on broadcasting
international protection for broadcasters.   of keeping our mind open, the time is       rights to which India was a signatory.
                                             up” and that the adoption of the treaty
   She told the seminar that the treaty      should now be supported. He explained           Mr Dasgupta said that India was not
discussions had reached a crucial stage      that the rights to broadcast signals were   a signatory to the 1961 Rome Convention
and that the remaining issues would          neighbouring rights that were akin to       which provided protection, albeit
be discussed during the 12th WIPO            the rights of phonogram producers.          outdated, for broadcasters’ rights.
Session on the proposed treaty on 17-
19 November 2004 in Geneva.                     Joining the panel discussion was the         “The entire broadcasting industry,
                                             Director General of DDI-India, Navin        not only in India but internationally, is
    K S Sarma, CEO of DDI-India and          Kumar, who talked about regional            poised for metamorphosis. It is very
an ABU Vice-President, expressed his         trends in piracy of broadcast content       difficult for broadcasters to control what
support for the convening of a diplom-       and signals.                                is happening and therefore they can not
atic conference which is the final step                                                  control piracy too.
in the treaty-making process.                   The Director of the Indian Ministry
                                             of Information and Broadcasting,               “Cable operators have been picking
   “Although the 1961 Rome Convent-          Seema Bisht, told the seminar that the      up signals without paying for them,
ion already provides protection for          ministry conducted two meetings             leading to a huge loss for those who
broadcasters, there is a need to bring       amongst stakeholders and said that          invested in the rights,” he said.

ABU News
                                      F r o m                    T h e                   S e c r e t a r i a t

“I      t is very important to us –
        the arrival of world class
TV and radio professionals, the                                                                                 Almaty
                                                                                                                        Heard in

possibility of close communication
and sharing experience with our
colleagues from all over the world.”
– Dariga Nazarbayeva of ‘Khabar’
Agency, on hosting the General Assembly

     “ I consider your forum to be
          an important mechanism
          of regional cooperation.”
                – Kazakhstan’s President
                Nursultan Nazarbayev,
                in a welcoming message                  “ A special effort is required.               “ We Koreans like new products very much.”
                                                I’d like to pledge my full support.”                         – Nam Sun Hyoun, KBS, on the popularity

                                                     – K S Sarma, PBI/DDI-India, on the                 of high-speed Internet and mobile phone services

“ The influence that broadcasting                          need for a new treaty protecting
has is increasing year in                                           the rights of broadcasters
and year out.”                                                                                        “ In broadcasting the name
– Katsuji Ebisawa, ABU President                                                                      of the game is change. ”
                                                “ It would be great if apart from the                 – Johari Achee, RTB-Brunei
                                                professional activities… you have an
 “ The reaction of the audience in              opportunity to get acquainted with
     Mongolia was just fantastic.”              the particularities of the local life, the            “ This area is very exciting, because of the
         – David Astley, Secretary-General,     people, and the nature of our country.”                series of debates it launches to determine
       on the response to TV5’s coverage of     – Vladislav Bogusevich, ‘Khabar’ Technical Director           the kind of broadcast standards we
        the Athens Olympics – the first time                                                                         must choose for the future.”
        it had been seen live in that country                                                                           – Takao Shimizu, TBS-Japan,
                                                        “ The rapid deployment of new                               on the switch to digital technology
                                                      networks in Japan and Korea has

“W         henever there’s a
           headline they are
putting their heads on the
                                                          caught the world by surprise. ”
                                                     – Turgay Cakimci, Technical Committee
                                                       Chairman, on mobile TV developments
                                                                                                      “ The important thing is to see
                                                                                                      ourselves as content providers
line.”                                                                         in the ABU region      rather than transmission providers. ”
– Zainal Abidin Iberahim of RTM-                                                                      – Colin Knowles, ABC-Australia, on the
Malaysia on the hazards journalists                                                                   broadcasters’ role in the new media
face in some parts of Asia                      “ If we focus on our content, I’m
                                                sure we’ll be able to survive, and
                                                survive very well.”                                                   “ It is OK to predict ‘what’.
            “ We were the leading               – Stephen Chan, TVB-Hong Kong                                    But never try to predict ‘when’. ”
  broadcaster of Olympic material                                                                                        – Phil Laven of the EBU on
     in the world. We covered the                                                                                              advances in technology
         greatest landmass of any                “ For most of us, an abundance
         broadcaster or union with                            of information does not
             our Olympic signals.”                                   necessarily mean                 “ The greater the freedom of
            – Les Murray, Chairman of the                         enriching our lives.”               expression, the higher the chance
            Sports Group, on ABU coverage              – Toshiyuki Sato of NHK-Japan,                 of controlling corruption.”
                       of the Athens Games                          on information overload           – Cecilia Lim Lazaro, Philippine journalist

ABU News
                                            F r o m                  T h e               S e c r e t a r i a t

Heard in Almaty:
“ The technical staff of most broadcast
                                                      Keeping on top of the news
stations is decreasing in size and getting
older. Budget restrictions make training              F  or news on key people and
                                                         events at the Almaty meetings,
                                                      participants had to look no further
difficult to afford.”
– Chuck Kelly of the Society of Broadcast Engineers
                                                      than Khalam, the daily bulletin
                                                      produced for seven straight days.

