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									      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1473

                                                EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS
      HONORING  THE  REPUBLIC   OF                             leading exporter of liquefied natural gas to the       a century of service and thank you for all your
       TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO ON THE                              U.S. Trinidad is also active in the U.S.-initiated     hard work and dedication.
       OCCASION OF ITS 42ND INDE-                              Summit of the Americas process and fully sup-                          f
       PENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION                                ports the establishment of the Free Trade
                                                               Area of the Americas.                                  HONORING BRANDON J. McDANIEL
              HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL                              Further, many U.S. citizens and permanent            FOR HIS NAVY AND MARINE
                                                               residents call Trinidad and Tobago home, and            CORPS ACHIEVEMENT MEDAL
                        OF NEW YORK
                                                               keep strong cultural ties to their country of ori-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               gin. Nearly 20,000 U.S. citizens visit Trinidad                   HON. RALPH M. HALL
                                                               and Tobago for vacation or business every                                 OF TEXAS
         Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to              year, and over 2,700 American citizens are                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      recognize the Republic of Trinidad and To-               residents of the country. Americans celebrate
      bago as it celebrates the 42nd anniversary of            the history and culture of Trinidad and Tobago                    Thursday, July 22, 2004
      its Independence.                                        with annual carnivals held in numerous cities             Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to rec-
         Trinidad was settled in the late 1500s by the         across the U.S., with a major celebration oc-          ognize the honorable actions of Brandon J.
      Spanish, who annihilated the indigenous                  curring in Brooklyn every Labor Day.                   McDaniel, for which he was duly awarded the
      Arawak and Carib Indian populations on the                  A leading member of the Caribbean Com-              Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.
      island. It remained under Spanish rule until the         munity and Common Market (CARICOM) and                    Corporal McDaniel received the award for
      British, enticed by the sugar and cocoa planta-          the most industrialized nation in the Carib-           superior performance of his duties as an avi-
      tions throughout the island, captured it in              bean, Trinidad and Tobago has become a                 onics technician, Marine Attack Squadron 231,
      1797.                                                    symbol of what Caribbean countries can                 Detachment Bravo, Marine Aircraft Group 12,
         Tobago had a more unsteady development,               achieve if they have the opportunities and             1st Marine Aircraft Wing, U.S. Marine Corps
      changing hands over 22 times as the French,              wherewithal to become economically success-            Forces Pacific, on October 22, 2003. The 31st
      Dutch, and British fought over to possess it.            ful and socially stable.                               Marine Expeditionary Unit was tasked with
      Tobago was finally ceded to Great Britain in                As Trinidad and Tobago celebrates the               providing defensive counter air support to Air
      1814, and Trinidad and Tobago were incor-                42nd anniversary of its independence, let us           Force One and the President of the United
      porated into a single colony in 1888.                    join in honoring the achievements of a country         States during his October visit to Bali, Indo-
         Valued for its sugar during the 19th Century,         that overcame many obstacles to reach                  nesia. After an AV–8B was forced to return to
      Trinidad became a key oil interest for the Brit-         heights of prosperity and stability.                   the ship due to a generator malfunction, Cor-
      ish the 20th Century. Oil was discovered in                                f                                    poral McDaniel proactively removed key com-
      three areas in Trinidad, and oil exports to Brit-                                                               ponents from another AV–8B and when the
      ain increased steadily throughout the century,               PAYING TRIBUTE TO EMERSON                          disabled aircaft landed, he quickly removed
      buoyed by the advent of the automobile and                             SCHOOL                                   the faulty components and reinstalled service-
      the conversion of the British Navy from coal to                                                                 able components, enabling the aircraft to be
      oil.                                                                 HON. SCOTT McINNIS                         returned to the air within an hour.
         In 1941 Britain permitted the United States                              OF COLORADO                            His quick thinking and sound decision-mak-
      to establish military bases in Trinidad in ex-               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    ing directly contributed to the success of the
      change for 50 destroyers given to the British                                                                   mission and protection of the President during
      government. This began an important period                           Thursday, July 22, 2004                    his Far East tour. Corporal McDaniel’s initia-
      in the country; the G.I.s brought American                  Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to           tive and selfless devotion to duty exhibited the
      money and culture to the island, and the                 pay tribute to Emerson School in Grand Junc-           highest standards of the Marine Corps and
      Trinidadian people were steadily pulled away             tion, Colorado. This school has educated stu-          Navy.
      from their traditional British loyalties. The Ma-        dents from Grand Junction for over a century              Mr. Speaker, I want to congratulate Corporal
      rines also helped construct numerous roads in            and I am proud to join my colleagues here              Brandon McDaniel on his medal and com-
      Trinidad, including the important Northern               today before this body of Congress and this            mend him for his professional achievement
      Coast Road, which is still is functional today.          nation in recognizing this tremendous institu-         and outstanding service to our Nation.
         A nascent movement for independence was               tion.                                                                  f
      born in Trinidad and Tobago in the 1950s,                   The Emerson School is the oldest building
      when Eric Williams, a Ph.D. from Howard Uni-             still owned by the in Mesa County Valley               THE   INDIAN COUNTRY   EDU-
      versity, returned to his native country and              School District 51 that is still standing. It was       CATIONAL EMPOWERMENT ACT
      founded the People’s National Movement                   constructed in 1903 during the initial phases of
      (PNM). The PNM prevailed in the 1956 na-                 Grand Junction’s planning when the town fa-                     HON. STEPHANIE HERSETH
      tional elections, and Dr. Williams became the            thers divided the area into quarters and set                          OF SOUTH DAKOTA
      chief minister of the country from 1956 to               aside land in each one for a park and a                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      1959, premier from 1959 to 1962, and prime               school. Although the school went through
      minister from 1962 to 1981. It was Williams              some name changes, and is now being used                           Thursday, July 22, 2004
      who led Trinidad and Tobago into full inde-              for administration offices, it has for the major-         Ms. HERSETH. Mr. Speaker, today I am in-
      pendence within the Commonwealth in 1962,                ity of its existence been reserved for elemen-         troducing the Indian Country Educational Em-
      and he is now considered the father of inde-             tary school students.                                  powerment Act of 2004. This Act will facilitate
      pendent Trinidad and Tobago. Williams died                  Mr. Speaker, Emerson School is an institu-          economic growth and development in Indian
      while in office on March 29, 1981.                       tion in Grand Junction that has been used for          Country by dramatically increasing the incen-
         Trinidad and Tobago joined the United Na-             the important role of educating the youth of           tives for individuals with advanced degrees to
      tions and the Commonwealth immediately                   Colorado. Their presence in Grand Junction             work within and for Indian Country.
      after its independence, and in 1967 it became            has been a wonderful benefit to the commu-                I am deeply concerned by the fact that Na-
      the first Commonwealth country to join the Or-           nity and the country as these young children           tive Americans continue to rank at the bottom
      ganization of American States (OAS).                     go on to future aspirations throughout our             of every indicator of social and economic well-
         Trinidad and Tobago has enjoyed cordial re-           great country. I am honored to recognize               being in America. Unemployment continues to
      lations with the United States since independ-           Emerson School before this body and this na-           average near 50 percent in Indian Country
      ence. U.S. investment in Trinidad and Tobago             tion for their devotion and commitment to edu-         and hovers well over 90 percent on many
      is nearly two billion dollars, and Trinidad is the       cation. Congratulations on your celebration of         Reservations. Indian Country continues to

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      E1474                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
      have some of the highest rates of poverty,               the-year and the Denver Post/Denver Athletic                  PAYING TRIBUTE TO MARK
      poorest health, highest mortality rates, and             Club High School Student-Athlete of the Year.                         BURGET
      lowest levels of educational achievement in                 Lacrosse is not the only sport Caroline has
      the United States.                                       shown a talent for; she has excelled in both                          HON. SCOTT McINNIS
         A unique legal and political relationship ex-         varsity field hockey and varsity basketball. She                          OF COLORADO
      ists between the United States and Indian                won a state championship in 2002 for varsity                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      tribes that is reflected in the Constitution, var-       field hockey.
      ious treaties, Federal statutes, Supreme Court                                                                             Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                                  While participating in these extracurricular
      decisions, and executive agreements. This                activities, Caroline has maintained a 3.76 GPA            Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is my privilege
      creates a responsibility for the federal govern-         and graduated with the highest honor roll hon-         to pay tribute to Mark Burget of Boulder, Colo-
      ment to facilitate and complement tribal gov-            ors. She has decided to attend Duke Univer-            rado and his hard work to advance the goals
      ernments’ efforts to improve the quality of life         sity this fall, where she is sure to succeed           of The Nature Conservancy. Recently, Mark
      for Native Americans and encourage eco-                  after taking four college AP tests.                    announced he would be leaving his position
      nomic development in Indian Country. This bill              Mr. Speaker, with students like Caroline            as the Colorado Director of the Nature Con-
      does just that.                                          Cryer in our communities, the next generation          servancy and moving on to The Nature Con-
         Numerous external efforts at economic de-             promises to do great things. It is my distinct         servancy Director of the Global Priority Group.
      velopment in Indian Country have proven un-              pleasure to honor Caroline here today, and             As he moves on in his career, I am honored
      successful. The most successful efforts have             wish her all the best in her future endeavors.         to recognize his accomplishments before this
      been initiated from within native communities                                                                   body of Congress and this nation.
      themselves. Economic development efforts                                                                           Mark spent his childhood in Chester County,
      that empower native communities and give                                                                        Pennsylvania. After receiving his bachelor’s
      them the tools to make their own decisions               A    SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO DAVID                          degree from Dartmouth College, and his mas-
      should be encouraged and pursued.                            UETTERLING ON THE OCCASION                         ter’s in business and Juris Doctoris degree
         I believe that education and economic de-                 OF HIS ELECTION TO STATE                           from the University of Virginia, he began his
      velopment go hand-in-hand in Indian Country.                 COMMANDER OF THE OHIO DIS-                         work for the Nature Conservancy in 1992.
      Indeed, higher education is a fundamental                    ABLED AMERICAN VETERANS                            Soon after, he accepted the appointment as
      form of economic development. Yet, an un-                                                                       Colorado State Director for the Nature Conser-
      educated workforce continues to be a cyclical                                                                   vancy. He was Colorado Director for eleven
      obstacle to economic growth in Indian Coun-                        HON. PAUL E. GILLMOR                         years, where he worked hard to protect
      try.                                                                           OF OHIO                          416,000 acres of natural land in Colorado. His
         The cycle is vicious. Businesses are often                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    new position with the Nature Conservancy will
      unwilling to locate in to Indian Country be-                                                                    be the Director of the Global Priority Group,
      cause of the lack of an educated workforce                          Thursday, July 22, 2004                     where he will work to identify and to act on the
      and Native American youth see little value in               Mr. GILLMOR. Mr. Speaker, it is my great            most urgent needs for conservation across the
      an advanced degree because there are no                  pleasure to pay special tribute to Mr. David           globe.
      jobs on the Reservation that would reward                Uetterling of Defiance, Ohio on the occasion              Mr. Speaker, Mike will serve The Nature
      one. Those native youth that do obtain a high-           of his election as state commander of the              Conservancy well in his new capacity. He has
      er education often do not return to their com-           Ohio Disabled American Veterans.                       already done much to protect natural lands in
      munities because there are no jobs.                         David Uetterling has a lifelong record of           the state of Colorado, and I am confident he
         Higher education is costly to attain. As col-         service to the people of Ohio and the people           will continue to build upon this proud legacy.
      lege and graduate school costs continue to               of America. David entered the United States            I congratulate Mike on his new job and wish
      swell, students are increasingly shouldering             Army in 1965 and served an 18-month tour of            him all the best in his future endeavors.
      high levels of debt to pay for a college edu-            duty in Vietnam. David was injured while serv-                           f
      cation. In fact, thirty-nine percent of student          ing his country in Vietnam.
      borrowers now graduate with levels of debt                                                                        TRIBUTE TO U.S. COAST GUARD
                                                                  A resident of Defiance, Ohio, David has                   CUTTER ‘‘MACKINAW’’
      that require monthly payments in excess of               been a life member of the Disabled American
      eight percent of their total monthly incomes.            Veterans Defiance Chapter 36 since 1982. He
         Loan repayment assistance for higher edu-             served 4 years as commander of the Defiance                           HON. BART STUPAK
      cation graduates choosing to work in Indian              chapter. David has held various DAV offices at                            OF MICHIGAN
      Country will help break this cycle of poverty            the state level and most recently served as                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      and promote economic development. I urge                 bingo chairman and adjutant/treasurer.                             Thursday, July 22, 2004
      my colleagues to support this important legis-
                                                                  During the 83rd Annual State Convention                Mr. STUPAK. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                               from June 10–12 in Dublin, Ohio, David                 pay tribute to an extraordinary vessel sta-
                       f                                       Uetterling was unanimously elected state com-          tioned in my district. For the last 60 years, the
        PAYING TRIBUTE TO CAROLINE                             mander of the Ohio Disabled American Vet-              U.S. Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw and her
                  CRYER                                        erans, an organization comprised of more than          crew have sailed the northern Great Lakes,
                                                               48,000 veterans. In addition to his service in         keeping these vital waters open and safe. On
                                                               the DAV, David is a member of the Veterans
            HON. THOMAS G. TANCREDO                            of Foreign Wars, AMVETS, ELKS, and Amer-
                                                                                                                      August 12, past and present crew members of
                        OF COLORADO                                                                                   the Mackinaw will gather in Cheboygan, Michi-
                                                               ican Legion.                                           gan to celebrate the ship they affectionately
                                                                  Mr. Speaker, the service of our disabled vet-       refer to as ‘‘Big Mack’’ or ‘‘Queen of the
                 Thursday, July 22, 2004                       erans is vital to the people of the Fifth Con-         Seas,’’ and its six decades of service to the
        Mr. TANCREDO. Mr. Speaker, all too often               gressional District of Ohio. David Uetterling          State of Michigan and the United States.
      as I watch the evening news or open the                  has effectively displayed leadership to his               In 1941, the United States Congress author-
      paper, I am bombarded with stories of teens              community through service to the many vet-             ized the construction of a new ice breaker for
      going down the wrong path. Today, I have the             erans organizations in which he is involved.           the Great Lakes. Three years later, on De-
      pleasure of celebrating a teen from my district,         His passion to advance the issues that affect          cember 20, 1944, the Mackinaw was commis-
      Caroline Cryer, who is excelling as an athlete           veterans most makes him a model citizen of             sioned in Toledo, Ohio and made its maiden
      and a student.                                           the Fifth District.                                    voyage to its new home, Cheboygan, Michi-
        Caroline, who is the captain of the Cherry                Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me         gan. At 290 feet long, the Mackinaw was, and
      Creek lacrosse team, has been named All-                 in paying special tribute to David Uetterling.         is, the largest and most powerful Coast Guard
      American for the second-straight year. This              Our communities benefit greatly through his            vessel on the Great Lakes.
      past spring the senior was second in the state           service. On behalf of the people of the Fifth             Today, there are still men and women in
      in assists (43) and points (101) after winning           District of Ohio, I am proud to recognize David        Cheboygan who remember the Mackinaw ’s
      her third state championship in lacrosse. In             Uetterling’s great achievement. We wish David          arrival in their harbor when thousands gath-
      addition, she was named both the Rocky                   and his family all the best as we pay tribute          ered on Christmas Eve to welcome the new
      Mountain News and Denver Post player-of-                 to one of Ohio’s finest citizens.                      cutter to their city. Since then, the residents of

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      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1475
      Cheboygan have taken enormous pride in the               without health coverage. My proposal for               that Luke will begin his senior year of high
      Mackinaw as the ship and her crew worked to              meaningful health care reform requires a com-          school this fall.
      keep shipping lanes open. In its first year of           mitment from the government to act in the                 Luke dedicates himself to excellence, and
      service, the ship opened waterways nearly six            best interest of its citizens.                         he commits himself fully to every project he
      weeks ahead of schedule, which allowed vital                A national template for this type of cov-           undertakes. His internship in my office has
      cargo to reach its destination and kept our na-          erage—one that every Member of Congress is             been no exception. He has received the high-
      tion’s war machine running at top capacity.              intimately familiar with—already exists: the           est praise from constituents who have toured
         As the nation shifted to peacetime produc-            Federal Employee Health Benefits Program               the U.S. Capitol with him. And he has proven
      tion, the Mackinaw kept up its wartime pace.             (FEHBP). Through the Office of Personnel               himself to be a valuable addition to the office.
      It continued to break up ice several feet thick          Management (OPM), the federal government                  Luke treats everyone he meets with kind-
      every spring to ensure the safe arrival of es-           manages health insurance for more than 8               ness and respect. With his dedication and de-
      sential raw materials for the steel and auto in-         million federal employees, retirees and de-            termination, I am sure that he will be success-
      dustries of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and             pendents. This program, composed of private            ful in every endeavor he pursues. I wish him
      Michigan. The Mackinaw has seen the ex-                  insurance carriers, is administered by the fed-        all the best in the future.
      traordinary expansion of American industry,              eral government, which assumes responsibility                            f
      and made an extraordinary contribution to that           for approving or disapproving carriers, negoti-
      expansion.                                                                                                              PAYING TRIBUTE TO RAY
                                                               ating benefit and rate changes, and auditing
         Mr. Speaker, my most fond memory of the                                                                                    DOMENICO
                                                               carriers’ operations under the law. With incred-
      Mackinaw is the bitterly cold winter of 1993–            ibly low administrative costs and a below-aver-
      1994. During that winter, the Mackinaw                   age annual premium increase, the federal gov-                         HON. SCOTT McINNIS
      showed her brute ice-breaking strength time              ernment has been able offer a wide variety of                             OF COLORADO
      and time again. The Mackinaw freed countless             choices and protections to its employees and                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      vessels from frozen icy impasses. She has                Members of Congress.                                               Thursday, July 22, 2004
      rescued stranded boaters, provided safe pas-                My legislation offers a framework for a sys-            Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with a
      sage, and even rescued animals in peril.                 tem wherein all Americans are offered the op-
         Staff of the Mackinaw so admire the vessel                                                                   heavy heart that I rise today to honor Ray
                                                               portunity to participate in an FEHBP-style pro-        Domenico of Welby, Colorado. Ray recently
      and the Cheboygan community that they gath-              gram—called the American Health Benefits
      er every five years for a reunion of current and                                                                passed away from a stomach illness at the
                                                               Program (AHBP). Under this design, all Ameri-          age of seventy-four. He will be remembered
      past shipmates.                                          cans not eligible for existing federal pro-
         Mr. Speaker, the Mackinaw and her crew                                                                       as the consummate farmer and a true Amer-
                                                               grams—such as TRICARE, Veterans Health                 ican patriot. It is my privilege to recognize the
      have played a role not only in national and              Programs, Indian Health Services, Medicare
      international commerce, but also in more local                                                                  life and memory of Ray before this body of
                                                               and Medicaid will be required to participate.          Congress and this nation.
      relationships. The crew of the Mackinaw has              The government will provide a defined con-
      long been an important part of the community                                                                        Ray was born and raised on a farm in
                                                               tribution toward every enrollee’s premium and          Welby, Colorado. Following high school, Ray
      in Cheboygan, with members pitching in to                actively manage and regulate the process of
      fight fires, forming relationships with residents,                                                              enlisted in the United States Navy and proudly
                                                               informed consumer choice, motivating private           served our country on a destroyer during the
      and many even settling in Cheboygan after                insurance companies to produce a favorable
      their retirement.                                                                                               Korean War. After returning from the war, Ray
                                                               combination of efficiency and equity. Plans will       returned to his roots and worked on his family
         As we move closer to 2006 when this his-              compete for enrollees on the basis of benefits
      toric vessel is decommissioned and replaced                                                                     farm. Ray spent many hours out of the day
                                                               as well as efficiency, service and price.              cultivating both fruits and vegetables. He was
      with a new cutter Mackinaw, Mr. Speaker, I                  Employers will be relieved of the annual
      ask the House to join me in paying tribute to                                                                   known for his work ethic, and he instilled the
                                                               burden of having to negotiate new health care          ethic in his children by leading through exam-
      the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw and                 packages for their employees. They will con-
      her crews over the last 60 years. They de-                                                                      ple.
                                                               tinue to play a critical role in the health care           For Ray, family was the most important part
      serve our deepest gratitude, and I wish them             system through a flat tax on payroll—which
      well when they gather next month to celebrate                                                                   of his life. When he returned home from the
                                                               promises to be more stable and consistent              Korean War he married Agnes in 1954. Ray
      60 years of fond memories.                               than premiums offered to them by insurance             and Agnes had known each other for most of
                       f                                       companies.                                             their lives, since Agnes grew up on the neigh-
         PROPOSED AMERICAN HEALTH                                 It is time we started offering every American       boring farm. The couple raised a large family
             BENEFITS PROGRAM                                  the kind of coverage and oversight that we, as         of thirteen children, with an even larger sec-
                                                               Members of Congress, have come to rely                 ond generation comprised of thirty-eight
              HON. JAMES R. LANGEVIN                           upon. Health care is much more than an issue           grandchildren.
                      OF RHODE ISLAND
                                                               that polls well with voters. As elected officials,         Mr. Speaker, the Welby community will
                                                               we must take the incremental steps needed to           sorely miss Ray Domenico. Throughout the
                                                               develop a universal health-care system that is         farm community, he will be known for his hard
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      affordable, high-quality and well managed.             work and dedication to the cultivation of his
         Mr. LANGEVIN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in               I firmly believe that health care is a basic in-    crops. In this difficult time of bereavement, I
      support of a health care proposal that I am              alienable right of every American. If we work          wish to express my deepest condolences to
      proud to introduce.                                      together to address this critical issue, I know        his family and friends.
         For years now, elected officials at all levels        we can realize this goal.                                                f
      of government have struggled to address the                                f
      nation’s health-care crisis, and meet the ever-                                                                  REMEMBERING ROY BURKE ‘‘R.B.’’
      increasing demand for affordable health care.            HONORING LUKE PALDER ON THE                                      HEAD, JR.
      A significant part of the population lacks ac-           COMPLETION OF HIS INTERNSHIP
      cess to the most basic health coverage. In                                                                                 HON. RALPH M. HALL
      2002, 43.6 million Americans were unin-                              HON. BART GORDON                                               OF TEXAS
      sured—80 percent of whom were members of                                   OF TENNESSEE                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      working families. Closing this gap is one of the             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      greatest domestic challenges our nation faces.                                                                             Thursday, July 22, 2004
         As health-insurance premiums rise each                           Thursday, July 22, 2004                        Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, I am honored today
      year, businesses face difficult decisions. To               Mr. GORDON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            to pay tribute to an outstanding citizen and be-
      maintain the same level of coverage, they                honor Luke Palder on the completion of his in-         loved family man, the late Roy Burke Head,
      must either cover these extra costs or pass              ternship. Luke has been a tremendous help to           Jr., of Whitesboro, who passed away on April
      them along to employees. Many business                   me and my staff while he has interned in my            7 at the age of 92. A stranger to none, he was
      owners confront an even starker choice: De-              Washington, DC, office this summer.                    affectionately known to his friends and family
      crease benefits or drop coverage altogether.                This is Luke’s second summer as an intern           as R.B. or simply ‘‘B.’’
         Those of us in Congress have a responsi-              for a member of the House of Representa-                  R.B. was a kind and generous man who de-
      bility to ensure that no family is forced to go          tives, which is remarkable when you consider           voted his life to his family, his community, and

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00003   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.043   E22PT2
      E1476                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                           July 22, 2004
      his country. He served in the U.S. Army for 5            connected compensation, health care, and re-           In 1967, Mike joined the Denver Police De-
      years and for 50 years worked as a buyer for             habilitation. It also reviews the VA programs          partment working in the city’s second district.
      the wholesale grocery firm, Tyler and Simp-              and activities designed to meet such needs.            During his thirty-seven year career, he has
      son. He retired to pursue his interests of cat-          Lastly, it develops such recommendations as it         worked in units covering drugs and gangs,
      tle, photography and reading. R.B. also was              considers appropriate, including recommenda-           shifts covering night and day, and he has held
      active in his community, serving as an elder             tions for administrative and legislative action.       positions as district commander, division chief
      and church treasurer of the First Presbyterian           This committee then prepares biennial reports          and head of the police academy.
      Church. He was a longstanding member of                  that are submitted to the Secretary on these              As he embarks on retirement, he finishes
      Kiwanis Club—serving for almost 40 years                 issues.                                                his career in patrolling the same district where
      and touting a perfect attendance record until               The Committee plays an important role by            he began. After over thirty years with the de-
      the last few months of his life. He was an avid          ensuring that the concerns of America’s                partment, he can take pride in knowing he has
      sports fan, and no distance was too great for            former prisoners of war are heard and that             carried on his family’s proud legacy of commit-
      him to travel to watch his grandchildren’s               their needs are met. I am very pleased to in-          ment to serving others. In his retirement, he
      sporting events.                                         troduce this bill today and look forward to            and his wife Suzy, another former police offi-
         R.B. also was a devoted family man. He                working with my colleagues to ensure swift             cer, can enjoy a more relaxing pace to their
      leaves behind his loving wife of 61 years, Lu-           passage of this legislation to allow the Com-          lives.
      cile Allen Head; his children Judith Anderson            mittee to continue its important work.                    Mr. Speaker, Commander Mike O’Neill has
      Reedy and husband Rick of Frisco, and Sally                                f                                    shown tremendous leadership and honor
      Burke Light and husband George of Collins-                                                                      throughout his career with the Denver Police
      ville; seven grandchildren; four great-grand-                PAYING TRIBUTE TO KENDAY                           Department. Mike consistently exhibited self-
      children; brother Bill Head and wife Anne of                          KAMARA                                    lessness to put the safety of the people he
      Austin; sister-in-law Mary Ann Allen of                                                                         served first and foremost. It is my pleasure to
      Whitesboro and many other family members.                       HON. THOMAS G. TANCREDO                         recognize his career before this body of Con-
         R.B. was a man of honor and integrity who                                OF COLORADO                         gress and this nation. I thank him for his hard
      was admired and respected by all those who                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    work and commitment to his fellow citizens
      knew him. He will long be remembered for his                                                                    and wish him all the best in his future endeav-
                                                                          Thursday, July 22, 2004
      leadership, his compassion, and his enthu-                                                                      ors.
      siasm for life. As we adjourn today, let us do              Mr. TANCREDO. Mr. Speaker, hundreds of                              f
      so in memory of this outstanding citizen, Roy            students graduate for colleges and universities
      Burke Head, Jr.                                          everyday, on rare occasions there is a student         A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO THE VAN
                                                               that stands out. I would like to take a moment          WERT COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCI-
                                                               to recognize one student that has overcome              ETY ON THE OCCASION OF ITS
      A BILL TO EXTEND THE AUTHOR-                             great obstacles to earn his graduate degree             50TH ANNIVERSARY
       ITY OF THE ADVISORY COM-                                and honors. Kenday Kamara was awarded the
       MITTEE ON FORMER PRISONERS                              2004 Graduate Student of the Year from the                       HON. PAUL E. GILLMOR
       OF WAR                                                  University of Phoenix.                                                     OF OHIO
                                                                  Mr. Kamara’s life in Sierra Leone was any-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
              HON. STEPHANIE HERSETH                           thing but peaceful. As a journalist for the Si-
                                                                                                                                    Thursday, July 22, 2004
                      OF SOUTH DAKOTA                          erra Leone Digest, Mr. Kamara wrote an edi-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       torial appealing for the peaceful resolution to           Mr. GILLMOR. Mr. Speaker, it is my great
                                                               the conflict that was raging in his homeland.          pleasure to pay special tribute to the Van Wert
                   Thursday, July 22, 2004                     Such an act of expression would often go un-           County Historical Society on the occasion of
         Ms. HERSETH. Mr. Speaker, today I intro-              noticed here in America; however in Sierra             its fiftieth anniversary.
      duce a bill that authorizes a 6-year extension           Leone, Mr. Kamara and his family were tor-                The Van Wert County Historical Society was
      in authority for the Veterans Administration’s           mented for this act. He finally received asylum        born of the desire to preserve the history of a
      (VA) Advisory Committee on Former Prisoners              in the United States in 1998, and was later re-        great county within the Fifth Congressional
      of War.                                                  united with his family here in 1999.                   District of Ohio. The idea for a historical soci-
         It is estimated that, since the American Rev-            Mr. Speaker, it is my distinct pleasure to          ety first surfaced during Ohio’s sesquicenten-
      olution, more than 500,000 Americans have                honor Mr. Kamara and his achievements here             nial in 1953. From overwhelming requests,
      been captured and incarcerated as prisoners              today, and wish him all the best in her future         members of the Van Wert Sesquicentennial
      of war. Since World War I, more than 142,000             endeavors.                                             Committee founded the Historical Society in
      Americans—including 83 women—have been                                     f                                    1954. While the Society was slow to start, a
      captured and interned as POWs. Not included                                                                     meeting on September 18, 1955, changed the
      in this figure are nearly 93,000 Americans who                 PAYING TRIBUTE TO MIKE                           course of history for the group. William
      were lost in battle and whose whereabouts are                          O’NEILL                                  Fosnaught, a local attorney and school-
      unknown. Almost 16,000 POWs are currently                                                                       teacher, presented the deed to a mansion
      in receipt of compensation for service-con-                          HON. SCOTT McINNIS                         which was donated to house the museum.
      nected injuries, diseases, or illnesses from the                            OF COLORADO                            Since the 1955 donation of a mansion to the
      Federal Government.                                          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    Historical Society, the group has expanded its
         In 1981, Congress created the Advisory                                                                       grounds by adding a gazebo, barn, and log
      Committee on Former Prisoners of War (Com-                          Thursday, July 22, 2004                     house, one-room schoolhouse, Conrail ca-
      mittee). It is comprised of POWs from World                 Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, to place your life        boose and the annex building. In addition, the
      War II, the Korean Conflict, Vietnam, and the            in danger for the safety of your fellow citizens       Historical Society boasts the only gazebo to
      Gulf War, as well as other individuals who are           is an honorable and noble task, and our police         be listed on the National Register of Historical
      recognized authorities in such fields as psychi-         officers do this on a regular basis. Com-              Sites.
      atry, psychology, internal medicine, nutrition,          mander Mike O’Neill of the Denver Police De-              Mr. Speaker, what makes the Van Wert
      epidemiology, geriatrics, including persons              partment is one such hero, and after thirty-           County Historical Society unique is that the
      knowledgeable about disabilities prevalent               seven years of dedicated service, he recently          mansion holds artifacts that represent the vast
      among former POWs, and disabled veterans.                announced his retirement. I would like to take         history of Van Wert County.
         The Committee advises the Secretary of                this opportunity to thank him for the important           Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me
      Veterans Affairs on the administration of bene-          role he has played in protecting the citizens of       in paying special tribute to the Van Wert
      fits under Title 38, United States Code, for vet-        Colorado before this body of Congress and              County Historical Society. Our communities
      erans who are former prisoners of war and the            this nation.                                           are served well by having these societies to
      needs of such veterans in the areas of serv-                At the point in Mike’s youth when it came           narrate history to future generations. However,
      ice-connected compensation, health care and              time to commit to his future and decide his vo-        it is the generous donations of artifacts and
      rehabilitation.                                          cation, he decided to become a police officer.         the volunteering of time by the people of Van
         The Committee assesses the needs of                   The choice was obvious for him considering             Wert County which make the Historical Soci-
      former prisoners of war in the area of service-          his father had also served as a police officer.        ety a success. On behalf of the people of the

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00004   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.047   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1477
      Fifth District of Ohio, I am proud to recognize          grams in the early 1980’s. Michigan and Shiga             Personally, I have known Mr. McElroy for
      this great achievement.                                  initiated a summer high school student ex-             more than 20 years and have had the pleas-
                       f                                       change program in the 1990’s.                          ure of working with him in his leadership posi-
                                                                  Finally, over 100 Marquette or Yokaichi cas-        tions, both in Rhode Island and more recently
      25TH ANNIVERSARY OF SISTER-                              ual visitors have been welcomed to their sister        as the Secretary-Treasurer of the AFT. I am
        CITY RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN                              city. More than 2,500 delegates, host family           confident that he will bring tremendous dedica-
        MARQUETTE, MI AND YOKAICHI,                            members, students, teachers, government offi-          tion, professionalism and expertise to the posi-
        JAPAN                                                  cials and informal visitors have participated di-      tion of President of the American Federation
                                                               rectly in the Marquette-Yokaichi partnership.          of Teachers.
                  HON. BART STUPAK                             With each exchange has come the opportunity                              f
                         OF MICHIGAN                           to plant new seeds of friendship and under-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       standing, many of which have become self-              HONORING WILLIAM POMEROY ON
                                                               sustaining gardens that are freely shared with          THE COMPLETION OF HIS IN-
                   Thursday, July 22, 2004                                                                             TERNSHIP
                                                               others in the community. With each exchange
         Mr. STUPAK. Mr. Speaker, on August 13,                has come the opportunity to become a mem-
      1979, the city of Marquette, MI, entered into a          ber of an extended family. And for many, it                           HON. BART GORDON
      sister city relationship with Yokaichi, Shiga            has become a life-changing experience.                                   OF TENNESSEE
      Prefecture, Japan. Since then, the relationship             Mr. Speaker, again I applaud the cities of                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      has flourished, and I would like to congratulate         Marquette and Yokaichi for their great success
      both cities on their upcoming 25th Anniversary                                                                              Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               in building this special relationship through
      of this sister-city bond.                                their sister-city status. I congratulate them on          Mr. GORDON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
         In his September 12, 1992 remarks to the              their 25th anniversary and I wish them contin-         recognize the many contributions William
      102nd Congress, my predecessor, Congress-                ued success for the next twenty-five years.            Pomeroy has made while interning in my
      man Robert Davis, praised these sister cities                              f                                    Washington, D.C., office. Will, a fellow Middle
      and included an extensive history of that rela-                                                                 Tennessean, has been a wonderful addition to
      tionship (E2819–2821). I would also like to              CONGRATULATING MR. EDWARD J.                           the office and a great servant to the constitu-
      highlight the history of the Marquette-Yokaichi           MCELROY ON HIS ELECTION TO                            ents of Tennessee’s Sixth Congressional Dis-
      sister-city program:                                      THE PRESIDENCY OF THE AMER-                           trict.
         On September 12, 1956, President Dwight                ICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS                              But Will must return to Knoxville for his
      Eisenhower initiated the Sister City program to                                                                 sophomore year at the University of Ten-
      build close relationships and cultural under-                     HON. JAMES R. LANGEVIN                        nessee, where he is a member of the Young
      standing between people of different countries.                           OF RHODE ISLAND                       Democrats and the Delta Tau Delta fraternity.
      President Eisenhower’s theory: these new re-                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       During his internship, Will won over the en-
      lationships could be a powerful force in pro-                                                                   tire staff with his ever-present eagerness and
      moting world peace and would help prevent                           Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                                                                                      genuine interest in public affairs. He has at-
      misunderstandings between the governments                   Mr. LANGEVIN. Mr. Speaker, today I rise             tended briefings, addressed constituent con-
      of those countries.                                      today to congratulate a longtime champion of           cerns and served as a friendly and informative
         On November 14, 1968, Michigan Governor               public schools, Mr. Edward J. McElroy, on his          tour guide of the U.S. Capitol, providing visi-
      George Romney and Shiga Prefecture’s Gov.                recent election to the position of President of        tors from Middle Tennessee with a personal-
      Kinichiro Nozaki initiated a Sister State rela-          the American Federation of Teachers (AFT)              ized look at a national treasure.
      tionship. This was followed by annual ex-                second-largest teachers’ union in the country.            I hope Will has enjoyed his internship as
      changes between these states and the en-                 His longstanding commitment and leadership             much as my staff and I have enjoyed his pres-
      couragement to establish bonds between their             on education and the issues faced by working           ence in the office. I wish him all the best in the
      cities.                                                  families will be of great value to AFT’s 1.3 mil-      future.
         When the cities of Marquette, Michigan and            lion members.                                                            f
      Yokaichi, Shiga, Japan signed their August 13,              A former social studies and English teacher
      1979 Sister City Agreement, its focus was di-            in my hometown of Warwick, R.I., Mr. McElroy                 PAYING TRIBUTE TO RODNEY
      rected to cultural exchanges with the intent of          earned his bachelor of arts degree from Provi-                     DAVIDSON, JR.
      developing long-term friendships and under-              dence College in Rhode Island. He has also
      standing between the people of these two                 done graduate work at the University of Rhode                         HON. SCOTT McINNIS
      communities. Several actions have assisted its           Island and Rhode Island College. His service                              OF COLORADO
      continued expansion and success:                         in Rhode Island includes time spent as presi-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Annual exchanges of formal delegations and            dent of the Warwick Teachers Union, the
      several informal delegations have occurred               Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and the                        Thursday, July 22, 2004
      since 1979.                                              Rhode Island AFL–CIO. The heart of Mr.                    Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
         Each delegate, visitor, student, teacher artist       McElroy’s service has always been fighting for         pay tribute to a dedicated volunteer fireman
      or other representative to his or her sister city        a stronger education system for our children.          from La Junta, Colorado. Rodney Davidson Jr.
      is welcomed as a member of an extended                   He has recognized that the best way to give            is the recipient of the Volunteer Fireman of the
      family and stays with a host family that may             children a chance for a better future and to           Year award for his position as a role model for
      include three generations in its household.              provide a strong workforce is to provide every         future firefighters. Rodney provides an invalu-
         ‘‘Sister’’ agreements were signed between             child with a strong education.                         able service to his community and I am hon-
      the Rotary Clubs in 1979 and the Chambers                   As president of the Rhode Island Federation         ored to recognize his accomplishments before
      of Commerce in 1983 of the two cities.                   of teachers, Mr. McElroy worked with the               this body of Congress and this nation.
         The two cities have also had many ex-                 Rhode Island state legislature on the                     Rodney has spent more than twenty years
      changes through their education programs.                Michelson Act, which created collective bar-           as a volunteer fireman with the John Fisher
      Northern Michigan University has offered an              gaining for teachers in the state. On a national       Hose Company. When he joined the company
      academic year scholarship to a student from              front, he has led efforts to strengthen and up-        in 1984, he was following in the footsteps of
      Yokaichi since 1980 and several have re-                 hold financial and accountability requirements         his father who currently serves as fire chief
      turned to receive degrees there. The Japan               at every level of the union. He has been at the        and several other family members who served
      Center for Michigan Universities, located twen-          forefront of the AFT’s initiatives to harness          as volunteers. Rodney is the president of the
      ty miles from Yokaichi, has offered scholar-             technology to support, inform and mobilize             company, an organization that is dedicated to
      ships to three Northern Michigan University              union members. For decades, Ed McElroy has             recruiting volunteer fire fighters that dates
      students each academic year since 1989.                  displayed unwavering leadership and commit-            back to 1883. He is also a certified
         Marquette and Yokaichi school students ex-            ment to the teachers, paraprofessionals and            pyrotechnician and helps with local fireworks
      change letters and the schools in each city              school-related personnel, local, state and fed-        displays every year.
      teach their pupils about their Sister City. Michi-       eral employees, higher education faculty and              Mr. Speaker, Rodney Davidson, Jr. is a
      gan and Shiga initiated annual teacher ex-               staff, nurses and healthcare professionals, and        dedicated volunteer that risks his own health
      change and government worker exchange pro-               public schoolchildren of our Nation.                   and safety so that others may live. His work

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00005   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.050   E22PT2
      E1478                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
      has taken him away from his family and                   Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas              that we seek to fully reimburse these tribes for
      friends on several occasions and he has                  from 1969 to 1970.                                     the lands they lost.
      served as a role model offering leadership and              Judge Steger was born in 1920 and at-                  The Lower Brule Sioux Tribe and the Crow
      guidance in his community. I am honored to               tended public schools in Dallas. He graduated          Creek Sioux Tribe are both constituent bands
      recognize him today before this body and this            from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1938                of the Great Sioux Nation. Both border on the
      nation for his devotion and commitment to aid-           and attended Baylor University from 1938 to            Missouri River in central South Dakota and
      ing those in need. He serves as a valuable               1941, when his pre-law studies were inter-             are connected by the Big Bend Dam.
      role model for all fire fighters. Congratulations        rupted by World War II. Less than 24 hours                Congress created a trust fund for the Crow
      on your award Rodney and I wish you all the              after Pearl Harbor was attacked, Judge Steger          Creek Sioux Tribe in 1996, and a separate
      best in your future endeavors.                           withdrew from Baylor University and volun-             trust fund for the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe in
                       f                                       teered for service. He enlisted in the U.S.            1997. These trust funds sought to compensate
                                                               Army Air Corps on January 5, 1942, as cadet            the tribes for the value of their land that is now
           HONORING FEDERAL JUDGE                              and received his Pilot Wings and Commission            permanently inundated as a result of the con-
               WILLIAM STEGER                                  as 2nd Lieutenant on November 9, 1942. He              struction of the Big Bend Dam. Unfortunately,
                                                               flew 56 combat missions as a fighter pilot in          the formula that the General Accounting Office
                 HON. RALPH M. HALL                            Tunisia, Sicily and Italy and attained the rank        used to calculate amount of compensation for
                           OF TEXAS                            of Captain. After being honorably discharged,          both tribes was substantially different than the
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       he entered SMU Law School in 1948 and re-              formulas that it has used to calculate damages
                                                               ceived his LLB Degree in 1950.                         for many other similarly situated tribes. The re-
                 Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                                  Judge Steger is married to his wonderful            sult was unfair and inadequate compensation
         Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, it is a distinct privi-        wife of 56 years, Ann Hollandsworth Steger.            funds for these tribes.
      lege to pay tribute to an outstanding member             They had one child, Merritt Reed Steger, who
      of the Judiciary and longtime U.S. District                                                                        Parity for these tribes would mean an ability
                                                               passed away as a young man. Judge and                  to actively work for the betterment of their
      Judge for the Eastern District of Texas, Judge           Mrs. Steger have been active members of
      William Steger, who recently received the Jus-                                                                  communities. It would mean adequate roads
                                                               their community. ‘‘Through his efforts, he’s           and improved community facilities. It would
      tinian Award during Law Day festivities in               made a significant contribution to all aspects
      Tyler. Judge Steger has served as a U.S. Dis-                                                                   mean better health care and newer schools. It
                                                               of life in Smith County and the State of               would mean attracting commercial business
      trict Judge in East Texas for more than thirty           Texas,’’ said U.S. District Judge T. John Ward
      years, culminating a career dedicated to the                                                                    and improving the local economy. Most impor-
                                                               in presenting the Justinian Award to Judge             tantly, it would mean a real chance for these
      highest principles of ethics and justice in the          Steger.
      profession of law.                                                                                              tribes to provide future generations with the
                                                                  I also want to commend the Smith County             tools that so many of us take for granted.
         Nominated by President Richard Nixon,                 Bar Association, the Smith County Bar Foun-
      Judge Steger began his judgeship on Decem-                                                                         I would ask all of my distinguished col-
                                                               dation, the Smith County Lawyer’s Auxiliary,
      ber 29, 1970, in the Eastern District of Texas,                                                                 leagues to support the Tribal Parity Act and
                                                               the Smith County Young Lawyers Association,
      presiding in Beaumont and also holding court                                                                    work with me to enact legislation that would
                                                               the Tyler Area Association of Legal Profes-
      in Paris, Texarkana, Sherman and Marshall.                                                                      fairly and appropriately compensate members
                                                               sionals and Tyler Teen Court, Inc., who in
      He moved to the Tyler Federal courthouse,                                                                       of the Lower Brule and Crow Creek Sioux
                                                               conjunction with the American Bar Associa-
      where he currently presides, in September                                                                       Tribes. I ask you to do it because of the tre-
                                                               tion, sponsor Law Day each year to honor
      1978. He assumed Senior Active Status duty                                                                      mendous positive difference it would make in
                                                               local attorneys and civic leaders as well as
      as U.S. District Judge on December 31, 1987,                                                                    the lives of those affected—and because it is
                                                               students who participate in Teen Court and an
      and since that time has closed approximately                                                                    clearly the right and fair thing to do.
                                                               essay and poster contest.
      6,500 cases.                                                Mr. Speaker, it is a privilege to celebrate the
         Among his noteworthy rulings, Judge Steger                                                                                   f
                                                               life of this esteemed jurist and outstanding
      in 1975 ruled that a private hospital, although          American who answered the call to service in
      receiving State and Federal support, was not                                                                          PAYING TRIBUTE TO FREDA
                                                               World War II, serving with distinction in that                     POUNDSTONE
      prohibited from establishing policies denying            endeavor, then dedicated his life to serving
      use of its facilities for elective abortions. In         the cause of justice and defending the prin-
      1980 he presided over one of the first cases             ciples upon which this Nation was founded. I                   HON. THOMAS G. TANCREDO
      applying the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt            ask my colleagues in the House of Represent-                             OF COLORADO
      Organizations Act, resulting in conviction of            atives to join me in paying tribute today to
      numerous county officials for offenses ranging                                                                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               U.S. District Judge William Steger and to ex-
      from solicitation of murder to facilitation of           press our sincere appreciation for his service                    Thursday, July 22, 2004
      gambling activity. Other cases resulted in con-          to his community, the State of Texas, and our
      victions for illegal narcotics transactions—one                                                                    Mr. TANCREDO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
                                                               Nation.                                                to recognize the dedicated and inspiring ca-
      of which resulted in the government seizing
      properties that were later auctioned for over                              f                                    reer of Freda Poundstone. Ms. Poundstone
      $10,000,000 and deposited in the U.S. Treas-                                                                    served as the first woman mayor of Green-
                                                                         TRIBAL PARITY ACT                            wood Village, Colorado, and when her time as
         A 1950 graduate of Southern Methodist Uni-                                                                   mayor came to an end, she continued to serve
      versity Law School, Judge Steger engaged in                      HON. STEPHANIE HERSETH                         the community as a determined lobbyist for 36
      the private practice of law in Longview from                              OF SOUTH DAKOTA                       years.
      1951 to 1953. In 1953 he was appointed by                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       During her career, Ms. Poundstone worked
      President Dwight D. Eisenhower as U.S. Dis-                                                                     diligently to strengthen her community. Her ac-
                                                                          Thursday, July 22, 2004                     tions as mayor proved that Ms. Poundstone
      trict Attorney in East Texas and remained in
      the post until 1959 when he resigned to enter               Ms. HERSETH. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased              truly acted to serve the public, and this con-
      private practice in Tyler. He was a partner in           to introduce today the Tribal Parity Act. This         tributed to her many accomplishments. She
      the firm of Wilson, Miller, Spivey and Steger            bill would fully compensate the Lower Brule            faced many challenges, but did not hesitate to
      from 1959 to 1970, until his appointment as              Sioux Tribe and the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe             speak her mind and fight for what she thought
      U.S. District Judge.                                     in South Dakota for the lands that they lost as        was right. Her successes did not stop after
         From 1952 to 1970 Judge Steger was an                 a result of the federal government’s construc-         serving as mayor, rather Ms. Poundstone be-
      active member of the Republican Party of                 tion of the massive dams on the main stem of           came the first woman contract lobbyist in Col-
      Texas. In 1960 he was the Republican can-                the Missouri River.                                    orado and furthered her accomplishments to
      didate for governor, and in 1962 he was the                 The 1944 Flood Control Act cost these               include advocating successfully for the pas-
      Republican nominee for U.S. Representative               tribes much in terms of lost land. It also took        sage of three Constitutional Amendments.
      in the Third Congressional District, receiving           an enormous toll on the people of both tribes             Public officials who fulfill their duties with
      48 percent of the vote. He served as State               and their economies. It is critically important        passion and allegiance as the former mayor

