Electronics by arieftm89


									               Electronics: useful or harmful?
People have different views about electronics. Some say they are very useful but for other they
are nothing but useless.In my view electronics are harmful as well as useful. Wondering about
this statement of mine that how can electronics be harmful, let me explain this.

Electronics are non-biodegradable materials which means that bacteria doesnot do action on
these materials. Many electronics use silicon chips which are not usually recycled in many
countries. Electronics have made us lazy, we spend hours using computers, mobiles and things
like that. Even sundays have become for us "Donot Disturb Days", as on these days we spend
most of our time using facebook, internet, etc.. instead of going out and doing exercise. Another
great disadvantage of electronics is rapidly increasing throughout the world. Whenever a new
technology is invented just few minths later it is replaced by the new one. People spend a lot of
money buying that new technology but very soon a new one comes and then they spend huge
amount on that. This thing is increasing world wide because the time after which the new
technology arrives in the market is decreasing and every country and every company try their
utmost to provide the best and latest to the people and for this they keep on inventing new

The advantages of electronics are that they have reduced human effort and have made our life
easier. We are able to talk to our friends and family members thousands of miles away only due
to these elctronics. We are able to earn money just by sitting at home and by working whenever
we want. We are even able to learn at our home. We can send money, do online shopping and
many other things only because of electronics. We can pass our time with the help of electronics
whenever we are getting bored. When we visit different websites on internet and do many other
jobs we learn a lot and our bain becomes more sharp.

In the end I would like to conclude that electronics have many uses but side by side they are
useless as well.

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