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					                                        OPERATIONS AND CONSTRUCTION
                                                5937 Cove Road, N.W.
                                               Roanoke, Virginia 24019
                                      Phone: (540)562-3800 Fax (540)562-3988

                              ROANOKE COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS
                                 CONSTRUCTION COMMITTEE
                                          Board Room
                                   February 13, 2006 12:15 p.m.

PRESENT: Drew Barrineau, Richard Flora (Chairman), Pete Haislip, Penny Hodge, Bill Irvin, Allen
Journell, Marty Misicko, Marion Roark, Dr. Weber (Superintendent)

Also Present: Darlene Adams, George Assaid, Tom Hall, Lorraine Lange, Chris Lowe, – Roanoke County
Public Schools
David Blevins – Hidden Valley High School
Richard Turner – William Byrd High School
Becky Whitehurst – Student Advisory Committee

The Construction Committee was called to order at 12:20 p.m. by Chairman Richard Flora.

Richard Flora requested on behalf of the school principals present to move Item 9 William Byrd High –
School Entrance and Item 10 Hidden Valley High – Handicap Accessibility immediately following the
approval of the minutes.

Approval of Minutes

On a motion by Drew Barrineau, seconded by Marion Roark and voted unanimously, the minutes of the
January 17, 2006 Construction Committee was approved as written.

William Byrd High – School Entrance

Chris Lowe stated a request had been received to look into a plan to add an additional entrance for
William Byrd High and Middle School. Mr. Lowe has requested a traffic study be done by VDOT thru the
traffic engineer at the County. VDOT will conduct a traffic study to see what traffic problems are
occurring at the entrance. They will then make recommendations to help remedy the problem.

Richard Turner, principal of William Byrd High School, stated he has talked to Marty Misicko about the
traffic complaints. He stated he receives numerous complaints from parents and staff about the traffic
delays, especially on rainy and bad weather days. On rainy days and bad weather days the traffic increases
even more as the middle school parents bring their children to school. He explained the school was built
in 1969 for approximately 1,000 students for grades 8-12. In 1989 the middle school was built for
approximately 800 students. After the middle school was built the traffic increased with only one entrance
to be shared by the two schools. Mr. Turner stated the turn lane has been increased twice. They also have
a crossing guard to help with traffic.
Mr. Flora stated while VDOT is conducting their study, staff will begin looking at alternative access points.
Dr. Weber said that Mike Stovall had sent her an email concerning the baseball field at William Byrd High
School. Mr. Flora stated it was on the list. Chris Lowe said Caldwell White is working on the plan. He
had contacted them two weeks ago and again today. They are to have the plans to him by the end of the
week. Once the plans have been received it can be put out to bid.

Richard Turner asked about the tennis courts. Chris Lowe responded it is weather pending. The paving
cannot be done until after the first of March. They need the weather to be above 50 degrees for 30 days in
order for the seal to be done properly.

Hidden Valley High School – Handicap Accessibility

David Blevins stated he is receiving a call a day from a parent who is concerned the walkway to the
baseball facility is not handicap accessible. The path is gravel and dirt. The parent asked Mr. Blevins to
look into making the facility accessible to the handicap.

George Assaid has talked to the building official and he said if the building commissioner in the past has
approved any facilities without a designated accessible route then he is saying the route is adequate. Once
the building commissioner gives his certificate of occupancy on the structure, accessibility to those
facilities do not fall under the county’s jurisdiction, but falls to the ADA guidelines. The only way the
ADA guidelines come into affect is if someone feels they are being discriminated against and file a lawsuit.
This is for existing structures. For any new structure the building official states if we have grandstands
that we should be providing an accessible route. An accessible route means it should be graded less than 5
percent. The baseball facility is graded less than 5 percent. The surface requirement is that it is stable,
firm and slip resistant. Asphalt works and so does stone dust.

Mr. Assaid stated reasonable accommodations could include using the new access road to let a vehicle
drive down to the baseball facility to let someone off at the grandstand.

Mr. Blevins will look into signage and stone dust for the path.

Minor Capital Project Review

George Assaid updated the committee on the minor capital projects.

Bent Mountain Elementary – Security window in the office – Bids due 2/15/06

Bonsack Elementary – 8 Classroom Addition – Contractor is approximately 50% complete

Clearbrook Elementary – Extend bus drop off; provide additional parking near main entrance –
Regulatory review just approved.

Mount Pleasant Elementary – Construct improved traffic pattern – Engineer has not completed the
design, same engineer that is working on William Byrd

Northside Middle School – Football/Soccer Field Expansion – 90% complete, contractor has 5% laser
grading to complete, seed and straw mat.

Marty Misicko asked Allen Journell if he had given Northside Middle permission to practice on the field at
Central Office. Mr. Journell stated he had given them permission. Mr. Misicko directed staff to make sure
the contractor hydro-seeded the field so that it would be available to use.