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00006   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K22JY8.006   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1479
      did provide an excellent example of true public          Lewin worked tirelessly to raise the necessary         and I wish you all the best in your future en-
      service. Ms. Poundstone’s retirement from lob-           funds and secure a loan from the Board of              deavors.
      bying will not mean the end of her service               Home Missions and Church Extension of the                              f
      however, as she intends to remain active.                Methodist Episcopal Church.
        The contributions Ms. Poundstone has                      Mr. Speaker, much has changed in the                HONORING HOWARD SNELL FOR
      made to the Greenwood Village community                  Grace United Methodist Church’s first 150               HIS SERVICE AND DEDICATION
      have been invaluable, and she has truly                  years. After the church recovered from the              TO OUR COUNTRY
      helped to strengthen and develop the city into           1916 fire, it continued to make improvements
      what it is today. I wish to thank her for her            and expansions to accommodate its growing                         HON. RALPH M. HALL
      dedicated service and wish her the best of               congregation. It has also received the guid-                              OF TEXAS
      luck in her retirement.                                  ance and leadership of a number of pastors
                                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               from its founding by Reverend Earl to the cur-
                       f                                                                                                         Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               rent pastor, Reverend Tom Anderson. But
       TRIBUTE TO THE GRACE UNITED                             throughout these changes, the members of                  Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, I am honored today
            METHODIST CHURCH                                   the Grace United Methodist Church have been            to recognize an outstanding veteran of World
                                                               true to their faith and to each other.                 War II who dedicated much of his life in serv-
                  HON. BART STUPAK                                Mr. Speaker, I ask that the House join me           ice to our country—Howard Snell of Tyler.
                                                               in congratulating the Grace United Methodist              Mr. Snell devoted 21 years to service in the
                         OF MICHIGAN
                                                               Church and its members on their first 150              U.S. Navy, moving through the ranks from
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       years as a community of faith, and in wishing          cook to chief sonar technician. During that
                 Thursday, July 22, 2004                       them well in their next 150.                           time, he engaged in 17 World War II battles,
         Mr. STUPAK. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to                                f                                    including the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor
      congratulate a church in my district that re-                                                                   and the monumental showdown at Midway.
                                                                    PAYING TRIBUTE TO LANDY                              Now at the age of 81, Mr. Snell has found
      cently celebrated a remarkable milestone. On
                                                                            TAYLOR                                    himself in the middle of another battle—with
      July 2, the members of the Grace United
      Methodist Church in Houghton, Michigan cele-                                                                    cancer. Yet in a display of his trademark de-
      brated their congregation’s 150th anniversary.                       HON. SCOTT McINNIS                         termination, Mr. Snell was one of the proud
      For the last century and a half, Grace United                               OF COLORADO
                                                                                                                      veterans present at the May 29 dedication of
      Methodist Church has been a place of wor-                                                                       the National World War II Memorial in Wash-
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      ship, prayer and fellowship for the people of                                                                   ington. He postponed his first round of chemo-
      this community in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.                       Thursday, July 22, 2004                     therapy so that he could attend the ceremony,
         In 1854, the same year that the Village of               Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to           fearing that starting the treatment before his
      Houghton was founded, Reverend Lewis W.                  pay tribute to a kind and caring individual from       trip would cause him to miss the dedication—
      Earl organized the Portage Lake Class, which             Montrose, Colorado who is brightening the              and that was simply not an option for this
      would become today’s Grace United Methodist              spirits of American soldiers in Iraq. Landy Tay-       World War II veteran who serves as an official
      Church. Three years later, the small congrega-           lor is reminding our troops that we support            of the national Survivors of Pearl Harbor Asso-
      tion resolved ‘‘to build a house of worship in           them and their noble mission, and I am proud           ciation.
      Houghton,’’ and construction began in the                to join my colleagues here today before this              Throughout his life, Mr. Snell has upheld the
      spring of 1859. Later that year, the structure,          body of Congress and this Nation in recog-             high standards of conduct befitting a soldier
      which was still being built, was moved to the            nizing his tremendous generosity and good              and a gentleman. As we adjourn today, it is
      corner lot that is the site of the present               will.                                                  my privilege to recognize such an outstanding
      church, thanks to the generous gift of Mr. Wil-             After receiving an email from Duane Ziegler,        American and veteran—Mr. Howard Snell—
      liam Newcomb.                                            the chief of the Montrose Regional Airport fire        and wish him well as he fights another of life’s
         During the pastorate of Reverend C.V.                 department who is serving in Iraq with the Col-        battles.
      Thompson from 1888 to 1893, the congrega-                orado National Guard, about the tough battle-                          f
      tion decided to construct the elegant stone              front conditions Landy decided to start Oper-
                                                                                                                             PAYING TRIBUTE TO SIMON
      church building that is in use today. In June            ation Sweet Tooth. He figured that candy
      1893, the completed church was dedicated                 would help lift the soldiers spirits and so he
      with much ceremony. Several of the day’s                 began to buy cases of candy, elk jerky, and
      most prominent clergymen came to Houghton                other items and ship them off to the troops.                   HON. THOMAS G. TANCREDO
      to give lectures or sermons as part of the               Landy himself, is a former aviation executive                           OF COLORADO
      dedication activities, including Reverend Earl           and a veteran of the Army and wanted to be                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Cranston, Reverend Joseph Frazer, Reverend               able to let our troops know of our Nation’s
      Bishop Ninde, and Reverend A.R. Bartlett.                support.                                                          Thursday, July 22, 2004
         On the evening of November 24, 1916, trag-               Since the initial shipment of more than                Mr. TANCREDO. Mr. Speaker, today, I have
      edy struck as Grace Church was almost com-               seven thousand pieces of candy, Landy, and             the pleasure of celebrating a young person
      pletely destroyed by fire. Fortunately, the red          his wife Marta have shipped hundreds of                from my district, Simon Hakob Maghakyan,
      sandstone walls remained standing, which                 pounds of candy and over 800 pounds of elk             who was elected executive vice president of
      also protected the church’s beautiful stained            jerky. He often sends care packages daily and          the Sigma Phi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.
      glass windows. While the members of Grace                sometimes picks up the shipping costs of up               Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor
      Church were understandably upset by this turn            to $300 a week out of his own pocket. Most             society for two-year colleges. Membership is
      of events, the other churches of Houghton                of the candy and snacks that are shipped go            based on academic achievement and mem-
      were quick to offer their assistance. As a re-           to four different military hospitals in Baghdad        bers are also provided opportunities for growth
      sult, services were held for several months in           where they are distributed to patients, soldiers       and development in scholarship, leadership,
      the Masonic Temple, and then for 2 years the             and Iraqi children.                                    fellowship and service.
      congregation held joint services with the Pres-             Mr. Speaker, Landy Taylor is a generous in-            Simon is attending Arapahoe Community
      byterian Church while Grace Church was                   dividual who is actively involved in lifting the       College with a major in general science, with
      being rebuilt.                                           spirits of our American soldiers and dem-              plans to transfer to University of California at
         Reconstruction of the church building was             onstrating how much we appreciate their ef-            Los Angeles. Given his demonstrated dedica-
      delayed by the start of World War I, and the             forts in Iraq. He has inspired other citizens          tion to academics and hard work, I have no
      congregation was not able to move back into              and friends within his community to aid the            doubt he will be successful in all of his en-
      its own church until 1918, when steps were               troops and I am honored to recognize him               deavors.
      taken to at least rebuild the basement level.            today before this body and this Nation for his            Mr. Speaker, it is my distinct pleasure to
      Complete restoration of the church was finally           devotion and commitment to our American sol-           honor Mr. Maghakyan here today, and wish
      achieved in 1924 when Reverend John E.                   diers. Thank you for your generosity Landy,            him all the best in his future endeavors.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00007   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.058   E22PT2
      E1480                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      PAYING  TRIBUTE                   TO  INTER-             nam Campaign Medal, the Army Commenda-                  the church’s new home. Though there have
       NATIONAL DECA                   COMPETITION             tion Medal, the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry           been a number of improvements to the build-
       WINNERS                                                 Cross with Palm Unit Citation Badge and the             ing, the congregation of the Bethany Lutheran
                                                               National Defense Service Medal.                         Church still meets each Sunday in that original
            HON. THOMAS G. TANCREDO                                Mr. Speaker, in 1983 Keith began his in-            structure.
                                                               volvement in the VFW by becoming a Life                    Mr. Speaker, much has changed in the
                        OF COLORADO
                                                               Member of Post 3035 in Delphos, Ohio and in             Bethany Lutheran Church’s first century. Al-
                                                               1986, Keith was elected Post Commander of               ways a small congregation, the church’s mem-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      3035. It was in this capacity that he embarked          bership has waxed and waned over the years
         Mr. TANCREDO. Mr. Speaker, I would like               on a career of compassion, always wanting to            from the original 39 members to the 17 of
      to highlight the accomplishments of three                assist veterans in need. Keith would hold the           today. It has also received the guidance and
      teams of high school students. These teams               title of Commander of 3035 for three consecu-           leadership of a number of pastors from Rev-
      competed at the 2004 DECA International Ca-              tive years until his election in 1990 to District       erend Holmberg to the current pastor, Rev-
      reer Development Conference held in Nash-                2 Commander, where he most recently served              erend David Hueter. But throughout these
      ville Tennessee, where they placed first in the          as Vice Commander of Ohio. In addition to his           changes, the members of the Bethany Lu-
      categories they competed in.                             VFW duties, Keith has been involved in his              theran Church have been true to their faith
         These high school DECA teams have                     fellow veterans’ concerns by serving as the             and to each other.
                                                               Van Wert County Veterans Service Officer for               Mr. Speaker, I ask that the House join me
      worked throughout the year to prepare for the
                                                               the past thirteen years.                                in congratulating the Bethany Lutheran Church
      international competition by preparing projects,
                                                                   As District 2 Commander, Keith has dis-             and its members on their first 100 years as a
      competing in preliminary competitions, and ex-
                                                               played great leadership by effectively commu-           community of faith, and in wishing them well
      panding their understanding of the business
                                                               nicating the mission at hand and adapting to            in their next 100.
         Hanna Cunnane, Noah Funderburk and                    the ever-changing world around him. Through                               f
      Laura Sullivan, from Cherry Creek High                   his drive and leadership, Keith has worked                     PAYING TRIBUTE TO STEIN
      School placed in the Hospitality and Recre-              tirelessly to increase the membership of the                           ERIKSON
      ation Marketing Research competition. Monica             VFW, forge solid relationships with Ohio’s
      Kremer, Charles Fuller and Lauren Blood, also            communities, and advance the issues that af-                           HON. SCOTT McINNIS
      students at Cherry Creek High School placed              fect veterans most.
                                                                                                                                          OF COLORADO
      in Food Marketing Research. The team of Jes-                 Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me
                                                                                                                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      sica Watts and Jennifer Bracht from Highlands            in paying special tribute to Mr. Keith Harmon.
                                                               Our communities are well served by having                            Thursday, July 22, 2004
      Ranch High School placed in the Travel and
      Tourism Marketing Management Team Deci-                  such honorable and giving citizens, like Keith,            Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker I rise today to
      sion Making category.                                    who care about their well being and stability.          pay tribute to a renowned ski racer from
         DECA, the Distributive Education Club of              We wish Keith and his family all the best as            Aspen, Colorado. Stein Erikson has been a
      America, was organized in 1946 to bring op-              we pay tribute to one of the Fifth District’s fin-      great ambassador for the sport of skiing and
      portunities in marketing and management                  est citizens.                                           inspires many Americans and ski enthusiasts
      closer to students. Since then, the club has                                f                                    around the world. I am privileged to stand be-
      grown to have over 180,000 members. The                                                                          fore this body of Congress and this Nation to
                                                                     TRIBUTE TO THE BETHANY                            recognize his accomplishments and commit-
      DECA International Career Development Con-                        LUTHERAN CHURCH
      ference is the culmination of the DECA year                                                                      ment to the sport of skiing.
                                                                                                                          Initially Stein moved to Aspen from Norway
      and brings together thirteen thousand stu-                               HON. BART STUPAK                        in 1958 and has been racing and instructing
      dents, advisors and businesspersons for com-                                 OF MICHIGAN                         skiers ever since. Stein won a gold and silver
      petition and education.                                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     medal in the giant slalom, and slalom for the
         Mr. Speaker, the accomplishments of these                                                                     Norwegian ski team in the 1952 Oslo Olym-
      students are only the beginning of the con-                          Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                                                                                       pics and several medals from the 1950 and
      tributions they will make in the future. I wish             Mr. STUPAK. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in             1954 World Championships. He is best known
      them all the best in their future endeavors.             recognition of a church in my district that has         however for his ski school instruction. He
                       f                                       recently passed a remarkable milestone. On              began teaching at Boyne Mountain, Michigan
                                                               July 11, the members of the Bethany Lutheran            and then moved to Heavenly Valley, California
      A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO KEITH E.                            Church in Isabella, Michigan celebrated their
       HARMON ON THE OCCASION OF                                                                                       before landing at Aspen Highlands in
                                                               congregation’s 100th anniversary. For a cen-            Snowmass ski school. Recently Stein was in-
       HIS ELECTION AS STATE COM-                              tury, the Bethany Lutheran Church has been a            ducted into the Colorado Ski and Snowboard
       MANDER OF OHIO FOR THE VET-                             place of worship, prayer, and fellowship for the        Hall of Fame for his many contributions to the
       ERANS OF FOREIGN WARS OF                                people of this small farming community in               sport over the years.
       THE UNITED STATES OF AMER-                              Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.                                Stein is famous for his execution of an aer-
       ICA                                                        On July 11, 1904, what was then the Swed-            ial somersault that has since been dubbed the
                                                               ish Evangelical Lutheran Church held its first          X games of the early days in Aspen ski his-
                HON. PAUL E. GILLMOR                           meeting at the home of John Wester in Isa-              tory. He was the first skier to perform a for-
                            OF OHIO                            bella. This first service was conducted by a            ward flip or Moby flip that helped to usher in
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       seminarian, J.J. Youngren, who used Matthew             the beginning of freestyle skiing. Stein, who
                                                               5:20–26 for his sermon. Reflecting the herit-           was knighted by the King of Norway in 1997
                Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               age of the community, Swedish was the pri-              for his contributions to his home country’s fa-
         Mr. GILLMOR. Mr. Speaker, it is my great              mary language of the congregation for its first         vorite sport remains an active fixture in the
      pleasure to pay special tribute to an out-               twenty years.                                           American skiing scene. Not only did he ski
      standing individual from Ohio’s Fifth Congres-              On December 26, 1904, the church’s first             every day last ski season but he can outpace
      sional District. On Saturday, June 26, 2004              ordained pastor, Reverend K.M. Holmberg,                many skiers half his age and his trademark
      Mr. Keith E. Harman, of Delphos, Ohio, was               held his first service, using John 1:1–14 as the        Norwegian sweaters that he made popular fifty
      elected and installed as the State Commander             basis for his sermon. The following spring, the         years ago continue to warm skiers today.
      of Ohio for the Veterans of Foreign Wars of              church purchased a half acre of land from one              Mr. Speaker Stein Erikson is an internation-
      the United States of America for the 2004–               of its members, Mr. Jacob Carlson, where the            ally accomplished skier that has been a great
      2005 year.                                               church building stands to this day. By 1906,            ambassador for his sport and inspired many
         A Vietnam Veteran, Keith Harman served                the church’s Secretary, Mr. Martin Nyquist,             Americans to chase after their dreams. He has
      his country with honor and distinction from              was planning for the church building, and con-          enriched the lives of the members of his
      1967 to 1969 while attached to A Troop, 2/               struction began on May 31, 1908. The church             Aspen community and I am honored to recog-
      17th Air Cavalry, 101st Airborne Division as a           architect and chief carpenter was Fred Magnu-           nize his achievements before this body of
      crew chief and door gunner on a Huey heli-               son.                                                    Congress and this nation today. Congratula-
      copter. Keith’s honors include the Vietnam                  Just over four years later, on July 14, 1912,        tions on your induction Stein, and I wish you
      Service Medal with two Bronze Stars, the Viet-           the congregation attended the first service in          all the best in your future endeavors.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00008    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.062   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                E1481
      RESTORING DEMOCRACY TO THE                                 Concerns have been expressed—here in the             could be 20 or 30 or more years away. The es-
       UNITED STATES CONGRESS ACT                              U.S., in Europe and in many other parts of             timate from the International Energy Agen-
       OF 2004                                                 the world. BP is the largest producer of oil           cy is that in 2015 they will provide only 3.3
                                                               and gas here in the U.S., and the second larg-         per cent of total demand.
                                                               est private company in our sector in the
             HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                           world. We work in over 100 countries—ex-
                                                                                                                        What sources then will meet the demand?
                        OF NEW YORK                            ploring for, producing, distributing and sell-           Some people believe that the key lies in
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       ing oil and gas in areas ranging from Russia           the potential of nuclear power. That is cer-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      to Angola from Germany to China. So we                 tainly possible. But it seems a remote possi-
                                                               hear the concerns expressed from many                  bility on the timescale of a decade. Nuclear
         Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, the United                 sides.                                                 currently supplies 7 per cent of world energy
      States Congress should be a role model for                 I want to try and separate the concerns              demand. The first generation of nuclear sta-
      democracies around the world. Instead, with              which are real, and which need to be man-              tions are reaching the end of their natural
      votes that are extended up to three hours to             aged—from those which are false, and which             lives. Last year only 2 new nuclear stations
      change their outcome to allegations of bribery           need to be discarded before they distract us           were commissioned and public doubts both
      on the House Floor to the alleged stealing of            from the serious agenda. I want in particular          about safety and about the uncertain long
                                                               to emphasize the point that ‘‘self suffi-              term costs continue to constrain new invest-
      computer files by a staffer, we are increasingly         ciency’’ can’t be achieved through protec-
      becoming a model of how not to run a democ-                                                                     ment. In the US, no new stations have been
                                                               tionism. Trade is essential and we have to
      racy. That is why we am introducing the Re-                                                                     commissioned for over two decades while in
                                                               ensure that trade can thrive. I’ll talk about
      storing Democracy to the United States. This             the U.S. position—and I’ll try and set that            Europe the forecasts suggest that on current
      legislation sets forth ten changes that would            position in its proper context—which is the            trends nuclear capacity in Europe will de-
                                                               global energy scene. And I’ll focus on facts—          cline rather than increase over the next ten
      ensure that the U.S. Congress will continue to
                                                               because facts should be the basis of good pol-         years.
      be a beacon of democracy.
         1. This legislation would limit the time of roll      icy.                                                     And that leaves hydrocarbons—coal, oil
                                                                 At one level this is a very simple issue. It         and gas—to meet the balance. The mix will
      call votes to 17 minutes.                                is about demand and supply. The demand for
         2. It would require conference committees to                                                                 vary from one country to another. China for
                                                               energy is driven by demography and eco-                instance will no doubt continue to use large
      meet and vote before filing their conference             nomic performance. By the number of people             volumes of coal but in terms of convenience,
      report.                                                  who can afford to buy the energy they need.
         3. It would prohibit germaneness require-                                                                    oil and gas seem set to remain the fuels of
                                                               Today the world’s population is estimated at           choice. In reality, energy security is about
      ments for conference reports from being                  6.3 bn. That figure grows by almost 10,000 an          the supply of oil and gas to meet demand
      waived.                                                  hour. In ten years time there will be almost           which could grow, again taking the IEA fig-
         4. It would prohibit Members from calling the         another 1 billion people on earth. 7.2 bn by
                                                                                                                      ures, to around 93 mbd of oil and 64 mbdoe of
      Capitol Police to have a Member removed                  2015 according to the most authoritative es-
                                                                                                                      natural gas by 2015. That would represent a
      from a room.                                             timates from the U.N. More and more of
                                                                                                                      20 per cent increase in oil demand from to-
         5. It would prohibit redistricting between            those people will be able to afford to buy the
                                                               energy they need. Economic growth con-                 day’s level and a 45 per cent increase in the
      censuses.                                                                                                       consumption of gas.
         6. It would prohibit a vote on legislation un-        tinues to extend prosperity to more people
                                                               every year in China and India and in other               Can the oil and gas industry meet that de-
      less it has been available in a searchable form
                                                               emerging economies. The Chinese economy                mand?
      online for more than 24 hours.                           has quadrupled in size over the last twenty
         7. It would prohibit bribery on the House                                                                      In physical terms the answer is clearly yes.
                                                               years and China is now the 2nd largest single          The resources are there. The world holds
      Floor.                                                   consumer of energy in the world after the
         8. It would prohibit the hacking into Mem-                                                                   some 1,000 bn bbl of oil which has been found
                                                               U.S.                                                   but not yet produced, and some 5500 tcf of
      ber’s computer files.                                      Today the world will use some 190 million
         9. It would prohibit Committees from spend-           barrels of oil equivalent—that is expressing           natural gas—also found but not yet pro-
      ing more than $25,000 a year on franked mail.            all the different forms of energy supply—nat-          duced. At current consumption rates that is
         10. It would guarantee the Minority a min-            ural gas, coal, nuclear and so on in terms of          40 years of oil supply and 60 years of gas. In
                                                               a common unit of measurement. That energy              addition the US Geological Service esti-
      imum of one-third of the overall committee
                                                               is used in homes, in industry, in offices, in          mates that some 800 bn bbl of oil and 4500 tcf
      budget.                                                                                                         of natural gas are yet to be found. So in
         These ten measure would go a long way to              power stations and in transportation. Tech-
                                                               nology is gradually making the use of that             terms of physical resources, energy security
      ensure that democracy is upheld in the United                                                                   is within reach.
                                                               energy more efficient. The energy intensity
      States Congress. Unless we enact these safe-             of each extra point of GDP growth has fallen             But I believe there are two fundamental
      guards, Members working together in a bipar-             over the last thirty years and continues to            elements of risk which we have to deal with
      tisan manner will continue to see their work             fall. But the fall is gradual.                         to ensure that security. The first is environ-
      thwarted despite having a majority of Mem-                 The combination of more people and more              mental—the risk that as the evidence of im-
      bers in favor of their proposals. How many               prosperity will mean that the demand for en-           pact of human activity on the world’s cli-
      more abuses must there be before we say                  ergy will rise. The most recent estimates of
                                                                                                                      mate mounts we will be forced to take dra-
      enough is enough? I urge all Member to sup-              the International Energy Agency suggest
                                                                                                                      matic and potentially damaging action to
                                                               that world energy demand will rise by a
      port the Restoring Democracy to the U.S.                 third to around 240 mbdoe by 2015.
                                                                                                                      avert the danger. That is a risk for the me-
      Congress Act of 2004.                                      How can that demand be met?                          dium and longer term—not for today but we
                       f                                         Some place their faith in renewable and al-          believe that precautionary action now could
                                                               ternative forms of energy supply. Power                avert the risk. We believe that it is possible
      REMARKS   BY  JOHN   BROWNE,                             from the wind and the waves. Power from                to keep atmospheric concentrations of
       GROUP CHIEF EXECUTIVE, BE-                              solar panels. We believe those are important           greenhouse gases below the level at which
       YOND PETROLEUM (BP)                                     sources of future supply. We in BP are in-             sustainability is threatened—which on the
                                                               vesting in research and development work in            currently best available scientific evidence
                 HON. RALPH M. HALL                            photovoltaics—the technology which sup-                is around 500 to 550 parts per million. There
                           OF TEXAS                            ports solar power—and at various other                 are various available paths by which that
                                                               forms of alternative energy supply. One day            can be achieved—and there will be no single
                                                               one or more of those new sources will pro-             solution. Different countries can make dif-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      vide a significant proportion of global energy         ferent contributions to the overall objective
        Mr. HALL. Mr. Speaker, I would like to sub-            demand. But the evidence is that day is still          and if we can establish a legitimate trusted
      mit the following speech that was delivered by           a long time off.                                       emissions trading system—linked region-
                                                                 Today all the renewable and alternative              ally—I believe we can reduce the risk with-
      Mr. John Browne, Group Chief Executive of
                                                               forms of energy supply provide just 2.5 per            out imposing a major cost on the economy.
      Beyond Petroleum (BP) to the Washington                  cent of world demand, the bulk of which cur-
      Press Club on March 23, 2004 entitled, ‘‘En-                                                                    The real risk in this area is if we do nothing
                                                               rently comes from biomass. Solar power pro-            until it is almost too late. At that point the
      ergy—the Medium Term Outlook.’’                          vides just 0.001 per cent. Or to put it another        costs could be much higher.
        The level of interest in energy issues and             way—all the solar power in the world would
      energy security has grown steadily over the              meet Washington’s energy needs for just 6                The other element of risk arises from the
      last three years. A whole series of events               days per year. Research continues—here in              fact that supply and demand are not typi-
      have reminded people both of the importance              the US and in many other countries. But in             cally co-located. One of the key issues of en-
      of secure energy supplies in a modern econ-              every case we are still at the stage of re-            ergy security over the next decade will be
      omy and of the challenges involved in                    search and experimentation. We believe re-             the growing trade in both oil and gas which
      matching available supplies to growing glob-             newables will provide material supplies of             will be necessary to match supply to de-
      al demand.                                               energy in the long term. But the long term             mand. By 2015 there will be at least four

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00009   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.065   E22PT2
      E1482                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
      major energy importing regions in the world.               What conclusions can we draw from all                others are now producing from fields in over
      Europe, Japan, China and the United States.              that? What do we need to do today to ensure            7,000 ft of water—two and a half times deeper
      Europe will be importing around an esti-                 that this country and its trading partners in          than was possible ten years ago; to the pro-
      mated 80 per cent of its daily needs of both             Europe and Asia and elsewhere enjoy sus-               gressive extension of recovery rates in Alas-
      oil and gas. The US rather less—but still                tainable energy security?                              ka; to the sort of work we have underway
      more than 65 percent of its oil and around 30              The first conclusion is that these are sin-          with our partners in the automobile sector
      per cent of its gas. By 2015 trade will likely           gle global markets. Oil, and increasingly gas          to combine advances in lubricants, in fuels
      account for almost 70 per cent of world oil              are traded internationally. Every area will            and in engine technology to lift the level of
      demand—some 64 mb/d—and 20 per cent of                   seek to develop its own resources rationally,          productivity in vehicles.
      world gas demand.                                        but there is a competitive limit to that—set             All those steps are necessary, and many if
        Is that trade secure? Can the US and oth-              by the cost of development. The cost of self           not most of them will start here in the US—
      ers rely on trade rather than retreating to a            sufficiency for any area would be prohibi-             because this is a world technological leader.
      policy of self sufficiency with all the costs            tive. Trade and open markets have the sus-               So to summarise:
      which that could involve in terms of the en-             tained development of world economy over                 We can’t take energy security for granted,
      vironment and competitiveness?                           the last half century and I believe they can           and we can’t achieve it through protec-
        I think the answer to that is also yes, but            and will continue to do so. That applies to            tionism. Demand is rising and the sub-
      we can’t take anything for granted. Genuine              energy as much as to any other product. En-            stitutes for oil and gas are a long way off.
      energy security needs sustained, long term               ergy prices will be set by the international           There is no physical shortage. Technological
      engagement and action by both the industry               market, and prices will affect the economy             advances must be deployed both to increase
      and by Government. The issue of security                 and the export markets of every country in             the amount of energy which can be produced
      arises not so much from the growing volume               the world. Energy security can’t be achieved           and to ensure that it is used with the max-
      of consumption or the required trade growth              in one country. To deny the reality of the             imum possible efficiency. Finally, and most
      but because the resources needed to supply               global economy would be dangerous and                  importantly, the risks to energy security are
      the world’s growing demand are con-                      costly.                                                political and cannot be resolved by the pri-
      centrated in a relatively limited number of                Secondly, the growth in trade worldwide
                                                                                                                      vate sector alone. The private sector has a
      countries.                                               means that everyone has an interest in the
                                                                                                                      vital role to play—particularly international
        There are a number of sources of supply to             development of the widest possible range of
                                                                                                                      companies such as BP. We have to explore
      the world market. Let me mention just                    available supplies to limit dependence on
                                                                                                                      and invest in the development of diverse
      three. The Caspian, through the Baku to                  any single country. It would be dangerous,
                                                                                                                      sources of supply and in the infrastructure
      Ceyhan pipeline which is now under con-                  economically and strategically, to allow a
                                                                                                                      to bring it to market. But as companies we
      struction, is scheduled to be producing and              situation to develop in which the US or any
                                                                                                                      work within a space defined by public policy
      exporting 300,000 barrels per day by the end             other region was dependent totally or very
                                                                                                                      decisions. Actions by Governments are cru-
      of 2005. Trinidad is now exporting some                  substantially on countries in the Middle
                                                                                                                      cial in keeping the market open to invest-
      200,000 barrels oil equivalent per day in the            East or any other single producer. At the
                                                                                                                      ment, and ensuring that trade continues to
      form of natural gas and the expansion plans              moment the US imports some 11 mbd of oil.
                                                                                                                      be free and open. Those actions will deter-
      which are now being carried through should               But those imports come from 57 different
                                                                                                                      mine whether those of us in the private sec-
      double that figure by 2006. Indonesia is likely          countries and no one country supplies more
                                                                                                                      tor can make successful long term invest-
      to be producing 1.5 million barrels per day              than 17 per cent. That is a good position to
                                                                                                                      ments in the development of resources and
      oil equivalent and exporting 800,000 bdoe of             maintain. And to do so the US has to main-
                                                                                                                      infrastructure. Diversity of supply is crucial.
      that by the end of this decade. But however              tain the open flow of investment—to ensure
                                                                                                                      If we want to avoid undue dependence on just
      important these activities and those in other            that the international industry can invest
                                                                                                                      one region such as the Middle East, we have
      countries are, the inescapable fact is that              with confidence in exploration and develop-
                                                                                                                      to invest in technology and in trade—raising
      even with all those areas developed success-             ment across a diverse set of countries.
                                                                                                                      investment confidence to ensure that sup-
      fully, the bulk of world traded supplies of                The best estimate of the total investment
                                                                                                                      plies and infrastructure are in place to bring
      both oil and gas for the future will almost              required to generate the flow of supplies nec-
                                                                                                                      oil and gas from areas such as Russia, West
      certainly come from just three regions. The              essary to match demand in 2015 is $2,000 bn.
                                                                                                                      Africa and the Caspian. The challenge is to
      Middle East, Russia and Africa.                          That means that investment by the oil and
                                                                                                                      align the medium and long term perspective
        Going back to the estimates published by               gas industry will have to be even higher than
                                                                                                                      I have been describing with the inevitably
      the IEA—which represent a fair consensus of              the $160 bn per annum which has been the av-
                                                                                                                      shorter perspective of Government. That has
      informed opinion—of the 64 mbd of oil likely             erage over the last few years. In financial
                                                                                                                      always been the case but the need to achieve
      to be traded in 2015, well over 80 per cent will         terms I don’t doubt that those resources can
                                                                                                                      that alignment between the actions of the
      come from those three areas. For natural gas             be found. But each individual investment by
                                                                                                                      public and the private sector has never been
      the figure is around 50 per cent.                        each company will be dependent on the cli-
                                                                                                                      more important than it is today. If we can
        That is the global picture. What about the             mate for investment in the country con-
                                                                                                                      achieve that alignment I believe we can en-
      US?                                                      cerned. That is why we are doing so much to
        US energy demand is now 46 mbdoe of                                                                           sure that secure supplies of energy continue
                                                               support the principle of transparency—to en-
      which two thirds is provided by oil and nat-                                                                    to be available to consumers here in the US
                                                               sure that the revenues we generate are used
      ural gas. The forecasts suggest that oil and                                                                    and internationally.
                                                               wisely in the interests of the long term de-
      gas demand will continue to grow so that by              velopment of the countries in which we in-                              f
      2015 the US will be using around 21 mbd of               vest. Corruption is an enemy of development,
      oil, mainly in transportation and around 13              an enemy of business [because it raises                        PERSONAL EXPLANATION
      mbdoe of natural gas. In terms of resources              costs], and an enemy of energy security.
      the US remains strong. The US has more do-                 The third conclusion is that we have to en-
                                                               sure that the necessary resources and infra-
                                                                                                                                     HON. MAC COLLINS
      mestic supplies than any of the other major
                                                                                                                                        OF GEORGIA
      importing regions.                                       structure are built. That applies here to
        Alaska continues to produce just short of 1            projects such as the Alaskan gas pipeline                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      million barrels per day and though oil pro-              which could bring 1 million barrels per day                         Thursday, July 22, 2004
      duction is declining, technology is progres-             oil equivalent to market, and to the develop-
      sively expanding the commercial life of                  ment of LNG terminals which can open up                   Mr. COLLINS. Mr. Speaker, I was not
      Prudhoe Bay. The real strength for the fu-               channels of imported supply from Trinidad              present for debate on rollcall vote 400, order
      ture though lies in the Gulf of Mexico—in                and West Africa. But the same point applies            of the previous question; rollcall vote 401, rule
      the deep water, which is producing 1.5 mil-              internationally—because infrastructure is              providing for consideration of Military Con-
      lion barrels per day and which looks set to              necessary to bring resources to market from            struction Appropriations (H. Res. 732); rollcall
      produce as much as 2.7 mb per day from 2010              areas such as the Caspian and Siberia. In all          vote 402, recognizing the 35th anniversary of
      onwards.                                                 these areas investment now will bring great-
        The gas position is also strong. As well as            er security for the future. I want to use this
                                                                                                                      the Apollo 11 lunar landing (H. Res. 723); roll-
      gas in the lower 48, and in the deep water of            occasion to thank the US Government—                   call vote 403, to name the Department of Vet-
      the Gulf of Mexico, there are extensive sup-             under two administrations—for their sus-               erans Affairs outpatient clinic located in Peo-
      plies—perhaps as much as 100tcf in Alaska                tained support for the development of the              ria, Illinois (H.R. 4608); rollcall vote 404, con-
      which are ready to be brought to market                  Baku Tbilisi Ceyhan pipeline. The line which           ference report for Coast Guard Reauthoriza-
      once the infrastructure is in place. That’s a            will enhance energy security for the world as          tion (H.R. 2443); rollcall vote 405, Tax Sim-
      strong position—but the US will still need               a whole could not have been built without              plification for America’s Job Creation Act (H.R.
      imports and will still look to the world mar-            that support.                                          4840); and rollcall vote 406, Military Housing
      ket to supply the balance of its needs                     Fourth, we have to continue to develop
      through the next two decades. The forecasts              technology—pushing the edge of what can be             Improvement Act (H.R. 4879).
      suggest that the US will be importing some               done with the resources we have. Extracting               Had I been present, I would have voted
      13 mbd of oil and 3 mbdoe/day of natural gas             more, and using them more efficiently. That            ‘‘yea’’ for rollcall votes 400, 401, 402, 403,
      in 2015.                                                 ranges from the Deep water, where we and               404, 405, and 406.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00010   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.068   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E1483
      INTRODUCTION OF HIS PRIVATE                              peals) if the alien is statutorily eligible and         friend, Roger Alewel, once ran Alewel’s Coun-
        BILL FOR THE RELIEF OF JU-                             warrants a favorable exercise of discretion. Ju-        try Meats, and his able son, Randy, now runs
        DITH TANJOH AND HER CHIL-                              dith’s attorneys have twice requested the INS           the company.
        DREN SERGE, MARIE, EMMAN-                              Chief Counsel’s Office in Baltimore to join in             Alewel’s Country Meats is known for their
        UEL AND ROGER TIKUM                                    such a motion in this case. Since Judith’s              prize winning country hams, bacon, and sau-
                                                               labor certification was timely filed to allow her       sage which are produced from the freshest
               HON. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN                           to adjust her status to permanent residence,            meat of mid-Missouri. With a legacy of over 70
                        OF MARYLAND                            she is statutorily eligible.                            years, Alewel’s Country Meats has become
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                          The family also clearly warrants a favorable         known not only for their quality meats but also
                                                               exercise of discretion. Judith has been a hard-         for their charitable donations to rural Missouri.
                    Thursday, July 22, 2004                    working, tax-paying certified nursing assistant            Mr. Speaker, the generous contribution by
         Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, today I                  for several years as she has worked with INS            Alewel’s Country Meats is inspirational to all of
      have introduced a bill for the relief of Judith          permission. The children have successfully              us. I know the Members of the House will join
      Tanjoh and her children Serge, Marie, Em-                progressed through our school system for the            me in paying tribute to the outstanding com-
      manuel and Roger Tikum.                                  last 15 years. Roger Tikum graduated college            mitment to our service members shown by the
         This family last entered the United States in         and is now married, employed and living in              men and women who work there.
      1988 in A–2 diplomatic status from the Repub-            Wisconsin. Although his wife is a U.S. citizen                            f
      lic of Cameroon when the now deceased hus-               who has filed a Visa Petition to accord him Im-
      band of Judith Tanjoh was attached to the                mediate Relative status, because he was pre-                    PERSONAL EXPLANATION
      Cameroon Embassy. For the next several                   viously riding on his mother’s denied asylum
      years the family lived in lawful status in the           application he faces deportation. Serge won a                           HON. ROBIN HAYES
      U.S. through December 31, 1997 when the                  football scholarship to the University of Massa-                         OF NORTH CAROLINA
      husband was recalled to the Cameroon be-                 chusetts at Amherst where he is a starting                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      cause of Judith’s political activities against the       linebacker and an excellent student. Marie is                      Thursday, July 22, 2004
      Cameroon government.                                     doing well at Montgomery Community College.
         Cameroon has been found by the U.S.                                                                              Mr. HAYES. Mr. Speaker, I was detained on
                                                               Emmanuel is a star football player at Be-
      State Department’s Country Reports on                                                                            Thursday, July 15 and Monday, July 19, 2004.
                                                               thesda-Chevy Chase High School, where he
      Human Rights Practices to possess a ‘‘poor                                                                       Had I been present I would have voted in the
                                                               has also made honor roll.
      human rights record’’, continuing to commit                                                                      following manner: ‘‘Yea’’ on roll No. 385, ‘‘nay’’
                                                                  The Tanjoh/Tikum family are not criminals.
      ‘‘numerous serious abuses’’. After her hus-                                                                      on roll No. 386, ‘‘yea’’ on roll No. 387, ‘‘nay’’
                                                               They are not terrorists. The children fear being
      band’s recall, Judith decided to file for asylum.                                                                on roll No. 388, ‘‘nay’’ on roll No. 389, ‘‘nay’’
                                                               uprooted from their true home in the U.S. and
      However, in turn her application was denied                                                                      on roll No. 390, ‘‘yea’’ on roll No. 391, ‘‘yea’’
                                                               forced to live in a human rights abusive coun-
      by the INS Asylum Office, the Immigration                                                                        on roll No. 392, and ‘‘yea’’ on roll No. 393.
                                                               try which they do not know and whose pre-
      Judge, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and             dominant language they do not speak.                                      f
      the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit.              Yet, the INS Government Attorneys have                     HONORING THE 32ND MILITARY
         When the Board of Immigration Appeals ‘‘af-           coldly rejected each overture for clemency.                        POLICY COMPANY
      firmed without opinion’’ the denial of the asy-          First, by insisting that the harsher ‘‘exceptional
      lum application by the Immigration Judge on              and compelling circumstances’’ standard ap-
      December 17, 2002, it also permitted the fam-            plies and that these circumstances were nei-
                                                                                                                                       HON. MARK GREEN
      ily to ‘‘voluntarily depart the U.S. . . . within                                                                                   OF WISCONSIN
                                                               ther exceptional nor compelling. Second, by
      30 days from the date of this order or any ex-                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               stating that the family was not statutorily eligi-
      tension beyond that time as may be granted               ble for permanent residence because they                             Thursday, July 22, 2004
      by the district director [of the INS]’’. Within that     overstayed the Board of Immigration Appeals’                Mr. GREEN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker, it is
      30 day period, Judith’s attorneys filed for an           December 17, 2002 Order granting a 30 day               my privilege to recognize before this House
      extension of the voluntary departure period              voluntary departure period even though the              the courageous soldiers of the 32nd Military
      and a Petition for Review in the U.S. Court of           INS has never responded to the extension re-            Police Company, who tomorrow will return
      Appeals for the 4th Circuit. Each filing was in          quests and even though the family timely pur-           home to Wisconsin after spending 16 months
      accordance with the family’s statutory and reg-          sued their Petition for Review rights to the 4th        fighting for peace and stability in Iraq.
      ulatory rights.                                          Circuit which only enforced the Board’s Order               In the face of constant danger, the members
         The INS has never responded to the re-                on November 10, 2003.                                   of the 32nd helped pave the way for Iraq’s
      quest for extension of the voluntary departure              Therefore, today I have introduced a Private         steady march toward democracy. Throughout
      period. The 4th Circuit issued its mandate on            Bill that will enable Judith Tanjoh and the             their tour, these brave men and women pro-
      November 10, 2003 ‘‘enforcing the Board’s                Tikum children to obtain permanent residency.           vided vital security in and around Baghdad,
      order of December 17, 2002’’. Of course, part            I hope my action today will help bring this             and helped train the new civilian Iraqi police
      of that order was permitting the family to vol-          heartbreaking story to a close.                         force. Their tireless efforts proved instrumental
      untarily depart within 30 days.                                             f                                    in helping the new Iraqi government take con-
         While these proceedings were pending, INS                                                                     trol of their fledgling democracy, and their sac-
      issued Judith authorization to work and she                  TRIBUTE TO ALEWEL’S COUNTRY                         rifice reminds us all that freedom is not free.
      obtained employment as a certified nursing                              MEATS                                        Mr. Speaker, it is my distinct honor to pay
      assistant. Her employer has sponsored her                                                                        tribute to the 32nd Military Police Company.
      (and her children derivatively) for lawful per-                           HON. IKE SKELTON                       With 23 Purple Hearts awarded, their unit suf-
      manent residence via the Labor Certification                                 OF MISSOURI                         fered more injuries from hostile action than
      process. That application, initially filed prior to           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    any Wisconsin National Guard unit since
      April 30, 2001, has been certified by the U.S.                                                                   World War II. On behalf of the citizens of Wis-
      Department of Labor and an Immigrant Work-                          Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                                                                                       consin’s Eighth Congressional District, and a
      er’s Visa Classification Petition has been                  Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, let me take                grateful nation, it is my honor to recognize and
      pending with INS since July, 2003.                       this opportunity to honor Alewel’s Country              welcome home these great Americans.
         An INS General Counsel’s Memo advises                 Meats for their contribution in shipping more
      INS Government Attorneys to no longer apply              than 1,000 pounds of beef jerky to provide our
      the      ‘‘exceptional   and     compelling      cir-    Missouri National Guardsmen serving in Iraq a                   PERSONAL EXPLANATION
      cumstances’’ standard to motions to reopen               taste of home.
      for consideration of adjustment of status to                Alewel’s Country Meats was started in the                       HON. LUIS V. GUTIERREZ
      lawful permanent residence for persons who               year 1932 by Hugo and Emil Alewel of                                        OF ILLINOIS
      have been in deportation proceedings. The                Concordia, Missouri. Originally called Alewel                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Memo instructs that the INS should join in               Brothers, the name was later changed to
      such a motion (which otherwise could not be              Alewel’s Country Meats in 1964. The plant                         Thursday, July 22, 2004
      filed if more than 3 months have expired since           grew to enormous size and in 1974 they ex-                Mr. GUTIERREZ. Mr. Speaker, on July 9,
      the decision of the Board of Immigration Ap-             panded to Warrensburg, Missouri. My good                2004, I inadvertently missed rollcall vote 357.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000    Frm 00011   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.072    E22PT2
      E1484                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      I would like the record to show that, had I               Award for public service and the St. Maurice           ployed as a full-time Professor of Medicine at
      voted, I would have voted ‘‘yea.’’                        Medal. Paul currently serves on the board of           Marshall University. At the VA, Dr. Scher pro-
                        f                                       directors, National Infantry Association, is a         vided a high level of specialty medical care to
                                                                member of the Association of the U.S. Army             veterans in a part of the country and at a time
      TRIBUTE TO MAJOR ROGER B.                                 AUSA, a charter member of the Georgia                  when this was a scarce resource. Because of
       BROWN (RET.) AND MR. E. PAUL                             Sheriffs’s Association chaplain’s division, and        her increasing duties as Chief of Hematology-
       VOORHEES                                                 is a chaplain and reserve deputy in Harris             Oncology at Marshall University, Dr. Scher
                                                                County, Georgia.                                       took an early retirement from the VA with a
                      HON. MAC COLLINS                             His store, Ranger Joe’s International has           deceased retirement benefit.
                          OF GEORGIA                            grown under his leadership with the worldwide             Dr. Scher is devoted to her craft and being
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                        distribution store in Hinesville, Georgia, and         denied PCA and PSP will not prevent her from
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                       two stores in Columbus. Mr. Voorhees was               continuing her position at the FDA. However,
                                                                selected as ‘‘Small Business Giant, 2003’’ by          the law should be changed to make her eligi-
         Mr. COLLINS. Mr Speaker, I rise today to               the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Mr.                  ble for these allowances. It would be a shame
      recognize and congratulate two prominent                  Voorhees is a brilliant example of what U.S.           for the Federal Government not to give highly
      members of the Columbus, Georgia commu-                   Army Rangers epitomize—excellence in lead-             skilled and experienced physicians like Dr.
      nity, Army Ranger, Major Retired Roger B.                 ership; excellence in performance of duties;           Scher all the possible advantages available to
      Brown and Mr. E. Paul Voorhees for being in-              and excellence of character.                           stay in the federal workforce. The FDA cur-
      ducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame on July                  I congratulate Major Roger B. Brown and             rently pays a PCA and PSP to younger and
      8, 2004 at Fort Benning Army Base in Colum-               Mr. E. Paul Voorhees for their outstanding             less experienced physicians. Dr. Scher, as a
      bus. These two extremely worthy inductees                 performances and contributions to the United           rehired annuitant is prohibited from receiving
      have made endless lists of astonishing con-               States Army Rangers. They are a tremendous             these benefits.
      tributions and are recognized for this reason.            source of pride and inspiration to all Ameri-             Thousands of federal employees over the
      The Ranger Hall of Fame honors and pre-                   cans.                                                  years have been responsible for breaking new
      serves the legacies of America’s most extraor-                                                                   ground in science and medicine. We must
      dinary Rangers and friends of the Army Rang-                                                                     continue this tradition by ensuring that the
      ers. They signify selfless sacrifice, profes-             INTRODUCTION OF A BILL TO RE-                          Federal government becomes the employer of
      sional excellence, and remarkable accomplish-               PLACE THE PROVISIONS OF LAW                          choice for scientific and medical talent.
      ment in the defense of the greatest nation in               MAKING   REEMPLOYED    ANNU-
      the world and to the highest ideals of service.             ITANTS INELIGIBLE FOR PHYSI-
      These gentlemen stand as examples to all                    CIANS COMPARABILITY ALLOW-                             TRIBUTE TO RETIRING COLONEL
      professionals.                                              ANCES AND SPECIAL PAY FOR                                  DONALD R. CURTIS, JR.
         In addition to Ranger Brown’s many accom-                PHYSICIANS AND DENTISTS
      plishments, he is inducted into the Ranger Hall                                                                                 HON. IKE SKELTON
      of Fame for his phenomenal service as an                           HON. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN                                           OF MISSOURI
      Non-Commissioned Officer NCO and Officer in                                  OF MARYLAND                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      the modern Rangers. During the Vietnam War,                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Ranger Brown served three combat tours as                                                                                    Thursday, July 22, 2004
      an NCO in Ranger Units. He also served nu-                            Thursday, July 22, 2004                       Mr. SKELTON. Mr. Speaker, it has come to
      merous tours with the Ranger Department.                     Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, today I am             my attention that Colonel Donald R. Curtis, Jr.
      Ranger Brown served as team leader with                   introducing a bill to provide rehired annuitant        is retiring after a long and distinguished ca-
      both the 173rd Airborne Brigade’s Long Re-                physicians eligibility to receive a Physicians         reer.
      connaissance Patrol and with the 101st Air-               Comparability Allowance (PCA) and Physi-                  Colonel Curtis’ outstanding service to the
      borne Division’s F/58th Infantry. His exploits            cians Special Pay (PSP) under Title 38. This           nation has been marked by meritorious serv-
      are recorded as legend. His teams’ accom-                 bill would aid in the recruitment and retention        ice in increasingly demanding command and
      plishments were those by which others were                of qualified physicians to the federal work-           staff positions in both the United States and
      judged. Ranger Brown served with the F/58th               force.                                                 overseas. Throughout his career, Colonel Cur-
      Infantry, those who served with him still ad-                The PCA and PSP are both mechanisms by              tis demonstrated strong, outstanding executive
      mire his leadership qualities of understanding            which federal agencies can provide physicians          ability, and dedication to the spirit and mission
      and compassion supported by the highest                   allowances when these agencies are experi-             of the United States Army.
      standards of fitness, discipline, training, and           encing recruitment and retention problems.                Colonel Curtis was commissioned from the
      morality. He attended Officer Candidate                   Currently, civilian rehired annuitant physicians       United States Military Academy in 1979. He is
      School where he received a Commission as a                are prohibited by law from receiving these             a graduate of Ohio State University, holding a
      2LT in the Infantry, he retired at the rank of            benefits. However, retired military that join the      Master of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.
      Major. Distinguished as an outstanding Rang-              civilian federal workforce are currently not sub-      He also graduated from the Engineer Officer
      er, everyone who served with Ranger Brown                 ject to an exclusion from the PSP and PCA.             Basic and Advanced Courses School, the
      had only the highest regard for him. Sergeant                We are all aware of the possibilities of a          United States Army Command and General
      Major of the Army Retired, Julian Gates, has              shortage of federal employees due to an aging          Staff College, and the United States War Col-
      stated that ‘‘Roger is a great American, a                federal workforce. We must begin now to en-            lege. He is a registered Professional Engineer
      great Ranger, a great soldier leader.’’ For               sure that we have available pools of talent to         as well.
      many, Ranger Brown has always followed the                replace the current workforce. We must make               Colonel Curtis served in command and staff
      Rangers motto and ‘‘led the way.’’                        the Federal Government a viable option for             positions over the past twenty-five years. He
         Mr. E. Paul Voorhees, a licensed, ordained             talented and committed Americans. This legis-          served as a platoon leader in the 902nd Engi-
      minister, is renowned for his selfless sacrifice.         lation will provide additional flexibility and au-     neer Company (Assault Float Bridge) at Fort
      Serving the children and the underprivileged,             thority for attracting and retaining experienced       Belvoir, Virginia. He was commander of B
      his compassion is celebrated in the Valley                physicians to the federal government.                  Company, 44th Engineer Battalion in the Re-
      Rescue Mission in Columbus, Georgia. In                      This issue was brought to my attention by           public of Korea. Then he did a tour as Assist-
      2003, he traveled at his own expense to                   my constituent, Dr. Nancy Scher, who is a              ant Resident Engineer for the Fort Leonard
      Amman, Jordan, and Baghdad, Iraq to visit                 Medical Officer in the Division of Oncology            Wood Resident Office, Kansas City District.
      with and minister to the troops during Oper-              Drug Products, Center for Drug Evaluation              He served as Battalion Operations Officer,
      ation Iraqi Freedom. He served on the Na-                 and Research (CDER) at the Food and Drug               12th Engineer Battalion, 1st Armored Division
      tional Staff, Royal Rangers, Assemblies of                Administration (FDA). Dr. Scher is prohibited          at Mannheim, Germany, and served in a joint
      God, from 1967 to 1985. He has also been a                by law from receiving a PCA or PSP in her              assignment with the Defense Intelligence
      partner-in-education at Stowers Elementary                current position at the FDA because she is a           Agency. He was the commander of the Walla
      School, Fort Benning. He received a procla-               reemployed civilian annuitant.                         Walla District from 1996–1998, and then did a
      mation by the Mayor of Columbus, along with                  Dr. Scher spent 20 years as a part-time             tour on the Army Staff. He now is retiring from
      many other community citations, he has                    physician at the Veterans Affairs Medical Cen-         the Army after having served his last assign-
      earned the Fort Benning’s Commander’s                     ter in Huntington, West Virginia while also em-        ment as the District Engineer for the Fort

