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Methodist Specialty                        Bring it On!                              The Comeback Kid
Care Center                                Brad Kennedy tests the limits of his      Expertise of hospital staff and
There’s no place like this homey, but      trusty C-Leg and showcases the            Quest program helps yet another
high-tech, facility in Flowood. The        athleticism of today’s amputees           Mississippi youth triumph over
long-term care center is the state’s       via a 1,370-mile bike trek across         traumatic brain injury and return
first to meet the complex medical           Europe.                                   to the classroom.
needs of the severely disabled.

                                                                                  News Briefs
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The Challenge                           P18                                       P10
                                        West Nile Virus News
P3                                      • Research Study                          Assistive Technology
New Board Officers Announced             • Prevention                              Clinic Expands
                                        • Alerting Health Care Workers
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Road Testing Orthotic &                 P28                                       Nurse Promotes
                                                                                  Cancer Screenings
Prosthetic Products                     By the Numbers

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Fitness Tip Sheet                       Wilson Research Foundation                Volunteer Receives
                                        Honorarium                                National Honor
Traumatic Brain Injury News
• TBI Model System
• TBI Support Groups
                                                                                                                           contents | summer 2004

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West Nile Virus Revisited                                             The Hurt That Won’t Heal                                                Remembering Earl Wilson
Public turns to Methodist                                             Chronic pain can derail the lives of                                    Statue pays tribute to inspiring
researchers for the latest buzz                                       millions each year, but Methodist’s                                     leadership, caring spirit of
on a polio-like paralysis that                                        team approach is putting many                                           hospital’s founding chairman.
is one of the most frightening                                        sufferers back on track.
manifestations of the mosquito-
borne West Nile virus.

Ways & Means | Summer 2004, Volume 28, No. 1 | Ways & Means is published by the Methodist Rehabilitation Center Public Relations Department.

Susan Christensen - Editor and Writer, Jason Lott - Graphic Designer and Art Director, Lisa Uzzle Gates - Contributing Writer, Brent Wallace and Barbara Gauntt - Photography,
Jim Albritton - Public Relations Director

Mark A. Adams - President and Chief Executive Officer, Methodist Rehabilitation Center

Methodist Rehabilitation Center Board of Trustees
Officers | William R. (Randy) James—Chairman of the Board, Matthew (Matt) L. Holleman, III—Vice Chairman, David L. McMillin—Secretary, Mike P. Sturdivant, Jr.—Treasurer
Members | Sally Carmichael, Rev. Bert Felder, C. Gerald Garnett, Ann Holifield, S. Edward Kossman, Jr., Dean M. Miller, William (Bill) A. Ray, Michael Reddix, M.D., E. B. (Bud) Robinson, Jr.,
Thom A. Tarquinio, M.D., Thomas A. Turner, III, Dirk B. Vanderleest, Walter S. Weems, Marsha M. Wells
Ex-Officio | Bishop Kenneth L. Carder, Otis Johnson, Jr., Rahul Vohra, M.D.
Life Members | John H. Webb, Jr., Jesse L. Wofford, M.D.
Founders | Earl R. Wilson, Frank E. Hart, Sr., Hilton L. Ladner, Jesse L. Wofford

Methodist Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation programs for people with spinal cord and brain injuries, stroke and other neurological and orthopedic
disorders. The 124-bed state-of-the-art hospital in Jackson is one of only 16 hospitals in the country designated as a Traumatic Brain Injury Model System by the National Institute on
Disability and Rehabilitation Research and is only one of two in the state accepted into the prestigious Council of Teaching Hospitals. In 2000, it became the first Mississippi hospital to
be named one of America’s best hospitals by U.S. News and World Report.
Mission Statement | In response to the love of God, Methodist Rehabilitation Center is dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of the lives of those we serve. We are committed
to excellence and leadership in the delivery of comprehensive services.

                                                  Methodist Rehabilitation Center, 1350 East Woodrow Wilson, Jackson, Mississippi 39216 | | 800-223-6672

                  T   he other day I got some exciting news from Dr. Art Leis, a senior scientist with our Center for Neuroscience
                      and Neurological Recovery. He called to tell me about Ned Jeter, a patient from Virginia who was that
                  state’s first West Nile virus case of 2003. After becoming paralyzed from the virus, Jeter traveled the 800
                  miles from Roanoke to seek a diagnosis and treatment from our staff of West Nile experts.

                  Mr. Jeter told us that he had called hospitals such the Mayo Clinic and Duke, and decided that coming to
                  Methodist offered his best chance for recovery. After all, we were the research center that first reported
                  that West Nile virus could cause polio-like symptoms.

                  To learn that Mr. Jeter had chosen us over many of the nation’s best health care providers was gratifying,
                  as was our inclusion in U.S. News and World Report’s 2003 list of best hospitals in America.

                  But what pleases me most about the recognition is it illustrates the metamorphosis taking place here
                  at Methodist. Every day we translate what we’ve learned from the lab and from experience into better
                  patient care. And every day our circle of influence widens.

                  In the last few years, we’ve gone far beyond our beginnings as a hospital for victims of stroke, brain and
                  spinal cord injuries. Today, our researchers and our medical staff work together to provide cutting-edge
                  therapies for a broad range of neurological and orthopedic disorders.

                  In our labs, we continue to be on the forefront of the nation’s most exciting detective work. Our CNNR
                  researchers recently finished an $82,000 federal study that looked at the long-term outcome of West
                  Nile virus patients who suffered paralysis and/or muscle weakness. The results of their work should help
                  doctors across the world better predict the prognosis of such patients and help dictate proper care.

                  As one of only 16 Traumatic Brain Injury Model System sites in the nation, we’re also continuing our
                  leadership role in TBI research. Over the next several years, we’ll be using $1.8 million in grant money to
                  conduct a number of national studies.

                  In our clinics, we’re fast becoming the place to turn for pain relief through innovative treatments that use
                  a multi-disciplinary approach to get people back to the business of their lives.

                  And our in-patient services provide the standard by which all other programs in Mississippi are measured.
                  Well-known Jackson physician Dr. Faser R. Triplett after rehabbing in our dedicated stroke ward said:
                  “There’s nothing like Methodist in the state.”

                  In this issue of Ways & Means, we’ll highlight some of these achievements and bring you the stories of
                  people who have benefited from the dedication of our staff.

                                                                Mark A. Adams
                                                                President and Chief Executive Officer
                                                                Methodist Rehabilitation Center

2   Summer 2004
Methodist Announces
N E W B O A R D                                                                 O F F I C E R S
W     illiam R. “Randy” James has been
      named chairman of the board of
trustees of Methodist Rehabilitation Center.
                                               replace    James      as  vice-chairman.
                                               Holleman is the president and CEO of
                                               Galaxie Corp., an investment company.
                                                                                              a family-owned farming operation, Due
                                                                                              West Plantation in Glendora, and an
                                                                                              Elder at the First Presbyterian Church
James, a member of the board since 1992,       He is former president and CEO of              of Greenwood. He is a past president
has served as vice chairman since 2001.        Mississippi Valley Gas, where he worked        of the Delta Council, a director of the
                                               for 15 years. He has a bachelor’s degree       Chickasaw Council of Boy Scouts and
James serves on several boards                 in business from the University of             a past chairman of the Farmers Supply
and donates freely of his time and             Mississippi and a master’s of business         Cooperative of Greenwood, among
business expertise. “It is our duty and        administration from Mississippi College.       other volunteer appointments.
responsibility to serve our community,”        He also donates time to St. Catherine’s
he said. “I became involved with the           Village, Mississippi Technology Alliance,      “The hospital’s staff and our new board
hospital because I believe in its mission.     Nature Conservancy, and the Mississippi        officers are as committed as ever to
This hospital has a great cause. We            Museum of Art.                                 our mission of restoring and enhancing
rebuild lives here.”                                                                          the lives of those we serve. We look
                                               “I think Methodist Rehab is extraordinary      forward to working together,” said Mark
James is president of Pruet Production         when you really understand their               Adams, president and CEO of Methodist
Co. and manager of Pruet Oil LLC.              mission and the challenges they face.          Rehabilitation Center.
                                               The commitment and the dedication
He received a bachelor of science              of the doctors, as well as all the staff, is
business administration degree in finance       impressive,” Holleman said. “I’m honored
from the University of Arkansas. He            to be associated with them and to serve            Long Time Board Member
serves on the boards of Millsaps College       as vice-chairman, and I’m anxious to help          Will Be Missed
and the Andrew Jackson Council of the          in any way I can.”
Boy Scouts of America, among other                                                                Methodist Rehabilitation Center lost
organizations. He is a member of Christ        David McMillin continues to serve as               an ardent supporter on June 20, when
United Methodist Church in Jackson.            the board secretary, a position he has             Arthur Daniel Breland of Crystal Springs
                                               held since January 2001. McMillin,                 died at age 87. Breland was one of the
James takes the helm from Dean M.              who has served on the board since                  original members of Methodist’s Board
Miller, a board member since 1966. Miller      1999, received his master’s of business            of Trustees and continued to faithfully
will continue to serve on the board. “It       administration degree from Millsaps                serve the hospital for 25 years.
was a great experience. I worked with          College and a bachelor’s of business
a lot of wonderful people—the staff, the       administration from the University of              Breland retired as president and CEO of
employees and the board members,”              Mississippi. He is a region sales manager          Truckers’ Exchange Bank after a 40-year
Miller said of his time as chairman. “The      for Xerox Corporation and is a past board          career in the banking industry. He also
hospital provides a service that is so         member for United Way of Jackson and               served as mayor of Crystal Springs from
needed, you have to appreciate that            the National Multiple Sclerosis Society,           1979-1984 and was dedicated to many
mission.”                                      among others. He currently serves on               community organizations, including
                                               the boards of the St. Andrew’s Booster             the Lions Club, Chamber of Commerce,
Miller is the longest serving board            Club and is a member of the Rotary                 Lake Copiah Board of Directors and
member and took over as chairman               Club of Jackson. McMillin is a member              the Hardy Wilson Hospital Board of
when Earl Wilson, the hospital’s founding      of Galloway United Methodist Church in             Directors.
chairman, died in 2000. He graduated as        Jackson.
a geologist from the University of Kansas.                                                        Survivors include daughters Susan B.
He is a World War II veteran and is in the     Micajah “Mike” Sturdivant, Jr. was                 Taylor and Ceila B. Burnham of Jackson
gas and oil business, serving as president     named treasurer of the board. Sturdivant           and son, Phillip A. Breland of Deadwood,
of Energy Three, Inc. He is a member           has served on the board since 1979.                S.D.; four grandchildren and two great-
of Galloway United Methodist Church in         He has a bachelor of arts in business              grandchildren. Memorials may be made
Jackson.                                       from Millsaps College and a master’s               to Crystals Springs United Methodist
                                               of business administration from the                Church, 306 West Georgetown St.,
Matthew “Matt” L. Holleman, III will           Harvard Business School. He is part of             Crystal Springs, MS 39059.

                                                                                                                             Ways & Means    3
    Specialty Care Center
                  continuing the tradition of innovation
4   Summer 2004
Residents, like Hugh “Skeeter” Edwards, have high        Nursing stations are the hubs of the second and third floors with three short hallways
speed Internet access in their rooms.                    radiating out from each, reducing the distance between residents and staff.

M     ore than 25 years ago, a small
      band of visionaries saw a
void in Mississippi’s health care
                                                helped steer through the 1998 legislative
                                                session made it possible for Methodist
                                                to receive an exception to the lengthy
                                                                                                 also will be customized for those who
                                                                                                 need systems that can be voice-activated
                                                                                                 or operated by breath-controlled devices.
system and shepherded the creation              state certificate of need process.
of Methodist Rehabilitation Center.                                                              The center will employ 120, and its
                                                “Sen. Woodfield said: ‘If anything good can       nurse-to-patient ratio is much lower
Now the hospital has built on that proud        come of Michael’s tragedy, I’ll help you,’“      than traditional nursing home facilities.
tradition with the opening of Methodist         Adams said. “The Governor, Legislature,          While a typical nursing station takes
Specialty Care Center, the state’s first long-   Division of Medicaid and the Mississippi         care of 60 patients, the center’s
term care center for the severely disabled.     State Department of Health should all            nursing station takes care of 30.
                                                be commended for following through
The $9 million Flowood facility is designed     and making this dream a reality.”                Because the center is a division of Method-
to address the complex medical needs                                                             ist, the staff also benefits from a col-
of people who need around-the-clock             The three-story center is located adjacent       laborative relationship with the hospital’s
assistance with activities of daily living.     to Methodist’s East Campus and couples           medical team. This gives center residents
                                                state-of-the-art medical technology              access to the latest medical advances,
“Now family members who can’t provide           with a warm and inviting environment.            including long-term experimental drug
such care at home won’t face the difficult        On each floor, three short, carpeted              trials and therapeutic treatments that
decision of sending their loved ones out        hallways radiate from a central area that        foster the highest level of function.
of state,” said Mark Adams, Methodist’s         houses the nursing stations and dayrooms.
president and chief executive officer.            This layout eliminates the institutional         Staff also has access to some of the latest
“This is a significant achievement for           feel of long hospital-like corridors and         innovations in nursing care – such as
Mississippi, and especially for our             reduces the distance between the nurses’         “smart-charting.” The wireless system
residents who are severely disabled. ”          stations and the residents’ rooms.               allows staff to use handheld PCs to
                                                                                                 document care at a patient’s bedside.
The center’s opening was celebrated             Common areas located on each floor offer
Feb. 18 and 19 with a ribbon cutting            residents a place to gather and provide an       The attention given to the patient’s care
and receptions for the Mississippi              inviting view of nearby Mirror Lake. There’s     and comfort is reassuring to Woodfield.
House and Senate. An honored guest at           also an attractive dining area on the first       While she’s reluctant to relinquish her care-
the gatherings was Sharon Woodfield              floor that opens to a covered courtyard.          giver role, Woodfield said she is grateful
of Gulfport, whose 36-year-old son                                                               that Methodist created a facility that can
Michael was the center’s first resident.         Each private room features its own bath-         meet Michael’s complex medical needs.
                                                room and comes furnished with a tele-
Michael’s dad, the late state Sen. Clyde        phone, television and high-speed Internet        “There is no other staff I would entrust his
Woodfield, was instrumental in expediting        access. While the look is that of an upscale     care to,” Woodfield said. “I know Methodist
the creation of the center after Michael        hotel, medical equipment such as oxygen          is the most qualified to run a place like
was severely brain-injured in a 1997            lines and other medical gases are close at       this. It’s not a nursing home. It’s like an
motorcycle accident. A bill that he             hand. Specialized environmental controls         intensive care unit in every room.”

                                                                                                                                 Ways & Means    5
                                   The Discovery Tour team included, from left, Dan Sheret, Brad Kennedy and Mitch Reinitz.
                   E U R O P E A N B I K E T O U R P R O V E S AT H L E T I C I S M O F A M P U T E E S

    A     fter bicycling 1,370 miles across
          Europe this spring, Brad Kennedy
    declared his artificial left leg no worse for
                                                   “I went through quite a few Advils,” he
                                                   says. But now that his muscles are less
                                                   sore and he has started to regain the 25
                                                                                               today’s technology can expand the
                                                                                               horizons for people who use prostheses.

    the wear.                                      pounds he lost, Kennedy calls Discovery     While the team members were the only
                                                   Tour ’04 “a wonderful experience.”          ones to pedal the complete distance,
    The Methodist Rehabilitation Center                                                        they got plenty of company from other
    prosthetist wishes he could say the same       The nine-country, month-long bicycle        bikers—able-bodied and otherwise
    for his God-given body parts. Turns out that   trek was the brainchild of international    —along the way. “We met quite a few
    pedaling from Glasgow, Scotland to Venice,     prosthetics manufacturer Otto Bock          amputees and I do think we helped to
    Italy can leave a guy with a continental       Healthcare. The company asked Kennedy       motivate them,” Kennedy said. “And I
    pain in his southern hemisphere.               and two other amputees to make the          think we motivated just as many able-
                                                   journey as a way of showcasing how          bodied riders. We really pushed them.”

