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					                            OVER VU                                                                A NEWSLETTER FOR PARENTS AND FAMILIES

                                                                                                                                Spring 2007

          Houston Parents Enjoy Vanderbilt Camaraderie
                                                      By Laura and Tom Bellows
                                                               Parents of
                                                Jack Bellows, Engineering, Class of 2007
                                               Steven Bellows, Engineering, Class of 2009

           e think this type of event is very
           important to build a community
           of Vanderbilt support in Hous-
ton,” say Collier and Richard Blades, par-
ents of Becky Blades, ’09. “The parents
enjoy being able to share and learn from
the other parents, and it helps us to see our
students from other perspectives and see
more of the whole picture of campus life.”
     Kay and Dan English, parents of El-
len English, ’07, and Tom and I agree.
We three families were delighted to co-
host and be among the 72 Houston area
parents who gathered at the Bayou Club
on a balmy February evening for refresh-
ments, conversation and to hear from our
guest speaker, Dr. Mark Bandas, Associ-
ate Provost and Dean of Students. Also                    Richard & Collier Blades, Tom & Laura Bellows, Dean of Students
welcoming parents on behalf of Vanderbilt                     Mark Bandas, Suzanne Thigpen, and Dan & Kay English
were Board Trustee Gene Vaughan and                tor of the Parents and Family Programs           fellow parents, we were privileged to hear
wife, Susan, and Suzanne Thigpen, Direc-           Office. Suzanne coordinated the planning         Dr. Bandas speak about the school’s goal
                                                   of the reception and made hosting easy           to “meet our children’s high expectations
             What’s Inside
                                                   for us by taking care of the major tasks         of themselves and of Vanderbilt.” Citing
                                                   such as sending out invitations, receiving       impressive recent statistics, he confirmed
   2........ Working Towards Professional
                                                   responses and arranging for our speaker.         that Vanderbilt is “admitting and retain-
                                                      “Everyone seemed very pleased with the        ing the best students in the country, and
   3........ Academics & Athletics:                experience their child was having at Van-        recruiting and retaining outstanding fac-
             The Total Package                     derbilt,” say Kay and Dan English. “It was       ulty.” Vanderbilt is also dedicated to fos-
   4........ Family Weekend from a                 a great opportunity for parents to meet or       tering faculty-student relationships, the
             Freshman Parent’s Point of View       become reacquainted with other area Van-         third piece to a successful undergraduate
                                                   derbilt parents. Those parents often pass        experience, through many innovative pro-
   5........ Yunus to Receive Nichols-
             Chancellor’s Medal                    along tips about aspects of Vanderbilt (study    grams such as the Commons dorm pro-
                                                   abroad, Maymester, graduation activities)        gram planned for 2008 freshmen. Dr. Ban-
   7........ Parent and Family Association
                                                   that another parent might not be aware of.”      das updated us on the residential housing
             Advisory Board
                                                          In addition to comparing notes with       program in general and, in closing, shared
   8........ Key Dates to Remember
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                                                          OverVU       Spring 2007
Parents Gather in Houston                                                                     WorkingTowards
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his experience of participating in January’s
Freedom Rides where “150 students, facul-
                                               If you are a Vanderbilt parent and you would    Professional
                                               like to host a Vanderbilt parents event in
ty and staff from Vanderbilt, TSU, Fisk and
American Baptist College filled four buses
                                               your area, please contact Suzane Thigpen,
                                               Director for Parents and Family Programs,
and retraced segments of the 1961 Freedom      for more information at 615-343-7370 or
Rides.” Dr. Bandas graciously talked with      e-mail at                 By Robin Lebovitz
parents before and after his comments.                                                                     Career Center

