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					                              Fifth Grade Welcoming Newsletter
                                     Ross Park Elementary
                   "We're in this together…parents, teachers and students!"

Dear Families,

It's that time already! Welcome back to school! We hope you had a wonderful summer and are eager to
begin an exciting new year! We have many exciting things planned for your child's year in fifth grade.
We believe it is very important for us to work together to make this year as successful as possible for your
child. In order to let you know what we are doing in school, we will send home a 5th Grade Monthly
Newsletter in your child's Friday Folder at the beginning of every month.

Homework Policy - Your child will have homework Monday through Thursday. It should not take your
child more than 45 minutes to complete. Sometimes "projects" will take extra time, but we always give
the students work time to begin working on their projects and assignments. Our purpose for nightly
homework is to teach responsibility by EXPECTING it to be completed and RETURNED THE NEXT
DAY. Homework that is not returned and completed will be marked down 10 percentage points each day
that it is late.

Assignment Book- Each student will be given an assignment book that will be coming home nightly.
Each child is required to record daily assignments in this book. This will allow you to know if your child
is using his/her time wisely in the classroom and/or needs to complete schoolwork at home. Check and
sign assignment book nightly to ensure homework is completed.

Homework Folder- You may also want to buy some sort of folder for homework, an assignment book
and notes to come home in each afternoon, which will help your child with his/her organizational
skills. This folder will be going back and forth between home and school everyday. (OPTIONAL)

Friday Folder- The last day of each week, all completed work, newsletters and labels with important
information will come home in a blue Friday Folder. Please take a few moments to go over these
papers with your child. Return the folder at the beginning of the next week with your signature next to
the appropriate date, which lets us know that you have read the important information and gone over your
child’s work. Also include lunch money, permission slips etc. in the front pocket of the Friday Folder.

Spelling Lists -Your child's weekly spelling lists can be found in his/her assignment book. Please take
time to go over these words with your child.

Book Reports- Each student will be doing one book report every marking period. Detailed requirements
will be sent home allowing you to know what is expected of your child and when each book report is due.
Students are expected to read their assigned chapter book for at least 15 minutes each night. Reading
before falling asleep is a great habit to develop. Their assigned book should be returned to school each
day for silent reading time.

Accelerated Reader Books- Each student will be checking out an Accelerated Reader Book weekly unless
otherwise stated. (See 5th Grade Monthly Newsletter and/or weekly labels in Friday Folder)
Newsletters will be coming home at the beginning of every month to inform you of what will be taking
place in our classrooms. This is an excellent tool to help keep your child up to date with his/her work.
Placing it on the refrigerator will be a constant reminder of what your child needs to do.

***If you are not receiving these letters, please ask your child where it is, and/or contact us as soon
as possible.

Class Parties- Each child will serve on a "party committee" for one of our four class parties (Halloween,
Christmas, Valentine's Day and End-of-Year). The children will plan and carry out activities for the
parties. We would appreciate having parents help with each of these parties. If you would like to help
with one or more of these parties, there will be a sign up sheet at our Ross Park Open House on
Wednesday, August 31, from 5:30 P.M. through 7:00 P.M.

Parent Survey- It is important for us to know about your child both socially and academically. Please
take a moment to fill out the parent survey (attached to this letter) and send it back the first day of school
with your child. This will help us to know your child's strengths and weaknesses.

We need and appreciate your help in making this year a successful one for your child. How can you

 1.   Check assignment book every night to ensure that homework is completed.
 2.   Insist that any work brought home be finished promptly.
 3.   Ask to see completed homework and corrected papers.
 4.   Encourage the practice of math facts and spelling words.
 5.   Help your child establish a nightly reading habit.

***Please return the Homework Policy, Movie Permission Slip, Chicago Candy Fundraiser Form
and Parent Survey the first day of school, which can all be found in this packet. This will help to get
the year off to a wonderful start.

Communication between home and school is so important to your child's success. If you have a question,
problem or concern, please contact us. Feel free to write a note, call or arrange for an after school

Mrs. Belanger 798 -1773 Ext. 8627
Mrs. Sylvester 798-1773 Ext. 8625
Mrs. Ellis    798-1773 Ext. 8629


Mrs. Christy Belanger

Mrs. Tammy Sylvester

Mrs. Kelly Ellis

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