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					2D      Morning News • Wednesday, February 18 1998 * * *
                                             Rosella Anderson                                    Doris E. Bristol                               Ernestine E. Manigault                         Mi (ton Smalls                                               Ellwood Watkins
                                                                                                     HILTON HF.AD I S L A M )       l)«uis K       M i s Krnesline K M a m ^ a u M H'l died        • iKAY'S Illl.I. S C              Milton Small-              HOKTKNSK             Kllwood \Satkif,- V I
          '/'/)«• nlnliinr\                         KICHM(IM) Mil.I.       KoxeM.i A n d e i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            died Feb IV nl home
                                                                                                  hustol. HI died Feb 17 al H i l t o n Head    Keb Ih at Candlei Hospital                     •>0 i l n (I h e t i 1-1 al I V . i u t o i i Memoi l a l
     //(•<• .st'/'ucc ot f/ir S;i\.inn;ih    M I I I '* died Feb HI ill
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Me was ;i u n l i v e nt P e n n s y l v a n i a and
                                                  She was Ixirn in Peiuisuv .mi.i and             Medical Centei and Climes                            S!M- was a n a t i v e f                Hospital
     Morning .Yru.v t-oinpiled tnun                                                                                                               (it Dnthan, Ala . and '                          He vvas I x i i n in lieautorl and at a^e •>             a former resident ot Sands Hook. ( CHIII
                                             lived in Richmond H i l l tor almost an                 She was born in N e w a r k . N .1 She
     \\rittt'ii inhumation sent h\ tu                                                            was the widow ol Frederick W Bristol             lived in Savannah                            rimved to Philadelphia He received In-                       and Southburv Conn He l e t i r e d from the
                                             v c a r She was a registered muse and
     nerul homes A t;iinil\ contact         worked at St Joseph s Hospital in Savan              Si and was a member ol Providence                most of her I lie She                        education in the puhlu schools o| I'hila                     family busiiu-ss of K S W a t k i n s & Suns
     iianie must bt> incluih'd To           nan lor several years She t a u g h t CPU            I'resb) terian Church                            graduated         from                       delphia and was a graduate ol Thomas                         Inc in 1990 Mi- was an A i r n y v e t e i a n of
     send a tax. dial 234-6522 h'or         and was a member of several nursing or                   SURVIVORS a daughter. Linnea                 Cuyler Street School                         Kdison Ih^h School He received his H S                       World War II and a member of Hiram
     questions, cull tift2-0.HO Items       ganizations She attended Kidimond H i l l            Bristol ot Murray Hill. N J . a son. Fred        and attended Savan                           degree m architectural engineering from                      Masonic I>odge No 18, F&AM. in Sandy
     appearing under Funerals.              United Methodist Church and was a Calh               enck W Bristol Jr ol Hilton Head Is              nan Slate Universi-                          Community College in Philadelphia                            Hook He was a member of New town
                                                                                                 land, and a grandson. Patrick L Bristol          ty She was a mem-                                 SCRVIVOKS two daughlers Yolan                           United Methodist Church in Sandy Hook
     Memorials and Card ot                  olic
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               SURVIVORS his wife, Carolyn
     Thanks are purchased through                 SURVIVORS a daughter. Christine                   Services are private.                        ber of Second St                              da S McMulhn and Leiiyetle Smalls.
                                            Anderson Kreide of Richmond M i l l . ;i                The Island Funeral Home of Hilton            John Baptist Church Manlgault                 both of Columbia, two sons. Knc                             O'Neal Watkins of Hortense; four sons,
     our advertising department                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Steven Watkins of llamden. N Y . Ran-
                                            son, Steven T Anderson ol St Charles.               Head Island                                      for 80 years and served as a Sunday Mcljjrner and Shay Smalls both ol Phil-
     Call 652-022801 tax 236-8909                                                                                                                school teacher, secretary and pianist for adelphia; his parents. Geneva Kripp                             dall Watkins of Southbury. Keith Watkins
                                            Mo ; her mother, M.'iry Dadum Sveda of                  REMEMBRANCES: People for                                                                                                                               of Brookfield, Conn , and Robert Walk Ins
                                            North East. Pa ; a sister, Shirley                  Parks, c/o Pat Carey, BOO Main St., Suite        the Sunday school, president of the Senior Smalls of Gray's Hill and Amos Smalls of
                                            Greenwald of North Kast. three brothers,            230, Hilton Head Island. SC 29926.               Choir, church secretary, president of the Philadelphia; two brothers. ' Henry                             of Asheville, N.C.: a daughter, Ruth Ann
                                            Edward and Albm Svcda. both of North                                                                 Mission, director' of the Youth Depart- Smalls and Amos Smalls Jr., both of                               Jumper of Leicester. N.C .; three broth-
                                                                                                                                                 ment for 50 years, president of the BTU, Gray's Hill, two sisters, Virginia and Ev-                       ers. Randall Watkins of Sandy Hook,
Sally D. Boyles                             East, and Klmer Sveda of Arkansas; and               TolNe C. Brown                                                                                                                                            Jack Watkins of Newton, Conn., and
                                            a grandson, Conner A Kreide of Rich-                                                                 Deaconess Board and church mother. elyn Smalls, both of Gray's Hill: four
    TILLMAN, S C        Sally Maude Dar-    mond Mill                                                PATTERSON Tollie C. Brown, 90,              She was the district president of Union aunts and four uncles.                                            Thomas Watkins of Sandy Hook; a sister,
ing Boyles, 04, died Feu 16 at Beaufort           Funeral services w i l l be held at a la-      died Feb. 17 at home                            No. 2 of Mount Calvary Association.               FUNERAL: noon Thursday at                               Anna Lou Goodwin of Tobyhanna. Pn..
