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PHCC National Officers

Executive Committee
Mary Garvelink, President
Colorado Springs, CO
Jim Stack, President-elect                        Message from
Kirkland, WA
Ms. Jo Wagner, Vice President
Harlingen, TX
                                                  the President                                  6
Tom Moore, Secretary
Leesburg, IN
Herbert “Skip” Pfeffer, Secretary-designate       2004-2005 PHCC State of the
Canton, MA
Ike Casey, Executive Vice President               Association Overview:
Falls Church, VA
Zone 1 Directors
                                                  Serving Together, Everyone Wins                7
Marsha Dollendorf, Tonawanda, NY
Represents: NJ, NY
Daniel Hennessey, Milford CT
Represents: CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, VT                PHCC Government
Joseph A. Schmitt, Englewood, OH
Represents: OH, PA, WV
                                                  Relations Update                            12
Zone 2 Directors

                                              P                                               15
Thomas M. Caldwell, Hickory, NC
Represents: GA, KY, NC, SC, TN                    PAC Contributors
James C. Finley, New Orleans, LA
Represents: AL, FL, LA, MS
Steven M. Schaefer, Westminster, MD
Represents: DE, DC, MD, VA
Zone 3 Directors
                                                  2005 State of the Foundation Report         16
Ruth H. Boutelle, South Bend, IN
Represents: IL, IN, MI

Kenny Calkins, Meridian, ID
Represents: AK, ID, MT, OR, WA, WY                Enhanced Service Group Reports
Ron Newman, Spirit Lake, IA
Represents: IA, MN, ND, SD, WI
Zone 4 Directors
Bill Jones, Houston, TX
                                                  PHCC National Auxiliary                     19
Represents: OK, TX, NM, AR
Cal Lewallen, Tucson, AZ
Represents: AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT
Malcolm J. Sweet, Jr., Saint Louis, MO            PHCC Committee Reports
Represents: CO, MO, NE, KS
AEC President
Rodney Jones, Marion, IL
PHCC Auxiliary President
                                                  PHCC Balance Sheet                          21
Kathy Tindall, Princeton, NJ
Published for the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling
Contractors-National Association,                 2005 Foundation Contributors                22

180 Washington, St., P.O. Box 6808,
Falls Church, Virginia 22046
800.533,7694 / 703.237.8100
fax 703.237.7442

PHCC Publisher: D.L. “Ike” Casey
PHCC Editor: Charlotte Perham
                                                                       Mission Statement:
PHCC Art & Photos: Julie A. Turner                                     The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling
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5950 Northwest 1st Place                                               Contractors Association is dedicated to
Gainesville, Florida 32607
800.369.6220 / 352.332.1252                                            the advancement, education and
fax 352.331.3525                                                         training of the industry for the
Publisher: Chris Hodges                                                protection of our environment and the
Editor: Leslee Masters
Advertising Sales: Rick Jones                                          health, safety and comfort of society.
Layout and Design: Brenda Nowosad
Advertising Art: Tyler Spencer

                                                                              State of the Association • 5
                         MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT

                         A “WOW” Year for PHCC
                         By Mary Garvelink
                         2004-2005 PHCC—National Association and Educational Foundation President
Mary Garvelink           Commercial Design Engineering, Ltd., Colorado Springs and Grand Junction, CO

        hat a fantastic year our association and Educational Foundation
W       have had. Just look at some of the accomplishments:
• Publication of the revised First-Year Plumbing Apprentice Manual;           A sign now welcomes visitors to         The board of directors toured the
• Publication of the HVAC First-Year Apprentice Manuals (produced in          PHCC national headquarters building.    Patrick Higgins Day Care Center.

   collaboration with the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society and the        Headquarters and the United Association California Training Center;
   Air Conditioning Contractors of America);                                  • Involvement with the World Plumbing Conference (WPC), which is
• Transfer of all apprentice and journeyman training programs to the             helping to educate 40 percent of the world’s population who currently
   Educational Foundation;                                                       don’t have the luxury of clean water and good sanitation, illustrating
• Representation of PHCC members on the committees that conducted                the importance of what we as Americans so often take for granted;
   the Plumbing and HVAC SkillsUSA competitions;                              • Construction of the PHCC—National Association sign outside the
• Employment of a full-time Director of Apprentice and Journeyman                national headquarters;
   Training, Merry Beth Hall;                                                 • Development of a revised PHCC—National Association Employees
• Specialized educational programs for more than 2,000 contractors               Manual; and
   attending meetings hosted by the Construction Contractors’ Alliance,       • PHCC’s Mission Statement printed on all the association business cards,
   Quality Service Contractors, the Union-Affiliated Contractors and the         illustrating PHCC’s national board’s renewed emphasis and commitment
   Educational Foundation;                                                       to the awesome responsibility of fulfilling and living PHCC’s 123-year-
• A new Channel Partner Program offered by the Educational Foundation            old mission.
   that involves pairing with wholesalers, like Ferguson Enterprises, to         Be sure to read the departmental information in this annual report,
   provide contractor education;                                              including the financial recap. I hope you will be pleased!
• Conversion to a new database that will give PHCC advanced and                  I must ask myself: “How were so many accomplishments possible?”
   efficient record-keeping and communications tools;                            My attempting to explain the how, why and who did what would be
• Nearly 25,000 “visitor sessions” per month, or 300,000 a year, on the       like me trying to count the stars in the sky. What I do know is that it
   PHCC Web site;                                                             was a result of everyone communicating, collaborating and being
• $100,000 in scholarships awarded to apprentices and students in two-        committed to fulfilling PHCC’s timeless Mission Statement. It also was
   year programs and four-year degree programs;                               a result of having a loyal and dedicated national staff, hard-working
Many legislative victories, like:                                             committees and committed volunteer leaders, as well as all the wise
   - Led legislative effort to prevent utilities from competing unfairly in   leaders who preceded me. They are what made so many things possible. I
      the business of plumbing-heating-cooling contractors;                   want to express to everyone my sincerest THANKS! It has only been
   - Assisted in legislative effort to provide affordable health care         through having every person’s commitment to:
      through PHCC for our members;                                           • Working unselfishly for the betterment of the industry,
   - Organized annual legislative conference that featured two U.S.           • Making things happen,
      senators and one congressman;                                           • Doing the right thing,
   - Testified before congressional committee on unfair utility               • and remembering PHCC’s Mission Statement, which focuses on
      competition; and                                                           education, training, health, safety and comfort…
   - Raised more than $90,000 in Political Action Committee contributions.    that so many accomplishments have been possible.
• Network ‘05 Show in Orlando, produced through a partnership with the           This is truly our industry, and I feel blessed to have been given the
   American Supply Association—another example of successfully working        privilege to serve this year. And, a special thank you to the association
   together with another great industry association;                          for helping in my election as the USA voting representative to the World
• National board visits to Ferguson Enterprises World Headquarters,           Plumbing Council for the next three years.
   International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials’ World                          Wishing each of you all of God’s Blessings, Joy and Peace,
                                                                                                                                           Mary Garvelink

     6 • State of the Association

                                    Serving Together,
                                   Everyone Wins
Communication, Collaboration,
Commitment Set the Tone for 2004-2005
   The theme of “Serving Together, Everyone Wins” really came
to life in 2005. It was the campaign theme of President Mary
Garvelink, PHCC’s first female president, and it was the focus
throughout her term in office. Following that theme, three key
phrases of her term in office helped set the tone for the year:
communication, collaboration and commitment. And, there was
a renewed emphasis on carrying out the PHCC Mission
Statement, always an important guide in the association’s 123-
year history.
   The association made much progress in all these key areas—
not only within its own ranks, but also with other trade
associations, manufacturers, suppliers and international
organizations, like the World Plumbing Council. Highlights of
the accomplishments are included in this annual report.             The First-Year Plumbing Apprentice Program was unveiled in
                                                                    Summer 2005.

