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					                                 Our Visit to
                            I   "Barth        "
                                  Searching lor
                                   'L2 'L-~ 1 l2
N     0   71435 18344   6            Aliens

           By   LIZ SMITH

     D.A. wanted to find out if aliens really do exist. 

So we decided to travel 200 years into the future to Planet 

  G889, where the hot new TV show "Earth 2" takes place. 

    Luckily, it'sjust a short plane ride away in Santa Fe, 

New Mexico. We'd heard all sorts of aliens roamed there .... 

                                                           plays Ulysses (U Iy)
                                                           Adair, stopped by
                                                           and invited us to
                                                           his trailer for a
morning,                                                   late lunch .
shivering in the                                           D.A.: On the show,
36-degree                                                  Uly is becom ing
temperature .                                              part Terrian [an
Because of the                                             "Earth 2" alienJ.
cold weather,                                              What do you think
winter sets had                                            about chang ing
been built                                                 into an alien?
inside two huge                                            J.Z.: I think it's
soundstages.                                               pretty coo I. I get
Soundstage A                                               to do a lot of
houses miles                                               Terrian stuff.
and miles of                                               D.A.: What TV­
dusty, copper­                                             show magic can
colored                                                    you tell us about?
underground                                                J.Z.: In the episode
caves;                                                     called "Moon
Soundstage B is filled   maze-like area, loo king     Cross," outcast Terrians
with biospheres and      for aliens. None spotted .   capture me and take me
laboratories. We           Then 8-year-old Joey       to the cave, where there
wandered around the      Zimmennan, who               is a pool of smoke and

   ::Ef yoa have..·t had                                     Kohahave
 a chance to check                                           pol.onoa.
 out "Ea...h 2." he_·.                                       flnge....all•• but
 what we've Ogu._d                                           they·..e little a ..d
 out.ofBa':                                                  c ..te. The Zed a_
   The setup: A gaooup                                       villalno... _ ..tant.
 of colo..i.t. we_                                           who .hoot 0 . . .ight;
 plan..i..g to .ettle 0 . .                                  they have no
 Planet 0889. Thei..                                         _dee......g vid..e •.
 .paceshlp c ..a.hed 0 . .                                     Oh.yeah--the

 the waoo..g .ide of the•• 0
 the colo..l.t. Ifta.t t ..ek      tha..
 5.000 ...Ue. to New Pacifica. the'"
                                           cololl••t. can go I vi.....aI
                                           ..eallty wheneve.. they wa..t •• 0
                                           .o...eti...e. a .cene that look...eal
 InteDded I_di..g .Ite.                    i. ja.t a va d_a.... And we
   The aliens: The Te......... I_k         havell't even told yo.. abo..t the
 like h .._an. cove_d with a c .....t      geo-Iock. alld the ove...ealo...
 of dl...; they paootect the       gove.......e ..t guy alld the d ..ealft
 r..o... dange... The O_ndle... look       pl_e....Well. you'lI j...t have to
 like two-legged dUDO.; thel.. daoool      watch. Taoa.t .... figuring o ..t the
 can C1U'e h UIDe••e •. The        plot i. half the fall!

light. The pool was a       Madison was eating              another planet, where
plastic thing filled with   dinner, I crept up              would you go ?
dry ice. When I was         behind her and made a           J.Z.: I like Venus, but
stepping into the pool , I  big bear-growl, and she         you cou Id never live
had to hold my head high screamed. She' s a loud            there. Me and my friend
because you can't breathe screamer. She thought             Justin (he loves D.A., by
dry ice, 'cause it's        it was a real bear!             the way) are going to be
carbon dioxide.             D.A.: What' s been the          invento rs when we grow
   On the last step, I held most fun thing you've           up, and we're going to
my breath- that's what      done on "Earth 2"?              invent something so you
all the guys who went       J.Z.: I liked doing the         can land on the surface
down there did. Bill,       Clint Eastwood thing in         of Venus.
the camera guy, felt        Virtual Reality [VRJ. I         D.A.: Do you think
light-headed and he         always treasure the             there's life in outer
almost fell backward, but moments that I get to             space?
there were guys behind      wear the V R gear               J.Z.: I believe it.
him to catch him.           'cause I hardly ever            D.A.: If aliens talked to
D.A.: Do you and            get to wear it.                 you, would you answer?
Madison ever play pranks D.A.: Who' s your                  J.Z.: If I saw an alien,
on each other?              favorite a,ien of all time?
                                       l                    I'd run and hide-
J.Z.: One time when we      J.Z.: I don't know ....         unless, of course, it
were filming in Santa       Well , from Star Wars,          looked nice.
Clara, [ California], there I like Chewbacca and              Ju st then lO-year­
were a lot of bears         the Ewok s.                     old J. Madison
around. That night, when D.A.: If you could go to           Wright, who plays True