Memorial Hospital                           ter dale in North East                                   He was a lifelong resident of Pierce              She was a member of the Eastern Horsepond Baptist Church in Gray's Hill,                            and a.granddaughter.
    She was born in Hardeeville and re-       Stewart Brothers Funeral Service.                 'County. He was a retired farmer and op-         Star, Twilight Chapter No. 29 of the burial in •Perrlclair Cemetery. Ann's                                    Services are private.
tired from Union Camp Corp. after 30 Richmond Hill Chapel.                                       erated a crane in the construction busi-        Smooth Ashlar Grand Lodge, where she Point.                                                                   Gordon-Harrison Funeral 'Home, Jes-
years. She was the widow of William li.       REMEMBRANCES: American Can-                        ness for many years. He was a member            served as past Matron, and a past deputy          Marshal's Wright-Donaldson Home                         up.
Boyles ST. and was -a member of Full cer Society or Hospice Savannah.                            of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church and           of District No. 6 of Smooth Ashlar Lodge. For Funerals, Beaufort.                                               REMEMBRANCES: Hospice of the
Gospel Church in Tillman                                                                         Pierce County Farm Bureau. He was the         She was a past Worthy Matron of the                                                                         Golden Isles Inc.. 1682 Glvnn Parkway.
    SURVIVORS: four sons, William                                                                widower of Maude Creech Brown.                Queen Mary Court No. 581 of the Heroines James C. Sutton                                                    Brunswick, GA 31525.
Boyles Jr., Henry W. Boyles and Leon H.                                                              SURVIVORS: two sons and a daugh-          of Jericho and served as the secretary.
Boyles Sr., all of Tillman, and Raymond Bessie Carter                                            ter-in-law, Billy Brown and Jimmy and                                                              James Cecil Sutton, 76, died Feb. 17 at
                                                                                                 Lucille Brown, all of Patterson; two sis-     She was the secretary, booking agent and         home.                                                       CtooP.WHs
A Boyles of Hardeeville; a daughter,          SURRENCY         Bessie Carter, 05,                                                              treasurer of the West Savannah Reunion
Rosella Brabham of Tillman; two sisters, died Feb. 17 at Wayne Memorial Hospi-                   ters, Vera Barrett of Ludowicl and Lois                                                            He was born in White County and                            BRUNSWICK          Mrs. Cleo Pittman
                                                                                                 Strickland of Valdosta; two brothers,         Organization. She sang with the Savannah         lived in Savannah since 1939. He was a
Ella Mae Woods of Sheldon and Thelma tal.                                                                                                      Jubilee Quartet for many years. She was                                                                     Willis, 70, died Feb. 16 at home.
Dye of Columbia; 25 grandchildren. 34                                                            George Brown of Ludowici and Marvin                                                            partner with Ansley and Sutton Construc-                       She was a native of Jennings, Fla.,
                                              She was a native and resident of App-              Brown of Cordele; three grandchildren,        a former employee of the Savannah-Chat-          tion Co. for 26 years. He was a Navy vet-
great-grandchildren and four great- ling County most of her life. She was a                                                                    ham County Board of Education and re-                                                                       and a resident of Glynn County since
great-grandchildren.                                                                             Wesley Brown of Douglas, Keith Brown                                                           eran of World War II. He was a member                      1991. She was a co-worker in the ministry
                                          member of Friendship Baptist Church in                                                               tired from Union Camp Corp.                      of Whitefieid United Methodist Church,
    FUNERAL: 11 a.m. today at Sauls Wayne County. In her youth, she worked                       of Byron and Chad Brown of Guyton;                   SURVIVORS: a daughter and son-in- the Elks Club, Solomon's Lodge No. 1,                              with her husband and retired from
Funeral Home in Ridgeland, burial in briefly, at MilledgeviUe State Hospital and                 four great-grandchildren and several oth-     law, Rose Marie Manigault-Harris and F&AMr Alee Shrine Temple and served on                                 Belk's. She was a member of the Church
Floyd Cemetery in Tillman.                                                                       er relatives.                                 Frank M. Harris, both of Caribou, Maine; the Board of Directors of American Gen-                            of God of Prophecy, where she was a
                                         later was a homemaker                                       VISITATION: 64p.m. today at Pear-
                                             SURVIVORS: a son, John E. Carter of                                                               three grandchildren, Frank M. Harris of eral Contractors. He was a century mem-                             member of the Women's Missionary Soci-
                                                                                                 son-Treadwell Funeral Home in Black-          Norristown, Pa., Vicky Troutman of Jack- ber of the Boy Scouts of America Coastal                           ety.
