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									                                    JOB DESCRIPTION


Job Title:          Director of Operations

Grade:              Executive Director

Accountable to:     Chief Executive


The Director of Operations will:
 manage and delivery efficient, high quality patient services through the divisional
   structure whilst maintaining financial balance.
 be accountable for the achievement of the key clinical and performance activity
 ensure effective and proactive systems and processes are in place for bed
   management, discharge planning and clinical site management (24/7).
 be the lead Director for whole systems planning and liaison with other statutory and
   voluntary agencies (PCT, Social Services) on issues relating to emergency care.
 ensure robust and consistent performance monitoring processes are implemented
   and maintained, against which the contribution and effectiveness of all divisions is
   measured and reported.
 contribute to the collective decision-making of the Board of Directors and take shared
   responsibility for the overall success and future direction of the Trust.

As a member of the Executive team, this role will have responsibility for circa 3300 staff
(2160 wte) in a range of community and acute hospital settings in a rural part of the UK,
seeing more than 100,000 patients each year.
The Trust provides excellent facilities to a largely rural population of 220,000 (with
concentrations in Weymouth and Dorchester) with income for 2010/11 of £145 million.
The Director of Operations has the four divisions of medicine, surgery, family services
and clinical and scientific accountable to them.

Each is lead by a management team consisting of a Divisional Director and Manager.



    As a member of the Board of Directors, take overall corporate responsibility for the
     strategic direction and efficient and effective management of the Trust and
     maintaining financial balance.
    Ensure effective operational management and planning of the Trust’s front line
     clinical services.
    Contribute to the development of a Clinical Services Development Strategy.
    Recruit retain develop and motivate a large multi professional group of staff in the
     right numbers and with the right skills to continue to provide high quality, patient
     focussed, professional care.
    Influence the development of a whole systems approach to developing health and
     social care across organisational boundaries particularly in relation to emergency
     care, discharge planning etc especially in light of the recent White Paper.

Executive Director Responsibilities

   As an Executive Director and a member of the Trust Executive Management Team,
    contribute to the effective leadership of the Trust.
   Promote organisational efficiency, demonstrate cost-effectiveness and embed a
    culture of value for money and return on investment.
   Assist in promoting and developing the culture of a learning organisation that is fully
    committed to providing excellence in both health and customer care and to providing
    continuous improvement.
   Contribute to maintaining the highest standards of clinical and environmental hygiene
    to assure infection control standards and eliminate hospital-acquired infections.
   Develop and implement a comprehensive performance management regime
    including Quarterly Performance Reviews.
   Ensure attendance at the SHA/PCT Performance Review Meetings.
   Take the executive lead for other specialist areas as delegated by the Chief
   Participate in the Trust’s Executive on call arrangements.

Specific Responsibilities: Service Delivery and Performance
   Lead the achievement of key service targets relating to access and waiting times.
   Lead the modernisation of clinical services, embedding the tools and techniques of
    service redesign across the Trusts clinical services.
   Provide support and direction to the divisions, setting clear objectives to ensure
    services and working arrangements are designed to deliver integrated patient
    focussed care.
   Lead, develop and motivate the senior staff in the divisions and other directly
    managed services.
   Promote a fair and just culture and ensure that the Trusts clinical services and
    clinical management is responsive to the needs of different ethnic groups of patients
    and staff.
   Provide the Chief Executive and Board of Directors with timely and accurate reports
    relating to the operational performance of the Trust.
   Take decisive and timely action to address areas of poor performance, under
    achievement and risk

Organisational Expectations and Shared Corporate Responsibilities

   Develop close and effective working relationships with local Primary Care and Acute
    Trusts, Social Services and Strategic Health Authority to ensure the development of
    a fully integrated care service in Dorset.
   Ensure that effective appraisal, development and succession planning arrangements
    are in place in the divisions and directly managed service
   Set and maintain the highest personal and professional standards.