VerDate May 21 2004    05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00012   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.077   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1485
      Leonard Wood Resident Office, Kansas City                gram of the Royal Saudi Air Force. On May              and a hero. May God bless LTC O’Neal and
      District.                                                29, 2004, he had just finished eating breakfast        his family, and may God bless America.
        Colonel Curtis’s awards and decorations in-            at a coffee shop with a colleague, LTC James                            f
      clude the Defense Meritorious Service Medal,             Broome III, when a group of terrorists attacked
      the Meritorious Service Medal, the Anny                  the civilian complex where they dined.                       HONORING WISCONSIN STATE
      Achievement Medal, National Defense Service                 Unarmed and in search of safety, LTC                         TROOPER LES BOLDT
      Medal, Army Service Ribbon, Humanitarian                 O’Neal and LTC Broome headed toward the
      Service Medal, Parachutist Badge, Ranger                 roof of a nearby building. On the way, the two                        HON. MARK GREEN
      Tab and the Army Staff Identification Badge.             soldiers came across four civilian contractors                           OF WISCONSIN
        Mr. Speaker, I know the Members of the                 who were doing construction on the third floor               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      House will join me in paying tribute to Colonel          of the building. LTC O’Neal and LTC Broome
      Donald R. Curtis, Jr. for his exceptional com-           informed the workers of the terrorist attack                       Thursday, July 22, 2004
      mitment to the United States Army and the                below and safely escorted the civilians to the             Mr. GREEN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker, it is
      United States of America.                                roof, where the men barricaded the door with           my honor and privilege to recognize before
                       f                                       a tool box and rocks. Amid the turmoil and             this House, Wisconsin State Trooper Les
                                                               gunfire, LTC O’Neal had the presence of mind           Boldt, whose heroic efforts recently saved the
        PAYING TRIBUTE TO BILL OTTO                            to use his cell phone to gather information            life of a woman who tried to take her own life
                                                               from other Americans he knew were in the               by leaping off a bridge in Green Bay.
                  HON. SCOTT McINNIS                           complex and relay it to his operations center              After receiving notice from dispatchers that
                        OF COLORADO                            in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia The six men remained           an area resident suffering from depression
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       on the roof, waiting out the attack, for nearly        was potentially suicidal, Trooper Boldt set out
                   Thursday, July 22, 2004                     twelve hours with only one water cooler they           to find the woman and check on her welfare.
                                                               brought from the third-floor construction site.        Upon locating her car, a high-speed chase en-
          Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                               During that time, the soldiers rationed only           sued that led the two to the top of the Leo
      pay tribute to a remarkable man named Bill
                                                               one sip of water to each man every hour, in            Frigo Memorial Bridge, at which time the
      Otto who epitomizes the true cowboy in the
                                                               temperatures that reached 120-degrees Fahr-            woman stepped out of her car and attempted
      spirit of the west. He has led an amazing life
                                                               enheit.                                                to jump off the 200-foot tall span. Realizing
      and I am privileged to stand here before this
                                                                  Once the group on the roof was told the ter-        what was about to occur, Boldt ran from his
      body of Congress and this nation today to rec-
                                                               rorist forces had been isolated in another             patrol car and caught the woman’s arm just
      ognize his accomplishments.
          Bill comes from a rich western history where         building of the compound, LTC O’Neal led the           after she leaped off the bridge, saving her
      he grew up on his father’s ranch that had                group down to the ground floor. At the bottom          from almost certain death. After a struggle,
      been homesteaded since 1904. His family had              of the stairs, LTC O’Neal was approaching a            Boldt and two other law enforcement officials
      been in the ranching business for years and              steel door that opened up to the street when           were able to safely pull the woman back over
      his grandmother used to cook for Teddy Roo-              one remaining terrorist fired a machine gun at         the edge, giving her a second chance at life.
      sevelt and helped bury Calamity Jane. As                 him, hitting him four times and also injuring              Mr. Speaker, by selflessly putting his life on
      Bill’s brothers and sisters went to school, he           LTC Broome. LTC O’Neal was shot in the left            the line to save one of his fellow citizens,
      trained horses, and by the time Bill was fifteen         arm, right shoulder, right thigh, and in the           Trooper Les Boldt showed us all what it
      he was rated as one of the best horse trainers           torso. Crawling into a space under the stair-          means to be truly courageous and heroic. His
      in North Dakota.                                         way, LTC O’Neal remained hidden for 11⁄2 be-           actions deserve our praise, and on behalf of
          Bill gained a reputation for riding the wildest      fore finally being assisted by a Saudi defense         the residents of Wisconsin’s Eighth Congres-
      horses as he spent the summers working for               official.                                              sional District, I say thank you and keep up
                                                                  American soldiers like LTC O’Neal put               the great work.
      the Civilian Conservation Corps. After running
                                                               themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis to                            f
      the family ranch for a short period at age
                                                               prosecute the Global War on Terrorism and to
      eighteen, Bill moved to California. He earned                                                                           PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                                               protect the freedoms and ideals that we as a
      his living by grooming horses and working at
                                                               nation cherish. For his bravery and valor, and
      a boarding stable, and later for a company
      that owned and rented horses used in the
                                                               for the wounds he received in action on May                      HON. LUIS V. GUTIERREZ
                                                               29, 2004, Lieutenant Colonel Edward J.                                   OF ILLINOIS
      movies. Through a stroke of luck Bill ended up
                                                               O’Neal, Jr. will be awarded the Purple Heart.                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      filling in for Jack Conners in a film with Roy
                                                                  It gives me great pride to know that LTC
      Rogers. In 1943, Bill left Hollywood to work at                                                                            Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               O’Neal will be awarded this meritorious dis-
      a thoroughbred ranch in Valejo, California
                                                               tinction. The Purple Heart is the oldest pres-            Mr. GUTIERREZ. Mr. Speaker, on July 15,
      where he met his first wife Rella. Bill has
                                                               ently used military decoration in the world, dat-      2004, I was unavoidably absent from this
      spent the remainder of his life working in the
                                                               ing back to its first use in the American Revo-        Chamber and missed a rollcall vote. I would
      Rodeo, training horses, and raising his four
                                                               lution. In the summer of 1782, General                 like the record to show that, had I been
                                                               George Washington was ordered by the Conti-            present, I would have voted ‘‘yea’’ on rollcall
          Mr. Speaker, Bill Otto is a talented horse
                                                               nental Congress to cease granting commis-              vote 388.
      trainer and dedicated family man who brings
                                                               sions or advances in rank to soldiers in rec-                           f
      the heart of the west to life. I am honored to
                                                               ognition of outstanding valor and merit. Shortly
      recognize Bill for his great zest for life and his                                                              COMMEMORATING THE SUCCESSES
                                                               after, in his General Orders of August 7, 1782,
      dedication to keeping western traditions alive,                                                                  OF THE JAVITS-WAGNER-O’DAY
                                                               General Washington directed that ‘‘whenever
      and I wish him all the best in his future en-                                                                    (JWOD) PROGRAM
                                                               any singularly meritorious action is performed,
                                                               the author of it shall be permitted to wear on
                       f                                       his facings, over his left breast, the figure of                HON. CHARLIE NORWOOD
      LIEUTENANT COLONEL EDWARD J.                             a heart in purple cloth or silk edged with nar-                          OF GEORGIA
               O’NEAL, JR.                                     row lace or binding.’’ He concluded, ‘‘The road              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               to glory in a patriot army and a free country
                                                                                                                                 Thursday, July 22, 2004
                   HON. ROBIN HAYES                            is thus open to all. This order is also to have
                                                                                                                         Mr. NORWOOD. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
                      OF NORTH CAROLINA
                                                               retrospect to the earliest stages of the war,
                                                               and to be considered a permanent one.’’                to honor the Javits-Wagner-O’Day (JWOD)
                                                                  Specifically a combat decoration, it gives me       Program because it epitomizes what our coun-
                Thursday, July 22, 2004                        great pride to know that LTC O’Neal will re-           try has long stood for—giving everyone an
        Mr. HAYES. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to                ceive this high honor, the Purple Heart, on Au-        equal chance.
      honor a great American, Lieutenant Colonel               gust 4, 2004. LTC O’Neal embodies the spirit              Employment fuels the United States econ-
      Edward J. O’Neal, Jr. of the United States Air           of those who serve and fight to keep America           omy and builds our communities. Sadly, peo-
      Force.                                                   the greatest light of freedom the world has            ple with disabilities are often overlooked when
        LTC O’Neal was sent to Khobar, Saudi Ara-              ever known. I thank LTC O’Neal for his brave           it comes to finding jobs. Those with disabilities
      bia, to evaluate a maintenance training pro-             service and selfless sacrifice. He is a patriot        face a 50 percent unemployment rate, which

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00013   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.082   E22PT2
      E1486                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                           July 22, 2004
      is more than 10 times the national average.              Pembroke found a thriving life serving the             which gave the town its reason for existence
      These are people who can work, and want to               trains that led to the great markets of the            and its livelihood for much of its history. Sec-
      work, but who face transportation, environ-              coast.                                                 ond by horses and mules, the dependence on
      mental, and attitudinal barriers when it comes              The majority of the structures in the district      which beasts of burden helped to define the
      to finding the employment that will allow them           are of 1930s and 1940s vintage. The city also          layout of the city. Third by the car, highways
      to become self-sufficient, independent mem-              consists of several blocks of early 20th-Cen-          for which have provided the lifeline for the city,
      bers of society.                                         tury commercial and government buildings.              keeping Pembroke connected to its larger
         Hiring a deserving, qualified individual with a       With the exception of a few buildings, all of          neighbors for much of the latter half of the
      disability creates a positive synergy that rip-          the buildings are of one or two stories in             20th Century. The highways—Hwy. 67, Hwy.
      ples out to the greater community in the form            height, and most of the buildings are brick or         119 and Hwy. 280—which converge in Pem-
      of reduced dependency on welfare. There are              brick-faced buildings with pine timber con-            broke will help to define its future, as they
      45 million Americans with a disability, many of          struction.                                             have its past.
      whom are forced to rely on public welfare be-               The buildings in the district are a variety of        I am proud to recognize Pembroke, Georgia
      cause they have not been able to find employ-            styles and materials, all dating from the early        on this its 200th Anniversary. This town has
      ment. Of people with disabilities, some 5.2 mil-         to mid 1900s. Most are brick one and two-sto-          provided much to the state of Georgia and I
      lion receive Social Security Disability Insur-           ried commercial buildings and originally had           am proud to have represented it in the United
      ance, 3.5 million receive Supplemental Secu-             wood or metal awnings over the windows.                States House of Representatives.
      rity Insurance, and 1.3 million who receive              Today, the buildings show architectural nice-                           f
      both. By tapping into the potential of a person          ties such as terra cotta embellishments,
      with a disability by offering them an employ-            carved cornerstone, and marble commemora-                TRIBUTE TO NESHANNOCK HIGH
      ment opportunity, we can help them to be-                tive plaques that reflect the pride of simple               SCHOOL BASEBALL TEAM
      come tax-paying citizens that can help power             rural businessmen in their buildings and in
      America’s economy and strengthen our com-                their town. The most interesting structures                      HON. MELISSA A. HART
                                                               architecturally are the Pembroke Millworks                             OF PENNSYLVANIA
         That is why I am proud to commend the                 building and the Food bank building. Most of                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Javits-Wagner-O’Day (JWOD) Program, which                the buildings in the district are in good condi-                   Thursday, July 22, 2004
      provides employment opportunities where they             tion and are currently in use as publicly owned           Ms. HART. Mr. Speaker, I would like to take
      are needed most—to Americans with disabil-               property.                                              this opportunity to recognize the Neshannock
      ities.                                                      The historic district of Pembroke was cre-          High School baseball team, this year’s Class
          The JWOD Program uses the purchasing                 ated to serve the agricultural needs of the na-        A Pennsylvania State Champions. Head
      power of the Federal Government to buy prod-             tion in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The         coach, Michael Kirkwood led the Neshannock
      ucts and services from participating, commu-             layout of the town around the railroad, the            Lancers to the State Championship game,
      nity-based nonprofit agencies dedicated to               plethora of commercial structures crowding the         where they defeated the Muncy Indians by a
      training and employing individuals with disabil-         verges of the railroad property, and the prim,         score of 8–4. The Lancers ended the season
      ities, which allows them to acquire job skills           stolid storefronts of the respectable buildings        with an impressive 23–1 record.
      and training, receive good wages and benefits,           all hearken to a time of great growth, industrial         I am happy to see such spirit, dedication,
      and gain greater independence.                           zeal and expansionism in American history.             and teamwork flourishing in the congressional
          The program serves 40,000 people with dis-              The history of Pembroke is the history of           district that I represent. I wish the members of
      abilities nationwide and last year generated             early American commerce. Founded as a rail-            2004 Neshannock baseball team continued
      approximately $280 million in wages earned               road depot, Pembroke found a thriving life             success.
      and nearly $1.5 billion in products sold. In             serving the trains that led to the great markets          I am proud to have such talented young ath-
      Georgia alone, some 972 people with disabil-             of the coast. When the trains stopped coming           letes in the 4th Congressional District of Penn-
      ities earned nearly $3 million in wages last             and the commerce declined, the town faltered,          sylvania, and I ask that all of my colleagues in
      year as a result of JWOD. I am pleased that              but managed to remain alive through the                the House of Representatives join with me in
      these JWOD contracts have had such a posi-               tough years. Now on the verge of explosive             recognizing their great achievement.
      tive impact, and hope that his is only the be-           re-growth as a bedroom community to Savan-                              f
      ginning.                                                 nah, Pembroke is seeking to retain its herit-
          Mr. Speaker, I am proud to support the               age, while finding new vitality in the influx of               PERSONAL EXPLANATION
      JWOD Program and encourage my congres-                   new residents.
      sional colleagues to do the same.                           Much of the historic district, once the prov-                HON. PATRICK J. KENNEDY
                       f                                       ince of private industry, is today publicly                            OF RHODE ISLAND
                                                               owned property. The buildings themselves,                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
        COMMEMORATING THE 200TH                                and their changing uses over the years, offer                    Thursday, July 22, 2004
      ANNIVERSARY OF PEMBROKE, GA                              a glimpse into the working of local government
                                                               of the last century. At the same time, several           Mr. KENNEDY of Rhode Island. Mr. Speak-
                                                                                                                      er, I respectfully request the opportunity to
                 HON. JACK KINGSTON                            of the buildings—the ‘‘Welcome Center,’’ the
                                                                                                                      record my position on rollcall vote 406. It was
                         OF GEORGIA                            old Jail, and the Tos Theater to name the
                                                               most prominent—retain elements of some of              my intention to vote ‘‘yes’’ on rollca11 No.
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                              406.
                                                               the more grim elements of its past . . . the
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      stark conditions of prisoners in the jail, the                          f
         Mr. KINGSTON. Mr. Speaker, I wish to                  segregated seating in the old theater, the pe-                  INTRODUCTION OF THE
      commemorate Pembroke, Georgia on its                     culiar design of the ‘‘Welcome Center’’ (with                  PASSENGER SAFETY ACT
      200th Anniversary in 2004. I’m honored to rep-           slit windows giving the police officers a van-
      resent this vibrant city and to call many of its         tage on the entire downtown.)
      residents my friends.                                       The Tos Theater, founded by G.S. Tos, was
                                                                                                                              HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY
                                                                                                                                        OF NEW YORK
         Historic downtown Pembroke is named for               a quintessential example of the small-town
                                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Pembroke Williams who was a judge and a                  movie palace. Without even a concession
      prominent local resident in the late 19th cen-           stand (candy, popcorn, and sodas were ob-                          Thursday, July 22, 2004
      tury. The historic district is located in the cen-       tained from the drugstore soda fountain next              Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, now is not
      tral business district of this city of 2,500 per-        door), the Tos Theater nevertheless was an             the time to return to private airline screeners,
      sons and is characterized by its relationship to         important social gathering place for the town.         now is the time to continue to focus on pas-
      the Georgia Central Railroad, which bisects              With segregated seating (the toilet facilities),       senger safety.
      the town. It was founded as a farming town,              the building also recalls some of the social              This November, airports will be given the
      like so many similar towns which sprouted                conventions of the 20th Century South, con-            option to apply to opt-out of having Transpor-
      during that time to serve the agricultural needs         ventions which are fast fading into the past,          tation Security Administration TSA screeners
      of the nation. The layout of the town around             but should be recalled and recognized.                 in favor of hiring private screeners. If this is al-
      the railroad hearkens to a time of great                    Pembroke’s Historic District is a landscape         lowed to happen, it will be a step backwards
      growth, industrial zeal and expansionism.                defined by transportation. First by the railway,       in airline security.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00014   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.087   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E1487
         TSA has only been in existence for a few              DECLARING GENOCIDE IN DARFUR,                             Belarus’ poor track record with recent elec-
      years and has certainly suffered through some                       SUDAN                                       tions—which were judged as not meeting
      growing pains. Because of this, we should be                                                                    international democratic standards by the Or-
      focused on ensuring the success of TSA rath-                                 SPEECH OF                          ganization for Security and Cooperation in Eu-
      er than adding the new challenge of privatiza-                       HON. NANCY PELOSI                          rope—and more broadly with the situation with
      tion that could jeopardize their future and po-                            OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                      respect to human rights and democracy in
      tentially endanger the security of airline pas-                                                                 Belarus, underscore the need for this resolu-
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      sengers. That is why I am introducing the Pas-                                                                  tion. Belarus, under autocratic ruler Alexander
      senger Safety Act which will repeal the opt-out                     Wednesday, July 21, 2004                    Lukashenka, has the worst human rights
      language in the law that created the TSA. I                 Ms. PELOSI. Mr. Speaker, I commend my               record in Europe today. Repressions against
      urge my colleagues to support this important             colleague, DONALD PAYNE, and the members               members of the democratic opposition, non-
      initiative to protect passenger safety.                  of the Congressional Black Caucus for their            governmental organizations, the independent
                                                               leadership in bringing H. Con. Res. 467 to the         media and independent trade unions have be-
                       f                                       floor so quickly. The resolution, which I am           come commonplace. Independent thought and
                                                               proud to co-sponsor, accurately labels the sit-        action are anathema to Lukashenka, who over
          PAYING TRIBUTE TO AILEEN                             uation in the Darfur region of the Sudan as            the last 10 years has consolidated his power
                  WARFIELD                                     genocide, and calls upon the United Nations            to an alarming extent.
                                                               to take action to prevent it.                             Mr. Speaker, I hope that the Belarusian au-
                  HON. SCOTT McINNIS                              Mr. Speaker, millions of people in Darfur           thorities will take this resolution seriously, as it
                        OF COLORADO                            face a life-threatening crisis. Through actions        provides them with a blueprint on what they
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       of militias supported by the Sudanese govern-          need to do to have their elections conform
                                                               ment, villages have been burned, crops de-             with OSCE standards. Unfortunately, four
                 Thursday, July 22, 2004                                                                              benchmarks for free and fair elections estab-
                                                               stroyed, and people uprooted.
         Mr. MCINNIS. Mr. Speaker, it is with a                   Tens of thousands of people have already            lished by the OSCE 4 years ago still not been
      heavy heart that I rise today to pay tribute to          died. Without prompt and effective inter-              met. Thus far, the pre-election environment
      the life and memory of Aileen Warfield of                national action, the death toll will soon go           has not been encouraging. Last month, three
      Pueblo, Colorado. Aileen recently passed                 much higher.                                           opposition parliamentarians staged an 18–day
      away at the age of seventy-eight. She will be               The Bush Administration has appropriately           hunger strike demanding changes in the Elec-
      remembered for her commitment to her family              increased public awareness, in the United              tion Code, which still includes several un-
      and her contributions to her community. I                States and throughout the world, about what is         democratic provisions. The reform bill was
      would like to join my colleagues in recognizing          at stake in Darfur, and this resolution acknowl-       overwhelmingly defeated by the Lukashenka-
      her life and her memory before this body of              edges that.                                            controlled parliament.
      Congress and this nation.                                   But it calls upon the Administration to do             Belarusians still have no opportunity to re-
         Aileen’s passion was working at her candy             more. A decade ago, the international commu-           ceive independent viewpoints through broad-
      store, Nettie’s Colorado Candies. The origins            nity did not act quickly enough to prevent the         cast media. Opposition access to the state
      of Nettie’s Colorado Candies can be traced               horror of Rwanda. We must not see a repeat             media is virtually non-existent; rather the polit-
      back to the 1930’s, and Aileen and her hus-              of that tragedy in Darfur.                             ical opposition is often vilified. Just yesterday
      band, Ray Warfield bought the candy store in                Sustained and effective leadership by the           Lukashenka, talking about his hopes for a pro-
      1971. They had no experience in the busi-                United States will be necessary to achieve             government majority in the October elections,
      ness, but Aileen wished to undertake the chal-           that goal.                                             said: ‘‘I strongly hope that the people will
      lenge of owning and operating a small busi-                 The rainy season has arrived in Darfur, and         make the right choice,’’ and added that ‘‘the
      ness. Once the Warfields assumed control,                the level of misery is increasing. The Suda-           people will take a close look at traitors, black
      they made it into a family business employing            nese are not acting quickly enough to imple-           sheep . . . wolves in sheep’s clothing, and we
      most of their children over the years. What              ment promises they made to control the mili-           will help them if they don’t.’’ This is not a good
      originated as a hobby, turned into a busy job.           tias and facilitate the delivery of relief supplies.   harbinger for the elections—and the election
      Aileen worked six days a week and was an                    Passage of this resolution should heighten          campaign has not even begun!
      active member of the RCI, the Retail Confec-             the sense of urgency and sharpen the under-               Mr. Speaker, it is vital that we convey to the
      tioners International.                                   standing of the Sudanese government of the             Belarusian authorities our call for a free, fair,
         Aileen dedicated her time and energies to             resolve of the United States on this urgent and        open and transparent parliamentary election
      her family and her community. She was a                  critical matter.                                       process consistent with Belarus’ freely under-
      member of the Mesa Junction Association, a                  I urge the adoption of the resolution.              taken OSCE commitments. The long-suffering
      board member of the Parade of Lights com-                                                                       Belarusian people deserve no less.
      mittee and the Greater Pueblo Chamber of                                                                                         f
      Commerce.                                                URGING     GOVERNMENT   OF
                                                                                                                            STOCK OPTION ACCOUNTING
         Mr. Speaker, Aileen Warfield was a beloved             BELARUS TO ENSURE DEMO-
                                                                                                                                  REFORM ACT
      member of her community and I am honored                  CRATIC,  TRANSPARENT, AND
      to remember her life today. Her work ethic and            FAIR ELECTION PROCESS                                                     SPEECH OF
      friendly face at the candy store will be sorely                              SPEECH OF                                         HON. JANE HARMAN
      missed in the Grand Junction community. I                                                                                         OF CALIFORNIA
      would like to offer my deepest condolences to                   HON. CHRISTOPHER H. SMITH                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Aileen’s family and friends during this difficult                          OF NEW JERSEY
      time of bereavement.                                                                                                         Tuesday, July 20, 2004
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                         Ms. HARMAN. Mr. Chairman, as a co-
                                                                          Wednesday, July 21, 2004                    sponsor of H.R. 3574, the Stock Option Ac-
                                                                  Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. Speaker, I             counting Reform Act, I urge my colleagues to
            PERSONAL EXPLANATION                               am a cosponsor of H. Con. Res. 652 which               support passage of the bill. In order to remain
                                                               urges the Government of Belarus to ensure a            competitive in today’s difficult economy, Amer-
               HON. LUIS V. GUTIERREZ                          democratic, transparent, and fair election proc-       ica’s small businesses need the flexibility to
                         OF ILLINOIS                           ess for its parliamentary elections in October         choose how to treat their stock options, and I
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       2004. As the sponsor of the Belarus Democ-             am pleased that Congress is acting today on
                                                               racy Act (H.R. 854), which has also been re-           legislation that maintains the discretionary na-
                 Thursday, July 22, 2004                       ported out by the International Relations Com-         ture of expensing stock options. If Congress
        Mr. GUTIERREZ. Mr. Speaker, on July 19,                mittee, it is important that the House call spe-       were to do nothing and allow the mandatory
      2004, I was unavoidably absent from this                 cific attention to these upcoming fall elections.      stock option expensing proposal to take effect,
      Chamber and missed three rollcall votes. I               Mr. BEREUTER, in his capacity as Chairman of           America’s small businesses—especially high
      would like the record to show that, had I been           the House International Relations Sub-                 tech firms—would suffer.
      present, I would have voted ‘‘yea’’ on rollcall          committee on Europe, has lend his support of              Particularly for the high tech sector, stock
      votes 391, 392, and 393.                                 the Belarus Democracy Act as well.                     options are critical to attracting employees to

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00015   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.092   E22PT2
      E1488                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
      new, start-up companies. Requiring compa-                    Cottage Grove is a vital community dedi-              Over the last 50 years, well over a hundred
      nies to expense their stock options would                cated to possibilities. This town is not afraid to     million Americans have had their anxieties al-
      compel many small firms to stop offering the             take and share responsibility for creating a           layed by a Block-prepared tax return. Both
      options altogether, forcing some to give up the          better future. In fact, in Cottage Grove there is      Federal and State governments also benefit
      primary tool used to attract the best employ-            a strong sense of obligation to making dreams          from accurate tax returns reflecting sound ad-
      ees. Start-up firms would be especially hard             come true. The 1968 and 2004 All-American              vice and professional preparation.
      hit because it would be increasingly difficult for       City Awards honor the community’s commit-                 In 1978, Richard was diagnosed with lung
      them to raise capital.                                   ment to excellence, cooperation, and cre-              cancer and told he had three months to live.
         At a time when U.S. industries are losing             ativity.                                               Refusing to accept this prognosis, he sought
      jobs overseas, mandatory stock option ex-                    Only ten communities earn All-American             treatment at the M.D. Anderson Center in
      pensing would put small American companies               City status each year nationwide. Cottage              Houston. Richard promised himself that if he
      at an even greater disadvantage. Many foreign            Grove is being saluted for a variety of accom-         survived, he would devote his life to helping
      competitors offer stock options to create tal-           plishments and three major projects—the new            others fight cancer. Cured after two years of
      ented work pools. By passing this legislation            Cottage Grove Community Hospital, the for-             aggressive therapy, he kept that promise, sell-
      today, we will ensure that U.S. businesses re-           mation of the Economic & Business Improve-             ing his interest in H&R Block to devote full
      main competitive and avoid additional incen-             ment District, and the recently completed Cot-         time to cancer work.
      tives for U.S. firms to move jobs overseas.              tage Grove High School facility.                          Richard and Annette founded the R. A.
         We need to maintain a balance between in-                 American anthropologist Margaret Mead              Bloch Cancer Management Center and the R.
      creasing transparency to outside investors               once said, ‘‘Never doubt that a small group of         A. Bloch Cancer Support Center at the Univer-
      while not burdening technology firms with on-            thoughtful committed citizens can change the           sity of Missouri in Kansas City. From 1980 to
      erous reporting requirements. The Stock Op-              world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever          1995, the Management Center offered Kansas
      tion Accounting Reform Act will achieve and              has.’’ Cottage Grove embodies this great no-           City area patients a free multidisciplinary sec-
      maintain that balance. For instance, this legis-         tion, with friends, neighbors, government, busi-       ond opinion panel. The panel, including more
      lation requires increased disclosure by compa-           nesses, and service agencies working to-               than 100 physicians, helped patients identify
      nies about stock option plans, stock purchase            gether to get things done, and done well.              the best cancer treatment available. The Man-
      plans and similar incentive plans.                           I am proud to represent Cottage Grove, and         agement Center has served as a model for
         In addition, although the bill keeps the ex-          thank you for the opportunity to highlight ‘‘the       more than 125 centers nationwide.
      pensing of stock options as voluntary, in gen-           little city that could.’’                                 Richard and Annette also founded the Can-
      eral, larger companies are required to ex-                                 f                                    cer Hotline in 1980 and authored three books.
      pense the fair value of the stock options                                                                       Supported by volunteers who have had or are
      issued to their top five corporate officers. This        HONORING RICHARD A. BLOCH,                             battling cancer, the hotline educates thou-
      proposal will allow each business to make its             BUSINESS PIONEER AND PHILAN-                          sands of newly diagnosed cancer patients and
      own decision on how to handle stock options               THROPIST                                              their family and friends about available treat-
      issued to medium and low-level employees,                                                                       ments. A Website, www.blochcancer.org, now
      while achieving a certain degree of trans-                         HON. KAREN McCARTHY                          assists. So do annual Fighting Cancer Rallies
      parency for investors.                                                      OF MISSOURI                         in more than 700 communities that raise
         H.R. 3574 bridges two potentially conflicting             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    awareness that cancer and death are not syn-
      goals—rewarding hard work and ensuring                                                                          onymous and that give victims faith that there
                                                                           Thursday, July 22, 2004
      transparency of corporate actions in the cap-                                                                   can be life after a cancer diagnosis.
      ital markets. Enjoying the fruits of one’s own               Ms. MCCARTHY of Missouri. Mr. Speaker,                In my district and across America, Richard
      labor is a key component of the American                 Missouri citizens and all Americans mourn              & Annette Bloch Parks for Cancer Survivors
      Dream. For innovative and highly creative ven-           yesterday’s passing of a great American, Rich-         provide an oasis of peace for contemplation
      tures like high tech, the rewards may be slow            ard A. Bloch—the ‘‘R’’ in H&R Block. Richard           and inspiration, dedicated to Americans who
      to realize—thus inviting the issuance of stock           Bloch was an entrepreneur, philanthropist, be-         have been diagnosed with cancer, each a trib-
      options, which will capture a company’s future           loved husband, devoted father of three and             ute to life.
      value.                                                   grandfather of 10, who exemplified personal               Richard Bloch’s vision of a national network
         I support the passage of the Stock Option             and professional integrity. He was 78 years            of cancer information led to the National Can-
      Accounting Reform Act and urge my col-                   old.                                                   cer Institute’s Physician’s Data Query. This
      leagues to do the same.                                      Honored for his philanthropy and his second        Website provides information about state of
                                                               career as a crusader for cancer patients, as           the art treatment for every type and stage of
                                                               ’— well as his success in creating one of              cancer and all the current experimental thera-
      CELEBRATING COTTAGE GROVE’S                              America’s most famous brands, Richard Bloch            pies. To honor Richard’s efforts, our govern-
       SECOND ALL AMERICAN CITY                                was born in Kansas City in 1926.                       ment named a building at the National Cancer
       AWARD                                                       By age 12, he had founded his own small            Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, the R. A.
                                                               business providing printing services to Kansas         Bloch International Cancer Information Center.
               HON. PETER A. DeFAZIO                           City high schools. At 16, he entered the Whar-         Most government cancer information is dis-
                          OF OREGON                            ton School of Finance at the University of             seminated from the Bloch Center.
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       Pennsylvania, the youngest member of his                  In 1982, Richard was appointed by Presi-
                                                               class. He graduated in 1945 with a degree in           dent Reagan to a six year term on the Na-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      economics.                                             tional Cancer Advisory Board. He was a mem-
         Mr. DEFAZIO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to                 After graduation, Richard returned to Kan-         ber of the President’s Circle of the National
      recognize and congratulate the City of Cottage           sas City, married his wife Annette, and soon           Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medi-
      Grove, Oregon. Located in my congressional               joined his brothers Henry and Leon in their            cine, and a former board member of the Na-
      district at the southern end of the beautiful            bookkeeping business. A simple newspaper               tional Institute of Health’s Office of Alternative
      Willamette Valley, Cottage Grove recently won            ad in the Kansas City Star in 1954, showing            Medicine. He also received the American So-
      its second All-American City award.                      a man behind an eight ball, with the headline,         ciety of Clinical Oncology’s 1994 Public Serv-
         The Kalapuya Indians first enjoyed the                ‘‘Taxes, $5,’’ stimulated a long line of cus-          ice Award and the 1995 Layman’s Award from
      riches of the southern valley, and the Oregon            tomers that turned a sidelight of tax return           the Society of Surgical Oncology.
      Trail opened the territory to other settlers in          preparation into a spectacular national suc-              Richard would ask anyone who wanted to
      1848. In 1863, gold was discovered in the                cess that made business history.                       open an H&R Block office, ‘‘Tell me what you
      mountains south of Cottage Grove, and mining                 Today those first customers translate into         want out of life.’’ He encouraged people to go
      activities continued into the 1920s, when the            one out of every seven individual income tax           where their hearts led them and to follow their
      lumber industry became the economic engine.              filers in America, served by over 125,000 em-          passion. Mr. Speaker, please join me in ex-
      The City celebrates its exciting history every           ployees at nearly 10,000 U.S. offices, and             tending heartfelt sympathy to the entire Bloch
      summer during Bohemia Mining Days. Today,                international clients in 11 countries. Tax plan-       family—Annette; his three daughters, Linda
      this community of not quite 9,000 is blessed             ning and preparation have expanded to in-              Lyon, Barbara Stanny, and Nancy Linsley; his
      with a wealth of community spirit and ‘‘can do’’         clude financial, mortgage, accounting, and             10 grandchildren; brothers Leon Jr. and Henry
      attitude.                                                consulting services.                                   and Henry’s wife, Marion—as we honor the

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00016   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.096   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E1489
      memory of an American whose life is a testi-             renewed determination to seek a full and                      TRIBUTE TO COLONEL JOAL E.
      monial to the values our Nation celebrates.              peaceful reunification. Along with my col-                              WOLF
                       f                                       leagues, I will continue to put pressure on the
                                                               Bush Administration and the international com-                   HON. ROBERT E. ANDREWS
                                                               munity to help Cyprus work toward a peaceful                             OF NEW JERSEY
       SARY OF TURKEY’S INVASION                               solution. Now more than ever, the U.S. must
       OF CYPRUS                                                                                                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               continue its role in supporting negotiations. It
                                                               has been a long, hard road, but with support                        Thursday, July 22, 2004
              HON. JAMES R. LANGEVIN                           from the United States, the European Union,                Mr. ANDREWS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                      OF RHODE ISLAND                          and the United Nations, a reunification of Cy-          pay tribute to Army Reserve Lieutenant Colo-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       prus is still within reach. Such a reunification        nel Joal E. Wolf. Lieutenant Colonel Wolf dis-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      would benefit us all. It would bring long-await-        tinguished himself as the Commander of the
                                                               ed peace and stability to the people of Cyprus,         3401st Military Intelligence Detachment and
         Mr. LANGEVIN. Mr. Speaker, as a proud                 to the region, and to the larger international          Chief of Staff of the Iraq Intelligence Task
      member of the Hellenic Caucus, I rise today to           community.                                              Force and Iraq Working Group of the Joint
      recognize the 30th anniversary of Turkey’s in-              Again, I thank my colleagues on the Hel-             Staff at the Defense Intelligence Agency from
      vasion of Cyprus. On this occasion, we mourn             lenic Caucus for their recognition of this impor-       April 2001 to May 2004. Lieutenant Colonel
      those who lost their lives and remember the              tant event.                                             Wolf led daily operations in providing cutting-
      barrier created in 1974. Sadly, that barrier still                                                               edge and time-critical assessments and trend
      exists today, and despite attempts by the                                                                        analysis on military activity in and around the
      United Nations for a reunification settlement,                                                                   Iraqi theater in support of Operation Iraqi
      the island remains divided between the Turk-             HONORING THE GOOD SAMARITAN                             Freedom. Lieutenant Colonel Wolf’s leadership
      ish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots. I thank             CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CHURCH                             ensured over 4,000 tasks were completed effi-
      Mrs. MALONEY and Mr. BILIRAKIS for their on-                                                                     ciently and delivered timely to senior military
      going leadership in the Hellenic Caucus and
      for bringing much-needed attention to issues
                                                                               HON. BARBARA LEE                        and civilian leaders in the Department of De-
                                                                                  OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                       fense, White House and Congress. These in-
      of importance to the Hellenic community.                                                                         telligence products contributed significantly to
         On the occasion of this anniversary, in addi-             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                       the shaping of our national security policy and
      tion to mourning and remembering, let us also                       Thursday, July 22, 2004                      military planning, especially in the areas of in-
      look forward. The events of this past spring                                                                     frastructure, economics, war crimes, sensitive
      represent great triumphs for the Cyprus state               Ms. LEE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor
                                                               the Good Samaritan Christian Fellowship                 site exploitation, anti-Coalition militants, weap-
      and reaffirm Cyprus’s willingness and deter-                                                                     ons of mass destruction, and Coalition force
      mination to become an integral part of both              Church of Oakland, California for 50 years of
                                                               ministry and invaluable service to the commu-           protection. Lieutenant Colonel Wolf led his de-
      the European community as well as the great-                                                                     tachment to eclipse a bold 200 percent in-
      er global community. Just this past May, Cy-             nity.
                                                                                                                       crease in production and in creating the Iraqi
      prus joined the European Union and will enjoy               The Good Samaritan Christian Fellowship
                                                                                                                       ‘‘55 Most-Wanted’’ deck of cards. For his serv-
      all of the privileges and opportunities of full          Church was founded in 1954 as the Good Sa-
                                                                                                                       ice, Lieutenant Colonel Wolf was awarded the
      membership. Inherent in that membership is a             maritan Baptist Church by the late Dr. & Mrs.
                                                                                                                       Defense Meritorious Service Medal on May
      commitment to the human rights and funda-                R.D. Garrison, Sr., who led the ministry for
                                                                                                                       28, 2004.
      mental freedoms that underscore that partner-            over 30 years. In 1982, Dr. Garrison, Sr.
                                                                                                                          In addition to being a fine military officer,
      ship. Despite this step forward, the nation re-          placed his son Apostle and Mrs. R.D. Garri-
                                                                                                                       Joal is also my brother-in-law and a small
      mains divided. As the Greek Cypriots steer               son, Jr. at the head of the church, and the
                                                                                                                       business owner. Joal is the proud son of Mrs.
      their nation toward greater prosperity and le-           ministry was subsequently established as the
                                                                                                                       Phyllis M. Wolf, a veteran of the United States
      gitimacy, the Turkish Cypriots continue to pur-          Good Samaritan Christian Fellowship Church.
                                                                                                                       Army, and the late Dr. Alan E. Wolf, who was
      sue division and isolation.                                 Since that time, the Good Samaritan Chris-           also a veteran of the United States Army. My
         The government of Cyprus remains com-                 tian Fellowship Church has played an active             relation to Joal has allowed me to closely fol-
      mitted to reunification, as a bizonal,                   role in initiating and expanding a wide range           low his selfless service and better understand
      bicommunal federation with democratic and                of charitable and community building activities.        the sacrifices that thousands of reservists and
      human rights for all Cypriots. In April, the peo-        In addition to ministering and counseling               Guardsmen are making in the war against ter-
      ple of Cyprus held a democratic vote on a re-            countless members of the community, the                 rorism. I am personally grateful to Joal and all
      unification plan put forward by the UN. An as-           church has played a vital role in local youth           of the brave men and women in our military
      tonishing 90 percent of the Greek Cypriot                mentoring and development. The church is re-            who are making tremendous sacrifices to
      community turned out for this important vote.            sponsible not only for organizing local Boy             serve our Nation during this difficult time.
      Yet, with 76 percent of Greek Cypriot voters             Scout and Girl Scout programs, but also for
      opposing the plan, many in the international             the creation of initiatives such as the After
      community were disappointed with the final               School Tutoring Program, which focuses on               COMMENDING     THE     RAOUL
      outcome. What we must recognize is that any              reading, writing, and math for children of all           WALLENBERG LIVING MEMORIAL
      disappointment and criticism should be di-               ages. Furthermore, the church has made ex-               AT THE AMERICAN SWEDISH IN-
      rected at the inadequacies of the reunification          tensive efforts in the areas of emergency                STITUTE IN MINNEAPOLIS, MIN-
      plan, rather than the free, democratic choice            meals and housing by working to provide food             NESOTA
      of the Greek Cypriots not to accept such a               for the homeless, as well as shelter for count-
      plan. Not only was the rejection of that plan an         less families in distress.                                             HON. TOM LANTOS
      exercise of the democratic rights of the Greek              From August 8th–15th, 2004, the Good Sa-                              OF CALIFORNIA
      Cypriots, but it further demonstrates their com-         maritan Christian Fellowship Church will be                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      mitment to finding a viable and workable set-            celebrating its 50-year anniversary in Oakland,
      tlement.                                                 California. I would like to mark this occasion                     Thursday, July 22, 2004
         In reflecting on this historic vote, we should        by commending the church for the exceptional               Mr. LANTOS. Mr. Speaker, I want to ex-
      heed the words of the Greek Cypriot President            service it has provided to the community, not           press my strong support for the American
      Tassos Papadopoulus: ‘‘We are determined to              only in its capacity as an institution of faith         Swedish Institute’s work to establish a Raoul
      try, until the end, in a peaceful manner and             and worship, but also as a leader in working            Wallenberg Living Memorial in Minneapolis,
      through negotiations, to end the invasion and            to provide invaluable social and charitable             Minnesota. The institute was founded by Swan
      occupation. The people should be brave, pa-              services to the people of Oakland. By remain-           J. Turnblad, a successful Swedish business-
      tient, and work hard.’’ Patience in particular is        ing committed to the areas of leadership and            man in 1929. Mr. Turnblad donated his man-
      tantamount to this endeavor. A lasting solution          service throughout its fifty years of ministry,         sion to become an internationally recognized
      is not one that will be attained with the imple-         the Good Samaritan Christian Fellowship                 museum as well as the home to an edu-
      mentation of a rushed plan.                              Church has contributed enormously not only to           cational center offering a variety of programs
         Both the recent accession to the EU as well           the Oakland community, but also to our                  designed to celebrate the best of Swedish cul-
      as this recent democratic vote should give us            shared goal of world peace.                             ture. Today the American Swedish Institute

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00017    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.099   E22PT2
      E1490                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      seeks to develop a dynamic combination of                conflict erupted in February 2003, thirty thou-           Equally important, the 15th Anniversary Vet-
      educational opportunities and art that will              sand have died and close to a quarter of a             erans Braintrust National Issues Forum ‘‘The
      honor, celebrate and perpetuate the legacy of            million will die, if we do not act.                    Path to Glory: The Congressional Medal of
      one of the world’s most courageous citizens,                Sudanese government troops and their al-            Honor, Navy Cross, and Distinguished Service
      Raoul Wallenberg.                                        lied militia, the Janjaweed, have raped, tor-          Cross Recipients’’ also known as the pyramid
         Mr. Speaker, it was exactly 60 years ago              tured, maimed, and burned entire villages to           of honor; and subtitled: ‘‘Revisiting the Battles
      that Raoul Wallenberg, a son of a distin-                cleanse the area of African Muslims. An esti-          of Sgt. Henry Johnson and Dorie Miller for the
      guished Swedish family, risked his life during           mated 1.2 million have been forced from their          Congressional Medal Honor,’’ was indeed a
      World War II, when he left behind the comfort,           homes and into camps, where they remain                historic milestone. For the first time in our na-
      the safety and the security of neutral Sweden            vulnerable to attacks and lack basic services.         tions history the families of African American
      to travel to Nazi-occupied and war-torn Hun-                We must stop what is happening. It is               recipients of the Congressional Medal of
      gary to save innocent lives. Through his ex-             Genocide, and under the requirements of the            Honor, along with awardees of the Navy Cross
      traordinary bravery, ingenuity and compassion            1948 UN Convention, the world is obligated to          and the Distinguished Service Cross (DSC)
      he saved tens of thousands of Hungarian                  act to stop it.                                        were gathered in one room. Additionally, the
      Jews from the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust.                We must insist that the Sudanese govern-            issues forum was exceptionally well attended
         I believe that the legacy of Raoul                    ment cease support for and disarm the                  with representatives coming from as far away
      Wallenberg’s courageous actions during World             Janjaweed militias and if it cannot, the UN Se-        as Albany, New York, Detroit, Michigan, Indi-
      War II that saved thousands of potential Holo-           curity Council must be persuaded to authorize          anapolis, Indiana, and Los Angeles, California.
      caust victims in Budapest is worthy of celebra-          force to do so.                                           While the CBC represents 26 million African
      tion, preservation and a continued public dia-              The U.S. and world must target sanctions            Americans, including more than 2 million Afri-
      logue. As an international hero, every child             such as travel bans and the freezing of assets         can American veterans, we all recognize our
      needs to know the story of Raoul Wallenberg,             of Khartoum government officials responsible           country faces many challenges both within
      and how his choices can play an important                to stop the atrocities. We must find out why           and without that is why Representative SAN-
      role in their own lives.                                 humanitarian aid is not getting through and            FORD BISHOP, Jr. D–GA and I felt a moral obli-
         The Raoul Wallenberg Living Memorial in-              ensure that it does.                                   gation, not a duty at this time to look back and
      tends to provide educational opportunities that             Lastly, we must establish a Darfur Resettle-        reexamine issues from the past, closely re-
      celebrate the life, contribution, and spirit of          ment, Rehabilitation, and Reconstruction Fund          lated to the awarding of the military’s highest
      Raoul Wallenberg, as well as other historic              so that those driven off their land may return         awards for heroism and valor—The Congres-
      and current figures that embody Raoul                    and begin to rebuild their communities.                sional Medal of Honor, Navy Cross and Distin-
      Wallenberg’s extraordinary courage.                         We must act now, if we are to prevent an-           guished Service Cross.
         The goal of the American Swedish Institute            other Rwanda.                                             Here again, the Veterans Braintrust which is
      and the Raoul Wallenberg Living Memorial is                                f                                    widely recognized as the premiere forum for
      that every student will complete their Min-                                                                     debate between veterans of African descent
      nesota high school experience knowing the                THE PATH TO GLORY: CONGRES-                            and government officials sought to examine
      name and legacy of Raoul Wallenberg, and                  SIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR, NAVY                           some of the historically vexing issues, indi-
      the impact one person’s humanity can have.                CROSS    AND    DISTINGUISHED                         vidual war narratives, and family testimonies
      The American Swedish Institute will be the                SERVICE CROSS AFRICAN AMER-                           associated with more than a century and a
      home of and catalyst for a nationally recog-              ICAN RECIPIENTS                                       half of the awarding of the military’s highest
      nized educational program that inspires young                                                                   awards for bravery and valor.
      American students to live by the vision and in-                     HON. CORRINE BROWN                             To help provide a framework for this histor-
      spiration embodied in the life and example of                                OF FLORIDA                         ical and contemporary analysis war/veteran
      Raoul Wallenberg.                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    narratives included the Civil War, Indian Cam-
         Mr. Speaker, Raoul Wallenberg will always                                                                    paigns of the 19th Century, and World War I,
                                                                          Thursday, July 22, 2004
      stand as a reminder of the difference one per-                                                                  World War II, Korean and Vietnam Conflicts of
      son with courage can make and a great role                  Ms. CORRINE BROWN of Florida. Mr.                   the 20th Century in the wake of growing criti-
      model for the next generation who recognized             Speaker, the setting for the 15th Anniversary          cism of US Foreign Policy, raising concerns
      that true satisfaction comes only from serving           of the Congressional Black Caucus’s Veterans           about the fate of affirmative action, and the
      others, in this case in sacrificing his own life         Braintrust took place amid repeated inferences         ever increasing African American health dis-
      so others may live.                                      that the Congressional Black Caucus CBC                parities.
         I am confident that the Raoul Wallenberg              and other Democrats were unpatriotic. Despite             Executive Director Ron Armstead layed the
      Living Memorial will inspire young students by           the CBC’s determination to express it’s patriot-       groundwork by researching William Rasp-
      his story to become better, more unselfish,              ism we support the troops while continuing to          berry’s ‘Two Heroes, No Medals of Honor’ col-
      more caring human beings that are willing to             raise the volume of criticism about the current        umn examining two black war heroes quest for
      transcend the barriers of race, religion, or na-         engagement in Iraq, and/or the War on Ter-             posthumous Congressional Medals of Honor:
      tionality in their concern for others. It is there-      rorism.                                                Sgt. Henry Johnson, a World War I Infantry-
      fore important to support projects like this so             With this as the larger socio-political back-       man from Albany, and Seaman Dorius ‘Dorie’
      that the memory, legend and life of Raoul                drop the Veterans Braintrust decided to invite         Miller, a World War II hero from Waco, Texas.
      Wallenberg will not be forgotten. The vision he          some of our most heroic African Americans,             The column cited, although the military serv-
      had for what one person can do in the face of            their family members and advocates such as             ices, while not discounting their heroism, have
      injustice must be integrated in the moral fabric         Sgt. Andrew Bowman, Asa Gordon, Elizabeth              steadfastly refused to go along with any at-
      of every community, state, and nation.                   Rankin-Fulcher, Maj. Robert Greene, USA,               tempts to grant Johnson and Miller the Medal
                                                               Ret., John Howe, Steve Harris, Alonzo Swann,           of Honor. While countering, that although no
                                                               Jr., Allene Carter, CDR. Ross Fowler, USCG,            black soldier was awarded the medal of honor
      DECLARING GENOCIDE IN DARFUR,                            Ret., Lee & Cornelius Charlton, Mark Pitts,            during WWI, approximately 50 black soldiers
                 SUDAN                                         Baba Henderson, Dr. Frank Smith, Jr., Betty            were awarded the DSC, the Army’s second
                                                               Stokes, Mary Jones, and Isaac Prentice to              highest award for valor in combat, for their ex-
                          SPEECH OF
                                                               Washington, DC as a special testimonial to             traordinary heroism in WWI. As a result, the
              HON. GREGORY W. MEEKS                            our collective patriotism, sacrifice and valor on      number of black servicemen to receive CMH’s
                        OF NEW YORK                            behalf of this great nation during her many            for their heroism in the two world wars of the
                                                               times of trouble and conflict.                         twentieth century remained zero until the
                                                                  Thus, consciously choosing to illuminate            1990’s.
               Wednesday, July 21, 2004                        some historical facts and advocate in effect              Further, our war/veteran narratives revealed
         Mr. MEEKS of New York. Mr. Speaker, only              that countless African Americans have served           the Navy’s reluctance to embrace black war
      a few-months ago the world honored the tenth             in America’s wars, been shot, wounded and              heroes in 1944 met it’s timely demise 48 years
      anniversary of the Rwandan genocide and                  disabled, yet continue to be neglected, or de-         later when Alonzo Swann, Jr., then 67, of
      promised never to tolerate genocide again. 10            nied quality health care and access to other           Gary, Indiana stepped aboard his old ship the
      years later we are witnessing another geno-              benefits and services, including basic equal           USS Intrepid, an aircraft carrier and accepted
      cide, but this time in the Sudan. Since the              rights.                                                the Navy’s highest award for bravery—the