                                         Surrency; a daughter, Fey Carter Hardy                  shear.
                                         of Augusta; three sisters, Lots Dick of                                                               sonville, Fla., and Clifford L. Harris of Empire Council No. 99. He resided in App-                             SURVIVORS: her husband, the Rev
                                                                                                     FUNERAL: 3 p.m. Thursday at                                                                                                                           Eldridge Willis of Brunswick; two daugh-
 FUNERALS                                Brooksville, Fla., Mrs. Blande Smith of
                                         Tampa, Fla., and Rachel Mills of Baxley;
                                         and a granddaughter, Andrea Hardy of
                                                                                                 Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, burial in
                                                                                                 Patterson Cemetery.
                                                                                                                                               Amherst, N.H.; a sister-in-law, Clara El- ling County the past 10 years
                                                                                                                                               lis of Savannah; several great-grandchil-           SURVIVORS: his wife, Dorothy F.
                                                                                                                                               dren, nieces, nephews, cousins and other Sutton of Savannah; a son, J. Stewart Sut-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           ters, Cindy W. Williams of Douglasvllle
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           and Sylvia W. Dowling of Brunswick; a t
COYLE — Funeral services for Mr. Augusta.                                                                                                      relatives.                                     ton of Savannah; a daughter, Gwen Sut-                       son, Samuel E. Willis of Brunswick; two"
                                             GRAVESIDE SERVICE: 3 p.m. today                                                                         Williams & Williams Funeral Home.                                                                     sisters, Bessie Mae McDonald of Jen-
  William Edward Coyle will be held
  Thursday, 10:00 a.m. at the Cathe- in Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery in
                                                                                                 BHah Bantam                                                                                  ton Young of Greenville, S.C.; and five
                                                                                                                                                     REMEMBRANCES: American Can- grandchildren, Stewart A. Sutton of Sa-                                   nings and Maebelle Willis of Tampa, .
  dral of St. John the Baptist with Fr. Wayne County.                                                RIDGELAND - Elijah Burrlson, 72,          cer Society or Second St. John Baptist vannah, Colleen McKenzie Sutton and An-                              Fla.; two brothers, Wily Pittman of Or-
  William O'Neill officiating.               Swain Funeral Home, Baxley.                        died Feb. 16 at Ridgeland Nursing Cen-         Church Building Fund.                          drew C. Sutton of Baton Rouge, La., Clay-                    lando, Fla., and James Pittman Jr. of
  Burial will be in Bonaventure                                                                 ter.                                                                                          ton D. Young and Olivia Sutton Young of                      Jennings; eight grandchildren and sever-
  Cemetery.                                                                                          He was born in Claxton and retired                                                       Greenville.                                                  al nieces and nephews.
  Visitation will be Wednesday and                                                              from the Department of Sanitation in                                                               VISITATION: M p.m. today at Fox &                           VISITATION: 6-9 p.m. today at Edo
                                                                                                Garden City. He was a member of St.                     HAMPTON, S.C. - Ms. Victoria Mon-                                                                  Miller & Sons Funeral Home in Bruns-
  Thursday. 6:00 p.rrt. to 8:00  p.m.                                                                                                                                                         Weeks Funeral Directors, Hodgson Chap-
  with Vigil service Thursday at 7:00                                                           Matthew Baptist Church.                           roe, 82, died Feb. 14 at Ridgeland Nurs-                                                                 wick.
                                                                                                                                                  ing Center in Ridgeland.                  . el.                                                              FUNERAL: 2 p.m. Thursday at
                                                                                                    SURVIVORS: a brother, Willie
  p.m. at the Fox-and Weeks Funeral
  Home, Drayton Chapel.
  Pallbearers will be Orson Beecher.
                                             FUNERALS                                           Burrison of Ridgeland; and several
                                                                                                nieces and nephews.