6   Summer 2004
Pushing himself has been a way of life      it was cold and I had a 1,600-foot climb     tour trek to Washington, D.C., where
for Kennedy ever since a car accident       to do in a short distance. But I had a lot   the team spent time with U.S. soldiers
took half his left leg at age 17. So he     of support and I got in a little better      who had lost limbs in the war in Iraq.
jumped at the chance to put Otto            shape and it got easier and easier.”
Bock’s computerized C-Leg and LuXon                                                      “We went to lift their spirits and make
Max foot through the wringer.               The team’s daily mileage ranged              them feel better and they made me feel
                                            from 50 to 110 miles. And by the             better,” said Kennedy, whose own dream
“I hate to pass up a good challenge,”       end of the trip, Kennedy was in good         of being in the military was dashed by his
he said. “It means a lot to me to be        enough shape to clock four 100-mile          amputation. “Their orders were to get well
able to demonstrate that you can still      days—three of those in a row.                and that is what they were doing. Before
be an athlete after an amputation.”                                                      we left, we asked if they would autograph
                                            Along the way, Kennedy and his two biking    our shirts. Now that’s my prize possession.”
Kennedy was among the first people           companions—Mitch Reinitz of Seattle,
in the United States to use Otto Bock’s     Wash. and Dan Sheret of Wilmington,          Kennedy also came home with plenty
revolutionary C-Leg after its 1999          N.C.—had a variety of adventures.            of European souvenirs, including
United States debut. He now travels the                                                  more than 500 photographs picturing
country training other practitioners on     They dodged hailstorms, lightning bolts      beautiful sights he hopes to some
how to fit the computerized leg, and         and foreign drivers; fielded questions        day share in person with his wife
his experience told him the prosthesis      from the international media and local       Connie, also a Methodist employee.
would be no problem on the tour.            townsfolk; got lost countless times
                                            in the European countryside and              But for now he’s happy to be home
He wasn’t nearly as confident about          experimented with international cuisine      spending time with family and friends
his flesh-and-blood components. As an        (i.e. blood pudding and liver soup.)         and sharing the insights he gained on his
above-the-knee amputee, Kennedy knew                                                     trip with his Methodist patients. “I really
95 percent of his pedaling power would      Through it all, they stayed focused          looked forward to getting back to work,”
depend on his sound leg. And his pre-trip   on the tour objective. “My goal              he said. “The trip reinforced my desire to
training amounted to only four months.      was to touch people’s lives and              make sure we’re providing the best care
                                            encourage them,” Kennedy said.               we can for our patients and that they get
“I was really questioning my decision                                                    the detailed attention they deserve.”
the third day,” he said. “There was a lot   But he says he was the one who came
of soreness and fatigue setting in and      away inspired—especially after a pre-

                                                                                                                         Ways & Means   7
      A N AT O M Y                           O&P Product Testing
                                             Gives Staff Access to
            C LEG
     OF A

                                             Breakthrough Technology
                                             Biking 1,370 miles on an artificial leg was      a prosthetic user, he knows the value of
                                             hardly a run-of-the-mill challenge for          making sure new technology adapts to the
                                             prosthetist Brad Kennedy.                       challenges of everyday life. “I’m real active,
                                                                                             so I need a foot that can bend and twist.”
                                             But one facet of his journey did feel like
                                             business as usual. Road-testing O&P products    Wallace said when staff members or
                                             is part of his job at Methodist Orthotics &     patients try out new products, the testing
                                             Prosthetics.                                    often includes a trip to the hospital’s Motion
                                                                                             Analysis and Human Performance lab.
                                             “When new products come on the market,          There, data can be collected on parameters
                                             we do try to jump out there and test            such as stride length, step length, velocity
                                             them,” said division director Chris Wallace.    and steps per minute.
                                             “Sometimes our employees have done
                   3                         beta-testing, and sometimes we get early        Methodist currently helps test products
                                             samples for patient trials.”                    from international manufacturers such as
                                                                                             Otto Bock, but Wallace said he would like
                                             Wallace said the importance of national         to add some homegrown products to the
                                             product testing is twofold. Patients benefit     mix.
                                             because manufacturers receive critical
                                             input on product performance, while staff        “We’re in discussions with a major state
                                             members gain firsthand knowledge about           university to work on doing some testing
                                             innovations in the O&P field.                    and applied research. We’re hoping to
                            2                                                                advance some new concepts in design and
                                             Kennedy, for example, was among the first        materials. One of the things we are working
                                             above-the-knee amputees in the United           on is utilizing Kevlar (best known for its use
                       1                     States to use Otto Bock’s revolutionary C-      in bulletproof vests) as a new material for
                                             Leg. He was so pleased with its performance     product fabrication. We hope to get the
                                             that Methodist has since fitted 35 patients      university to do some comparative analysis
                                             with the world’s first completely computer-      for this project.”
                                             controlled artificial leg.

    1   Torque absorber at ankle allows
        rotation of prosthesis to absorb
    ground reaction forces. This feature
                                             “That’s a good example of us taking
                                             breakthrough technology and advancing it
                                                                                             Through the research process, Wallace
                                                                                             said the staff also hopes to invent a more
                                                                                             standardized approach to device design.
    is useful for activities such as golf.   in our region,” Wallace said.
                                                                                             “We want to get some scientific research

    2  Force-sensing pylon
       communicates information
    such as knee angles, forces on the
                                             Another Methodist employee who tests
                                             products is O&P technician Kenny Buford,
                                             a below-the-knee amputee. He recently
                                                                                             behind it,” said Darby Shook, a Methodist
                                                                                             prosthetist who’s also a biomechanical
    foot and speed of the leg swing to       put the TSS Vaculink suspension system
    microprocessor unit in the knee.         through its paces, and says the vacuum          “Our goal is to publish our findings and
                                             pump lives up to claims that it can wick        get to the point we could offer Methodist

    3   Battery-powered
        microprocessing unit is a
    tiny computer which processes
                                             away perspiration and facilitate a better
                                             socket fit.
                                                                                             assessment analysis to other facilities,”
                                                                                             Wallace said.
                                                                                                               Center’s   quantitative

    information in real time and adjusts     Buford also has tested several different
    the leg’s hydraulics to adapt to         prosthetic feet, and says he enjoys providing
    changes in the wearer’s gait.            feedback to national manufacturers. As

8      Summer 2004
                                                Local TV viewers are learning how to get fit       good opportunity to work with the
                                                and avoid injury thanks to the expertise of       station to promote healthy lifestyles in our
                                                Methodist Rehabilitation Center staff.             community,” said Methodist public relations

Fitness Tips
                                                                                                  director Jim Albritton.
                                                Since spring of 2003, the hospital’s
                                                occupational and physical therapists have         The therapists have addressed topics
                                                been sharing their knowledge on Fitness           ranging from adopting realistic New Year’s
                                                Friday, a segment that airs every other week      resolutions to preventing soccer injuries.
                                                on WJTV News Channel 12.
                                                                                                  Here are some of the therapists’
METHODIST THERAPISTS                            “Channel 12 is our Safe Families partner,         recommendations to help your family stay
FOCUS ON PHYSICAL FITNESS                       and we thought this would be another              injury-free.

    Learn your limitations.                         Just do it right.                                 Don’t let those abs go to flab.
Methodist physical therapist Jody Howell        Incorrect form is a major cause of injury,        “Abdominal strength is important to prevent
recommends consulting your doctor before        so seek out professional advice before            back pain, enhance good posture and
beginning an ambitious exercise program.        beginning a new activity, says Peter Schott,      provide core strength for other activities,”
A thorough physical can uncover problems        a physical therapist and therapy manager          says Methodist physical therapist Cathy
that might be life-threatening during           at Methodist’s outpatient rehab center            Henderson. She recommends a regular
exercise—such as heart abnormalities. And       in Flowood. “If your gym has a certified           routine of abdominal work such as crunches,
undergoing a flexibility screening can           personal trainer or sports therapist, tell        with a concentration on proper form.
detect potential trouble spots, such as tight   them about your goals and ask for tips on         Henderson said to be sure to keep your back
hamstrings or structural problems with the      how to achieve them,” he said.                    flat and use a proper breathing technique —
feet. “If you know about these things ahead                                                       exhaling when coming into the crunch and
of time, you can avoid injury by choosing                                                         inhaling when relaxing. Also avoid arching
an exercise that fits your physique or using         Think inches, not miles.                      your back or pulling on your neck.
adaptive equipment, such as orthotics in        Howell says doing too much too soon
your shoes,” Howell says.                       invites overuse injuries such as tendinitis,
                                                stress fractures and plantar fasciitis, an            Practice good posture.
                                                inflammation of the connective tissues under       Methodist occupational therapist Julie
    Make realistic resolutions.                 the foot. Therefore, it’s important to progress   Walker says chronic poor posture can
You can’t go from spud to stud overnight,       slowly, increasing exercise about 5 percent       lead to a variety of problems, including
says Howell. “If you’ve been sedentary, a       once your body gets use to a routine.             a humped back, poor circulation, nerve
simple walking program is a good place                                                            compressions, spine and joint degeneration
to start,” she says. “In the beginning, don’t                                                     and deformities. And one of the keys to
worry about intensity and concentrate on
                                                    Shake things up.                              avoiding such problems is to practice
establishing a routine. Try doing an aerobic                                                      proper alignment while working at your
                                                The best way to promote continuous gains
activity such as walking, jogging, swimming                                                       desk. Walker says you should sit up straight
                                                is to cross-train. This prevents the plateaus
or bike riding 20 to 60 minutes three times                                                       with your head up straight, shoulders over
                                                that can occur when you do the same
a week.”                                                                                          your hips with a slight curve in your low
                                                activity over and over. If you’re a runner,
                                                for instance, swimming would be a good            back, knees slightly lower than your hips,
   Don’t forget stretching                      alternate activity because it provides a          feet supported and elbows at 90 degrees.
   and strength-training.                       cardiovascular workout, yet is less stressful
While      many   people     concentrate        on the joints.
on cardiovascular activities, a good
conditioning program also addresses
flexibility and muscle strengthening and

                                                                                                                                 Ways & Means    9
     Assistive Technology Clinic
     Gets New Digs, Expands Services

                                                                                                   Allison Fracchia, right, a physical therapist
                                                                                                   at Methodist, adjusts Amy Wilkinson’s
                                                                                                   wheelchair. Fracchia is one of only four
                                                                                                   physical therapists in Mississippi who is
                                                                                                   certified in assistive technology.

     P   hysical therapist Allison Fracchia
         feels frustrated every time she
     sees a power wheelchair sitting on a
                                                   physician, biomedical engineers and
                                                   occupational, physical and speech
                                                   therapists. The state’s only other
                                                                                                   hands-free cursor control range from
                                                                                                   voice recognition software to systems
                                                                                                   that can be directed by eye gaze.
     Mississippi porch. She knows that the         comprehensive assistive technology
     owner probably ordered the chair off           program is at the T.K. Martin Center for        Occupational therapist Bridgett Pelts
     the Internet or TV and didn’t realize         Technology and Disability in Starkville.        evaluates patients for the ECUs, and she
     it wouldn’t fit through the door.                                                              looks at factors ranging from physical
                                                   Hugh “Skeeter” Edwards, a resident at           strength, endurance and range of motion
     The problem is among many associated          Methodist’s Specialty Care Center in            to vision, hearing and cognitive abilities.
     with the purchase of adaptive equipment,      Flowood, will be among the clinic’s first
     and one an expanded assistive technology      ECU recipients. Edwards has limited hand        Fracchia said clinic staff members stay
     clinic at Methodist Rehabilitation            control and must rely on others to turn on      abreast of assistive technogy issues by
     Center is designed to help solve.             his room lights or TV. So he’s “very excited”   attending international conferences
                                                   about getting an ECU that will allow him        such as the ones sponsored by the
     Fracchia, clinic coordinator and a certified   to do everything from surfing the net to         Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive
     assistive technology practitioner, said       phoning friends via a joystick that can         Technology Society of North America.
     the service offers guidance and medical        be attached to his wheelchair and bed.          Methodist will sponsor its own seminar
     evaluations for people in need of             “This is going to be awesome,” he said.         Sept. 30-Oct. 1 at Pearl River Resort.
     wheelchairs, environmental control units
     (ECUs), augmentative speech devices           Bob Hirko, director of biomedical               The staff also provides feedback
     and computer interface systems.               engineering at Methodist, said ECUs             to national vendors to facilitate
                                                   can be customized according to each             improvements in the field. For instance,
     Clinic physical therapist Cathy Henderson     person’s capabilities. For instance, people     Fracchia recently became one of only 10
     said such hands-on guidance can help          paralyzed from the neck down might              therapists in the nation asked to be on
     wheelchair users avoid costly mistakes.       operate a unit via a sip-and-puff device,        TiLite Wheelchairs’ first focus group.
     “Joint contractures can happen if they’re     by pressing a lever with their heads
     not seated right,” said Henderson, also       or by speaking into a microphone. His           As word has spread of the team’s expertise,
     an assistive technology practitioner. “If     department’s role at Methodist Specialty        demand for wheelchair evaluations
     they’re on the wrong cushion, they can        Care has been to install ECUs and               has increased, Fracchia said. And she
     end up with pressure sores. And if they       engineer any needed modifications.               predicts the other services will be equally
     order a power chair off TV and it doesn’t                                                      popular as people with disabilities
     work right, it may be almost impossible to    John Ramshur, a biomedical engineer             realize how assistive technology can
     get Medicare to buy them another one.”        for the Human Performance and Motion            improve their quality of life. “It opens
                                                   Analysis laboratory, provides a similar         their world,” she says. “It allows them to
     Located on the hospital’s second floor,        service for those who require adaptations       do things and communicate with people
     the clinic is staffed by a supervising         to use a computer. He said options for          in ways they couldn’t otherwise.”

10   Summer 2004

                                                           Imagine being in so much pain                   An orthotics and prosthetics
For the second year in a row, Methodist has                that you can’t even tolerate the                clinic on Methodist’s east campus
teamed up with WJTV News Channel 12                        weight of a blanket on your toes.               is making life a little easier for
to promote safety and injury prevention.         That’s the plight of some who suffer from        people who use prostheses by allowing
The hospital is the sponsor of the CBS           complex regional pain syndrome, one of          them to see a physician, physical therapist
affiliate’s Safe Families campaign. The            many chronic pain conditions that were          and prosthetist all at the same time. In
year-long injury prevention effort includes       discussed at the sixth annual meeting of        addition to helping patients consolidate
public service announcements, special            the Mississippi Pain Society. The meet-         their medical appointments, the clinic
events that focus on health and safety and       ing at Methodist Rehabilitation Center          also helps staff coordinate care. “Our
increased news coverage of safety issues         included presentations by anesthesiolo-         clinic is a collaborative effort,” said Chris
in all WJTV newscasts. “Safe Families is a       gists, rehabilitation medicine physicians,      Wallace, director of the hospital’s Orthotics
natural fit for us,” said Jim Albritton, public   orthopedic surgeons, psychologists, psy-        and Prosthetics division. “With our team
relations director. “It ties into the work       chiatrists, case managers, nurses and oc-       approach, physicians can be confident
we continue to do with our Think First           cupational and physical therapists.             their patients are being well cared for.” The
program in schools all across the state and                                                      division also provides a clinic every other
gives us an opportunity to reach a larger                                                        Tuesday at King’s Daughter Medical Center
audience.” More information about the                                                            in Brookhaven to accommodate those with
Safe Families campaign is available at wjtv.                                                     O&P needs in that area.
com. To learn more about Think First, go to                                                                                       Methodist Rehabilitation Center
                                                                                                           has been recognized by the
          The Downtown Exchange Club                               In the last year, Methodist             Public Relations Association
          recently presented Methodist                             has presented more than       of Mississippi for excellence in the field
          volunteer Tom Rowland with its                           30 Think First safety         of public relations. PRAM honored Ways &
“Book of Golden Deeds Award.” The                                  and injury prevention         Means, the hospital’s magazine, and Reunion
award recognizes dedicated volunteers                              programs at area schools.     Race, its annual fundraiser, with two Prism
who give hours of their time and talent to       Think First programs, aimed at young            Awards. The hospital’s statewide safety
make their communities better places. It’s       children and teenagers, try to prevent spinal   program, media relations program, Web
a fitting description for Rowland, who has        cord, brain and other traumatic injuries by     site and employee newsletter received 11
been offering his services to Methodist           focusing on bicycle, automobile, fire, boat,     certificates of excellence or achievement
since 1993. An amputee himself, Rowland          swimming and diving safety. Sammy Safety,       at the organization’s annual convention in
is at his best when he is called upon to         a certified safety super hero, and Fair, a       Jackson.
counsel the newly disabled, said Methodist       golden retriever who works with brain
volunteer services director Sandra Walker.       injury and spinal cord-injured patients,                                Dr. Stuart A. Yablon,
“Therapists often ask Tom to visit certain       attend many Think First events.                                         medical director of the
patients because they know they will                                                                                     Brain Injury Program
benefit from his comforting words and                                                                                     since 1996, recently
outgoing personality.”                                                                                                   received an Alumni
                                                           The Methodist Gift Shop has rung                              Award      from     the
          World-renown       clinician   and               up a $12,500 donation for the                                 University of Medicine
          National Institutes of Health                    Wilson Research Foundation.                                   and Dentistry of the
          researcher Dr. Leonardo G.             Shop manager Terri McKie said the donation                              New Jersey Medical
Cohen shared some of the latest findings          was made possible by the generosity of                                  School (UMDNJ). The
on the brain’s ability to recover function at    Methodist volunteers, who work in the store     award recognizes outstanding achievement
a lecture at Methodist. Cohen, who is chief      without pay. “We can donate more funds to       by a graduate of the Department of Physical
of the Human Cortical Physiology Section         the foundation when we don’t have to pay        Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Yablon did
of the National Institute of Neurological        salaries and benefits for the employees,”        his PMR residency training at the UMDNJ
Disorders and Stroke, discussed how the          she said. Since the shop opened in 1996,        and served as academic chief resident during
findings may influence future therapies for        the volunteer workforce has donated a           his last year of training. Dr. Yablon, a board-
stroke and brain injury patients. The subject    total of $85,500 to the foundation. The         certified physiatrist, is medical director of
is of special interest at Methodist, where       money supports research at the hospital’s       the hospital’s brain injury program. He is also
researchers are also focused on improving        Center for Neuroscience and Neurological        project medical director of the Traumatic
outcomes for brain injury victims.               Recovery.                                       Brain Injury Model System of Mississippi.

