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                                           Beacon Partners, Inc.                           Courtyard Group                              ITAC Health
                                               Toronto, Ontario                                Toronto, ON                                  Edmonton, AB, Mississauga, ON
                                               Home Page:                Home Page:           Home Page:
                                               Contact: Peter Dolphin, Vice President of       Contact: Keri West, Marketing &              Contact: Brendan Seaton, President
                                               Business Development                            Communications                               eMail:
                                               eMail:              eMail:         Elaine Huesing, Executive Director
                                           C&D Strategic Consulting                        DeltaWare Systems Inc.
                                               Toronto, Ontario                                Charlottetown, PEI                       Loki Management Systems Inc.
                                               Home Page:                          Home Page:                 Richmond, BC
                                               Contact: Chiko Chakravertty, Principal          Contact: Jennifer MacKinnon , Account-       Home Page:
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                                               eMail:                           Manager, Business Development                Contact: Mary Connolly, VP Sales and
                                                                                               eMail: Jennifer.mackinnon@deltaware.         Marketing
                                           Carefx Corporation                                  com                                          eMail:
                                               Edmonton, AB
                                               Home Page:                   Eclipsys Corporation                         Macleod Dixon LLP
                                               Contact: David Ward, Vice President             Richmond, BC                                 Calgary, AB
                                               Business Development                            Home Page:                  Home Page:
                                               eMail:                         Contact: Stephen Carper, Sr. Vice            Contact: Anthony Morris, Partner,
                                                                                               President, Canada and International          Technology Enterprises Practice Group
                                           Cerner Corporation                                  eMail:             eMail:
                                               London, ON
                                               Home Page:                    Emerald Health Information Sys-              McKesson Canada
                                               Contact: Jim Shave, President, Cerner       tems                                             Saint-Laurent, PQ
                                               Canada                                          Ottawa, ON                                   Home Page:
                                               eMail:                         Home Page:                Contact: Lynn Logsdon, Account
                                                                                               Contact: Harry Kater, VP Sales               Manager
                                           CHIMA - Canadian Health Informa-                    eMail:              eMail:
                                           tion Management Association
                                               London, ON                                  Ergotron Canada                              Med2020 Health Care Software
                                               Home Page:                        Mississauga, ON                          Inc.
                                               Contact: Gail Crook, CEO and Registrar          Home Page:                   Orleans, ON
                                               eMail:                     Contact: Steve Reinecke                      Home Page:
                                                                                               eMail:                Contact: Jacques Berube, President &
                                           CIHI - Canadian Institute for Health                                                             CEO
                                                                                           Healthtech Consultants                           eMail:
                                               Ottawa, ON                                      Toronto, ON
                                               Home Page:                          Home Page:             Medicalis Corp.
                                               Contact: Anick Losier, Manager of               Contact: Susanne Flett, President            Waterloo, ON
                                               Communications                                  eMail:                  Home Page:
                                               eMail:                                                               Contact: Michael Fisher, VP, Business
                                                                                           Heron Technology Corp                            Development
                                           COACH: Canada’s Health Informat-                    Markham, ON                                  eMail:
                                           ics Association                                     Home Page:
                                                                                               Contact: Ron Hebert, President           Medirex Systems Inc.
                                               Toronto, ON
                                                                                               eMail:                    Toronto, ON
                                               Home Page:
                                                                                                                                            Home Page:
                                               Contact: Shannon Bott, Executive
                                                                                           IBM Global Business Services                     Contact: Ken Caskenette, VP, Sales
                                               Director, Operations
                                                                                               Victoria, BC                                 eMail:
                                                                                               Home Page:
                                           CHIME - College of Healthcare In-                   Contact: Todd Kalyniuk, Partner,         MediSolution
   3rd Quarter • November 2010 • HCIM&C