       Beyond the reception, Collier is fur-
                                                                                                      his academic year, the Vanderbilt
ther connecting Vanderbilt parents in the
                                                                                                      Career Center (VCC) staff succeed-
Houston area by starting a “lunch bunch”
                                                                                                      ed in forming stronger partnerships
in March for those interested in meeting
                                                                                              on and off campus, expanding recruitment,
occasionally for lunch and conversation
                                                                                              bridging career education and job place-
about Vanderbilt and our children. She
                                                                                              ment, and developing new career program
will also keep participants apprised of im-
portant upcoming school dates. Over 30
                                                                                                 “We are trying hard to prepare our stu-
parents signed up for the lunch bunch at
                                                                                              dents even better for the world of work,”
the reception, and Houston area parents
                                                                                              Associate Provost Sandler asserted. “This
who were unable to attend the event and
                                                                                              preparation means more mock interviews,
wish to be included in the group may e-
                                                                                              more targeted ‘boot camps’, and more in-
mail Collier at Also
                                                                                              formation sessions about a given industry.
welcome are parents whose children
                                                                                              In all of these cases, the help of parents and
have just been accepted to Vanderbilt.
                                                                                              alumni is needed and welcome.”
      Collier sums it up for all of us who
                                                                                                 Attributed to Vanderbilt’s success in get-
think it’s important to be active members
                                                                                              ting its students hired, employers such as
of the VU Parent and Family Association:
                                                                                              Goldman Sachs have designated Vanderbilt
“As parents, we still want to be connected
                                                                                              as a “core school.” Companies that chose
to our children even while they are away
                                                                                              Vanderbilt as a “core school” may have a
at college. The Vanderbilt parent group
                                                                                              greater presence on-campus, offer top pri-
is a support group, information group and
                                                                                              ority hiring, and even boost opportunities
a fun social group to enhance the com-
                                                                                              available to students.
plete family approach to raising children.”
                                                                                                 Career Center professionals advocate
                                                                                              the importance of internships in prepara-
                                                                                              tion for professional success. In some in-
                                                                                              dustries, the pre-graduation internship is
                                                                                              an important part of the hiring process. In
                                                                                              fact, the National Association of Colleges
                                                                                              and Employer’s “2006 Experiential Educa-
                                                                                              tion Survey” states, “Employers reported
                                                                                              62.5 percent of their college hires came to
                                                                                              them with internship experience and over
                                                                                              one-quarter (26 percent) had co-op expe-
                                                                                              rience.” The College of Arts and Sciences
                                                                                              responded to a greater need for experiential
                                                                                              education and created ASI: Vanderbilt as a
                                                                                              clearinghouse for students to achieve their
                                                                                              internship goals and earn credits. The ASI:
                                                                                              Vanderbilt web site offers information at
                                                                                                 Parents interested in helping their stu-
                                                                                              dents can view tips at our web site and sign up
                                                                                              to receive the Weekly e-mail to learn about
           Students Gather for Career Advice at the Career Center                                                     Continued on page 6

                                                     OverVU       Spring 2007
            Vanderbilt University: Academics & Athletics
                         The Total Package
                                                        By Mona Hicks
                                           Senior Director for Student Campus Events