Reaching Out to the Industry
   To expand collaborative efforts with others in the industry,    Training Tomorrow’s Workers: Plumbing
PHCC made regular contact with other construction trade               Perhaps one of the most important achievements of the year
associations, manufacturers, wholesalers and other industry        was the progress made in providing top-notch apprentice
partners. The purpose of the meetings was all the same: to         training to tomorrow’s workforce. PHCC made major
determine ways to work together to better the industry. Many       advancements in providing future plumbing and HVACR training
ideas were conceived, and work on several new initiatives          by reaching out to subject matter experts, instructors, other
continues. Examples of many of those efforts are included in the   trade associations and member contractors for curriculum
President’s Message on page 6; details of others appear below.     development assistance.

An updated
program was

                                                                   A rolling billboard promoted PHCC during the Boston convention.

                                                                                             State of the Association • 7

                                                                      Leadership Conference attendees developed branding ideas for PHCC.

    QSC Business Coach Mike Maynard was a featured speaker at a       Speaker Cynthia D’Amour led a popular session on “Networking as a Leadership
    Channel Partners’ seminar.                                        Strategy.”

       On the plumbing side, PHCC coordinated several meetings        Code (NSPC). The entire book is printed in color and has a
    with veteran apprentice training and curriculum development       much more professional overall look.
    experts to come up with the ideal strategy to update the PHCC        The instructor manual includes lesson plans, suggested
    Plumbing Apprentice Program. The result was a major facelift in   supplemental activities and supplemental resources for the
    content and design for the student and instructor manuals used    instructor. Included with the revised instructor manual is a
    in the four-year program.                                         copy of the student manual as a reference.
       The First-Year Plumbing Apprentice Program, the first to be       The PHCC Educational Foundation is now completing
    updated, was available in summer 2005. The new student            revisions to year two, and will move on to updating subsequent
    manual contains many illustrations, relevant appendices and       years after that.
    reference tables, as well as a comprehensive plumbing code           In spring 2005, PHCC hired a new full-time apprentice
    definitions section based on the National Standard Plumbing       director who will oversee the program updates and
                                                                      implementation. In another move, PHCC moved the apprentice
                                                                      program to the PHCC Educational Foundation direction to
                                                                      ensure future success and growth.
                                                                         To help further develop apprentices, top apprentices’ skills
                                                                      are challenged each year in two contests sponsored by PHCC.
                                                                      The PHCC International Plumbing Contest was held Oct. 14 and
                                                                      15 at the ISH North America show in Boston. The SkillsUSA
                                                                      Plumbing and HVAC competitions occurred in Kansas City, Mo.,
                                                                      on June 23, 2005.

                                                                      Training Tomorrow’s Workers: HVACR
                                                                         On the HVACR side, the PHCC Educational Foundation will be
                                                                      offering an updated HVACR apprentice program through a
                                                                      collaborative effort with the Refrigeration Service Engineers
    The PHCC Plumbing Apprentice and Journeymen Training Committee    Society (RSES) and the Air Conditioning Contractors
    discusses plans for the updated apprentice training program.

    8 • State of the Association
                                                                             The National Standard Plumbing Code Committee discussed proposed code
The PAC Auction during convention attracted a big crowd.                     changes.

                                                                             Representing the
                                                                             Contractor on Code Issues
                                                                                PHCC continued to represent the p-h-c contractor on several
                                                                             code-making bodies. The association’s goal is to have more
                                                                             contractor involvement in the development of building codes.
                                                                             PHCC continues to support the National Standard Plumbing
                                                                             Code, and hosted a public hearing on code changes in August
                                                                             2005. Also, the association has a seat on the International
                                                                             Plumbing Code and the Uniform Plumbing and Mechanical
                                                                             Code committees.
Keynote speaker Lowell Catlett opened the 122nd annual PHCC convention in

         Association (ACCA). The manuals and curriculum used will
         cover what an apprentice needs to be taught about the proper
         installation and servicing of residential and light commercial
         HVACR systems. The first year of the program was available in
         the summer of 2005. Subsequent manuals will become available
         as they are updated.
            In another collaborative effort, the PHCC Educational
         Foundation made plans to co-host with four other
         organizations a Joint Plumbing and HVACR Instructor
         Conference. The conference will target instructors in apprentice
         programs and educators who teach the subjects in the
         secondary and post-secondary schools and colleges. It will be
         held April 5-6, 2006, outside Washington, D.C.
                                                                             The PHCC booth at the ISH Show attracted many visitors.

                                                                             Partnering for a Consolidated Show
                                                                                PHCC also partnered with the American Supply Association
                                                                             and the Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating to produce
                                                                             the 2004 ISH North America trade show in Boston, designed to
                                                                             become the p-h-c industry’s consolidated trade show. The third
                                                                             edition of ISH North America had 13,456 total registered
                                                                             attendees from 40 countries and 537 exhibitors from 16
                                                                             countries. Its comprehensive seminar program featured
                                                                             prominent and well-received speakers from all aspects of the
                                                                             p-h-c industry.
                                                                                The Oct. 12-16 122nd annual Plumbing-Heating-Cooling
         Joan Schmitz, Dale Arndt and Mary Garvelink were part of the PHCC
         delegation attending the 2005 World Plumbing Conference.            Contractors-National Association (PHCC) convention was held

                                                                                                        State of the Association • 9
    in conjunction with the show. Focusing on the theme               and services to enhance their success and profitability. They
    “Revolutionize Your Business,” futurist and economist Lowell      have also made a commitment to distribute professional grade
    Catlett opened the convention with an exciting keynote            products bearing the PHCC logo to professional contractors
    presentation on evolving technologies and their implications      through the traditional p-h-c industry supply channel.
    for plumbing and HVACR businesses. Highlights of the week
    were the PHCC vice presidential election, expanded educational    Opening the Lines of Communication
    seminars, an auction of political memorabilia and other items        With the increasing electronic options for communication,
    to support PHCC’s political position, networking events and the   members’ preferences have changed dramatically on how they
    ISH North America trade show.                                     like to receive information. PHCC is addressing these changes
       At press time for this annual report, PHCC is preparing for    by communicating to members in a number of different
    the 2005 convention, called “Network ’05,” which will be held     formats to make sure they hear from the association.
    Sept. 7-10 at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Hotel in        Every Monday, the association distributes an e-mail
    Orlando, Fla. The convention will be a joint effort of PHCC and   newsletter that includes late-breaking news and information.
    the American Supply Association.                                  At the end of each month, a fax newsletter summarizing the
                                                                      PHCC Online news is distributed to those members for whom
    Stepping Forward on the Legislative Front                         there was not an e-mail address on file. Also, the association
       In the image arena, PHCC’s influence took a major step         produces the printed “Connection” newsletter every other
    forward on the legislative front. Thanks to an increased          month. A “Weekly Report” also is distributed by e-mail from
    emphasis on lobbying, federal lawmakers are now making the        the executive vice president to association and chapter
    effort to call PHCC and learn the organization’s position on an   leaders. Plus, as much information as possible is posted on
    issue before dealing with legislation in Congress that could      the PHCC Web site, where the number of visitors is growing
    affect the industry. More about this is covered on page 12.

    Elevating International Image
       Involvement in the World Plumbing Conference is another
    way PHCC is elevating the image of the industry and PHCC.
    Several PHCC members attended the 2005 conference, which
    was held in Auckland, New Zealand. International plumbing
    issues were discussed, such as dealing with a worldwide
    shortage of plumbing professionals and responding to
    worldwide disasters. These focus areas are right in line with
    some of PHCC’s top priorities.
       As an extra plus during the conference, Mary Garvelink was
    elected a U.S. Voting Representative for the World Plumbing
    Council. She will serve a three-year term. The mission of the
    World Plumbing Council is to unite the world plumbing
    industry to safeguard and protect the environment and the
    health of nations for the benefit of all.