                                                                                                    FUNERAL: 3 p.m. Thursday at St.
                                                                                                                                                       She was born in Colleton County. She
                                                                                                                                                 was a seamstress and a member of Fox & Weeks Funeral Directors, Hodgson
                                                                                                                                                 Friendship United Methodist Church.
                                                                                                                                                                                                   FUNERAL: 9:30 p.m. Thursday at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Church of God of Prophecy,- burial in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Chapel Park Cemetery.
  Bob Strozier, John McCarthy, Jr.,       HILDEBRAND — Funeral services for                                                                                                                        BURIAL: 5 p.m. Thursday at Moun-
                                                                                                Matthew Baptist Church, burial in Rich-                SURVIVOR: two sisters, Laura Felton
  Kent Brooks, John Welsch and Joe          Mrs. Carrie Wright Hildebrand of
                                                                                                ardson Memorial Cemetery in Ridgeland.           and Shirley Monroe, both of Hampton; a       tain View Cemetery in Marietta.                              Herman L Wilson
  Klllorin.                                 Bluffton, SC, will be held at Campbell                                                                                                                 REMEMBRANCES: Hospice Savan-
                                                                                                    Bostlck Funeral Home, Ridgeland.             brother-in-law, Senia Lee Smith of                                                                            Herman L. Wilson, 75. died Feb. 16 at
 BROWN — Memorial          service for      Chapel AME Church, Bluffton, SC.
                                                                                                                                                 Islandton; and a host of nieces, nephews     nah,Inc., 1352 Eisenhower Drive, Savan-                      Vencor Hospital in Green Cove Springs,
    Susan R. Brown. Please join Susan's     11am Thursday, February 19, 1998.
                                                                                                                                                 and cousins.                                 nah, GA 31406.                                               Fla.
                                            Rev. I.W. Wilbom, assisted by other
   friends and loved ones as we re-                                                              bitter D. Claric Sr.                                  VISITATION: beginning at 7 p.m. to-                                                                     He was born in Savannah and attend-
   member her on Friday, February           ministers officiating. Mrs. Hildebrand
                                            died after a brief illness on Monday                    JACKSONVILLE, Fla.          Luther D.       day at Riley's Funeral Home in Hampton. Annie R. Sweetenburg                                               ed Chatham County public schools. He re-
   20th at 7:00 p.m. at Sandy Springs                                                                                                                  FUNERAL: 2 p.m. Thursday at                 Mrs. Annie Ruth Sweetenburg,' 63,                       tired from Mobil Oil Corp.
   United Methodist Church, 86 Mt. Ver-     morning, February 16,1998. She was                  Clark Sr, 59, died Feb. 11 at home.             Friendship United Methodist Church in died Feb. 14 at St. Mary's Hospital in Ri-                               SURVIVORS: his wife, Vivian Wilson '
   *»on Hwy, in Sandy Springs, Ga.          hospitalized at the Health Care of Hil-                 He was born in Savannah and lived in        Ehrhardt, burial in the church cemetery. vera Beach, Fla.                                                  of Savannah; a granddaughter, Paris
   $0326. Susan passed away on Febru-       ton Head. Friends will visit with the               Jacksonville for 30 years. He was owner                                                                                                                    Williams of Savannah; a brother-in-law,
                                            family at a Wake which will be held                 of Contractor's Specialty Supply Inc.                                                              She was born in Savannah and lived
   ary 11th and was entered into rest in                                                                                                                                                       in Florida for many years. She was a                        James Williams of Savannah; a daugh-
   Savannah, Ga. on February 15th.          at Campbell Church on Wednesday                         SURVIVORS, his wife, Susan M.               Llewellyn Pearson                              member of True Faith Trinity Baptist                        ter-in-law, Leslie Brown- Will lams of Sa-
                                            evening at 7pm. The interment will                  Clark; two sons, Luther D. Clark Jr. and              HINESV1LLE - Llewellyn Pearson, Church, where she served as a mission-                               vannah; and several nieces, nephews,
HACKS — Funeral services for Mrs.           be at the Bellville Memorial Gardens,               Lantz A. Clark; two stepsons, Robert L.         77, died Feb. 17 at Tara Nursing Home in ary and church mother. She attended the                           cousins and other relatives.
  BJa Lee Watson Hicks will be held         Orangeburg, SC. The graveside ser-                  and Daniel C. White; a brother, Lloyd D.        Thunderbolt.                                   public schools of Chatham County.                               Speed and Smart Funeral Home.