                                                          DI S N E Y   A   D V E N T U RES 27
Danziger, poked her              O.A.: If they weren ' t    to see all the rings and
head in the doorway and          going to hurt you , and    everything.
asked us to come visit           they were going to bring     Debrah Farentino
her in her school trailer.       you back, would you go?    (who plays Devon Adair,
O.A.: Are you I ike your         J.M.W.: If they weren't    leader of the "Earth 2/1
character, True?                 going to do anything       epedition) is really bu sy,
J.M.W.: No.                                                            so we had to
T rue gets into                                                        talk as we
trouble a lot.                                                         walked quickly
And I don't                                                            from the
get into                                                               biospheres to
trouble. She's                                                         the caves for a
a tomboy, and                                                          photo shoot.
1'm not. But                                                           We told
we both like to                                                        Debrah that
go into neat                                                           every time we
places and                                                             enter the
explore.                                                               caves, we get
D.A.: Joey                                                             lost. She
tells us you're                                                        admitted she
a pretty good                                                          does, too. That
screamer. Is                                                           made us feel
that true?                                                             better.
J.M.W.:                                                                D.A.: What' s
(giggles) Uh ,                                                         your favorite
maybe. I have                                                          "Earth 2"
a lot of                                                               prop?
opportunities                                                          D.F.: The
to scream on                                                           SandRail . It's
the show. But                                                          like a dune
I don't really                                                         buggy or Land
I ike it.                                                              Rover. I think
O.A.: If you met some            weird, maybe. That' s      it's really cool .
al iens, what would you          a maybe .                  O.A.: As a kid, were
ask them before you              O.A.: Would you want       you into sci-fi?
climbed aboard their             to travel to another       D.F.: N 0, but I was into
spacecraft?                      planet?                    science. I was 9 years
J.M.W.: "Are you going           J.M.W.: Probably. I        old when man landed on
to bring me back?                think Mars would be        the moon, so I grew up
Where are we going to            pretty cool. No, I         in the age of NASA.
go? And what's your              changed my mind.           O.A.: Do you think
name? /I                         Saturn , 'cause lid want   you'd like to travel to

another planet?                kind of go across the         they're a lot smarter
D.F.: Oh yeah, to Venus        sky . Now, a shooting         than we are.
and Saturn. I tId be           star or comet shoots          D.A.: Who's your
an adventure . And I'd         down, but never shoots        favorite superhero
love to see Earth from         across. So what was           in real life?
outer space.                                                                A.S.:
D.A.: How                                                                 Batman. See,
about hopping                                                             Batman is
aboard an                                                                 human, he's
alien                                                                    got no
spaceship?                                                               superpowers.
D.F.: I don't                                                            That's pretty
know about                                                                rough, man .
that. I                                                                  And he beats
wouldn't be in                                                           everybody. If
control. I'd                                                              Superman
rather be the                                                            wasn't a
leader than                                                              superhero,
a guest.                                                                 and he was