    Improving Professionalism
       PHCC’s Logo Partner program is the centerpiece of efforts to
    brand the PHCC logo as the mark of professionalism in the
    plumbing and HVACR industries. Participating partners include
    Amtrol, Bennette Design Group, Bradford White Corp., F.W.
    Webb, Controlled Energy, Glentronics, Hammond Valve, In-Sink-
    Erator, Plumbmaster and Ward Manufacturing.
       These companies share PHCC’s vision of strengthening the
    industry and providing members with outstanding programs          Plumbing Apprentice Contest Winner, Paul Vandeven.

    10 • State of the Association
                                                                       The 2005-2006 PHCC Business Plan will outline how this is
                                                                       addressed in the coming year.
                                                                          A new marketing resource center was launched,
                                                             , early in 2005 to help members present a
                                                                       professional and effective message and increase awareness of
                                                                       PHCC in local markets. Resources include logos, consumer
                                                                       education materials, customer leave-behinds and marketing tips.
                                                                          Leadership Development: With the theme of How the Best
                                                                       was Won, PHCC’s 2005 National Leadership Conference focused
                                                                       on building one-to-one relationships. Nearly 200 state and
                                                                       local leaders met in Arlington, Va., for the event, which
                                                                       featured sessions on effective networking strategies,
                                                                       challenges facing today’s PHCC leaders, member recruitment
                                                                       and participation. Attendees also heard the results of PHCC’s
                                                                       2005 Contractor Needs Survey and saw a preview of the new
                                                                       plumbing and HVACR apprentice manuals.
                                                                          The Horizon Club continues to support state and local
                                                                       chapters through enhanced leadership training and mentoring
                                                                       programs. The centerpiece of these efforts is a one-day
The third edition of the ISH North America trade show was a success.   regional workshop to help volunteer leaders establish chapter
                                                                       cultures that invite members and prospective members to
rapidly. At last count, the number of “visitor sessions” was           become part of an organized, vibrant and highly engaged
25,000 a month, or 300,000 a year.                                     community. The session covers key leadership challenges,
   To enhance its record-keeping abilities, improve efficiencies       including roles leaders play (planning, oversight, policy
and refine communication to members, PHCC converted to a               development and leadership development), new member
new database in the summer of 2005. The new system is Web-             recruitment and orientation, effective meetings and
based and more user-friendly.                                          community awareness.
                                                                          Education: A Channel Partner Education Initiative is
PHCC Membership: Strengthening the                                     under development to provide affordable and accessible
Bond between Local, State and National                                 education that will assist plumbing and HVACR contractors in
   During the past year, all three tiers of the PHCC federation        improving their businesses. Spearheaded by the PHCC
demonstrated a strong commitment to the association and                Educational Foundation, this initiative is a collaborative effort
industry by working closely together in the areas of                   between the Foundation, PHCC-National Association, local
membership, leadership, education and image. Highlights for            chapters, suppliers, manufacturers and other industry partners
2005 include:                                                          to strengthen the association and enhance professionalism
   Membership: PHCC continues to grow in strength and                  throughout the industry.
purpose. The association began the year with more than                    Business management education programs were also
4,000 members, representing more than 82,000 plumbing and              sponsored in several states to help organize and to revitalize
HVACR professionals. The emphasis on growth shifted this               local chapters.
year from recruitment and retention to membership                         Image: PHCC is working with local chapters in Florida and
development. National, state and locals worked together to             Connecticut on a program to develop effective community
build customized membership plans designed to grow the                 awareness strategies that can be implemented at the local
numbers and create membership experiences that encourage               level. The overall goals for this collaboration are to increase
participation and involvement.                                         recognition of the PHCC logo as the mark of professionalism
   To obtain a current reading of PHCC members’ thoughts on            among consumers and non-member contractors, and to
industry and business issues, PHCC conducted a 2005                    promote the trade as a desirable career opportunity. Successful
Contractor Needs/Issues Survey. The information will be used           strategies and tools to implement them are being posted to
to develop and refine PHCC programs to meet members’ needs.            the chapter resource center. ●

                                                                                               State of the Association • 11

 PHCC Government Relations Efforts:
                                                             Helping Members
                                                             Sleep at Night
                                                             What keeps you awake at night?
                                                                In 2004-2005, PHCC’s Government Relations Department concentrated on
                                                             tackling the answers to this important question for member contractors. As
                                                             the only association representing both merit and signatory shops, plumbing
Thomas Caldwell, left, and Tim Williford, right, meet with   and HVACR contractors, PHCC pinpoints the issues that are the most crucial to
Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC).
                                                             its members’ businesses, and then develops aggressive response strategies to
                                                             make sure PHCC’s voice is heard.
                                                                Based on member feedback, PHCC’s top legislative priorities for 2004-
                                                             2005 were:
                                                             • Providing affordable health and general liability insurance to members;
                                                             • Lobbying for tort reform;
                                                             • Permanent repeal of the estate tax; and
                                                             • Fighting unfair utility competition.
                                                                At the same time, PHCC stayed on top of several emerging issues. Some of
                                                             these issues included a construction tax incentive for new construction,
From left, Scott Ziegler, Rep. Rob Simmons (R-CT) and Lake   legislation that would outlaw reverse auctions for federal construction and
Coulson at 535 Club Dinner.
                                                             immigration reform.
                                                                “Because of the Association’s limited resources, we have to maintain a
                                                             somewhat limited, but very focused agenda,” said PHCC Government
                                                             Relations Committee Chair Tim Williford. “We have done that in an
                                                             exceedingly effective fashion, producing results that are greater than the
                                                             efforts we expended would lead you to expect.”
                                                                All the while, PHCC government relations staff and members continued to
                                                             enhance the association’s visibility in Washington, D.C. and across the
                                                             nation. There was a lot of progress made in 2004-2005, both on Capitol Hill
                                                             on legislative issues, and with regulatory authorities like the Environmental
From left, Greg Hartman, Paul Taecker, Sen. John Thune
(R-SD) and Ken Melius.                                       Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Labor, including OSHA.
                                                             There also was a lot of exposure to influential lawmakers through PHCC’s
                                                             increased presence on Capitol Hill and at events that were important to
                                                             construction industry interests.
                                                                Highlights of the year are covered below, and listed in the
                                                             accompanying article.

                                                             PHCC Organizes House Hearing on
                                                             Unfair Utility Competition
                                                                PHCC led a coalition of small business interests in organizing a hearing on
                                                             May 4, 2005, to review unfair utility practices. Featuring Hugh Kelleher,
Sen. Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), right, with Georgia PHCC
executive Rob Sumner.                                        executive director of the PHCC of Greater Boston, representatives from the