 •|2noon Thursday, February .19,1998,      vice will occur at 3pm. Mrs. Hilde-                  Clark; and three grandsons, Luther D.                 She was born in Bulloch County and
  at Brampton Baptist Church. Rev.          brand will lie in state at the church               Clark in and Joshua and John A. Clark.                                                             SURVIVORS: her husband. Arthur
  "HJ. Simmons officiating. Interment,
                                                                                                                                                lived in Hinesville for 35 years. She was Lee Sweetenburg of Rivera Beach; three
                                           for one hour beginning at 10am                           FUNERAL: 12:30 p.m. Friday at               employed by Sea Pines Resort on Hilton daughters, Etelhan Sweetenburg of Ri-                               Cecil Wommack
  Cherokee hill Cemetery. Surviving        Thursday morning.                                    Hardage-Giddens Funeral Home, Hen-              Head Island, where she worked for 15 vera Beach, Mary Berrien and Hakimha
  ace Mrs. Willie Mae Ferel^ee, Ms.        Survivors include one brother, Eu-                   dricks Avenue, Jacksonville, burial in                                                                                                                       COLUMBIA             Cecil ' "C.O."
                                                                                                                                                years. She was a member of First United Radir, both of Atlanta; six sons, Sherman
  Gertrude Hicks. Ms. Shirley Hicks,       gene Wright of Orangeburg. SC; sis-                  Oaklawn Cemetery.                               Methodist Church in Hinesville.                                                                            Wommack, 90, died Feb. 16.
  Mir. and Mrs. Lewis Oliver, Jr., Mr.     ter, Louise Wright Davis of Phila.,                                                                                                                 Warner, Lorenzo Goldwire, Wintiell, Al-                          He was born in Washington County.
                                                                                                                            .   L   •                 SURVIVORS: a daughter, Mary Beth len, Anthony and Raymond Sweetenburg,
  Willie Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel        PA; foster daughter, Ruth Allison;.2                                                                 Whitfield of Hinesville; three sons, Rob- all of Rivera; three sisters, Elizabeth                           Ga. He was owner/operator of Broughton-
  Hicks, Mrs. Carrie Primes, Mr. and.      foster sons, Michael Taylor and Tra-                 Ann Marie M. Devine                             ert Pearson of Savannah, Bucky Pearson Lewis and Ada Seines, both Charlotte,                                Wommack Swimming Pool Co. until his
  hire. Nathaniel Singleton, Mr. and       cy Taylor, all of West Palm Beach,                        BRUNSWICK              Ann Marie           of Hilton Head Island and Bill Pearson of N.C., and Betty Sturgess of Rivera                                retirement in 1994. He was a graduate of
  Mrs. Eddie Green, Mr. and Mrs.           FL; 4 brothers-in-law, Benjamin F.                   McAninch Devine, 70, died Feb. 15 at            Hinesville; five grandchildren, five Beach; several grandchildren, nieces,                                  Mercer.University and a former teacher, ,
  James Hicks, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew         Hildebrand, Bishop Richard Allen Hil-                Southeast Georgia Regional Medical Cen-         gleet-grandchildren, several nieces and nephews, cousins and other relatives.                               coach and principal of Broxton and Way-
  Quarterman, Mr. and Mrs. Louis           debrant, Eugene V. Hildebrand, Sr.,                  ter.                                            nephews.                                                                                                    cross high schools.
  Watson, Mr. Dock Watson, Mrs. Beu-       and Rev. Henry A. Hildebrand; 2 sis-                                                                                                                    FUNERAL: 11 a.m. Saturday al True                            SURVIVORS: his wife, Eddie Me-,
                                                                                                     She was a native of Newton, Iowa,                VISITATION: M p.m. today at Car- Faith Trinity Baptist Church, burial in
  lah Johnson, Mrs. Juanita Hicks,         ters-in-law, Agnes H. Burgess and                    and moved to Brunswick two years ago            ter F'uneral Home in Hinesville.                                                                            Daniel Wommack of Chapin; three sons,
  Mrs. Lucille Hicks. Mr. Houston          Allean Keith; 2 godchildren, Myrtle                                                                                                                Royal Palm Cemetery in Riviera Beach.                        Michael 0. Wommack of Savannah, Alvhi
                                                                                                from Jacksonville. Fla. She was a mem-                FUNERAL: 1 p.m. Thursday at Car-             Steven Brothers Funeral Home, Rivi-
  Hicks, Mr. James Geeter, Mr. Joe         Loretta H. McFadden and Isaac W.                     ber of the VFW and the American Legion                                                                                                                     Wommack of Panama City, Fla., and
 Louis Davis, Mrs. Minnie Watson, 7        Wilborn III and numerous other                                                                        ter Funeral Home, burial in Hinesville era Beach.                                                         George C. Wommack of Brunswick, Ga.;
                                                                                                auxiliaries.                                    Cemetery.                                          Williams & Williams Funeral Home,
 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchil-         nieces, nephews, relatives and                            SURVIVORS: her husband, Elmer                                                                                                                         a daughter, Lurlyne W. Holland of St. Si-
 dren, several nieces, nephews, cous-      friends. In lieu of flowers the family                                                                                                             Savannah.