                                                          The glossy, full-colour bulletin took its
“ We should promote our region and                    name from meetings of Kazakh nomads
     I think this is a good platform.”                in days gone by. Today, “khalam” means
        – Zohara Gany Mhd Bathusha of                 a meeting at international level.
             NTV7-Malaysia on the proposed
         Asia-Pacific Film & Television Awards           Editing the eight-page bulletin was               Gael Guichard with photographers Victor
                                                                                                                Vassiliev (left) and Igor Sagun
                                                      Gael Guichard, 30, a French-born
                                                      freelance journalist and lecturer in            worked until the early hours of the
“ The number of media outlets                         journalism at an Almaty university.             morning, getting by on about three hours
has increased but the increase                                                                        of sleep a night and an occasional catnap.
has not turned into quality.”                            Approached by the organisers just a
                                                      week before the meetings began, she                Covering the technical meetings
– Uzbek broadcast journalist Sayyora
                                                      quickly assembled a team of five – two          proved challenging, but they were able
Rusikulova, on the Uzbek media since
                                                      local journalists, a graphic designer/copy      to draw on the help of delegates and
the collapse of the Soviet Union
                                                      editor and two photographers. Working           Secretariat staff.
                                                      closely with the team was the official ABU
                                                      photographer, Igor Sagun.                           The first issue came out on September
  “ There are more and more Internet                                                                  21 and the final issue six days later. In an
     auction sites enabling trading with                  Asked how she enjoyed meeting and           editorial in the final one, Gael wrote: “It
       anonymity. These are potentially               interviewing people from all over Asia,         has been a pleasure to cover this event.”
                            hotbeds of crime. ”       Gael said simply: “It’s wonderful,
    – Kazumasa Enami of NHK-Japan on                  it’s wonderful.” The biggest challenge,           Getting to know the Khalam team
    the growing piracy of broadcast material          she said, was meeting the deadlines. She        was a pleasure for delegates too.

“ A person from northern Norway is
likely to know a lot more about
                                                      T   hey were the unsung heroes of
                                                          the General Assembly – the 50               The volunteers
fishing than someone from Oslo.”
                                                      young student volunteers who, in
                                                      their distinctive blue shirts, seemed
                                                                                                      in blue
– Gunnar Garfors of NRK-Norway, on                    to be everywhere all at once.                      If they appreciated the chance to be
why broadcasters should allow questions                                                               part of the General Assembly, their hard
from viewers using interactive technology                The volunteers were always on the            work was equally appreciated by dele-
                                                      go. They met participants at the airport.       gates and Secretariat staff alike.
                                                      They manned the registration desk and
“ When I arrived in Almaty for the General            the information desks at the conference            This was never more evident than
      Assembly, I had the feeling that I had          hotels. They helped run the excursions.         on the night of the NHK dinner, when
                              found my family.”       They busily photocopied and distributed         delegates queued up to have their pictures
    – Sarangarel Davaajantsan, TV5-Mongolia
                                                      documents for hours on end.                     taken with the smiling volunteers.

                                                          Dinora Sharipova of the ‘Khabar’ Secret-
                                                      ariat was in charge of the volunteer army.
“ We came here (in 1962) to
build the city.”                                         “There were many more applicants
– Guennady Kachalov of RTR-Russia,                    than places,” she said. “To get the job
visiting Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana, and            they were tested for their English and
recalling his first visit                             their ability to work as part of a team.

                                                                          38                                Dinora (third from right) and some of
                                                                                                                her hard-working volunteers
ABU News
                                        F r o m                     T h e               S e c r e t a r i a t

                  ABU CALENDAR OF EVENTS
          Events of interest to the ABU and its members in the coming year                        ABU News Sept/Oct 2004
                                                                                                       Vol. 23 No. 5

17-19     12th Session WIPO Standing Committee Meeting on Broadcasters’ Treaty Geneva            Published six times a year by the
18-21     Asian Digital Infrastructure Technology Forum (ADIT) 2004               Kuala Lumpur   Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
22-Dec 3 Asia Media Festival 2004                                                 Singapore
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29-30     PROMAX & BDA Asia 2004 conference                                       Singapore
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      2   9th Asian Television Awards                                             Singapore
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19-21     ASBU General Assembly                                                   Algiers        Editorial Assistant : Lisa E. Mohamad
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                                         JANUARY 2005

16-19     PTC 27th Annual Telecommunications Conference (PTC'05)                  Honolulu       Contributors :
24-28     ABU-HFC Coordination Meeting                                            Kuala Lumpur   Alan Williams
                                                                                                 Fernand Alberto
                                           FEBRUARY                                              John Barton
                                                                                                 Wayne Heads
17-19     Broadcast Engineering Society (India) – 11th International Conference
                                                                                                 Sharad Sadhu
          & Exhibition on Terrestrial & Satellite Broadcasting (BES Expo)         New Delhi
                                                                                                 Rukmin Wijemanne
                                             MARCH                                               Humayun Choudhury

8-13      APT Preparatory Meeting WRC-07                                          Bangkok
                                                                                                 Guest Contributors :
21-23     China Cable Broadcasting Network Exhibition (CCBN) 2005                 Beijing        Rodrigo Villarzú
8-10      Middle East International Cable, Satellite, Broadcast &                                Yokoyama Shigeru
          Communications Exhibition (CabSat) 2005                                 Dubai

                                                                                                 Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union
16-21     NAB2005                                                                 Las Vegas      PO Box 1164
21-22     WBU-TC Meeting                                                          Las Vegas      59700 Kuala Lumpur
25-27     ABU Study Tour 2005                                                     Seoul          Malaysia
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