      12 • State of the Association
                                                                                  Highlights of
                                                                                  the Year
                                                                                  This year the Government Relations Department:
                                                                                    • Led legislative effort to prevent utilities from competing
PHCC member David Bold, right, shakes hands       PHCC of Greater Boston
with Rep. Jon Christopher Porter Sr. (R-NV)       Executive Director Hugh              unfairly in the business of plumbing-heating-cooling
                                                  Kelleher testifies before
                                                                                    • Assisted in legislative effort to provide affordable health
                                                  electrical contractors, air          care through PHCC for our members;
                                                  conditioning contractors,         • Organized annual legislative conference that featured
                                                  Public Citizen and the               two U.S. senators and one congressman;
                                                  Progress and Freedom              • Organized annual fundraising event which drew nearly
                                                  Foundation gave members of           15 legislators and 70 PHCC members;
                                                  the U.S. House Committee          • Achieved contributions approaching $125,000 in
                                                  on Small Business many               PAC fund;
                                                  examples of the effect unfair     • Testified before Congressional committee on unfair
                                                  utility competition has on           utility competition;
                                                  small businesses.                 • Hosted several fundraising events for legislators,
                                                     At the hearing, entitled          including Sens. Jim Talent (R-MO) and Russ Feingold
Scott Ziegler, left, and Rep. Jim Gerlach         “Anticompetitive Threats             (D-WI) and Reps. Randy Neugebauer (R-TX) and
(R-PA) at 535 Club Dinner.
                                                  from Public Utilities: Are           Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA);
Small Businesses Losing Out?”, Kelleher said legislation is needed to ensure        • Testified before state and local legislators on importance
fair competition between the small businesses that provide plumbing,                   of continuing education and licensing;
heating and cooling services and the large multi-state monopoly utilities           • Advocated with the IRS for much-needed flexibility on
that, through unregulated affiliates, compete unfairly in the marketplace.             regulations being developed for implementation of tax
                                                                                       incentives for contractor-construction industries;
                                                                                    • Participated in industry-driven study analyzing the need
Lobbying Efforts Accelerate After Hearing                                              for tort reform in the contractor-construction industry;
   PHCC’s activities on unfair utility competition accelerated even more after      • Advocated for elimination of reverse auctions in federal
the hearing when the Senate gave its attention to a comprehensive energy               construction;
bill. The association worked closely with Sens. Sam Brownback (R-KS) and            • Continued to serve as president of the National Alliance
Russ Feingold (D-WI), who sponsored an amendment to give the Federal                   of Fair Competition (NAFC); represented p-h-c
Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) new power to regulate transactions                 contractors on coalitions for estate tax, association
between public utility companies and their affiliate and associate companies.          health plans, construction tort reform, NAFC, CFC and
The energy bill was passed by the House of Representatives and debated in              Construction
the Senate. However, in the end, the PHCC-supported amendment was                      Tax Reform;
withdrawn because of a political deal – a deal which included opposing              • PHCC member Terry Self nominated as chairman of the
PHCC’s amendment – that was initiated by two ranking senators.                         Associated Specialty Contractors, an umbrella
   There were some positive results: The amendment sponsors have been                  organization of eight national construction trade
promised that they will make sure the Senate Energy Committee holds a                  associations;
hearing on anticompetitive utility practices this fall. A general accounting        • Produced a comprehensive Government Relations
investigation into the potential for abusive affiliate transactions also has           Department brochure that is available to all members.
been pledged. These are both good signs for the future.                             Government relations continues to be designated as one of
                                                                                    three top strategic goals of PHCC. ●

                                                                                              State of the Association • 13
                                   A Day on Capitol Hill
                                      The 9th Annual Legislative Conference featured       who attended a special reception and dinner the
                                   three important PHCC Congressional allies               evening prior to the conference. The 535 Club
                                   addressing the more than 125 attendees at a             consists of politically active and motivated PHCC
                                   breakfast April 14. Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), chief          members. In 2004-2005, club members raised
                                   sponsor of the death tax repeal, led off the            almost $60,000 for the PAC.
                                   morning session briefing the attendees on the              In the second of two annual major fundraising
                                   status of repeal in the Senate. Rep. Randy              events, PHCC raised more than $36,000 at its PAC
                                   Neugebauer (R-TX), a newly elected Congressman          auction. The 3rd annual auction will be held at
                                   from the construction industry, praised PHCC for its    Network ’05 in Orlando, and promises to be even
Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN)           participation in political activities. Finally, Sen.    more successful than previous events. Items to be
visited the 535 Club Dinner.
                                   Russ Feingold (D-WI), gave an impassioned speech        donated to help support our PAC include golfing
                                   about bipartisanship and his efforts on utility fair    trips, use of vacation homes on the North Carolina
                                   competition. Attendees were reminded once again         coastline and Florida Gulf Coast, jewelry, rare wines
                                   of the importance of business engaging in the           and even homegrown fruits and vegetables, which
                                   political process.                                      have commanded the greatest contributions.
                                      Conference attendees spent the afternoon
                                   visiting legislators and seeking support for the four   All Politics is Local:
                                   PHCC legislative priorities: association health         Tim Williford and His
                                   plans, tort reform, estate tax repeal, and unfair       “Local” Senator
                                   utility competition.                                       You’ve heard the quote, “all politics is local.” Tim
Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI)
spoke during the Legislative                                                               Williford knows that to be true, and provides an
Conference breakfast.              PHCC’s Political Action Committee                       excellent example of how important local political
                                   Participation Grows                                     efforts can be. Since 2003, Williford focused on the
                                      “Get into politics or get out of business,” states   North Carolina U.S. senator’s race, and considered
                                   Political Action Committee Chairman Scott Ziegler.      U.S. Rep. Richard Burr a strong contender for that
                                   PHCC is developing a base of legislators that it can    seat. PHCC and Williford supported his candidacy,
                                   count on to advance the association’s legislative       and their paths crossed at events in North Carolina
                                   goals and priorities. Assisting legislators with        and at the Republican National Convention in New
                                   campaign contributions is one such way to help          York City. On election day, Williford and his state’s
                                   elevate PHCC’s presence on Capitol Hill.                immediate past PHCC President, Wes Styers, traveled
                                      Perhaps the easiest way to be part of PHCC           to Winston-Salem for Sen. Burr’s victory party. Tim
                                   advocacy effort is to contribute to the association’s   was greeted by the senator with a big hug and
Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) revealed his
predictions for the estate tax.    Political Action Committee, or PAC. Participation       thanks for all his efforts.
                                   in the PAC continues to grow, as more than
                                   $90,000 was received in contributions from the          Contact PHCC to Learn More
                                   2004 convention to summer 2005.                            To further assist in telling our story, PHCC
                                      “Donations to the PAC, contrary to popular           prepared a government relations brochure which
                                   misconceptions, do not end up buying votes,”            was unveiled at the Legislative Conference. This
                                   Williford said. “What those donations do gain for       colorful document illustrates the diversity of our
                                   PHCC is access to events where the association can      members’ involvement with government relations
                                   get its message across to powerful lawmakers and        issues: meetings with congressional leaders who are
                                   policymakers.”                                          spearheading our highest priority issues; testifying
Sen. Randy Neugebauer (R-NV)          The PAC showcase event is its 535 Club event,        on Capitol Hill and various state capitols; attending
spoke at the Legislative           which is held on the eve of the PHCC Legislative        the Republican National Convention in New York;
                                   Conference. Members of the PHCC PAC’s 535 Club          and a personal story from Tim Williford. If you’d
                                   again socialized with senators and congresspersons      like a copy, call (800) 533-7694. ●