                                                                                                                                  Ways & Means     11
                                                 Tuc ker everlas t in g
                                                 BRAIN INJURY TEAM’S EXPERTISE BENEFITS TEEN

     H    is football teammates call Tucker
          Hoge the “miracle man,” and when
     he takes off his helmet you see why.
                                                 alone recover enough to try out for the
                                                 Brandon High School football team
                                                 some seven months later. But Tucker
                                                                                            Because Methodist is one of only 16
                                                                                            Traumatic Brain Injury Model System sites
                                                                                            in the United States, Tucker was able to
                                                 was fortunate to live near two medical     benefit from the hospital’s participation in
     A thick scar stretches from the top of      centers with the highest standard          TBI research projects, said Dr. Mark Sherer,
     his head to behind his left ear. It marks   of care for brain injury patients.         director of neuropsychology at Methodist.
     the spot where a neurosurgeon sawed
     open his skull after a January, 2003 car    After undergoing lifesaving neurosurgery   “Just the fact that patients are involved
     crash left the then 16-year-old with a      at the University of Mississippi           in projects here means there’s more
     near fatal traumatic brain injury (TBI).    Medical Center, Tucker transferred         scrutiny, more communication, more
                                                 to Methodist Rehabilitation Center’s       coordination and more follow-up. The
     In more rural areas of the state, Tucker    nationally recognized center for brain-    knowledge we gain through research can
     might not have survived the wreck, let      injury treatment and research.             immediately be applied to patient care.”

12   Summer 2004
“I think he’s going to be all right, but         designed to combat further swelling.            practitioner for the brain injury program
we had to resuscitate him twice”                                                                 at Methodist. “That allowed us to take
                                                 “He’s there, we’ve just                         advantage of the healing brain. You
Tucker was not behind the wheel the day          got to get him out”                             usually see the most rapid improvement
of the crash, but he was in a situation that                                                     during the first six months.”
was an accident waiting to happen: five           Two weeks after the wreck, Tucker
high-spirited teenage boys, crammed              was brought out of the coma. “We                To survive a brain injury, it helps if
into a new Chevy Malibu on a curvy road          didn’t know if he would know us,”               you’re young and in good health prior
known to local drivers for its “thrill hill.”    Dawn said. But he soon showed signs             to the injury. As someone who had
                                                 of his old self, even though a trach            been playing sports since age 3, Tucker
“There’s a little curve over the hill where      tube kept him from speaking.                    was in top condition. He also had the
they went off the road and the driver                                                             personality to persevere. “Pain has never
over-corrected,” said his dad, Cam. “He          “The first day of rehab, a bunch of his          been an issue for Tucker,” Cam said.
lost control, hit a tree, hit another tree       friends were there and I said: Do you           “He played soccer and football with a
and the car flipped upside down. They             recognize anybody?” remembered his              broken foot. When we were at rehab, I
had to cut Tucker out of the car.”                                                               knew he was going to beat this thing.”

Tucker can’t recall what happened that                                                           As Tucker worked with physical,
day, and much is a blur to his parents, as                                                       occupational and speech therapists to
well. But his mom, Dawn, does remember                                                           improve his abilities, staff began educating
the call from a friend who had overheard                                                         his parents about what to expect. “The
news of the wreck over a police officer’s                                                          day they get here, the biggest issue
radio. “She told me Tucker had been                                                              for parents is: Will their child be able to
in an accident and I needed to get to                                                            go back to school?” said Goodson.
North Street quickly,” said Dawn, her
eyes tearing up at the memory. “On the                                                           Many times the answer is yes, but staff
way, an ambulance flew past me.”                                                                  members generally recommend a
                                                                                                 conservative time frame for a return to
A police officer drove Dawn to UMC,                                                                the classroom. “We don’t want to send
where a paramedic told her: ‘I think                                                             someone back if they are not ready
he’s going to be all right, but we                                                               to benefit,” Thompson said. “If we put
had to resuscitate him twice.”                  Dr. Mark Sherer                                  someone back in the 12th grade and
                                                                                                 they’re functioning at 8th grade level,
When Tucker arrived at UMC, doctors              mom. “He wrote down everybody’s name.           we’ve set them up to fail,” Goodson added.
pronounced a CT scan of his brain one            Those kinds of things let you know he’s
of the worst they had ever seen. His             there, we’ve just got to get him out.”          “After a head injury, you have
brain had been bounced like a hackey-                                                            to remember to remember”
sack, causing damage to the frontal              The consequences of a brain injury
lobe and the left side of his brain.             are far-reaching because it can affect           To help get back up to speed, Tucker
                                                 someone physically, mentally and                followed his stay at Methodist with a
In addition to the primary injury from           emotionally. The frustration for the families   stint at the hospital’s Quest program,
the wreck, Tucker also faced secondary           is no one can tell them if or when their        Mississippi’s only community re-integration
injuries due to swelling in the brain.           loved one will get back to normal.              program for brain injury victims.
“The brain is enclosed in a hard case and
there’s no room for expansion,” said Dr.         “The brain is one of the slowest organs         There, he worked in the gym on his
Domenic Esposito, chief of neurotrauma           to heal, and everyone’s brain heals             physical stamina and in the classroom
at UMC. “If the swelling creates pressure        differently,” said Dr. Risa Nakase Thompson,     on his cognitive skills and endurance.
in the brain stem it can immediately             a neuropsychologist at Methodist.
kill you. That’s why timing is crucial           “We’ve had people with totally normal           “He had to build back to higher levels of
in the treatment of brain injury,”               CT scans have horrible outcomes, while          attention and memory,” explained Quest
                                                 someone with a bad scan went back to            speech therapist Cassie Means. “After a
To reduce the pressure building in               work. The picture doesn’t say it all.”          head injury, we say you have to ‘remember
Tucker’s brain, Dr. Esposito removed a                                                           to remember.’ He was taught strategies
portion of his skull. He also induced a          “A key part of his recovery is he got           such as using a day planner, written cues,
coma and paralysis and reduced Tucker’s          early rehab as soon as he was medically         checklists, repetition and visualization.”
body temperature—all measures                    stable,” said Kristi Goodson, a nurse
                                                                                                 continued on next page
                                                                                                                                Ways & Means   13
     “We laid the groundwork for a smooth
                                                                                                          T B I NEWS
     transition back to school,” said Quest
     admissions coordinator Joyce Leverenz. “In
     addition to working with Tucker and his                  TBI Model System Designation Helps
     family, we also provided the school staff
     with recommendations on how best to
                                                              Patients Receive Cutting Edge Care
     work with Tucker during the school year.”
                                                              For the second time, Methodist              • A study on how the relationship
     Leverenz said such advocacy paves the                    Rehabilitation Center has been              between the therapist and patient
     way for a better outcome, and is one of                  named a Traumatic Brain Injury Model        affects the outcome of therapy.
     the best benefits of Quest. “Our experience               System site, a prestigious designation
     with school systems is you have to have                  that helps ensure that Methodist TBI        To be in the model system, TBI patients
     a strong advocate to get what you need,                  patients receive cutting edge care.         must be at least 16, be seen in a trauma
     but you also have to know what you need.                                                             center at the University of Mississippi
     Doctors might not think to let teachers                  Methodist is one of only 16 centers in      Medical Center in Jackson or Forrest
     know that a patient might need more                      the nation chosen as a model system by      General in Hattiesburg within 24 hours
     time to take a test, or a study class to                 the National Institute on Disability and    of injury and come to Methodist for
     work on notes or a cassette recorder to                  Rehabilitation Research. As such, the       TBI rehabilitation within 72 hours of
     tape lectures. It’s the school integration               hospital will receive $1.8 million over a   leaving acute care.
     component that sets Quest apart.”                        five-year period to fund TBI research.
                                                                                                          Sherer said the studies being conducted
     Tucker said he doesn’t like to talk                      Dr. Mark Sherer, director of                at Methodist reflect the true concerns
     much about his brush with death. “I                      neuropsychology at Methodist, said          of people with TBI because they’re
     can’t stand hearing about it because                     the hospital’s role as a model site is      inspired by the actual experiences of
     I feel sad for my family having to deal                  twofold. “We contribute data to the         patients and their families. “At some
     with that stuff.” He does say, though,                    national database, and we are the lead      sites, they have mainly researchers.
     that he has learned this lesson: “Don’t                  center on several research projects         We are one of the sites where the
     goof around in a car, don’t drive fast                   based on that data. We also do local        researchers also treat patients, which
     and don’t think you can’t get hurt.”                     research projects.”                         we think is an advantage. We study
                                                                                                          what patients and families tell us they
     As his parents can vouch, tragedy is just                Among the new projects for this             are concerned about.”
     a heartbeat away. “We just need to get                   funding cycle are:
     across to kids that five minutes of joy can                                                           Having clinicians as researchers means
     cause a lifetime of misery,” his dad said.               • A medication trial for the treatment of   knowledge gained in the lab can
                                                              acute confusion after a TBI                 immediately be applied to patient care.
     “God spared Tucker for a reason,” said his                                                           “If our research tells us that a certain
     mom. “I think it was to help kids wake                   • A study on the diagnosis and treatment    medication helps people get better
     up and realize that life is a gift. It’s not             of motor disorders                          faster, we will be prescribing that
     something you can take for granted                                                                   medicine,” Sherer said.
     or throw away by being careless.”

     T B I FA S T FA C T S
     • Mississippi leads the nation in traumatic brain injury deaths.

     • From 1991 to 2000, the highest number of TBI deaths in the state occurred in the 15-to-29-year-old age group.

     • Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of traumatic brain injury.

     • Seat belts are 57 percent effective in preventing traumatic and fatal brain injuries.

     • In 2002, Mississippi had the lowest rate of seatbelt use in the Southeast.

                        Source: Brain Injury Association of America, Mississippi Department of Health, National Highway Traffic Safety Association

14   Summer 2004
   T B I NEWS                                   Information from that study will be used
                                                to enhance support group meetings at
                                                Methodist for survivors of traumatic brain
Study Shows Families                            injury and their caregivers.
of TBI Patients Benefit
                                                “Families in the study were so thankful to
From Support Groups                             have the opportunity to come together
                                                and share their experiences. It was helpful
Dr. Risa Nakase-Thompson recently               to them to know there were others going
participated in a study that proved what she    through similar situations,” Thompson said.
knew on an anecdotal level all along—no
matter how difficult your situation, it helps     She said leading the study group was
to be surrounded by people going through        enlightening for her as a practitioner.         Dr. Risa Nakase-Thompson
the same thing.                                 Many of the participants were dealing with
                                                injuries that were years old and this allowed   member in a similar situation tells you ‘I’ve
Thompson, a neuropsychologist at                her to learn about things they continue to      been where you are and you need help,’ that
Methodist Rehabilitation Center, recently       struggle with. For example, she said, many      can make a big difference,” Thompson said.
collaborated with researchers from The          of the family members experienced high
Institute of Rehabilitation and Research        levels of stress and depression and didn’t      “Support groups such as the one offered by
in Houston, Texas and the Mayo Clinic in        realize it.                                     Methodist can help bring people back into
Rochester, Minn. to measure the value of                                                        the system and help them find resources
support groups for family members of            “They considered it normal to feel and live     that are out there. In the end, we hope this
persons with traumatic brain injury.            that way. It’s one thing to have a doctor       enhances the quality of life for both patient
                                                tell you, but when another support group        and family members.”

Methodist Joins
Clinical Study of                               Amantadine hydrochloride, introduced in         To enroll in the study, a patient must
                                                the 1960s as an antiviral agent, has been       be between ages 16 and 65, must be
TBI Medication                                  shown to enhance the transmission of            admitted to one of the eight participating
                                                nerve impulses in the brain, Dr. Yablon         clinical facilities, and must be between
Patients at Methodist Rehabilitation Center     said. Encouraging results of earlier pilot      four to 16 weeks post-injury with no or
with severe traumatic brain injuries may be     studies paved the way for this major study,     inconsistent ability to follow commands or
eligible to participate in an international     which is expected to enroll as many as 180      communicate.
clinical study funded by a 5-year, $3-          patients throughout the United States and
million grant from the National Institute on    Germany.                                        Each patient will be randomly assigned to
Disability and Rehabilitation Research.                                                         receive either amantadine hydrochloride
                                                Methodist Rehabilitation Center is one          or a placebo for four weeks. Neither the
Dr. Stuart A. Yablon, medical director of       of eight rehabilitation institutions in         patient nor attending physician will know
Methodist’s Brain Injury Program, said          Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Texas,      the group to which the patient has been
the study will test the effectiveness of a       Massachusetts, Mississippi and Germany          assigned.
drug called amantadine hydrochloride            participating in the study as members of
for treating patients with prolonged            the Consciousness Consortium.                   Results will be measured after the fourth
impairments of consciousness.                                                                   and sixth weeks of the study using two
                                                Dr. Yablon said amantadine hydrochloride        well-established behavioral rating scales
“Many drugs are used to try to speed the        may help patients in vegetative and             to gauge recovery and measure whether
recovery of consciousness in individuals        minimally conscious states by stimulating       improvements persist after the drug is
with severe brain injuries, but there is very   transmission of a chemical called dopamine.     stopped. All patients will have CT scans
little research available to help physicians    Dopamine plays a critical role in the central   before entering the study to help determine
select a drug that is effective in treating      nervous system by influencing arousal,           whether the location and extent of brain
patients in vegetative and minimally            movement, perception, and behavior.             injury influences response to amantadine
conscious states,” Dr. Yablon said.                                                             hydrochloride.

                                                                                                                               Ways & Means     15
           ON A WING AND A SCARE
           WEST             NILE           HAS          PHONES                  RINGING                    OFF          THE         HOOK

           USA Today. Newsday. The San Diego Tribune. Consumer Reports. What do these national media outlets have in common? They’ve

           all carried reports about Methodist’s groundbreaking research on the link between West Nile virus and polio-like paralysis. Since that

           news broke in 2002, more than 100 media outlets have reported their findings. And news from two press conferences since then has

           been reported by the Associated Press and Reuters news service. The coverage is a coup on the public relations front, but the hospital’s

           prominence as a West Nile virus research center has prompted more than just good press. It’s also attracting patients from all across the

                                                         nation and inquiries from around the world.

