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					Global Warming?

  FIB Spring 2008
What is all the hype about?

      I don‟t feel that hot!
         Global Warming
• refers to
• the increase in the average temperature
  of the Earth's near-surface air and
• in recent decades
• and its projected continuation.
               Says who?
• On Feb. 2, 2007
• the United Nations scientific panel studying
  climate change
• declared that the evidence of a warming
  trend is "unequivocal," and that human
  activity has "very likely" been the driving
  force in that change over the last 50 years.
  – The last report by the group, the
    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,
    in 2001, had found that humanity had "likely"
    played a role.
  But the guy on the radio says
        its all poppycock!
• There are naturally voices (scientists,
  observers, commentators, and politicians)
  which say that the reason the Earth is seeing
  an increase in temperature is due to:
  – Natural cyclic fluctuations in its temperature
• They tell us that „Mother Nature‟ will
• And sometimes, they tell us that it is a liberal
  left-wing conspiracy
            Rush Limbaugh
• “We exhale it. It's now being called a
• Liberal conspiracy to defraud the American
  people by making CO2 as valuable as gold.
• “It's made to order for the gullible and for the
  well-intentioned, the do-gooders and so forth
  out there who also have been convinced after
  20 years of this campaign that they are the
  culprits, that they are responsible for it.”
           Sean Hannity
• Does not believe it is happening.
• Natural cycles
 Best way to learn is from the
• As always, past history can educate us
  as to what may be going on.
• It is no different in this case…
• The video shall explore the evidence,
  – both current and past
  – pros and cons
  – trends and causes
  – and the reasons behind any increases…
     FACTS…Not made up
• There are 500 million cars on Earth
• They release 4 billion tons of CO2 each
  year into the air!
   FACTS…Not made up

• Of all man-made
  CO2 - 20% comes
  from car exhausts!
   FACTS…Not made up

• Since the industrial
  revolution CO2 levels
  are today 35%
  FACTS…Not made up

• The U.S. produces
  about 25% of all CO2
  emissions from
  burning fossil fuels
  FACTS…Not made up

• CO2 levels expected
  to increase each
  year from 2001 to
  2025 by 2%
   FACTS…Not made up

• Number of Category
  4 and 5 hurricanes
  has almost doubled
  in the last 30 years!
   FACTS…Not made up

• Deaths directly related
  to global warming will
  double in 25 years to
  300,000 people a year!
   FACTS…Not made up

• More than a million
  species could be driven
  to extinction by 2050!
          Questions on video
1. What do coral growth bands tell us?
2. What was the „snowball‟ earth?
3. Which gases are more troublesome than
   carbon dioxide as greenhouse gases?
4. What type of ice melt can cause sea
   levels to rise?
5. The planet changes its orbital path every
   how many years?
6. According to the video, the Earth should
   be getting colder right now, but it is getting
   warmer. Why?
         Questions on video - 2
A. Name at least two „Mega Mammals‟?
B. What significance did caves how in this video?
C. Why are sunspots significant to Earths‟
D. Are human activities contributing to the
E. What rate of change in temperatures are we
   seeing at this time?
    Group discussion questions

1. What was your view and understanding of
   global warming before the video? What is it
2. What changes are you aware of due to
   warming related factors?
3. What 5 things can you do today to help
   offset global warming?
4. How can humans survive the upcoming
   challenges as a result of global warming?

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