       14 • State of the Association
Many thanks to the PHCC members listed below who have made either
direct or in-kind PHCC Political Action Committee contributions since
the previous convention Oct. 12-16, 2004:
“535 Club Members” ($1,000+)                                        Rob Sumner, PHCC of Georgia; Tom Theroux, PHCC of
PHCC Auxiliary; Charles Appleby, Appleby Plumbing & Heating;        Massachusetts; Kathy Tindall, Tindall & Ranson Plumbing &
Herb Bell, Bell Plumbing, Heating & Oil Burner; Ann Belus,          Heating; Kevin Tindall, Tindall & Ranson Plumbing & Heating;
Cable Pipe & Leak Detection; David Bold, Done Right Plumbing;       Marty Tirado, Wisconsin PHCC; Jo Wagner, CTO, Inc.; Mark
Kenny Calkins, Cloverdale Plumbing Company; Bill Chronister,        Whalen, NY PHCC; Tim Williford, Southern Piping Company; R.
Saddleback Plumbing Company; Bev Potts/Chuck Hicks,                 Scott Ziegler, Hodes Company.
Bloomington Normal PHCC; Dusty Cook, Dynamic Plumbing
Company; Laurie Crigler, L & D Associates, Inc.; Paul Deegan,       $500-$999:
Richard Deegan & Son Inc.; David Dugger, Kalthoff, Inc.; Ronald     Hunter Botto, Botto Brothers Plumbing; Chris Bowman, White-
Dunsmoor, Eastern Mechanical, Inc.; Mike Dupree, Dupree             Bowman, Inc.; Thomas Caldwell, T.M. Caldwell Plumbing
Plumbing; Kyle Evans, F. Wackenhut Co.; David Finley, Kansas        Company; Michael Dolan, Jack Dolan & Sons Inc.; Jay Hansen,
PHCC; Milton and Patty Frank, Frank Milton Plumbing Co.; John       C.J. Hansen Company, Inc.; Raymond Harner, Harner Plumbing
Garvelink, Commercial Design Engineering; Mary Garvelink,           Inc.; Paul Hood, Haynes Plumbing & Heating Co.; Marcia and
Commercial Design Engineering; Terry Giebelhaus, Marlin             David Shapiro, Shapiro and Duncan.
Mechanical Corporation; Mark Giebelhaus, Marlin Mechanical
Corporation; James Finley, C.N. Finley, Inc.; Ray Hefner,           $100-$499:
Missouri PHCC; Lynn Heidler, Inc.; Steven Heidler, Heidler, Inc.;   Kenneth Alexander, Alexander Plumbing & Heating; Dale
Daniel Hennessy, Hennessey Plumbing Services; Evan Hibbs, Jr.,      Arndt, Arndt & Son Plumbing; Linda Bienvenu, Bienvenu
Evan C. Hibbs, Inc.; Joseph Hodes, Hodes Company; Jory              Brothers Enterprises; Paul Buddy, Paul L. Buddy Plumbing &
Isakson, Minnesota PHCC; David Jones, Dave Jones Plumbing &         Heating, Inc.; Richard Carrington, Carrington Plumbing; D.L.
Heating; Nancy Jones, PHCC of Texas; William Jones, Raven           “Ike” Casey, PHCC-National Association; David Cooper, Guy M.
Mechanical, LP; Patty Jones, Raven Mechanical, LP; Hugh             Cooper, Inc.; William Deutsch, France Mechanical Corporation;
Kelleher, PHCC of Greater Boston; Stephen Lehtonen, California      William Donovan, Jr., William F. Donovan & Son Plumbing &
PHCC; Frank Maddalon; F.R. Maddalon Plumbing; Tom                   Heating; Charles “Chip” Greene, Greene & Associates, Inc.; Tina
Maniuszko, Day-Night Plumbing & Heating Company; Robert             Hedrick, Pennsylvania PHCC; Meta Jon Everett, M & M
Melko, Bishop Plumbing & Heating; Frank Monroe, Monroe              Plumbing; Sherry Hernandez, P.I.P.E. Nevada; Robert
Plumbing & Heating, Inc.; Tom Moore, Tom Moore’s Climate            Huppelsberg, Connecticut PHCC; Mark Larson, Marlin
Control; Mark Morgan, Foster Heating & A/C, Inc.; Don &             Mechanical Corporation; Deborah McMahon, Women’s Auxiliary
Lorraine Morin, Don Morin Associates; Ron Newman, Lakes             PHCC of Delaware; Donald Monroe, Monroe’s Plumbing; Joseph
Plumbing, Hearing & Cooling; Stewart O’Brien, The Plumbing          Rascher, Rascher Plumbing & Heating; Steven Rivers, Rivers
Foundation of New York; Jerry Payne, Central Plumbing               Plumbing, Heating & Air; Bob Ryan, Plumbing Council of
Company; John Pellizzon, Ace-Pellizon Plumbing, Inc.; Roger         Chicagoland; Terri Satterfield, Delaware PHCC; Joseph Schmitt,
Peugeot, Roger The Plumber; Herbert “Skip” Pfeffer, Canton          Schmitt Plumbing & Heating; Mike Schmitz, Cox Plumbing
Plumbing & Heating Company; Tony Reeder, Four Stars                 Company; Carl Schweitzer, Montana PHCC; Victor Sjurseth,
Plumbing Company; Corinne and Bill Riley Plumbing & Heating;        Hans & Sons, Inc.; Mitzi Smith, Sundial Plumbing Services;
Al Ruscito, Pennsylvania PHCC; Douglas Santoro, General             Malcolm Sweet, Jr., Condaire, Inc.; Orville Taecker, Andor,
Plumbing, Inc.; Steven Schaefer, Schaefer Mechanical Services;      Inc/Taecker Plumbing & Heating; George Trethewey, Trethewey
Joseph Schlueter, Jr., Schlueter Plumbing, Inc.; Richard            Brothers, Inc.; Rick Whitaker, Brown Brothers Plumbing &
Schoenwalder, Richard Schoenwalder Plumbing & Heating;              Heating; Francis Williams, F.A. Williams; Walter Woycik, W.J.
David Singleton, David R. Singleton, Inc.; Jim Stack, Stack         Woycik Plumbing & Heating
Plumbing; Bryan Stansell, Stamar, Inc.; Richard Steadman,
Bartlett-Steadman Plumbing; John Stevenson, Stevenson               $20-$99:
Plumbing & Mechanical; Ronald Stiegler, Phoenix Plumbers,           John Horger, Horger Plumbing & Heating, Inc.; Jack Shuman,
Inc.; Wesley Styers, Gastonia Plumbing & Heating Company;           Shuman, Inc.

                                                                                            State of the Association • 15

                        Association Educational
Jim Driscoll            Foundation
By James T. Driscoll, Jr., Foundation Chairman

2005 Program Highlights                                                  participants learn about developing strategic business,
   ● Apprentice and Journeyman Training. Effective July                  marketing and sales plans; making accurate project
1, the Foundation accepted responsibility for administering              projections; resolving disputes; and managing risk.
plumbing and HVACR apprentice programs formerly conducted                   ● Foundation Contractor Resource Center. This site
by PHCC—National Association. The national association will              serves as a launching point to a wealth of business
provide the Foundation with funds to continue development of             management information that is accessible to contractors on a
these programs and to add new initiatives including CEU                  24-hour/7 days a week basis. More than 180 archived articles
training courses for journeymen and a conference for                     on issues ranging from human resources to materials
apprentice program instructors. Additional information is                management are available, and a new business management
provided in the State of the Association report.                         article is added each week. The Foundation’s first online
   ● Business Management Courses. Nearly 400 PHCC                        educational seminar, “Introduction to Project Management,”
business owners and employees have attended these courses                became available in October 2004. Use of the Resource Center
sponsored by American Standard and Trane. In the Essentials              rose by almost 400 percent in 2005, with 4,400 individual
of Project Management course, attendees learn how common-                “visitor sessions” in a typical month. The web site address is
sense changes to their project management methods can          
improve productivity, slash waste and dramatically boost                    ● Kohler/Foundation Seminar Series. This popular
profits. In the Business Owners Management Workshop,                     seminar series is sponsored by the Kohler Company. Twenty-

The Foundation Board of Governors visited the NIBCO plant in Virginia.