     W     hen mosquitoes start to sting, the          In 2002, CNNR director Dr. Dobrivoje Stokic         with paralysis and/or muscle weakness.
           phones begin to ring at the Center for      and senior scientist Dr. Art Leis were the          This summer, CNNR researchers wrapped
     Neuroscience and Neurological Recovery at         first in the world to report that the virus          up a federally funded $82,000 study that
     Methodist Rehabilitation Center.                  can attack the motor cells of the spinal            examined the long-term outcome of
                                                       cord, causing paralysis, muscle weakness            West Nile patients with such symptoms.
     Word is out that CNNR researchers are
                                                       and fatigue, and the first to confirm that
     national experts on a crippling, polio-like                                                           While the results probably won’t
                                                       observation through autopsy findings.
     disease that is one of the most frightening                                                           be released publicly until spring
     manifestations of the mosquito-borne              Now they’re on the forefront of research            2005, CNNR researchers are already
     West Nile virus.                                  that could help doctors better determine            fielding questions from West Nile
                                                       the prognosis of West Nile virus patients           patients who want to know more.

16   Summer 2004
“We are receiving calls from all over the      future victims receive more timely
United States and Canada from people           diagnoses and the proper care.
wanting to know our experience on
                                               “I agreed to be part of the WNV research
the extent of recovery,” Dr. Stokic said.
                                               in the hopes of educating the public
“I’ve also had phone calls from physical
                                               and potentially leading to a more
therapists asking about appropriate
                                               standardized course of care,” Humes said.
therapy. Not many professionals have
seen cases of polio-like paralysis. But        Dr. Leis said the study already has helped
Dr. Michael Winkelmann, one of our             identify a number of symptoms not
rehabilitation medicine physicians, has        previously associated with West Nile
extensive experience with patients             virus, including facial weakness, difficulty
who have residual effects from having           swallowing and vision problems.
had polio in the ’40s and ’50s.”
                                             “Our initial discoveries showed the virus
Ned Jeter, Virginia’s first West Nile case of attacking the anterior horn cells of the
2003, is one who sought out the expertise    spinal cord, which control muscle function
of CNNR staff, and he believes he’s the       in the limbs and leads to paralysis,” Dr.
better for it. He was in a wheelchair and    Leis said. “Now we know the virus also
partially paralyzed                                                   can attack other
when he first arrived

                                                                      nerves and muscles,
at Methodist in             Word has gotten                           causing additional
August, 2003. But                                                     loss of motor
when he returned         out that they are the                        control in the body.”
for a follow-up
exam some eight          people to see about                          Dr. Leis said that
months later, the                                                     alerting other
Roanoke farmer           West Nile virus....”                         health care
had progressed             -Ned Jeter, Virginia farmer                professionals to
from walking to                                                       these more rare
some first attempts at running. “I thought    manifestations of the virus should help            Ned Jeter of Roanoke, Va., works to
                                             reduce what has been a common problem              improve his walking skills on Methodist’s
I’d impress my therapists,” he said.
                                                                                                body-weight supporting treadmill
                                             —doctors mistaking a patient’s muscle
Jeter said his family consulted with Duke                                                       system.
                                             weakness and paralysis for symptoms
University Medical Center, the Mayo          of stroke or Guillain Barre Syndrome.
Clinic, Johns Hopkins and Cleveland Clinic
before deciding that Methodist’s team of     Study results also have underscored the            “We can say that a year after the acute
researchers, medical staff and therapists     need for West Nile patients to undergo             illness, there is a subset of people who
offered him the best hope for recovery.       a comprehensive battery of electro-                remain profoundly weak and limited
“Word has gotten out that they are the       diagnostic tests. “A complete neurological         in daily functioning,” Dr. Stokic said.
people to see about West Nile virus. I       EMG and nerve conduction studies are
                                                                                                While that’s not good news for those
know I’ve benefited extremely from it.”       essential for a prognosis,” Dr. Leis said.
                                                                                                patients, being able to predict such an
Martha Humes, 33, of Portland, Oregon,         Researchers say there is a definite link be-      outcome can help decide appropriate
and Nancy Williamson, 48, of King Prussia,     tween the extent of nerve and neurological       therapy, Dr. Stokic said. “For example, a
Pennsylvania also traveled thousands of        damage early on and a patient’s eventual         patient likely to remain in a wheelchair or
miles to be part of the center’s West Nile     recovery. “If the virus destroys a majority of   have difficulty walking would need more
study.                                         cell bodies in the spinal cord, the patient      extensive rehabilitation services than
                                               will likely have permanent profound weak-        one with short-lived muscle weakness.”
Their motivation was to help researchers       ness,” Dr. Leis said.
learn more about the disease so that

                                                                                                                                Ways & Means   17
                                                 WEST NILE
                                                     FACTS             &      FIGURES

                    the Study
                                                                West Nile Virus
                                                                                                      • When possible, wear long-sleeves,
                                                                                                      long pants and socks when outdoors.
                                                                                                      Treating clothes with repellents containing
     After their initial West Nile virus study was    Summer safety includes protecting yourself      permethrin or DEET will give extra
     published in leading medical journals such as    from West Nile virus by avoiding mosquito       protection, since mosquitoes may bite
     the New England Journal of Medicine, Lan-        bites. Doctors at Methodist Rehabilitation      through thin clothing. Do not apply
     cet and the Journal of the American Medical      Center recommend everyone follow                repellents containing permethrin directly
     Association, CNNR researchers received an        guidelines developed by the Centers for         to skin. Do not spray repellent containing
     $82,000 grant from the Centers for Disease       Disease Control and the Mississippi State       DEET on the skin under your clothing.
     Control and Prevention in July 2003. The         Department of Health.
     purpose of the study was to do a follow-up                                                       • The hours from dusk to dawn are peak
     on West Nile virus patients who developed        • Whenever you are outdoors use an insect       mosquito biting times. Consider avoiding
     symptoms during the acute stage of the dis-      repellant containing DEET on exposed            outdoor activities during these times—
     ease.                                            skin. Follow the directions on the product      or take extra care to use repellent and
                                                      to determine how often to apply. Repellents     protective clothing during evening and
     Thirty-five patients were recruited for the       containing a higher concentration of active     early morning.
     study. Study participants who exhibited mus-     ingredient (such as DEET) provide longer-
     cle weakness answered a questionnaire and        lasting protection. DEET does not kill          • Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing
     underwent extensive clinical and laboratory      mosquitoes; it just makes them unable to        water. Limit the number of places around
     examinations. Participants without muscle        locate us. Repellents are effective only at      your home for mosquitoes to breed by
     weakness only answered the questionnaire.        short distances from the treated surface, so    getting rid of items that hold water such as
                                                      you may still see mosquitoes flying nearby.      discarded tires.
     Researchers will submit the study results to
     leading neurology journals. If accepted, the     • DEET has been shown to be very effective       • At least once or twice a week, empty
     study results should be published spring of      against a variety of biting insects. The more   water from flower pots, pet food and water
     2005.                                            DEET a repellent contains, the longer it        dishes, birdbaths, swimming pool covers,
                                                      can protect you from mosquito bites.            buckets, barrels and cans.
                                                      A higher percentage of DEET in a repellent

                                                      does not mean that your protection is           • Clean clogged rain gutters and check
                                                      better—just that it will last longer. DEET      for containers or trash in places that may be
                                                      concentrations higher than 50 percent do        hard to see, such as under bushes or under
     BY THE NUMBERS                                   not increase the length of protection.          your home.

                     U.S. Spread of West Nile Virus in Humans |               Reported Human West Nile Virus Infections

      1999 - 2001                                            2002                                            2003

                                                       West Nile Virus Cases in Mississippi
                    1999 - 2001                                          2002                                            2003
           Reported Human Cases - 0                       Reported Human Cases - 193                       Reported Human Cases - 87
              Reported Deaths - 0                            Reported Deaths - 12                             Reported Deaths - 2
18   Summer 2004
Researchers Alert Public, Healthcare
Workers to Many Faces of West Nile Virus
Picayune’s Patricia Wilkes didn’t know what
to think last fall when her temp shot up and
she was suddenly unable to walk.

She never imagined she might have West
Nile virus, and it apparently wasn’t the first
thing that came to doctors’ minds. Like
many victims of the disease, Wilkes was
misdiagnosed before doctors determined
the source of her high fever and extreme
muscle weakness.

This season, though, physicians and
consumers alike should be more alert to
the many manifestations of the disease,
thanks in part to the work of Methodist
Rehabilitation Center researchers Dr. Art
Leis and Dr. Dobrivoje Stokic.

Through published studies, presentations
and workshops, they’re making the world
more aware of the link between West
Nile virus and a satellite of neurological
symptoms—particularly the polio-like
                                                    Dr. Art Leis answers questions about West Nile virus for an informational video being
paralysis that many physicians continue
                                                    produced by the Mississippi State Department of Health.
to misdiagnose as stroke or Guillain-Barre

                                                    “ Guillain-Barre are completely ineffective
                                                       Treatments for conditions such as stroke
Dr. Leis, for instance, recently took part in
a Mississippi State Department of Health
video that is designed to help physicians
properly diagnose and treat the disease.
                                                    for West Nile virus and can cause injurious
Leis said physicians need to be aware of
all the manifestations of West Nile virus           side effects.”
because a misdiagnosis can affect a patient’s        -Dr. Art Leis
chance for a full recovery. “Treatments for
conditions such as stroke or Guillain-Barre
are completely ineffective for West Nile             While there is still no cure for West Nile,   Rehabilitation Center and several more in
virus and can cause injurious side effects,”         early treatment can help avoid secondary      therapy at the hospital’s outpatient facility
Leis said.                                          complications such as pneumonia, Leis         in Flowood, she began to show progress.
                                                    said. “There is a tremendous amount of
The general public also needs to be familiar        supportive care that needs to be done.”       “The therapists at the hospital and
with West Nile symptoms so that they consult                                                      outpatient clinic were so nice. Those
a doctor at the first signs of trouble, Leis said.   Rehabilitation, too, is important to help     ladies were really a big help to us,” said her
“One of the problems we have seen is people         patients recover as much function as          husband Bert Wilkes. “We know it’s not likely
delaying treatment. We had one individual           possible. Wilkes said the virus left her so   that she will get everything back,” he added.
who had to be transported to the hospital by        weak she was like a baby at first, having to   “But she’s willing to do the work to recover
ambulance because he waited until he was            work hard to regain basic movement. But       as much as she can.”
so weak that he couldn’t pick his body up.”         after weeks as an inpatient at Methodist

                                                                                                                                  Ways & Means     19
                                                       It’s a message women too often
                                                       ignore, Jones said. “I say we take
     National program                                  care of everybody else but ourselves.
                                                       I say you need to love yourself.”
     picks Methodist nurse
     to promote cancer                                 Jones also shares her story of survival
                                                       via the Mississippi State Health
     screenings for African-                           Department’s Witness Program. “We go
     Americans                                         out and talk to people about breast and
                                                       cervical cancer, and we also have made

     M    argaret Jones will never forget lying
          awake in the wee hours, worrying that
     she might die of cancer just like her mom.
                                                       a video. It helps people to know there
                                                       is hope, that they’ve got a chance.”
                                                                                                        Margaret Jones
                                                       WJTV News Channel 12 recently
     So when she managed to survive                    featured Jones during a report on                orthopedics,” said the nurse manager
     a 1993 bout with breast cancer,                   cancer, and she said her appearance              for the hospital’s Rehab Surgery
     Jones began preaching cancer                      apparently touched a chord. “You                 floor. “I was really humbled. It was
     prevention with the fervor of                     wouldn’t believe the phone calls                 a learning experience. At first, all I
     someone who has been born again.                  I’ve gotten from people saying                   thought about was dying because my
                                                       how much it helped them.”                        mother died of breast cancer in 1974.”
     Today, the nurse manager at
     Methodist Rehabilitation Center                   Every October, Jones plans a cancer              Jones said such fears could be one
     is a regional chairperson for the                 seminar at Greater Mount Calvary                 reason that cancer is often deadlier
     National Black Leadership Initiative              Baptist, and it’s not just limited to            for African-Americans. “A lot don’t
     on Cancer. Her territory covers the               female concerns. Jones said her own              want to know they have cancer, so
     south central region of Mississippi.              husband found out he had prostate                they put off getting screenings,” she
                                                       cancer through a screening at the church.        said. “I want them to know that just
     “The purpose of the initiative is to help                                                          because you have cancer doesn’t
     African-Americans become more aware               Although she has been a nurse at                 mean it is a death sentence.
     of the need to get regular checkups for           Methodist for 20 years, Jones said her
     cancer,” Jones said. “I hold seminars             medical experience didn’t necessarily            “It’s my way of giving back. That
     and talk about the need to do breast              prepare her for a battle with cancer.            was a scary time in my life.”
     self-exams and go to the doctor.”
                                                       “That’s a whole different area from

                Methodist’s      Orthotics      and              Methodist Rehabilitation Center’s               Coinciding with national stroke
                Prosthetics division in Monroe,                  therapeutic recreation program                  awareness month, nurses at
                La. found a special way to honor                 just added another activity to                  Methodist offered two free stroke
     the sacrifice of a hometown war hero.              its dance card. Seven former Methodist           screenings in May. The screenings were
     The division donated a high-performance           patients—six in wheelchairs and one with         held at Dogwood Festival Market in Flowood
     prosthesis to Sgt. Randall Rugg II, who lost      a prosthesis—can now say they’ve danced          and Northpark Mall in Ridgeland. Thanks to
     his left leg in Operation Iraqi Freedom.          onstage with some of ballet’s rising stars. As   WJTV’s on-air promotion and news coverage
     “This leg has all the bells and whistles,” said   part of “Medallists and Mississippians,”         of each event, the screenings drew more
     Steve Linsley, interim clinic coordinator         the group partnered with competitors from        participants than ever before. Participants
     for the Monroe O&P division. “Sgt. Rugg is        past USA International Ballet Competitions       learned the warning signs and symptoms
     accustomed to running several miles a day,        to present a specially choreographed show        of stroke and had their blood pressure
     and we want to help him maintain that             at Thalia Mara Hall.                             checked by nurses who staff Methodist’s
     active lifestyle.”                                                                                 comprehensive stroke program. They also
                                                                                                        learned ways to prevent a stroke.

20   Summer 2004

          Hundreds of able-bodied and                   The Goodwill Art Show, a joint                 A Heart Healthy Cooking
          physically-challenged    athletes             venture of Goodwill Volunteer                  Class was offered at Methodist
          from around the state will gather             Services, Methodist and VSA                    in February. The event which
Sept. 11 on Methodist’s east campus for the   Arts of Mississippi, drew participants from    was free and open to the public was also
hospital’s Reunion Race. The annual event     across the state to the hospital. The 16th     promoted as a “Safe Families” event on
benefits the patient needs fund and features   annual show gave artists with disabilities a   WJTV News Channel 12. Chef John Pelton,
a 5K race and walk, a bicycle stunt show      chance to showcase and sell their art. Many    director of nutrition services at Methodist,
and a post-race meal. For more information    entrants were former patients at Methodist     and executive chef Fernando Coleman
about the race, go to     who discovered their artistic talent after     demonstrated techniques that lower the
or call 601-364-3451.                         a disabling injury changed their lives. In     fat and salt content of Southern classics.
                                              conjunction with the show, a grant from        The cooking class coincided with the public
                                              VSA Arts of Mississippi brought professional   relations department’s release of a series
                                              artists into the hospital for a total of 10    of news stories focusing on healthy eating
                                              weeks to teach art classes to Methodist        and the state’s growing obesity problem.
                                              patients.                                      Participants were able to taste a sampling
                                                                                             of the foods prepared for the class and were
                                                                                             given recipes to try at home.

