Santa Fe Trail Worksheet

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					                                               Santa Fe Trail
Team Name (state):___________________________________

Team Roles:
      Map Maker:_____________________________________

         Site Maker:_____________________________________

         Photo Maker:____________________________________


1.Map Maker: Go to the following website:

Once you’re there, use your book (pg. 157) and the map state to draw a picture of your state, but
don’t use the color red! Fill the ENTIRE brown sheet with your state. You may add basic
geographic features. Then, in pencil, lightly draw in the Oregon Trail as it appears on the map.
Use a black marker to then go over your letters of the stopping places along the way.

2.Site Maker & Photo Maker: Together, go to the following website:

 Once you’re there, click on the name of your state. Both of you must look at each of the historic
sites on the map of your state. Choose one that you think is the most interesting.

3.Map Maker: When you are done drawing your state, meet with the Map Makers from the other
groups. Have the United States map in front of you. Your job is to tape your states together just
like they appear on the United States map. Then, in red crayon, connect the Santa Fe Trail
across all of the states.

4.Site Maker: Write a one-paragraph description of a historic site. Include the name of the site, its
location, and its significance to the Santa Fe Trail. Now, meet with the Map Makers. Put an "X" on
the Oregon Trail where your historic site is located and tape the description near it, without
covering up too much of the map.

5.Photo Maker: After you help the Site Maker choose the historical site in your state, go to:
Print off a picture of the historical site that you and the site maker decided on. Select and print it.
Glue it onto a brown sheet of paper to be place on the map makers’ map. Go back and help the
site maker if you finish early.

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