     n February, Vanderbilt had seven
     teams ranked in the Top 25 --- Base-
     ball, Women’s Basketball, Men’s Bas-
ketball, Women’s Bowling, Women’s Ten-
nis, Women’s Golf and Women’s Lacrosse.
In March, Women’s Basketball won the
SEC Tournament Championship, and both
Men’s and Women’s teams advanced to
the NCAA Tournament, #6 and #2 seeds,
respectively. To add, Baseball has been
ranked #1 for over a month. In the media,
Vandy was featured in a full-page article
in the USA Today by Tom Weir entitled,
Vanderbilt is a big winner after reforms.
Plus, Chancellor Gee and Vanderbilt were
featured in the Costas Now program de-
but discussing the state of today’s student
athlete and our emphasis on the student.
    Who would have thought that after all
of the criticism and speculation stemming
from the announcement on September 9,
2003 by Chancellor Gee, stating that all                                Vanderbilt’s Women’s Bowling Team
activities and facilities within Vanderbilt
Athletics would be integrated into the Uni-     we have added a new women’s swimming               What do you get when you combine one of
versity administrative structure, no longer     team and coach to the family in a very com-     the world’s great universities and one of the
functioning as a separate entity within the     petitive conference. It is too early to tally   country’s most successful sports programs?
institution, would have arisen quite this       all of the individual student achievements,        Vanderbilt University: Academics &
way? “Nothing short of a revolution will        but senior Garnetta Holloway is defending       Athletics --- The Total Package
stop what has become a crisis of conscience     SEC Heptathlon Champion, junior Taka
and integrity for colleges and universi-        Bertrand was the 2006 SEC Tennis Player
ties in this country.” --- Chancellor Gee.      of the Year, sophomore Earl Bennett and
     To the onlooker, the administrative        junior Jonathan Goff are All-America can-           SAVE THE DATE!
changes of the new structure had no vis-        didates in football, and senior golfer Luke
ible outcomes and were mostly operational       List is a three-time All American and made
ones --- autonomy and empowerment of            the Masters cut in 2005, just to name a few.      FAMILY WEEKEND 2007
coaches, formal alignment with the over-        There is still so much competition left!             September 28-30
all university structure, and a rejuvenated          More importantly, all of the above
fundraising endeavor. But, these types of       accomplishments were done in concert
strategic initiatives don’t make headlines.     with stellar academic achievements. 164                Questions about
However, our programs certainly do with         student athletes were named to the SEC
leading coaches and amazing student ath-        Academic Honor Roll in 2005-06, and
                                                                                                      Family Weekend?
letes. Being #1 in the nation means having      we continue to boast a 92% graduation                      Call the
a #1 baseball coach. Women’s bowling,           success rate among our student athletes.          Parents & Family Programs
ranked #2 in the nation, just secured Vander-   “We will not engage in the arms race. We
bilt’s first national championship in April.    will strive to give our student athletes a                 Office at
To add, women’s soccer just finished two        complete college experience, and we will               1-877-887-2736
back-to-back NCAA appearances. Plus,            win.” --- Vice Chancellor David Williams

                                                      OverVU        Spring 2007
                                      Family Weekend from a Freshman
                                           Parent’s Point of View
                                                                 By Mary Ann Teruya
                                                        Parent of Richard Teruya, Class of 2010