EMPLOYEES of the Year
2 0 0 3 T
                                                 eam building and good cooking               led the team that developed our
                                                 were honored at Methodist’s                 clinical pathway for stroke patients.”
                                              employee banquet, when Peter Fayard
                                              and Hazel Robinson were named the              Hazel Robinson’s culinary skill is
                                              Employees of the Year for 2003.                known throughout the hospital and
                                                                                             those who work with her know she’s
                                              Fayard, an occupational therapist, was         much more than a good cook.
                                              nominated for his strengths as a consensus
                                              builder. “I try to have my management          “She can handle any and all responsibilities
                                              style be as collaborative as possible.         and can cook pretty much anything,” John
                                              That way you benefit from the strengths         Pelton, director of nutrition services, said.
                                              of everybody. I’ve never worked with a         “She is the heart and soul of the cafeteria.”
                                              better team than now,” Fayard, the therapy
                                              manager for the stroke program, said.          And she has a lot of heart in other parts
                                                                                             of her life as well. She raised five children
                                              Janice McGee, stroke program director          and cares for her brother, who has
                                              and vice-president of nursing, said            Down Syndrome and Alzheimer’s. She
                                              Fayard’s contributions as a seasoned           also volunteers at Stewpot Community
                                              clinician are noteworthy, as well. “He         Services and local nursing homes. She said
Peter Fayard and Hazel Robinson with          is extremely knowledgeable about               Methodist plays an important role in her
their employee of the year awards.            accreditation standards and standards          busy life. “I could not do it all without this
                                              of rehab practices,” McGee said. “He           job. I really enjoy working here,” she said.

                                                                                                                              Ways & Means    21
               Team Approach Puts Chronic Pain Sufferers Back on Track

     O    n the good days, Tom Burnley’s
          pain is like the sound of a
                                                 Today, Burnley says he enjoys more
                                                 good days than bad, due in large part
                                                                                             Burnley’s experience is not unique, said
                                                                                             former Southern Pain Society president
     radio playing in the distance, a            to the compassionate care he has            Angela Koestler, a psychologist for
     disquieting presence perched just           received from the pain management           Methodist’s pain management team and
     on the edge of his consciousness.           team at Methodist Rehabilitation            co-author of “Understanding Chronic Pain.”
                                                 Center. But like many who share his
     On the bad days, it’s like a marching       affliction, he went down more than one        “In the past, physicians associated
     band headed straight at him, big and        blind alley in search of relief. Before     pain with tissue damage. Patients who
     imposing and impossible to ignore.          coming to Methodist, no one seemed to       complained of pain after they were
                                                 understand the depth of his despair.        supposedly healed were thought to be
     Burnley suffers from chronic pain, a                                                     neurotic or hysterical,” she said. “It has
     condition that afflicts an estimated 90       “I was treated like I was crazy and was     only been in the last two decades that
     million Americans and costs the nation      trying to ride the Workers’ Compensation    chronic pain has been considered a
     more than $125 billion annually in health   system,” said Burnley, a former intensive   condition in itself that calls for specific
     care costs, disability compensation,        care nurse. “I was almost believing I was   treatments and interventions.”
     lost productivity and tax revenue.          crazy I was being treated so badly.”

22   Summer 2004
Koestler said pain is considered chronic       the root cause of a patient’s pain. The       Burnley was no exception. The self-
when it lasts six months or longer or          detective work begins with a thorough         confessed “Type A personality” said
when it persists a month beyond the            physical examination that may be              going from caregiver to care receiver
usual course of an acute disease or the        followed by a variety of diagnostic           wreaked havoc on his self-image. “It was
reasonable time for an injury to heal.         procedures, such as x-rays, CAT scans,        like someone had thrown the brakes
                                               MRIs, electromyograms and nerve               on,” he said. “I felt fragile and worthless,
A wide variety of ailments are associated      conduction studies. Additional testing may    like my ability to help anybody was
with chronic pain, from arthritis,             involve assessments by occupational and       gone. I felt ready for the junkyard.”
fibromyalgia and nerve damage to                physical therapists and a psychologist.
migraines, sickle cell disease and spinal                                                    He said that perception changed after
problems. But for many pain sufferers,          After Burnley’s initial diagnosis, the team   he began taking anti-depressants and
the underlying cause is unknown.               moved on to helping him regain function.      started attending group therapy with
                                                                                             other chronic pain patients. “I found
Burnley’s misery began the day he                                                            in group therapy the thing you are
suffered a freak accident at his new job                                                      supposed to find—that you are not
as director of nursing care at a nursing                                                     alone in your suffering,” he said.
home. “I was moving a filing cabinet and
damaged both ends of my spine,” he said.                                                     He also discovered a vital tenet of pain
                                                                                             management—when you can’t change
What followed was a scenario familiar                                                        a situation, you have to change yourself.
to many chronic pain sufferers. Burnley                                                       “I’ve learned to be more realistic in my
was shuffled from doctor to doctor and                                                         expectations of myself,” he said. “I have to
none seemed to understand his distress.                                                      take things at a pace I can comfortably
                                                                                             tolerate to achieve my goals.”
Burnley’s troubles were initially attributed
to a low-back injury—which is among                                                          Koestler said just as chronic pain patients
the most common causes of hospital                                                           learn to temper their expectations, so must
admission. But a visit to Dr. Michael                                                        the health professionals who provide their
Winkelmann, a rehabilitation physician at                                                    care. “We’ve had to change our emphasis
Methodist, confirmed Burnley’s suspicion                                                      from finding a cure to rehabilitation,” she
that his pain had another source.                                                            said. “Now we look for ways to minimize
                                                                                             the negative effects of the pain.”
“His previous evaluations were not
general enough because they focused                                                          Education is key, too, she said, because
on the low back injury,” Dr. Winkelmann        Tom Burnley                                   patients must understand that
said. “I did a broader screen and physical                                                   they play a critical role in their own
exam and discovered he had cervical            When two surgeries didn’t restore his         recovery. “Although there is no cure
myelopathy, which is compression               fine motor skills, balance or the use of his   for chronic pain, patients can learn
of the spinal cord in the neck.”               right leg and foot, Burnley began learning    cognitive and behavioral strategies to
                                               to adapt to his limitations. Methodist        improve their quality of life,” she said.
While it wasn’t good news, Burnley said he     staff taught him to how to exercise, to
was glad that someone finally put a name        use crutches and a wheelchair, to dress       Burnley said his big turning point came
to his pain. “I was treated as if something    himself and to drive with hand controls.      when he discovered he could still
was truly wrong with me. People were           He also underwent a series of spinal          participate in sports like hockey and water
asking what can we do to fix it.”               injections that offered some pain relief.      skiing. “I owe a lifetime of gratitude to
                                                                                             Methodist Rehab and Ginny Boydston,
When treating chronic pain, a multi-           While his physical needs were being           director of of the hospital’s therapeutic
disciplinary approach works best,              addressed, Burnley also got some much-        recreation program,” he said. “So many of
said Dr. Winkelmann. At Methodist              needed counseling to address a common         their sports programs have strengthened
for instance, rehabilitation physicians        companion to chronic pain—depression.         my mind and body and made me more
lead a pain management team                                                                  fit so I can try to make a difference.”
that includes anesthesiologists,               “I’d say 95 percent of patients who
psychologists and physical, occupational       have chronic pain have some level
and recreation therapists.                     of depression,” Koestler said. “Many
                                               patients with chronic pain feel they have
The team’s first goal is to diagnose            lost everything important to them.”

                                                                                                                              Ways & Means   23

                     "My father's guiding principles centered around his beliefs

                     that 'to those whom much is given, much is expected,' and

                     that on the pathway of life, we are all pilgrims who should

                     look out for one another. It is my family's hope that Earl's

                     work with Methodist Rehabilitation Center and the Wilson

                     Research Foundation brings both those philosophies to

                     bear, and supplies his legacy." … Amy Wilson Granberry

24   Summer 2004
A    statue of Earl R. Wilson was
     recently installed on the second
floor of Methodist Rehabilitation
                                               out articles he thought would be of interest
                                               to hospital president and CEO Mark Adams.
                                               And in his later years, Mr. Wilson frequently
                                                                                                 being chairman of the board that he was
                                                                                                 a friend,” said Dennis Cagle, physical plant
                                                                                                 director. “I had the feeling he felt the same
Center, and it’s bringing back fond            dropped by to discuss ideas over lunch.           way about employees here. He always had
memories for many who knew the                 “Earl was my mentor and friend,” Adams            time for whatever you needed and you
hospital’s first board chairman.                said. “As we worked together on plans for         could talk to him about anything any time.”
                                               the hospital, he would joke: ‘You better
“When I look at that sculpture, I can’t        move this project along a little faster. At       “He was special and made you feel special,”
help but remember that because of his          my vintage, I don’t have much time.’ ”            said Charlotte Fitzgerald, PBX operator.
vision and dedication we now have one                                                            “He had praise for everything you did.
of the finest institutions in America,”         Of course, everyone knew that Wilson              He gave you the feeling that when he
said Methodist executive assistant             would clear his schedule for Methodist            was around, everything was all right.”
Lois Willis. “His commitment enabled           business. In the center’s critical formative
thousands of individuals to have a             years, he took time from his busy oil             George Patterson, safety and security
more productive and fulfilling life.”                                                             officer, described Wilson as a “wonderful
                                                                                                 icon” and said he served as a great
Even before he was asked to help bring a                                                         example. “I would want to take after him.”
specialty hospital to the state, Wilson knew
on a deeply personal level of Mississippi’s                                                      Although a man of many successes,
need for a facility where people could                                                           Wilson never relished the limelight. But
learn to triumph over brain and spinal                                                           he did wish for national acclaim for the
cord injuries. His own father was left                                                           hospital. As he contemplated retiring
speechless by a stroke at an early age,                                                          as chairman of the board in 2000, he
and through his travels as a businessman,                                                        wanted more than anything to see
Wilson met many families who were                                                                Methodist named one of America’s best
struggling to provide proper care for                                                            hospitals by U.S. News & World Report.
loved ones with devastating disabilities.                                                        When word came in July, 2000 that the
“I think the fact that our father suffered a                                                      hospital would be the first in Mississippi
stroke at a relatively young age motivated                                                       to make the prestigious list, he was
Earl,” said his brother, Bob Wilson. “He                                                         ecstatic, said Mrs. Wilson. “It was really
wanted to be able to help people in that                                                         something that they got the recognition
situation so they wouldn’t have to deal                                                          just before Earl died. I’m glad he got to
with what we faced: a father who could         business to attend legislative meetings,          see it because that was his dream.”
no longer speak to us, a man who was           commuted back and forth to Washington
                                               D.C. to solicit federal funding and used          Wilson’s influence continues today through
not able to reach his full potential.”                                                           the Wilson Research Foundation, which
                                               his influence to inspire others to commit
At a series of Sunday morning breakfast        their own energies to the cause.                  was created to improve the lives of the
meetings in the 60s, Wilson joined with                                                          physically disabled through research
fellow board of trustee members Hilton         “He was known as a motivator for things           in medical, educational and clinical
L. Ladner, Frank E. Hart Sr. and Dr. Jesse     he loved, and he loved the rehab center,”         applications. The H.F. McCarty, Jr. Family
L. Wofford to lay the groundwork for the        said his wife Martha Wilson. “He practically      Foundation generously donated $500,000
center. Wilson was named Methodist’s           stopped by the hospital every day. Every          in 1989 to establish the foundation to
first board chairman and his wise and           time he would see a patient on the elevator       honor Earl and Martha Wilson’s service
unwavering leadership remained a               he would ask: ‘Are they treating you right?       to the physically disabled in Mississippi.
guiding force for the center’s success         If they aren’t, you let me know.’ He also         Mrs. Wilson and daughter Ginny Wilson
until his death in September, 2000.            used to say, ‘I hope I tell the volunteers        Mounger are members of the foundation’s
                                               thank you enough for all the things they          Board of Governors. Daughter Ann
“This center was the center of Mr. Wilson’s    do. He thought they were wonderful.’ ”            Wilson Holifield serves on Methodist
life,” said Willis.                                                                              Rehabilitation Center’s Board of Trustees.
                                               That caring concern extended to
A voracious reader, Wilson often clipped       employees, as well. “I felt like in addition to

                                                                                                                                 Ways & Means    25
          The Sculptor
          A native of Greenville, William N. Beckwith
          earned a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from
          the University of Mississippi in 1976 and that
          same year established the first commercial fine
          arts bronze foundry in the state. Today, Beckwith
          practices his craft at Vulcan Studios and Foundry
          in Taylor and teaches sculpting classes part-time
          at Ole Miss.

          He has received many accolades for his artistry,
          including being recognized for Civic Leadership
          in the Arts by the Governor’s Award for Excel-
          lence in the Arts.

          Beckwith got to know Earl Wilson when he
          was commissioned to create a sculpture of the
          Wilson’s three grandchildren for the atrium lobby
          of Methodist Rehabilitation Center. And he says
          he’ll forever be grateful for Wilson’s recognition
          of his talent and his ongoing support.

          As he worked in his studio on Wilson’s statue,
          Beckwith said many visitors would recognize
          Wilson by his smile and the trademark rose on
          his lapel and share a story of how he had helped
          them overcome a hardship. “One lady got very
          emotional and said: ‘He changed my life.’ I said:
          ‘Well, he changed mine, too.’ It seemed the more
          people he helped, the happier he got.”

                                                               The Earl R. Wilson statue was unveiled at a luncheon April 27.
                                                               Attending the celebration were, from left, Wilson’s daughter
                                                               Ann Wilson Holifield, wife Martha Lyles Wilson and daughter
                                                               Ginny Wilson Mounger.
26   Summer 2004
Mr. Bowles
Goes to
Methodist volunteer
receives national honor

T   hough it is where his “story” begins,
    Jerry Bowles doesn’t like talking about
the accident that took both his legs. While
it was hard to imagine at the time, he now
understands the best was yet to come.
                                                a week later. After a couple of surgeries       he frequently meets people who are
“That’s in the past. I want to move on. I’ve    he moved to Methodist Rehab to begin            dealing with amputations from accidents
got lots of other things to do,” he said. The   physical and occupational therapy               or the effects of some illness, such as
Methodist Rehabilitation Center volunteer       and to adjust to life in a wheelchair.          diabetes. He’s there if they want to talk.
got the chance to talk about those things
in June when he went to Washington D.C.         He’s honest about his first reaction to          “I just tell them I remember what it was
for a ceremony honoring outstanding             his disability. “I’ll tell you the truth,” he   like and tell them how far I’ve come. I do
volunteers from across the country.             said. “When I was laying in that hospital       just about anything now that I want to. It
                                                bed, I cursed the Lord. I asked him             takes a lot of hard work. You have to listen
Sandra Walker, director of volunteer            ‘Why did you leave me like this.’” In           to your doctors and your therapists. They
services at Methodist Rehab, nominated          time he came to realize the Lord had a          know how to help you get better,” he said.
the Rankin County resident for                  lot of plans for him, and most of them
the Jefferson Award and attended                 would center around the wheelchair              Bowles was honored earlier this year for
the ceremony in Washington.                     that was now a major part of his life.          his work at the hospital by the Points of
                                                                                                Light Foundation and was featured on
“He is willing to share his story with people   “I look at things differently now. I             their Web site. He is quick to point out all
who are in such a difficult situation. He’s       understand it’s not all about me. We’re         of the hospital’s 100 volunteers deserve
able to really understand what they are         all here to help each other,” he said.          recognition for the work they do. They
going through because he’s been there,”         He has found strength in his faith and          give of their time to take mail, reading
she said. “And he answers their questions       in sharing his story with others facing         materials and meals to patients. They help
honestly and openly. He’s cheerful and          the same struggles he remembers.                get them to various appointments within
inspiring and a great example of what                                                           the hospital, work in the gift shop and
a difference volunteering can make.”             As he began his therapy at the Jackson          sometimes just offer encouragement. “We
                                                hospital, his outgoing, gregarious              would not be the great hospital that we
Bowles, 71, is one three Mississippians, and    personality began coming back. He and           are without all their efforts,” Walker said.
85 volunteers nationally, who was honored       his fellow patients became accustomed
by the American Institute for Public Service    to seeing the purple-vested volunteers in       Bowles is also one of a few blood
for volunteer work. The institute recognizes    the halls of Methodist Rehab, and while         donors or recipients being featured in
volunteers on the local level across the        he certainly liked them, he was a little        an ad campaign by Mississippi Blood
country each year through the Jefferson          surprised when someone suggested                Services this year. Bowles, a regular
Awards program. Some of the local winners       he should volunteer. Two years after he         donor before his accident, received 55
are selected from each state to attend the      left the hospital as a patient, he started      pints of blood when he was injured.
ceremonies in Washington D.C., where            thinking about returning as a volunteer.        He now donates both blood and
five are selected for national recognition.                                                      platelets as often as he is allowed.
                                                “I decided I might like it and that I had
Bowles lost his legs in 2000, after he          something to offer. It’s always good to          “You can’t dwell on the past. I’ve had
stopped to help at the scene of a car           talk to someone who’s been there,” he           a good life and this injury has been
accident and was struck by a car himself.       said. That was two years ago and he             part of that good life. You just have
One of his legs was amputated almost            has become a familiar face around the           to take it as it comes,” he said.
immediately and the other one followed          hospital. During the course of his work