    Develop effective two-way communication between the Executive Team and
     Directorate Management teams.
    Earn the respect and trust of clinical colleagues, developing effective working
    Develop good working relationships with non-executive colleagues
    Act as the liaison between the Trust and other local agencies and organisations
    Act as an ambassador for service redesign and continual improvement in line with
     clinically effective practice.
    Adhere to, and promote the Code of Conduct for Senior Managers


    Ability to persuade and negotiate within available resources.
    Balance the pressures inherent in delivering safe and high quality healthcare with the
     achievement of performance targets and maintaining financial balance.


Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, as an employee, you must take
reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and for other persons who may be
affected by your acts or omissions at work.
The Act also states that you must not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse
anything provided in the interests of health, safety and welfare.

You are also required to make yourself aware of the Trust’s health and safety policies
and to report any accidents/incidents.


The Dorset County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is committed to the development of
positive policies to promote equal opportunity in employment. All employees have a
responsibility to ensure that they understand the standards expected and that they
promote and adhere to the equal opportunity measures adopted by the Trust.


Confidential and personal information related to staff, patients and the Dorset County
Hospital NHS Foundation Trust must not be disclosed within or outside the place of
work, except in the proper discharge of duties.


Signed by – Post Holder: __________________________ Date: _____________

Signed by – Manager:       __________________________ Date: _____________

This job description is subject to regular review – last reviewed August 2010.

The Trust operates a No Smoking Policy

ID badges must be worn at all times while on duty


                            PERSON SPECIFICATION

                         POST: Director of Operations

  CATEGORY                   CRITERIA                 ASSESSMENT       HOW
                                                        SCORE        ASSESSED

EDUCATION,     Educated to degree                                  c.v./Interview
QUALIFICATIONS level/equivalent professional
& TRAINING     qualification
                  Post-graduate study at masters
                  degree level

EXPERIENCE        At least 10 years effectively                    c.v./Interview
                  managing services within the
                  NHS, at least 5 of which have
                  been at senior management
                  Recent experience of delivering                  c.v./Interview
                  operational management and
                  evidence of successful
                  Recent experience of                             c.v./Interview
                  influencing and delivering
                  successful service
                  redesign/modernisation projects
                  Handling of press, media and
                  public relations in both complex
                  and simple situations
                  Working with clinical teams and                  c.v./Interview
                  senior colleagues towards
                  introducing and managing
                  Exercising sound leadership
                  and utilising effective inter-                   c.v./Interview
                  personal relationships
                  Direct involvement in all aspects                c.v./Interview
                  of Clinical Governance at a
                  Directorate or Senior
                  Management level

  CATEGORY               CRITERIA                  ASSESSMENT       HOW
                                                     SCORE        ASSESSED

              Excellent oral, written,                          c.v./Interview
              presentational and
              communication skills at all

SKILLS,       Proven ability in managing                        Interview
ABILITIES &   operational performance in
KNOWLEDGE     achieving key targets
              Proven ability in service
              redesign and development in
              providing high quality care and
              treatment to patients                             Interview

              Able to demonstrate effective
              working relationships at all
              levels and involving external
              partners, such as PCTs/SHA,
              local Authority and members of                    Interview
              the public

              Ability to critically analyse and
              communicate ideas clearly and
              concisely within the
              organisation especially when                      Interview
              handling complex situations

              Demonstrate effective skills in
              chairing meetings and in
              negotiating and influencing                       Interview
              behaviour and practices

              Knowledge of project
              management techniques in                          Interview
              service development and

              The ability to think creatively in                Interview
              identifying innovative solutions
              to organisational development
              In-depth knowledge of all
              current health service issues

   CATEGORY                      CRITERIA                 ASSESSMENT               HOW
                                                            SCORE              ASSESSED
                      A comprehensive                                        Interview
                      understanding of how a
                      successful acute trust functions

                      Able to exercise strategic vision
                      in the future planning of

Total short listing score:

For the purposes of short listing candidates will be scored against the criteria set out on
page 1 covering education, qualification, training and experience. A maximum score of
3 points will be awarded where the criteria are met in full, 2 points where it is
significantly met and 1 point where it is partially met. No points will be awarded if the
criteria are not met. Candidates with the highest scores will be selected for interview.


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