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00018   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K22JY8.001   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1491
      Navy Cross. His medal came nearly a half-                Mississippi Black Civil War soldiers; (c) a                   HOMEPORTING OF THE USS
      century after he and his African American                monument/memorial is being planned to honor                      ‘‘RONALD REAGAN’’
      shipmates in Intrepid’s Gun Tub #10 shot                 the Seminole Negro Indian Scouts and their
      down a Japanese kamikaze plane. However,                 families; (d) a US Colored Troops USCT                            HON. DARRELL E. ISSA
      his odyssey began October 27, 1944, when                 plaque dedication is being planned for Ander-                           OF CALIFORNIA
      the captain of the Intrepid, Joseph Bolfger,             sonville National Historic Site in southwest                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      recommended all seven survivors for the Navy             Georgia; and finally planning is underway for                      Thursday, July 22, 2004
      Cross, just short of the Medal of Honor, the             the North Chicago Memorial Park/Monument
      nation’s highest award and conducted meri-                                                                         Mr. ISSA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today, on the
                                                               dedicated to the 100,000 men who went
      torious mast on board the ship for the men.                                                                     eve of the home porting ceremony of the USS
                                                               through the Great Lakes Naval Training Cen-
      Yet, when the commendations were sent on to                                                                     Ronald Reagan, to welcome America’s newest
                                                               ter during World War II.                               Aircraft Carrier and its crew to San Diego.
      Washington, they came back, with the men
                                                                  Later that evening we gathered drenching               The USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76, our na-
      being given only Bronze Stars, or lower med-
                                                               ourselves in the richness of Black history and         tion’s ninth Nimitz class carrier, is the world’s
      als with no apparent explanation for the                                                                        most advanced and most capable carrier ever
                                                               feeling mixtures of both pride and pain as we
      change.                                                                                                         built. The USS Reagan, along with its crew of
         Notwithstanding Swann’s long, arduous and             awarded, or publicly recognized, acknowl-
                                                               edged and meaningfully remembered those                6,000 and its commanding officer Captain
      lonely court battle to receive the belated
                                                               who fought for people they had never even              James A. Symonds, will give America greater
      honor, it wasn’t until 1997 that another of his                                                                 capabilities to address threats to the safety of
      shipmates Navy Petty Officer Robert Jones,               met. Something quite austere happened at the
                                                               gala reception and award ceremony, which               Americans and international peace and sta-
      by then 71, and a resident of Newport News,                                                                     bility than ever before.
      Virginia received his Navy Cross, again more             prompted many to say, ‘I thought we did ther-
                                                               apy that night,’ and left others crying and emo-          For most of the world’s history, the oceans
      than 50 years afterward in a stately ceremony                                                                   have been a dangerous and lawless place.
      held at the Capitol Building in Washington,              tional. We have given these awards annually
                                                               over the course of the past ten years. This            For over 60 years, however, America’s Navy
      DC, hosted by Congressman ROBERT ‘‘BOBBY’’                                                                      has reigned supreme over the world’s oceans.
      SCOTT (D–VA).                                            year our honorees included three categories:
                                                               (1) individual awardees: Norma Baker, GSgt.            Today, our Navy ensures freedom of the seas
         Furthermore, family testimonies revealed                                                                     for all nations who seek to use the world’s
      America in 1951 prior to the Brown versus the            Maurice Bingham, USMC, Ret., Celestine
                                                               Caldwell Hollings, Paul J. Matthews, Cpl. Fred         shipping lanes for peaceful purposes. The
      Board of Education decision was a very dif-                                                                     USS Ronald Reagan enhances our Navy’s
      ferent place when Sgt. Charlton, who would               McGee, USA, Freddi E. Moody, Master Chief
                                                                                                                      ability to do its job.
      have been 22, had he lived to his birthday,              Vince Patton, USCG, Ret., Ed.D., Lt. Col.                 For California, the USS Ronald Reagan will
      July 24, distinguished himself in battle to such         Charles H. Rucks, USMC, Ret., Isiah J. Wil-            serve as a proud reminder of the legacy left
      an extent that he earned his nation’s highest            liams, III, Master Chief Harold Wilson, USN,           behind by our former Governor and President.
      recognition for valor—the Medal of Honor.                Ret., and Wallace Terry (Posthumous); (2) or-          President Reagan understood the importance
      However, when his body was returned from                 ganizational awardees: the Center for Drug             of maintaining a strong and effective military.
      Korea, his family was denied the right to bury           Abuse Research, Howard University, Commu-              Throughout his administration, which brought
      his remains in Arlington National Cemetery               nity Anti-Drug Coalition of America, Harlem            about a successful end to the Cold War,
      with other Medal of Honor recipients. Sgt.               Youth Marines, Inc., Morgan State University,          President Reagan rebuilt America’s armed
      Charlton was a war hero, but Cornelius                   The Association of the 2221 Negro Volun-               forces with a steadfast belief in the pursuit of
      Charlton was black.                                      teers, WWII, and the 1279th Combat Engi-               peace through strength. Because of this leg-
         Moreover, it wasn’t until 1990, when the              neers Alumni Association; and (3) historic             acy, it is entirely fitting that the most powerful
      American Legion spearheaded an effort to lo-             groups and/or sites: United States Colored             and diplomatically visible symbol of the Amer-
      cate the graves of all Medal of Honor recipi-            Troops Institute and Olustee Battlefield Histor-       ican Navy now shares both the name and
      ents. Through their efforts Charlton’s final rest-       ical State Park.                                       home state of President Ronald Reagan.
      ing place was identified as Bryant Memorial                 Finally, as we prepare our special 15th An-            The crew of the USS Reagan will find the
      Park, which had become overgrown.                        niversary report, after-action briefs and legisla-     San Diego community to be warm and wel-
         Yet, equally poignant, family testimonies re-         tive proposals we must reiterate now more              coming. San Diego has a mix of many cul-
      vealed that it wasn’t until 1997, a half century         resolutely than ever before from the very be-          tures and, as someone who moved my family
      since WWII, and President Harry Truman who               ginning of independence ‘‘We were there,’’             here 20 years ago, I can assure the entire
      stood on the White House grounds and                     and despite the adversity, ‘‘We served!’ Simply        crew that San Diego is a great place to live,
      awarded 28 United States Medals of Honor to              read the missing pages of American history, or         work, and raise a family.
      white soldiers for their outstanding valor that          perhaps the footnotes and you will find the               Mr. Speaker, in closing, I would like to rec-
      black soldiers who were denied the recogni-              names of Crispus Attucks, Salem Poor, Sgt.             ognize Mrs. Reagan who will participate in to-
      tion accorded their white counterparts, were             William H. Carney, Cpl. Andrew Jackson                 morrow’s home porting ceremony. The USS
      awarded the same honor—the Medal of                      Smith, Harriet Tubman, Freddie Stowers, Sgt.           Ronald Reagan is a testament to the many
      Honor. During a White House ceremony                     Henry Johnson, Mess Attendant Dorius ‘Dorie’           great things Ronald and Nancy Reagan ac-
      former President Clinton presented the na-               Miller, Josephine Baker, Pvt. William Thomp-           complished together. Ronald Reagan gave our
      tion’s highest military award for bravery to             son, Sgt. Cornelius Charlton, Cpl. Fred                nation hope and reminded us that with hard
      seven black WWII heroes, six of which were               McGee, Captain Riley L. Pitts, Staff Sgt. Hill-        work and determination we could do great
      awarded posthumously. The only living vet-                                                                      things. President Reagan may have moved
                                                               iard Carter, and others, as well as thunderous
      eran awarded the medal of honor during the                                                                      on, but his legacy is as strong and steady as
                                                               places like Breeds Hill, Fort Wagner, Honey
      ceremony was 77-year-old Vernon Baker, of                                                                       the ship that now bears his name.
                                                               Hill, New Market Heights, . . ., Kunu-Ri, Hill
      St. Maries, Idaho. The other heroes finally              188, Hill 528, Hill 543, Pork Chop Hill, Ham-                          f
      awarded the Medal of Honor were: Edward A.               burger Hill, Heartbreak Ridge, and others              HONORING   THE  MOSES  AND
      Carter, Jr., John R. Fox, Wily F. James, Jr.,            looming as silent reminders of past deeds,              AARON   FOUNDATION SPECIAL
      Ruben Rivers, Charles L. Thomas, and                     and debts unpaid.                                       FUND FOR CHILDREN
      George Watson. Attending the ceremony was
                                                                  Therefore, let it be said, here, now and for-
      retired Army General Colin Powell, who as                                                                                 HON. JERROLD NADLER
                                                               ever more that African Americans have not
      Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was the
                                                               once, not twice, but repeatedly demonstrated                             OF NEW YORK
      highest ranking African American in the mili-
                                                               throughout this country’s long history an un-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         And now almost a century and a half after             wavering dedication towards the principles of                     Thursday, July 22, 2004
      the end of the Civil War, a resurgence of inter-         freedom, liberty and justice for all. This is the         Mr. NADLER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      est and advocacy on behalf of legendary Har-             true testament of African American patriotism          call attention to a worthy organization, one
      riet Tubman has gradually materialized, while            and looms as an outstanding example for cur-           committed to special children and their fami-
      on the other hand the first-ever memorials to            rent and future generations of Americans na-           lies. The Moses and Aaron Foundation’s sig-
      honor black war heroes within: (a) the Com-              tionwide, as well as freedom loving people             nificant and enduring efforts deserve the high-
      monwealth of Virginia is being planned; (b) the          around the world.                                      est praise, as do the philanthropists who have
      first national park monument was dedicated to                The struggle continues.                            given of themselves to fulfill its mission.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00019   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.106   E22PT2
      E1492                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
          The Moses and Aaron Foundation Special               tion and its affects on public health. Norm will       also devote more time to two of his favorite
      Fund for Children is dedicated to assisting              soon retire from his current position as the Air       pursuits: fishing and his beloved San Fran-
      children with disabilities and their families with       pollution Control Officer for the Sacramento           cisco 49ers. I am confident that Norm would
      a wide range of programs including social,               Metropolitan Air Quality Management District.          achieve great success and happiness in his
      physical, financial and wheelchair assistance,           As Norm’s friends, family, and colleagues              retirement, just as he had throughout his pro-
      as well as counseling and guidance.                      gather to celebrate his distinguished career, I        fessional career.
          It also provides scholarship funding to edu-         ask all my colleagues to join me in saluting              Mr. Speaker, as Norm’s friends, family and
      cational institutions: collects; purchases; and          this outstanding citizen of Sacramento.                colleagues gather to celebrate his great ca-
      distributes clothing for children in need and re-           After obtaining his bachelor of science de-         reer; I am truly honored to pay tribute to one
      members them with presents at holiday time               grees from California State University—Fres-           of Sacramento’s most honorable citizens. The
      or when hospitalized.                                    no, Norm began his environmental health and            Sacramento region has benefited greatly from
          In cooperation with Ballys Fitness Centers           air quality career as a military preventive med-       having Norm’s strong leadership. He will be
      the Moses and Aaron Foundation under the                 icine specialist. Eventually, Norm would be ap-        missed greatly by all who worked with him. I
      direction of its President Rabbi Yaacov                  pointed as the Assistant Director for the Fres-        ask all of my colleagues to join with me in
      Kaploun, and Executive Vice President                    no County Department of Health and Assistant           wishing Norm continued success in all of his
      Yehuda Kaploun has been able to establish                Air Pollution Control Officer. During his two          future endeavors, wherever retirement may
      27 physical fitness and therapy centers and              decades of service in Fresno County, Norm              lead him.
      has arranged for sound and musical equip-                was instrumental in implementing a number of                           f
      ment in other institutions.                              effective and innovative solutions to air quality        THE SECURITY AND FAIRNESS
          The corporate and individual supporters of           management.                                            ENHANCEMENT FOR AMERICA ACT
      the Foundation, include Metropolitan Lumber,                In 1984, Norm was named as the Air Pollu-
      Bally Total Fitness, Mr. David Buntzman, Mr.             tion Control Officer for the Sacramento Metro-                  HON. WILLIAM L. JENKINS
      & Mrs. Jarred Feldman, Mr. Robert Gans, Mr.              politan Air Quality Management District. Dur-
                                                                                                                                       OF TENNESSEE
      and Mrs. Richard Gans, Mr. Avi and Dr. Laura             ing this period, Norm has been deservingly
                                                                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Greenbaum, Mr. and Mrs. David Hirsch, Mr.                recognized as a visionary and dedicated lead-
      and Mrs. Ira Rennert, Mr. Eli Rothman, Mr.               er at the local, state, and national levels of                      Thursday, July 22, 2004
      Mark Selden, and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford                   government for his efforts in advancing pro-              Mr. JENKINS. Mr. Speaker, a significant
      Feldstsein. We recognize the special support             grams and policies that significantly improve          majority of Americans believes that current im-
      of Ashley and Liora Herschman, recipients of             air quality.                                           migration levels need to be reduced, accord-
      the Dr. Steven Stowe Acts of Kindness Memo-                 The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality             ing to consistent polling results over the last
      rial Award, who by their contributions and               Management District works cooperatively to             decade. This country currently admits about
      kindness have brought happiness and a smile              coordinate the efforts of local, state and fed-        one million new legal immigrants every year.
      to the faces of hundreds of special children.            eral government agencies, the business com-            An undetermined number come in illegally.
          On Saturday night July 31, 2004 at the Sul-          munity, and private citizens to achieve and            Realistically, it will take several years to
      livan County Community College, Lock                     maintain healthy air quality for Sacramento.           produce the comprehensive reforms that are
      Sheldrake, New York, the Moses and Aaron                 This vision recognizes that the AQMD alone             needed. However, there is something that we
      Foundation under the Honorary Chairmanship               cannot achieve healthy air for Sacramento, but         can do now to improve the situation.
      of Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, will sponsor its          that combined with its regulatory role and its            In 1990, immigration laws were changed to
      eighth Summer ‘‘Chazak—Strength’’ Concert                lead role in development of innovative pro-            include a new diversity lottery program. The
                                                               grams, it can encourage the cooperative inter-         premise of this new program was to encour-
      honoring and paying tribute to special and out-
                                                               agency and public effort that will be required         age more immigration from nations that were
      standing children, and is produced by STB
                                                               to improve air quality. As the Air Pollution           not already sending large numbers to the
      Jewish Music Productions. The Guests of
                                                               Control Officer, Norm oversees a dedicated             United States. Unfortunately, the current for-
      Honor will be the Special and Outstanding
                                                               staff of 83 positions and an annual program            mat for this lottery program are subject to
      children, many of whom will perform with the                                                                    fraud and abuse and leave our nation exposed
      entertainers on stage. More than forty organi-           budget of $19 million.
                                                                  Norm was an instrumental force in devel-            to those who may seek to do harm on Amer-
      zations and schools serving the physically and                                                                  ican soil.
      mentally disabled children will be represented.          oping an innovative market-based incentive
                                                                                                                         Under this program, any applicant that ap-
          The Chazak Concert and the Moses and                 program to reduce regional mobile source
                                                                                                                      plies under the current setup for this program
      Aaron Foundation’s other programs dem-                   emissions. This program eventually became
                                                                                                                      may be chosen at random and given the sta-
      onstrate a caring and compassionate concern              the model for the very successful Mayor Pro-
                                                                                                                      tus of a permanent resident simply based
      for the quality and dignity of life of others and        gram that has been adopted throughout Cali-            upon luck. We already have a tragic example
      merit the appreciation of all those who have             fornia. Norm also played a crucial role in cre-        of the potential for danger with the story of
      benefited from its services.                             ating the Business Environmental Resource              Hesham Mohamed Ali Hedayet, the gunmen
          The Moses and Aaron Foundation was                   Center that helps regional small businesses            who killed two people at the Los Angeles
      founded in memory of Rabbi Dr. Maurice I.                understand and comply with air quality, haz-           International Airport in July of 2002. The in-
      Hecht and Aaron Kaploun, both of whom led                ardous materials and water quality regulations.        vestigation of this shooting revealed that the
      lives of exemplary community service. It is in           Throughout his career, Norm has dem-                   gunman had been in the U.S. illegally, but his
      this sentiment of communal dedication that the           onstrated a consistent ability to increase             wife won the visa lottery. This enabled the
      Moses and Aaron Foundation has devoted                   awareness of air quality issues. Therefore, it is      husband to apply for permanent status and re-
      itself to serving the needs of a unique group            no surprise that so many of Norm’s projects            main in the country to commit his crimes.
      in the community.                                        and ideas have gained national recognition                There are also a number of stories of fraud
          I urge my colleagues to join me in honoring          and replication.                                       and abuse that have been identified by the In-
      the Moses and Aaron Foundation, an organi-                  As a result of his sterling reputation in the       spector General of the State Department. Du-
      zation which exemplifies the generosity of spir-         field of air quality management, Norm has              plicate applications, identity fraud, and forged
      it in American society.                                  served in a number of important leadership             documents have been found to be common-
                       f                                       roles. Norm was the President of the Cali-             place in these reviews, leaving our national
                                                               fornia Environmental Health Association from           security at risk.
      TRIBUTE TO MR. NORM D. COVELL                            1977 to 1979. Norm served as the President                The current diversity visa program does a
                                                               of the California Air Pollution Control Officers       disservice to our immigration policy and to
               HON. ROBERT T. MATSUI                           Association from 1984 to 1986. From 1994 to            those immigrants who have moved through
                        OF CALIFORNIA                          1995, Norm was the President of the National           the more traditional process that allows them
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       Association of Local Air Pollution Control Offi-       to lawfully reside in this country. Combining
                                                               cials. Norm’s impressive resume is a testa-            this with the clear threats to our national secu-
                 Thursday, July 22, 2004                       ment to his status as one of California’s most         rity, it is imperative that we take steps to re-
        Mr. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I rise in tribute to          accomplished leaders in the field of air quality       form this dangerous program.
      Mr. Norm D. Covell, a man with a great career            management.                                               Legislation has been introduced that I have
      in public service. For the past four decades,               In his retirement, Norm can look forward to         cosponsored, H.R. 775, the Security and Fair-
      Norm has worked tirelessly to reduce air pollu-          spending more time with his family. Norm will          ness Enhancement for America Act, which

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00020   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.110   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1493
      would eliminate the visa lottery program. The            Polish Boy Scouts that messages between                were still fighting, having decided to wait until
      House Immigration Subcommittee has held a                fighting insurgents were spread, medications           those who were willing to sacrifice their lives
      hearing on the proposal, and we should con-              were delivered and symbols of independence             for Poland’s independence have perished.
      tinue efforts to move it promptly through the            were painted on walls of buildings to show the            On August 1, sixty years will have passed
      legislative process.                                     people—and the Nazis—that Poland was fight-            since the outbreak of the bloodiest battle in
                       f                                       ing and would not bow to the overwhelming              over 1000 years of Polish history and one of
                                                               force of German troops, tanks, airplanes and           the most heroic combats in the Second World
      DECLARING GENOCIDE IN DARFUR,                            artillery. Even German war correspondents              War. Rarely has the price of freedom and
                 SUDAN                                         noted that the intensity and difficulty of combat      independence been so high and the fate of
                                                               in Warsaw could only be compared to the                those who paid it so tragic. For fifteen years
                          SPEECH OF
                                                               street battles of Stalingrad, which greatly at-        now Poland has been a free country, a mem-
            HON. DONNA M. CHRISTENSEN                          tributed to the fall of the Germans on the east-       ber of NATO for five years and since May, a
                  OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS                        ern front. The United States recognized the            member of the European Union. Its successful
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       valiance of the Polish insurgents by officially        transition from an oppressive regime to a
                                                               proclaiming them military combatants on Au-            peaceful democracy proves the determination
                 Wednesday, July 21, 2004                      gust 30, 1944.                                         of Poles to be a free nation. Such courageous
         Mrs. CHRISTENSEN. Mr. Speaker, I rise                    Although a quarter million people died in the       events as the Warsaw Uprising show that it is
      today in strong support of H. Con. Res. 467,             Uprising and the city was leveled to the               freedom they deserve. They surely earned it.
      a bill that declares genocide in Darfur, Sudan           ground on Hitler’s orders, which showed the                             f
      and I commend its sponsor for introducing it.            world how high a price Poland was prepared
         Mr. Speaker, 10 years ago, genocide oc-               to pay for its freedom, the Poles did not gain         HONORING RICK HOYT UPON RE-
      curred in Rwanda. In a little over three                 full independence until 1989, 45 years after            TIREMENT FROM FAYETTEVILLE
      months, 800,000 people had died and 2 mil-               the Uprising’s end.                                     POLICE DEPARTMENT
      lion more had fled their homes while the U.S.               The Soviet dictator, Josef Stalin, had a vi-
      and other nations stood by and watched, later            sion of a communist Polish state with a vassal                    HON. JOHN BOOZMAN
      promising that it would never let such a crime           government long before the Warsaw Uprising                               OF ARKANSAS
      happen again.                                            started. During the conference in Teheran in                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Today, we have the opportunity to live up to          1943, Stalin managed to convince the United
      our promise. We have the opportunity to per-             Sates and Great Britain to shift Poland’s bor-                      Thursday, July 22, 2004
      form our role as a contracting party in the              ders west, thus reassuring his strong position            Mr. BOOZMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor
      United Nations Convention on the Prevention              and the authority to make practically unilateral       Fayetteville’s Chief of Police Rick Hoyt, who
      and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.                 decisions about the future of Central & East-          will be retiring from the department at the end
      We have the opportunity to prevent the con-              ern Europe. In July 1944, the Red Army was             of the month.
      tinuation of the brutal murders that have al-            within fifty kilometers from Poland’s capital,            A graduate of the Fayetteville school system
      ready taken place in Darfur, Sudan. 30,000 ci-           but though their primary objective was to              and the University of Arkansas, Rick joined his
      vilians have already been murdered, 130,000              crash the Wehrmacht, they did not mean to              hometown police force in 1976. His second
      more have fled to neighboring Chad, and                  liberate Poland, but to install a quasi-Polish         day on the job was almost his last as a drunk
      around 1,000,000 more have been forced into              government that had already been prepared in           driver hit him while he was directing traffic. He
      refugee camps.                                           Moscow to rule in compliance with Soviet prin-         was thrown 69 feet by the impact and spent
         If we do not act immediately, the death toll          ciples and under Stalin’s supervision. The             several weeks in a full body cast in the hos-
      will continue to rise. Estimates say that within         Home Army was seen as a perilous force, as             pital. Initially, nobody was sure whether or not
      the next several months, the death toll could            it sought independence, therefore the com-             he would survive. Rick surprised everyone
      rise to 300,000 people or more. We cannot                munist propaganda renounced the Home                   when he was back on the beat in less than 3
      stand by, watch, and once again promise that             Army led uprising as a ‘‘reckless and irrespon-        months, a testament to his strong spirit and
      we will never let such atrocities occur. We              sible adventure’’ to which the Soviet govern-          desire to serve the public.
      have the opportunity to support H. Con. Res.             ment could not lend its support. In fact, soon            His dedication to protecting and serving the
      467, thereby declaring genocide in Sudan and             after the collapse of the Uprising most of             people of Fayetteville led to a series of pro-
      urging the President to act immediately to al-           Home Army officers and many soldiers were              motions within the department. In 2002, he
      leviate this terrible situation.                         prosecuted and sentenced for treason. Iron-            was named Interim Police Chief while the city
         Mr. Speaker, we must act immediately. I ask           ically, had the home Army’s commanders de-             of Fayetteville conducted a nationwide search
      that we unite and support H. Con. Res. 467 to            cided not to rise against the occupant, they           to find a permanent chief. Within a matter of
      end the furtherance of these atrocious crimes            would no doubt have been accused of collabo-           months, that search was called off and Rick
      against humanity.                                        ration with the Nazis and of cowardice. Having         was given the job. As Mayor Dan Coody put
                       f                                       made the tragic decision to take arms against          it at the time, ‘‘We are so satisfied with Chief
                                                               the oppressor that not long before had con-            Hoyt that I don’t think we could have done any
      WARSAW UPRISING 60TH ANNIVER-                            trolled most of Europe, the leaders of the Up-         better.’’
       SARY COMMEMORATIVE SPEECH                               rising had every right to expect support from             For the next 2 years, Rick did a tremendous
                                                               their western allies. And they did receive it.         job leading the Fayetteville Police Department.
              HON. WILLIAM O. LIPINSKI                            Airplanes flew from Italy across half of Eu-        My constituents and I are extremely grateful
                         OF ILLINOIS                           rope delivering arms and other provisions to           for service over the 28 years that he worked
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       the insurgents, sustaining heavy casualties,           for the Fayetteville Police Department. I ask
                                                               but were not allowed to land on the Soviet             my colleagues to join with me today in thank-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      side of the front. Not until September 18,             ing Rick for his service and wishing him all the
         Mr. LIPINSKI. Mr. Speaker, on August 1,               1944, two and a half weeks before the col-             best as he enters into a new phase in his life.
      1944, the greatest armed uprising by under-              lapse of the Uprising, were over one hundred                            f
      ground Europe against the German occupant                B–17 American flying fortresses able to ap-
      began in Warsaw. The Warsaw Uprising                     pear above Warsaw to drop arms, medications            HONORING THE INTERNATIONAL
      lasted for 63 days and cost the lives of about           and other provisions and then land on the So-           RULE OF LAW CENTER AT THE
      250,000 people. These two months of heroic               viet side of the front. Unfortunately, it was al-       UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND
      combat serve as a symbol of courage, chiv-               ready too late, as the areas of Warsaw in the
      alry, the price of independence, but also of the         hands of the Home Army had significantly di-                          HON. ERIC CANTOR
      harsh reality of world politics.                         minished when compared with the first half of                            OF VIRGINIA
         The Uprising was started by the Polish un-            August, making it possible for the Poles to col-             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      derground Home Army, which at the beginning              lect less than one-third of the dropped cargo.
      of August had only about 20,000 poorly                      The Soviets entered eastern Warsaw lying                      Thursday, July 22, 2004
      equipped soldiers, but over time managed to              on the right bank of the Vistula River in the            Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      actively involve over 400,000 men, women                 middle of September, but did not move into             recognize Chairman BILL YOUNG and Chair-
      and children. It was largely thanks to young             the center of the city, where the insurgents           man JIM KOLBE for including the International

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00021   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.113   E22PT2
      E1494                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      Rule of Law Center at the University of Rich-            tions. He also indicated that Belarus would co-        vorite son.’’ I think those are two fitting names
      mond as a program that will be actively con-             operate with the OSCE and would allow inter-           for Bubba, but I also think there are many
      sidered by the U.S. Agency for International             national observers.                                    more that we could add to that list: husband,
      Development. This is an important step for-                 At a hearing the Europe Subcommittee held           father, grandfather, brother, athlete, patriot,
      ward in our effort to enhance fair and judicial          in March on Belarus, this Member mentioned             leader, believer, and always, great friend to
      systems internationally.                                 that Speaker DENNIS HASTERT and this Mem-              all.
         Today, one of the most pressing needs in              ber met with the leaders of the Belarus oppo-             Hilliard Judge ‘‘Bubba’’ Shands was born on
      emerging democracies is to educate leaders               sition, collectively known as the Coalition Five-      November 18, 1926 in Lufkin, Texas. He grew
      who administer justice in the traditions of due          Plus, to discuss the elections and their vision        up as a highly accomplished student-athlete,
      process, transparency, accountability, consist-          for a democratic future for Belarus. This group        first at Lufkin High School and then at the Uni-
      ency, and judicial independence. Only with an            of political parties has united in a common            versity of Texas.
      understanding of such values can leaders                 platform in an attempt to bring democracy and             Bubba began working in the banking indus-
      within a society go forward to create stable             respectability back to the Belarus Parliament.         try in 1958, and continued working in that in-
      and sustainable justice systems that are crit-           Unfortunately, members of the opposition polit-        dustry until 1991. He was a bank executive for
      ical to democracy.                                       ical parties and participants in political dem-        First Bank & Trust (formerly Republic Bank)
         With the aim of international stability in            onstrations continue to be subjected to in-            for many years, and he also served on the
      mind, it is in our national interest to foster a         creased harassment, surveillance by govern-            boards of several other financial institutions,
      crosscultural exchange and understanding of              ment agents, arrests, and physical abuse.              such as First Bank of Conroe, Angelina Sav-
      the importance of law. The International Rule               For these reasons, it is important that the         ings Bank, and Balcones Resources in Austin.
      of Law Center at the University of Richmond              United States Government, including this Con-             Bubba always realized the importance of
      will play a constructive role in accomplishing           gress, continue to emphatically express our            community service and was involved with
      this goal by supporting the education of future          strong support for free, fair and transparent          many volunteer and civic organizations
      judges in emerging democracies.                          elections and more definitive progress toward          throughout his life. He worked diligently to-
         The International Rule of Law Center will             establishing a functioning democracy in                wards the creation of Angelina County Airport
      educate approximately 20 foreign students in             Belarus.                                               and the Salvation Army’s Adult Day Center in
      a 1-year program that culminates with the stu-              In Europe, the situation in Belarus under-          Lufkin, and he was also deeply active in the
      dents earning a master of laws degree. The               standably seems to be of equal concern. The            movement to fund and create Angelina Col-
      program will include many practical field expe-          OSCE, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly                  lege. He served on the board of the United
      riences and trips, in addition to a curriculum           and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Coun-            Way of Angelina County, the Angelina College
      that focuses on judicial administration, con-            cil of Europe have all expressed deep con-             Board of Trustees, the Lufkin Rotary Club, and
      stitutional law, the theory of a sound and fair          cerns over Belarus and its forthcoming elec-           he was an active member of the First United
      system of justice, and elements of inter-                tions. In fact, this Member is informed that the       Methodist Church in Lufkin.
      national law.                                            Chair of the Belarus Working Group of the                 We pray for God’s comforting spirit to be
         Mr. Speaker, I applaud Chairman BILL                  OSCE PA recently visited Minsk for additional          with his wife, Ann; his sister, Mary; his daugh-
      YOUNG and Chairman JIM KOLBE for their ef-               discussions on the elections.                          ter Becky; his son, Jay; and his five grand-
      forts, and I look forward to working with them              Mr. Speaker, H. Res. 652 emphasizes that            children, Matt, Hill, Rob, Richie, Annie and
      in the future.                                           if Belarus is ever to become more integrated           Hunter.
                       f                                       into the community of democratic nations, it              Today, we honor the memory of a great
                                                               must work toward the establishment of a                East Texan, Hilliard Judge ‘‘Bubba’’ Shands,
      URGING     GOVERNMENT   OF                               genuinely democratic political system in which         and we ask that we may all celebrate and
       BELARUS TO ENSURE DEMO-                                 the freedom of association and assembly are            enjoy life the same way Bubba did for each of
       CRATIC,  TRANSPARENT, AND                               guaranteed. It also must be a fact that political      his 77 years on this Earth.
       FAIR ELECTION PROCESS                                   candidates from the opposition will be free                            f
                          SPEECH OF
                                                               from political harassment and intimidation as
                                                               they campaign for office and in which the                     THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF
                HON. DOUG BEREUTER                             media is free to act independently, free from                  COPPER CREEK RECORDS
                        OF NEBRASKA                            government control or intimidation. Finally
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       there must be a system in which elections and                     HON. BOB GOODLATTE
                 Wednesday, July 21, 2004                      the electoral process are open, transparent                              OF VIRGINIA
                                                               and fair if Belarus wishes to be included in the             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
         Mr. BEREUTER. Mr. Speaker, this Member                community of democratic nations.
      rises in support of H. Res. 652, which calls on                                                                             Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                                  The parliamentary elections this fall will be
      the government of Belarus to ensure that Par-            a litmus test for President Lukashenko’s com-             Mr. GOODLATTE. Mr. Speaker, it is with
      liamentary elections which will take place in            mitment to democracy and the direction he in-          great pleasure that I recognize the 25th Anni-
      Belarus in October of this year are democratic,          tends to take Belarus in the future.                   versary of Copper Creek Records. Copper
      transparent and fair.                                       In closing, Mr. Speaker, H. Res. 652 rather         Creek Records was formed in October of 1978
         Thirteen years after the fall of communism,           precisely explains the concerns and rec-               when recordings were made to introduce an
      Belarus remains one of the few nations in Eu-            ommendations of the United States House of             up-and-coming bluegrass band known as the
      rope where the transition to democracy has               Representatives.                                       Johnson Mountain Boys, a group that went on
      not taken sufficient root.                                  I urge the adoption of the resolution.              to become festival and concert headliners as
         The current political leadership continues to                           f
                                                                                                                      well as pioneers in the resurgence of tradi-
      rule in an authoritarian manner and its govern-                                                                 tional forms of bluegrass music.
      ment continues to crack down on those indi-                   REMEMBERING H.J. ‘‘BUBBA’’                           Early in the label’s career, documenting the
      viduals and organizations who are trying to                         SHANDS, JR.                                 history of bluegrass and old-time music was of
      help build support for democracy and demo-                                                                      paramount importance. The company docu-
      cratic institutions.                                                     HON. JIM TURNER                        mented such events as live concerts, field re-
         Unlike the situation in Ukraine, the govern-                               OF TEXAS                          cordings, and vintage radio shows by leg-
      ment in Belarus has thus far not given any                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    endary artists such as the Stanley Brothers
      clear indication that it is committed to free and                                                               and the Carter Family, as well as Reno &
      fair elections. However, in a recent meeting                        Thursday, July 22, 2004                     Smiley. A number of these releases were cited
      with the Ambassador from Belarus, this Mem-                 Mr. TURNER of Texas. Mr. Speaker, on                by the Library of Congress for their packaging,
      ber was led to believe that the government’s             June 19, 2004, the City of Lufkin and the state        content, and historical value.
      position on the elections could be positive.             of Texas lost a friend with the passing of                Coupled with historic preservation, Copper
      The Ambassador gave assurances that the                  ‘‘Bubba’’ Shands, Jr. Bubba was an invaluable          Creek has been active in developing new, up-
      government would enforce the election codes              member of the community in Lufkin for many             and-coming talent as well as providing an out-
      and would allow all political parties to have            years, and he will be sorely missed.                   let to musically deserving artists who fly just
      representatives on the electoral commissions                The Lufkin Daily News recently called               under the ‘‘mainstream radar.’’ Most recently,
      which oversee the implementation of the elec-            Bubba a ‘‘a Lufkin icon’’ and ‘‘East Texas’ fa-        the label has been active in licensing vintage

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00022   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.118   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E1495
      country, old-time, and bluegrass recordings for              TRIBUTE TO GORDON AND MARY                           en that the presence of fire sprinklers signifi-
      the major labels.                                                      ELWELL                                     cantly improves the chances of survival for
         Over the years, the label has released near-                                                                   older adults during a fire, the GAO reports that
      ly 200 different recorded projects. In addition                           HON. KEN CALVERT                        20 to 30 percent of the approximately 17,000
                                                                                   OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                        nursing homes nationwide do not have an
      to producing CDs for release on Copper                                                                            automatic fire sprinkler system. While some
      Creek, the label has been active in producing                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                        states have already taken action to ensure
      historical reissues for other groups and labels                      Thursday, July 22, 2004                      that their nursing homes are equipped with
      that have ties to the Commonwealth of Vir-                   Mr. CALVERT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            sprinklers, far too many lack such life saving
      ginia.                                                   celebrate a recent achievement of two people             and common sense requirements.
         By sharing the history of bluegrass and vin-          who, in celebrating their 50th year of marriage,             Today, even after last year’s fires, there is
      tage music and remaining active in current               have provided an inspiring example to all                no comprehensive federal standard for the in-
      musical styles, Copper Creek Records has en-             Americans. On June 5, 1954 at Holy Family                clusion of sprinklers in the nation’s nursing
                                                               Church, South Buffalo, New York sweethearts              homes. While the Center for Medicare and
      riched our nation’s cultural and historic under-
                                                               Gordon Elwell married Mary Mattimore. With               Medicaid Services last year adopted the 2000
      standing. Again, congratulations to Copper
                                                               not much more at the beginning to call their             edition National Fire Protection Association’s
      Creek Records on their 25th year.                                                                                 Life Safety Code, which required that new and
                                                               own except their marriage, their faith and vast
                                                               opportunities afforded by this great country,            renovated nursing homes be equipped with
                       f                                                                                                sprinklers, this new policy did not address the
                                                               Gordon and Mary have come a long way in
                                                               the 50 years of marriage.                                lack of sprinklers in already existing older
      ANTONIO CHAVEZ HONORED FOR                                                                                        homes. As a result, thousands of homes are
       30 YEARS OF SERVICE TO THE                                  Gordon became a respected house builder
                                                               in the Buffalo, New York area. Mary ran the              allowed to operate ‘‘up to code,’’ yet lacking a
       COMMUNITY                                                                                                        life saving sprinkler system.
                                                               household and tirelessly provided a loving and
                                                                                                                            Last week the GAO released a study on
                                                               nurturing home environment for her husband
                                                                                                                        nursing home fire safety which concluded that
                  HON. ZOE LOFGREN                             and eight children. Throughout their incredible
                                                                                                                        ‘‘the substantial loss of life in the Hartford and
                                                               life together, Gordon and Mary have dedicated
                        OF CALIFORNIA                                                                                   Nashville fires could have been reduced or
                                                               their lives to each other, their and children and
                                                                                                                        eliminated by the presence of properly func-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       grandchildren. To date they have been
                                                                                                                        tioning automatic sprinkler systems.’’ The re-
                                                               blessed with twelve grandchildren to spoil as
                 Thursday, July 22, 2004                                                                                port also found that ‘‘federal oversight of nurs-
                                                               only grandparents can.
                                                                                                                        ing home compliance with fire safety stand-
                                                                   In a society with one of the highest divorce
        Ms. LOFGREN. Mr. Speaker, I rise to rec-                                                                        ards is inadequate,’’ and has led to incon-
                                                               rates in the world, Gordon and Mary have pro-
      ognize the achievements of Antonio Chavez                                                                         sistent monitoring of fire safety standards, in-
                                                               vided their children and grandchildren with a
      and would like to recognize his extraordinary                                                                     complete data on sprinkler coverage, and an
                                                               shining example of a successful marriage. It is
      and tireless service to our community.                                                                            alarming gap in nursing home fire protection.
                                                               all about hard work, a sense of humor and
                                                                                                                        Above all, the report underscored the need for
         His first job with the County was in the Pub-         yes, a love that will not quit. Gordon and Mary
                                                                                                                        immediate action.
      lic Guardian’s Office in 1974. Later, he was             have been truly blessed by the first 50 years               To this end, I have introduced the Nursing
      hired by Tom Guerin to work in Personnel’s               of this magical marriage, and here’s hoping              Home Fire Safety Act to eliminate the threat of
      Affirmative Action Unit, and then worked in the          that the best is yet to come. On behalf of my            fire for the 1.6 million elderly and disabled
      Recruitment and Examining Unit as an Ana-                colleagues, let me join the many friends and             Americans living in nursing homes. Under this
      lyst. Antonio moved on in 1978 when he heard             admirers in wishing Gordon and Mary, and                 bill, all nursing homes participating in Medi-
      his true calling—job placement at Social Serv-           their family, all good fortune during the next 50        care and Medicaid would be required to be
      ices. During his 15 years with JTPA, he fo-              years.                                                   fully equipped with automatic fire sprinklers
      cused on job development. In 1993 a new ad-                                  f                                    within 5 years. With 97 percent of all nursing
      venture began with the Gain Program, which                   WHEN ‘‘UP TO CODE’’ JUST ISN’T                       homes participating in these programs, this bill
      later became CalWORKs. Later, at 1888                                   ENOUGH                                    would protect the greatest number of Ameri-
      Senter Road Employment Connection, he                                                                             cans possible.
      earned the title, ‘‘Mr. Job Placement.’’                                                                             This bill also addresses what is generally
                                                                           HON. JOHN B. LARSON                          seen as the biggest hurdle to installing sprin-
         Throughout much of the time when he                                      OF CONNECTICUT                        klers—the cost. Under my bill, any nursing
      worked with GAIN/CalWORKs, he also held                       IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     home that has to pay to install sprinklers to
      another position in the community for which he                                                                    meet this new requirement would be fully re-
                                                                           Thursday, July 22, 2004
      selflessly devoted long hours for many years:                                                                     imbursed through either Medicare or Medicaid.
      President of the Personnel Management Asso-                 Mr. LARSON of Connecticut. Mr. Speaker,               These reimbursements would be for the total
      ciation of Aztlan (PMMA, now known as                    last year we saw an alarming increase in the             cost of installing a sprinkler system, and would
      CHISPPA). This non-profit organization was               number of fire related deaths in nursing                 in no way impact any payment, service or pro-
      truly a benefit to the Latino community, pro-            homes. Fires at nursing homes in Hartford, CT            gram already offered through either program.
      viding many professional development work-               and Nashville, TN claimed the lives of 31 resi-             Although the 108th Congress is winding to
      shops for job seekers and scholarships for col-          dents, many of whom were elderly or bed-                 a close, I feel it is important to introduce this
                                                               ridden.                                                  bill now and take this crucial first step to begin
      lege students.
                                                                  In both cases, these buildings were consid-           a long delayed dialogue on nursing home fire
         That organization also developed a                    ered ‘‘up to code,’’ in that they met all fire           safety. Many groups have been looking at this
      mentorship/internship program that helped                codes and regulations applicable to their age            problem for over a year now, and will all un-
      many college students and graduates gain val-            and construction. These codes exempted both              doubtedly have different ideas on an ideal so-
      uable experience and employment. Under An-               buildings from laws requiring them to be                 lution. In light of the new information put for-
      tonio’s leadership, PMMA also played a major             equipped with sprinklers because they were               ward in the GAO report, I look forward to
      role in the planning and implementation of               considered too old, and too costly, to retrofit.         working with them to improve this legislation
      many of Jobs America’s Diversity Job Fairs.              Most in the nursing home industry say this is            and to find the best way to ensure that our
         Antonio Chavez has devoted his life to en-            an economic decision, that homes simply can-             nursing homes have the safety equipment
      rich and advance his community, and his con-             not afford the cost of retrofitting their facilities     they need to keep their residents safe from
                                                               with sprinkler systems. The people of Hartford           fire.
      tribution deserves to be honored to serve as
                                                               and Nashville, however, would say that this                 Mr. Speaker, the federal government has
      an inspiration a new generation of San Jose
                                                               gap in fire protection is too high a cost where          turned a blind eye to this problem for far too
                                                               the safety of their loved ones is concerned.             long. ‘‘Up to code’’ is simply not enough when
        I want to thank Antonio Chavez for his many               With reduced mobility and heath related im-           it comes to protecting the lives of our nation’s
      years of service to our community and wish               pairments, the nursing home population is sig-           nursing home population. The fires in Hartford
      him nothing but the best in this next phase of           nificantly more vulnerable in fire related emer-         and Nashville demonstrate the terrible and un-
      his life.                                                gencies. Although it has been repeatedly prov-           acceptable consequences of allowing nursing

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000    Frm 00023    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.122   E22PT2
      E1496                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      homes to continue to lack vital life saving              people, the awards and acknowledgments will            experience as a child with celiac disease and
      safety equipment. It is time for Congress to             continue to come. Some may be from an                  to get legislation passed making it easier for
      take action to protect our nation’s most frail           Olympic Committee, or an Olympian here or              her to eat safely. She shared letters that she
      and vulnerable, and prevent similar tragedies            there, but hundreds will come from dads like           had received from food companies in re-
      in the future.                                           me. We know, Coach Hatch, what you have                sponse to her requests for lists of products
         I urge my colleagues to join me in helping            given of yourself to help mold our children into       she could eat. The response letters were tell-
      to make nursing homes in their districts, and            principled and committed young adults.                 ing. Some gave her examples of gluten-free
      around the country, safe from the threat of                 Although it can’t be found or put on a shelf,       foods and others said that it was just too hard
      fire.                                                    I hope you take pride in hearing all us dads           for them to break down their ingredients.
                       f                                       say, ‘‘Thanks Coach’’.                                    After Abby came in to my office, I imme-
                                                                  For those who don’t know Coach Hatch, it            diately cosponsored the bill, and commis-
      A     SALUTE TO COACH GAYLE                              is worth noting that he has been active as a           sioned a certificate for Abby making her an
          HATCH AND HIS SELECTION AS                           weightlifting and strength coach for more than         honorary Legislative Assistant for her work to
          COACH OF THE U.S. OLYMPIC                            30 years, and the Gayle Hatch Weightlifting            pass this bill into law.
          WEIGHTLIFTING TEAM                                   Team has won more than 40 men’s Junior,                   Abby’s story is so touching and compelling.
                                                               Senior, and Masters national championships.            At a birthday party she recently attended, they
               HON. RICHARD H. BAKER                           Coach Hatch is a member of the USA                     served pizza and cake and all of the children
                        OF LOUISIANA                           Weightlifting Hall of Fame, the National Master        were given an assortment of goodies as party
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Weightlifting Hall of Fame and the USA                 favors. She has a hard time in situations like
                    Thursday, July 22, 2004                    Strength and Conditioning Coaches Hall of              that because while the other kids can eat the
                                                               Fame. He holds USA Weightlifting’s highest             food, she has to just watch. Her parents do a
         Mr. BAKER. Mr. Speaker, as many in this
                                                               certificate ranking, Senior U.S. International         fantastic job working around the problem. At
      chamber now know, Coach Gayle Hatch of
                                                               Coach, and is the director of USA                      the party they had her bring her own gluten-
      Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will be the coach of
                                                               Weightlifting’s Southern Regional Training             free pizza. It seemed reasonable to me that if
      the U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Team at the
                                                               Center.                                                manufacturers are going to sell products that
      2004 Summer Olympiad in Athens, Greece.
         I can think of no one associated with coach-                            f                                    have serious adverse health effects for a large
      ing, even at the highest levels, more deserving                                                                 number of consumers, the least they can do is
                                                               IN RECOGNITION OF THE 105TH AN-                        disclose those ingredients.
      of Olympic recognition. The Olympics is the                NIVERSARY OF THE NATIONAL                               The Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer
      venue where the best of our world’s athletes               COURT REPORTERS ASSOCIATION                          Protection Act will make it easier for people
      compete and pursue the ideals of sportsman-
                                                                                                                      with food allergies to more easily identify a
         Hard work, hard work, and hard work are                       HON. MICHAEL K. SIMPSON                        product’s ingredients. By requiring food labels
      three of the most important elements of prepa-                                OF IDAHO                          to list what, if any, of the eight major food al-
      ration. Talent is certainly important, but com-               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   lergens are contained in a product, the bill will
      mitment to principle is essential. There is no                      Thursday, July 22, 2004                     protect people with food allergies from the risk
      other challenge to an athlete that holds out the                                                                of dangerous and even life-threatening reac-
                                                                  Mr. SIMPSON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to           tions.
      highest standards of conduct, as the minimum             honor America’s stenographic court reporters              The bill will also help the estimated three
      standard for admission. This makes participa-            and captioners as they celebrate the 105th an-         million Americans who suffer from celiac dis-
      tion in the Olympics a rare honor. To be se-             niversary of their association.                        ease, an autoimmune disease that’s triggered
      lected as a coach of such competitors is even               For centuries, scribes have captured the            by the consumption of gluten. The legislation
      more special.                                            spoken word to record major and everyday               instructs the Department of Health and Human
         It is likely that most in the House who listen        events in recorded history. Shorthand report-          Services to define what constitutes ‘‘gluten-
      to this text would assume it is written as a             ers were vital to the preservation of our Na-          free’’ food and how the term should be used
      casual political statement to acknowledge                tion’s founding documents, including the Dec-          on food labels. For those who suffer from ce-
      Coach Hatch’s recent success. Few would                  laration of Independence and the Bill of               liac disease, like Abby Giarrosso, accurate
      know of our long-standing friendship.                    Rights. We use them every day in Congress
         It was well over 20 years ago when I first                                                                   and easy to read food ingredient labels are
                                                               to record the proceedings of our body.                 critical to their health and well-being.
      brought my son Brandon to Coach Hatch’s                     They also provide a valuable service in                I urge my colleagues to join me in sup-
      training facility. I thought well enough of him          reaching the hearing-impaired by providing             porting this important legislation.
      then to trust his guidance with my own son.              broadcast captioning through Communication
      To the exclusion of all other sports, Brandon                                                                                   f
                                                               Access Realtime Translation (CART). This
      trained with a commitment I have not seen be-            service benefits millions of Americans every           PROTECTING RAILROAD OPERA-
      fore. Today my son is a hard working and dis-            day.                                                    TORS, TRAVELERS, EMPLOYEES,
      ciplined person, in large measure due to the                Mr. Speaker, I join with other Members of            AND COMMUNITIES WITH TRANS-
      principles instilled in Coach Hatch’s gym.               Congress in honoring and celebrating the ef-            PORTATION SECURITY ACT OF
         I also know the same is true for many men             forts of all stenographic court reporters and           2004
      and women who have been part of the                      captioners on July 30, 2004, as they celebrate
      ‘‘Hatch’’ family. Whether in sports or other en-         the 105th anniversary of their association.                     HON. JAMES L. OBERSTAR
      deavors, graduates of the ‘‘Hatch School of
                                                                                 f                                                     OF MINNESOTA
      Hard Work’’ always found ways to succeed in                                                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      life. This is why I rise today to speak to my                FOOD ALLERGEN LABELING AND
      colleagues in the House.                                      CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT                                        Thursday, July 22, 2004
         Coach Hatch’s contribution to the Baton                                                                         Mr. OBERSTAR. Mr. Speaker, today my
      Rouge and sporting community goes far be-                         HON. MARTIN T. MEEHAN                         colleagues, Congresswoman BROWN, the
      yond helping a talented young athlete finish in                          OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                                                                                                      Ranking Democratic Member of the Railroad
      first place. Coach Hatch’s work, by instilling                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                      Subcommittee of the Committee on Transpor-
      principles of decency into young people, is of                                                                  tation and Infrastructure, Congressmen LIPIN-
      immeasurable value.                                                 Thursday, July 22, 2004                     SKI,    DEFAZIO,      CUMMINGS,    BLUMENAUER,
         The Olympic Committee has selected                       Mr. MEEHAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in            LARSEN, and MEEHAN, join me in introducing
      Coach Hatch to lead young Americans in the               strong support of the Food Allergen Labeling           H.R. lll’s, the ‘‘Protecting Railroad Opera-
      most difficult athletic challenge they will likely       and Consumer Protection Act. I would like to           tors, Travelers, Employees, and Communities
      ever face. This is a big deal. But I know that           thank Representative NITA LOWEY for her lead-          with Transportation Security Act of 2004,’’
      our team members will bring honor to Amer-               ership on this issue, and I would also like to         PROTECTS Act.
      ica, because of their principled conduct which           thank Abby Giarrosso of Methuen, Massachu-                On March 11, 2004, a coordinated terrorist
      Coach Hatch will require. Their athletic suc-            setts for bringing this important bill to my at-       attack against the commuter train system of
      cess will only be an additional reward.                  tention.                                               Madrid, Spain, killed 191 people and wounded
         Long after Coach Hatch returns home from                 Abby and her family request a meeting with          more than 1,800 others, making it the dead-
      Athens, returning I hope, to coach more young            my office because Abby wanted to share her             liest terrorist attack against European civilians