                                                                                                                                Ways & Means   27
                                       14                                            8,750
                                       Number of Certified                            Children participating in Think

     $1,800,000                        Rehabilitation Registered
                                       Nurses at Methodist
                                       —The Certified Rehabilitation Registered
                                                                                     First Injury Prevention programs
                                                                                     in 2003
     TBI Model System grant to fund    Nurse (CRRN) credential establishes a

     Methodist brain injury research   standard by which health care professionals
     2004-2009                         and consumers can measure a nurse’s
                                       knowledge of rehabilitation nursing.
                                       Certification signifies expertise and
                                       leadership in rehabilitation nursing          Jackson TV station Methodist

     2000                              and recognizes qualifications and
                                       specialized knowledge needed to
                                       enhance the care of persons affected
                                                                                     partners with to promote safety
                                                                                     and injury prevention
     First year U.S. News & World      by disability and chronic illness.
     Report named Methodist one of
     America’s best hospitals                                                        206
                                       SIX                                           Number of physicians on staff
                                                                                     representing 31 specialties
     eighty seven                      Number of physiatrists
                                       on staff at Methodist
                                       —A physiatrist is a physician specializing
     Number of West Nile virus
                                       in physical medicine and rehabilitation.
     cases in Mississippi in 2003      Physiatrists are physicians who treat
                                       a wide range of problems from sore
                                       shoulders to spinal cord injuries. They
                                                                                     Number of times stories about
     2002                              see patients in all age groups and treat
                                       problems that touch upon all the major
                                       systems in the body. These specialists
                                                                                     Methodist have appeared in
                                                                                     newspapers in 2003
     Year Methodist researchers        focus on restoring function to people.
     became the first in the world to
     report that West Nile virus can
     attack the motor cells of the     120                                           $9,000,000
     spinal cord
                                       Number of employees the                       Cost of building Methodist
                                       new Methodist Specialty                       Specialty Care Center in
     $82,000                           Care Center will employ                       Flowood

     Amount of a federal grant
     Methodist researchers were
                                       $43,170                                       1,370
     awarded to study the long-term    Amount of money that                          Miles amputee and Methodist
     outcome of West Nile virus        Methodist donated (between                    prosthetist Brad Kennedy
     patients                          May 1, 2003—April 30, 2004)                   biked across Europe
                                       to a number of community
                                       organizations who are
     1,641                             doing good work, including
                                       the Mississippi Society for
     Total number of inpatients        Disabilities, Junior League of                Estimated yearly value of
     treated at Methodist in 2003      Jackson and Goodwill Industries               volunteers’ time
28   Summer 2004
                                                                                        BY THE NUMBERS
$298,750                                      1975
Amount of grant dollars                       Year Methodist Rehabilitation
distributed by Wilson Research                Center opened
Foundation from May 1, 2003
– April 30, 2004

Methodist volunteers were honored at an appreciation luncheon at the Glory of Baroque Dresden exhibit.

$12,500                                       19,567                                3,974
Amount of money gift shop                     Hours contributed by                  Hours of instruction provided
volunteers donated to the Wilson              Methodist volunteers in 2003          to health care workers by
Research Foundation this year                                                       Methodist’s continuing education
                                                                                    department between
                                              $125,000,000,000                      May 1, 2003—April 30, 2004

nine                                          Estimated amount chronic pain
                                              costs the nation for health care,
                                              disability compensation, lost
Number of therapists at                                                             Number of physical,
                                              productivity and tax revenue
Methodist who are certified as                                                       occupational, respiratory and
neurodevelopmental therapists                                                       speech therapists working at

—Neurodevelopmental therapy is practiced
                                              180                                   Methodist Rehabilitation Center

by experienced occupational therapists,
physical therapists, and speech-language
pathologists. In Neurodevelopmental
                                              Average number of people
                                              who participate in the
therapy, the therapist analyses the motor,    free stroke screenings                Hours Methodist employees
sensory and cognitive impairments that
impact on the achievement of functional
                                              Methodist offers each year            devoted to mentoring students
skill development. Treatment involves the                                           in 2003

implementation of specific activities or

exercises designed to stimulate various
areas of the brain and to produce a desired
motor response. Many of these activities
are relatively simple and ordinary, but       Amount of money Reunion Race
implemented in ways that accelerate           raised for the hospital’s patient     Number of beds at Methodist
normal neurological development.              care fund in 2003                     Rehabilitation Center
                                                                                                          Ways & Means   29
                                                             Wilson Research Foundation Honorarium
                                               Research Fellows have made a commitment of $1,000 or more to The Wilson Research Foundation. We are grateful
                                               for their ongoing support, which is one of the cornerstones of our development efforts. If you are interested in
                                               becoming a Research Fellow, please contact The Wilson Research Foundation by calling (800) 223-6672 ext. 3598
                                               or by writing to Bettye Y. Sullivan, Executive Director, 1350 East Woodrow Wilson, Jackson, MS 39216.

                                               Mr. and Mrs. David L. McMillin            Col. and Mrs. Battle M. Barksdale       Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Costikyan       Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Hart
                                               Mr. James L. McRae                        Barlow.Eddy.Jenkins, P. A.              Mr. and Mrs. John Covington            Mr. and Mrs. Macy B. Hart
     RESEARCH FELLOWS                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Cowsert             Dr. and Mrs. Kermit Harvey
                                               Selby and Richard McRae Foundation        Mr. and Mrs. Neil Barnes
                                               Nora Frances and Vaughan W. McRae         Ms. Vivian Barnes                       Mr. and Mrs. Blythe B. Cragon          Ms. Annie Lou Heard
     Anonymous                                                                                                                   Ms. Christine Crate                    Mr. D. W. Hearn
                                               Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Inc.       Mrs. Lucy O. Barnett
     Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adams                                                                                                     Ms. Ernestine Crate                    Ms. Karen L. Heinlein
                                               Methodist Rehabilitation Center           Dr. Blair E. Batson
     Mrs. Carol Howie Allen                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Creel              Mr. and Mrs. George P. Hewes III
                                               Mid-State Construction Company            Mrs. Lester L. Bear
     BankPlus                                                                                                                    Ms. Sandy Culver                       Ms. Constance Hinman
                                               Mississippi United Methodist Foundation   Drs. David and Gemma Beckley
     Mr. Todd Boolas                                                                                                             Ms. Danielle A. Daigle                 Ms. Jeri Hobson
                                               Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Morrison, Jr.          Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Beers
     Lillian Simpson Bottrell Estate                                                                                             Dr. and Mrs. Isaac F. Dale             Mr. Lyles Holifield
                                               Mr. and Mrs. J. Harbour Mounger           Mrs. Robert Bergmark
     Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Branning                                                                                               Mrs. Billye H. Dallas                  Miss Martha Grace Holifield
                                               MRC Gift Shop                             Dr. and Mrs. Carl P. Bernet
     Mr. and Mrs. William Chester Brewer                                                                                         Ms. Janis Daniels                      Mr. Wilson Holifield
                                               MRC Volunteers                            Ms. Carolyn Best
     Mr. and Mrs. Marion Buchanan                                                                                                Mr. Matthew W. Delay                   Ms. Ann Holland
                                               Mr. John Paris                            Mrs. Anne J. Bethea
     Mrs. Maralyn Howell Bullion                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Derivaux            Mr. Steve Hope
                                               Mr. Thomas G. Peaster                     Dr. Tod A. Bigelow
     Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cagle                                                                                                   Mr. Edward A. DeMiller, Jr.            Mr. Richard Hsu
                                               Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ray               Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Blackstone, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Ken Clark                                                                                                      Mr. George Donavan                     Ms. Sherrill Humphrey
                                               Mr. and Mrs. W. Bryant Ridgway            Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Blackburn
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Cowart, Sr.                                                                                         Dr. Victor G. Dostrow                  Mr. and Mrs. John M. Humphreys, Jr.
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Julius M. Ridgway            Mr. and Mrs. David Blaylock
     Mr. James H. Creekmore                                                                                                      Suman and Carolyn Dutta                Reverend and Mrs. J. T. Humphries
                                               Mrs. Donna Roberts                        Mr. Richard C. Boleware
     Mrs. Carolee P. Davis                                                                                                       Rev. and Mrs C. E. Earnest             Mrs. Joe Jack Hurst
                                               Mr. Warren L. Roper                       Mr. and Mrs. Si M. Bondurant
     Eastgroup/Parkway Foundation                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Gary Elliott              Mrs. Stuart C. Irby, Jr.
                                               Mr. Steven W. Sansom                      Mr. Gerald Bowles
     Else Partners, L. P.                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Jim Enochs                Ms. Necole Jackson
                                               Mr. Leo W. Seal, Jr                       Mrs. Mavis S. Bowman
     Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Etheridge                                                                                                Encourager Sunday School Class         Mr. Walter Jackson
                                               Leo W. Seal Family Foundation             Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bradshaw
     The T. H. Etheridge Trust                                                                                                   Mrs. James P. Evans                    Mr. Joe Jacobson
                                               Mr. Steve Sessums                         Ms. Maurine I. Brady
     Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Flynt                                                                                                Ms. LaCrystal R. Evans                 Ms. Susan Myrick-Jefferson
                                               Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Ins. Co.    Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Breese III
     The Gertrude C. Ford Foundation                                                                                             ExxonMobil Foundation                  Ms. Pat Jeffreys
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Sullivan, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan
     Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Fountain                                                                                            Ms. Carol Fakes                        Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jenkins
                                               Mrs. Dorothy Thomsen                      Mr. Allen Brown
     Mr. and Mrs. James E. Fowler                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farrell              Ms. Anna Israel Jesus
                                               Trustmark National Bank                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Brown
     Fowler Family Foundation                                                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Farris           Mr. Rodrick R. Johns
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Turner III         Ms. Dorothy Broyles
     Fox-Everett, Inc.                                                                                                           Mr. Peter Fayard                       Ms. Alison Johnson
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Walker              Mrs. George H. Brunson
     Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Freeland                                                                                               Ms. Jo Finch                           Mr. and Mrs. Bennett J. Johnson
                                               Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ware              Mrs. Josephine S. Bryan
     Gilbert’s Home Health Agency of Jackson                                                                                     Ms. Charlotte M. Fitzgerald            Ms. Kimmen Johnson
                                               Marsha and Terry Wells                    Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Bryant
     Grenfell, Sledge & Stevens, PLLC                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Folk           Ms. Janis Joiner
                                               Amy Lyles Wilson                          Mrs. Patricia A. Burrow
     Mr. and Mrs. Robert V.M. Harrison                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. John E. Fontaine          Mr. Henry J. Jones
                                               The Earl R. Wilson Family                 Mrs. T. D. Burrow, Jr.
     Hardeman-Steele Foundation, Inc.                                                                                            Ms. Janet P. Fowler                    Ms. Joann Kaelin Jones
                                               Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                  Mr. and Mrs. Dudley S. Burwell
     Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Hardeman                                                                                                 Ms. Lisa Uzzle Gates                   Ms. Mattie Jones
                                               Dr. Marion R. Wofford                      Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Butler
     Heidelberg Woodliff, PA.                                                                                                     Mrs. Gleannette Gayden                 Ms. Mina S. Jones
                                               Mrs. Clyde Woodfield                       Mr. Burton A. Butler, Jr.
     Mr. Ken Hicks                                                                                                               Ms. Dawn Gentry                        Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Keefer
                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. James I. Butzner
     Mr. Barry Higginbotham                                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Gibson          Mrs. Olive E. Kendall
                                               F R I E N D S O F R E S E A RC H          Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cain
     Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield                                                                                              Mr. Roger E. Gilbert                   Mrs. Bertha L. Kendrick
                                                                                         Ms. Danyalle Tedford-Carroll
     Mr. and Mrs. Dudley J. Hughes                                                                                               Mr. Jerry M. Gilbreath                 Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kerrigan
                                               Ms. Mary Linda Adcock                     Ms. Rebecca Cameron
     Ms. Donna Ingram                                                                                                            Ms. Kristi Goodson                     Mr. and Mrs. Hugh W. Ketchum
                                               Ms. Monique Ainsworth                     Canizaro – Cawthon – Davis Architects
     Mr. and Mrs. W. Randy James                                                                                                 Ms. Bessie Gore                        Mr. A. Reid Kimbrell
                                               Mr. William B. Allison, Jr.               Bishop and Mrs. Kenneth L. Carder
     Mr. and Mrs. Earle F. Jones                                                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gorman                Mrs. Albert R. King
                                               Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Alker                Ms. Helen Carr
     Mr. R. H. (Hardy) Jones III                                                                                                 Mr. Bill Greenleaf                     Mr. and Mrs. Bill King
                                               Katie and Buck Allred                     Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
     Mr. and Mrs. Otis Johnson, Jr.                                                                                              Mr. Jim Griffin                          Mr. and Mrs. Julius King
                                               Mr. William Wallace Allred                Mr. Dorsey R. Carson
     Mrs. James R. Keenan                                                                                                        Ms. Carol Grubbs                       Leslie Kues
                                               Ms. Wilma W. Ammons                       Mrs. W. R. Chambers
     Mrs. Martha Ann May Klaus                                                                                                   Mrs. Chris Grussaute                   Ms. Margaret Kelly Kyle
                                               Ms. Felice Anders                         Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Chatham, Jr.
     Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman                                                                                                     Mr. Osborne Guion                      Ms. Deborah Kyzer
                                               Ms. Margaret Anders                       Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clark
     Lakeland Income Properties, LLC                                                                                             Ms. Gretchen Gulmon                    Robert Ladieu
                                               Mrs. Linda Anglin                         Mr. and Mrs. David W. Clark
     Mr. Jacob D. Lee                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Gunnell        Mrs. Hilton L. Ladner
                                               Mrs. Bernice H. Anklam                    Mr. and Mrs. John B. Clark
     Dr. and Mrs. Art Leis                                                                                                       Mr. David Guzman                       Mrs. Janet C. Lampton
                                               Ms. Nancy E. Anklam                       Ms. Linda G. Clark
     The Luckyday Foundation                                                                                                     Mrs. Riley Hagan, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay B. Lampton
                                               Mr. Gary Armstrong                        Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Clark
     Mr. James M. Malloy                                                                                                         Mrs. Sam Hailey                        Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lancaster III
                                               Mrs. Frank S. Arnold                      Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Clark
     Mrs. H. F. McCarty, Jr.                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Hallum          Mr. Jack Land
                                               Mr. and Mrs. John R. Arnold               Rev. Henry C. Clay, Jr.
     H. F. McCarty Jr. Family Foundation                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Hardison, Jr.   Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lange
                                               Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ashley              Mrs. Chandler Clover
     Mr. John R. McCarty                                                                                                         Dr. Valee Harisdangkul                 Mrs. Nell G. Lange
                                               Mrs. W. W. Aydelott                       Mr. Fernando Coleman
     Ms. Shellye Stanley McCarty                                                                                                 Ms. Ann Harrell                        Ms. Judith K. Leavitt
                                               Mr. Robert L. Bailey                      Coille Limited Partnership, L.P.
     Mrs. Clyde Mahaffey                                                                                                          Mr. Knox Harrell                       Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Lee
                                               Mrs. Alex Baines                          Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Conly, Jr.
     May & Company, LLP                                                                                                          Dr. and Mrs. Elmer J. Harris           Ms. Ellen C. Lee
                                               Laurie and Eddie Baker                    Dr. and Mrs. James Cooper