                                                                         just a human
  , ,                                                                    being, who
       back to                                                           would win?
       the                                                               Batman.
Terrian caves,                                                           D.A.: If yOLi
where we ran                                                             could do
into Antonio                                                             anything in
Sabato, Jr.,                                                             VR , what
who plays pilot                                                          would it be?
Alonzo Solace.                                                           A.S.: I'd love
D.A.: Do you                                                             to put on
think there's                                                            those VR
I ife in outer                                                           glasses and
                                                                 be Batman.
A.S.: Definitely. 
            that? There are things       I 'd take my girlfriend
Without a doubt. 
             that we don't know.          and my son, and be
D.A.: Really? Have you 
       D.A.: Do you think           outta here. You could
seen any aliens? 
             aliens look like us?         come along, too.
A.S.: In Santa Fe, you 
       A.S.: They probably              N a need to ask twi ce,
hear all kinds of stories. 
   look like us only more       Antonio; we're there!
One night, when I was 
        evolved. I think they're         Next we met Clancy
driving toward town, I 
       smarter. If they can fly     Brown, who plays
saw a I ight appear and 
      across the universe,         mechanic John

                                                          D IS N E Y   A D V E N T U RES 29
                                                              D.A.: What's been the
                                                              hardest part about
                                                              working on "Earth 2"?
                                                              C.B.: Getting the job.
                                                              D.A.: What's been the
                                                              best part?
                                                              C.B.: Doing the job .
                                                                    ow it was time
                                                                    for us to leave
                                                                    Planet G889 and
                                                                    all the cast and
                                                              Cl'ew of "Earth 2."
                                                              We hadn't see any real
                                                              aliens, but we did have
                                                              a fabulous time. As
                                                              our plane took off
                                                              from the airport, we
                                                              looked out the window
                                                              and saw a moving light
                                                              in the sky. It wasn't
                                                              an airplane, and it
                                                              didn't look like a star.
                                                              Hmmm .. .wonder what
Danziger. He's very tall         D.A.: What's it like         it was?
and speaks in a quiet            working with Joey and
voice. Clancy took some          Madison?
time out from playing            C.B.: I'm not a dad in
with his dogs, Amy and           real I ife, so it's fun to
Alma, to tal k with us.          practice . Madison is
D.A.: Are you like               the best actress on
your character, John             the show.
Danziger?                        D.A.: Do you believe
C.B.: I look like him.           there's life in outer
D.A.: (laughs) 01<, but          space?
are you mechanically             C.B.: [ haven't seen
skilled like him?                any proof.
C.B.: [ like messing             D.A.: If a spaceship
around, but I'm not              came down to Earth,
good at it. You have to          would you go aboard?
be a genius to fix               C.B.: On Iy if it had
automobiles these days,          cable, so I could watch
and I'm no genius.               baseball.

  C»ne really co ld,          others
dark night, D.A. wanted       hang so low, we had
to scope out the newest       to duc l<. On ce, we
"Earth 2" set, the            bumped our head on
Terrian caves. Joey and       an archway- it was
Madison bravely               hard as a (real) rock!
volunteered to be our         Fortunately for us,
guides. Ducking into         we didn't dent the cave
shadows to hide from         or our heads.
the bright moonlight, we         We contin ued to
snuck onto Stage A of        wander through the
                             endless labyrinth of
                              tu nne ls, caves and
                              chambers. The tunnels
                              run for mi les, but the
                             designers built the entire
                             set in just a few weeks!
                                 The only light came
                              from a few lighting
                              fixtures left behind by the
Garson Studios. When          TV crew. Some of the
the door slammed              caves' walls had glowing
behind us, we crept into veins which contain
the caves. As we              minerals- that's where
entered a tunnel leading the Terrians get their
to the caves, we walked      energy source. When we
very, very slowly. We        touched the veins, they
didn't want to disturb        felt like smooth plastic.
any sleeping                                   Soon, we
Terrians.                                   started
                                  _ =
                           • . ~~t.         coughing from   multi leveled walkways.

                    =.. .
  The caves are
made of plaster       =:            -       the dust we     We'd had enough of
and painted                                 had kicked      Terrian living. If Joey
shades of                                   up from the     and Madison hadn't been
copper and        ,i ,,~\.-"                dirt floors.    with us, we would surely
brown . Some      t"     •
                     \ " _ Ii               Our legs got    have gotten lost. Luckily,
are way high-                               tired from      we made it safely out of
20 feet above                               climbing up     the caves without ever
our heads-and                               and down the    waking a dozing Terrian.

                                                            DISNEY AOVENTURES 31

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