16 • State of the Association
four different seminars are available with topics of interest to
foremen and superintendents; estimators and project managers;
key management personnel and owners. Including the
seminars conducted during the PHCC Convention/Network ’05
event, the seminar series is projected to reach more than 1,500
contractors this year.
   ● Labor Calculator 2000. The Foundation committee               Students work in computer lab at the Essentials of Project
                                                                   Management Course.
responsible for this labor estimating reference software is
developing a revised edition of this popular business              Please see the listing of donors (as of July 1) included with this
management tool. Part of this effort will be to consolidate        report. In-Sink-Erator has sponsored this program for 17 years,
product listings, add newly introduced industry materials and      and this year has generously offered to match contributions by
incorporate new features into the software. The corporate          one-third. The goal is to raise $25,000 to support the PHCC
sponsor for the Labor Calculator project is Estimation, Inc.       National Auxiliary scholarship program and a minimum of
   ● Professional Contractor Education Series. This                $75,000 to support PHCC Educational Foundation programs.
initiative is designed to reach contractors and their employees
with technical and business management educational programs        Financial Integrity. The PHCC Educational Foundation continues
that will help them change the way they do business. The           to be financially sound. Contributed funds have been invested
program is conducted in collaboration with a local PHCC            wisely, under the capable direction of the Foundation
chapter and an area wholesaler. Seminars are held in the late      Investment Management Committee. Only a portion of the
afternoon/early evening at the supply house, and participants      earnings on investments is used each year, to ensure the
are eligible to receive CEU credit. This year pilot programs are   financial future for generations to come. The Foundation
being conducted in Houston, Texas (3 seminars); Northern           Annual Giving program allows contractors and other industry
Virginia (6 seminars); and Sacramento, California (12              partners to make tax-deductible contributions that directly
seminars). The seminars conducted to date have received rave       benefit the future of our profession. This year, corporate
reviews and drew an average of 24 contractors and field            sponsors of individual Foundation programs are American
personnel.                                                         Standard; A.O. Smith/State Water Heaters; the Bradford White
   ● Scholarship Program. This year the Foundation will            Corporation; the Delta Faucet Company; Estimation, Inc.;
award $100,000 in scholarships to students enrolled in             Ferguson Enterprises; In-Sink-Erator; the Kohler Company;
approved apprentice, two-year certificate or degree programs,      NIBCO Inc.; and Trane. We appreciate their support and the
and four-year degree programs. Funding is provided from            financial support provided by contractors, industry partners and
earnings on the investment of the Foundation Scholarship           PHCC chapters.
Endowment and through generous donations provided by
American Standard Bath and Kitchen; A.O. Smith/State Water         Foundation Committees. The Foundation Curriculum Committee
Heaters; the Bradford White Corporation; the Delta Faucet          is chaired by Dennis Tarpenning of HiMEC, Inc.; the HVACR
Company; and the PHCC Past National Officers.                      Apprentice and Journeyman Training Committee is chaired by
   ● Career Development Projects. The Foundation partners          David Dugger of Kalthoff, Inc.; the committee to develop NATE
with the PHCC National Auxiliary to place career videos in         training materials is chaired by Tom Moore of Climate Control,
schools and to conduct career day programs. The Foundation         Inc.; the Investment Management Committee is chaired by Larry
also actively participates in an industry coalition that           W. Howe of Howe Heating and Plumbing; the Labor Calculator
promotes interest in plumbing and HVACR careers. Visit the         Committee is chaired by Jim Witten, formerly of Witten
career coalition web site at                  Brothers, Inc.; the Plumbing Apprentice and Training Committee
                                                                   is chaired by Jim Steinle of Atomic Plumbing, Heating, and
Invest in Your Future Annual Giving Program. Beginning this        Electrical Corp.; and the Scholarship Committee is chaired by
year, the Invest in Your Future Program is being conducted as      Joe Voss of Voss Plumbing and Heating. Tracey Smith is the
an annual giving campaign. Contributions are eligible for a        liaison from the PHCC Association Executives Council, and Mary
tax-deduction, and donors are recognized in a variety of ways.     Garvelink is the liaison from the PHCC National Auxiliary. ●

                                                                                             State of the Association • 17
Enhanced Service Group Reports
                                      Construction                                                     Quality Service
                                      Contractors’                                                     Contractors Has a
                                      Alliance Moves to                                                Rewarding Year
                                      the Next Level                                                      It has been a rewarding
                                         In 2004-2005, the                                             year for QSC! The
                                      Construction Contractors’       organization held one of its largest Power Meetings in
Alliance (CCA) made great strides in taking CCA to the next level.    Savannah, Ga., in February 2005, and has expanded member
CCA represents PHCC’s plumbing and mechanical new construction        benefits to meet the needs of its growing membership, which
contractors specializing in commercial, residential, institutional    now numbers 210.
and industrial work. Member benefits include two meetings a year,        QSC Business Coach Mike Maynard continues to make
an e-mail discussion list, peer groups and other networking           coaching visits to QSC members. Mike has also been giving
opportunities.                                                        business seminars at state conventions and chapters, and
   One goal CCA had for the year was to extend the full value of      continues to schedule Business Operations and Systems
CCA to the entire member company, not just the owners who             Success (BOSS) classes for chapters requesting them.
attend the regular CCA meetings. Seminars for middle managers            The QSC POWER TOOL – Maintenance Agreements is the
were identified as the best way to start this process.                newest QSC member benefit. This is a program that offers
   In November 2004, CCA held its first meeting for middle            guidelines on how to create, price and sell maintenance
managers, the office controllers. Eighteen people participated at     agreements. Part of the program is how to develop career
the Las Vegas meeting. And in April 2005, a second middle             paths for technicians.
manager meeting was held in Las Vegas—this time for purchasing           QSC continues to partner with E Performance Learning
agents. Both meetings got rave reviews from participants. More        (EPL) in offering their Web site to QSC members as a member
meetings are planned that will target estimators, human resources     benefit. It is also available to PHCC members for a reduced
professionals, superintendents and other key personnel.               fee. This site serves as a resource center for state-of-the-art
   CCA’s regular meetings for members also were successes. The        business, marketing and operational training materials.
Fall 2004 meeting in Denver focused on peer group rejuvenation,          A QSC Sales Boot Camp has been developed. It is a two-
industry trends, productivity and roundtable topics like dealing      day sales training class designed exclusively for QSC & PHCC
with national homebuilders, getting into piece work and               members. It is for owners, technicians, managers, salespeople
diversifying your business. Also, LeDuc & Dexter, Santa Rosa,         and anyone who interacts with customers. In this program,
Calif., presented a “Contractor Spotlight” on the residential new     participants will learn how to deal with customers who tell
construction company. The Spring 2005 meeting was held in Cabo        you they want to ‘think it over’; how to keep your head
San Lucas, Mexico. It was CCA’s first meeting out of the country.     screwed on straight (overcome what’s holding you back);
“Everything Subcontractors Need to Know about General                 and learn what the top-earning technicians are doing on a
Contractors and Builders” and “Profit-Driven Leadership” were two     daily basis!
of the key topics. A “Contractor Spotlight” on CCA member Farmer         Power Meeting XXIV will be held Feb. 23 - 25, 2006, at the
& Irwin, a mechanical contracting firm in Riviera Beach, Fla., also   TradeWinds Island Resort in St. Pete Beach, Florida. The
was featured.                                                         meeting is designed for the business owner, department
   CCA also developed a strategic plan for the future, which          heads, office managers, supervisors or anyone interested in
focuses on these six key areas:                                       becoming a success.
   -Workforce Issues
   -Construction Methods
   -Business Practices
   -Networking/Peer Groups
   -Industry/Business Evolution
   -Education and Personal Growth

 18 • State of the Association
                             UAC Makes Progress on
                             Issues Affecting Signatory
                                                                         PHCC - NATIONAL AUXILIARY