30   Summer 2004
Ms. Juanita Lester                       Mrs. Hugh V. Pierce                      Mrs. Dorothy Weems                      Ms. Juanita Lester                       Mr. and Mrs. David Morgan
Mrs. Mozelle Peden Lewis                 Mr. Peter P. Pryor, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Weems            Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Malman           Given by Mr. and Mrs. Wiley P. Lowry, Jr.
Dr. Phillip B. Ley                       Mrs. Carl Henry Privette                 Mr. and Mrs. James W. Welch, Jr.        Mrs. Ann M. Rice                         Reverend Bruns Myers
Mrs. W. J. Liles, Jr.                    Mr. Jessie D. Puckett, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Welch III         Virginia and James Spetzkeit             Given by Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ware
Mr. Steve Lindsley                       Mr. C. Mike Quick                        Mr. Jack B. Weldy                       Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                  Mid-State Construction Company
Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. Lipscomb           Mrs. Caryn Quilter                       Mr. and Mrs. Warner Wells, Jr.          Rev. and Mrs. Harmon E. Tillman, Jr.     Mrs. Julie O’Brien
Mrs. Frances B. Lok                      Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Raines                Mrs. James A. Wheeler                   Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tompkins          Given by Gilbert’s Home Health Agency
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lord                  Mrs. Robert M. Randall, Sr.              Ms. Elizabeth M. White                  Ms. Sandra Walker                        Miss Bernice Pearson
Mrs. Donald Love                         Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Reel                 Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. White, Jr.       Mrs. Kathy M. Greenleaf                  Given by Rev. and Mrs. J. W. Chatham, Jr.
Mr. John T. C. Low                       Mr. and Mrs. Miller Reid                 Ms. Virginia Whitehead                  Given by Mr. Bill Greenleaf              Mr. Sessions Pleasant
Mr. and Mrs. Wiley P. Lowry, Jr.         Mrs. Ann M. Rice                         Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Whitt             Reva and Ellis Hart                      Given by Mrs. Carol Howie Allen
Mrs. Arretta R. Lyles                    Ms. Renee Richardson                     Mr. and Mrs. C. Aven Whittington, Jr.   Given by Mr. and Mrs. Macy B. Hart       Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Pleasant
Ms. Marian Lyons                         Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Risley                Mrs. Julian Wiener                      Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Hesdorffer            Given by Mrs. Carol Howie Allen
Mr. F. Harris Magruder                   Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rives                Mrs. L. A. Wilkins                      Given by Mrs. Lester L. Bear             Dr. David Potter
Mrs. Dorothy L. Mahaffey                  Ms. Kristella Roberts                    Ms. Martha B. Williams                  Dr. and Mrs. John Hilpert                Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Malman           Ms. Angela Robertson                     Ms. Virginia Williamson                 Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman         Mrs. C. J. Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Dalton McBee, Jr.           Mr. L. T. Robinson                       Mr. and Mrs. James Mack Willis          Miss Martha Grace Holifield               Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman
Mr. and Mrs. Silas Wood McCharen         Ms. Margie Ross                          Ms. Kimberly Willis                     Given by Mr. and Mrs Charles M. Butler   Dr. and Mrs. Mike Robbins
Mrs. Katie Rose McClendon                Mr. and Mrs. Dick Schulze                The Earl R. Wilson Family               Bettye Y. Sullivan                       Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman
Mr. Raymond McClinton                    Mrs. J. L. Scott                         Mr. Ellis Wilson                        Mr. Charles Holmes                       Dr. James Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. David McCool                Ms. Pat S. Sebrell                       Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson              Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman         Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman
Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. McCullough           Mrs. Margaret N. Sestak                  Mrs. Olive G. Windels                   Dr. James Hughes                         Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rogers
Ms. Rosie L. McDonald                    Mr. Stanley S. Sherman                   Honorable and Mrs. William Winter       Given by Mr. and Mrs. Macy B. Hart       Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman
Dr. S. Jay McDuffie                        Ms. Sebrina Sherrill                     Mrs. Sherwood W. Wise                   Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Hart                  Ms. Mary Rutledge
Mr. and Mrs. T. H. McElroy, Jr.          Mr. Joel Shows                           Wise Carter Child & Caraway             Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Jacks                Given by Drs. Anne and W. R. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary McGee                  Dr. Robert Smith                         Mr. Tom Wofford                          Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman         Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sikes
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel McGee                Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Sours            Mr. and Mrs. Richard Woodfield           Dr. Brian P. Johnson & Associates        Given by Mrs. Mavis S. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Mayes McGehee         Virginia and James Spitzkeit             Ms. Annette B. Wysocki                  Given by Mrs. Mavis S. Bowman            Mr. and Mrs. Mel Smith
Ms. Mary G. McKee                        Mr. Stanley S. Sherman                   Mrs. Jonnie Yarborough                  Dr. Howard T. Katz                       Given by Mrs. Mavis S. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. John McKie                  Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback III      Dr. and Mrs. John Yarborough            Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ken Clark          Charles and Sylvia South
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall McLaughlin         Mr. and Mrs. Sam Steel                   Yazoo County Health Department Staff     Mrs. Gail Koestler                       Given by Mrs. Mavis S. Bowman
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. McLaurin          Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stewart, Jr.       Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr.        Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman         Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Statham
Mr. and Mrs. William T. McMahon          Mr. Sanford R. Sticker                   Wirt A. Yerger Jr. Foundation           Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman, Jr.             Given by Mr. and Mrs. David McCool
Mr. and Mrs. John W. McPherson           Mr. and Mrs. Ernest K. Strahan, Jr.                                              Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Lord      Mrs. Phyllis Stern
Dr. and Mrs. G. Rodney Meeks             Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                  HONORARIUMS                             Mrs. Ed Kossman, Sr.                     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Macy B. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Messal            Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sumrall                                                        Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ralph H. Lord      Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Mrs. Virginia F. Metz                    Ms. Linda Taylor                         Mr. Mark Adams                          Dr. Art Leis                             Given by Dr. and Mrs. John Yarborough
Ms. Dorothy Miley                        Ms. Barbara J. Thomas                    Given by Dr. Victor G. Dostrow          Given by Mr. R. H. (Hardy) Jones III     Mr. Thomas Arnold Turner III
Ms. Mamie Louise Miley                   Thompson Endowment Fund                  Mr. R. H. (Hardy) Jones III             Dr. and Mrs. Harry Lipson                Given by Mr. and Mrs. W. Chester Brewer
Dr. and Mrs. David Miller                Drs. Ann and W. R. Thompson              Mrs. Thomas Barr                        Given by Mrs. Lester Bear                Dr. and Mrs. Jon Tyson
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Miller                 Ms. Edith Thornton                       Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman        Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lord                  Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman
MS State Tax Commission – ABC Division   Mrs. Hazel B. Thornton                   Mr. Jerry Bowles                        Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman         Dr. Guy Vise
Mr. Don A. Mitchell                      Ms. Dana Tidmore                         Given by Ms. Nell S. Ward               Mrs. Helen Ludlam                        Given by Dr. and Mrs. Ancel Tipton
Mr. Armin Moeller                        Rev. and Mrs. Harmon E. Tillman, Jr.     Mrs. Wilma Brown                        Given by Mrs. Lester Bear                Dr. Michael Vise
The Honorable G. V. “Sonny” Montgomery   Dr. And Mrs. Ancel C. Tipton             Given by Mr. Allan Brown                Mot and Jerry Lyons                      Given by Dr. and Mrs. Ancel Tipton
Ms. Mary Lynn Moody                      Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Tompkins          Dr. Joel Callahan                       Given by Ms. Marian Lyons                Mr. Richard E. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd T. Moon               John and Sue Tracy                       Given by Reverend and Mrs. J. T.        Mr. and Mrs. Lee McCarty                 Given by Mr. and Mrs. James L. Ashley
Ms. Sandra H. Moore                      Mr. and Mrs. Paul Travers                Humphries                               Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman         Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Farris
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Morette           Ms. Gail R. Tripp                        Mr. Charlie Capps                       Mrs. H. F. McCarty, Jr.                  Mr. Jack B. Weldy
Ms. Jane C. Myerly                       Mrs. Earl A. Truett                      Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman        Given by Ms. Shellye Stanley McCarty     Mr. Robert E. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Neely                Mrs. John B. Tullos                      Mrs. Sally Carmichael                   Mr. and Mrs. Bob L. McCullough           Given by Mr and Mrs. James L. Ashley
Mr. and Mrs. Don Nichols                 Lt. Col. and Mrs. Michael Turello        Given by Mrs. Chris Grussaute           Given by Ms. Nell S. Ward                Mr. and Mrs. Paul Watson, Jr.
Ms. Lillian F. Nickerson                 U-Save Auto Rental                       Dr. Culver Craddock                     Mrs. Velma McElveen                      Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman
Mrs. Camelia H. Noblin                   Mr. and Mrs. John Valentine and Family   Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman        Given by Mrs. Katie Rose McClendon       The Wilson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Orlansky              Mr. and Mrs. Dirk Vanderleest            Mrs. Haywood Duke                       Methodist Rehabilitation Center          Given by Mrs. Linda Anglin
Mr. Marvin L. Oxley                      Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Voynik                Mr. Mike Duke                           Staff                                     Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
Mr. Henry Paris                          Mr. Sam Wages                            Given by Mr. and Mrs. Bob McCullough    Given by Ken and Kay Clark               Given by Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Bryant
Mr. Leroy Paris                          Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wagner                 Mr. and Mrs. Lephiew Dennington         Mr. and Mrs. Dean Miller                 Mrs. Maralyn Howell Bullion
Melissa and David Patterson              Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Wakefield            Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman        Given by Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Whitt     Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Butler
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Evans               Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Weaver
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bell Patterson       Ms. Sandra Walker                                                                                                         Mr. James I. Butzner
                                                                                  Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman        Mr. and Mr. Robert Bergmark
Mr. George Patterson                     Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wall                                                                                                      Mr and Mrs. P. W. Cowsert
                                                                                  The Honorable David Gillison
Mrs. Bess W. Patton                      Ms. Nell S. Ward                                                                 Mr. Dean Miller                          Mrs. Billye H. Dallas
                                                                                  Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman
Ms. Paula L. Pearson                     Mr. Louis H. Watson                                                              Given by The Luckyday Foundation         Ms. Carol Fakes
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Granberry III
Mr. John S. Pelton                       Ms. Pamela Watts                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. Ned Mitchell                Ms. Jo Finch
                                                                                  Given by Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Alker
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Phillips III        Mr. Peter F. Watzek                                                              Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman         Mr. Lyles Holifield
                                                                                  Ms. Maurine I. Brady
Mr. George B. Pickett, Jr.               Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Weaver                                                    Mrs. Irene Moise                         Miss Martha Grace Holifield
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Butler
Mrs. George B. Pickett, Sr.              Mr. and Mrs. John H. Webb, Jr.                                                   Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman         Mr. Wilson Holifield
                                                                                  Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Conly, Jr.           Mr. Joe Morette
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Pieklik             Ms. Mary Ann Webb                        Mrs. Hilton L. Ladner                                                            Ms. Ann Holland
                                                                                                                          Given by Dr. Victor G. Dostrow

                                                                                                                                                                                       Ways & Means            31
     Mrs. Joe Jack Hurst                        Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael   Mrs. Bessie Gore                               Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Mrs. Frances B. Lok
     Mr. and Mrs. Bennett J. Johnson            Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                    Ms. Joann Kaelin Jones                         III                                        Mr. and Mrs. William T. McMahon
     Mrs. Leona Love                            Mrs. Iris W. Brown                         Mrs. Janet C. Lampton                          Ms. Mary Hunter Harper                     Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Reel
     Mr. and Mrs. Bob McCullough                Given by Mrs. Nell G. Lange                Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay B. Lampton                Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
     Mr. and Mrs. Gary McGee                    Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                    Ms. Juanita Lester                                                                        U-Save Auto Rental
                                                                                                                                          Mrs. Maryelsie Hawkins Harrell
     Ms. Carolyn R. McGuire                     Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                   Mrs. Lillian F. Nickerson                                                                 Ms. Amy Lyles Wilson
                                                                                                                                          Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Gunnell
     Ms. Mary G. McKee                          Mr. J. Armstead Brown                      Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                                   Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
                                                                                                                                          Ms. Ann Harrell
     Ms. Jane C. Myerly                         Given by Ms. Nancy Martin Guice            Yazoo County Health Department staff                                                       Mr. and Mrs. Wirt A. Yerger, Jr.
                                                                                                                                          Mr. Knox Harrell
     Mrs. Camelia M. Noblin                     Mr. George H. Brunson                      Mr. Jimmy Dukes                                                                           Master Corban LeFleur Johnson
                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Bill King
     Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Risley                  Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan           Given by Mr. and Mrs Charles Carmichael                                                   Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley
                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Messal
     Mr. and Mrs. Sam Steel                     Mrs. Martha Buchanan                       Mr. Kermit Ellis                                                                          Ms. Mamie Louise Miley
                                                                                                                                          Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson and Family
     Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                    Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson          Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                          Mrs. Hope Larkin Johnston
                                                                                                                                          Mr. Joe Hayden
     Mrs. Hazel B. Thornton                     Mr. Beverly Butler                         Mr. Paul Engle                                                                            Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback
                                                                                                                                          Given by Dorothy and Louise Miley          III
     Mrs. Olive G. Windels                      Given by Mrs. Mary G. McGee                Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
                                                                                           Carmichael                                     Mr. Chris Haynes                           Mrs. Harvey Johnston
     Dr. J. L. Wofford                           Mrs. Martha Burns
                                                                                           Mrs. B. J. Evans                               Given by Mrs. T. D. Burrow, Jr.            Given By Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
     Given by Dr. Marion Wofford                 Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
                                                                                           Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback       Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                    Carmichael
     Mr. Michael A. Woodfield                    Mrs. Olivia Burns
                                                                                           III                                            Mrs. Marie Wilson Heard                    Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
     Given by Mrs. Clyde Woodfield               Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley
                                                                                           Mr. Howard Evans                               Given by Ms. Carolyn Best                  Ms. Betty Carol Walters Jones
     Dr. and Mrs. Kent Wyatt                    Ms. Mamie Louise Miley
                                                                                           Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback       Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cain                    Given by Ms. Mary Baughn McGee
     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kossman           Mr. James D. Cagle, Jr.                    III                                            Mr. and Mrs. R. V. M. Harrison & Family    Mrs. Boggy Jones
                                                Given by Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cagle         Mr. Paul M. Farrell, Jr.                       Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield             Given by Mr. and Mrs. David L. McMillin
     MEMORIALS                                  Mr. Malcolm Cagle                          Given by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Farrell             Mr. and Mrs. Bill King                     Mr. Tom Joyner
                                                Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmicheal   Mrs. Charles M. Fitts                          Mr. and Mrs. David L. McMillin             Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
     Mr. Dick Aiken                             Miss Annie-Leslie Elon Cain                Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson              Mr. and Mrs. Dick Schulze                  Mrs. Dorothy Miley
     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.           Given by Mr. and Mrs. Bill King and        Mr. Jack Flautt, Sr.                           Mrs. L. A. Wilkins                         Ms. Mamie Louise Miley
     Carmichael                                 Family
                                                                                           Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback       Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                   Mr. Luther Kea
     Mr. Malcolm Akers                          Mr. and Mrs. T. H. McElroy, Jr.            III
     Given by Ms. Sandra Walker                 Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson                 Given by Mrs. Mary Ann Covington
                                                                                           Mrs. Zelma Foster
     Mr. Lawrence Antoon                        Mr. and Mrs. John Valentine and Family                                                    Mr. Henry Hederman                         Mrs. Dorothy Miley
                                                                                           Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
     Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Amy Lyles Wilson                                                                          Given by Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield    Ms. Mamie Louise Miley
                                                                                           Mrs. Esther Freeland
     III                                        Mrs. Lydy Henley Caldwell                                                                 Mr. Taylor Holland                         Mrs. Bess W. Patton
                                                                                           Given by Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Freeland
     Mr. Robert J. Arnold                       Given by Mr. and Mrs. Gary McGee                                                          Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael   Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
                                                                                           Mr. Harold Freeland
     Given by Dr. and Mrs. Kermit Harvey        Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                                   Mr. Al Holliday                            Mrs. Margaret Kea
                                                                                           Given by Dr. and Mrs. Alan E. Freeland
     Lt. Col. and Mrs. Michael Turello          Mrs. Rosena Carnaggio                                                                     Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
                                                                                           Mrs. Kay Gallagher                             III
     Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                    Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback                                                                                             Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
                                                                                           Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael       Mr. Warren Hood
     Mr. William A. Bacon                       III                                                                                                                                  Mr. James R. Keenan
                                                                                           Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                        Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
     Given by Mrs. Carolee P. Bacon Davis       Mr. Fred Carl Sr.                                                                                                                    Given by Board of Governors - Wilson
                                                                                           Mr. Smylie Gebhart                             Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                    Research Foundation
     Mrs. May Barksdale                         Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback
                                                III                                        Given by Grenfell, Sledge & Stevens, PLLC      Mrs. Mary Hopton                           Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield
     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Bill King and
     Family                                     Mr. Hubert Carmichael                      Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sumrall                      Given by Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield    Mr. Brian Kendrick
     Dr. Alex Baines                            Given by Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jenkins      Mrs. Ola Graves                                Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                    Given by Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield
     Given by Mrs. Alex Baines                  Mr. Michael Hammond Carter                 Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan               Ms. Amy Lyles Wilson                       Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
     Mrs. Blair E. Batson                       Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Mrs. Martha Green                              Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                   Dr. Wilmer W. Knight
     Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson          III                                        Given byMrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                Mr. Hudgens                                Given by Ms. Martha Knight Elliott
     Mrs. Marnee Bell                           Mr. James Albert Cash                      Mrs. Myra Green                                Given by Gary and Mary Baughn McGee        Mr. Lester Koe
     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael   Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael       Mr. Jeff Hudson                             Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley
                                                III                                        Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
     Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                                                                              Given by Mr. and Mrs. Gary McGee           Ms. Mamie Louise Miley
                                                Mrs. June Catledge                         Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
     Mrs. Thelma Bennett                                                                                                                  Mr. Richard Hunter, Jr.                    Mr. Hilton Ladner
                                                Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan           Mrs. Harriet C. Gregory
     Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                                                                     Given by Dr. Tod A. Bigelow                Given by Mr. Marvin L. Oxley
                                                Mrs. Christine Chandler                    Given by Mrs. Josephine S. Bryan
     Ms. Susie Walker Bergman                                                                                                             Encourager Sunday School Class             Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Land, Sr.
                                                Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Mrs. Connie Griffin
     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Tom Wofford                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield             Given by Mr. Jack Land
     Mr. George Berry                                                                      Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan               Dr. and Mrs. David Miller                  Mrs. Anita Richardson Langston
                                                Mr. Pershing Chassanoil
     Given by Mr. and Mrs. David L. McMillin                                               Mrs. Lucille Gulledge                          Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                    Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley
                                                Given by Mr. and Mrs. Dalton McBee
     Mr. Botts Blackstone                                                                  Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback       Ms. Martha B. Williams                     Ms. Louise Miley
                                                Mr. Webb Coward                            III
     Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback                                                                                             Mr. Joe Jack Hurst                         Mr. John Lee
                                                Given by Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Earnest       Mr. Bill Gunn
     III                                                                                                                                  Given by Mrs. Maralyn Howell Bullion       Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
                                                Mr. William C. Cox, Jr.                    Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
     Ms. Lillian Bottrell                                                                                                                 Mrs. Joe Jack Hurst                        Ms. Vinnie Mae Leflore
     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Gary McGee           Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson          Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                        Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                    Given by Ms. Danyelle Tedford-Carroll
                                                Mrs. Katherine Dalehite                    Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Guyton
     Mrs. Alice Boyd                                                                                                                      Mr. Stuart C. Irby, Jr.                    Reverend Willard Leggett
                                                Given by Mrs. Mary Baughn McGee            Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles
     Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback                                                                                             Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan           Given by Mrs. Martha Wilson and Family
     III                                        Mrs. Ginny Dehmer                          Carmichael
                                                                                                                                          Mrs. Robert Ireland                        Ms. Helen Ley
     Mr. George Bradford                        Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan           Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
                                                                                                                                          Given by Ms. Bernice H. Anklam             Given by Dr. Phillip B. Ley
     Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley                Mrs. Mickey DeMiller                       Mr. William Hamilton
                                                                                                                                          Ms. Nancy E. Anklam                        Mr. Donald Love
     Ms. Louise Miley                           Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan           Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
                                                                                                                                          Mrs. W. R. Chambers                        Given by Mrs. Leona Love
     Mrs. Nell Y. Branch                        Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                   Mrs. Kathryn Hargrove
                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Blythe B. Cragon              Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
     Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan           Mrs. Sybil Domin                           Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback
                                                                                           III                                            Ms. Danielle A. Daigle                     Mr. John Fair Lucas IV
     Mr. Carroll Brinson                        Given by Mrs. Felice Anders
                                                                                           Mrs. Helen Hardin                              Dr. and Mrs. Quinton Dickerson             Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback
     Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson          Ms. Margaret Anders
                                                                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Quinton Dickerson             III
                                                Laurie and Eddie Baker                     Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback III
     Dr. D. T. Brock, Jr.                                                                                                                                                            Mrs. Mary Ann Magruder
                                                                                           Mr. Jack Harper                                Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Folk
                                                Ms. Dorothy Broyles

