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									         Warning Signs                      Phone numbers and Useful
                                                   Websites:                    Buying a Used Car
. Car dealers/sellers who refuse to
give you a title at delivery or at time   If you think you’ve gotten taken
of sale.                                  buying a used car, you can contact:
. Car dealers/sellers who keep
changing the terms of the sale.              Johnson County District
. Car dealers/sellers who refuse to        Consumer Protection Division
disclose in writing any problems with            (913) 715-3003
the car.
. Car dealers who don’t fill out the      Johnson County District Attorney’s
Buyer’s Guide stickers. Those are                                                           From the
required by law to be filled out and
                                                                                Office of the District Attorney
posted in the vehicles windows.
                                            The National Auto Dealership             Tenth Judicial District
. Car dealers who refuse to put                 Association website:
warranty information in writing.            http://www.nadaguides.com/
                                                                                     Stephen M. Howe
. Car dealers who claim this “low,                 Kelly Blue Book                    District Attorney
low price” is only good for today.               http://www.kbb.com               Johnson County, Kansas
Never allow a car dealership to                                                    Economic Crime Unit
pressure you into buying or making           US Dept. of Transportation’s
a decision right on the spot.                        Vehicle Safety
                                            $200, but it will be well worth it in the   do what it’s supposed to do. In other
     INTRODUCTION                           long run.                                   words, the car will run.
Buying a used car is a great way to         Talk to your bank or credit union and       If a dealer promises to make repairs
save money. But, you could end up           secure financing prior to purchasing a      not listed on the Buyer’s Guide get
spending a lot more if you don’t do         vehicle. You will save thousands of         those promises in writing.
your homework.                              dollars in interest charges.
                                                                                        A dealer must disclose to you if the
Before you consider purchasing a            Contact the previous owner of the           vehicle has been wrecked or you
vehicle, do your homework prior to          vehicle, their information should be on     may purchase a title history from the
looking. If you are looking for a           the title held by the dealer, ask them of   Kansas Department of Revenue for
specific style and make of vehicle do       any particular problems or concerns.        a nominal cost.
the following prior to purchasing:
                                            Most extended warranties will only          In the State of Kansas, once you
Determine the appropriate value of          cover the Blue Book value of the            have entered into a contract, it is
the vehicle and you will be in a better     vehicle, so consider this cost factor       legally binding and you do not have
position to negotiate a fair price. Visit   when     considering an extended            three days in which to return the
http://www.kbb.com/ to determine the        warranty.                                   vehicle if you encounter problems.
appropriate value.
                                                       Your Rights                      So as with any major purchase, do
Once you’ve narrowed your choices                                                       your homework prior to signing any
down, research the frequency of                                                         contracts.
repair and maintenance on the               Under Kansas law, car dealers must
vehicle at the U.S. Department of           provide an FTC Buyer’s Guide and post it
Transportation’s Vehicle Safety web-        on the vehicle’s window. The Buyer’s
site at: http://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/      Guide must disclose the vehicle’s
                                            warranty, what is covered, and how much
Have a third party certified mechanic       you will have to pay for repairs.
perform a thorough check on the             In Kansas, car dealers cannot sell a
vehicle you are considering. If you         vehicle “AS IS.” The dealer must provide
are considering a specific make of          some type of warranty.
vehicle have it thoroughly checked
over by a certified mechanic                The most common type of warranty is a
knowledgeable with that type of             warranty of merchantability. That means
vehicle. This may cost you $100-            the merchant promises the product will

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