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					      Filtering of internet sites
Hampshire County Council’s policy for public access to the internet is to protect adults and children
from accessing web sites which include material considered unsuitable for general viewing.
To do this it uses filtering software. Different levels of filtering are automatically applied according
to the age group of the user, which is identified by the system when people log on.
    For users aged 16 and over a basic level of filtering is applied - the same that is applied to
     Hampshire County Council staff.
    For children and young people aged 8 to 15 the Hampshire Schools level of filtering is
     applied, which is stricter than the basic level. On this filtering any sites with a ‘chat’ element
     are blocked. This includes social networking sites such as Bebo, as well as a number of
     games sites.
We cannot guarantee the complete exclusion of undesirable material.

If a website you wish to view is blocked by the filtering system a full page notice will appear telling
you that the “requested page is unavailable” (see example below). If this page does not appear
then the site is not blocked by the filtering system, although there may be other reasons why you
cannot access it, such as lack of the necessary software or a conflict with the security measures in
place on the People’s Network PCs.

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      Blocked website categories

The filtering system we use works by allocating websites to categories and then setting which
categories are blocked or allowed. See the table below for a list of the blocked categories.
If you find a site which you think has been wrongly categorised please speak to staff, or report it
via the library feedback form. Your request will be passed to the County Council’s IT Services
department for investigation.

     Blocked on Adult filter level                  Blocked on Child filter level
     Adult / Mature Content                         Abortion
     Extreme                                        Adult/Mature Content
     Hacking                                        Alcohol
     Illegal Drugs                                  Alternative Sexuality / Lifestyles
     Illegal / Questionable                         Alternative Spirituality / Belief
     Open / Mixed Content                           Open / Mixed Content
     Peer-to-Peer (P2P)                             Chat / Instant Messaging
     Phishing                                       Extreme
     Pornography                                    Gambling
     Potentially Unwanted Software                  Hacking
     Proxy Avoidance                                Illegal Drugs
     Remote Access Tools                            Illegal/Questionable
     Spyware Effects / Privacy                      Internet Telephony
     Spyware / Malware Sources                      Intimate Apparel/ Swimsuit
     Suspicious*                                    LGBT
     Violence / Hate / Racism                       Nudity
     Weapons                                        Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
                                                    Personals / Dating
                                                    Potentially Unwanted Software
                                                    Proxy Avoidance
                                                    Remote Access Tools
                                                    Social Networking
                                                    Spyware Effects / Privacy
                                                    Spyware / Malware Sources
                                                    Violence / Hate / Racism

*Suspicious: Sites considered to have suspicious content and/or intent that poses an elevated
security or privacy risk software.
For the full list of categories see the Blue Coat website:

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