                                                                         Together We
                                 Change seems to be the operative
                             word for any growing organization, and
the Union-Affiliated Contractors (UAC) is no different. Under the
guidance of chairman, Robert J. “Bud” Riestenberg, UAC focused on
improving the union plumbing and HVACR industry for all PHCC
                                                                         Can Make A
                                                                         Brighter Future
signatory contractors, enhancing the relationship with the United
Association (UA), increasing membership and providing new and
exciting education and training programs.
   In late January, UAC Trustees attended the Plumbing Council
                                                                         By Kathy Tindall
meeting at the UA Training Facility in Colton, Calif. The Plumbing
Council is an industry coalition of UAC, United Association and
Mechanical Contractors Association of America representatives who                                             uccessfully, the
are interested in expanding market-share for union contractors                                          S     Auxiliary continues to
through the various agreements available through the UA. Prior to                                       move forward on our goals of
the meeting, Plumbing Council members participated in a                                                 promoting the PHCC and our
demonstration of the UA distance learning program. The UA has                                           industry. The ever-growing
committed to expanding the use of its long-distance learning program                                    relationship between the
for all signatory contractors. These initiatives indicate a commitment                                  Auxiliary and the contractors
from the United Association to help the union contracting                                               is very important and
community not only grow, but remain on the cutting edge of the                                          significant to our future
industry.                                                                                               together.
   The relationship with the UA continued to grow and flourish. The      Kathy Tindall                      Since convention, we have
UAC trustees and the PHCC Board of Directors approved an industry        increased our membership with more than 75 new members,
associate membership that allows UA Business Managers to join local      and have welcomed a growing number of contractors.
PHCC signatory chapters. During a conference call with UAC Trustees,     Communication is very important in any organization in
UA General President Bill Hite indicated he wanted all signatory         order to reach all members with important information. The
contractors to be members of a national association. There is strength   Auxiliary Web site, e-mail chain and four new issues of our
in numbers. This provided important support for UAC’s membership         “Piping Hot” newsletters have done just that. We are also
efforts. UAC welcomed new members in Philadelphia, Pa.; Rockland,        releasing our Auxiliary history book compiled of the first
N.Y.; and Chicago, Ill.                                                  “85” as an organization.
   The UAC Trustees committed to growing membership by offering             The promotional tools the Auxiliary has developed to
new and useful services to its members. A CD of collective bargaining    help the contractor and his/her business are working and
agreements from across the country that included wage and fringe         selling great. The most popular image tools are
benefit settlements was developed. This type of information is           “Construction Jack” the plumber and the “Tie One On”
invaluable when local associations and unions enter into contract        plumber’s silk tie. Our customer “Thank You” note cards are
negotiations. Another goal of the trustees was to position UAC as an     a great way to say thank you, and our most popular
education training ground for signatory contractors. This was            educational tool is our “Constructing Your Future” brochure,
demonstrated by the top notch education opportunities offered at the     which we will be releasing a tri-fold flyer version of in the
Unity 2005 Conference in Chicago. More than 80 contractors, labor        near future. We are proud of the work we have been able to
leaders and chapter executives participated in seminars, roundtable      achieve in reaching our goals and the strides gained with
and panel discussions on building green, creating super foreman,         the Auxiliary image and commitment. ●
estimating and contract terms and negotiation techniques. ●

                                                                                             State of the Association • 19
                                  PHCC Committee Reports
                                     PHCC has many volunteer committees that coordinate programs and services provided by the association. Reports of the
                                  2004-2005 committee activities that are not already covered in this State of the Association appear on the next few pages.

                                  Bylaws Committee                                   Uniform Plumbing and Mechanical codes through your PHCC
                                  Herbert “Skip” Pfeffer, Chair                      representative.
A street view of the Sky City
                                     One year after completing an exhaustive
Hotel and Convention              three-year effort to codify the association’s
Centre, Auckland, New
Zealand, where the 2005           bylaws, Chairman Skip Pfeffer and the              Industrial Relations Council
World Plumbing Conference         members of the Bylaws Committee look               Walter T. Parkes, chair
was held.
                                  forward to this year’s effort, where only a few       Union signatory contractors are represented on this bylaws-
                                  bylaws amendments will be considered.              prescribed council by Walter T. Parkes and John T. “Tim” Ceren. In
                                  Among those to be put before the membership        2005 the council heard submissions of grievances or contract
                                at the annual business meeting are two with          disputes from several local jurisdictions. The council continues to
                                only editorial changes: one that would clarify       fulfill its purpose in providing either a second tier negotiating
                                voting procedures and maintain consistency           platform or grievance procedure removed from the climate of local
                                with the Articles of Incorporation, and one that     controversy, both political and competitive. PHCC is joined by the
                                would make the Auxiliary president an ex-officio     Mechanical Contractors Association of America and the United
                                member of the Board of Directors. This newly         Association in jointly sponsoring the council. The council
                                appointed standing committee of the                  promotes harmony in the industry.
Plumbing Apprentice and         association reviews submitted bylaws
Journeyman Training
Committee Chair Jim             amendments and reports on such amendments            Logo Use Committee
Steinle displays the new
first-year plumbing manual      at the annual business meeting.                      Jim Stack, chair
                                                                                        The Logo Committee contracts with plumbing, heating and
           Finance Committee                                                         cooling manufacturers who wish to display the PHCC logo on their
           Steve Carder, Chair                                                       product or the product packaging. The products that display the
               This bylaws-prescribed committee is responsible for advising          PHCC logo are sold through the traditional distribution chain –
           the president of the association with respect to matters relating         from manufacturer, to plumbing, heating or cooling wholesaler,
           to finance and serves as the Audit Review Committee. The                  and finally to the contractor. The PHCC member gets enhanced
           committee consists of the three junior past presidents of the             warranty considerations for installing the logoed products.
           Association.                                                                 The Logo Partners of PHCC are Amtrol, Bennette Design Group,
               The Finance Committee was busy this year working with the             Bradford White, Controlled Energy, F. W. Webb, Glentronics,
           independent audit firm that performed the annual audit. The               Hammond Valve, In-Sink-Erator, PlumbMaster and Ward
           committee will attend the Budget Committee meeting this fall to           Manufacturing. By displaying the PHCC logo, these companies
           develop the 2006 PHCC budget for approval by the Board of                 demonstrate their commitment to advancing professionalism for a
           Directors. They also met with the audit firm after the completion         stronger economy.
           of the annual audit.
                                                                                     National Standard Plumbing Code
           IAPMO Plumbing and Mechanical Code                                        Richard Wagner, chair
           Robert Kordulak, Chair                                                       PHCC’s National Standard Plumbing Code Committee reviewed 80
               PHCC is represented at plumbing code meetings by Kirk Nelson,         proposed code changes at the June 7, 2005 meeting in Falls Church,
                                  with Commercial Design Engineering, Ltd. in        Va. The committee went over the proposed changes for clarity and
                                  Colorado Springs, Colo., or by Bob Kordulak,       to determine if additional information was needed prior to the Aug.
                                  who is PHCC’s official code consultant. Nelson     25, 2005, public hearing in Falls Church, Va. The committee
                                  represented PHCC at technical committee            produced the “2005 National Standard Plumbing Code Supplement”
                                  meetings on May 2–7, 2005, and will follow         with the approved changes from the August 2004 hearing. Updating
                                  the changes to final adoption. PHCC members        and publishing of both the non-illustrated and illustrated versions
                                  are encouraged to submit changes to the            of the “2006 National Standard Plumbing Code” will take place