                                                                                                Devine of Jacksonville; two daughters,         James T. Saxon                                                                                              mons Island, Ga.; 11 grandchildren, sev-
 ins, other relatives and-friends. Visi-   asks that donations be made to the
 tation this evening 6-7pm in our        . scholarship fund of Campbell Chapel
                                                                                                Andria Adams of Brunswick and Robin
                                                                                                Land School of Jacksonville; two sons,             SPRINGFIELD - James T. "Pete"              . (Handle L Thlgpen                                          eral nieces and nephews.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                FUNERAL: 10 a.m. Friday at Good
 Chapel. Mrs. Hicks will be placed in      AME Church and the Ella C. White                     Michael and Mark Schoeller; her mother,        Saxon, 73, died Feb. 17 at home.                    MOUNT VERNON - Maudie Lee                               Shepherd Roman Catholic Church, Co-
 slate at 10am Thursday by Speed           Scholarship Fund.                                    Marie Fuller of Ottumwa, Iowa;, four               He was a native of Efflngham County         Thigpen, 88, died Feb. 17 at home.                          lumbia.
 an'd Smart Funeral Home.                  Stiney's Mortuary of Hardeeville, SC                 grandchildren and a great-grandson.            and retired as superintendent for Great             She was born in Wheeler County and                          Dunbar Funeral Home, Gervais Street
FtOURNOY — Funeral services for            in charge.                                '                                                         Lakes Dredge and Dock after 49 years.           lived most of her life in Montgomery                        Chapel, Columbia.
                                                                                                    FUNERAL: 2 p.m. Wednesday at Edo
 Mr. Charles W, Flournoy will be held                                                           Miller & Sons Funeral Home in Bruns-           He was a Navy veteran of World War II           County. She the widow of Otis Thigpen                           REMEMBRANCES: Good Shepherd
 1'lam Thursday, February 19, 1998,                    MEMORIALS                                wick.                                          and a member of Silver Hill United Meth-        and was a member of Landsburg United                        Roman Catholic Church, Calhoun Street,
 at Most Pure Heart of Mary Catholic                                                                 Interment will be later in Graceiand      odist Church.                                   Methodist Church in Wheeler County.                         Columbia, SC.
 Church. Fr. Robert Chanev officiat-                                                            Cemetery in Knoxville, Iowa.                       SURVIVORS: his wife, Dolores M.                 SURVIVORS: two daughters, Alice
 ing. Interment, Magnolia Memorial                     IN MEMORY OF MOTHER                                                                     Saxon of Springfield; two sons and a            Mercer and Ernestine Holland, both of
 Gardens. Survivors are Mr. and Mrs.               Thelma Ree Braddy                                                                           daughter-in-law, Chris Saxon and Nick           Mount Vernon; five grandchildren, Mar-                      lattattl residents tana hag
 Billy (Marvenia) Campbell, Mr. and                                                                                                            and Kim Saxon, all of Springfield; four         sha Perdue, Darrell and Kevin Mercer,
 Mrs. Jim (Roxanna) Bush, Mrs. Rose
                                            Who pasted away two years ago today
                                                            February 18,1996
                                                                                                Gertrude J. Jackson                            sisters, Mildred Mock of Hampton, S.C.,         all of Mount Vernon, Roger S. Holland of
 Mary Ingram, Mr. and Mrs. Caddie                                                                    NAVARRE, Fla. Gertrude J. Jack-           Jo Oilie Steed and Ida Mae Saxon, both of       Blackshear and Brian Holland of Reids-                          STATESBORO — Tattaall Cow*
 {Fairy) Moody, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie                 A million times I needed you,                                                             Springfield, and Ann Parry of Marcus            ville; and three great-grandchildren,
                                                         A million times I cried.                son died Feb. 15 in Gulf Breeze, Fla.                                                                                                                      residents will ask a judge today to
 (Elizabeth) Ingram, Mr. and Mrs.                                                                   She was born in Savannah, where she        Hook, Pa.; two grandchildren, Shawnee           Hannah Claxton and Dallas Mercer, both
 Cefongia (Lillie) Ingram, Mr. Louis 0.
                                               If love alone could have spared you.
                                                                                                                                               and Chance Saxon, both of Springfield; a        of Mount Vernon, and Daniel Holland of                       stop the Webb brothers of Candle*
                                                      You never would have died.                resided until recently moving to Navarre.                                                                                                                   County from proceeding with their
 Digram, Mrs. Fairy 8. Jonas, Mr.            • Friends may think I have forgotten,                  SURVIVORS: her husband, Ellis J.           number of nieces and nephews.                   Blackshear.