Cave Spring High – Softball & Soccer Field Construction – 95% complete, the electrical contractor and
the fencing contractor are on site. Everything is weather pending.

Cave Spring High – Soccer Concession stands & restrooms – contractor is 3 to 4 days away from
finishing, waiting on the electrical contractor to provide power, sanitary sewer is complete up to where the
Water Authority makes the tap.

Glenvar High School – Elevator – the contract was awarded, waiting on the contractor.

Hidden Valley High School – Baseball & Soccer Concession stands & restrooms – Soccer concession
stand is very close to being finished. They are just a few feet from making the sewer and water
connections. The walls have been plastered & painted.

Warehouse – 90% complete with the electrical and gas needing to be done

Glenvar Elementary – Replace VAT flooring with VCT – Chris is working on a plan, should be ready to
go out to bid by the end of February.

Mason Cove Elementary – Gym floor – Richard reported that he had gone out with George Assaid to
look at the floor. It appears that water is not coming up through the concrete slab. The polyurethane
looks to have been bad. If you chip away the polyurethane the floor looks normal. Mr. Flora suggested
having the floor completely refinished. This would be less expensive. To completely refinish the floor
would cost approximately $22,000.

Chris reported the bids came in lower than anticipated resulting in a surplus of $17,000. Marty Misicko
stated there is one small room at Mt. Pleasant that the maintenance department is going to have abated
this spring and put down VCT. The cost is estimated at $2,000 which will be taken from the surplus

Marion Roark asked if all the flooring would be replaced at Glenvar Elementary. Mr. Misicko responded
all the flooring would be replaced except where there is currently VCT. Mrs. Roark said there are areas
that currently have VCT that it is coming up and she would like for them to take a look at the kitchen,
cafeteria and a few classrooms.

Hidden Valley Middle – Parking lot access management redesign – Chris Lowe reported this would be put
out to bid in March for work to begin in June while the students are not in school.

Cave Spring High School – Softball Concessions & Restrooms – Mr. Assaid reported the contractor has
staked it out. He is waiting until the fencing contractor has completed the back stop so that he can begin
work on the building.

Cave Spring High School – Wall Tile Replacement – Main Gymnasium – to be done over the summer

Hidden Valley High School – Softball Concessions & Restrooms – Foundations have been poured,
plumbing rough-in are complete, contractor was to start pouring concrete today. Completion date - May.
William Byrd High – Retaining wall removed, graded & landscape – Engineer is working on plan, should
have back to staff by the end of March, first of April.

ARBTC – Storage Building – Working with the school to find a location.

Bill Irvin asked about when the boiler at Penn Forest Elementary would be completed. Mr. Misicko stated
the boiler would be completed by Tuesday afternoon. The school is on electric heat until the boiler is

Cave Spring High/Cave Spring High Baseball & Soccer Buildings – Change Orders

Richard Flora reported there are several change orders coming up that will require approval and funding.
Chris Lowe has gone back to 2003 and pulled every purchase order and expenditure that was associated
with the South County Fields project to determine where we stand on every line item.

Chris Lowe reported the budget was in the range of 1.3 to 1.4 million. It looks like we have $115,000 left
in that account. Mr. Lowe stated that he has gone over the change orders with Mr. Assaid and they feel
they will have money available to complete the project. Worse case scenario there may be a need for an
additional $20,000 to $40,000. Mr. Lowe is waiting on documentation from a vendor on an outstanding
invoice received on the excavation work at Cave Spring High School.

George Assaid requested approval of a change order in the amount of $27,344 for the sanitary sewer
extensions for the Cave Spring & Hidden Valley High soccer buildings and the Hidden Valley High School
Baseball building along with some structural items that were required to extend water proofing and to
make the retaining wall more structurally sound at the baseball facility at Hidden Valley. The budget
included $21,000 for sanitary sewer and water extensions to be made. Staff is requesting the difference of
$6,344 to be appropriated from minor capital funds.

Staff is recommending approval of the change order in the amount of $27,344 and to make a
recommendation to the School Board to appropriate $6,344 from minor capital funds.

Bill Irvin made a motion to a accept staff’s recommendation. Drew Barrineau seconded the motion and
the motion was unanimously approved.

Hidden Valley High/Cave Spring Softball Buildings – Change Orders

George Assaid reported as a result of a change in the review interpretation by the building official, changes
to the building plans that required a structural engineer’s seal along with inaccurate topography has
required significant changes to the scope of the project that requires a change order.

Staff recommends approval from the Construction Committee for a change order in the amount of
$14,314 and approval of engineering fees in the amount of $1,548.00 and to make a recommendation to
the School Board to appropriate $15,862 from minor capital funds. Bids were already in when the building
official made the change.