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00024   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.126   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E1497
      since 1988. The attacks consisted of a series            funding is critical as Amtrak shuttles 66,000          However, NFPA representatives reported that
      of ten explosions that occurred onboard four             passengers every day, two-thirds of them               the minimum level of training for first respond-
      commuter trains.                                         through the targeted Northeast corridor. Ter-          ers should actually be at the operations level,
         If we learned one thing about terrorists from         rorist attacks on crowded stations and on key          the second highest level of training described
      the Madrid attack, it is that they stick to what         elements of the infrastructure are a particular        in NFPA Standard 472, which trains respond-
      they know. Since 2000, bombs have been det-              cause for concern.                                     ers to plan and initiate a response to the inci-
      onated or defused on railways in India, Rus-                A total of $50 million is authorized for the        dent. The PROTECTS Act does just that, but
      sia, the Philippines, the Czech Republic,                Secretary of Transportation to create a re-            it doesn’t stop there.
      South Africa, Israel, and Germany. In France,            search and development program to improve                 GAO found that while local communities
      a group calling itself AZF claims it has hidden          freight and intercity passenger rail security.         have most of the equipment needed to re-
      10 bombs around the country in order to extort           Funding is also provided for a vulnerability as-       spond to hazardous material incidents, some
      $5 million from the French government. The               sessment of freight and passenger rail trans-          locations lacked essential equipment, such as
      group demonstrated its credibility by sug-               portation and a study and pilot program on             detectors, decontamination equipment, and
      gesting investigators dig under a rail line; they        passenger, baggage, and cargo screening.               personal protective gear. My bill addresses
      found a small bomb powerful enough to derail                Moreover, the PROTECTS Act focuses on               this need. It authorizes the Secretary of Trans-
      a train.                                                 something other bills ignore: the importance of        portation to make grants to State and local
         Terrorist threats against trains in the United        ensuring that key workers have the necessary           governments, as well as nonprofit employee
      States are also increasing. Just last week, a            support and training required to protect our rail      organizations representing emergency re-
      Seattle man who was aboard a cross-country               system, whether those workers are railroad             sponders, for advanced firefighter turnout
      Amtrak train was charged with telephoning                employees or emergency responders.                     gear.
      bomb threats against the train as it passed                 Rail workers are truly the eyes and ears of
                                                               the rail industry. They greet passengers, sell            The PROTECTS Act also ensures that
      through Wisconsin. In May 2003, Lyman Faris,
                                                               tickets, operate trains, maintain track and sig-       emergency responders know the types and
      a truck driver from Ohio who pleaded guilty to
                                                               nal systems, dispatch trains, operate bridges,         quantities of hazardous materials stored in
      providing material support to al-Qaeda, told in-
                                                               and repair rail cars. They are in the most di-         transit in their communities to aid in emer-
      vestigators that the organization wanted to de-
                                                               rect position to spot security risks and poten-        gency response planning and to ensure that,
      rail a train near Washington, D.C. Other intel-
                                                               tial threats. The PROTECTS Act requires rail           once again, the local emergency responders
      ligence sources report that al-Qaeda
                                                               carriers to provide security training to these         have the proper training and equipment to re-
      operatives have targeted the Washington rail
                                                               workers to ensure that they are prepared to            spond to incidents involving dangerous mate-
      corridor and that some have discussed ex-
                                                               recognize and react to potential threat condi-         rials.
      ploding a train near storage tanks containing
      hazardous chemicals.                                     tions. Moreover, the bill strengthens whistle-            Winston Churchill, in his first statement as
         Recent news articles report that, due to in-          blower protections to ensure that workers who          Prime Minister to the House of Commons,
      creased security threats, New York and New               report or identify a security risk will not face       said ‘‘without victory there is no survival,’’ in-
      Jersey have put together an ‘‘unprecedented’’            retribution or retaliation from their employers.       cluding, as he noted, ‘‘victory in spite of all ter-
      rail security plan for the Republican Conven-            These protections are similar to the whistle-          ror.’’
      tion, which includes conducting inspections on           blower protections provided to airline employ-            The PROTECTS Act is a necessary step to
      platforms, boosting canine units, locking rest-          ees, except that this would allow a                    ensuring that end.
      rooms, and banning overhead luggage.                     wlhistleblower to bring an action in the appro-           A detailed summary of the bill’s provisions is
         With ever-increasing threats, our Nation’s            priate district court if the Secretary of Labor        attached.
      rail system is at great risk. Accordingly, the           fails to issue a final decision within 180 days
                                                               of the filing of a complaint. A rail worker            THE PROTECTING RAILROAD OPERATORS,
      Federal Government needs a permanent rail                                                                        TRAVELERS, EMPLOYEES, AND COMMUNITIES
      security plan that assures the safety and secu-          should not have to choose between doing the             WITH TRANSPORTATION SECURITY ACT OF
      rity of all rail passengers.                             right thing on security and his or her job. De-         2004—THE PROTECTS ACT
         The fact is that the Federal Government is            spite whistleblower protections in current law,
                                                                                                                        On March 11, 2004, a coordinated terrorist
      spending $4.4 billion this year on aviation se-          employees still experience employer harass-
                                                                                                                      attack against the commuter train system of
      curity, but it’s spending only $65 million on rail       ment and intimidation when reporting acci-             Madrid, Spain, killed 191 people and wounded
      security, even though five times as many peo-            dents, injuries, and other safety concerns.            more than 1,800 others, making it the dead-
      ple take trains as planes every day. The                    When I began reviewing the issue of rail se-        liest terrorist attack against European civil-
      freight railroads have adopted some security             curity, I sent a letter, along with Congressmen        ians since 1988. The attacks consisted of a se-
      measures and Amtrak has added police and                 HENRY WAXMAN and ELIJAH CUMMINGS, to the               ries of ten explosions that occurred onboard
      dog units and removed large fixtures, such as            Government Accountability Office, GAO, re-             four commuter trains.
      garbage receptacles and vending machines,                questing a review of ten communities to see              Bombings on trains are nothing new for
      from their platforms, but the railroads can’t do         whether they are prepared to respond to rail           terrorists. Our Nation’s rail transportation
                                                               incidents involving hazardous materials,               network has also been targeted. Lyman
      the job themselves.                                                                                             Faxis, a truck driver from Ohio who pleaded
         The PROTECTS Act ensures that the Fed-                whether accidental or intentional. Accidents in
                                                                                                                      guilty last May to providing material sup-
      eral Government will do its part to take the             urban areas, such as the 2001 incident in the          port to al-Qaeda, told investigators that the
      necessary steps to address security risks on             Howard Street Tunnel in Baltimore, Maryland,           organization wanted to derail a train near
      our Nation’s railroads, while protecting rail            involving a fire fueled by hazardous materials,        Washington, DC. Other intelligence sources
      passengers, rail workers, and citizens who live          and a leak in hydrocholric acid from a parked          report that al-Qaeda operatives have tar-
      or work in the communities in which railroads            tank car in an urban area in Lowell, Massa-            geted the Washington rail corridor and that
      operate.                                                 chusetts, have called attention to the safety of       some had discussed exploding a train near
                                                               hazardous materials shipped by rail.                   storage tanks containing hazardous chemi-
         The bill authorizes over $1 billion to safe-                                                                 cals. Then, last Friday, a Seattle man who
      guard our Nation’s rail network from terrorist              GAO found that many emergency respond-              was aboard a cross-country Amtrak train
      threats. $500 million is authorized for grants to        ers were not properly trained to respond to in-        was charged with telephoning bomb threats
      State and local governments, railroad carriers,          cidents involving hazardous materials and ra-          against the train as it passed through Wis-
      rail labor, and others for the full or partial reim-     dioactive waste. Local fire department officials       consin on Tuesday.
      bursement of costs incurred in preventing or             that GAO visited in all ten communities con-             The Federal Government is spending $4.4
      responding to terrorist activities or other inter-       firmed that fire department personnel have re-         billion this year on aviation security, and
      city passenger rail and freight rail security            ceived the awareness-level training, the lowest        spending only $65 million on rail security,
      threats.                                                 level of training recommended in National Fire         even though five times as many people take
         A total of $597 million is authorized for Am-         Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 472,            trains as planes every day. While the freight
                                                                                                                      railroads have adopted some security meas-
      trak to make fire and life-safety improvements           Professional Competence of Responders to               ures and Amtrak has added police and dog
      to tunnels on the Northeast Corridor in New              Hazardous Materials Incidents, which provides          units and removed large, fixtures from their
      York, New York, Baltimore, Maryland, and                 first responders with the knowledge and skills         platforms, such as trashcans and vending
      Washington, DC. $65 million is authorized for            to identify a hazardous materials incident and         machines, the railroads can’t do the job
      system-wide Amtrak security upgrades. This               to contact the appropriate response resource.          themselves.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00025   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.131   E22PT2
      E1498                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
        The PROTECTS Act of 2004 ensures that                  east Corridor in New York, NY, Baltimore,              Class 2.3 gases, Class 6.1 materials, anhy-
      the Federal Government will take the nec-                MD, and Washington, DC. A total of $597 mil-           drous ammonia, and Class 7 radioactive ma-
      essary steps to address certain security risks           lion is authorized for this program.                   terials.
      on our rail transportation network, while                  Rail Security Research and Development.
      protecting the safety and security of trav-              Allows the Secretary of Transportation, in
      elers, employees, and communities. The bill,             consultation with the Secretary of Homeland            HONORING THE COUNTRY OF JA-
      among other things, authorizes $500 million              Security, to establish a research and devel-            MAICA ON THE OCCASION OF ITS
      to be appropriated for freight and passenger             opment program to improve freight and
                                                               intercity passenger rail security. The bill au-
                                                                                                                       42ND INDEPENDENCE DAY
      rail security improvements, a total of $597
      million for Amtrak’s fire and life-safety im-            thorizes $50 million in each of fiscal years
      provements, $65 million for system-wide Am-              2005 and 2006 for this program.                                 HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL
      trak security upgrades, and a total of $100                Rail Worker Security Training Program.
                                                                                                                                        OF NEW YORK
      million for rail research and development.               Requires the Secretary of Transportation to
                                                               develop guidance for a security training pro-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
        Vulnerability Assessment. Requires the
      Secretary of Transportation, in consultation             gram to prepare rail workers for potential                          Thursday, July 22, 2004
      with the Secretary of Homeland Security, to              threat conditions. Railroad carriers would be
      complete a vulnerability assessment of                   required to develop the program in accord-                Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      freight and passenger rail transportation, de-           ance with the guidance and submit it to the            recognize the country of Jamaica and to cele-
      velop recommendations for improving rail                 Secretary for approval. Once the program is            brate the 42nd anniversary of its Independ-
      security, and finalize a plan for the Federal            approved, the railroad carriers would have             ence.
      Government to provide increased security                 180 days to complete the training.                        The history and traditions of the Jamaican
      support during high or .severe threat levels               Whistleblower Protections. Strengthens
                                                               whistleblower protections to ensure that no
                                                                                                                      people are knitted tightly within America’s cul-
      of alert. The bill includes a reporting re-                                                                     tural fabric. Jamaica’s influence is particularly
      quirement to the House Committee on                      employee or other person may be harassed,
                                                               prosecuted, held liable, or discriminated              apparent in Black and Brown communities
      Transportation and Infrastructure and the
      Senate Committee on Commerce, Science,                   against in any way for commencing, testi-              throughout the United States, where the
      and Transportation. The bill authorizes $5               fying, assisting, or participating in a pro-           sounds, smells, tastes, and mores of Jamaica
      million in fiscal year 2005 for this initiative.         ceeding or any other action to enhance rail            have found a second home. From Brooklyn to
        Memorandum of Agreement. Requires the                  security, or for refusing to violate or assist         Baltimore to the Bay Area, Jamaicans and Ja-
      Secretary of Transportation and the Sec-                 in violating any law, rule, or regulation, re-
                                                                                                                      maican-Americans have made their mark as
      retary of Homeland Security to execute a                 lated to rail security. The bill would also
                                                               allow claimants to bring an action in the ap-          successful, knowledgeable, and hard-working
      memorandum of agreement governing the                                                                           ambassadors of both a vibrant culture and an
      roles and responsibilities of the Department             propriate district court if the Secretary of
                                                               Labor has not issued a final decision within           impassioned commitment to social change.
      of Transportation and the Department of
      Homeland Security in addressing rail secu-               180 days of the filing of a complaint, and                The Jamaican spirit is vibrantly shown by
      rity.                                                    there is no showing that the delay is due to           the two men who perhaps did the most to set
        Study of Foreign Rail Transport Security               the bad faith of the claimant.                         the country on a path towards independence.
      Programs. Requires the Comptroller General                 Systemwide Amtrak Security Upgrades.                 Following the 1938 labor unrest, William Alex-
      to conduct a study of rail passenger trans-              Authorizes the Secretary of Transportation
                                                               to make grants to Amtrak to secure tunnels,            ander Bustamante, founder of the Jamaican
      portation security programs in Japan, the                                                                       Trade Workers and Tradesmen Union JTWTU
      European Union, and other foreign countries.             Amtrak trains, and Amtrak stations; to ob-
                                                               tain a watch list identification system; to            3 years earlier, captured the hearts and minds
      The results of the study must be submitted
      to the House Committee on Transportation                 obtain train tracking and interoperable com-           of workers made furious by British indifference
      and Infrastructure and the Senate Com-                   munications systems; to hire additional po-            and oppression. Bustamante emerged from
      mittee on Commerce, Science, and Transpor-               lice and security officers, including canine           the strikes as the leading spokesperson for
      tation, along with the Comptroller General’s             units; and to expand emergency preparedness            working class interests in Jamaica. By
      assessment of whether the United States can              efforts. The bill authorizes $65 million in fis-
                                                               cal year 2005 for this program.
                                                                                                                      leveraging the power of the JTWTU to create
      implement the same or similar security                                                                          the Bustamante Industrial Trade Unions,
                                                                 Public Awareness. Requires the Secretary
      measures as those which are determined ef-                                                                      Bustamante formally inaugurated Jamaica’s
                                                               of Transportation, in coordination with the
      fective under this study.
        Rail Police Officers. Allows rail police offi-
                                                               Secretary of Homeland Security, to develop             worker’s movement, which was the primary
                                                               a national plan to increase awareness of               piston in the engine of Jamaica’s independ-
      cers who are employed by a particular rail
                                                               measures that the general public, pas-                 ence campaign.
      carrier to enforce the laws of a jurisdiction
                                                               sengers, and employees can take to increase
      in which any rail carrier owns property.                                                                           While Bustamante organized the masses in
        Review of Rail Regulations. Requires the               rail security.
                                                                 Passenger, Baggage, and Cargo Screening.             the streets, Norman W. Manley, an Oxford-
      Department of Transportation, to review ex-                                                                     trained lawyer, Rhodes scholar, and humanist
                                                               Requires the Secretary of Transportation, in
      isting rail regulations for the purpose of                                                                      intellectual, laid the groundwork for the theory
                                                               consultation with the Under Secretary of
      identifying areas in which those regulations
                                                               Homeland Security for Border and Transpor-             behind the independence movement’s action.
      need to be revised to improve rail security.             tation Security to analyze the cost and feasi-
      Not later than 1 year after the date of enact-                                                                  On September 18, 1938 Manley inaugurated
                                                               bility of requiring security screening of pas-         the People’s National Party PNP, which was
      ment of the Act, the Inspector General must              sengers, baggage, and cargo on passenger
      send a report to the House Committee on                  trains. The bill also requires the Secretary of
                                                                                                                      guided by the principles of equality of oppor-
      Transportation and Infrastructure and the                Transportation to conduct a pilot program of           tunity and the need for a welfare state. Manley
      Senate Committee on Commerce, Science,                   random security screening of passengers and            established a broad network in both urban
      and Transportation, including recommenda-                baggage at passenger rail stations served by           areas and rural parishes, and built support for
      tions for changes to the regulations reviewed            Amtrak. The bill authorizes $5 million for             progressive public policy across wide swaths
      and any legislative changes required to im-              fiscal year 2005 for this program.
      prove railroad security.
                                                                                                                      of Jamaican society.
                                                                 Emergency Responder Training Standards.
        Freight and Passenger Rail Security Im-                                                                          Although Bustamante eventually founded
                                                               Ensures that persons responding to emer-
      provement Program. Authorizes the Sec-                   gencies that involve the removal and trans-            the Jamaican Labor Party, a political rival of
      retary of Transportation to make grants to               portation of hazardous materials and high              the PNP, the two men, both visionary national-
      State and local governments, railroad car-               hazard materials are properly trained to pro-          ists and advocates of fundamental social
      riers, non-profit employee organizations rep-            tect nearby persons, property, or the envi-            change, worked towards the singular goal of
      resenting rail workers or emergency re-                  ronment from the effects of hazmat acci-               freedom for Jamaica’s people. Their efforts as
      sponders, owners and lessors of rail cars used           dents.
      for transporting hazardous materials, ship-
                                                                                                                      alternating Premiers led to constitutional
                                                                 Information for First Responders. Allows
      pers of hazardous materials by rail, univer-             rail tank cars containing hazardous mate-
                                                                                                                      amendments which strengthened Jamaican
      sities, colleges, and research centers for full          rials and high hazard materials to be trans-           self-governance and gradually eroded British
      or partial reimbursement of costs incurred               ported or stored on rail tracks as long as in-         control the island. This period, known as ‘‘con-
      for certain activities to prevent or respond             formation identifying the tank car, the haz-           stitutional decolonization,’’ ushered in the
      to acts of terrorism, sabotage, or other inter-          ardous materials within the tank car, and re-          great day of Jamaica’s independence, August
      city passenger rail and freight rail security            sponse guidance are immediately available              6, 1962.
      threats. The bill authorizes $500 million in             to local emergency responders. Such infor-                But Jamaica’s independence is not just
      fiscal year 2005 for this program.                       mation shall be provided through the Oper-
        Fire and Life-Safety Improvements. Au-                                                                        marked by a date. It is carried instead in the
                                                               ation Respond Institute’s technology or
      thorizes the Secretary of Transportation to              similar technology.                                    bosom of emissaries of peace and justice, Ja-
      make grants to Amtrak for fire and life-safe-              Definitions. Defines ‘high hazard’ mate-             maicans who have sown seeds of their par-
      ty improvements to tunnels on the North-                 rials as poison inhalation hazard materials,           ticularly fiery brand of liberty across the world.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00026   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.135   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1499
         Thus we cannot tell the tale of American lib-         today glaring disparities in the distribution of           Think about the way that universal accounts
      eration movements without mentioning with                assets. A huge gulf exists between those who           would transform the outlook of young Ameri-
      highest regard the great Jamaican-American               have ready access to asset-building tools, and         cans. A new generation, assured savings ac-
      leader Marcus Garvey, founder of the Uni-                those who do not.                                      counts at birth, would cultivate a savings habit
      versal Negro Improvement Association and                    If we are to make good on our promise to            from a young age. These kids would grow up
      champion of oppressed people of African de-              America’s youth, we need an honest new ef-             knowing that they own something, getting
      scent across the globe.                                  fort to broaden ownership of assets. We need           quarterly statements. KIDS Accounts would
         And the very marrow of the anti-war, Black            to make savings incentives universal, rather           encourage a new culture of increased financial
      Power, and anti-colonialist movements of the             than reserving them exclusively for the                literacy, which is critical for enhancing one’s
      late 1960s, 70s, and 80s was the inspirational           wealthy and middle class. The tax deductions           prospects in a society where ownership
      and haunting melodies of Bob Marley, perhaps             we currently use to incentivize savings dis-           equates with opportunity. Your lot in life
      the most important figure in 20th century                proportionately benefit those in the highest tax       shouldn’t depend on your parents’ paycheck.
      music. Marley elevated music beyond the level            brackets, not those who need the most help.            KIDS accounts would give every child in the
      of an art form and made it instead an earthly               By creating universal ‘‘KIDS accounts,’’ the        United States a real stake in the future, and a
      embodiment of spiritual truths, melodious wis-           ASPIRE Act will give every child born in this          reason to dream.
      dom which transcended daily problems and                 country a real stake in the future. Under the             I want to point out, Mr. Speaker, that this bill
      cut to the heart of man’s most pressing strug-           program, every child’s account will be credited        is both bipartisan and bicameral, with Sen-
      gles. Even today, the music of Bob Marley ar-            with an automatic $500 seed contribution at            ators SANTORUM and CORZINE introducing a
      ticulates the groanings of people’s movements            birth, supplemented by up to an additional             companion in the other body. I hope that the
      throughout the world, unceasing in its cry for           $500 for children living below the median in-          breadth of our initial supporters will fore-
      peace and freedom.                                       come.                                                  shadow a wider embrace of this legislation
         The list could go on: ‘Granny Nanny,’ the                These accounts will be invested in a system
                                                                                                                      that truly transcends party lines.
      revolutionary maroon who fiercely and suc-               like the Thrift Savings Plan for federal employ-          I want to thank my colleagues from both
      cessfully battled the British throughout the             ees, giving kids and their parents a range of
                                                                                                                      parties and both chambers for the hard work
      18th century; General Colin Powell, our na-              indexed investment options, from government
                                                                                                                      that has gone into thinking through details of
                                                               bonds to international stocks. The accounts
      tional hero; Claude McKay, the great poet and                                                                   this effort. And special thanks are due Ray
                                                               will be able to receive up to $1,000 each year
      inspiration for the Harlem Renaissance; Dud-                                                                    Boshara and Reid Cramer at the New America
                                                               in private voluntary contributions. Children in
      ley Thompson, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Grace                                                                           Foundation, who have provided much of the
                                                               lower income families will receive dollar-for-
      Jones, Harry Belafonte, and many, many oth-                                                                     intellectual foundation underlying this impor-
                                                               dollar government matches for annual con-
      ers. These Jamaicans and Jamaican-Ameri-                                                                        tant step forward.
                                                               tributions of up to $500. As in Roth IRAs, the
      cans have had an enormous impact on Amer-                                                                          Mr. Speaker, too often our policy innovation
                                                               growth of account balances will be tax-free.
      ican history and culture, cutting their own                 When children turn 18, thanks to compound           falls victim to our partisan acrimony. If we are
      paths across the world and touching the lives            interest, they will have a real nest egg that          to preserve the universal opportunity that has
      of millions of Americans.                                they can use for higher education costs, save          been the hallmark of America for two cen-
         On this special occasion, I hold that Inde-           for future home-ownership, or save for retire-         turies, we need to get beyond stale ideas and
      pendence Day is not simply a 24-hour period              ment. They can then chose to maintain their            ideological blinders and embrace new ideas
      in Jamaica; it is, instead, a way of life. And it        accounts within the ASPIRE Fund, or roll them          for a new age. I’m proud to join my friends
      is my hope that we in the United States, with            over to private financial institutions.                today in introducing the ASPIRE Act and look
      our economic policies and diplomatic relations,             Some will criticize universal savings ac-           forward to working with colleagues on both
      encourage the spirit of self-determination and           counts as too ‘‘big government’’ or too expen-         sides of the aisle to reinvigorate the American
      independence in Jamaica, assisting Jamaica’s             sive. But let me tell you, we subsidize asset-         dream.
      people as they work for the economic and so-             building in a very big way already—70 billion                           f
      cial freedom that they so sorely deserve.                dollars each year for the homeowner’s mort-
                                                                                                                        RECOGNIZING DON MILLER AS A
                                                               gage interest deduction and 150 billion for re-
                                                                                                                            HERO OF CHEMISTRY
                                                               tirement accounts like IRAs, just to name two.
                                                               Contrast this with the seven billion dollars per
                                                               year it would take to bring savings to every                          HON. JIM GERLACH
                                                               American. That’s less than 3 percent of what                           OF PENNSYLVANIA
        CATION (‘‘ASPIRE’’) ACT
                                                               we currently spend subsidizing savings and in-               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               vestment for middle class and wealthy                             Thursday, July 22, 2004
              HON. PATRICK J. KENNEDY                          Americans.
                      OF RHODE ISLAND                             Universal KIDS accounts will go a long way             Mr. GERLACH. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       toward the creation of a true stakeholder soci-        recognize my constituent, Don Miller of
                                                               ety. They will enable millions of young Ameri-         Downingtown, PA, as one of the American
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                                                                             Chemistry Society’s 2004 Heroes of Chem-
                                                               cans to gain access to higher education. They
         Mr. KENNEDY of Rhode Island. Mr. Speak-               will put homeownership—the cornerstone of              istry.
      er, I rise today to join my colleagues Con-              Americans’ financial stability—within reach of            The Heroes of Chemistry Award was cre-
      gressmen FORD, PETRI, and ENGLISH in intro-              millions more families. And they will put every        ated in 1996 to recognize the innovation and
      ducing the ASPIRE Act, which presents new                young American on track for developing retire-         hard work of scientists whose chemical work
      hope for extending the American dream.                   ment savings.                                          has produced successful commercial products.
         The ASPIRE Act—or America Saving for                     Consider that a child receiving the full               Along with four of his colleagues at Wyeth,
      Personal Investment, Retirement, and Edu-                $1,000 seed contribution, contributing as little       Don is being recognized by the ACS for his
      cation—renews our commitment to ensuring                 as $250 per year to an account earning 7 per-          pioneering work in developing the world’s first
      opportunity for every child. This Act is in keep-        cent, would hold an account worth $21,480 by           antibody-targeted chemotherapeutic agent.
      ing with our government’s long-standing tradi-           her 18th birthday. By the time this individual         Don headed this team of scientists for 7 years,
      tion of expanding opportunities for each gen-            reaches age 65, the account balance would              seeing the research all the way through to
      eration of citizens. It upholds the tradition of         grow to over half a million dollars.                   product approval by the Food and Drug Ad-
      the Homestead Act, which in the nineteenth                  We know from experience that incentives             ministration.
      century sought to create opportunity through             like matching contributions can help lower-in-            Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Don’s love of
      land ownership. It is in the same spirit that, in        come families save. Evidence provided by in-           science led him first to the University of Pitts-
      the twentieth century, we created universal              dividual development accounts as well as               burgh and then on to Purdue University for his
      public education—and then opened up access               401(k) plans clearly points to the success of          PhD. His career as a scientist has taken him
      to higher education through the GI Bill and              these strategies. In addition, international           across the United States and around the
      Pell grants.                                             models demonstrate the feasibility of a uni-           world, but the driving force in his life remains
         Living up to our goal of ensuring opportunity         versal accounts program. This is the so-called         in Downingtown with his loving wife, Eva, and
      requires a new strategy, one tailored to the in-         baby bonds idea that Tony Blair has instituted         his daughters, Skye and Rhiannon.
      formation age. In the twenty-first century, op-          in Great Britain, and if they can do it there, we         The ingenuity, perseverance and dedication
      portunity is tied to ownership. And yet we see           can do it here in the United States.                   of Don Miller, and all of his colleagues in the

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00027   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.139   E22PT2
      E1500                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      various fields of chemical research, has had a           the opinions of many marine scientists who             one of our goals, then we can no longer con-
      tremendously positive impact on the quality of           have seen the health of marine ecosystems              sider our ocean resources in a piecemeal
      our health and lives and we all owe Don and              degrade over the past years. In fact, many sci-        fashion. OCEANS 21, therefore, restructures
      his dedicated colleagues our utmost gratitude            entists have been encouraging a restructuring          NOAA to better reflect the importance of eco-
      and appreciation.                                        of our ocean policy to reflect a precautionary         system approaches.
                       f                                       approach and a reversal of the burden of                  Setting the stage for a long-term solution to
                                                               proof for many years. For example, in a 1998           the best possible management of our ocean
            PERSONAL EXPLANATION                               Science article, Paul Dayton, a preeminent             resources, we also call for the President to
                                                               marine scientist, asserted, ‘‘If society’s envi-       submit recommendations for reorganizing Fed-
                      HON. TOM COLE                            ronmental needs are to be protected so that            eral departments to establish a Department of
                        OF OKLAHOMA                            future generations can also enjoy, learn, and          Natural Resources. This way, all of our valu-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       profit from marine ecosystems, this legal bur-         able natural resources can be managed to-
                                                               den of proof must be applied to our marine re-         gether—reflecting our full acknowledgement of
                Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               sources so that those hoping to exploit them           the connections between all parts of the nat-
        Mr. COLE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to note            must demonstrate no ecologically significant           ural world, from the oceans to the land to the
      that on rollcall 397 I voted incorrectly and             long-term changes.’’ Today, I am proud to re-          air.
      would like the RECORD to reflect that I had in-          port back to the scientists, those who know               In addition to addressing the problems of
      tended to vote ‘‘yea’’ on that rollcall vote.            our oceans better than most, that members of           oceans governance, OCEANS 21 also ad-
                       f                                       Congress have heard their calls and have re-           dresses the need for increased investments in
                                                               sponded.                                               marine science research, including ocean ex-
          INTRODUCTION OF OCEANS 21                               As asserted in both the Pew and U.S. Com-           ploration, and marine education.
                                                               mission Reports, our government needs a way               Mr. Speaker, to address the Pew and U.S.
                      HON. SAM FARR                            to promote greater coordination among federal          Commission recommendations surrounding
                        OF CALIFORNIA                          agencies whose actions may affect the                  the ocean science, our bill calls for a national
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       oceans. Our bill responds to this issue by es-         strategy on ocean and coastal science and
                                                               tablishing a National Oceans Council com-              authorizes funding for marine ecosystems re-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               prised of secretaries of departments and               search. OCEANS 21 also creates a National
         Mr. FARR. Mr. Speaker, today signals the              heads of independent agencies. OCEANS 21               Oceans Council Subcommittee to focus Fed-
      beginning of a new era in the protection and             recommends that this Council be chaired by a           eral investments on scientific areas especially
      management of this Nation’s largest public               National Oceans Advisor to the President. We           requiring attention.
      trust resource: our oceans. Along with the               recognized early on in our House Oceans                   One of the most exciting aspects of
      other bi-partisan co-chairs of the House                 Caucus leadership discussions that the best            OCEANS 21 is that it will help to instill a new
      Oceans Caucus, JIM GREENWOOD of Pennsyl-                 way to improve federal stewardship of our              marine stewardship ethic in all people—from
      vania, TOM ALLEN of Maine, and CURT                      ocean resources was to offer a mechanism for           first-graders learning how to read to graduate
      WELDON of Pennsylvania, I introduced                     bringing federal agencies together and to have         students investigating challenging scientific
      OCEANS 21, a comprehensive oceans policy                 an advisor to the President who can articulate         processes. The bill does this is in many ways:
      bill that answers the calls of the Pew Oceans            the importance of the oceans. The National             by explicitly describing education as one of
      Commission and the U.S. Commission on                    Oceans Council and the National Oceans Ad-             NOAA’s missions; by creating an interagency
      Ocean Policy.                                            visor are the solutions we present.                    ocean science and coastal education program;
         Our bill offers a comprehensive legislative              One of the biggest advances in our under-           by establishing an ocean science and tech-
      solution to all of the crises documented in both         standing of the oceans to occur since our last         nology scholarship program; and by creating a
      oceans reports by establishing a strong na-              national review of ocean policy over 30 years          mass media campaign on how we are all de-
      tional oceans policy that protects, maintains,           ago is that the natural world functions as eco-        pendent on healthy and productive oceans.
      and restores the health of marine ecosystems.            systems, with each species intricately con-               Mr. Speaker, OCEANS 21 is a comprehen-
      This national policy will secure, for present            nected to the other parts that make up the             sive response to two comprehensive ocean re-
      and future generations, the full range of bene-          whole. Both the Pew and the U.S. Commis-               ports that both deliver the same sad message:
      fits of healthy marine ecosystems—a responsi-            sion Reports clearly state that we must adopt          our oceans are in peril and we must act now.
      bility that I take quite seriously in my job of          a new policy framework that is based on the            It is up to each of us to not let this unprece-
      representing California’s central coast, home            concept of ‘‘the whole,’’ an ecosystem-based           dented, once-in-a-generation opportunity pass
      to the Nation’s largest national marine sanc-            approach, and move away from our archaic               us by. With the U.S. Commission on Ocean
      tuary.                                                   approach based on political boundaries. This           Policy and The Pew Oceans Commission Re-
         The importance of this policy cannot be               new ecosystem-based management approach                ports both calling for immediate action to pro-
      overstated, as we all depend on our oceans               will not be as easy as our previous ap-                tect the oceans, this Congress has a responsi-
      and coasts, from the person who lives off the            proaches, but we must dedicate ourselves to            bility to the American public to pass legislation
      water to the person who visits the ocean once            making it a reality.                                   that ensures future generations have the op-
      in a lifetime. The oceans provide food, jobs,               We have responded to the call for eco-              portunity to benefit from healthy oceans. Since
      vacation spots, as well as opportunities for sci-        system-based management by including within            coming to Congress in 1993, I have worked
      entific inquiry, including medical discovery,            OCEANS 21 a provision for Regional Ocean               hard to raise awareness of the importance of
      and personal reflection. Despite our inability to        Councils, whose primary responsibility is to do        our oceans and today, my dedication to pro-
      measure the many non-market values associ-               ecosystem planning. We do comprehensive                tecting this Country’s largest public trust re-
      ated with our oceans and coasts, we are able             land use planning, so why not do comprehen-            source is reflected in the introduction of
      to quantify some of the benefits they provide.           sive ocean planning? With a national ocean             OCEANS 21. I have worked with the bi-par-
      For example, over a trillion dollars is added to         policy explicitly written to maintain healthy          tisan cochairs of the House Oceans Caucus to
      our economy each year by ocean and coastal               ocean ecosystems and with Regional Ocean               introduce a bill that we all support and this bi-
      economies. This is a huge economic contribu-             Councils charged with developing and imple-            partisan effort should be celebrated.
      tion to our gross domestic product, a contribu-          menting regional ocean ecosystem plans, we                The Bush Administration has a prime oppor-
      tion that must be protected so the returns               can turn back the tide of irresponsible ocean          tunity to take the steps necessary to instill a
      keep coming. Our bill explicitly protects these          management.                                            new ocean ethic in our government. Action by
      returns.                                                    Mr. Speaker, the bill also provides an ‘‘Or-        this Administration could very well save our
         Mr. Speaker, to implement the national                ganic Act’’ for the National Oceanic and At-           oceans. The time for leadership is now. I am
      oceans policy set forth in OCEANS 21, we                 mospheric Administration (NOAA)—an agency              dedicated to providing it in Congress, and I
      provide four national standards which covered            whose existence today is only reflected in an          hope the President will provide it in the White
      actions, defined as those carried out by the             Executive Order. Our bill establishes NOAA in          House.
      Federal Government or paid for in part by                statute. However, unlike some of the other                Mr. Speaker, I urge all of my colleagues to
      Federal funds, must be consistent with. These            proposals currently being considered, we do            dedicate themselves to shaping a better future
      standards include a precautionary approach               not simply codify the status quo. This is be-          for our oceans by supporting the House
      and a reversal of the burden of proof. These             cause we recognize the status quo has failed           Oceans Caucus Leadership’s ocean policy bill.
      cornerstones of OCEANS 21 are founded on                 and, if long-term ecological sustainability is         Our bill will not only bring U.S. ocean policy

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00028   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.142   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1501
      into the 21st century, it will set the tone for a        INTRODUCTION OF THE GATEWAY                            pre-register to vote at age 17, Georgia, Mis-
      future in which our oceans remain vital com-                  TO DEMOCRACY ACT                                  souri, and Iowa allow people to pre-register at
      ponents of our economy, our communities,                                                                        age 17 and a half and Hawaii allows people
      and our lives.                                                    HON. EDWARD J. MARKEY                         to preregister at age 16. These programs
         Mr. Speaker, I would like to close with a                             OF MASSACHUSETTS                       prove that pre-registration programs are sim-
      quote from the U.S. Commission Report that                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    ple and effective.
      encapsulates my thoughts on the urgency of                                                                         The Gateway to Democracy is a common-
      considering OCEANS 21 this session:                                   Thursday, July 22, 2004                   sense solution to the problem of getting young
         ‘‘The responsibility of our generation is to             Mr. MARKEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to            people registered in time for their first election.
      reclaim and renew the oceans for ourselves,              introduce the Gateway to Democracy Act, a              It allows young people to take care of the pa-
      for our children, and—if we do the job right—            bill designed to increase young voter registra-        perwork ahead of time so that they don’t have
      for those whose footprints will mark the sands           tion and participation. As we enter another            anything standing in their way on Election
      of beaches from Maine to Hawaii long after               presidential election season we are once               Day.
      ours have washed away.’’                                 again reminded that in order for our democ-                             f
                       f                                       racy to function properly, people need to exer-
                                                               cise their right to vote. Unfortunately, young               INTRODUCTION OF THE ESRD
            HENDRICK MOTORSPORTS                               people consistently fail to turn out to the polls               MODERNIZATION ACT
                                                               on voting day. According to the U.S. Census
                  HON. ROBIN HAYES                             Bureau, in the 2000 general election only 45.4                        HON. DAVE CAMP
                                                               percent of 18 to 24 year olds were registered                            OF MICHIGAN
                      OF NORTH CAROLINA
                                                               to vote and only 32.3 percent voted. The sta-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               tistics for the 1998 general election were even                    Thursday, July 22, 2004
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               more dismal, as 39.2 percent of such individ-             Mr. CAMP. Mr. Speaker, I rise to urge my
         Mr. HAYES. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in               uals were registered and a mere 16.6 percent           colleagues to support the End Stage Renal
      celebration of the twentieth anniversary of              actually went to the polls.                            Disease (ESRD) Modernization Act, which is
      Hendrick Motorsports.                                       Studies have shown that people establish            designed to improve the quality of care and
         Hendrick Motorsports was started by my                their voting behavior early in life. People who        quality of life for the more than 3,000,000
      good friend Rick Hendrick in 1984 for the pur-           start voting between the ages of 18-24 are             Americans living with ESRD.
      pose of entering a single car into a single              more likely to consistently participate in the            Patients with irreversible kidney failure, also
      stock car race. Over the next twenty years,              election process for the rest of their lives.          known as ESRD, will die unless they receive
      Hendrick Motorsports grew into the racing em-            Thus it is in the best interest of the country to      a kidney transplant or undergo dialysis. Sadly,
      pire it is today, supporting four entries in             make it as easy as possible for the youth of           transplantation is limited due to the shortage
      NASCAR’s Nextel Cup Series and one entry                 our nation to go to the polls for the first time.      of donor organs, so the vast majority of those
      in the Busch Series every week. Since its in-               Young adults often fail to turn out on their        with ESRD must undergo dialysis, three times
      ception, Hedrick Motorsports teams have se-              first Election Day simply because, for the first       a week, in dialysis centers or their homes.
      cured five NASCAR Winston Cup now Nextel                 time, they realize they have not registered to            Since Congress first agreed to provide
      Cup Championships, three NASCAR Crafts-                  vote. Most states require registration prior to        Medicare benefits to patients with kidney dis-
      man Truck Series titles, and one NASCAR                  the election itself, so that it is too late to es-     ease, the number of Americans in need of di-
      Busch Series crown, totaling more than 100               tablish voter eligibility on Election Day. The         alysis treatments has increased exponentially.
      victories in twenty years of racing.                     Gateway to Democracy Act seeks to increase             Today, the most common cause of kidney fail-
         All Hendrick race cars are completely con-            the number of young people who are eligible            ure is diabetes. As rates of obesity and Type
      structed at a 62-acre complex in my home of              to vote as soon as they reach voting age.              II diabetes increase, we face an even greater
      Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Hendrick                   In 1993, we passed The National Voter               number of Americans at risk for kidney failure.
      Motorsports provides employment to more                  Registration Act so that people could register            Because of Medicare, these patients are
      than 400 Cabarrus County residents. They                 to vote when they applied for their motor vehi-        able to live longer and healthier lives. As im-
      work not only in the production of racing cars           cle driver’s licenses. This law has increased          portant as the ESRD program is, it has not
      and engines at the main complex but also in              voter registration and according to studies ap-        kept pace with the rest of Medicare. Last year
      the many other daily operation activities of             pears to increase youth voting. However,               we worked to modernize the Medicare pro-
      Hendrick Motorsports, such as managing                   many states allow individuals to get their li-         gram, yet we did not address some of the
      HendrickMotorsports.com, maintaining the                 censes years before they meet the age re-              most pressing issues within the ESRD Pro-
      15,000 square-foot Hendrick museum, mar-                 quirement for registration, but few states allow       gram. The comprehensive bill that we intro-
      keting, public relations, sponsor services, li-          registration at that time if the person is not         duce today seeks to resolve those problems.
      censing, and merchandising.                              eighteen years old. Since 53.7 percent of sev-            The ESRD Modernization Act would estab-
         The success of Hendrick Motorsports on the            enteen year olds already had their motor vehi-         lish educational programs to improve patient
      race track has led to the opening of the                 cle licenses in 2002, we missed a valuable op-         care and quality of life. Under this Act, pa-
      Hendrick Automotive Group, which consists of             portunity to register more than half of the peo-       tients with chronic kidney disease (the pre-
      nearly 60 car dealerships across the country.            ple in that age group.                                 cursor to ESRD) would have access to new
      These dealerships contribute both to their                  The Gateway to Democracy is a very simple           educational programs to learn more the fac-
      local communities, through donations to local            idea. If you’re 18 or older and you apply for a        tors that lead to kidney failure and how to pre-
      charities, and to the Nation as a whole by par-          driver’s license, you can also register to vote.       vent them. ESRD patients would have the op-
      ticipating in The Hendrick Marrow Program.               But in most states, if you are under 18, you do        portunity to develop skills to help them man-
         Created in 1997, the Hendrick Marrow Pro-             not have the same opportunity to register to           age their disease more effectively. The bill
      gram seeks to recruit donors to the National             vote at the same time that you apply for a             also seeks to help those patients able to con-
      Marrow Donor Program and provides financial              drivers license. Thus, a 16 or 17 year old typi-       tinue working while receiving dialysis do so by
      assistance to the patients who receive these             cally must make a second trip to register after        improving the home dialysis benefit.
      live-saving transplants. As a direct result of           that person reaches the eligible age to vote.             Additionally, the ESRD Modernization Act
      the Hendrick Marrow Program’s efforts, more              Often these young people don’t bother to               would ensure the financial stability of the
      than 60,000 potential volunteer donors have              make this second trip until it is too late for         Medicare ESRD program by providing a
      joined the National Marrow Donor Program                 them to participate in the first election for          mechanism for annual updates to the com-
      Registry and more than $500,000 have been                which they are eligible. This bill will allow peo-     posite rate. Currently, the ESRD Program is
      used to assist patients with transplant-related          ple who are too young to vote to fill out all the      the only Medicare Prospective Payment Sys-
      costs, such as lodging and post-transplant               paperwork necessary to register to vote when           tem program that does not have a mechanism
      prescriptions.                                           they get their drivers license. However, they          to update its payment rates. This Act will pro-
         Mr. Speaker, I am proud to thank Hendrick             won’t be eligible to go to the polls until they        vide such a mechanism, consistent with
      Motorsports for making Cabarrus County ‘‘The             reach the legal minimum voting age.                    MedPAC’s recommendation in its 2000 Report
      Center of American Motorsports’’ and to con-                Some states already have successful pre-            to Congress.
      gratulate them for twenty years of achieve-              registration programs. For example, Con-                  It is time we fix this life-saving program. I
      ment both on and off the track.                          necticut, Florida and Maine allow people to            urge my colleagues to support this important