                                            s soon as our son mailed his deci-     ing and rafting stories and all the groups
                                            sion for Vandy, an old friend called   he had joined. We took him out to lunch
                                            and told me to make air and hotel      and he told us more. He told us he had his
                                   reservations for Move-In and Family Week-       own lunch lady who takes very good care
                                   end. She even knew the dates. You see,          of him. It sounded like they take care of
                                   my friend Dorothy Snowden comes from a          him like a mother or grandmother would.
                                   whole family of Vandy alums. Her nephew         He talked about his Japanese big brother
                                   plays center for the football team and her      and his new church. We learned that he
                                   daughter, Emily, was an incoming fresh-         and another engineering student found
                                   man. Although we had not seen each other        Emily’s room a great place to study be-
                                   in more than six years, she was determined      cause Mama Snowden sends great snacks.
                                   to make our son’s entry successful and bring       Vitamin Water, Cliff Bars, and other es-
                                   our family into the Vandy fold. Her enthu-      sentials were purchased. A coat would be
                                   siasm and excitement over the opportuni-        needed soon but shopping was brief (as is
                                   ties afforded Vandy students and families       typical of male shopping) and unsuccess-
                                   were inspiring, comforting, and practical.      ful. He did, however, let us know that
                                      For Family Weekend, we took a 4:00           he needed a bow tie (thanks Chancellor
                                   AM shuttle to the airport and arrived in        Gee). His phone rang frequently and he
                                   Nashville by 8:30 AM. Thank goodness            always smiled when he heard the callers.
                                   for Southwest Airlines and direct flights.         Dinner Friday evening was a reunion
                                   This was our first chance to hear and           with Dorothy’s family. Emily and Rich-
                                   see how things were going with our first        ard had been in 4th grade together in
                                   born and we were anxious to get there.          Kentucky. Although they moved to At-
                                      While Richard was in class, we regis-        lanta and we to Delaware, we had stayed
                                   tered, attended some of the meetings and        in touch. It was great to see Richard
                                   got a snack at Rand. The meetings were          and Emily treating each other almost
                                   great but we enjoyed Rand more. It was          as siblings and obviously, both enjoy-
                                   impossible to go through the lines with-        ing the Vanderbilt freshman experience.
                                   out noticing how nice the food service             Dropping him at the dorm Friday night
                                   workers were to the students. The stu-          was interesting. It was his home and his
                                   dents obviously liked the food and vir-         new family was waiting for him. Some-
                                   tually no student was alone. This was a         how leaving him at the dorm was much
                                   very happy and well fed group of people.        easier than when we left him at orientation.
                                      When you have a son, you don’t get              Saturday included breakfast, the book-
                                   a lot of information on the telephone. If       store and more meetings. Richard took
                                   it wasn’t for the telephone bill we would       off to study while we went to the Parents
                                   think he was allergic to his phone. Thus,       and Family Association Advisory Board
                                   we came to see him, listen to him, and stock    luncheon. We had no idea what to expect.
                                   him up on essentials. As a parent you learn     How could we have anything to share? We
                                   to size up your son’s condition from thirty     were new to having a child in college and
 Vanderbilt’s Men’s and Women’s    paces and before they even speak. What a        we were new to Vanderbilt. Our role soon
Basketball Teams advanced to the   relief to see that he was not only in good      became clear. This was a college that want-
 NCAA tournaments this Spring      shape physically, but he was also peaceful      ed to hear from parents and was willing to
                                   and happy. Then he began to speak. The          tackle the tough questions head-on. Chan-
                                   words poured out. He told us of new and         cellor Gee hit on all the key concerns of
                                   fascinating friends from other parts of the     parents and shared his vision for Vanderbilt.
                                   country and the world. There were camp-                                Continued on Page 6

                                         OverVU       Spring 2007
               Yunus to Receive                                                                    Village People
           Nichols-Chancellor’s Medal                                                               to Headline
   2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner will speak during Senior Class Day
                               By Jim Patterson
              Reprinted by Permission from the Vanderbilt Register
          anderbilt University will award its     turn visions into practical actions for the
          second Nichols-Chancellor’s Med-        benefit of millions of people, not only in
          al and a $100,000 prize on May 10       Bangladesh but also in many other coun-        Reprinted by Permission from the
to Muhammad Yunus, a Vanderbilt alumnus           tries,” said Ole Danbolt Mjos, chairman               Vanderbilt Register
and winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.         of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, dur-

