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  Can the teenagers of Israel and Palestine
    today recover from the violence they
         have faced all their lives?
 I don’t think they could recover from all the violence. Because…

   The conflict started really long ago, 1917. I don’t think people,
    especially teenagers will recover a violent incident that is
    happening for more than a 100 years. Firing rockets and air
    strike everyday is their normal life, how would they recover
    from it?
              Start of The Everlasting Conflict
 It started off by the Balfour Declaration of 1917.   * Green part is
                                                         the Palestinian
   It is the saying British government, that they        land and light
                                                         green is Israel’s.
   would make a home for Jewish people in
 The tensions between the Arabs and the Jews
   erupted into a physical violence. Like 1920
   Palestine riots, the 1921 Palestine riots, the
   1929 Hebron massacre and the 1936-1939 Arab
   revolt in Palestine.
 In 1947, UN said that Palestine
   should be divided into 2 parts. The
   Jews approved but the Arabs
   didn’t. So it broke into a civil war.
 The five Arab leagues invaded
   Israel and started 1948 Arab-Israeli
                     Numerous Deaths/Injuries
 Total 1376 people died in 2005~2008. 230 people were under 18.
 7480 people were injured in 2005~2006. 878 people were under 18.
 The most death was in the Great Arab Revolt through 1936~1939. Total is about
   5400 death. (Including people under 18)
                                                                                                  *The people in the
                         Death                                     Injuries
                                                                                                  (parenthesis) are the
           Palestinian           Israelis           Palestinian                Israelis           people under 18
                                                                                                  years old.
  2008           0                  0                     0                        0
  2007      396 (43)             13 (0)             1843 (265)                 322 (3)
  2006      678 (127)            25 (2)             3194 (470)                 377 (7)
  2005      216 (52)             48 (6)             1260 (129)                 484 (4)
  Total    1290 (222)            86 (8)             6297 (864)                1183 (14)

                                                                  Palestinian                     Israelis

                                            2004                   828 (179)                      108 (8)
                                            2003                   588 (119)                      185 (21)
                                            2002                  1032 (157)                      421 (47)
                                            2001                   469 (82)                       191 (36)
                                            2000                   279 (83)                        41 (0)
                                            Total                 1290 (222)                       86 (8)
                      Catastrophic Damage
 Israel closed all the schools in the south. The rockets fired constantly,
   destroying three schools and a kindergarten in Israel. In Gaza, kids are used as
   human shields. So more teenagers die in Palestine.
 More damages are caused in Gaza, injuring innocent people. The Hamas are
   hiding amongst people after shooting 8 missiles to Israel, to make Israel be
   blamed by other countries for shooting innocent people.
 Within hours of ceasefire, at least 18 missiles are fired to Israel. Made Israel to
   air strike Gaza, causing both land badly destroyed and people injured.
       Suffering Children/Citizens In Israel
 Shalar Medioni is scared that the terrorist will come
   any minute. "It is good to stay at home," she says, "I
   prefer being here to going to the mall or something
   like that." "I am afraid a terrorist will come or
   something like this." said Shalar.
 Merav Medioni, remembers the bombing when
   childhood and feels more difficult with 3 children. "It
   feels like Russian roulette now," said Merav.
 She thinks that children’s mind are too much
   affected with anxiety. "I explain to them to calm
   down but then I wonder how can I tell them to calm
   down when..." said Merav Medioni.
 Tal Medioni plays computer games. She doesn’t
   wants to think about the real world. She has a little
   hope of peace in the future, because her friend’s
   mom died. "It's terrible for the children to lose a
   mother, because it is impossible to live without a
   mother," she says.                                        It feels like Russian roulette

                                                             Merav Medioni, mother
       Suffering Children/Citizens In Palestine
 Students living in the border are scared.  A teacher at the Smiha Khalil school
   "I once had a nightmare that the Israeli      travels two hours going to go to school.
   soldiers came to school and sentenced         Her difficulties are nothing compared to
   everyone to death - the next day I            one of her student’s. "Maybe a student
                                                 had a father or brother imprisoned or
   didn't want to come to school," says
                                                 killed - she's not in a good mental state -
   Samr Bargouti a 13-year-old girl.
                                                 all of that had an impact on
 Most of the students directly                  concentration in the class not feeling
   experienced the violence. The schools         well - feeling down and depressed," she
   near by the Israeli land has bullets on       says.
   walls. Many families also had one of        A seven year old Mohammed plays football.
   them captured or killed. People in West       He looked really happy, but he says that
   Bank has difficulty with meeting their        once his home was hit by gunfire. "I think
   family over the border.                       about the situation and how people are
                                                 dying because of the Jews," he says.

                                                                   I once had a nightmare that the Israeli
                                                             soldiers came to school and sentenced
                                                             everyone to death

                                                             Pupil Samr Bargouti
                             About Habibi
 Liyana is an Arab-American who lived
   in St. Louise and moved to Jerusalem.
 Everybody enjoys there, except for
   Liyana who misses America and can’t
   seem to settle in with all new cultural
   stuff and relatives that she didn’t even
   heard of.
 She meets a guy called Omer, but he
   turned out to be a Jewish. They are
   friends secretly with only the family
   members knowing it.
 She lives happily in Israel with a new
   friend and thinks there is nothing to
   miss in America. But she wonders why
   the Arabs, Jews can’t get along
   together and always have wars.
According To Habibi…
    Liyana recovers from the homesickness she had when
      she first arrived at Jerusalem.
    Maybe it is because she grew up in America, she
      doesn’t get the rules and the traditional things in
      Israel, and wonders why Arabs and Jews always fight.
    She really thinks the fighting and the getting away
      from each other as if they had cooties, is really wrong,
      after all the violence she saw with her brother, Rafik.
    Her family doesn’t mind and moves to Israel from West
      Bank, where the Jews are. So does Liyana, but she still
      thinks about the violence they saw.
    She meets a friend called Omer, but they were afraid
      that they will get caught by people. Jews and Arabs
      are not allowed to get along together.
    I think the teenagers may recover just temporarily,
      but the violent memory is still left in their mind.
      Never gone. It is like a silent bomb. Where a person
      panics when there is a bomb, but if it doesn’t
      explode, they will forget it for a moment but when it
      explodes, they realizes that the bomb was there the
 We could see that Jews and Palestinians are both scared of each other.
   There are many innocent people that are being killed because of some

 Also by looking at the start of the conflict, it is all about fighting over
   land. Is this much sacrifice worth all this?

 British government is the one that gave the land to the Jews. They
   thought they were doing everything right. But now the land is filled
   with suffering, and injured people.

 Many of the kids in Israel and Palestine are seeing things that they are
   not suppose to see, and experience.

 I think just fighting over hatred is a dumb thing to do. In this
   situation, Israel is impossible to win in a war. So Palestinians should
   think of more political way to solve this problem.
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