          20 • State of the Association
                                                                       PHCC BALANCE SHEET
                                                                       PLUMBING-HEATING-COOLING CONTRACTORS - NATIONAL ASSOCIATION
Members voted on resolutions and bylaws at the 2004 Annual Business                    Statements of Financial Position
                                                                                                               December 31,      December 31,
                                                                                                                      2004              2003
beginning at the end of 2005 and will be available in 2006.
Nominating Committee                                                  Current assets:
                                                                       Cash and cash equivalents                    $510,174       $779,141
Steve Carder, chair
                                                                       Certificates of deposit                      1,803,000     1,351,972
   This committee is responsible for:                                  Accounts receivable                          597,066         530,124
• Nominating qualified candidates for the offices to be filled;        Due from Affiliates                          2,615            90,174
• Reviewing, exploring and appropriately interviewing all              Inventory                                    173,459         208,307
                                                                       Prepaid expenses and other assets            131,945          48,548
                                                                       Total current assets                         3,218,259     3,008,266
• Informing the members of the names of all candidates at the
   Annual Convention; and                                             Investments                                   199,152         197,042
• Selecting the Plumbing Contractor of the Year.
This year the nominating committee received and reviewed              Property and equipment:
nominations for candidates for national vice president and              Land                                        244,421         244,421
the zone directors on the board.                                        Building and improvements                   1,889,222     1,879,572
                                                                        Furniture and equipment                     664,041         631,704
                                                                        Computer software                           717,336         511,246
Policy Committee                                                                                                    3,515,020     3,266,943
Steve Carder, Chair                                                     Less accumulated depreciation               2,368,987     2,252,677
                                                                                                                    1,146,033     1,014,266
   Chairman Steve Carder and the members of the Policy
Committee offered several changes to PHCC’s policies. Members
of the PHCC Board of Directors adopted most of the committee’s          Total assets                                $4,563,444   $4,219,574

suggested changes. Policies being clarified this year include
one that establishes a time-table for dues payments to national
and associated voting procedures. Among the other duties of
the Policy Committee is selecting the recipient of the Colonel                       LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS
George D. Scott Award.
                                                                      Current liabilities:
Resolutions Committee                                                  Accounts payable and accrued expenses        $295,919       $250,808
                                                                       Deferred membership dues                     378,525         325,311
Marsha Dollendorf, Chair
                                                                       Other deferred revenue                       39,414           15,487
   Chairperson Marsha Dollendorf leads this bylaws-prescribed          Total current liabilities                    713,858         591,606
committee, which is responsible for receiving and reviewing all
resolutions that are submitted for consideration at the annual
                                                                      Security deposit                              13,878           13,606
business meeting. A resolution in support of continuing                Total liabilities                            727,736         605,212
education will be considered at this year’s annual meeting.

                                                                      Net assets:
World Plumbing Council                                                 Unrestricted:
Mary Garvelink, U.S. Voting Representative                             Operating                                    3,375,477     3,120,831
   PHCC has been a member of the World Plumbing Council                Directors’ reserve fund                      69,195           49,195
                                                                       PPL reserve fund                             -                75,404
(WPC) since its inception. This year the World Plumbing
                                                                       ISH reserve fund                             325,000         325,000
Conference 2005 was held March 2–6, 2005, in Auckland, New             Building reserve fund                        66,036           37,036
Zealand. PHCC National President, Mary Garvelink was elected                                                        3,835,708     3,607,466
                                                                        Temporarily restricted                      -                 6,896
the U.S. voting representative for a three-year term. The
                                                                        Total net assets                            3,835,708     3,614,362
mission of the World Plumbing Council is to unite the world             Total liabilities and net assets            $4,563,444   $4,219,574
plumbing industry to safeguard and protect the environment
and the health of nations, for the benefit of all. ●

                                                                                                  State of the Association • 21
                                             Invest in Your Future
                                            Annual Giving Campaign
                                               2005 Contributors
   Benefits the PHCC Educational Foundation and PHCC National Auxiliary Scholarships
                                                  Contributions received as of 7/1/05

                                       PHCC Educational Foundation Fellows
                                          $1000 and Above Contributors

   Ike & Sonia Casey, Jim Driscoll, Ferguson Enterprises of Colorado Springs, Milton & Patty Frank, Mary Garvelink, John Garvelink,
    Lynn Heidler, Steven Heidler, PHCC of Bloomington/Normal Illinois, Nancy Jones & PHCC of Texas, Bill & Patricia Jones, Gerry
             Kennedy, Mark Whalen & New York State PHCC, Stewart O’Brien & ACP of NY City, Bryan Stansell, Jo Wagner

                    Foundation Chairman’s Circle                          $500 to $999 Contributors

                            Ann Belus, Laurie Crigler, Hugh Kelleher & PHCC of Greater Boston, Tom Moore,
                                            Mark Morgan, Ron Newman, Bill & Corrine Riley

                      Foundation Century Club                           $100 to $499 Contributors

   Ken Alexander, Margo Anderson, Keith Bienvenu, Dave Bold, Hunter Botto, Thomas & Vicki Caldwell, Augie & Gerry Calfo, Kenny
  Calkins, Richard Cancelosi, Kevin Carney, Barbara Carr, Robert Carr, Paul Castellucci, John Cawley, Don Chrismar, Shane Cleveland,
   Paul Currie, Brenda Dant & PHCC of Indiana, Mike Dolan, Peter Donnelly, Liana Driscoll, David Dugger, Stephen Dzieminski, Ron
 Evans, Fred Falkena, Allan Feid, Jim Finley, Martin Flaherty, Gordon Gauntlett, Betty Gill & PHCC of Tennessee, Frank Gouveia, Luke
   Grabill, Chip Greene, William Grover, Merry Beth Hall, Thomas Hanson, Keith Harlow, Sherry Hernandez, PHCC of Illinois Board of
   Directors, PHCC of Illinois Auxiliary, Dave Jones, John Klesaris, Dorothy Linek, Frank Maddalon, Vince Marzulli, Vince McDonald,
   Frank McDonnell, Michael McGraw, Doug McIntire, Daryl Miller, PHCC National Auxiliary, Jerry Payne, Skip Pfeffer, Brian Phinney,
  Sandy Pogan & PHCC of Ohio, Bev Potts & PHCC of Illinois, Quality Service Contractors, Michael Quigley, Ralph Rea, Emilio Riccardi,
 Bruce Robertshaw, David Roy, Steven Russo, Joe Schmitt, Mike Schmitz, Joan Schmitz, Richard Schoenwalder & PHCC of New Jersey,
 Mark Senninger, Marcia Shapiro & Metro Washington D.C. PHCC, Dave Singleton, Dean Soliday, Jim & Sandy Stack, Richard Steadman,
  Rob Sumner, Malcolm Sweet, Orville Taecker, Leone Tindall, Kathy Tindall, Pat Wallner, Jack West, Ralph Wetzel, C Buren Williford,
              Jim Witten, Wolff’s Plumbing & Heating, Debra Woycik, Walt Woycik, Keith Young, Scott Ziegler, John Zink

                     Foundation Sustaining Donors                              Up to $99 Contributors

      Robbie Bailey, Charles Barrett, John Bee, Andy Bruce, Gino Burgio, Orlando Candelori, Joseph Cardin, Bob Cave & PHCC of
 Connecticut, Steve Class, Marsha Dollendorf, Michael Downey, PHCC of Kentucky Auxiliary, Robert Elliott, Dean Feasel, John Fogarty,
  Bob Frank, Alfred Fruhwirth, Eric Hafer, Greg Hartman, Daniel Hartman, Scott Hartman, Jack Hayman, Dan Hennessey, Eric Hobbs,
 Chas Jowers, Peter Krajsa, Mike Lee, Robert Lima, Ken Melius & PHCC of South Dakota, Susan Perlstein-Tavares, James Rearden, Amy
  Liegh Riello, Steven Rivers, Al Ruscito & PHCC of Pennsylvania, Terri Satterfield & PHCC of Delaware, Craig Schneider, Pete Sharkey,
 Anthony Shuler, Paul Taecker, Alex Tucciarone, John Van Denburgh, Denise Voorhees & PHCC of New Jersey, Colin Wunder, Ken Young

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