    “It is with great joy that we anticipate      ing the Nobel ceremony in December.
                                                                                                         he Village People, the 1970s music
the return of Muhammad Yunus to Vander-           “There are now micro-credit programs in
                                                                                                         group that became a worldwide sen-
bilt for his first visit since he won the Nobel   nearly 100 countries all over the world.”
                                                                                                         sation during disco’s heyday with
Peace Prize,” said Vanderbilt Chancellor             The      Nichols-Chancellor’s     Medal
                                                                                                 such hits as “Y.M.C.A.,” “Macho Man”
Gordon Gee. “The Nichols-Chancellor’s             was created and endowed by Vanderbilt
                                                                                                 and “In the Navy,” will headline the an-
Medal is meant to exemplify the best qual-
                                                                                                 nual Commencement kickoff celebration
ities of the human spirit, and the accom-
                                                                                                 “The Party”. The outdoor event is sched-
plishments of Muhammad Yunus are a tre-
                                                                                                 uled from 9 p.m. to midnight Wednesday,
mendous example for all of us. His story
                                                                                                 May 9. Previous headliners have included
is a dramatic example of how one person
                                                                                                 Little Richard and Kool & The Gang. The
with a great idea can impact the world.”
                                                                                                 Party will be held rain or shine on Peabody
    Yunus developed the concept of micro-
                                                                                                 Mall. One complimentary ticket will be
credit and founded the Grameen Bank,
                                                                                                 sent to each graduating student at his or
which has improved the lives of millions
                                                                                                 her local address. Additional guests tickets
in his native Bangladesh through small
                                                                                                 are $20 each. Tickets are not required for
loans to fund enterprises and buy livestock.
                                                                                                 children 12 and under. To purchase tick-
    Yunus will accept the award when he
                                                                                                 ets, visit party.
visits Vanderbilt on May 10 to serve as
the keynote speaker for Senior Class Day.
He will speak at 10 a.m. on Alumni Lawn.
    Yunus earned a Ph.D. in economics at
Vanderbilt in 1971 through the Graduate
Program in Economic Development. The                                                              Commencement 2007
Grameen (which means “rural” in Bengali)
Bank began in the village of Jobra in 1976,
                                                                                                      May 9-11
                                                            Muhammad Yunus
when Yunus lent $27 to 42 self-employed
                                                  Law School graduate Ed Nichols and his
crafts workers. He reasoned that if money
                                                  wife, Janice, in honor of Edward Car-
                                                                                                     For a detailed listing of
were made available to poor people on ap-
propriate and reasonable terms, “these mil-       mack and Lucile Hamby Nichols. Last              Commencement activities
lions of small people with their millions of      year, first lady Laura Bush accepted the                please visit the
small pursuits can add up to create the big-      first Nichols-Chancellor’s Medal on be-
gest development wonder.” The Grameen             half of rescue workers who responded              Commencement Office
Bank has since loaned nearly $6 billion to        to natural disasters around the world.                   web page at
                                                      Senior Class Day is held the day before
6.61 million borrowers, and 99 percent of
                                                  Vanderbilt’s annual Commencement cer-
the loans have been repaid. The bank pro-
vides services in more than 71,000 villag-        emony. It begins with the traditional Senior           commencement
es in Bangladesh through 2,226 branches.          Walk through the main gates of the universi-                or call
    In October 2006, the Nobel                    ty, followed by a program on Alumni Lawn.
Peace Prize was awarded joint-                        Students, faculty and staff can reserve             866-388-4723
ly to Yunus and the Grameen Bank.                 free tickets for the Yunus speech at the            for more information
    “Muhammad Yunus has shown him-                Commencement site,
self to be a leader who has managed to            commencement/.

                                                        OverVU       Spring 2007
Familypage 4   Weekend
                                               the student section and started over to meet   nity, many social and academic opportuni-
                                               the Attingers. I will never forget watch-      ties were provided. As a wise friend told
Continued from                                 ing him climb the stadium steps. He had        Richard, you can chose to live your col-
                                               only been at Vandy for about six weeks         lege experience in your dorm room play-
No smoke and mirrors, no double talk----       and he looked like a politician greeting       ing video games or you can chose to be-
just the facts. We were impressed with the     his public. His smile was wide and he          come involved in as many academic and
goals of the group and humbled to take part.   kept stopping to chat or meet a parent. We     social activities to make your college life
   Meanwhile, Richard received a call          will always believe God stacked the deck       a wonderful experience. Thanks Vandy.
from Elise, another friend from San An-        on Richard’s walk up so that we could see
tonio. She told him to come to her room        clearly his personal growth and that this
and her Dad would fix his back. Sure           indeed was where he was supposed to be.
enough, her Dad had him stretch first             After dinner with the Attingers, Rich-
and then he twisted him until his back         ard decided to stay with us for the night.
popped back into alignment. Now he             We would be leaving at 5 a.m. and the
has a Mom and Dad from San Antonio.            thought of a queen size bed and a pri-
   We dropped by Dorothy’s family tail-        vate bathroom till noon sold him on the
gate to meet her parents and the rest of the   idea. For us, it was almost easy to leave
family and then off to the game. Richard       him the next morning. He was home and
went to the student section and we to our      needed to get back to his new life. So we
seats. By the end of the first quarter, old    left him sleeping and slipped out the door.
friends from Baton Rouge were on the              As we look back at the first two months
phone trying to find us in the stadium. We     of life at Vandy, we are ecstatic. We, like
had lived in Atlanta and Santa Monica,         most parents, were concerned about the
CA, at the same times. We have great pic-      social and academic challenges that our
tures of their daughter Elise (now a Vandy     son would experience on his next stage
sophomore) and Richard playing together
                                                                                              Chancellor Gee signs an autograph
                                               in his life. Thanks to the Vandy commu-        for a parent during Family Weekend
between the ages of 1 and 4. Richard left