32   Summer 2004
Given by Mr. Harris Magruder                  Given by Mr. and Mrs. Sam Steel            Ms. Mary Ann Webb                           Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback      Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Conly, Jr.
Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                       Mr. H. F. McCarty, Jr.                     Mrs. Lois Putnam                            III                                           Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Costikyan
Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                      Given by Mrs. H. F. McCarty, Jr.           Given by Gary and Mary Baughn McGee         Mr. N. D. (Bill) Tadlock                      Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Cowsert
Mrs. Ina Frances B. Magee                     Mrs. Mary Agnes McCraw                     Mrs. Edna Quick                             Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan              Ms. LaCrystal R. Evans
Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan              Given by Mr. and Mrs. Russell Bradshaw     Given by Mr. Mike Quick                     Mr. Thomas M. Tann, Sr.                       Ms. Carol Fakes
Marsha, Terry, Ashley and Leslie Wells        Mr. Click McDonald                         Mr. Martin Rand                             Given by Mrs. W. R. Chambers                  Grenfell, Sledge & Stevens, PLLC
                                                                                                                                     and Children
Mr. Clyde Mahaffey                             Given by Mrs. Dorothy D. Miley             Given by Mrs. Arretta R. Lyles                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. M. Harrison
                                                                                                                                     Mr. Robert E. Tanner
Given by Mrs. Dorothy L. Mahaffey              Ms. Mamie Louise Miley                     Dr. William Andrew Raney                                                                  Mr. Lyles Holifield
                                                                                                                                     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield
Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                      Mr. Dale H. McKibben                       Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley                                                               Mr. And Mrs. Henry Holifield
                                                                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. J. Harbour Mounger
Mrs. Joan Malloy                              Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson          Ms. Mamie Louise Miley                                                                    Miss Martha Grace Holifield
                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Given by Mr. and Mrs. Mark Adams              Mrs. Eloise Middleton                      Mr. Joe Redditt                                                                           Mr. Wilson Holifield
                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Amy Lyles Wilson
Mr. William B. Allison, Jr.                   Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback                                                  Mrs. Joe Jack Hurst
                                              III                                        III                                         Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
Katie and Buck Allred                                                                                                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Randy James
                                              Mrs. Inda H. Mize                          Mrs. Ruth Reid                              The Earl Wilson Family
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Beers                                                                                                                                                      Mr. Henry J. Jones
                                              Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley                 Mr. William Preston Thomas
Dr. and Mrs. Mark W. Blackburn                                                                                                                                                     Dr. and Mrs. Sam McGee
                                              III                                        Ms. Mamie Louise Miley                      Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Breese III                                                                                                                                                   Mid-State Construction Company
                                              Mr. Paul G. Moak                                                                       III
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael                                                          Mr. Don (Donnie) Richards, Jr.                                                            Mr. Don A. Mitchell
                                              Given by Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ware                                                  Gerry and Jimmie Thompson
Mrs. C. Chandler Clover                                                                  Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley                                                               Mr. and Mrs. J. Harbour Mounger
                                              Mid-State Construction Company                                                         Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Coille Limited Partnership. L. P.                                                        Ms. Mamie Louise Miley                                                                    Ms. Paula L. Pearson
                                              Mrs. Ethel McBee Mounger                                                               Ms. Helen Treadway
Suman and Carolyn Dutta                                                                  Mr. Boyd Ridgway                                                                          Mr. Thomas G. Peaster
                                              Given by Melissa and David Patterson                                                   Given by Mrs. Robert M. Randall Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Enochs                                                                  Given by Mrs. J. L. Scott                                                                 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Phillips III
                                              Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                                Mr. Marius Carl Treppendahl
Ms. Janet P. Fowler                                                                      Ms. Patricia Ann Ridgway                                                                  Mrs. George B. Pickett, Sr.
                                              Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                                                               Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
Friends at ABC Division – Mississippi State                                              Given by Mr. and Mrs. W. Bryant Ridgway                                                   Mr. and Mrs. George B. Pickett, Jr.
                                              Mr. Jimmy Mullin                                                                       Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Tax Commission                                                                           Mrs. Avalene Thompson Robinson                                                            Dr. and Mrs. John R. Pieklik
                                              Given by Mrs. Robert M. Randall Sr.                                                    Mr. Earl A. Truett
Alice and Bob Gorman                                                                     Given by Mr. And Mrs. C. E. Earnest                                                       Mrs. Hugh V. Pierce
                                              Ms. Carol Murray                                                                       Given by Mrs. Earl A. Truett
Ms. Gretchen Gulmon                                                                      Mr. George S. Robison                                                                     Mrs. Carl Henry Privette
                                              Given by Gary and Mary Baughn McGee                                                    Mr. David Turello
Mrs. Riley Hagan, Jr.                                                                    Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley                                                               Mr. Jessie D. Puckett, Jr.
                                              Mrs. Mirial Ann Myers                                                                  Given by Mrs. Frank S. Arnold
Henry and Ann Holifield                                                                   Ms. Mamie Louise Miley                                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William A. Ray
                                              Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley                                                            Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Richard Hsu                                                                              Mrs. Warren Roper                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Miller Reid
                                              Ms. Mamie Louise Miley                                                                 Mr. Benton Wakefield
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. Keefer                                                            Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                          Mr. Julius M. Ridgway
                                              Mr. Edgar Nation                                                                       Given by Mr. and Mrs. John A. Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kerrigan                                                         Ms. Amy Lyles Wilson                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. James H. Stewart, Jr.
                                              Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                       Ms. Pearl W. Wallace
Leslie Kues                                                                              Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                                                                  Mrs. Earl A. Truett
                                              Mr. John Nicholson                                                                     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. M. Harrison
Margaret Kelly Kyle                                                                      Mrs. Jane Rotenberry                                                                      Mr. Thomas A. Turner III
                                              Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                                                      Ms. Virginia Warner
Ms. Judith K. Leavitt                                                                    Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                                                         Mr. Dirk Vanderleest
                                              Mr. Billy Nobile                                                                       Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
Ms. Juanita P. Lester                                                                    Mrs. Marjorie Hurst                                                                       Ms. Nell S. Ward
                                              Given by Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Aultman                                                   Mrs. Virginia F. Metz
Dr. and Mrs. Larry R. Lipscomb                                                           Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. William S. Ware
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Clark                                                          Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Mr. James M. Malloy                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Scarborough                                                           Mr. Robert E. White, Jr.
                                              Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Clark                                                           Mrs. Jean Magee Warren
Mr. and Mrs. Steven E. McLaurin                                                          Given by Ms. Helen E. Garmany                                                             Mr. and Mrs. Jerry D. Whitt
                                              Mr. Dorsey R. Carson                                                                   Given by Mr. and Mrs. Gary Elliott
Nora Frances and Vaughan McRae                                                           Ms. Patricia Ann Wight                                                                    Ms. Amy Lyles Wilson
                                              Eden Fisheries, Inc.                                                                   Mrs. Frances Egger Watson
Dr. and Mrs. G. Rodney Meeks                                                             Ms. Donna S. Schutzmann                                                                   Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
                                              Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Hyde                                                                Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Miller                                                                 Given by Ms. Jo Finch                                                                     Mrs. Mary Jane Wilson
                                              Mr. C. F. Joiner, Jr.                                                                  Mr. Louis H. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harbour Mounger                                                          Mr. Leo Seymour                                                                           Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
                                              Mr. and Mrs. John T. Lancaster III                                                     Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Don Nichols                                                                 Given by Southern Farm Bureau Casualty                                                    Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
                                              Mr. and Mrs. John W. McPherson             Ins. Co.                                    Mr. Thomas Shriver (Dutch) Weems
Thomas and Kay Patterson                                                                                                                                                           Mr. M. R. Wilson
                                              Ms. Sandra H. Moore                        Dr. W. Coupery Shands                       Given by Mrs. Dorothy Weems
Bobby and Earline Raines                                                                                                                                                           Given by Mr. and Mrs.
                                              Mrs. Margaret N. Sestak                    Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley                 Mrs. W. R. Chambers
Dr. Robert Smith                                                                                                                                                                   Robert V. M. Harrison
                                              Mr. and Mrs. John T. Vickers               Ms. Mamie Louise Miley                      Mr. Calvin L. Wells
Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                                                                                                                                                            Mr. Al Windsor
                                              Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                   Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                     Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
John and Sue Tracy                                                                                                                                                                 Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
                                              Mr. Elry E. Noland                         Mrs. Walter L. Shelton                      Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Paul and Mary Ann Travers                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Sherwood Wise
                                              Given by Mr. and Mrs. James Mack Willis    Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson           Mrs. Elsie Wheless
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wall                                                                                                                                                               Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
                                              Mr. Spencer O’Brien                        Mrs. Martha T. Shrock                       Given by Mrs. James P. Evans
Mr. and Mrs. William Ware                                                                                                                                                          Mr. Torry Wood
                                              Given by Ms. Felice Anders                 Given by Mrs. Mavis S. Bowman               Mrs. Mae Miller Whitehead
Marsha and Terry Wells                                                                                                                                                             Given by Mrs. Robert M. Randall, Sr.
                                              Gilbert’s Home Health Agency               Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                     Given by Mr. and Mrs. John Covington
Mrs. Martha L. Wilson                                                                                                                                                              Mr. Clyde Woodfield
                                              Rev. Harold G. Peden                       Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                    Mrs. Isabelle W. White
Annette B. Wysocki                                                                                                                                                                 Given by Mr. Sanford R. Stickler
                                              Given by                                   Mrs. Sara Mims Buchanan                     Given by Mr. Robert E. White, Jr.
Mr. Abe Malouf                                                                                                                                                                     Mrs. Clyde Woodfield
                                              Mrs. Mozelle Peden Lewis                   Shymansjki                                  Dr. Julian Wiener
Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback                                                                                                                                           Mr. and Mrs. Richard Woodfield
III                                           Mrs. Porter W. Peteet                      Given by Mrs. Dorothy Miley                 Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
                                                                                         Ms. Mamie Louise Miley                      Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                       Mr. George F. Woodliff
Mrs. Stella Malouf                            Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback
                                              III                                        Reverend Stewart Smith                      Dr. John Wesley Williams                      Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael
Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback
III                                           Mr. Hugh V. Pierce                         Given by Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Holifield     Given by Mr. Stanley S. Sherman               Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Mrs. Carl Marshall                            Given by Mrs. Hugh V. Pierce               Mrs. Alfreda Spell                          Mr. Price Williams                            Ms. Amy Lyles Wilson
Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback      Mr. David Pittman                          Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael    Given by Mr. Stanley S. Sherman               Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
III                                           Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank P. Stainback   Mr. James Spain                             Mr. Dolvis O. Willis                          Mr. James Yarborough
Amy Lyles Nelson Mather                       III                                        Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Carmichael    Given by Mr. and Mrs. James Mack Willis       Given by Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan
Given by Mr. and Mrs. John Brennan            Mrs. Lanita Pittman                        Mrs. Bettye Y. Sullivan                     Mr. Earl R. Wilson                            Mrs. Jonnie Yarborough
John Russell Mather                           Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson          Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson                    Given by Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Alker           Mr. Charles Yeager
Mr. David L. May                              Mr. John Privette                          Mr. Homer Spragins                          BankPlus                                      Given by Mrs. Martha Lyles Wilson
Given by Mrs. Martha Ann May Klaus            Given by Ms. Edith Thornton                Given by Dr. and Mrs. Frank Stainback III   Mr. and Mrs. David Blaylock                   Mr. Rice P. York
Mr. Otis Mayberry                             Mrs. Hazel Thornton                        Mrs. G. J. Swayze                           Mr. and Mrs. James I. Butzner                 Given by Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Carmichael

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ways & Means              33
             U.S. Postage
             Jackson, MS
            Permit No. 80

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