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00029   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.146   E22PT2
      E1502                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
      piece of legislation so that the Medicare ESRD           of Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus. And so began           Cypriots reject. To do so will make an ultimate
      Program can meet the challenges it faces in              three decades of Turkey’s illegal military occu-       solution and final reunification difficult, if not
      the 21st Century.                                        pation of Cyprus. Even as we speak, Turkey             impossible, to achieve.
                       f                                       maintains 30,000 heavily armed troops in the              America must at all times remember that a
                                                               occupied portions of Cyprus.                           united, peaceful, and prosperous Cyprus is in
         THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT                               For 30 years, Cyprus has been divided by            our national interest and the interest of world
                                                               a green line—a 113 mile barbed wire barrier            peace. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Cyprus
               HON. KAREN McCARTHY                             that runs across the width of the island.              was one of the first nations to express its soli-
                         OF MISSOURI                              For 30 years, Greek Cypriots have experi-           darity with the United States. Cyprus has also
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       enced 30 years of ethnic cleansing, forcible           been a strong ally in the war against terrorism.
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      evictions, and missing persons. Cyprus has             We must continue to support our friends, who
                                                               endured 30 years of the flouting of its terri-         like us, only seek to live in peace.
         Ms. MCCARTHY of Missouri. Mr. Speaker, on
                                                               torial integrity. This includes the occupation                         f
      September 11, 2001 America watched in hor-
                                                               authority’s attempt to create an independent
      ror as terrorists attacked our country. We felt                                                                 LIEUTENANT COLONEL LAWRENCE
                                                               ‘‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.’’
      outrage and sadness but the worst feeling that                                                                   A.  MILLBEN   RECEIVES  THE
                                                                  The international community has witnessed
      day was a sense of helplessness. We wanted                                                                       CHAMPION    OF   EXCELLENCE
                                                               30 years of the flagrant violation of U.N. Gen-
      to know how the terrorists were able to invade                                                                   AWARD
                                                               eral Assembly resolutions and Security Coun-
      our country and commit these terrible acts of
                                                               cil decisions calling for immediate withdrawal
      violence and what we could do to prevent this
      from happening again.
                                                               of all foreign forces from Cyprus, the return of                HON. JOHN CONYERS, JR.
                                                               refugees, and respect for the island’s sov-                              OF MICHIGAN
         Today’s release of the 9/11 Commission
                                                               ereignty.                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Report will help focus our efforts in finding out
                                                                  Thirty years is a long time. The occupation
      what went wrong and what steps we must                                                                                      Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               of Cyprus has been going on too long. If left
      take to prevent another attack. The findings by                                                                    Mr. CONYERS. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased
                                                               to their own wisdom and devices, with firm
      the bipartisan 9/11 Commissioners give us an                                                                    to acknowledge one of my constituents, Lieu-
                                                               international support, Greek and Turkish Cyp-
      opportunity to analyze the steps that we have                                                                   tenant Colonel Lawrence A. Millben, Support
                                                               riots could find ways to live in peace and har-
      taken in the last two and one half years to                                                                     Group Commander of the 127th Wing of the
      make this country safer.                                                                                        Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Michigan.
                                                                  The international community can and must
         The Commission found that lack of intel-                                                                     This Saturday, July 24, 2004, he will be recog-
                                                               play an indispensable role in settling the Cy-
      ligence information sharing between the CIA,                                                                    nized by the North American Black Historical
                                                               prus dispute. But, to do this, it must draw the
      FBI and other government agencies was the                                                                       Museum with a Champion of Excellence
                                                               proper conclusions from results of the vote
      greatest weakness leading to the 9/11 attacks.                                                                  Award for his many achievements, particularly
                                                               this past April on the reunification plan put for-
      They found that even when information was                                                                       within the realm of aviation. Like the North
                                                               ward by the United Nations.
      shared there still was an inability to connect                                                                  American Black Historical Museum, I am im-
                                                                  Seventy six percent of the Greek Cypriot
      the dots.                                                                                                       pressed by his accomplishments in the United
                                                               electorate opposed the ‘‘Annan Plan’’ because
         As Ranking Member on the Intelligence and                                                                    States and Canada. I am especially proud of
                                                               of concerns about security, property restitu-
      Counterterrorism Subcommittee of the Select                                                                     Lieutenant Colonel Millben because of the nu-
                                                               tion, and the structure of the proposed central
      Committee on Homeland Security, I have                                                                          merous contributions and firsts realized in my
                                                               government, while 65 percent of Turkish Cyp-
      worked with my Subcommittee chairman, Jim                                                                       District, the 14th Congressional District of
                                                               riot voters supported it. It is clear from this ex-
      Gibbons, to make sure that the intelligence                                                                     Michigan, because of him.
                                                               perience that a workable solution must take
      agencies are gathering and sharing critical in-                                                                    Lieutenant Colonel Millben, born in Detroit,
                                                               the interests and concerns of both the Greek
      formation. We have also held hearings con-                                                                      Michigan and educated in the Detroit Public
                                                               and Turkish Cypriot communities fully into ac-
      cerning information sharing with our first re-                                                                  School System, has achieved many firsts and
      sponders and state and local officials. These                                                                   has set an exceptional example. He was the
                                                                  It is instructive that the split vote has not led
      brave men and women who serve on the front                                                                      first African American to graduate from Aero
                                                               to greater tension between the two commu-
      line must be kept in the loop and be provided                                                                   Mechanics High School, one of four schools in
                                                               nities or between Greece and Turkey. During
      with the tools they need to communicate with                                                                    the country that specializes in aircraft mainte-
                                                               most of the 433 year history of Cyprus, Greek
      each other as they work to protect the citizens                                                                 nance. After high school, he became the first
                                                               and Turkish Cypriots have coexisted peace-
      of this great country. We still have much to ac-                                                                African American to enlist in the Michigan Air
      complish, but I believe that the 9/11 Commis-                                                                   National Guard. In 1957, he continued his
                                                                  With the notable exception of the period that
      sion Report will significantly assist with our                                                                  education and attended the basic and the ad-
                                                               immediately followed Turkish occupation of
      work on these critical issues.                                                                                  vanced technician level Aircraft Electrical
                                                               Cyprus, Greek and Turkish Cypriot relations
         The Commission recommends that Con-
                                                               have largely been free of inter-communal vio-          Schools, completing both simultaneously. This
      gress give the executive branch more guid-
                                                               lence. The hotly debated referendum itself             was the first time in the history of the Air
      ance on fighting terrorism and that the Con-
                                                               took place overwhelmingly with an absence of           Force School that anyone completed both
      gressional Intelligence Committees take a
                                                               conflict. This shows that despite the dif-             schools simultaneously.
      more active oversight role. They also rec-
                                                               ferences between them, Greek and Turkish                  After attending the Air Force School, he
      ommend the establishment of a National
                                                               Cypriots overwhelmingly share a desire for             went on to have a rewarding career in the pri-
      Counterterrorism Center, and consolidating
                                                               peace.                                                 vate sector, as well as in the military. He was
      budgetary and operational oversight of all fif-
                                                                  The leadership of the Republic of Cyprus            employed by the Burroughs Corporation from
      teen intelligence agencies and the naming of
                                                               seeks a bizonal, bicommunal federation under           1959 through 1975 and holds several United
      a new National Intelligence Director to help
                                                               a plan that promotes the genuine reunification         States Patents. He has also advised the De-
      unify the intelligence community. I support all
                                                               of Cypriots and Cypriot society, while enabling        troit Public School System on Aircraft Avionics
      of these recommendations and thank the 9/11
                                                               each community to retain its own identity and          and Aerospace subjects as a consultant.
      Commissioners and their staff for their dedica-                                                                    Military highlights for the Lieutenant Colonel
      tion to winning the war on terrorism.                                                                           include serving as a full time Avionics Officer
                                                                  Cyprus’s admission to the European Union
                       f                                       on May 1st of this year may have created a             from 1975 until 1983, acting as the 191st Con-
         THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY ON                               new opportunity for resolving the division and         solidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Com-
       TURKEY’S INVASION OF CYPRUS                             occupation with an inclusive democratic sys-           mander in 1983, becoming the first African
                                                               tem in which human rights are fully respected          American Line Officer promoted to the grade
              HON. GREGORY W. MEEKS                            and the fundamental freedoms on which the              of Lieutenant Colonel Millben in 1986, and as-
                        OF NEW YORK
                                                               European Union is founded, are guaranteed.             suming the position of Deputy Commander for
                                                                  Taking all of this into account, the U.N.           Maintenance in 1988. From 1987–1988, he
                                                               needs to go back to the drawing board. The             also served as the President of the 12,000
                Thursday, July 22, 2004                        United States needs to remain an honest                members National Guard Association of Michi-
        Mr. MEEKS of New York. Mr. Speaker, this               broker. It must not attempt to impose a solu-          gan, the first African American Air Guardsman
      week, the world marked the 30th anniversary              tion that the overwhelming majority of Greek-          to do so. Finally, in his current capacity of

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00030   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.149   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1503
      Support Group Commander of the 127th Wing                She was the first woman to work with the Na-           nesswomen featured in Rolling Stone’s
      of the Selfridge Air National Guard Base in              tional Chamber of Commerce. She was one of             ‘‘Women in Rock’’ special issue.
      Michigan, he accomplished another first, as he           the first four women—and the first business-              Frances has been a partner and strong sup-
      was the first African American to assume this            woman—to be invited to join the Friars Club in         porter to those of us in Congress who care
      role as well.                                            New York and the first woman to serve on               about copyright protection. She has vigorously
         Awards and decorations received by Lieu-              their board of governors.                              supported the fight against music piracy and
      tenant Colonel Millben include the Air Force                Frances moved to BMI’s New York office in           vigorously guarded against any legislation that
      Outstanding Unit Award, National Defense                 1985. She was appointed Senior Vice Presi-             would reduce the rights and incomes of song-
      Service Medal, Air Reserve Forces Meritorious            dent, Performing Rights in 1985 and President          writers, composers and publishers.
      Service Award, and the Major General John A.             and CEO in 1986. She is a member of BMI’s                 I am honored to congratulate Frances on
      Johnston Award for Excellence. He also re-               Board of Directors.                                    her retirement and ask my colleagues in the
      ceived the State of Michigan Award for Contin-              In 1992, in recognition of the important role       House to join me in wishing her many happy
      ued Support of Vocational Education in 1985              she played in building Nashville’s music indus-        years ahead.
      and the Spirit of Detroit Award in 1987. He              try, she received the highest accolade in                              f
      completed Air Command and Staff College in               Country music: induction into the Country
      1980 and Air War College in 1993. He is mar-             Music Hall of Fame. In 2004, she was also in-          PALESTINIAN PARLIAMENT URGES
      ried to the former Jean Wilburn and is the fa-           ducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.                    NEEDED REFORMS
      ther of Sheryl, Patricia Millben-Craft, and Law-         She is a lifetime member of the board of direc-
      rence, Jr.                                               tors of the Country Music Association—one of                      HON. DARRELL E. ISSA
                       f                                       only five individuals to be so honored—and                              OF CALIFORNIA
                                                               has served as president and chairperson of                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
        TRIBUTE TO FRANCES PRESTON                             the board. She is also a lifetime board mem-
                                                                                                                                  Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               ber of the Gospel Music Association, where
              HON. HOWARD L. BERMAN                            she served as chairperson and president, as               Mr. ISSA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to rec-
                        OF CALIFORNIA                          well as a lifetime member of the Nashville             ognize the Palestinian Parliament for their
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       Songwriters Association International.                 leadership in demanding reforms in the Pales-
                                                                  Frances is vice president of the National           tinian Authority.
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      Music Council and a member of the Board of                By a vote of 43–4, Palestinian lawmakers
         Mr. BERMAN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to              Directors of the National Academy of Popular           overwhelmingly approved a resolution calling
      ask my colleagues to join me in offering our             Music/Songwriters Hall of Fame, a board                on Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat to accept
      congratulations and very best wishes to one of           member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and            the resignation of Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei
      the First Ladies of American music. Frances              a director and member of the executive com-            and calling for the formation of a new govern-
      W. Preston will soon retire as president and             mittee of the Broadcasters’ Foundation.                ment that would have greater control over the
      Chief Executive Officer of Broadcast Music                  Frances’ many interests and her expertise           security forces, the authority to introduce polit-
      Inc., (BMI).                                             extend far beyond the music industry. A distin-        ical changes and to combat pervasive corrup-
         The business acumen of Frances Preston is             guished member of business and political cir-          tion. Yesterday’s vote marks the emergence of
      exceeded only by her charisma and charm,                 cles, she served on President Jimmy Carter’s           the Palestinian Parliament as a check to Mr.
      and by the respect, affection and admiration             Panama Canal Study Committee, the commis-              Arafat’s political power.
      her colleagues and peers have for her. She               sion for the White House Record Library, and              If the Palestinian Authority is to gain legit-
      has been lauded for her empathy and for the              Vice President Albert Gore’s National Informa-         imacy among its own people and in the world
      gracious manner in which she treats every                tion Infrastructure Advisory Council.                  community, the Palestinians themselves must
      person, from the hottest star to the humblest               She has given selflessly of her time and re-        take responsibility for bringing about needed
      worker. She is an exceptional executive, lead-           sources to many of America’s most worthy               reforms and for establishing an effective secu-
      er, role model, and friend.                              charities. She is President of the T.J. Martell        rity apparatus to combat terrorism and vio-
         With Frances at its head, BMI has grown to            Foundation for Leukemia, Cancer and AIDS               lence.
      represent over 300,000 American and foreign              Research and the recipient of its 1992 Hu-                It is clear by yesterday’s action that a new
      songwriters, composers, and music publishers             manitarian Award. She is an activist and a phi-        power base dedicated to reducing violence
      in licensing music and collecting and distrib-           lanthropist who became involved in the fight           and chaos in the Gaza Strip is emerging, and
      uting royalties from play on radio and in tele-          against cancer after the disease claimed her           the United States must encourage and support
      vision, films, ads and other media. Its artists          close friend and ski instructor. The Frances           that effort. I look forward to a renewed com-
      represent all types of music and its catalog             Williams Preston Research Laboratories at the          mitment in bringing stability to this region.
      contains 4.5 million works. During her 18                Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center is named in               I am hopeful that seeing the success of this
      years as president, its revenue has grown                her honor, as is Vanderbilt’s Frances Williams         resolution, Palestinian lawmakers will assert
      more than three times to more than $625 mil-             Preston Building, the focal point for the VICC’s       themselves in the future to serve the greater
      lion.                                                    research.                                              interests of the Palestinian people.
         BMI has become an internationally re-                    Included among other awards far too nu-                             f
      spected leader and a unique success story as             merous to list, Preston has received the Wom-
      the entertainment industry has been trans-               en’s Equity Action League (WEAL) Achieve-              CONDEMNING ATTACK ON AMIA
      formed by digital technology and globalization.          ment Award, presented to only five women                JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER IN
      Sensitive to the changing world of music,                each year, honoring her as one of ‘‘America’s           BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, IN
      Frances has focused on domestic licensing,               outstanding women in business and labor.’’              JULY 1994
      foreign performing rights, legislation for fair          She has been honored with the Broadcasters’
                                                                                                                                         SPEECH OF
      compensation for writers and publishers, and             Foundation’s Golden Mike Award, and the
      copyright protection.                                    President’s Award from the National Music                       HON. ALCEE L. HASTINGS
         Frances joined BMI in 1958 after working in           Publishers’ Association in recognition of her                            OF FLORIDA
      music and broadcasting in Nashville. She                 contributions to the music and music pub-                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      opened BMI’s regional office there, and led              lishing industries.
      her company to preeminence in the South,                    Preston was singled out by Esquire maga-                       Wednesday, July 21, 2004
      signing writers and publishers with roots in             zine as ‘‘the most influential and powerful per-          Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr. Speaker, in
      both country and other types of music.                   son in the country music business.’’ Ladies’           1994, a terrorist bomb destroyed the head-
         In 1964, the year the Nashville BMI Building          Home Journal listed her as one of the ‘‘50             quarters of the Argentine Jewish Mutual Asso-
      opened on Music Row, Frances became a                    Most Powerful Women In America’’ and Enter-            ciation, known by its Spanish acronym, AMIA,
      vice president of BMI—reportedly, the first              tainment Weekly placed her second in its Top           killing 85 people and wounding 200. To this
      woman corporate executive in Tennessee.                  10 listing of ‘‘The Powers of Country Music.’’         day, the attack on the AMIA remains the
         She has often been called a trailblazer in            Over the years, Business Nashville, BAM,               deadliest anti-Semitic incident since World
      the music business but Frances was also a                Radio Ink and Hits have listed her as one of           War II.
      trailblazer among women. She was the first               the most powerful people in the music indus-              I take this opportunity to condemn the attack
      woman Rotarian in the State of Tennessee.                try. In 1997, she was one of only ten busi-            on the AMIA Jewish Community Center in

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00031   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.153   E22PT2
      E1504                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
      Buenos Aires, Argentina on July 18, 1994, and            thousands of lives of those who are less fortu-           At a time when we as policymakers are fo-
      to honor the victims of this heinous act.                nate have truly been an inspiration to all who         cusing on ways to enhance education for our
          The AMIA attack, which showed the same               have met this remarkable family.                       children, it is important to aggressively pro-
      cowardice as the September 11, 2001, attack,                Mr. Speaker and colleagues, if you do not           mote tools that are valuable in teaching funda-
      tragically illustrates the intention of Islamic ter-     know the Shafers, you should. John left a suc-         mental skills. Penalizing the consumer for buy-
      rorists to bring their jihad against Western val-        cessful career in publishing in 1972 to pursue         ing educational toys is contrary to the coun-
      ues to our own hemisphere.                               his dream of a second career in producing              try’s educational goals.
          Substantial evidence attributes the attack on        premium wine. He and his family moved to the              Currently, computers and toys enter the
      July 18, 1994, to the terrorist group Hizballah,         Napa Valley and purchased a 210-acre estate            United States duty free. But electronic edu-
      based in Lebanon and sponsored by Iran. Evi-             in the Stags Leap District. The family began           cational toys have a duty. This duty is inevi-
      dence indicates that the tri-border region               planting 50 acres of vineyards on the rocky            tably passed on to the consumer. We do not
      where Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil meet               hillside property. In 1978 their painstaking           want to create a situation where a consumer
      was used to channel resources for the pur-               work paid off when John crushed their first            may be less inclined to buy an educational toy
      pose of carrying out the AMIA attack by terror-          harvest of cabernet sauvignon grapes marking           versus a regular toy, which has not had to ab-
      ists linked with Iran.                                   the beginning of their winery.                         sorb the cost of the duty.
          Regrettably, the scheming of international              Mr. Speaker, the rise of Shafer Vineyards is           The company leading the fight to eliminate
      terrorist organizations such as Hizballah and            truly an American success story. In the 25             the tax on electronic educational toys is a
      al-Qaeda are not confined to the tri-border re-          years since the Shafer family produced their           California company, LeapFrog Enterprises,
      gion. Much of the Western Hemisphere is                  first vintage consisting 1,000 cases of caber-         Inc. LeapFrog is an innovative company and a
                                                               net sauvignon, the winery has grown to                 leading developer of educational products,
      ideal for international terrorist groups to estab-
                                                               produce 32,000 cases of Cabernet Sauvignon,            currently employing 1,000 people in my state.
      lish bases due to the ill equipped and poorly
                                                               Merlot, Chardonnay, Sangiovese and Syrah                  I hope my colleagues will join me in this ef-
      trained security agencies across the region.                                                                    fort to end an unwise tax on education.
          Terrorism is their technique, but hatred is          per year. Today Shafer wines can be found
      their ideology. The fight against terrorism must         throughout the entire United States and in                             f
      remain a top priority. Nowhere is this more              markets throughout Europe and Asia. The                          REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS
      true than in America’s backyard.                         Shafer’s have also set the bar for sustainable
                                                               agriculture in the Napa Valley and throughout
          While the case has been officially under in-
                                                               the world. By the end of 2004, their winery will
                                                                                                                               HON. PATRICK J. KENNEDY
      vestigation for over 9 years, the responsible                                                                                  OF RHODE ISLAND
      parties have not yet been apprehended.                   convert to 100 percent solar power.
                                                                  While the Shafer family’s business has                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
          Massive judicial and investigative irregular-
                                                               grown beyond their dreams, the values that                         Thursday, July 22, 2004
      ities, destruction of evidence, and cover-ups
      have already distorted the long-delayed trial.           they began with remain as strong and visible              Mr. KENNEDY of Rhode Island. Mr. Speak-
          The biggest blow to the trial came last year         in our community as ever. Twenty-five years            er, I would like to commend the commitment
      when Federal Judge Juan Jose Galeano, who                later John still serves as chairman of the             of the Republic of Cyprus to democracy,
      had spent nine years probing the bombing,                board of the winery and his son Doug has               human rights, free markets, and equal justice
      was removed from the case. It was revealed               taken over the day-to-day activities serving as        under law.
      he paid $400,000 in State money to a witness             president.                                                Regrettably, this July 20th marked the thir-
                                                                  Not only do Shafer Vineyards and the                tieth anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus by
      in return for testimony needed to move the
                                                               Shafer family have an illustrious history of           Turkish military forces. This illegal military oc-
      stalled case forward.
          So now, the court is focusing on inves-              winemaking and responsible land stewardship,           cupation of more than one-third of Cyprus’ ter-
      tigating the investigation rather than look into         but they also have a long history of public            ritory is a violation of multiple United Nations
      who was to blame.                                        service. For as many years as I can remem-             Security Council resolutions.
                                                               ber, the Shafer family has been a leader in               To this day, Turkey maintains a force of
          Make no mistake about it, failure to duly
                                                               ensuring the success of the annual Napa Val-           30,000 heavily armed troops in Cyprus. 1,500
      punish the culprits of the AMIA attack serves
                                                               ley Wine Auction, which has raised over $50            Greek Cypriots and 4 Americans of Cypriot
      to reward terrorists and help spread terrorism.
                                                               million for community non-profit organizations.        descent remain missing since 1974, when the
      Therefore, I strongly urge the Government of
                                                               John served as the chairman of the 1999 wine           Turkish military forces commenced a policy of
      Argentina to fulfill its international obligations
                                                               auction, that year the auction raised $5.5 mil-        ethnic cleansing, forcibly evicting 200,000
      and its promise to the Argentine people by
                                                               lion breaking all previous records. Recently           Greek Cypriots from their homes.
      pursuing the local and international connec-                                                                       In 1983, displaying blatant disregard for
      tions to this act of terrorism, wherever it may          John led the effort to build the Napa Valley
                                                               Vintners Community Health Center which                 international law and the sovereign independ-
      lead, and to properly punish all those who are                                                                  ence of the Republic of Cyprus, Turkey en-
      involved.                                                houses four healthcare organizations and will
                                                               care for thousands of area residents for gen-          couraged the secession and declaration of
          Argentina owes it to itself, its people and the                                                             independence of the occupied areas.
      human family to conduct an intense, fearless             erations to come.
                                                                  Mr. Speaker, at this time I think it is appro-         The ‘‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’’
      and comprehensive investigation that will lead                                                                  has been recognized by no nation except for
                                                               priate that we honor and congratulate the
      to the identification and prosecution of the                                                                    Turkey, and the U.N. General Assembly has
                                                               Shafer family for their success in the wine
      principal criminals.                                                                                            made numerous calls for the immediate with-
                                                               business and their countless contributions to
                       f                                       the betterment of the Napa Valley. I wish the          drawal of all foreign military forces from Cy-
                                                               Shafer family and Shafer Vineyards well as             prus.
        HONORING SHAFER VINEYARDS’                                                                                       Cyprus’ accession to the European Union in
             25TH ANNIVERSARY                                  they enjoy and prosper during their next 25
                                                               years of success.                                      May of 2004 has given Cypriots new resolve
                                                                                                                      to overcome the division of their nation and
                 HON. MIKE THOMPSON                                              f
                                                                                                                      citizens. It will be a difficult path towards a
                        OF CALIFORNIA                          INTRODUCTION OF A BILL TO SUS-                         united Cyprus that is founded on respect for
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         PEND THE DUTY ON CERTAIN                             human rights and fundamental freedoms. But
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                        EDUCATIONAL TOYS AND DE-                             it is a path paved with the hope of a deter-
                                                                 VICES                                                mined people.
         Mr. THOMPSON of California. Mr. Speaker,                                                                        Currently, the Republic of Cyprus is seeking
      I rise today to recognize and honor an extraor-
      dinary event in my district. This year marks
                                                                          HON. WALLY HERGER                           a bizonal and bicommunal federation, reuni-
                                                                                 OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                      fying society and economy, while granting
      the 25th anniversary of Shafer Vineyards, a                                                                     each community the right to retain its own
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      family run winery that produces some of the                                                                     identity and culture, without military occupa-
      world’s highest rated wines from the heart of                       Thursday, July 22, 2004                     tion.
      California’s Napa Valley.                                   Mr. HERGER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to               Although a reunification plan was set forth
         I have had the pleasure of knowing John               introduce a bill to suspend the duty on elec-          by the United Nations, in April of this year 76
      and Barbara Shafer for a long time. Their his-           tronic educational toys for children. This duty        percent of Greek Cypriot voters stood in oppo-
      tory in the Napa Valley and the philanthropic            is, in fact, an educational tax on the con-            sition to the plan due to issues of vital con-
      contributions they have made in enhancing                sumer.                                                 cern, such as security, property restitution,

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00032   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.157   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1505
      and dissatisfaction with the structure of the            and simple tax code should only provide                pletely within the scope of his duties and obli-
      proposed central government.                             enough revenue for the federal government to           gations. In order to address the allegation that
         Despite the rejection of the plan, 90 percent         carry out its necessary tasks. It should not re-       Mr. Troy acted inappropriately, I would like to
      of the Greek Cypriot community turned out to             strict the innovative and entrepreneurial oppor-       submit a copy of that letter for the RECORD.
      vote on the UN plan, displaying a deep inter-            tunities that made America such a great na-                                            JULY 15, 2004.
      est and concern in the future of the reunifica-          tion.                                                  Re Hinchey amendment to cut $500,000 from
      tion of their nation and the changes this would             The last thing the federal government                    the appropriations for the FDA Office of
      bring.                                                   should be doing is taking more money away                   Chief Counsel.
         We must learn from the message sent by                from hard-working Americans. The key to                Hon. HENRY BONILLA,
      those who could not support the proposed                 growing our economy is allowing Americans to           Chairman, Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural
      Plan. The lesson is Cyprus’ reunification is too         keep more of their own money to spend, save,                Development, Food and Drug Administra-
      important an issue to rush into a Plan that                                                                          tion and Related Agencies Appropriations
                                                               and invest. Jobs is my favorite four letter                 Committee, House of Representatives, Wash-
      does not address the serious concerns of all             word—and the tax cuts we’ve passed have                     ington, DC.
      Cypriots.                                                been responsible for creating millions of new             DEAR MR. CHAIRMAN: The undersigned com-
                       f                                       jobs across the nation.                                prise all of the former Chief Counsel to the
                                                                  In the House, we have worked hard to cut            Food and Drug Administration (in both Re-
                          H.R. 3874                                                                                   publican and Democratic Administrations),
                                                               taxes. We have passed legislation to perma-
                                                               nently eliminate the marriage penalty tax, ex-         except for one who is currently an attorney
                 HON. SUSAN A. DAVIS                           tend Alternative Minimum Tax reforms, perma-
                                                                                                                      in the Office of the General Counsel of the
                        OF CALIFORNIA                                                                                 Department of Health and Human Services.
                                                               nently expand the 10 percent bracket to lower          We are writing to recommend reconsider-
                                                               taxes for hard working, low income families,           ation of the amendment to the FDA appro-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      and keep the child tax credit at the $1,000.           priations bill by Representative Hinchey of
         Mrs. DAVIS of California. Mr. Speaker, it             That’s real tax relief.                                New York on the floor of the House of Rep-
      has been my pleasure to co-sponsor Rep-                     Our American Jobs Creation Act of 2004,             resentatives, which would reduce the appro-
      resentative BONO’s bill, H.R. 3874, which will           provides tax relief to domestic manufacturers          priation for the FDA Office of Chief Counsel
                                                                                                                      by $500,000 and would increase the appropria-
      enable the Palm Springs area to benefit from             and U.S. employers to make them more com-
                                                                                                                      tion for the Division of Drug Marketing, Ad-
      the conveyance of 44 acres of Bureau of Land             petitive both at home and abroad.                      vertising, and Communications in the FDA
      Management land to Father Joe’s Villages for                We must also strengthen the economy by              Center for Drug Evaluation and Research by
      the creation of a homeless shelter, a training           reforming our tax code. The overly complex             a corresponding amount. We support addi-
      center, and affordable housing for this area of          U.S. tax code is more than a burden to work-           tional funds for the Division of Drug Mar-
      Riverside County.                                        ing families; it’s a drain on our economic effi-       keting, but we believe that the reduction of
         I have had the privilege of knowing Father            ciency and productivity. American taxpayers            the appropriation for the Office of Chief
      Joe Carroll for many years in San Diego,                 spend over three billion hours each year com-          Counsel and Representative Hinchey’s rea-
      where he has worked tirelessly to develop an                                                                    sons for penalizing that Office cannot be sup-
                                                               plying with a confusing U.S. tax code. The
      extensive program of services for the home-              cost to our economy by complying with the tax             FDA’s Office of Chief Counsel performs
      less of all ages through the St. Vincent De              code is a staggering $85 billion a year. That’s        critical functions in the administration and
      Paul Village.                                            unacceptable.                                          enforcement of the Federal Food, Drug, and
         Often identified by the community for its                This week we passed legislation to relieve          Cosmetic Act and other laws administered
      Kitchen, which serves 4,000 meals a day, the             families and small businesses of onerous and           by FDA. The substantial reduction in the
      center goes way beyond providing the home-               complicated tax compliance. I will continue to         funding of that Office, therefore, would ma-
      less with food to offering dental, vision, and                                                                  terially impair its ability to meet the needs
                                                               vote for tax relief and tax reform. Tax cuts and
      other health services. It also provides high                                                                    of its client, FDA. Such impairment would
                                                               tax reforms are a powerful economic stimulus           be contrary to the public interest.
      school equivalency and computer training.                creating new jobs; reducing the cost of doing             Representative Hinchey’s reasons for pe-
         Helping the homeless find jobs not only in-           business; and providing a framework for long-          nalizing the Office of Chief Counsel and criti-
      cludes coaching in job hunting skills and pro-           term economic growth.                                  cizing FDA Chief Counsel Daniel E. Troy are
      viding interview attire but begins with coordi-                                                                 set forth in the House Debate on the FDA ap-
      nating on-site psychiatric services to address                                                                  propriations legislation as reported in 150
      some of the underlying needs of village mem-             CORRECTING THE RECORD RE-                              Cong. Rec. H5598–TI5599 (July 13, 2004). Rep-
      bers through volunteer professionals from the             GARDING UNFOUNDED ATTACKS                             resentative Hinchey states that Mr. Troy
      University of California San Diego.                       ON FDA GENERAL COUNSEL                                ‘‘has taken the agency in a radical new di-
         The Center also provides for the 24-hour                                                                     rection’’ by submitting amicus curiae briefs
                                                                                                                      in cases in which courts have been asked to
      care of some 200 orphaned children, which in-                            HON. JOE BARTON                        require labeling for pharmaceutical products
      cludes meeting not only their food, clothing,                                 OF TEXAS                          that conflicts with FDA decisions about ap-
      housing, and health needs but also houses                                                                       propriate labeling for those products. Rep-
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      their public schooling.                                                                                         resentative Hinchey characterizes this activ-
         The village offers courses in parenting,                          Thursday, July 22, 2004                    ity as a ‘‘pattern of collusion between the
      anger management, and counseling for un-                    Mr. BARTON of Texas. Mr. Speaker, on                FDA and the drug companies and medical de-
      married couples with children as well as pre-            Tuesday, July 13, 2004, on the floor of this           vice companies’’ in a way that has ‘‘never
      natal care. In sum, it invests in offering needy                                                                happened before.’’
                                                               House, Representative HINCHEY of New York                 These characterizations are inaccurate.
      people full-life services both intensively and for       made several statements about Daniel E.                   In Weinberger v. Bentex Pharmaceuticals,
      an extended time to help them turn their lives           Troy, Chief Counsel of the FDA.                        Inc., 412 U.S. 645 (1973), the Supreme Court
      around.                                                     Allegations were leveled against Mr. Troy           agreed with the briefs filed by the Depart-
         I know that with the decades of Father Joe            that he took unprecedented action regarding            ment of Justice on behalf of FDA that the
      Carroll’s successful experience in San Diego,            the FDA’s involvement in the submission of             agency has primary jurisdiction over new
      this opportunity to create a new service base            briefs in product liability cases. His actions         drug issues. In Jones v. Rath Packing Co.,
      in Palm Springs will be beneficial for the com-                                                                 425 U.S. 933 (1977), the FDA took the position
                                                               were neither unprecedented nor unusual. In a           in an amicus curiae brief submitted by the
      munity.                                                  letter dated July 15, 2004, to Chairman                Department of Justice that federal food la-
                       f                                       BONILLA, five former FDA chief counsels—two            beling requirements preempt inconsistent
        TAXES AND THE ECONOMY, CUT                             of them Democrats—state, Mr. Troy’s actions            state requirements, and the Supreme Court
           ONE, GROW THE OTHER                                 in this regard are neither ‘‘radical’’ nor ‘‘even      agreed. In subsequent private tort litigation,
                                                               novel.’’                                               FDA has taken the position, through amicus
                                                                  The FDA must have the ability to carry out          curiae briefs filed by the Department of Jus-
             HON. SHERWOOD BOEHLERT                            the responsibilities Congress has given the            tice, that FDA decisions regarding drug
                        OF NEW YORK                                                                                   product labeling and related issues preempt
                                                               Agency. His interest in those cases is to vindi-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                              inconsistent state court determinations, and
                                                               cate FDA’s authority over medical product risk         the courts have agreed. E.g., Bernhardt v.
               Thursday, July 22, 2004                         communication and to safeguard the agency’s            Pfizer, Inc., 2000 U.S. Dist. Lexis 16963 (No-
        Mr. BOEHLERT. Mr. Speaker, high tax rates              primary jurisdiction. As Chief Counsel for the         vember 16, 2000); Eli Lilly. v. Marshall, 850
      and complex tax codes stifle job growth. A fair          FDA, Mr. Troy appears to have acted com-               S.W. 2d 164 (Texas 1993). All of this was to

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00033   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.161   E22PT2
      E1506                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      protect a uniform national system of food                much sooner than December 2004. Because                throughout Montana, Idaho, Washington, and
      and drug law. All of it occurred before Mr.              of the relatively long period of time it takes to      Oregon.
      Troy assumed his current position. In none               build these airplanes, many manufacturers
      of these cases did any court request FDA’s                                                                         In 2001, a joint study team headed by the
                                                               cannot promise delivery by the end of this             National Park Service, that included 70 mem-
      opinion. Thus, there is ample precedent for
      the actions that Mr. Troy has recently been              year. Because of this, new orders are drying           bers from public and private entities, com-
      undertaking. His action is not radical or                up.                                                    pleted a study endorsing the establishment of
      even novel.                                                 Why is this important? Well, building new           the Ice Age Floods National Geological Trail to
        The amicus curiae briefs filed by the De-              airplanes requires workers. Increased orders           recognize the national significance of this phe-
      partment of Justice at the request of Mr.                requires increased workers. In May 2004,
      Troy protect FDA’s jurisdiction and the in-
                                                                                                                      nomenon and to coordinate public and private
                                                               Cessna announced they would be hiring back             sector entities in the presentation of the story
      tegrity of the federal regulatory process.               400 workers to meet increased demand.
      There is a greater need for FDA intervention                                                                    of the Ice Age Floods.
      today because plaintiffs in courts are intrud-
                                                                  Both the House and Senate versions of the
                                                               JOBS bill includes a provision extending the              The Ice Age Floods National Geological
      ing more heavily on FDA’s primary jurisdic-                                                                     Trail would reveal, to the public, a fascinating
      tion than ever before. In our judgment, Mr.              period for placing in service certain non-
                                                               commercial business aircraft. Under the provi-         story that spans across the Pacific Northwest.
      Troy’s actions are in the best interests of the
      consuming public and FDA. If every state                 sion, if such an aircraft is ordered in 2004 and       Regional, national, and international travelers
      judge and jury could fashion their own label-            certain additional requirements are met, then a        would have the opportunity to discover how
      ing requirements for drugs and medical de-               taxpayer would have until the end of 2005 to           immensely powerful cataclysmic floods had a
      vices, there would be regulatory chaos for               place the aircraft in service.                         profound effect in shaping distinctive land-
      these two industries that are so vital to the                                                                   scapes and in defining ways of life, from the
      public health, and FDA’s ability to advance
                                                                  I believe it is important that Congress enact
                                                               this provision, either in the JOBS bill or             flanks of the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific
      the public health by allocating scarce space                                                                    Ocean.
      in product labeling to the most important                through another vehicle, as soon as possible.
      information would be seriously eroded. By                I look forward to working with my colleagues              The Trail can be expected to generate sig-
      assuring FDA’s primary jurisdiction over                 to help make this happen.                              nificant economic benefit, through increased
      these matters, Mr. Troy is establishing a                                  f                                    tourism, in a vast and largely rural region. I
      sound policy of national decisions that pro-                                                                    ask you to refer this legislation to the appro-
      mote the public health and, thus, the public                  STATE CHILDREN’S HEALTH                           priate committee for consideration.
      interest.                                                       INSURANCE PROGRAM
        We therefore recommend that the $500,000
      cut from the appropriations for the FDA Of-                                                                                     f
      fice of Chief Counsel be restored.                                 HON. JOHN D. DINGELL
            Sincerely yours,                                                      OF MICHIGAN                         CONGRATULATING THE NATIONAL
                       PETER BARTON HUTT (1972–                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES CEN-
                        1975).                                                                                         TER (NESC) ON ITS SILVER AN-
                       RICHARD A. MERRILL (1975–                           Thursday, July 22, 2004                     NIVERSARY
                        1977).                                    Mr. DINGELL. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to
                       RICHARD M. COOPER (1977–                be introducing this legislation with Chairman
                       NANCY L. BUC (1980–1981).
                                                               BARTON that will protect more than $1 billion in                HON. ALAN B. MOLLOHAN
                       THOMAS SCARLETT (1981–                  State Children’s Health Insurance Program                             OF WEST VIRGINIA
                        1989).                                 (SCHIP) funding. This funding is scheduled to
                                                               revert to the Treasury on September 30 if                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               Congress does not act.                                            Thursday, July 22, 2004
               THE ISSUE OF BONUS                                 The SCHIP program was established in
                  DEPRECIATION                                 1997 to reduce the number of uninsured chil-              Mr. MOLLOHAN. Mr. Speaker, a milestone
                                                               dren. Since its inception, the program has             anniversary is being celebrated this month at
                  HON. JERRY WELLER                            been a great success. Last year, 5.8 million           West Virginia University, in my Congressional
                         OF ILLINOIS                           children were enrolled.                                District. Twenty-five years ago, the National
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                          As a result of this success, however, a num-        Small Flows Clearinghouse first opened its
                                                               ber of States are projected to have insufficient       doors. It was established by Professors Willem
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      federal funding to sustain their existing pro-         Van Eck and Raul Zaltzman, who wanted to
         Mr. WELLER. Mr. Speaker, thank you for                grams over the next several years. Unless              help smaller communities find the best tech-
      the opportunity to address an important issue.           Congress acts, more than 200,000 children              nologies to meet their water treatment needs.
      Over the past 2–3 years, the issue of bonus              could lose their health insurance coverage as             Today, the Small Flows Clearinghouse is a
      depreciation has been very important to Amer-            a result.                                              highly successful program of the National En-
      ican companies and American workers as our                  The solution Chairman BARTON and I are              vironmental Services Center (NESC). Since
      economy recovers from the recent recession.              proposing has the support of the National              1979, this organization has evolved into a na-
         On March 9, 2002, President Bush signed               Governors Association, along with a number             tional leader in combating pollution and assist-
      the Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act               of advocacy groups representing the concerns           ing small communities on water issues. NESC
      of 2002 into law. This law allows businesses             of children.                                           is an expert resource not only on wastewater,
      to accelerate the depreciation of equipment                 I look forward to working together to enact         but also drinking water, environmental training,
      they purchase between September 11, 2001                 this legislation when we return in September.          infrastructure security and utility management.
      and December 31, 2004. They get to accel-                                  f                                    From its offices in Morgantown, NESC helps
      erate 30 percent more in the first year. Before                                                                 to protect public health and the environment in
      this law, a $1,000 computer would be depre-                   ICE AGE FLOODS NATIONAL
                                                                        GEOLOGICAL TRAIL                              communities all across the country.
      ciated equally over 5 years. $200 each year.
      With this change, businesses get $200 in the                                                                       The organization will celebrate its 25th anni-
      first year, plus a 30 percent bonus. So, they                        HON. DOC HASTINGS                          versary with an open house on July 26 at the
      depreciate $500 in the first year and the re-                                                                   university’s Evansdale Campus. In marking
                                                                                 OF WASHINGTON
      maining $500 over the next four years ($125                                                                     the occasion, Mr. Speaker, I would like to offer
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      each year for four years). In 2003, President                                                                   my congratulations to President David
      Bush signed legislation to increase the 30 per-                     Thursday, July 22, 2004                     Hardesty, Vice President for Research and
      cent bonus depreciation to 50 percent. There               Mr. HASTINGS of Washington. Mr. Speak-               Economic Development John Weete, and the
      is evidence that bonus depreciation is helping           er, today I am introducing legislation to create       NESC team: Executive Director John Mori, Di-
      to drive the U.S. economic recovery.                     the Ice Age Floods National Geological Trail.          rector of Program Development Pam Schade
         Fifty percent bonus depreciation will expire            At the end of the Ice Age, 12,000–17,000             and the entire staff, both past and present.
      on December 31, 2004. I personally will con-             years ago, a series of cataclysmic floods oc-             Their commitment to the health of our peo-
      tinue working to try to extend this important            curred in what is now the northwest region of          ple and communities has achieved real re-
      provision. For some industries, such small air-          the United States. These floods left dramatic          sults, and I wish them the very best as they
      craft manufacturers, this provision will expire          and distinguishing features on the landscape           begin NESC’s next quarter-century of service.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00034   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.166   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1507
      H.R. 3684 FOOD ALLERGEN AND                              can all be proud of. It is a very significant part       I am proud to honor this distinguished cou-
        CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT OF                             of the culture that I cherish and is as much           ple and their long-standing commitment to the
        2003                                                   Kentucky as horses and basketball. There is            community and to one another.
                                                               one man we can all recognize for this pride,                            f
                 HON. RAHM EMANUEL                             the father of Bluegrass music, Bill Monroe.
                                                                                                                      TRIBUTE TO FILM AND TELE-
                         OF ILLINOIS                              Mr. Monroe is the creator of a musical art
                                                               form that is focused, and often composed, of            VISION COMPOSER JERRY GOLD-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                               SMITH
                                                               the family. In 1939, he founded the legendary
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      band the Blue Grass Boys, which at times in-
         Mr. EMANUEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong            cluded the guitarist Lester Flatt, banjo picker                       HON. MARK UDALL
      support of H.R. 3684, the Food Allergen La-              Earl Scruggs, fiddle player Chubby Wise, and                             OF COLORADO
      beling and Consumer Protection Act. This act             his son, bass player James Monroe.                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      mandates clear labeling to protect consumers                In 1970, Mr. Monroe was inducted into the                       Thursday, July 22, 2004
      from medical problems caused by the eight                Country Music Hall of Fame. The following
      major food allergens: milk, eggs, fish, crusta-          year, he was recognized for his songwriting               Mr. UDALL of Colorado. Mr. Speaker, I rise
      cean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, and           craft and was entered into the Nashville Song-         today to note the passing of one of this na-
      soybeans. These irritants are found in a wide            writers Association International Hall of Fame.        tion’s great cinematic artists, composer Jerry
      variety of packaged foods, and account for an            Mr. Monroe was also rightfully recognized with         Goldsmith. Mr. Goldsmith died on July 21,
      estimated 90 percent of all food allergies.              the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.                 2004 at the age of 75. He leaves behind a dis-
         Food allergies can drastically affect the                Mr. Monroe’s songs like ‘‘Kentucky Waltz’’          tinguished repertoire of outstanding and mem-
      quality of life for the seven million Americans          bring back pleasant memories of the past that          orable film scores and television themes that
      who suffer from them. Approximately 30,000               we tell our children about. Because of the in-         are as recognizable as they are innovative.
      individuals each year require emergency room             fluence he has had on me and many others I                Scoring movies and television programs is a
      treatment for food allergies, and about 150 die          am honored today to introduce legislation that         vastly underappreciated art form. Too often
      each year. The eight percent of all children in          names the post office in Rosine, KY after Mr.          this music is considered as just another part of
      America who have these allergies and their               Monroe. This is one small way that I, as a             things that are popular but are only entertain-
      families deserve our help and support in deal-           Member of Congress, can recognize a lifelong           ment, not art. However, his scores, like the
      ing with the challenges they face in their daily         idle who is a proud part of the lives of many          work of his colleague film and television com-
      lives.                                                   Kentuckians.                                           posers, are essentially classical music pieces.
         As there is no cure for food allergies, the                             f
                                                                                                                      As such, they should not be dismissed simply
      only protection against reactions to these                                                                      because they happen to be associated with
      foods is to avoid them altogether. But without           HONORING JOSEPH AND ANNE                               films and television shows, which in fact are
      proper labeling, parents cannot ever be sure              QUINN ON THEIR 50TH WEDDING                           valid art forms.
      their children are safe. One mislabeled prod-             ANNIVERSARY                                              As anyone in the entertainment industry can
      uct, one misleading claim, can be fatal. We                                                                     attest, music is an essential and integral part
      need tough standards to ensure that food pro-                     HON. TIMOTHY H. BISHOP                        of the final artistic product. It sets appropriate
      ducers provide adequate information on pack-                                OF NEW YORK                         moods and tones and can help make action
      aging. This legislation provides those stand-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                      scenes more thrilling and tense as well as stir
      ards by requiring that foods containing any of                                                                  the emotions in more quiet interludes. Mr.
                                                                           Thursday, July 22, 2004                    Goldsmith was a master at the full range of
      the eight major food allergens be labeled in a
      clear and easy-to-understand way, so parents                Mr. BISHOP of New York. Mr. Speaker, I              his craft often creating path-breaking and inno-
      can feel confident in their choices.                     rise today to honor Joseph and Anne Quinn of           vative scores.
         This bill also addresses trace allergens, an-         Smithtown, New York, who will observe their               The sound of his echoing trumpets for the
      other major concern of those who live with               50th wedding anniversary on August 15th,               soundtrack of the movie ‘‘Patton’’ has so per-
      food allergies. Products which claim to be al-           2004. Born in New York City, they met as               meated the culture that this music is now syn-
      lergen free can still be contaminated with               freshmen in college. Joe was a student at              onymous with military leaders. His spooky and
      these products during the manufacturing proc-            Iona College in New Rochelle and Anne at-              menacing chants for the film ‘‘The Omen,’’ for
      ess. This bill requires the Department of                tended St. John’s University. They were mar-           which he won the Academy Award, is now
      Health and Human Services to effectively                 ried on August 1, 1954 at St. Joan of Arc              standard for horror films. And his experimental
      track which foods are unintentionally contami-           Church in Jackson Heights, New York. The               use of electronics, woodwinds and percussion
      nated with major food allergens during the               Quinns moved to Suffolk County in 1955 when            helped create the sense of ‘‘other worldliness’’
      manufacturing process, and to recommend al-              Joe began a thirty-three year career in edu-           in the film ‘‘Planet of the Apes.’’ The fact that
      ternate processes to reduce such contamina-              cation with the Middle Country School District.        these musical themes and many others of his
      tion.                                                    The couple has lived in Smithtown since 1958.          are so widely recognized and copied not only
         Mr. Speaker, food allergies create a major               The Quinns have ten children—Kathleen,              acknowledges his versatility and genius, but
      obstacle for allergy sufferers and their families.       Terence, Brendan, Marybeth, Patrick, Neil,             also underscores the legitimacy of the scoring
      The dangers of allergic reactions restrict op-           Regina, Timothy, Lawrence, and Julianne—all            craft.
      tions for travel, socializing, working and learn-        of whom are married. They are the proud                   Jerry Goldsmith was born Jerrald Goldsmith
      ing. This legislation can help prevent avoid-            grandparents of twenty-two.                            on February 10th 1929 in Los Angeles, Cali-
      able allergic reactions and provide additional              Joseph retired in January 2003 from a sec-          fornia. At the beginning of the 1940s, he took
      peace of mind to families. I commend the                 ond career as Staff Assistant to Congressman           piano lessons from Jakob Gimpel and Mario
      gentlelady (Mrs. LOWEY) from New York for                GARY ACKERMAN. Anne retired in December                Castelnuevo-Tedesco. While attending the
      bringing this legislation to the floor, and I urge       2002 from her position as a New York State             University of California, he took classes with
      my colleagues to support it.                             Taxpayer Service Representative. Mr. Quinn             Mikols Rozsa, the famed composer of such
                                                               was Chair of the Smithtown Democratic Com-             films as ‘‘Ben-Hur,’’ ‘‘Ivanhoe,’’ ‘‘El Cid’’ and
                                                               mittee for twenty-two years and is still greatly       ‘‘Spellbound.’’
      INTRODUCING   LEGISLATION   TO                           interested in politics.                                   Mr. Goldsmith started his career at CBS tel-
        NAME    A  POST   OFFICE  IN                              The Quinns have been active members of              evision in the early 1950s as a clerk typist and
        ROSINE, KENTUCKY, AFTER BILL                           St. Patrick’s Parish since moving to                   eventually got assignments composing music
        MONROE                                                 Smithtown. They plan to continue travelling all        for radio plays, and later for television broad-
                                                               over the country to visit their widespread fam-        casts. He eventually wrote music for such fa-
                      HON. RON LEWIS                           ily.                                                   mous television shows such as ‘‘The Twilight
                        OF KENTUCKY                               The Quinns will mark their fiftieth anniver-        Zone,’’ ‘‘Dr. Kildare,’’ ‘‘The Man From
                                                               sary with a renewal of vows at St. Patrick’s           U.N.C.L.E.,’’ ‘‘The Waltons,’’ ‘‘Barnaby Jones,’’
                                                               Church and a dinner at the Bellport Country            ‘‘Star Trek: Voyager’’ and ‘‘Star Trek: The
                 Thursday, July 22, 2004                       Club. Their children have also planned a fam-          Next Generation.’’
         Mr. LEWIS of Kentucky. Mr. Speaker, the               ily trip to Colorado as a reunion to celebrate            Mr. Goldsmith’s first motion picture score
      tradition of Bluegrass music is something we             this landmark anniversary.                             was in 1957 for a long forgotten B-western