 Barnes Bates, Elder and Mrs. Samuel             When at times they Me me smile.
                                                                                                Jackson of Navarre; a son, Charles J.              VISITATION: 7-9 p.m. today at                 VISITATION: 7-9 p.m. today at Sanv                         plans for a giant hog farm near the
                                               But little do they know the heartache
 IVoncille) Ransome, Mr. Samuel                    That one smile hides for awhile.             Jackson of Navarre; and two grandchil-         Thomas C. Strickland Funeral Home, Ef-          mons Funeral Home in Soperton.                               Ohoopee River.
 Jones, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Joseph                        But you didn't go alone,                dren, Karen and Glry Jackson, both of          flngham Chapel.                                     FUNERAL: 3 p.m. Thursday at 8am-                            Ike, Jack and Jerry Webb own 1,700
 Bonnie) Jones, Sr., Mr. Nathaniel C.                For part of me went with you                                                                  FUNERAL: 3 p m. Thursday at Sil-            mons Funeral Home, burial in Glenwood                        acres in unroned Tattuall County,
                                                    The day God called you Home.                Navarre.
 $>nes, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Eric                  If all the world was mine to give,                Funeral services will be held Friday       ver Hill United Methodist Church, burial        City Cemetery.                                               between Cobbtown and the Ohoopee,
 (Sandra) Jones, Sr., several nieces,                                                           at Martin Funeral Home in Gulf Breeze.         in the church cemetery.
 nephews, other relatives and friends.
                                                     I would give it, yes and more
                                                    To see you come up my steps                                                                    REMEMBRANCES: American Hos-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           They have faced opposition from
                                                                                                    REMEMBRANCES: St. Mary's                                                                                                                               Tattnall residents since announcing
 He will be placed in state 9am by                    And walk through my door.
                                                                                                Home, Box 3627 Station B, Savannah, GA         pice Care, 340 Eisenhower Drive, Bldg.          Ernest Underwood
 Williams and Williams Funeral
                                                           To hear your voice,
                                                            To see you smile,                   31-M4.                                         1400, Suite A, Savannah, GA 31406.                  Ernest "Earl" Underwood, 36, died
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           the plans in October.
 flome.                                             To sit and talk with you awhile                                                                                                            Feb. 16 at Hospice Savannah.                                    Opponents claim the hog operation
                                                 To be with you the same old way.                                                              •a Mae M. Smith                                     He was a native of Savannah and a                       — which will house more than 100
                                                 Would be my fondest wish today.
                                                 A heart of gold stopped beating                Susie F. Macon                                                                                 member of Macedonia Baptist Church.                         boars and up to 20,800 sows and their
                                                  and smiling eyes were closed.
                                                                                                                                                   Mrs. Ila Mae M. Smith, 92, died Feb             SURVIVORS: his father, Leroy Un-                        piglets - will pollute air and water
                                                  God broke my heart to prove                       Mrs. Susie Frailer Macon died Feb.         13 at Chatham Nursing Home.
                                                     He only takes the best.                    12 at a hospital in New Haven, Conn.               She was a native of Johnson County          derwood of Savannah; four sisters, Patri-                   with its 20 million-gallon waste
                                                                                                    She was born in Savannah and lived         and a longtime resident of Savannah. She        cia Allen, Beverly Grant and Sue Butler,                    lagoons. Lagoons are large ponds
                                                       So greatly missed by
                                                                                                in Miami before moving to New Haven            was a member of Calvary Baptist Tem-            all of Savannah, and Gladys Green of                        that hold and break down hog waste
                                                   Your Daughter, Ann Co«nahan                                                                                                                 New Jersey; and seven brothers, Irvin
                                                                                                many yean ago. She attended Chatham            ple and the widow of A.T. Smith. She                                                                        with bacteria.
                                                                                                County public schools and was a member         worked in the, Shipyard Cafeteria during        Grant of Hilton Head Island, Christopher                       The 15 plaintiffs will ask a judge to
                                                                                                of Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses.                                                        Middleton, Eugene and Theodore Grant
                                                                                                                                               World War -II and was formerly em-
                                                                                                                                                                                               and Weldon and Norman Middleton, all of                     order an injunction on the $10 mil-
                                                      IN LOVING MEMORY OF                           SURVIVORS: a son, Robert Macon of          ployed by Singer Sewing Machines.                                                                           lion project until the state or UW
                                                                                                New Haven; a granddaughter, Susie A.               SURVIVORS: a daughter, Carolyn              Savannah, and Leroy Grant of New York.