Professional Success, Continued from page 2
Career Center programs at http://www.          that is not available online or in print.      tools, career advisers offer the most valu-     Weekly        The VCC also provides students with         able guidance. Each adviser focuses his or
e-mails keep the Vanderbilt community          databases of companies, job listings, and      her skills on counseling particular groups of
informed of hiring application deadlines,      alumni which are accessible from any           majors in order to provide the greatest ser-
company information announcements, and         computer. The VCC urges students to be-        vice possible to all Vanderbilt students. For
updates on current and upcoming events         come familiar with the following search-       more information, please contact the Career
such as on-campus interviews and career        able sites early in their academic careers:    Center Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm.
fairs. Parents can also help by encouraging    • CareerLink: a web-based college recruit-
their employers to open up internship and      ing platform that interfaces students with
hiring opportunities to Vanderbilt students.   recruiters and Career Center programs.                     Contact the VCC
   Internships are only part of the ca-        • CareerSearch: a powerful network-
reer planning process. The Career Cen-         ing database of over 4 million compa-                   310 25th Avenue South,
ter encourages students and parents to         nies nationwide, compiled from the most                        Suite 220
familiarize themselves with the career         respected, industry-specific sources.                    Nashville, TN 37240
planning process by reading The Career         • Dore2Dore: a database of alumni who
Planning Guide (CPG) online at http://         serve as career resources to their VU                 Telephone: 615-322-2750            fellows. Alumni contact information is
guide/. Online career guidance can help        searchable by career field and city. Stu-                Fax: 615-343-4448
the student begin the process. Addition-       dents may contact Dore2Dore volun-                 E-mail:
ally, professional career advisers supple-     teers to conduct informational interviews          Website:
ment online activities with one-on-one         and locate opportunities to network.
advising and offer additional assistance          Finally, with all the use of high tech

                                                     OverVU       Spring 2007
                     2006-2007 Parents and Family Association Advisory Board

The Office of Parents and Family Programs would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the
                 following members of the 2006-2007 Parents and Family
  Association Advisory Board. We appreciate all that you do for Vanderbilt on behalf of
                         the parents of our undergraduate students.

Arnold and Arlene Cooper, Outgoing Co-Chairs (06-07)                 Jay and Pam Sottolano, Incoming Co-Chairs (07-08)
Covington, LA                      Barrett, A&S 2007                 Tariffville, CT               Christen, A&S 2009

•    Tom and Laura Bellows     Jack, Engineering 2007            •    Dr. R. Craig and Sara Kuykendall
     Houston, TX             Steven, Engineering 2009                 Ocala, FL                  Kathryn, Peabody 2008
•    Michael and Laura Donnelly                                                             Matthew, Engineering 2010
     University Park, MD          Drew, Peabody 2008             •    Lawrence Muenz and Judith Meritz
•    Gary and Willia Doss                                             Washington D.C.         Jeremy, Engineering 2008
     Nashville, TN                  Charity, A&S 2008            •    Scott Nathan
•    Sandra Fetuga                                                    Franklin, MA                     Adam, A&S 2009
     Nashville, TN                Khadijah, A&S 2006             •    Paul and Frances Rubacha
•    Tom and Dr. Mary Kay Finan                                       New York, NY          Elizabeth, Peabody 2010
     Cumberland, MD               Kelly, Peabody 2008            •    Jim and Brenda Shirley
•    Jay and Terri Goldsmith                                          Atlanta, GA                         Joe, A&S 2007
     New Orleans, LA              Leighton, A&S 2010                                                Kate, Peabody 2010
•    Steve and Arleen Grushkin                                   •    Olin and Nancy Shivers
     New Canaan, CT               Jonathan, A&S 2009                  Tampa, FL                   Mackenzie, Blair 2007
•    Elizabeth Hahnfeldt                                         •    Dale and Mary Ann Teruya
     Nashville, TN              Bryant, Peabody 2009                  Hockessin, DE         Richard, Engineering 2010
•    Pat Karlsson                                                •    Tom and Kathy Thompson
     Alexandria, VA                    Lee, A&S 2009                  Cookeville, TN                Graham, A&S 2007
•    Dr. John Kleeman and Gayle Christmas                        •    William and Betty Thompson
     Klamath Falls, OR            Kellianne, A&S 2009                 Orinda, CA                    William, A&S 2008
•    Spencer Kravitz and Ronnie Greenstein                                                         Kelly, Peabody 2010
     Manhasset Hills, NY               Evan, A&S 2009            •    Lee VanKirk
                                       Ariel, A&S 2010                Wellesley, MA             Chris, Engineering 2007

