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					                                                               Date: May 19, 2010
Meeting Minutes                                                Time: Q1
                                                               Quelez III – Rio WGM
         Chairs Ken McCaslin                                       Note Taker(s) Dave Hamill
    Purpose Electronic Services Work Group
  Attendees Ken McCaslin       Bill Braithewaite   Patrick Loyd   Lynn Laakso

Agenda Topics

    1.    Why must we use the WG Web page for meeting minutes?
    2.    Virtual Meeting (VenUGen / Second Life)
    3.    Web Services review with C-Team
    4.    Website Project Update
    5.    Wiki Use Policy – carried over to next Conf Call

Minutes/Conclusions Reached:

Why must we use the WG Web page for meeting minutes
Patrick mentioned that the Wiki does have timestamps and that you can back out changes that may be
made to a Wiki Page. This discussion centered around the conern that minutes on the wiki could be

Modified the bullet point in the presentation to state:
Accessible in a formal location (the Work Group web page <and added the text> “or a link from the Work
        Group web page”
Deleted the bullet point “Permanent residence not on a Wiki”

Modified the slide that indicated how to upload minutes from the wiki to the website to indicate
        that it is optiona. Added text similar to the following: “For those co-chairs that wish to to do
        so….here is how you upload minutes from the Wiki to”

ES WG will socialize these updates in October.

Virtual Meeting (VenUGen / Second Life)
Ed Hammond is proposing this to be adopted.

Patrick asked what are the requirements/reasons to pursue this. What is the advantage of these products
         over Gotomeeting, etc.?
Ken: Better Voip than others;
Bill: Ed claims it has a low footprint, and doesn‟t require much internet bandwidth.

Lynn: The plan is to pilot one of these tools on a Board call in July. Also, the tools offer web, powerpoint
       and voice all at once.

Patrick raised concerns/questions:
We know what problems are we trying to solve? Without identifying this, we won‟t know if we‟re
Ioana: We need web conferencing and we may have outgrown the HL7 770- conference calling too
Patrick: Requirement would be HL7 needs to provide web conferencing.

Web Services review with C-Team
Ken needs to discuss with Chuck Jaffe to discuss future releases to the website given a lack of
        Marketing input. This will occur before the next C-Team call.
Ken is on the agenda for the next C-Team call, which occurs 2 weeks following the Rio WGM.

Website Project Update
The Internal Memberhip and Backoffice Order Entry Phase was released live to production on Friday,
        May 14 .
The result of this launch is that gomembers‟ Q database is now the source of truth for membership data.
        The legacy membership database, Commence, will be updated for next few weeks in case we
        need the data as a back up.
Order Entry will be conducted via gomembers Q backoffice functionality. This replaces the legacy
        Bookstore process that was done via legacy backend tools.
The next phase is to be launched in mid-July. These will be membership area changes to the

To plan for the next release, we‟ll need to recruit testers.
We‟ll also want to have a „pre-release‟ to the TSC and ES WG listserv to check out the user facing
membership front end changes.
Lastly, in the October WGM, we‟ll want to celebrate the front end membership release.

Celebration Ideas: Ioana – shirts;
October presentations to Board, TSC, Wednesday night reception.


Mike Kingery - Investigate configuration or additional software to lock Wiki pages, for the purpose of
locking the minutes.

Lynn - Let PIC know about our changes and have PIC change the Co-chair handbook with the changes
we‟re making.

ES WG to touch base with PIC through the summer months to insure co-chair handbook progress is
being made so that ES WG knows their Next Steps on this topic.

Ioana / Ken – Create a Project Scope Statement for the Web Conferencing need by
Ken - Set up conference calls, beginning June 8 . 3pm Tuesday.
Lynn – May need to move the Online Presence to be June 15 and every other week at 3pm Tuesday.

Next Meeting
Tuesday, June 8 , then every other week.

Approve the Rio WGM meeting Minutes. Really, REALLY review them as we what we discussed was a
very hot topic.

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