                                                   Mrs. Sarah Hughes                            Macon of Miami; two nieces, Pecola                                                                 Sidney A. Jones Funeral Home.                           county passes tougher environmen-
                                                                                                                                               Thompson of Rridgeton. N..I ; two sis-
                                                March ?. 1921       February 18, 1907
                                                                                                Smalls of Savannah and Verlie Mae Ray          ters. Lizzie Lee Hale of Warner Robins
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           tal or zoning laws that would make
                                                                                                of Miami; a nephew, Dan Frazier Jr. of                                                                                                                     pollution less likely. The hearing
                                                             THE FAMILY -                                                                      and Wyneve Newsome of Kite; a grand-            Alton Wilson Jr.                                            begins at 1 p.m. today in the Tattnall
                                                                                                New York; a son-in-law, Sam McDaniel           son. Louis Ratten of Germany: and two
                                                                                                of New Haven; several great-nieces,            great-grandsons. Scott and Kevin Ratten.            VENUS, Fla. Alton Wilson Jr . 61.                       County Courthouse, at the intersec-
      SIPPLE MORTUARY                       CEMETERIES & CRYPTS                                 great-nephews, cousins and other rela-         both of Newport News, Va                        died Feb 14
                                                                                                                                                                                                    He was a native or Johnson County,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           tion of U.S. 200 and Ga. 121, in
        AND CREMATORY                                                                           tives.                                             FUNERAL: 2 p m today at Fox &                                                                           Reidsville.
                 S«c* 1911                             FOUR BURIAL PLOTS                            FUNERAL .1 p m Saturday at Wil-            Weeks Funeral Directors, Drayton Chap            Ga., and a tractor operator for an orange                     Two bills are before the legislature
           A0k a family we                   forest Lawn Cemetery, Garden Ol Faith              liams & Williams Funeral Home, hurial          el. burial in Hillcrest Abbey Memorial           grove.                                                     that would tighten laws. One limits
             haw                             $700 pcf plot Value $1050 each Call                in Woodville Cemetery                          Park                                                SURVIVORS: his wife, Martha
                                                             691 1188                                                                                                                           Wilson of Venus, two sons, Otis and                        the amount of waste that can be pro-
                                                                                                                                                                                                Wayne Wilson, both of Venus; a sister.                     duced at such a site. The other would
                                                                                                                                                                                                Gladine Faust, four brothers, Kenneth                      allow the Georgia Environmental
                                                    Hear the DYNAMIC Difference
                                                      With thle Dynamic Advance In Hearing Technology
                                                                                                                                                WANTED                                          and Ricky Wilson, both of Hazlehurst.
                                                                                                                                                                                               (la , dene and Larry Wilson, both of Ma-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Protection Division to turn down per-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           mit applications for out-of-state hog
                                                                                                                                                • Rotoxs • Alt Fine Watche*,                   con. da . a grandchild. Otis Alton Wilson                   producers with a record of environ-
                                               Find out tf» Mtodt Ear • h«ftn« rfd whh th« new SHAW       /7$f5\ ,                              • Estate Jewelry   lmeM                        Jr . several niecos and nephews
                                               DYNAMIC dmilt * n,hi for pm C+ todtj w ronx in «nr         ' 'f\b
                                                                                                                                                • Cash Settlements ^3                                                                                      mental damage.
                                               youf free, r»o-oNn»boo dcfnoiwmiian We"B mn h«lp jmu                                              ELGIN INVESTMENTS                                 FUNERAL- 2 p m today at Miles Fu
                                               comptft our IK* dmih to your current butrument tnd htu   NMT tOMtton: MONTGOMERY WARD             and Ettalt Buyers UmrifM                      neral Home in Hazlehurst. burial in Ha
                                                                                                                           • M1-M9I              Gel For An Appo>n<m»ot • 3SB-6320             rlehursl Memorial Cemetery

                                                                        d. JSoA si                                                                                      MONUMENTS • MARKERS • MAUSOLEUMS
            Ed Gambia                                                                                                                                                        Memories carved in stone become an eternal tribute.
          General Manager                         7415 HODGSON MEMORIAL DRIVE * SAVANNAH. GA. '9l2 927 1999                                                                From design to installation, monuments are our business
     0620 Afofcom • 8«v*nnah <3A                                                                                                                                                   9<) years of service by the same family.
                                                    • FULLY HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE        • AMPLE PARKING
           (912) 354-1411                               • LARGE VISITATION ROOMS         • 360-SEAT CHAPEL                                       OGLETHORPE M A R B L E & GRANITE CO.
                                                                  • ADVANCE PLANNING PROGRAMS                                                          Plant & Display • b. Broad at Waldburg St.. Savannah GA .• 232-5571

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