Bill Irvin made a motion to accept staff’s recommendation. Drew Barrineau seconded the motion and the
motion was unanimously approved.
Hidden Valley High – Electrical Change Order request for Softball & Soccer Fields

George Assaid reported the electrical contractor that was installing the soccer field lights at Hidden Valley
High School was asked to extend the electrical service to each of the sport fields to accommodate future
concession stands. The contractor provided a proposal at that time which resulted in a change order of
$8,600.00. The electrical contractor working on the concession stands called Mr. Assaid and stated the
electrical services were inadequate and would require a service upgrade. The cost to install new services
will be $25,168.

Marion Roark stated that after the completion of the South County Fields an evaluation needs to be done
of the other school buildings to bring them up to the same level.

Staff is recommending that the Construction Committee approve the change order in the amount of
$25,168 and make a recommendation to the School Board to appropriate $25,168 from minor capital

Drew Barrineau made a motion to accept staff’s recommendation. Bill Irvin seconded the motion and the
motion was unanimously.

Cave Spring High School – Electrical Change Order Request for Softball & Soccer Fields

Chris Lowe met with AEP on site in mid October. They reported back that the service was not adequate
to handle the lights, the well pump, and the concession stands. J. B. Moore, the electrical contractor, has
submitted a change order for $25,775 to install a new transformer, concrete pad, required conduit, and a
required service for the well pump and a new electrical panel for the concession stand. The money is
budgeted in the South County budget.

Staff is recommending approval of the change order in the amount of $25,775.

Bill Irvin made a motion to accept staff’s recommendation. Drew Barrineau seconded the motion and the
motion was unanimously approved.

Drew Barrineau requested that the VSPA funds used for Bogle Field Synthetic Turf be moved up on the
agenda as he needed to leave.

VSPA funds used for Bogle Field Synthetic Turf

Drew Barrineau stated there has been discussion about partnering with Roanoke County Parks &
Recreation to help fund Synthetic Turf at Bogle Field. More will be known after the budget is approved in
April. The School Board would need to fund half the cost of the turf. Mr. Barrineau stated after talking
with Penny Hodge there is VSPA funds available as free one time money. This could be used to help fund
the turf or be marked for future projects.

Roanoke County Schools Warehouse – Funding Request

Chris Lowe reported $734,000 was allocated by the school and county for the School Warehouse which
included $25,000 for A&E and $21,000 in contingency. The bid for construction was $688,000 plus
$21,000 in contingency for a total of $709,000. Mr. Lowe reported on the following change orders he has
Change Order #1 Credit for value engineering $9,840
Change Order #2 Guardrail to protect the indoor freezer from indoor equipment $2,620
Change Order #3 Cost to pump the sanitary sewer into the existing line at the bookstore due that the
septic system was denied by the Virginia Department of Health
Change Order #4 Freezer upgrade to meet necessary storage needs, temperature needs and loading
requirements $12,502
Change Order #5 Stormwater management revisions which were needed to gain approval through
Roanoke County $60,233

Additional impending expenditures include:

AEP electrical installation & connection $1,200
Concrete pad for loading dock $5,440
5 Additional windows for first bay where offices are located $6,161

The change orders and additional impending expenditures increase the need of funding to $78,379 for a
total project cost of $812,379.

The Board of Supervisors and School Board agreed in 2004 to split the difference in the cost up to
$150,000 each over the initial estimate of $500,000 for a total cost of $800,000.

Penny Hodge stated the request for $78,379 should be taken to the School Board asking for half of that
amount to be funded from the School Board and a request made to the Board of Supervisors for the
remaining half which is $39,190.

Staff recommends approval of the change orders and the School Board to appropriate half of the $78,379.

Bill Irvin made a motion to accept staff’s recommendation. Marion Roark seconded the motion and the
motion was unanimously approved.

Northside Middle School – Elevator Change Order

George Assaid reported at the December Construction Committee meeting the contractor installing the
elevator at Northside Middle School stated there would be an additional change order for items that were
requested by the inspectors that were not shown on the construction documents. Construction Services
has submitted a change order for $4,035.

Staff recommends that the Construction Committee approve the change order in the amount of $4,035
and make a recommendation to the School Board to appropriate funds from minor capital.

Marion Roark made a motion to accept staff recommendation. Bill Irvin seconded the motion and the
motion was unanimously approved.

Use of Project Management for upcoming projects

Richard Flora stated it has been discussed briefly about the use of project management for upcoming
projects, especially since the Northside High School project moved from $8 million to $20 million. He
asked if there was any interest in pursuing project management for the Northside High School project. A
recommendation was made to include the project manager in the interviews to select a new architect for
The committee agreed to have an RFP put out for project management for Northside.

Election of a new Construction Committee Chairman effective March 10, 2006

Richard Flora stated at the next Construction Committee meeting scheduled for March 13, 2006 a new
chairman will need to be selected. He is looking at March 10, 2006 as his last working day.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

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      Secretary                                                       Chairman

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