                                                                                               Healthcare                                   Toronto, ON
                                           formation Management Executives                     email:                   Home Page:
                                               Ann Arbor, MI, USA                                                                           Contact: Bill MacDonald, VP Sales
                                               Home Page:                                                                 eMail: Bill.macdonald@MediSolution.
                                               Contact: Kathy Shaw, Director of            IBM Healthcare Solutions
                                                                                               Edmonton, AB                                 com
                                               eMail:                 Home Page:
                                                                                               healthcare                               Medworxx
                                                                                               Contact: Barry Burk, Vice President,         Toronto, ON
                                           CLINICARE Corporation                               Healthcare Industry                          Home Page:
                                               A QHR Technologies Inc. company                 eMail:                      Contact: Susan Gershman, EVP
                                               Kelowna, BC                                                                                  Operations & Marketing
                                               Home Page:                                                                 eMail:
                                               Contact: Al Hildebrandt, President &        IMIA - International Medical Infor-
                                               CEO                                         matics Association
                                               eMail: ahildebrandt@QHRtechnologies.            Home Page:
                                               com                                             Contact: Peter Murray, Executive
82                                                                                             eMail:
Home Page Directory

Microquest Inc.                               Ormed Information Systems Ltd.                 TELUS Communications Inc.
    Edmonton, AB                                  Edmonton, AB                                   Vancouver, BC
    Home Page:                  Home Page:                       Home Page:
    Contact: Kim Brown, General Manager           Contact: Steve Caughers, VP Sales (East)
    eMail:                   Bob Lozeron, VP Sales (West)               University of Victoria
                                                  eMail:                          School of Health Information Science
Microsoft Canada Co.                                                                             Victoria, BC
    Vancouver, BC                             Procura                                            Home Page:
    Home Page:                 Victoria, BC                                   Contact: Dr. Abdul Roudsari, Director
    canada/government/default.mspx                Home Page:                   eMail:
    Contact: Barbara Alexander, National          Contact: Warren Brown, President

                                                                                                                                             Home Page Directory
    Healthcare Manager                            eMail:             University of Waterloo
    eMail:                                                                Waterloo Institute for Health Informatics
                                              QHR Software Inc.                                  Research
Nightingale Informatix Corporation                A QHR Technologies Inc. Company                Waterloo, ON
    Markham, ON                                   Kelowna, BC                                    Home Page:
    Home Page:                 Home Page:                 Contact: Shirley Fenton, Managing
    Contact: Graeme Blair, Manager, Product       Contact: Al Hildebrandt, President &           Director
    Management                                    CEO                                            eMail:
    eMail:                  eMail: ahildebrandt@qhrtechnologies.
                                                  com                                        Xwave
Online Business Systems                                                                          Mississauga, ON
    Calgary, AB, Edmonton, AB, Winnipeg,      Salumatics Inc.                                    Home Page:
    MB                                            Mississauga, ON and Montreal, PQ               Contact: Nadeem Ahmed, National
    Home Page:                  Home Page:                  Sales, Healthcare
    Contact: Sheena Woodhead, Health &            Contact: Ken Crowell, Director                 eMail:
    Life Sciences Practice Leader                 Conversion Solutions
    eMail:                Email:          York-Med Systems Inc.
                                                                                                 Richmond Hill, ON
Optimed Software Corporation                  Sentillion                                         Home Page:
    A QHR Technologies Inc. Company               Toronto, ON                                    Contact: Linda Mackfall, Sales
    Kelowna, BC                                   Home Page:\                 eMail:
    Home Page:            Contact: Scott Koles Regional Vice
    Contact: Al Hildebrandt, President &          President
    CEO                                           eMail:
    eMail: ahildebrandt@qhrtechnologies.
    com                                       Sierra Systems
                                                  Vancouver, BC
Orion Health Ltd.                                 Home Page:
    Edmonton, AB                                  Contact: Bill Thomson, EVP, Growth
    Home Page:                Strategies
    Contact: Mike Craig, Vice President           eMai:

                                                                                                                                                 3rd Quarter • November 2010 • HCIM&C

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