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00035   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.171   E22PT2
      E1508                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      named ‘‘Black Patch.’’ However, his first major          guilty of genocide or ethnic cleansing to jus-         tive Chen has used his vast experience to pre-
      recognition as a film composer did not occur             tice.                                                  serve and expand ties between Taipei and
      until 1962 for his score of the Kirk Douglas                               f                                    Washington. Representative Chen’s advice
      film ‘‘Lonely Are the Brave.’’ That same year,                                                                  and counsel have always been sought by
      he got his first Academy Award nomination for                 INTRODUCTION OF POVERTY                           Members of Congress who have a keen inter-
      the film ‘‘Freud.’’                                              STATS LEGISLATION                              est in matters involving the Taiwan Straits.
         Throughout his career, he became associ-                                                                     Therefore, his impending departure is a loss
      ated with distinguished directors such as the                   HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY                         for Taiwan’s friends in Washington.
      late Franklin J. Schaffner who, with Mr. Gold-                              OF NEW YORK                            Mr. Speaker, my colleagues and I wish Rep-
      smith scoring, made ‘‘Planet Of The Apes,’’                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    resentative Chen and his lovely wife Yolanda
      ‘‘Patton,’’ ‘‘Papillon,’’ ‘‘The Boys From Brazil,’’                                                             well as they prepare to return to Taipei for
                                                                          Thursday, July 22, 2004
      and ‘‘Lionheart.’’ He also worked on a number                                                                   new challenges. I look forward to seeing him
      of Paul Verhoeven films including ‘‘Total Re-               Mrs. MALONEY. Mr. Speaker, today I intro-           again in Taipei or when he returns to Wash-
      call,’’ ‘Basic Instinct,’’ and ‘‘Hollow Man.’’ He        duce legislation with Representative WILLIAM           ington in the months ahead.
      wrote the scores for director Fred Schepisi              LACY CLAY, D-MO, that requires the annual
      films ‘‘The Russia House,’ ‘‘Mr. Baseball,’’ ‘‘Six       poverty estimate and the National Assessment                           f
      Degrees Of Separation,’’ and ‘‘I.Q.’’ And direc-         of Educational Progress to be subject to cer-
      tor Joe Dante gave Mr. Goldsmith the oppor-              tain guidelines on the release of the informa-         INTRODUCTION OF THE SOCIAL
      tunity to show his talents for films like ‘‘Twilight     tion to the public. I am deeply concerned at             SECURITY FAIRNESS FOR MER-
      Zone: The Movie,’’ ‘‘Gremlins I and II,’’                what appears to be the politicization of data by         CHANT MARINERS ACT OF 2004
      ‘‘Innerspace,’’ ‘‘Explorers,’’ ‘‘The ’burbs,’’ ‘‘Mat-    the Bush Administration on important issues
      inee,’’ and ‘‘Small Soldiers.’’                          ranging from worker safety to the dangers of
          Mr. Goldsmith received 17 Academy Award              lead paint to emergency contraceptives. Be-                           HON. BOB FILNER
                                                               cause data regarding poverty and educational                            OF CALIFORNIA
      nominations for his work starting in 1962 for
      ‘‘Freud,’’ and including his work on films such          progress are essential to lawmakers at all lev-              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      as ‘‘Chinatown,’’ ‘‘Hoosiers,’’ ‘‘Basic Instinct,’’      els of government to implement policies ad-
                                                                                                                                 Thursday, July 22, 2004
      ‘‘LA Confidential,’’ and finally for his score of        dressing these issues, it is critical that this in-
      the animated ‘‘Mulan’’ in 1998. He won four              formation is disseminated in an open and                  Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to in-
      Emmy Awards for his television work and was              timely process.                                        troduce the ‘‘Social Security Fairness for Mer-
      nominated for five Grammy Awards.                           Last year, the Census Bureau decided to             chant Mariners Act of 2004’’ (H.R. 4904).
          Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me          break with tradition to release its annual pov-           There were three major roles in World War
      in remembering the life and work of Jerry                erty estimates on a Friday in Suitland, Mary-          II: the fighting forces overseas, the production
      Goldsmith. He was a national treasure. Al-               land, rather than during the middle of the             army at home, and the link between them—
      though we will no longer get the opportunity to          week at the National Press Club in Wash-               the United States Merchant Marine. The mari-
      hear new scores from him, his musical legacy             ington, DC. Because that report was expected           time power of the Merchant Marine may have
      will live on in his recordings for generations.          to announce the loss of millions of jobs, the          been the difference between victory and de-
                       f                                       questionable circumstances regarding the re-           feat.
                                                               lease of those statistics led myself and Rep-             The World War II Merchant Mariners suf-
      DECLARING GENOCIDE IN DARFUR,                            resentative CLAY to seek an investigation by           fered the highest casualty rate of any of the
                 SUDAN                                         the Government Accountability Office, GAO,             branches of service while they delivered
                                                               as to why the Census Bureau made its deci-             troops, tanks, food, airplanes, fuel and other
                          SPEECH OF
                                                               sion. We should not be playing politics with           needed supplies to every theater of the war.
                   HON. STEVE ISRAEL                           science, which is why I believe this legislation       Enemy forces sank over 800 ships between
                         OF NEW YORK                           is so important.                                       1941 and 1944 alone.
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                         f                                       Given the role of the Merchant Mariners in
                  Wednesday, July 21, 2004                                 C. J. CHEN, TECRO                          World War II, it is unbelievable that they were
                                                                           REPRESENTATIVE                             not given their proper recognition as ‘‘vet-
         Mr. ISRAEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise in strong                                                                    erans’’. I would hope that this was an over-
      support of this bill, declaring the atrocities un-                                                              sight, not a deliberate attempt to exclude them
      folding in Darfur, Sudan, as genocide.                              HON. JIM McDERMOTT                          from benefits.
         In Darfur, villages are being burned to the                             OF WASHINGTON
                                                                                                                         One of the results of this lack of the ‘‘vet-
      ground. Death squads herd African villagers                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    eran’’ designation is that the law does not rec-
      into refugee camps until they are full to burst-
                                                                          Thursday, July 22, 2004                     ognize Merchant Mariners as veterans for So-
      ing, lacking food and basic medicines.
                                                                  Mr. MCDERMOTT. Mr. Speaker, C. J. Chen              cial Security purposes. If they had the veteran
         In a matter of months, government-backed
                                                               soon will be concluding his term as Rep-               designation, their Social Security would have
      militias have killed 30,000 people and forced
                                                               resentative of the Taipei Economic and Cul-            been calculated as if they had earned $160
      more than one million from their homes.
         People talk about ‘‘indicators of genocide’’          tural Representative Office (‘‘TECRO’’). In this       more a month than they did earn during their
      and lawyers argue whether the killing, which             capacity C. J. Chen has spent the past four            time in service in the Merchant Marines. Of
      the administration has already characterized             years as Taiwan’s unofficial ambassador to             course, what this means is a smaller Social
      as ethnic cleansing, is genocide.                        the United States, an important posting and a          Security check, now that they are retired.
         Whatever label one attaches to these                  critical position for the twenty-three million            My bill H.R. 4904, will fix this unfair situa-
      killings, there is a moral obligation to do every-       people on Taiwan.                                      tion! It will provide benefits with the status of
      thing possible to stop them. To ignore slaugh-              Few diplomats have a greater under-                 ‘‘veteran’’ under the Social Security Act to the
      ter on this scale is unforgivable.                       standing about East Asia and the United                Merchant Mariners who served during World
         To its credit, the administration is pushing a        States than C. J. Chen. He has been a mem-             War II.
      UN Security Council resolution. But as that              ber of Taiwan’s foreign service for more than             Combined with my bill, the ‘‘Belated Thank
      process unfolds, the killing continues.                  three and one half decades, and he has spent           You to the Merchant Mariners of World War II’’
         The time has come for action, for the inter-          most of that time focused on fostering ties be-        (H.R. 3729), which would compensate them
      national community to exercise its moral and             tween Taiwan and the United States. By all             for their exclusion from GI Bill benefits, Con-
      political and arguably also legal obligations to         accounts, he has done an excellent job.                gress can fix the injustice that has been en-
      intervene in Darfur.                                        Representative Chen’s diplomatic career             dured by the Merchant Mariners. We can
         Genocide has shown its ugly face too often            has been most impressive. He has held a                never make up for years lost, but we can pro-
      this century: European Jews during World War             number of important positions in Taiwan’s Min-         vide additional benefits to Merchant Mariners,
      II, Cambodians in the late 1970s, and                    istry of External Affairs and capped his long          many of whom are living on small, fixed in-
      Rwandans in 1994.                                        diplomatic career in Taipei by being named             comes, in their final years.
         The lesson is clear. We must stop the geno-           Foreign Minister. During the past four years              I urge my colleagues to support and co-
      cide; prevent further atrocities; and bring those        while serving as head of TECRO, Representa-            sponsor H.R. 4904

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00036   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.174   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1509
      CONGRATULATING      INDIANA                               of the national average. The program, which            erations Battalion. During the early years of
       BROADCASTER OF THE YEAR                                  began as a successful demonstration project            his career General Lowe served on active duty
       AWARD RECIPIENT, HAROLD A.                               in 1991 under the leadership of Health and             as a mechanized infantry platoon leader, com-
       WELTER                                                   Human Services Secretary Lewis Sullivan and            pany commander and battalion logistics offi-
                                                                was overwhelmingly authorized by Congress              cer, in Europe. Later he served as a Deputy
                      HON. STEVE BUYER                          in 2000, has at its core the recognition that in-      District Senior Advisor in the Republic of Viet-
                           OF INDIANA                           fant mortality and morbidity are not just med-         nam and as Chief of the Enlisted Separations
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                        ical problems, they are community problems.            Branch of the U.S. Army Personnel Center.
                                                                To qualify for a Healthy Start grant, commu-              General Lowe is a graduate of the Infantry
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                       nities must buy-in by forming networks of com-         Officer Basic Course, Civil Affairs Officer Ad-
         Mr. BUYER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to                munity public and private decision-makers and          vanced Course, the Command and General
      congratulate Harold Welter for receiving the              leaders, educators, health professionals, and          Staff College and the Army War College. He
      Indiana Football Coaches Association ‘‘2004               family members to set ambitious goals for              holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from San
      Broadcaster of the Year Award.’’                          themselves and work in a coordinated and ef-           Jose State University and Certificates in Pro-
         For 39 years Harold Welter has been the                fective way to meet those goals. These pro-            curement and Applied Total Quality Manage-
      voice of high school sports in Indiana’s Kan-             grams are targeted to at-risk populations and          ment from the University of California, Berke-
      kakee Valley. If there was an important foot-             are characterized by aggressive outreach to            ley. He has participated in advanced manage-
      ball game, boy’s basketball game, girl’s bas-             reach young women who are pregnant and/or              ment programs at the University of California
      ketball game, and even sometimes a baseball               are already mothers, as well as fathers, who           at Los Angeles, Michigan State University and
      game in the area, Harold was there broad-                 live in communities with the toughest poverty,         Harvard University. In civilian life, General
      casting it on WKVI radio.                                 drug use, and unemployment.                            Lowe retired from Pacific Bell, an SBC Com-
         Though Harold is a die-hard fan of his                    We are fortunate to have a Healthy Start            munications subsidiary, in 1997. Prior to his
      hometown Knox High School Redskins, he                    program in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in my Con-             retirement he served as Pacific Bell’s Execu-
      broadcasts each game in a professional and                gressional district. Our Healthy Start Family          tive Director of General Contracting. More re-
      impartial manner that brings the action of the            Resource Center offers prenatal care, WIC re-          cently he worked in Europe as a senior con-
      game to life for his listeners. He also regularly         sources, transportation, personal counseling           sultant for KPMG. He is a past President of
      invites local individuals to be guest commenta-           and many other services. So far, 100 percent           the Senior Army Reserve Commanders Asso-
      tors on a night’s game, a privilege I have had            of the expectant mothers who have received             ciation, SARCA, and the National Civil Affairs
      on one occasion.                                          prenatal care and other services through the           Association and he currently serves on the
         Harold has gone the extra mile promoting               Center have delivered healthy, full-term ba-           Advisory Board of the Association of the U.S.
      high school sports. He established a Saturday             bies.                                                  Army.
      morning radio show now called ‘‘Saturday                     The Healthy Start Reauthorization Act will             General Lowe has been awarded the Com-
      Sportsline’’ on WKVI which recognizes out-                reauthorize the program for fiscal years 2005          bat Infantryman’s Badge, the Expert Infantry-
      standing high school sports teams and ath-                through 2010 at ‘‘such sums as may be nec-             man’s Badge, the Parachutist Badge, the Le-
      letes through in-depth interviews with coaches            essary.’’                                              gion of Merit with Oak Leaf Cluster, the
      and players that let listeners learn more about                             f                                    Bronze Star Medal, the Defense Meritorious
      our local sports heroes.                                                                                         Service Medal, the Army Meritorious Service
         This year, the Indiana Football Coaches As-            RECOGNIZING THE SERVICE OF                             Medal with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters and various
      sociation recognized Harold’s dedication to                MAJOR GENERAL RONALD L.                               other decorations.
      high school sports in Indiana by naming him                LOWE                                                     The U.S. Congress congratulates MG Lowe
      their ‘‘Broadcaster of the Year.’’ It is a tremen-                                                               on his retirement, and extends its gratitude for
      dous honor and well deserved. His sincerity                         HON. LORETTA SANCHEZ                         his many years of service to our nation.
      and concern for the lives of young adults is                                OF CALIFORNIA                                        f
      admirable and recognized by all who know                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      him.                                                                                                             A     SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO JOHN
                                                                            Thursday, July 22, 2004                        REAGAN MCKEE ON THE OCCA-
         From his first job in radio at WRIN in
      Rensselaer, Indiana, to his many years of call-              Ms. LORETTA SANCHEZ of California. Mr.                  SION OF HIS RETIREMENT
      ing high school sports in the Kankakee Valley,            Speaker, the U.S. Congress and the nation
      Harold has kept his listeners tuning in. I am             take great pride in formally recognizing the ex-                 HON. PAUL E. GILLMOR
      pleased to join other Hoosier sports fans in              ceptionally meritorious military service of Major                          OF OHIO
      honoring Harold for his contributions to Indi-            General Ronald L. Lowe, U.S. Army, who                       IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      ana high school sports and congratulate him               completes his tour as the Chief of Staff,
                                                                United States Pacific Command on the 29th of                       Thursday, July 22, 2004
      again for being named ‘‘Broadcaster of the
      Year’’ by the Indiana Football Coaches Asso-              July 2004. This significant milestone marks the           Mr. GILLMOR. Mr. Speaker, it is my great
      ciation.                                                  completion of more than 38 years of active             pleasure to pay special tribute to Mr. John
                                                                and reserve service to the nation.                     Reagan McKee on the occasion of his retire-
                                                                   Major General Ronald L. Lowe was as-                ment. On June 4, 2004, Mr. McKee retired
            THE HEALTHY START                                   signed to the position of Chief of Staff, U.S.         after thirty years as an English teacher at
        REAUTHORIZATION ACT OF 2004                             Pacific Command, Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii               Libbey High School in Toledo, OH.
                                                                on 4 June 2000. Prior to joining the                      To truly do Mr. McKee justice would not be
                      HON. FRED UPTON                           USPACOM staff, General Lowe served for                 to speak of his achievements by the awards
                          OF MICHIGAN                           three years as the Deputy Commander for                he received or the teams he coached; it would
                                                                Support, Eighth U.S. Army, Yongsan, Korea.             be to speak of the kind of educator he was.
                                                                In this role he served as the senior wartime lo-       John McKee was able to turn discouraging cir-
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                       gistician responsible for battle command of all        cumstances into opportunities.
         Mr. UPTON. Mr. Chairman, I rise today to               Army combat service support forces in the                 John McKee introduced students to their po-
      announce that, along with my colleagues Rep-              Korea theater of operations. Earlier, MG Lowe          tential and his belief in their character guided
      resentatives EDOLPHUS TOWNS, CHARLES                      served for four years as Vice Director of Infor-       and motivated children to fulfill their dreams.
      ‘‘CHIP’’ PICKERING, ELIJAH CUMMINGS, SHELLEY              mation Systems for Command, Control, Com-              For the past five years, the Graduating class
      MOORE CAPITO, ROSA DELAURO, JOHN SPRATT,                  munications and Computers (DISC4), Office of           has chosen Mr. McKee as the teacher who in-
      BOBBY RUSH, JIM MARSHALL, and DANNY                       the Secretary of the Army, with duty at the            fluenced them most.
      DAVIS, I am introducing legislation to reauthor-          Pentagon, Washington, D.C.                                Whether an English teacher, basketball
      ize the Healthy Start Act, H.R. 4905.                        Prior to recall to active duty under the De-        coach or Advisor on the school paper, John
         The Healthy Start program works to reduce              fense Department’s ‘‘Chairman’s Ten’’ pro-             McKee brought out the best in his students
      the incidence of infant mortality and low birth           gram, General Lowe held U.S. Army Reserve              and made sure they recognized it as well. In
      weight and eliminate perinatal disparities in             command assignments with the 351st Civil Af-           doing so, he ensured himself a permanent
      communities across the Nation where the in-               fairs Command, the 7th Psychological Oper-             spot in the memories of his students as one
      fant mortality rate is in excess of 150 percent           ations Group and the 14th Psychological Op-            who truly believed in them. Among students

VerDate May 21 2004    05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00037   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.180   E22PT2
      E1510                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
      and among his fellow teachers, his presence              vide them with the technological tools that now          INTRODUCTION OF H.R.ll, THE
      at Libbey will be sorely missed.                         employ over 1500.                                               LIBERTY LIST
         Mr. Speaker, the profession of education is              Overstock.com and Dr. Patrick Byrne under-
      not merely a job, it is a lifestyle. My apprecia-        stand the importance of all markets whether it                    HON. ADAM B. SCHIFF
      tion for teachers runs deep. And my apprecia-            is the individual consumer, small business                              OF CALIFORNIA
      tion for dedicating one’s life to the advance-           owner, or an artisan in a developing country.                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      ment of education runs deeper. John McKee                I applaud their efforts and their representation
                                                                                                                                  Thursday, July 22, 2004
      has effectively displayed a commitment to his            of Utah, American business, and the American
      community. John’s passion for education is               spirit.                                                   Mr. SCHIFF. Mr. Speaker, in presenting the
      what makes him a model citizen of the Fifth                                                                     2003 State Department Human Rights Report
      District.                                                                                                       Secretary of State Colin Powell declared, ‘‘We
         Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me               IN MEMORY OF NEIL HAVENS                           join in solidarity with courageous men and
      in paying special tribute to John Reagan                                                                        women all over the world who strive to ad-
      McKee for thirty years of success as an edu-                       HON. ELTON GALLEGLY                          vance human rights and democratic values
      cator. On behalf of the people of the Fifth Dis-                           OF CALIFORNIA                        within their own countries and throughout the
      trict of Ohio, I am proud to recognize John                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    international community.’’ Today, I introduce
      McKee’s great achievement. We wish John                               Thursday, July 22, 2004                   the Liberty List Act that will highlight those
      and his family all the best as we pay tribute                                                                   courageous men and women and reinforce the
                                                                  Mr. GALLEGLY. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay
      to one of Ohio’s finest citizens.                                                                               special significance of freedom, democracy,
                                                               tribute to the memory of Neil Havens, former
                                                                                                                      and human rights in American foreign policy.
                       f                                       postmaster of my hometown of Simi Valley,                 The Liberty List will be an independent an-
                                                               California, and a man for whom community               nual report issued by the State Department to
                                                               was family and who epitomized the spirit of            highlight the work of individuals and organiza-
                                                               Simi Valley.                                           tions, including the media, who promote the
                                                                  Neil Havens died peacefully Friday at the           development of liberty, democracy, and re-
                  HON. CHRIS CANNON                            age of 74 in his favorite chair in the home he         spect for human rights. In addition to honoring
                           OF UTAH                             and his wife, Pat, moved into soon after they          these individuals and organizations for their
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       married in 1951. A fourth-generation Simi Val-         important contributions to their societies, the
                    Thursday, July 22, 2004                    ley native, Neil was appointed postmaster by           Liberty List will draw attention to the conditions
                                                               President Dwight Eisenhower, taking over               against which the honorees struggle and will
         Mr. CANNON. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
                                                               from his father, Charles Reuben Havens. His            offer some protection for honorees by identi-
      honor and recognize a Utah company for the
                                                               grandfather, Charles Albert Havens, also deliv-        fying them to the international community. A
      help it has given to the recently freed people
                                                               ered the post in Simi Valley.                          few individuals and groups, such as Aung San
      of Afghanistan.                                             And while his 30-year reign as postmaster
         Overstock.com, founded in 1999, is one of                                                                    Suu Kyi and her National League for Democ-
                                                               guaranteed him a place in Simi Valley’s his-
      Utah’s best performing companies and a lead-                                                                    racy NLD, are known around the world for
                                                               tory, it was Neil’s commitment to community
      er in liquidating excess inventory through the                                                                  their struggle. Yet, for every individual who is
                                                               that guaranteed him a place in the hearts of
      Internet. For nearly five years, Overstock.com                                                                  known to the international community, there
                                                               all who knew him.
      has operated on principles of value investing               Neil Havens was a longtime Rotarian. He             are many other heroes who deserve recogni-
      and fair deals, which is why it has become a             served as president of the Rotary Club of Simi         tion and support as they risk their own lives
      leader on the Internet.                                  Valley twice. He was one of the founding               for the improvement of others’.
         Overstock.com has also done great work                                                                          The Liberty List is fundamentally different
                                                               members of the Simi Valley Education Foun-
      abroad as well. Worldstock is the socially re-                                                                  from the existing State Department Report on
                                                               dation. He served on the board of the Simi
      sponsible goods department of Overstock.com                                                                     International Religious Freedom and the an-
                                                               Valley Cultural Arts Center Foundation. He
      that contracts with skilled craftspeople in de-                                                                 nual Country Reports on Human Rights Prac-
                                                               was a member of the Salvation Army Disaster
      veloping countries and helps them sell their                                                                    tices. Current reports focus on the human
                                                               Team. He raised money for Simi Valley Hos-
      products. I am proud to say that this Utah                                                                      rights records of national governments; they
                                                               pital. He was active in the U.S. Naval Re-
      based company is now Afghanistan’s largest                                                                      deal with the imposition of state power. The
                                                               serve. And the list goes on.
      private employer. The Ministry of Commerce                  But that is not what people talk about when         Liberty List, in contrast, will spotlight individ-
      in Afghanistan reported that Worldstock has              they talk about Neil Havens. They talk about           uals and organizations who are working
      made it possible for 1,400 Afghans—90 per-               his firm handshake and his ready smile                 against that power to build freedom, democ-
      cent of them women—to earn a living. This is             framed by a trademark jawline beard. They              racy, and respect for human rights.
      a quite a feat, considering that just a few short                                                                  Leaders in the struggle for freedom and de-
                                                               talk about how many friends he had and how
      years ago Afghanis, especially women, were                                                                      mocracy around the world deserve recognition
                                                               he called every week. They talk about how
      living under the oppressive Taliban regime.                                                                     for the sacrifices and their struggles. It is
                                                               their lawn was mysteriously mowed when they
         In Afghanistan, Overstock.com has been                                                                       through the work individuals, who struggle at
                                                               fell ill, to find out later that it was Neil who
      able to utilize technology to provide employ-                                                                   the local and national levels to improve the
                                                               wielded the mysterious mower. They talk
      ment for this developing country. Over-                                                                         lives of their families, friends, and neighbors,
                                                               about how he visited sick friends every day
      stock.com has given Afghanis the skills need-                                                                   that democracy, freedom, and human rights
                                                               they were ill and looked after their family once
      ed for long-term business success. Addition-                                                                    will prevail. The Liberty List Act will establish
                                                               they passed.
      ally, Overstock.com has said that it will not               Neil Havens defined community as family.            a means by which the United States can
      make a profit of more than one percent on                And Neil looked after his family.                      honor these men and women as they strive to
      goods sold through its Worldstock division.                 Neil is survived by his wife, Pat, herself a        make the world a better, safer place.
      This policy has allowed women, prevented                 community icon. She and Neil graduated to-                I urge my colleagues to join me as cospon-
      from working under the Taliban regime, to now            gether from Simi Valley High School in 1947            sors of this legislation.
      flourish. Global trade and commerce are now              and raised three children in Simi Valley,                              f
      a reality to the Afghani people thanks in part           Debra, Barbara and Russ. The City Council                    THE CASE OF THE HUNGARIAN
      to the efforts of Overstock.com.                         named Pat as Simi Valley’s first City Historian                     GOLD TRAIN
         I would also like to recognize the founder            while I was mayor of the city, a post she still
      and CEO of Overstock.com, Dr. Patrick Byrne.             holds along with Director of the Strathearn                              ´
                                                                                                                                HON. JOSE E. SERRANO
      Being a three-time cancer survivor has not               Historical Park and Museum.                                              OF NEW YORK
      slowed down his altruism, productivity or cre-              In addition, Neil is survived by four grand-              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      ativity. It is Dr. Byrne’s vision that drives Over-      children.
      stock.com and its work in Afghanistan. In                   Mr. Speaker, I know my colleagues join me                     Thursday, July 22, 2004
      2003, Dr. Byrne hired Neelab Kaniska, an Af-             in sending our condolences to Pat Havens,                Mr. SERRANO. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      ghan woman who fled her homeland when                    their children and grandchildren, and pause in         discuss an important issue of justice for Holo-
      she was a child, to manage Worldstock. This              remembering a man whose family extended                caust survivors: the saga of the Hungarian
      position allowed Neelab to return to her native          far beyond the bonds of blood and whose life           Gold Train, and the role played by the United
      country and work with local artisans and pro-            embraced all who knew him. Godspeed, Neil.             States government.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00038   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.183   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                 E1511
         As the Presidential Advisory Committee on             work with Mr. Fielding as necessary to see                But in regard to the Hungarian Gold Train,
      Holocaust Assets, PCHA, first revealed in full           that justice is done. As the report indicates, it       the American government followed a starkly
      in 1999, this was a dark mark on the other-              is important that the Justice Department treat          different policy. The train, totaling 24 rail
                                                                                                                       cars and holding countless Hungarian Jews’
      wise heroic and exemplary role played by the             this mediation seriously and at last resolve this
                                                                                                                       valuables that had been confiscated by the
      United States in the treatment of Holocaust              matter in a way that is fair, compassionate,            pro-Nazi Hungarian government, was seized
      survivors. In 1944, the Nazis systematically             and prompt.                                             by the U.S. Army in Austria in mid-May
      confiscated the property of Hungary’s Jews. A               I believe that the most authoritative account        1945, just after the war had ended. Despite
      train loaded with stolen property was turned             of this case—and of the United States govern-           constant appeals for years by the post-war
      over to U.S. Army after World War II ended.              ment’s moral duty to compensate these sur-              Hungarian government and the official Hun-
      Our policy and law required us to return that            vivors—was recently written by the Hon. Stu-            garian Jewish organizations to return the
      property to its rightful owners. Instead, the            art E. Eizenstat. Ambassador Eizenstat was              property—even to simply permit an exam-
                                                                                                                       ination of the valuables—the American gov-
      United States refused to return the property to          the Special Representative on Holocaust Res-
                                                                                                                       ernment refused. Even the American Lega-
      Hungary—despite the pleas of Holocaust sur-              titution Issues during his time as Under Sec-           tion to Hungary questioned Washington’s re-
      vivors. Worse, our government covered up the             retary of State and Deputy Treasury Secretary           fusal.
      matter for half a century. As the PCHA con-              during the 1990s. He sat on the PCHA and is
                                                                                                                         Instead, the U.S. Army declared the Gold
      cluded, the Gold Train is ‘‘an example of an             respected worldwide for his balanced leader-            Train assets ‘‘enemy property’’ unidentifi-
      egregious failure of the United States to follow         ship on this issue. He recently wrote an article        able as to individual ownership and national
      its own policy regarding restitution of Holo-            in the Forward, the respected Jewish news-              origin, making restitution infeasible. In-
      caust victims’ property after World War II.’’            paper. I strongly agree with the thrust of this         stead of returning the property to the Hun-
         As members of this House are well aware,              article, and I would like to enter it into the          garian government, as the French army did
      the United States has been at the forefront of           record at the end of this statement.                    with other Jewish assets it seized after the
      recent worldwide efforts to assure restitution              Mr. Speaker, simply put, justice delayed is          war, some senior American military officers
      and historic justice for Holocaust survivors.                                                                    requisitioned the property to furnish their
                                                               justice denied. These Holocaust survivors
                                                                                                                       apartments in Austria. Other items, such as
      When other nations or their corporations have            came to the United States to build new lives,           watches, alarm clocks and cameras, were
      tried to use legalistic defenses, such as sov-           and our government has wrongly withheld the             sold through Army Exchange stores in Aus-
      ereign immunity or statutes of limitations, we           compensation which could have helped in that            tria. More than 1,100 paintings, some with
      have said forthrightly that there is a moral as          process. They have been waiting for almost              impressive credentials, were transferred by
      well as a legal obligation to make historic              sixty years for justice. They should not have to        the U.S. Army to the Austrian government.
      amends. Sadly, in dealing with the claims of             wait any longer.                                        A substantial amount of property was sold
      the Hungarian Holocaust survivors, our own                                                                       for auction in New York, with proceeds
                                                                      [From the Forward, June 17, 2004]                transferred to the International Refugee Or-
      government has taken the very approach we
                                                                   INTEGRITY OF THE RESTITUTION PROCESS                ganization to benefit Holocaust survivors. A
      have decried elsewhere.
                                                                   RESTS ON SINGLE STANDARD OF JUSTICE                 small number of items simply were stolen.
         The survivors filed suit in federal court in
      Miami in 2001 seeking an accounting and res-                             (By Stuart Eizenstat)                     None of the property, however, was re-
      titution. The Justice Department has litigated             During the last decade, Swiss, German,                turned to the large surviving Hungarian
                                                               Austrian and French companies and their                 Jewish community from whom the Gold
      this case in a manner that appears to ignore
                                                               governments paid some $8 billion to Jewish              Train assets had been confiscated.
      its moral dimensions, and that appears to con-
                                                               and non-Jewish victims of the Third Reich,                After successfully urging more than 20
      tradict our bipartisan national policy on Holo-          disgorged thousands of dormant bank ac-
      caust restitution. It has sought to have the                                                                     countries to establish historical commis-
                                                               counts, finally honored prewar insurance                sions to examine their role in dealing with
      case thrown out of court—an effort rejected by           policies and returned confiscated property              looted Nazi assets, President Clinton fol-
      Judge Patricia Seitz. It has insisted on taking          and artwork.                                            lowed my recommendation to create our own
      grueling in-person depositions from dozens of              The Europeans paid reparations for their              Presidential Advisory Commission on Holo-
      elderly survivors. It only filed a substantive re-       conduct during World War II, and restituted             caust Assets in the United States. The com-
      sponse to the lawsuit three years later. In that         property even though their legal liability              mission, headed by Edgar Bronfman—who
      response, it chided the survivors themselves             more than half a century later stood on                 played a critical role in exposing the misuse
                                                               shaky grounds. They did so in significant               of Jewish bank accounts by Swiss banks—
      for lacking the ‘‘due diligence’’ to learn about
                                                               part because the American government in-                first publicly disclosed the disturbing facts
      the Gold Train, despite the fact that the gov-           sisted that they had a moral and historical             about the Hungarian Gold Train in an in-
      ernment itself covered up the story and kept             responsibility to those they wronged.                   terim report in 1999 and in a later report in
      documents classified for decades! This sort of             Now, however, the shoe is on the other foot           December 2000. The Bronfman-led commis-
      foot-dragging only adds insult to injury. The            in the ‘‘Hungarian Gold Train’’ case. The               sion, in which I served as a commissioner,
      Department of Justice has a duty, in my view,            American government is being sued by Jew-               did not flinch from exposing misjudgments
      not only to vigorously uphold the law, but also          ish survivors for alleged improper handling             by the American government—just as the
      to pursue justice and seek fair restitution for          of assets stolen from them by the pro-Nazi              Clinton administration did not hesitate to do
                                                               regime in Hungary. Faced with righting                  for so many years with other countries.
      those victims who lost property on the Gold
                                                               what may be America’s historical wrong, the
      Train.                                                   Justice Department has forgotten our own                  Our disclosures led to a private class-ac-
         The report accompanying the Commerce,                 message to the world, and is relying on strict          tion lawsuit, Irvin Rosner et al v. United
      Justice and State Appropriations bill makes              legal arguments to escape responsibility.               States, by more than 3,000 Hungarian Holo-
      clear the Appropriations Committee’s concern               This is the wrong approach and should be              caust survivors against the American gov-
      over this issue. Report language indicates that          corrected immediately, lest we lose the                 ernment, seeking an accounting of the con-
                                                               moral high ground that was indispensable to             tents of the Gold Train; a search of U.S.
      the Committee is watching this case carefully.
                                                               achieving our agreements—and that remains               Army posts for the valuables and the return
      As I told Deputy Attorney General Comey                                                                          of any Gold Train property still in govern-
      when he testified before the Subcommittee in             essential today to ensure our agreements are
                                                               honored and that other human rights viola-              ment hands; and up to $10,000 in damages
      March, I have heard a great deal about this                                                                      from each member of the class of Hungarian
                                                               tions are taken seriously.
      from Holocaust survivors. I feel very strongly             The U.S. Army was not only heroic in win-
                                                                                                                       Jewish survivors.
      that these individuals should not be dragged             ning World War II, but also had an enviable               Instead of acting as we had urged foreign
      through further time-consuming litigation and            postwar record in recovering Nazi-looted                government and their companies to act, in-
      court proceedings.                                       property. Unlike the Soviet Union, which                stead of even calling for an investigation of
         Mr. Speaker, I believe the judge’s order that         took away valuable paintings and cultural               the facts to establish whether there truly
      the Justice Department mediate the case with             property as war booty, the American govern-             was the kind of culpability our presidential
      the survivors is a very positive development.            ment never tried to enrich itself as the vic-           commission found, the American govern-
      The parties have agreed that Fred Fielding,              torious power. In accordance with inter-                ment moved to dismiss the case on the basis
                                                               national legal principles and American pol-             of the statute of limitations, the sovereign
      the former White House counsel to President              icy, art and cultural property was returned             immunity of the United States and the inap-
      Reagan and currently a member of the Com-                to the countries from which it had been                 propriateness of the federal court system as
      mission on Terrorist Attacks on the United               taken. In turn, those countries were ex-                a proper forum for these claims. The govern-
      States, the 9/11 Commission, will conduct the            pected to return the property to the citizens           ment has subjected elderly survivors to rig-
      mediation. I will monitor this process, and              from whom it had been confiscated.                      orous depositions, and has used an expert

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00039    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.187   E22PT2
      E1512                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      witness, the chair of Tel Aviv University’s                    TRIBUTE TO SENIORS DAY                           church, his family activities, and his neighbor-
      Jewish history department, to contest some                                                                      hood.
      of our commission’s findings and the plain-
      tiffs’ more sensational allegations.                             HON. MICHAEL H. MICHAUD                           For those who are unfamiliar with Mr.
        Even if the Hungarian Gold Train case is                                    OF MAINE                          Yoshikawa’s life, I would like to take a mo-
      questionable on legal grounds, and even                                                                         ment to highlight some of his extraordinary
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      though some of the facts remain contested,                                                                      contributions. In addition to serving as Presi-
      the moral claim by the survivors that their                         Thursday, July 22, 2004                     dent of the San Jose Buddhist Church
      assets were not returned is solid. What, then,              Mr. MICHAUD. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to           Betsuin, Bob served on the board of directors
      should be done now?                                                                                             of both the SJBC and Fuji Towers and played
                                                               recognize the first annual Tribute to Seniors
        For starters, the mindset of the Bush ad-                                                                     an integral part on many committees. Mr.
      ministration’s Justice Department must                   Day to be hosted by the Waldo County YMCA
      change. We must hold ourselves to the same               in the City of Belfast, Maine.                         Yoshikawa served as past chairman of the
      rigorous moral and historical accountability                The focus of this important day is to honor         San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin Ministerial
      to which we have held foreign governments                the seniors of Waldo County and their dedica-          Affairs and Obon Committees, as well as
      and their corporations. This was the basic               tion to their community and their families. This       being a charter member and current president
      argument made by a bipartisan group of 17                event will give important recognition to our           of the Young Japanese Adults. In 2002, Rob-
      senators, including Hillary Rodham Clinton               seniors, and will include a health fair and other      ert was presented with the Volunteer Recogni-
      of New York and Trent Lott of Mississippi,                                                                      tion Award by the Junior League of San Jose.
                                                               events and activities that will provide useful
      in a recent letter to Attorney General John
      Ashcroft.                                                social services information.                              In addition to his extensive volunteer work,
        As reported in these pages two weeks ago,                 Tribute to Seniors Day will be a fitting salute     Mr. Yoshikawa was a wonderful husband to
      U.S. Federal Judge Patricia Seitz granted                to a group that over the years has persevered          his wife Phyllis and father to his sons, Mark
      part of the Justice Department’s motion to               and seen our country through hard and trying           and Scott. He served as an ideal role model
      dismiss the Hungarian Gold Train case, but               times, including those of the Greatest Genera-         for his sons, teaching them right from wrong,
      denied other parts and has ordered the                   tion who lived through the Great Depression            imparting to them a spirit of service, and mak-
      United States to submit to mediation. The                and a World War. They were forged in the               ing time to involve himself in their lives and
      Justice Department should now take the op-
                                                               toughest trials of this century, and they remain       activities. He could often be seen videotaping
      portunity to allow the mediator to review all
      the records and documents and to weigh the               community leaders to this day.                         his sons’ football games or driving them to
      contested facts, including the amount of                    While the struggles this generation has             various Boy Scouts, sporting or church activi-
      Hungarian Jewish assets that was actually                faced over the years have changed, today the           ties in his Chevy Suburban. He would con-
      on the Gold Train.                                       important fight is for affordable heath care and       stantly guide his sons with sage advice from
        Of course, it will be almost impossible for            prescription drugs, and our seniors are leading        his experience and the experiences of his own
      survivors to identify individual items that              the charge. There is no greater gift of grati-         father. He was a man of strong conviction,
      were confiscated from them and to deter-                 tude that we can give to our seniors than to           who stood behind his decisions without waver-
      mine which items made their way onto the                                                                        ing.
      Gold Train. That is why the Bush adminis-
                                                               join them in this fight and improve Medicare in
      tration should apply the same ‘‘rough jus-               order to make prescription drugs affordable for           Robert Yoshikawa, a second generation
      tice’’ concepts we used in negotiating with              all.                                                   American, was born in Newcastle, California in
      the Germans, Austrians, Swiss and French—                   I am certain that this event will be a re-          1940. Upon graduating from high school, he
      this time, for the benefit of Hungarian Jew-             sounding success for years to come and will            attended Sierra Junior College before matricu-
      ish survivors in the United States, Israel and           provide other areas with a model through               lating on to San Jose State where he received
      Hungary.                                                 which to recognize the lifelong dedication and         a degree in mechanical engineering and met
        After all, it was no easier for slave and              service provided by local seniors. I encourage         his future wife, Phyllis Osaki. The couple first
      forced laborers of German and Austrian com-
      panies to identify their employers. Yet Ger-
                                                               everyone in Waldo County to attend this im-            lived in an apartment in Sunnyvale, but spent
      man and Austrian corporations and their re-              portant event and lend their support for their         the past 37 years in the house in San Jose
      spective governments met their responsi-                 friends and family as we celebrate Tribute to          that they watched being built. It was there they
      bility and paid billions of dollars to sur-              Seniors Day.                                           raised their two boys. Robert worked at Lock-
      vivors, Jews and non-Jews alike. The French                 To our seniors who have lived through and           heed Martin until his retirement in 2003. At
      government likewise faced its moral respon-              experienced so much, and who still remain pil-         Lockheed, Robert’s robust engineering skills
      sibility to those victimized by Vichy France.            lars of our community, I salute you.                   and attention to detail were instrumental in the
        Justice would be served if the mediator ap-                                                                   success of several important projects. He was
      pointed by Seitz was permitted to make a                                   f
                                                                                                                      praised for being accurate and efficient, and
      recommendation to the parties, Congress
      held a hearing on the mediator’s findings and
                                                                      MEMORIALIZING ROBERT                            his remarkable patience and experience made
      on competing allegations, and President                          MASAHIRO YOSHIKAWA                             him a valuable mentor to the younger engi-
      Bush asked Congress for a reasonable lump                                                                       neers at Lockheed.
      sum payment to be allocated on a per capita
      basis to living Hungarian Holocaust sur-
                                                                        HON. MICHAEL M. HONDA                            Upon retiring from his job at Lockheed Mar-
                                                                                 OF CALIFORNIA                        tin after 40 years, Mr. Yoshikawa embarked
      vivors who file an affidavit identifying their                                                                  on yet another chapter in his full life. Though
      moveable property that was taken in April                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      1944 by the pro-Nazi regime.
                                                                                                                      he and Phyllis had already traveled the globe,
                                                                          Thursday, July 22, 2004                     he had even more trips planned and was en-
        Obviously, the American government is
      only responsible for what it seized on the                  Mr. HONDA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to             joying his return to improving his golf game
      Gold Train and failed to return. And the                 honor the life and contributions of Mr. Robert         with other retired friends. Always wanting to
      amount should reflect that some of the as-               Masahiro Yoshikawa who recently passed                 be useful, he also agreed to volunteer at the
      sets were sold for the benefit of Holocaust              away. He was a pillar of the community and             Japanese American Museum of San Jose as
      survivors in the United States, a small num-             a personal friend of mine. Mr. Yoshikawa               just one more in his myriad of community
      ber of whom were Hungarian Jews. The                                                                            services. It was on March 24, while volun-
      amount, however, is less important than es-
                                                               made an immeasurable impact on all those
                                                               around him through his career, his volunteer           teering at the museum, that Mr. Yoshikawa
      tablishing the principle that the United
      States will hold itself to the same standard             work, and his devotion to family. His tireless         died of a heart attack. Since he was in appar-
      to which we have held others.                            efforts improved the lives of countless people         ent excellent health, his passing came as
        And importantly, a simple, straight-                   in his community.                                      quite a shock to all who knew him.
      forward apology should accompany the pay-                   I met Robert Yoshikawa many years ago                  Mr. Speaker, I rise today to mourn the loss
      ments for what was likely a singular devi-               when we were both students at San Jose                 of a friend and a role model. I knew Robert for
      ation from the otherwise sterling conduct of             State University. From that moment on, he              40 years and he was as inspirational to me
      the American military after World War II.
      The United States will then be in a stronger
                                                               continually amazed me with his unwavering              the last time I saw him, as he was when we
      position to continue to urge other countries             selflessness and his extraordinary dedication          first met. I know that the people of the Bay
      to meet their responsibilities—and we will               to the community. Throughout his life, he con-         Area appreciate everything that this wonderful
      have proved that when the shoe is on our                 sistently put others before himself through vol-       man has done for them and I feel privileged
      foot, we can wear it.                                    unteering and his active involvement with his          for having known him.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00040   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.190   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1513
          TRIBUTE TO KELLER HAYES                                Please join me commending Keller Hayes                 Given the importance of his mission, it’s
                                                               for her professional achievement, community            fitting that Lynch was back at the Haley
                                                                                                                      Farm Freedom School, a 157-acre spread out-
                 HON. DIANA DeGETTE                            service and active involvement in helping
                                                                                                                      side Knoxville, over the weekend. There he
                        OF COLORADO                            women attain professional excellence and a
                                                                                                                      joined a cross section of the Democratic Par-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       dynamic voice in public life. It is the strong         ty’s elite, including David Dinkins and Eliza-
                                                               leadership she exhibits on a daily basis that          beth Edwards, the wife of the vice presi-
                   Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               continually enhances our lives and builds a            dential candidate, at the dedication of the
         Ms. DEGETTE. Mr. Speaker, I would like to             better future for all Americans.                       Riggio-Lynch Chapel, a building paid for by
      recognize the notable accomplishments of a                                 f                                    the bookstore magnate and designed by re-
      remarkable woman in the 1st Congressional                                                                       nowned architect Maya Lin (of Vietnam me-
      District of Colorado. It is both fitting and prop-       HONORING BILL LYNCH AS DEP-                            morial fame).
      er that we recognize Keller Hayes for her im-             UTY MANAGER FOR KERRY-ED-                               The farm, formerly owned by the writer
      pressive record of business and civic leader-             WARDS CAMPAIGN                                        Alex Haley, was acquired a decade ago by the
                                                                                                                      Children’s Defense Fund and transformed
      ship as well as her invaluable service to our                                                                   into a thriving conference and training cen-
      state and community.                                              HON. CHARLES B. RANGEL                        ter for veterans of the civil rights movement
         Keller Hayes has used her time, skill and                                OF NEW YORK                         and their younger, modern successors. Over
      energy to make Colorado a better place. She                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    the last 10 years, more than 6,000 young peo-
      came to our community from a small ranch in                                                                     ple have passed through the Haley farm for
      rural Nebraska and graduated from the Uni-                           Thursday, July 22, 2004                    retreat-like workshops on everything from
      versity of Nebraska at Lincoln with a degree in             Mr. RANGEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise to recog-           writing policy papers to studying how civil
      Journalism and Women’s Studies. She worked               nize the appointment of William (Bill) Lynch Jr.       disobedience works.
                                                               as Deputy Campaign Manager for the Kerry-                College-age      activists,    many    with
      for various publishing houses, including a
                                                                                                                      dreadlocks and tattoos, regularly sit and
      trade publication in Minnesota and for Mon-              Edwards Presidential Campaign.                         swap stories with movement veterans who
      terey Life in California before joining the Colo-           A Harlem native and former Deputy Mayor             put their bodies on the line in places like
      rado Women’s Chamber of Commerce.                        of the City of New York, Bill Lynch has more           Selma, Birmingham and the Mississippi
         For Keller, the economic empowerment of               than 30 years experience in local and national         Delta. The same kids are the secret weapon
      women has meaning. Whether advocating for                politics, government operations and public pol-        that could carry the election.
      passage of a pay-equity resolution at the                icy. In 1997, former President William J. Clin-          Lynch, a former union organizer who did
      statehouse or developing a Women’s Busi-                 ton nominated Mr. Lynch for the position of            his share of sit-ins before turning to elec-
                                                               Vice Chair to the Democratic National Com-             toral politics, is expected to tap into this
      ness Certification program to allow women-
                                                                                                                      army of well-trained young activists and
      owned companies to gain greater access to                mittee.
                                                                                                                      bring their farm-stoked energy into the
      corporate and government contracts, Keller                  Prior to Mr. Lynch’s appointment as the             Kerry-Edwards campaign.
      has been a champion for social and economic              Deputy Mayor for Intergovernmental Affairs in            The challenge for Lynch will be to per-
      empowerment. She believes in the mission of              1989, he served as Campaign Manager for                suade party bigwigs that in many commu-
      the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Com-                     David Dinkins ’89 and as Chief of Staff to the         nities, no amount of expensive advertising,
      merce and during her tenure as President, she            then Manhattan Borough President. Bill Lynch           fancy Internet networking or televised de-
      gave its mission new life and helped build a             has been a social and political activist for the       bating can replace doorknocking, phone-
                                                               past twenty-five years, serving as Director of         banking and other kinds of grass-roots orga-
      dynamic organization. When Keller took up the
      job, she and a part-time person were the only            Legislation and Political Action for District
                                                                                                                        It’s a debate that goes on in every Demo-
      staff the chamber had. Today, the organization           Council 1701 of the American Federation of             cratic campaign. All too often, fancy media
      has eight staff people, boasts 1,700 members             State and Municipal Employees (AFL–CIO), as            strategists win the debate and grab most of
      and has become the largest women’s cham-                 well as Campaign Manager for Congressman               the campaign funds—and then lose the elec-
      ber in the country. Under Keller’s leadership,           MAJOR OWENS and Assemblyman William                    tion.
      the Women’s Chamber created a structure                  Frank Boyland both of Brooklyn, New York.                It doesn’t have to turn out that way. The
      that promotes the economic advancement of                   Mr. Lynch will lead a national effort to moti-      troops who could win the fall election have
                                                               vate and deliver key Democratic Party con-             been training quietly for more than a decade
      its members and provides meaningful leader-
                                                                                                                      on that quiet farm outside Knoxville. If
      ship for women in business. Keller has                   stituent groups, particularly African Americans
                                                                                                                      Lynch succeeds at bringing them into a
      opened doors and garnered respect for the                and Latinos that have been marginalized in             Democratic win, it will look like a 100-day
      women’s business community. She has                      the past. I urge my colleagues to join me in           electoral miracle.
      brought other women along and helped get                 commending Mr. William Lynch on his recent                              f
      them a seat at the table. Keller has fought for          appointment as the Deputy Campaign Man-
      recognition of both the immeasurable contribu-           ager for the Kerry-Edwards Presidential Cam-           INTRODUCTION OF BILL TO ES-
      tion of women to our economy and the full                paign and wish him all the success.                      TABLISH A BORDER PATROL
      value of women’s abilities. As a result of her              I commend to my colleagues the following              UNIT FOR THE U.S. VIRGIN IS-
      leadership, business women have become a                 article, which appeared in the New York Daily            LANDS
      more powerful force in our city and our state.           News on July 20, 2004.
         For her efforts, Keller was chosen the 2001                [From the Daily News, July 20, 2004]                     HON. DONNA M. CHRISTENSEN
      Outstanding Woman in Business Nonprofit by                            DEMS’ NEW CAPTAIN                                        OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS
      the Denver Business Journal and 2002                                    (By Errol Louis)                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      Women in Business Advocate of the Year in                  On a quiet, isolated farm in Tennessee, a
      Region VIII for the Small Business Administra-                                                                             Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               few hundred political leaders gathered Sun-
      tion. But it takes a special person to reach a           day to honor two New Yorkers—Len Riggio,                  Mrs. CHRISTENSEN. Mr. Speaker, I rise
      high level of professional accomplishment and            the Brooklyn-born chairman of Barnes &                 today to introduce legislation to require the
      still find the time and energy to give back to           Noble, and former Deputy Mayor Bill                    Secretary of Homeland Security to establish at
      the community. Over the past six years, Keller           Lynch—in a ceremony that symbolizes a piv-             least one Border Patrol unit for the U.S. Virgin
                                                               otal moment in the race for President.
      has volunteered for the Rape/Spouse Abuse                                                                       Islands.
                                                               Newly named to the post of deputy manger
      Crisis Center as an on-line counselor, volun-            of the Kerry-Edwards campaign, Lynch will                 With over 175 miles of unprotected and
      teer trainer, speaker and public relations vol-          help lead a national effort to fire up and de-         open borders, the Virgin Islands are the gate-
      unteer. Not only has Keller used her skills and          liver many of the Democratic Party’s key               way to the U.S. and our nation’s southernmost
      talents to promote the economic empower-                 constituent groups. That includes women,               border. And, it would appear, Mr. Speaker that
      ment of women, she has done much to ad-                  gays, young adults, blacks, Latinos and                the U.S. Virgin Islands is today the gateway of
      vance the well-being of our people.                      union members, especially in the swing                 choice for human smugglers.
         While I believe many of us are saddened               states—all in the 104-day sprint between now              Since 1998 more than 500 Chinese nation-
                                                               and Election Day.
      Keller has left the Women’s Chamber, I am                                                                       als have entered the territory of the U.S. Virgin
                                                                 Should Lynch succeed, the ticket stands a
      confident that her leadership, skill and experi-         good chance of winning. But if he comes up             Islands. Those dropping the aliens ashore
      ence will be of great benefit to all of us in her        even a little bit short in key states like             have identified the Virgin Islands as an area
      new venture and we look forward to her con-              Ohio, Pennsylvania or Florida, it could cost           from which illegals can try to travel undetected
      tinued involvement in our civic life.                    the Democrats the election.                            to the U.S. mainland. While most of these

