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Red Socks and Yellow Socks The Best Teacher Ever CHALLENGING


									  The Best
Teacher Ever


          WORD WORK

       Decode words using CADS strategy
   1.   Is this a compound word?
   2.   Does it have any affixes? (-ed, -ly,
        -ing or un-,pre-)etc.
   3.   Divide word into syllables by
        placing a line after the consonant
        following each vowel
   4.   Now sound out word.

       Add words to Word Sort list

                     Have you ever had a favorite teacher? Did you like to bring
                     her presents? This story is about Critter’s favorite teacher
                     and his gift to her for Teacher’s Appreciation Day.


Day 1: Choral Reading- Teacher reads aloud the passage, then
           students read same passage together.

Day 2: Paired Reading – Pair students (stronger reader with weaker
 The stronger student reads first page then weaker student reads same page.
            Continue this throughout assigned pages to be read.
                --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Name 3 ways Miss Kitty makes school a good place to be.
(Answer)   She reads stories and makes them fun, she makes math
           exciting, she brings special treats.
(FollowUp)   How could your teachers make school better?

(2) What did Critter find out about elephants?
(Answer)    They flap their ears to keep cool.
(Follow Up)   Have you ever learned something on a field trip?

(3)   What is the big day that Critter wants to celebrate for his
(Answer)     Teacher’s Appreciation Day
(Follow Up)     What happens at our school for Teacher Appreciation?

(4) Define appreciation. How does this apply to your teacher?
(Answer)    To show how much you think about a person
(Follow Up)   Tell what you’ve done in the past for your teachers.

(5)   List the ideas Critter thought about to show Miss Kitty his
      appreciation. What happened to each idea?
(Answer)          1. Make her something. Dad’s tools were hard to use.
                  2. Buy her a present. Mom did not think Critter’s
                     choice was the best for Miss Kitty.
                  3. Bake her a cake. The cake got eaten by the dog.
                  4. A big bouquet of flowers. He left them on the bus.
(Follow Up)      How could Critter have done things differently?

(6) What did Critter end up giving Miss Kitty?
(Answer)    He drew a picture of her
(Follow Up)   Do you think that was a good present?

(7)   How do you feel when you don’t have something to give
      someone on a special day?
(Answer)    Answers may vary
(Follow Up)

(8) Do you think Miss Kitty liked Critter’s gift?
(Answer)    Yes
(Follow Up)   How do your know?

(9)   What would you like to give your teacher on Teacher
      Appreciation Day?
(Answer)    Answers will vary
(Follow Up)

(10) Did you like Critter’s solution to his problem?
(Answer)    Answers will vary
(Follow Up)

  1.    Write a story about your best teacher ever.

  2.    Draw a picture of a gift you’d like to give to your teacher


  1.    Bring in some examples of teacher’s gifts, such as: flowers,
        mug w/ teacher on it, special stationary, homemade
        cookies etc. Discuss why these would be special gifts.

  2.    Give an example of a “Special gift” that was given to you
        that wasn’t bought, but you remember it the most.


Book Title: The Best Teacher Ever
Author: Mercer Mayer                               Illustrator:
978-0-060539603                                    # of Text Pages: 19                    AR: 2.2     AR #:127099
                                      Building Oral Vocabulary
               Appreciation                      Bouquet                                          Favorite
                                        Prediction Questions
  1      What do you think this book is about?
  2      Who are the characters going to be?
  3      Is this story fiction or nonfiction?

 This resource is provided by THE LEARNING CORPS—Barren County Board of Education, an AmeriCorps project funded in part
by the Kentucky Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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