           New Leadership in the Parents & Family Programs Office
                                        Suzanne Thigpen was promoted to Di-
                                        rector of Parents and Family Programs
                                        in January. Before relocating to Nash-
                                        ville and being hired by Vanderbilt in
                                        September, 2005, she worked for five
                                        years at the University of Mississippi in
                                        admissions and pre-college programs.
                                        In March, Susan Starcher accepted the po-
                                        sition of Assistant Director and for the last
                                        four and half years, Susan served Vander-
                                        bilt as Activities Coordinator for Interna-
                                        tional Advancement. They bring enthu-
                                        siasm and organization to every task, an
                                        openness to new ideas, a great team ethic,
    Suzanne Thigpen, Director           and are willing to go the extra mile for         Susan Starcher, Asst. Director
    Parents & Family Programs           our students, their parents and families.         Parents & Family Programs

                                              OverVU       Spring 2007
                                      Vanderbilt University
    Calendar Highlights               Parents & Family Programs
                                                                                             NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                              U.S. POSTAGE

       Summer                         Physical Location: 1010 Lupton
                                      Basement of Branscomb Quadrangle
                                                                                               Nashville, TN
        00                          VU Station B #351627
                                      2301 Vanderbilt Place
                                                                                              Permit No. 1460

                                      Nashville, TN 37235-1627
     May , Saturday
  Residence halls open for May
       Session at 2 p.m.

      May , Sunday
 Residence halls close at 1 p.m.
       except for Seniors

      May , Monday
   May Session classes begin

   May 9-, Wed.-Fri.
  Commencement Celebration

    May , Saturday
Residence halls close at 1 p.m. for

      June , Friday
   May Session examinations;
      May Session ends

    June , Saturday
  Residence halls close for May             July 0, Tuesday                   Suzanne Thigpen, Director
       Session at 9 a.m.               Second-half Summer Session begins      Susan Starcher, Asst. Director

      June , Sunday                        August 0, Friday                   Parents & Family Programs
Residence halls open at Noon for        Second-half and full-term Summer
                                                Session ends                       Vanderbilt University
   first-half Summer Session
                                                                                1010 Lupton (Basement of
     June , Tuesday                      August , Saturday                    Branscomb Quadrangle)
    First-half and full Summer          Residence halls close at 9 a.m. for        VU Station B 351627
          Sessions begin                 second-half Summer Session             Nashville, TN 37235-1627

       July , Friday                     August , Saturday                 Parent Helpline 1-877-887-2736
 First-half Summer Session ends         Residence halls open at 8 a.m. for
                                        new students; orientation begins           Office 615-343-7370
     July , Saturday
Residence halls close at 9 a.m. for     August 9, Wednesday           
   first-half Summer Session                      Classes begin       

      July , Sunday
Residence halls open at Noon for         Find out what’s happening at Vanderbilt with the
 second-half Summer Session                             University Calendar
                                                 One click....endless possibilities

                                           OverVU      Spring 2007

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