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Resolve I just wanted to let you know that i got the Western Blot test done and I got my
results back today they are NEGATIVE yeh!!!

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for all your support 'I am so happy' I cried all the way
home in absolute relief.

This is typical of the many cases treated

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* Dementia occurs as a result of damage to brain tissue and includes such diseases as
Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.
* Depending on what part of the brain is damaged determines the presenting symptoms.
* You will suffer changes in memory and muscle functioning (twitchings etc). The extent of
the damage determines the severity of symptoms.
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UPDATE UPDATE! First let me say thank you to the Resolve team for their tremendous
support throughout this whole ordeal! I will tell you that even though I felt much better with
signs and symptoms 90 days post detox, I still tested positive in March or this year and was
disappointed, but after talking to the resolve team and uncovering that the thousands of
dollars I wasted on herbal suppressants to burry the virus probably made it more difficult to
eradicate. The resolve team immediately shipped the (20 day booster detox) and immune
booster. I followed their recommendations to the letter. More viruses came out of my body! I
had more clearing symptoms. Resolve told me to get the PCR HSV 1 & 2 and the western
Blot Elisa HSV 1& 2 blood tests at 4 to 6 weeks post booster. I think I waited 7 or 8 weeks to
be sure. Well I went to my Dr. and she wrote out the script on the orders. As a matter of fact
she had to add those tests, as they were not standard protocol on the order form. I went to
the lab company and drew the blood. It took a while but I called TODAY and the nurse that
answered the phone said that they had gotten the results earlier and the Dr signed off so
she could tell me the results. Both tests came back NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE. Best day of my
life in years. All I can say, is that upon individual situations, it may take longer to rid the virus
from some people. Mine was 6 months. Yes, I will post the results very soon as I am going
to the Drs. office to get a hard copy of the results. This is for real, I would not lie. Now, for
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the rest of my life, there is a happy ending after all. Billy
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Blood Tests:
Q: How can it be proven that the herpes virus is gone?
A: Once you have completed the mineral detox strictly as instructed, then you should know
on your own when the virus has left your body because when the virus leaves your body you
should no longer have outbreaks of the same frequency and intensity. Shortly after
completing the detox, you can still experience "clearing" symptoms, but these should
decrease in frequency over the following 3 to 9 months. Eventually, your outbreaks should
stop completely. That process takes different time periods for different people. There is no
one-size-fits-all time frame. It just depends on your own body, the level of virus in your body,
how well you follow the instructions that came with the detox, and the health of your own
body's immune system. Moreover, while some customers do receive negative blood test
results after completing the detox and waiting at least 90 days to test, there is no known
blood test in the United States that can consistently and reliably show that the herpes virus
has left the body because the antibodies to the virus will always remain and there is no
known blood test in the United States that can differentiate between antibodies that are
present due to a prior herpes infection and antibodies that are present due to a current
herpes infection.
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The most sinister and preventable cause of slow progressive inflammation and
degeneration, which leads to dementia are viruses.

There are approximately 400 viruses that can affect the human body and the number
increases yearly. Recent examples include Bird Flu, SARS. Viruses can easily cross into the
brain and cause some of the common brain inflammation conditions, such as viral
encephalitis and meningitis.
However milder infections can occur from such common viruses as influenza, gastroenteritis
or viruses introduced during vaccinations. These will cause fever and headaches initially.
However the tragedy of the viral infection is that some viruses can bind to the DNA and re in
the brain causing low grade inflammation and progressive degeneration and scarring. This is
the onset of dementia.

It is now becoming evident that the herpes family of viruses (cold sores, shingles, warts,
genital herpes) can lodge into the brain causing low grade inflammation, which eventually
leads to scarring and degeneration – Dementia.
This is the reason that dementia and Alzheimer's disease runs in families. The virus has
attached onto the DNA and crossed the genetic line.
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