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									Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers
                                                                   Information            Assess learning              Communication          Co-create                    Bloom’s
                                       What you want to                                   Will this tool               & interaction                                       Allows what
                                                                   Transfer                                                                   content
            What you want to
            use (technology)

                                      achieve (pedagogy)
                                                                   Is it a tool for       allow you to                 Can it be used for     Can you & your               thinking order?
                                                                   disseminating          assess your                  communication &        students                     •Remember
                                                                   information from       students’                    interaction            collaborate &                •Understand
                                                                   you to your            learning?                    among                  create content               •Apply
                                        Ease of use
                                                                   students?                                           participants           together?                    •Analyse
                                        How easy can this
                                                                                                                       (you & your                                         •Evaluate
                                        be set up by you?
                                                                                                                       students)?                                          •Create

Add Resource                            Easy, like an email       Yes. Only teachers      Maybe. Use to                No. It’s a             Maybe. Use to                None.
Upload a file                           attachment. But           can upload files to     give task. Collect           distribution tool.     give task. Collect           This is not a
(Word Document/                         can your doc              course site. So         student files                No option for          student files                learning activity,
PowerPoint)                             stand on its own?         definitely a push-      through Forum or             interaction or         through Forum or             but information
                                                                  tool.                   Assignment.                  communication.         Assignment.                  transfer.

Add Resource                            Easy, find the web        Very easy way of        Not directly.                Maybe. Link to         Maybe. You can               6/6
Link to a web page                      address (aka url –        leading students        Option is to link to         external tools eg      link to external             Can do all of the
                                        the bit that starts       to information.         external student             Google Calendar,       collaborative sites          above, depending
                                        with http://), copy       Can link directly to    e-portfolios or              groups, blogs or       e.g. Google Docs,            on where you link
                                        it, paste it.             database articles.      blogs.                       wikis.                 wikis or blogs.              to.

News Forum                              Easy. It’s a              Yes. Include            No. The News                 You can start new      Limited because              2/6
Use to send out                         standard forum ,          course updates,         Forum is limited.            topics. Students       students cannot              Not strictly
course                                  already set up in         encouragement,          Students cannot              respond. Great for     start new topics.            learning activity.
announcements                           your course.              timely links, etc.      post new topics.             establishing           Tip: Set up                  Test readiness for
                                                                                                                       course rhythm.         another Forum.               next class? R & U

Discussion Forum                        Easy. Forum has           Share resources         Forum is versatile           Yes. Students          Yes. Students can            5/6
Use for many                            usable default            as links or files.      & allows this, e.g.          communicate with       collaborate &                Understand,
types of learning                       settings. A name          High message            design a formative           you & peers.           explore topics,              Apply, Analyse,
activities *                            & description is          volume? Risk of         assessment                   Interact as a class    discuss them &               Evaluate, Create
                                        enough.                   losing info.            activity.                    or in groups.          write together.

Wiki                                    Tricky. Decide on         Yes. Use as             Wiki is versatile &          Not suited for         Yes. Students can            5/6
Use for many                            individual & group        information site.       allows this, e.g.            discussions. Use in    collaborate &                Understand,
types of learning                       settings. Has             Allow editing only      design a formative           brainstorming,         explore topics,              Apply, Analyse,
activities                              some quirks. Get          by teachers or by       assessment                   planning, collabo-     discuss them &               Evaluate, Create
                                        some training.            any participant.        activity.                    rative writing,…       write together.

Glossary                                Default settings          Use glossary to         Glossary is                  Not suited for         Only original                5/6
Use for learning                        are good. Try to          define terms or         versatile & allows           discussions.           author can edit an           Understand,
activities that                         set it so the             present info.           this. But you need           Students can read      entry. Class can             Apply, Analyse,
gather resources                        author’s name is          Better yet, let the     to design the right          other entries &        collect reviews,             Evaluate, Create
or present info                         shown.                    students add to it.     learning activity.           comment or rate.       resources, etc

Quiz                                    Tricky & takes             The quiz is aimed      Quiz can be timed            No. Tip: Use           No. Tip: Use                 6/6
Use to assess                           time. Set up quiz,        at assessment,          & secure. Has                forums instead.        forums or wikis              Can test all 6 but
learning,                               then questions.           not as distribution     essay, mc, true/                                    instead.                     this requires you
formative or                            Consider your             channel. Tip: use       false, matching, &                                                               to be creative in
summative.                              categories.               as self-test.           other questions.                                                                 your assessment.

Lesson                                  It can be tricky to       Great for               Yes, allows                  No this is an          No this is an                6/6
Use for presenting                      set up, make sure         presenting              grading. Use as              individual activity,   individual activity,         Can test all 6 but
branched info or                        you plan the              information in a        branched quiz,               not a group            not a group                  this requires you
testing                                 lesson first. Worth       branched, guided        scenario, case               activity.              activity.                    to be creative in
                                        the effort.               way.                    study, role play.                                                                your assessment.

Assignment                              Easy. Choose from         No. The                 Yes. Set due dates           No. Only allows        No. Currently it             6/6
Use to collect,                         4 types. Both             assignment tool is      & maximum                    very limited           does not allow               Indirectly.
assess & provide                        online & offline          not a distribution      grades. Collect              interaction            group                        Depends on your
feedback on                             assignments are           channel.                assignments and              between teacher        assignments. Use             assessment
assignments                             possible.                                         provide feedback.            & student.             forum or wiki .              design.

Database                                Tricky to set up.         Can be used for         Database is                  Not suited for         Students can                 5/6
Allow students to                       Know what you             teacher to present      versatile & allows           discussions.           share info & files           Understand,
collect, share &                        want before you           info, but better to     this. But you need           Students can read      in searchable way.           Apply, Analyse,
search created                          build. Get some           let the students        to design the right          other entries &        Create joint                 Evaluate, Create
artifacts                               training.                 add to it.              learning activity.           comment or rate.       collections.

Great fit
                                        How to use this guide                              *Be creative with Discussion Forums                Need more Moodle help?
                                        Are you a teacher new to Moodle? Use this          It doesn’t always have to be an in-depth           •Moodle community at
                                        guide to pick the right tool for the job.          class discussion. Other activity ideas: class      •Download Using Moodle book (it’s free!)
Can work w/ some                        •Know which tool you want to use? Follow           debate, team discussions, report weekly            •@lasic’s 2 Minute Moodles videos
learning design                         its row across to see its strengths &              project findings, web quests, role play &          •@moodleman blog:
                                        weaknesses.                                        feedback, gather resources & reviews,              •Go meet your friendly e-learning, flexible
                                        •Know what you want to achieve? Pick a             assessment support, Helpline, NZ’s Got             learning or educational technology team.
Not best tool for                       column and follow it to see which tool will        Talent (use the rating), rotated student-led       Buy them a coffee!
the job                                 help you do it.                                    discussions, weekly magazine,…

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