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00041   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.194   E22PT2
      E1514                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         July 22, 2004
      landings have principally been during the pre-                 LIST OF CHANGES FROM H.R. 3143 AS                exchanges become employees of the FTC sub-
      dawn hours at one of the several cays on the                                 INTRODUCED                         ject to the same ethics standards as other
      island of St. John, there have also been land-             S. 1234, § 1: Includes statements of findings        employees. Corrects the citations to appoint-
                                                               and purpose.                                           ing authorities.
      ings on all three islands with 15 Chinese na-
                                                                 S. 1234, § 4(b) (adding FTC Act, 6(j)(3)): Re-         S. 1234, § 11: Provides an overall savings
      tionals being apprehended on St. John and St.                                                                   clause for existing authority.
                                                               quires FTC to consider the U.S. public inter-
      Thomas as recently as this past April 19th.              est as a whole, not only consumers’ interest,            S. 1234, § 13(9): Requires report to Congress
      According to the U.S. Attorney for the Virgin            in determining whether to provide investiga-           on FTC litigation brought in foreign courts.
      Islands, ‘‘we don’t know who these people are            tive assistance to a foreign agency.                                     f
      who are smuggled into the territory from                   S. 1234, § 4(b) (adding FTC Act, § 6(j)(4)):
      China.’’                                                 Clarifies State Department oversight of the             A TRIBUTE TO RONALD E. JONES
         Because of the lack of a Border Patrol Unit           development of international agreements.
                                                                 S. 1234, § 4(b) (adding FTC Act, § 6(j)(6));
      in the territory, other federal agencies such as
                                                               also 4(d): Excludes investigative assistance
                                                                                                                                     HON. RICK BOUCHER
      Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)                                                                                          OF VIRGINIA
                                                               to a foreign law enforcement agency in mat-
      have to spend a significant amount of man-                                                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               ters targeting a bank, savings and loan insti-
      hours apprehending, processing, detaining                tution, federal credit union, or common car-
      and watching aliens in custody. ICE has to                                                                                  Thursday, July 22, 2004
      use between 6 and 8 agents in every landing                S. 1234, § 4(b) (adding FTC Act, § 6(j)(7));            Mr. BOUCHER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
      of 12 to 15 aliens. At a rate of on average 3            also § 6(a) (amending FTC Act, § 21(b)(6)): En-        recognize a fine Virginian, Ronald E. Jones,
      to 4 landings per month more than 80 hours               sures no support given to countries on Sec-            who has served our state and community as
      are spent processing these aliens. Time which            retary of State’s ‘‘terrorism list.’’                  a teacher, a committed volunteer, a good
                                                                 S. 1234, § 5: Clarifies and simplifies provi-
      could be used to investigate conspiracies,                                                                      Democrat and a fine family man.
                                                               sion on FTC’s cooperation with DOJ regard-
      smuggling organizations and dismantling rings.           ing foreign litigation.                                   Ronald E. Jones was born in Richlands, Vir-
         Mr. Speaker, having a Border Patrol Unit                S. 1234, § 6(a) (amending FTC Act, § 21(b)(6)):      ginia and has devoted his life to educating the
      assigned in the territory would also enable us           Provides the appropriate Federal banking               children of Russell and Buchanan Counties.
      to deal with the other serious problem we face           agency or NCUA with a right of prior ap-               Mr. Jones was a music teacher and taught not
      which is drug smuggling. ICE has identified              proval before FTC provides a foreign agency            only music but lessons about life. In addition
      several trafficking organizations that use the           with materials obtained under compulsory               to his duties as a teacher, Mr. Jones devoted
      U.S. Virgin Islands to conduct drug smuggling            process for a matter targeting a bank, sav-
                                                                                                                      countless hours to his students and commu-
      operations, with marijuana, cocaine and heroin           ings and loan institution, or Federal credit
                                                               union.                                                 nity as Band Director for Lebanon High
      being shipped to the territory on a weekly                 S. 1234, § 6(b) (amending FTC Act, § 21(f)):         School, Cleveland Middle School and Council
      basis.                                                   Makes the section more parallel to SEC pro-            High School. Many fine musicians in our part
         We also know Mr. Speaker, of the very real            vision and eliminates a reference in existing          of Virginia studied with Mr. Jones and his work
      connection and relationship between drugs                FTC Act to ‘‘exemption’’ from FOIA; does               has touched the lives of each of his students.
      and terrorism: One third of listed terrorist orga-       not alter the scope of the FTC’s current abil-            Mr. Jones is also an active member of his
      nizations are involved in drug trafficking; ac-          ity to protect domestic information from               community. He has been a Mason, a member
      cording to published reports Al Qaeda and                disclosure.
                                                                 S. 1234, § 7(a) (adding FTC Act, § 21A(b)):          of the Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, and a mem-
      Osama bin Laden financed the development                                                                        ber of the Virginia Jaycees where he still
                                                               Tracks more closely the language of RFPA
      of a highly addictive liquid heroin as part of           and ECPA for orders under those laws delay-            serves as an ‘‘Exhausted Rooster’’ with that
      their multi-pronged terrorists campaign to de-           ing notice or prohibiting disclosure, for a            organization. Mr. Jones has also utilized his
      stabilize western society; and according to a            limited time, of an FTC request for informa-           musical skills to honor our nation’s heroes and
      UN report, ‘‘Funds used from the production-             tion, because of anticipated adverse results.          as a bugler has played Taps at military funer-
      and trading of opium and heroin are used to              Clarifies that a court has discretion whether          als across Southwest Virginia. He is honored
      buy arms and other war materials and to fi-              to issue such an order. Makes use of terms
                                                                                                                      that the Governor of the Commonwealth of
      nance the training of terrorists and support the         consistent throughout the section.
                                                                 S. 1234, § 7(a) (adding FTC Act, § 21A(c)):          Virginia recognized his service by naming him
      operations of extremist.                                 Clarifies provision authorizing the FTC to             a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky
         Mr. Speaker, it is a proven fact that it’s            seek a court order prohibiting disclosure of           Colonels.
      more beneficial to stop undocumented aliens              an FTC request for information in an appro-               In addition to his community and musical
      and contraband before it enters the United               priate case and for a limited time: applies            endeavors, Mr. Jones has also served his
      States, rather than attempt to catch everything          only when neither RFPA nor ECPA requires               community in both the governmental and polit-
      after it has already entered. Having a Border            notice. Does not apply to investigative tar-           ical arena. He served the Town of Lebanon as
      Patrol in the Virgin Islands will increase expo-         gets or disclosures to Federal agencies.
                                                                 S. 1234, § 7(a) (adding FTC Act, § 21A(d)):          a Councilman and as Vice Mayor. A proud
      nentially the ability of our country to intercept                                                               Democrat, he served on the Russell County
                                                               Clarifies that protection from legal liability
      the next potentially dangerous terrorist before                                                                 Democratic Party nominating committee for
                                                               for not disclosing an FTC request applies
      he or she reaches our shores or the drugs                only if neither RFPA nor ECPA requires no-             many years and is a life long member of the
      that could be used the finance another 9/11              tice of the request, and does not apply to an          Democratic Party.
      type operation. I urge my colleagues to sup-             obligation to notify a Federal agency of the              Mr. Jones is a valued and cherished mem-
      port this important bill.                                request.                                               ber of his community. I am glad that this body
                       f                                         S. 1234, § 7(a) (adding FTC Act, § 21A(g)):
                                                                                                                      can recognize his service today and thank
                                                               Restructures the list of adverse results, but
      INTRODUCTION OF THE REVISED                              retains the same items.                                him, his wife of almost 40 years Bonnie Sue,
        INTERNATIONAL      CONSUMER                              S. 1234, § 8 (adding FTC Act, §§ 21B(a) and          and his son Bradley E. Jones, for the service
        PROTECTION ACT OF 2004                                 (c)): Clarifies protection from liability for          that he has provided to my area of Virginia.
                                                               voluntary provision of information to the                                f
                                                               FTC. Precludes protection for a failure to
                  HON. CLIFF STEARNS                           meet any notice obligation to a Federal                      TRIBUTE TO EDGAR UIHLEIN
                         OF FLORIDA                            agency.
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         S. 1234, § 8 (adding FTC Act, § 21 B(b): Nar-
                                                               rows protection from liability for voluntary
                                                                                                                                 HON. PHILIP M. CRANE
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                                                                                                OF ILLINOIS
                                                               disclosures by financial institutions to the
         Mr. STEARNS. Mr. Speaker, today, along                FTC of possible law violations, in accordance                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      with JAN SCHAKOWSKY, I am introducing a re-              with existing law, 31 U.S. 5318(g)(3); clarifies
                                                                                                                                  Thursday, July 22, 2004
      vised International Consumer Protection Act of           that the protection reaches disclosures re-
      2004.                                                    lated to implicated assets and suspicious                 Mr. CRANE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to
         This revision reflects changes agreed in ne-          chargeback information.                                pay tribute to my friend Edgar Uihlein of
      gotiations among a number of Federal agen-                 S. 1234, § 8 (adding FTC Act, § 21B(d): Clari-       Northbrook, Illinois.
                                                               fies that a domain name registrar or registry             I first got to know Ed Uihlein when I was
      cies including the Federal Trade Commission              is eligible for the protection only in its ca-
      and the Department of Justice to settle ques-            pacity as such, not in any other business it
                                                                                                                      running for Congress for the first time in 1969.
      tions of inter-agency cooperation.                       may conduct.                                           Ed encouraged me just as he has helped
         The changes from the Committee Reported                 S. 1234, § 9 (adding FTC Act, § 25A): States         other conservative candidates and organiza-
      bill are as follows:                                     expressly that foreign participants in staff           tions, including the Leadership Institute.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00042   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.197   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E1515
         Ed is a man of extraordinary character. He            Heart Association, youth groups and a host of          and Mercer University named him Attendant of
      has worked by the sweat of his brow, and he              other local charities.                                 the Year five times in 10 years.
      has worked by the labor of his mind. He has                 The Elks National Order has donated in ex-              Dr. Katner’s research efforts have been pro-
      taken care of his own, and he has fought for             cess of $3 billion to charity during its 137           lific, as well. He has published his research
      what was right. Ed has a spirit of adventure             years, second only to the United States Gov-           extensively and has presented his work to
      and courage. On an impulse, he played hooky              ernment in total donations.                            help educate his peers, as well as the general
      from Princeton for a full year while he joined              When founded in 1868, the Elks Lodge was            public. His credentials are considerable, and
      his father on a round-the-world tour in 1936.            a fraternal organization. However, the Ocean-          yet he is remains a caring, humble physician,
      Ed was in the Navy in World War II, and he               side Lodge is proud to recognize Donna Stew-           dedicated to his patients in true homage to the
      took care of his men. When the ship’s refrig-            art as their first female Elk and Claudia              Hippocratic Oath.
      erator broke down during a long stay in a for-           Dineen as their first female Exalted Ruler.                Mr. Speaker, Dr. Katner’s efforts in fighting
      eign port, and the crew had no fresh food for               Their Current Exalted Ruler, Robert F. Neal,        against the AIDS epidemic—through research,
      a week, he disappeared for half the day, only            is a long-time, respected member of the com-           treatment, education—have truly been those
      to return with a barrow full of fresh fish that he       munity and is working to increase the chari-           of a hero. Today, I hope that Middle Georgia
      himself had caught. The whole ship feasted               table contributions to even greater heights.           and the country will join me in thanking this
      and the next day the coast where he had                     Mr. Speaker, I believe it is vital that we in       public servant, in the truest sense, for his tre-
      fished was full of American sailors trying their         Congress recognize the 187 years of service            mendous efforts to help both the victims of
      luck.                                                    and charitable good works of the Elks Lodge            AIDS and stop the spread of this epidemic.
         Ed married his sweetheart Lucia in 1941,              and the 75 years of generosity of the Ocean-                            f
      and built his family with love and care. Today,          side Elks Lodge #1561 to their local commu-
                                                                                                                               PROTECTS ACT OF 2004
      his five children have fond memories of their            nity.
      parents standing beside their beds, singing                                f
      duets as they tucked them in. Every morning,                                                                               HON. CORRINE BROWN
      Ed drove the children to school, and along the           PAYING TRIBUTE TO DR. HAROLD                                              OF FLORIDA

      way he would sing to them. As the children                          KATNER                                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      got older, Ed would take turns reading books                                                                                 Thursday, July 22, 2004
      aloud in the evenings, and around the dinner                         HON. JIM MARSHALL                             Ms. CORRINE BROWN of Florida. Mr.
      table he would talk politics. They could see his                             OF GEORGIA                         Speaker, I am proud to join Rep. JAMES OBER-
      concern, and they came to share it. In 1956,                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    STAR (Minn) in introducing the Protecting Rail-
      he paid his kids a penny an envelope to ad-                          Thursday, July 22, 2004                    road Operators, Travelers, Employees, and
      dress, stamp and seal letters of concern that                                                                   Communities with Transportation Security Act
      were sent to every Member of Congress with                  Mr. MARSHALL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
                                                                                                                      of 2004 (PROTECTS Act). The bill authorizes
      regard to the heroes of the Hungarian Upris-             to pay tribute to a man who has selflessly
                                                                                                                      nearly $1.3 billion to provide better railroad se-
      ing. Today, their five children and ten grand-           served his community for many years. Since
                                                                                                                      curity and response to terrorist attacks.
      children are productive, patriotic citizens scat-        the very beginning of the HIV/AIDS epi-                   The federal government is spending $4.4
      tered around the country—but, I am happy to              demic—more than 20 years ago—Dr. Harold                billion this year on aviation security, but it’s
      say, two of his sons are still living in Illinois.       Katner has been a leader in Middle Georgia’s           spending only $65 million on rail security,
         Ed has made significant financial contribu-           fight against AIDS. Through education, re-             even though five times as many people take
      tions to individuals, to the arts, and to charities      search, and treatment, Dr. Katner has spent            trains as planes every day.
      both large and small, many of which are                  the bulk of his career working to help the vic-           The bill authorizes $500 million to be appro-
      marked ‘‘anonymous’’. I once asked his family            tims of this disease.                                  priated for freight and passenger rail security
      for a photograph of him and they did not have               When HIV/AIDS was first discovered, public          improvements, a total of $597 million for Am-
      one. Ed isn’t the kind of man who would sit for          fear of the disease was intense and its victims        trak’s fire and life-safety improvements, $65
      a portrait photo. That modesty is another facet          were often loathed and shunned. Recognizing            million for system-wide Amtrak security up-
      of his distinction as an individual.                     the need to quell the public’s fears, Dr. Katner       grades, and a total of $100 million for rail re-
         Ed, you’re a great American. I am honored             realized that educating a skeptical public             search and development. It also provides for
      to call you friend.                                      would be crucial in the fight against AIDS. He         improved training and equipment for railroad
                                                               resolved to educate Middle Georgians when-             employees and local emergency personnel to
                                                               ever and wherever he could. Still today, Dr.           better respond to terrorist incidents.
      RECOGNIZING THE CHARITABLE                               Katner educates students of all levels—middle             Increased funding for rail security is some-
       GOOD WORKS OF THE OCEAN-                                school, medical school, high school, college,          thing this country desperately needs, particu-
       SIDE ELKS LODGE #1561                                   as well as medical professionals. And his              larly in light of the terrible metro rail tragedy in
                                                               teaching efforts have not been limited to Mer-         Madrid. The nation’s rail infrastructure has
                 HON. DARRELL E. ISSA                          cer University or even to Georgia. Dr. Katner          been treated like the stepchild of the overall
                        OF CALIFORNIA                          has given international presentations and has          transportation system. It is finally time we
                                                               been recognized by various national organiza-          dedicate our resources to providing rail secu-
                                                               tions and international entities. One of his col-      rity for our nation’s citizens.
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      leagues put it best: ‘‘He gives AIDS presen-              After September 11th we started spending
         Mr. ISSA. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to rec-           tations everywhere and anywhere, speaking to           money like crazy on security, but I’m not sure
      ognize the 75 years of good works and charity            any group that invites him to talk’’ about this        we are getting our money’s worth out of many
      of the Oceanside Elks Lodge #1561. On May                devastating medical and social issue.                  of the programs we developed. That’s why it
      31, 1929, the Oceanside Elks Lodge became                   Mr. Speaker, in addition to his efforts to          is so important that we tailor a security pro-
      a reality in the Palomar Theater building in             educate the public, Dr. Katner has also treated        gram that truly meets the needs of our rail
      Oceanside, California, with 129 charter mem-             AIDS patients from the beginning. As a pio-            lines and passengers. The security measures
      bers.                                                    neer in the early 1980’s, he was the only phy-         we put in place for Aviation will not work for
         The first business meeting took place on              sician in the City of Macon who would treat            Rail. We need to learn from the mistakes that
      June 28, 1929. Since that time, the Lodge has            AIDS patients. Treating a disease that dis-            were made in developing aviation security,
      held meetings in three different locations end-          proportionately affects those in poverty is a          and apply what we learned in developing a rail
      ing in their current facility at 444 Country Club        special challenge because many of its victims          security program.
      Lane in downtown Oceanside.                              cannot afford treatment, and understanding                But we can’t keep treating our rail infrastruc-
         The motto, ‘‘Elks Care and Elks Share,’’ is           the financial difficulties facing many patients,       ture as a second class citizen. We have dedi-
      well established in the order of Elks, and the           Dr. Katner offered medical care without con-           cated billions of dollars to the airline industry,
      Oceanside Lodge has been one of the leaders              cern for remuneration. To this day, much of            and created a grant program for the nation’s
      in monies donated to worthy causes since its             the treatment and education he offers is to            ports, but have done little to invest in the se-
      beginning. Over the last 15 years, the Ocean-            those in poverty, particularly to the younger,         curity upgrades our rail infrastructure needs.
      side Lodge has donated over $482,624 to                  more vulnerable members of society. For his               We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I
      charitable causes, such as direct student                work with patients, Dr. Katner has been recog-         know that everyone in Washington is dedi-
      scholarships, VA Hospitals, the American                 nized by the American Medical Association              cated to protecting our railways from attack.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00043   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.203   E22PT2
      E1516                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
      No security is fail-proof, but working together          famous event, the 30th anniversary of the in-          on these life-enhancing—and often life-sav-
      we can create a rail security program that pro-          vasion of Cyprus by Turkey.                            ing—medications.
      tects passengers and keeps the trains running               On July 20, 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus.               The supporters of the bill may have reserva-
      on time.                                                 As part of a two stage offensive, Turkish              tions about the safety of medicine from Mex-
                       f                                       troops forcefully seized approximately one-            ico. This is a valid issue to raise. Yet the FDA
                                                               third of the island nation of Cyprus. This             has not provided convincing evidence that the
            PERSONAL EXPLANATION                               abominable act of violence against the people          importation of inexpensive drugs from Mexico
                                                               of Cyprus has never been undone. To this               has resulted in health problems. If the authors
                 HON. DANNY K. DAVIS                           day, Turkish troops occupy Cyprus, splitting           of the bill were convinced that medicines from
                         OF ILLINOIS                           the nation into two areas.                             Mexico were in fact dangerous, why would
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                          Since 1974, the nation has been divided,            they allow even a 14-day supply?
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004                      but progress is being made toward the reunifi-            The fact is seniors in my district have found
         Mr. DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. Speaker, I was un-         cation of Cyprus. In late April, the people of         these medicines to be a safe, affordable and
      able to cast votes on Monday, July 19, 2004              Cyprus went to the polls to vote on a plan of          accessible alternative to their local phar-
      due to official business. If I was present for           reunification. Unfortunately, this reunification       macies. That is why I call on my colleagues in
      rollcall votes for the following bills: 391 on mo-       proposal was rushed to coincide with the as-           the Senate to oppose this legislation as it is
      tion to suspend the rules and pass, as amend-            cension of Cyprus into the European Union.             currently written and ensure that communities
      ed, H.R. 1587—To promote freedom and de-                 Citing many issues of concern, including secu-         on the U.S-Mexico border have access to af-
      mocracy in Viet Nam; 392 on motion to sus-               rity, approximately 75 percent of Greek Cyp-           fordable drugs.
      pend the rules and agree, S. Con. Res. 114—              riots opposed the plan.                                   The availability of inexpensive medicine is
      ‘‘Concerning the importance of the distribution             In the end, it was too much to ask that con-        such an important issue at the border because
      of food in schools to hungry or malnourished             cerns that have been unresolved for 30 years           many senior citizens and other residents of
      children around the world’’; 393 on motion to            be effectively settled in a process that lasted        these communities have low-incomes and no
      suspend the rules and pass S. 2264—The                   less than 3 months. However, one failure must          insurance.
      Northern Uganda Crisis Response Act, I would             not be the end of attempts to reunify the is-
                                                                                                                         The U.S.-Mexico Border Commission re-
      have voted ‘‘yea’’ to all of these bills.                land. A lasting and equitable solution for the
                                                                                                                      ports that if the border region were the Na-
                                                               people of Cyprus, and the goal of a united Cy-
                       f                                                                                              tion’s 51st state, it would rank: Last in the per-
                                                               prus, is too important to abandon, now or
      TRIBUTE TO MR. BRUCE MIMS                                                                                       centage of insured residents, last in per capita
                                                               ever. The goal of the process must be to at-
       UPON HIS RETIREMENT AFTER                                                                                      income, last in access to care, first in unem-
                                                               tain a just and lasting solution, not a rushed
       38 YEARS OF PUBLIC HEALTH                                                                                      ployed; and first in the number of school chil-
                                                               solution. I remain committed to achieving a so-
                                                                                                                      dren living in poverty.
                                                               lution to this problem so that we never have
                 HON. DANNY K. DAVIS                           to gather again to commemorate an anniver-                We must move forward in boosting the
                         OF ILLINOIS                           sary of this hostile and unjustifiable invasion.       health of our border communities and increas-
         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                          The people of Cyprus have suffered from             ing the availability of safe and inexpensive
                                                               the division of their nation for 30 years. Mr.         medicines, rather than moving backward and
                   Thursday, July 22, 2004                                                                            placing new restricts on access to prescription
                                                               Speaker, I pray that this will be the last year
         Mr. DAVIS of Illinois. Mr. Speaker, I take            of a divided Cyprus. I sincerely hope that 30          drugs from Mexico.
      this opportunity to express and convey con-              years after the nation of Cyprus was torn
      gratulations to Mr. Bruce Mims, my longtime              asunder, all Cypriots can be reunited, living in                       f
      friend and professional associate on the occa-           peace and freedom forever.
      sion of his retirement from the Illinois Depart-                                                                RECOGNIZING THE 30TH ANNIVER-
                                                                                 f                                     SARY OF TURKEY’S INVASION
      ment of Public Health. Mr. Mims started work
      in Public Health at a time when very few Afri-               EXPAND ACCESS TO MEDICINE                           OF CYPRUS
      can Americans were engaged in this profes-                         FROM ABROAD
      sion. It was also a very exciting time in that                                                                           HON. MARK STEVEN KIRK
      the Voting Rights Act had been passed, the                               HON. BOB FILNER                                          OF ILLINOIS
      war on poverty program was being imple-                                    OF CALIFORNIA
      mented, health problems, needs and issues                                                                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      were being identified in a big way and Bruce                                                                               Thursday, July 22, 2004
      was a young, energetic and willing participant.                      Thursday, July 22, 2004
         I first knew Bruce as Executive Director of              Mr. FILNER. Mr. Speaker, although the                  Mr. KIRK. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to rec-
      the Mid-South Health Planning Organization, a            pharmaceutical industry and the supporters of          ognize the thirtieth anniversary of Turkey’s in-
      Sub-B Agency of the comprehensive Health                 the Republican prescription drug plan may dis-         vasion of Cyprus. This anniversary serves as
      Planning Agency. The Agency was a sister to              agree, Americans have a right to affordable            a reminder of three decades of illegal occupa-
      the Westside Health Planning Organization, an            medicine! That is why so many continue to              tion by Turkish military forces of over one-third
      agency that I ran. When the law for our agen-            ask Congress to take action, such as allowing          of Cyprus’s territory.
      cies sunset, Bruce went to work for the Illinois         the importation of safe prescription drugs from           On July 20, 1974, Turkey invaded Cyprus,
      Department of Public Health, where he be-                abroad.                                                forcing nearly 200,000 Greek Cypriots from
      came one of the foremost Public Health ex-                  The residents of Calexico, El Centro, San           their homes. To this day, in defiance of United
      perts in the country and remained there until            Ysidro, Chula Vista and other border commu-            Nations General Assembly and Security Coun-
      his retirement.                                          nities join in that call, but in the meantime          cil resolutions, Turkey maintains more than
         It has been a pleasure knowing and working            many are already going to Mexico to buy up             30,000 troops in the occupied territory.
      with Bruce for all of these years. I congratulate        to a 90-day supply of prescription drugs for              The division of Cyprus has gone on for too
      him on his outstanding contributions and wish            personal use.                                          long. The past year has seen great efforts by
      him well in all of his future endeavors.                    They purchase medicines in Mexico be-               the Cypriots, the United States, and the U.N.
                       f                                       cause the pharmaceutical companies continue            to develop a plan for reunification. Unfortu-
                                                               to gouge them at home.                                 nately, the U.N. sponsored April 2004 vote on
                                                                  Yet the Senate’s Pharmaceutical Market Ac-          reunification failed to pass.
       MOUS INVASION OF CYPRUS                                 cess and Drug Safety Act, which takes the im-             Cyprus’s recent accession to the European
                                                               portant step of permitting importation from            Union presents great opportunities to join its
                                                               Canada and Europe, would reduce the 90-day             European counterparts in strongly supporting
             HON. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART                          cap on personal use medicine from Mexico to            human rights and fundamental freedoms.
                         OF FLORIDA
                                                               a 14-day supply.                                       These values should lay the foundation for a
                                                                  It is inconsistent to increase access to Ca-        final settlement. On this anniversary, I join my
                Thursday, July 22, 2004                        nadian and European prescription drugs while           colleagues in looking forward to a future
        Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of Florida. Mr.                decreasing access to safe medicine from Mex-           where Greek and Turkish Cypriots can once
      Speaker, I rise today to recall a tragic and in-         ico. It is unfair to low-income seniors who rely       again live in peace on one unified island.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00044   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.206   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1517
      30TH ANNIVERSARY ON TURKEY’S                             new opportunity for resolving the division and         able to take that is both long overdue and truly
            INVASION OF CYPRUS                                 occupation with an inclusive democratic sys-           needed. That is how I feel now as I introduce
                                                               tem in which human rights are fully respected          the Coral Reef Conservation and Protection
              HON. GREGORY W. MEEKS                            and the fundamental freedoms on which the              Act of 2004.
                        OF NEW YORK                            European Union is founded, are guaranteed.                My childhood was spent among the rich di-
                                                                  Taking all of this into account, the U.N.           versity of the coral reef ecosystems of my na-
                                                               needs to go back to the drawing board. The             tive Island of Hawaii. It was a time of budding
                    Thursday, July 22, 2004                    U.S. needs to remain an honest broker. It              wonder at what nature had wrought, the living
         Mr. MEEKS of New York. Mr. Speaker, this              must not attempt to impose a solution that the         corals and other reef life existing in mutual de-
      week, the world marked the 30th anniversary              overwhelming majority of Greek-Cypriots re-            pendency and sustainability. But just weeks
      of Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus. And so began             ject. To do so will make an ultimate solution          ago, when I returned, as I often do, now with
      three decades of Turkey’s illegal military occu-         and final reunification difficult, if not impos-       my children, to those same reefs, they’re not
      pation of Cyprus. Even as we speak, Turkey               sible, to achieve.                                     what they were. Still beautiful, yes; still won-
      maintains 30,000 heavily armed troops in the                America must at all times remember that a           drous. But there is not the same diversity of
      occupied portions of Cyprus.                             united, peaceful, and prosperous Cyprus is in          coral nor the same luster; the fish and other
         For 30 years, Cyprus has been divided by              our national interest and the interest of world        marine life not as plentiful nor diverse; the
      a green line—a 113 mile barbed wire barrier              peace. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Cyprus        presence of new, alien species is apparent.
      that runs across the width of the island.                was one of the first nations to express its soli-         Of course, there are simply more of us in
         For 30 years, Greek Cypriots have experi-             darity with the United States. Cyprus has also         those marine environments than there were,
      enced 30 years of ethnic cleansing, forcible             been a strong ally in the war against terrorism.       and so our cumulative impact over my 50
      evictions, and missing persons. Cyprus has               We must continue to support our friends, who           years in those waters has become apparent,
      endured 30 years of the flouting of its terri-           like us, only seek to live in peace.                   even at the level of recreational and subsist-
      torial integrity. This includes the occupation                             f                                    ence use. But it’s more, for these reefs have
      authority’s attempt to create an independent                 HONORING BRIGADIER GENERAL                         become a significant business, their coral
      ‘‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.’’                           WILLIAM P. KANE                              exoskeletons, their living creators, and the
         The international community has witnessed                                                                    shells and fish that live in and among them
      30 years of the flagrant violation of U.N. Gen-                                                                 valuable collectors’ items for the aquariums
      eral Assembly resolutions and Security Coun-
                                                                           HON. PHIL GINGREY                          and curio shops of the world. And the pur-
                                                                                   OF GEORGIA
      cil decisions calling for immediate withdrawal                                                                  poseful and accidental introduction of marine
                                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      of all foreign forces from Cyprus, the return of                                                                invasives in isolated instances over the last
      refugees, and respect for the island’s sov-                          Thursday, July 22, 2004                    decades have magnified into a critical mass of
      ereignty.                                                   Mr. GINGREY. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to           statewide presence and threat.
         Thirty years is a long time. The occupation           pay tribute to Brigadier General William P.               In relevant terms, though, we in Hawaii are
      of Cyprus has been going on too long. If left            Kane, who has faithfully served as the com-            among the lucky ones, for at least we still
      to their own wisdom and devices, with firm               mander of the 94th Air Lift Wing, Dobbins Air          have living, albeit threatened, coral reefs, with
      international support, Greek and Turkish Cyp-            Reserve Base in Marietta, Georgia for the last         declining but at least remaining marine life. At
      riots could find ways to live in peace and har-          six years. The 94th Airlift wing is an Air Force       least we have marginally protective state laws,
      mony.                                                    Reserve C–130 unit and has a mission to train          and a culture of arguable sustainability.
         The international community can and must              and equip combat-ready units to deploy on                 But in much of the rest of the marine world,
      play an indispensable role in settling the Cy-           short notice to defend our nation, which I             especially throughout the temperate zones of
      prus dispute. But, to do this, it must draw the          might add, they did on several occasions dur-          the Pacific and beyond, the world of the coral
      proper conclusions from results of the vote              ing Operation Iraqi Freedom. Additionally,             reef is past endangered and into destroyed,
      this past April on the reunification plan put for-       Dobbins serves as the host organization to             wiped out by a wave of commercial over-
      ward by the United Nations.                              other tenant organizations, such as Naval Air          fishing, overcollecting, dynamiting, cyanide
         Seventy six percent of the Greek Cypriot              Station Atlanta and Lockheed Martin, where             poisoning, and other forms of ecological pil-
      electorate opposed the ‘‘Annan Plan’’ because            they manufacture the F/A–22.                           lage. In these worlds, laws do not exist to pro-
      of concerns about security, property restitu-               With this complex mission, General Kane             vide even minimum protections or, if they do,
      tion, and the structure of the proposed central          did an outstanding job and we who reside in            they are spurned.
      government, while 65 percent of Turkish Cyp-             Marietta and Northwest Atlanta owe him a                  Some say that that’s their business; what do
      riot voters supported it. It is clear from this ex-      great debt of gratitude.                               we care if they wreck their marine eco-
      perience that a workable solution must take                 In addition to holding a Ph.D. in Cell and          systems? First, of course, in today’s inter-
      the interests and concerns of both the Greek             Molecular Biology, General Kane is a highly            dependent world, our global environment is
      and Turkish Cypriot communities fully into ac-           accomplished C–130 pilot, logging over 6,500           everyone’s business. But beyond that, we
      count.                                                   flight hours. In addition, General Kane has            can’t turn our backs because we are the chief
         It is instructive that the split vote has not led     faithfully served the Air Reserve during his           facilitator; ours is the largest market for the
      to greater tension between the two commu-                various commands of one squadron, two                  products of this stripping of the world’s coral
      nities or between Greece and Turkey. During              groups, and now three wings during his distin-         reefs.
      most of the 433 year history of Cyprus, Greek            guished 32-year career.                                   None of this is new: we have known all of
      and Turkish Cypriots have coexisted peace-                  While General Kane has gone on to take              this for decades. We have even set out to do
      fully.                                                   over command of the 302nd Airlift Wing in his          something about it. In 1973, we became a
         With the notable exception of the period that         hometown of Colorado Springs, Colorado, he             party to the Convention on the International
      immediately followed Turkish occupation of               will be sorely missed in the 11th District of          Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna
      Cyprus, Greek and Turkish Cypriot relations              Georgia.                                               and Flora (CITES), which sought to clamp
      have largely been free of inter-communal vio-               Mr. Speaker, I ask that you join me in              down on endangered species trafficking. But
      lence. The hotly debated referendum itself               thanking Brigadier General Kane for his out-           although some of our world’s coral reef life
      took place overwhelmingly with an absence of             standing and selfless service.                         has been designated as covered under it, the
      conflict. This shows that despite the dif-                                 f                                    enforcement mechanisms are frankly ineffec-
      ferences between them, Greek and Turkish                 INTRODUCTION OF THE CORAL                              tive.
      Cypriots overwhelmingly share a desire for                 REEF CONSERVATION AND PRO-                              More recently, in 1998 President Clinton
      peace.                                                     TECTION ACT OF 2004                                  issued the Coral Reef Protection Executive
         The leadership of the Republic of Cyprus                                                                     Order (#13098) establishing the U.S. Coral
      seeks a bizonal, bicommunal federation under                                                                    Reef Task Force. That entity was directed to
      a plan that promotes the genuine reunification
                                                                                HON. ED CASE                          strengthen our stewardship and conservation
                                                                                   OF HAWAII
      of Cypriots and Cypriot society, while enabling                                                                 of our country’s reef ecosystems, and to as-
                                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      each community to retain its own identity and                                                                   sess our role in the international coral reef
      culture.                                                           Thursday, July 22, 2004                      products trade with the goal of taking actions
         Cyprus’s admission to the European Union                Mr. CASE. Mr. Speaker, every once in                 to promote conservation and sustainable use
      on May 1st of this year may have created a               awhile I am deeply grateful for an action I am         of coral reefs worldwide.

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00045   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.212   E22PT2
      E1518                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          July 22, 2004
         The Task Force conducted its evaluations,             tional design for AT&T’s field public relations        children had been killed. The failure of the
      made its reports, and outlined what was need-            organization. She also established AT&T’s first        world to act in Rwanda remains a stain on our
      ed. That was in large part comprehensive leg-            constituent relations organization. She was the        collective conscience.
      islation to institute common protective stand-           recipient of the Catherine Cleary Award, the              We must learn from the tragic mistakes of
      ards for our nation’s coral reefs, but, equally          highest leadership honor AT&T gives to a fe-           the past. Today, one thousand miles north of
      important, rules to discourage international             male employee.                                         Rwanda, in the Darfur region of Sudan, more
      coral reef abuse and encourage sustainable                  Prior to joining AT&T, Ms. Silver-Parker            than 30,000 people have already been killed
      practices by allowing imports only of non-en-            worked in public relations for New York Tele-          by the Sudanese military’s aerial bombard-
      dangered products collected by sustainable               phone, the National Urban League and as a              ments and the atrocities being committed by
      practices and pursuant to integrated manage-             journalist for Essence Magazine, the Review            their ruthless proxies, the Jangaweed militia.
      ment plans.                                              of Political Economy and New World Outlook.            Gang rapes, the branding of raped women,
         The Coral Reef Conservation and Protection               Ester Silver-Parker has traveled on behalf of       amputations, and summary killings are wide-
      Act of 2004 I gratefully introduce today em-             the Board of Global Ministries in the Congo,           spread. More than a million people have been
      bodies the principal directions of the Task              Burundi and Kenya to study and write about             driven from their homes as villages have been
      Force and more. It establishes a comprehen-              the health conditions and quality of life of           burned and crops destroyed. The Sudanese
      sive scheme for the domestic and international           women and children. She is a frequent speak-           government has deliberately blocked the deliv-
      protection of our world’s coral reef eco-                er on issues pertaining to women, diversity,           ery of food, medicine and other humanitarian
      systems. The regime’s key ingredients are the            corporate social responsibility, and strategic         assistance. More than 160,000 Darfurians
      disallowal of any domestic taking, transport in          philanthropy.                                          have become refugees in neighboring Chad.
      interstate commerce, or import of the endan-                She received a Masters in journalism from           Conditions are ripe for the spread of fatal dis-
      gered marine life of our coral reefs, unless             Columbia University School of Journalism and           eases such as measles, cholera, dysentery,
      that life is collected in non-destructive ways or        a Bachelors of Arts in political science from          meningitis and malaria. The U.S. Agency for
      subject to sustainable management plans or               North Carolina Central University. She is a            International Development estimates that
      otherwise exempted from coverage by admin-               graduate of Pennsylvania State University’s            350,000 people are likely to die in the coming
      istrative actions.                                       Executive Management Program and holds an              months and that the death toll could reach
         Mr. Speaker, we have to start somewhere;              Honorary Doctor’s Degree in Humane Letters             more than a million unless the violence stops
      our world’s coral reefs are crying out for our           from Benedict College.                                 and the Sudanese government immediately
      help. This bill is that start, and I urge its               Ms. Silver-Parker has received numerous             grants international aid groups better access
      prompt deliberation and passage.                         awards, including the Ebony Magazine Out-              to Darfur.
         Mahalo, and aloha!                                    standing Women in Corporate Marketing, the                Here in Washington and at the United Na-
                       f                                       Congressional Black Caucus Unsung Hero                 tions headquarters in New York, many officials
                                                               Award, the DECA Award for outstanding busi-            are again debating whether this unfolding trag-
      A     POINT OF LIGHT FOR ALL                             nesswoman, the Harlem YMCA Black Achiev-               edy constitutes genocide, ethnic cleansing or
          AMERICANS—ESTER     SILVER-                          ers in Industry Award, New York City Gus               something else. This time let us not debate
          PARKER VICE PRESIDENT OF DI-                         D’Amato Community Service Award, the At-               until it is too late to stop this human catas-
          VERSITY      FOR  WAL-MART                           lanta Business League’s Outstanding Cor-               trophe. Let us not wait until thousands more
          STORES, INC.                                         porate Person Award, the 100 Black Men of              children are killed before we summon the will
                                                               America’s Corporate Excellence Award, the              to stop this horror. America and the inter-
                HON. MAJOR R. OWENS                            National AIDS Fund’s Leadership Award, the             national community have a moral duty to act.
                        OF NEW YORK                            Asian Pacific Islanders Women’s Leadership             The United States and the 130 other signato-
          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Starfish Award.                                        ries to the Genocide Convention also have a
                                                                  Mr. Speaker, Ms. Silver-Parker is a genuine         legal obligation to ‘‘undertake to prevent and
                  Thursday, July 22, 2004
                                                               professional who cares deeply about her com-           punish’’ the crime of genocide.
         Mr. OWENS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to               munity. I am honored to recognize her as a                The Convention defines genocide as actions
      pay tribute to a distinguished business execu-           ‘‘Point of Light for All Americans.’’                  undertaken ‘‘with intent to destroy, in whole or
      tive well known to members of the Congres-                                 f                                    in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious
      sional Black Caucus, Ester Silver-Parker.                                                                       group, as such.’’ The actions include ‘‘delib-
         She serves on the boards of International                    PERSONAL EXPLANATION                            erately inflicting on members of the group con-
      Women’s Forum, Brenau University, North                                                                         ditions of life calculated to bring about its
      Carolina Central University, National Public                       HON. WALTER B. JONES                         physical destruction in whole or in part.’’ By all
      Radio Foundation, The Congressional Black                                OF NORTH CAROLINA                      accounts, including the reports of U.N. fact
      Caucus Foundation, the Wyndham Hotel                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    finders, it is the African peoples in the Darfur
      Women and Diversity Roundtable.                                                                                 region who have been targeted for destruction
         Ester Silver-Parker was named Vice Presi-                        Thursday, July 22, 2004                     by the Khartoum-backed Arab death squads.
      dent of Diversity Relations for Wal-Mart                   Mr. JONES of North Carolina. Mr. Speaker,               In the middle of an unfolding crisis like that
      Stores, Inc. in December 2003. She is                    on Wednesday, July 21, I was meeting with              in Darfur, there will always be debate over
      charged with the strategic planning and execu-           constituents and unavoidably missed rollcall           whether what is happening constitutes geno-
      tion of Wal-Mart’s diverse efforts as it relates         votes 402 and 403. Had I been present, I               cide. But it is important to remember that the
      to its supplier development program, philan-             would have voted ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall vote No.          Genocide Convention does not require abso-
      thropic and community relations programs. Ad-            402, and ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall vote No. 403.             lute proof of genocidal intentions before the
      ditionally, she is responsible for strengthening                           f                                    international community is empowered to inter-
      Wal-Mart’s relationships with diversity leaders                                                                 vene. The Convention would offer no protec-
      and leadership organizations in the commu-               DECLARING GENOCIDE IN DARFUR,                          tion to innocent victims if we had to wait until
      nities it serves.                                                   SUDAN                                       there were tens of thousands more corpses
         Prior to joining Wal-Mart, Ms. Silver-Parker                                                                 before we act. A key part of the Genocide
                                                                                   SPEECH OF
      served as Vice President of Corporate Affairs                                                                   Convention is prevention, not just punishment
      and President of the AT&T Foundation for                          HON. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN                         after the fact.
      AT&T. She also directed AT&T’s National                                     OF MARYLAND                            The United States has already done more
      Constituency Relations, Issues Management                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    than any other nation to call attention to and
      and Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.                                                                   respond to this tragedy. But our efforts to date
         Ms. Silver-Parker directed AT&T’s public re-                     Wednesday, July 21, 2004                    have not brought an end to the growing crisis.
      lations field offices in the Northeast States, the          Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Mr. Speaker, ten years              We must take additional measures now.
      Mid-Atlantic States and the Southeast. She               ago, as bloated corpses floated down                      The United States should immediately call
      established the first AT&T public relations op-          Rwanda’s rivers, the international community           for an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security
      erations in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands,          debated whether the atrocities being com-              Council and introduce and call for a vote on a
      designed and implemented the plan to in-                 mitted in Rwanda fit the definition of ‘‘geno-         resolution that demands that the Government
      crease AT&T’s presence in the U.S. domestic              cide.’’ By the time the world stopped debating,        of Sudan take the following steps: First, allow
      field operations, and developed the organiza-            it was too late. Millions of men, women and            international relief groups and human rights

VerDate May 21 2004   05:46 Jul 24, 2004   Jkt 029060   PO 00000   Frm 00046   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A22JY8.216   E22PT2
      July 22, 2004                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1519
      groups free and secure access to the Darfur              government does not meet the demands in                   On their behalf, it is my honor to have intro-
      region, including access to the camps where              the proposed resolution, the United States will        duced H. Con. Res. 470, recognizing the anni-
      thousands are huddled in wretched conditions;            impose travel restrictions on Sudanese offi-           versary of the Warsaw Uprising during World
      Second, the Government of Sudan must im-                 cials and move to freeze their assets. Even            War II. It was 60 years ago this August when
      mediately terminate its support for the                  apart from U.N. action, we can immediately             ordinary Polish citizens, fighting against over-
      Janjaweed and dispatch its forces to disarm              urge other nations to join us in taking these          whelming odds and extreme hardships, took
      them. Third, the Sudanese government must                and other measures.                                    up arms against their German oppressors.
      allow the more than one million displaced per-              I commend Secretary of State Colin Powell              Counting on Allied forces to assist in the im-
      sons to return home. The resolution must in-             for his visit to the Darfur region. It is critical,    pending liberation of Warsaw, the Under-
      clude stiff sanctions if the Sudanese govern-            however, that the Secretary’s visit do more            ground Home Army launched its attack
      ment refuses to meet these conditions and it             than simply call attention to the tragedy un-          against German forces in an attempt to win
      must authorize the deployment of peace-                  folding there. The United States must make it          back their country. Heavily outnumbered and
      keeping forces to Darfur to protect civilians            clear that the failure of Khartoum to fully co-        armed mostly with homemade weapons, the
      and individuals from CARE and other                      operate in ending the destruction and killings         Polish resistance fought bravely and heroically
      hunmanitarian organizations seeking to pro-              will result in a concerted American effort to          for 63 days.
      vide humanitarian assistance.                            punish the Sudanese government and harness                On the verge of victory but with Allied forces
         It is critical that U.N. Secretary General Kofi       international support to intervene in Darfur.          still far from the scene, their fates were sealed
      Annan exhibit strong leadership on Darfur.                  We must not look back on Darfur ten years           when the Germans reinforcements arrived. Ul-
      Mukesh Kapila, until recently the top U.N. offi-         from now and decry the fact that the world             timately, 250,000 civilians and troops were
      cial in Sudan has been outspoken in sounding             failed to act to stop the crime of genocide.           killed and in the wake of the uprising’s out-
      the alarm. I am encouraged that the Secretary            Rwanda and other genocides should have                 come, centuries-old buildings, monuments and
      General visited Sudan. However, the result of            taught us that those who knowingly fail to con-        cultural treasures were systematically de-
      his visit must be more than an expression of             front such evil are themselves complicit               stroyed by the Germans.
      concern. Secretary General Annan must make               through inaction. We are all god’s children.
      it clear that if the Sudanese government does                                                                      To this day, the courage and valor dem-
                                                               These are crimes against humanity. Let us re-          onstrated by the Polish resistance stands as a
      not cooperate fully in stopping the killings and         spond to this unfolding human disaster with
      destruction, he will push for immediate inter-                                                                  symbol to the spirit of the Polish people and
                                                               the urgency that it demands.                           remains a shining example of the world’s
      national sanctions. He must let the Sudanese
                                                                                 f                                    greatest challenges to fascism and oppres-
      government know that the welcome progress
      made in reaching an accommodation with the               RECOGNIZING THE ANNIVERSARY                            sion. Polish citizens can be proud of the men
      South will not prevent the world from taking              OF WARSAW UPRISING DURING                             and women who fought in this landmark chap-
      action to stop the horror in Darfur. The U.N.             WORLD WAR II                                          ter of Poland’s resistance, and proud of their
      ignored warnings of mass murder a decade                                                                        resolve and belief in freedom.
                                                                                                                         Today, this resolution serves another pur-
      ago in Rwanda; it must not stand by again.                          HON. RAHM EMANUEL                           pose. It reaffirms the special relationship be-
         We should not allow other members of the                                  OF ILLINOIS
      U.N. Security Council to engage in endless                                                                      tween United States and Poland and the un-
                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
      negotiations and delay a vote on the resolu-                                                                    wavering bond-that exists among our two peo-
                                                                             Thursday, July 22, 2004                  ples. I offer this resolution as a symbol of grat-
      tion. In this case, every day that goes by with-
      out action means more lives lost. Let’s vote on             Mr. EMANUEL. Mr. Speaker, as the House              itude for Poland’s friendship and for standing
      the resolution. If the rest of the world refuses         of Representatives adjourns for the next six           shoulder to shoulder with our troops in Iraq
      to authorize collective action, shame on them.           weeks, I am proud to rise on behalf of more            and where the global war against terror is
      Failure to pass such a resolution would not              than 111,000 of my constituents who are of             waged.
      represent a failure of American leadership; it           Polish descent in the Fifth Congressional Dis-            Mr. Speaker, our Nation shares and appre-
      would be a terrible blot on the world’s con-             trict of Illinois on Chicago’s northwest side. It      ciates Poland’s values and democratic ideals
      science.                                                 is my privilege to join with friends of Poland         of liberty and human rights. The same indomi-
         Whether or not the United Nations acts, the           and people of Polish descent around the world          table spirit that was alive 60 years ago re-
      United States should take steps on its own.              who will join together to commemorate the              mains strong in the Polish consciousness
      We should make it clear that if the Sudanese             Warsaw Uprising.                                       today.

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