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					Mobilizing for Change

 IEEE Humanitarian Workshop
      October 18, 2008
          Introduction to the
      United Nations Foundation

Created in 1998 with Ted Turner’s historic
         $1 billion gift to support
        UN causes and activities.
      UN Foundation Core Platform

      UN         Grant
                            Advocacy    Partnership
     Catalyst    Making

 The United Nations Foundation is an advocate for the
UN and a platform that connects people, ideas and capital
   to help the United Nations solve global problems.
The UN Foundation’s Children’s Health Program
works with the UN to help prevent childhood disease
and mortality.

    • Stopping transmission of wild polio virus 2009

    • Reducing Measles mortality 90% by 2010

    • Covering the African continent with bednets for malaria
The UN Foundation’s Women and Population program
works with the UN to promote gender equality and
empower women and girls.

   • Increasing public and private investment in adolescent

   • Leveraging resources for in support of universal access
     to sexual and reproductive health care services and

   • Strengthening United Nations Population Fund
The UN Foundation’s Energy and Climate Change
program works with the UN to help hurry the world’s
transition toward a clean energy economy.

    • Bringing about an effective new climate change
      agreement by 2009

    • Doubling the historical rate of energy efficiency globally

    • Encouraging clean energy development, especially
      sustainable bio-energy in the United States and
      developing nations
The UN Foundation’s World Heritage program works
with the UN to help conserve World Heritage sites and
promotes livelihoods around the communities that
depend on them.
    • Educating and engaging the tourism industry, travelers
      and local communities

    • Fostering start-up enterprises that demonstrate
      sustainable opportunities for communities around
      World Heritage sites

    • Creating market access to improve sustainable
      livelihoods for communities around World Heritage
The UN Foundation’s Technology Partnership with
Vodafone Foundation works to harnesses mobile
technology tackling pressing UN global development
and humanitarian challenges

    • Playing a leading role in employing mobile health
      solutions to support health systems, health providers
      and people in need
    • Capacity building to enhance emergency
      communications preparedness and rapid response to
    • Driving thought leadership on the social and
      economic benefit of mobile in the developing world –
      through research and innovation
     UN Foundation Partnerships

•   Strategically leverage business expertise and resources
•   Fiduciary services facilitate financial commitments
•   Manage nearly $400 million from dozens of partners
• $30 million Vodafone and UN Foundation commitment
• Three focus areas:
   • mHealth for Development
   • Disaster Relief Communications
   • Innovation and Thought Leadership
         UNF-VGF Partnership Results
                 • By the end of 2008, our mHealth programs will be implemented in 25
                 countries in three continents
                 • In Kenya, the World Health Organization has contributed over
                 $150K to scale our existing program throughout the country
                 • Rapid emergency communications response support through WFP and
   Disaster      TSF
Communications   • Capacity building UN ICT emergency preparedness and response -
                 building the first UN wide standard for ICT officers operations in disasters
                 • A bottom up technology challenge – identifying the technology needs of
Humanitarian     humanitarian stakeholders “on the ground” and in partnership with IEEE
 Technology      identifying corresponding technology solutions. IEEE’s membership base
  Challenge      of 400K will be engaged.

                 • Published two studies focusing on the growing influence of mobile
  Thought        communications and financial access in the developing world and the use
 Leadership      of mobile technology within operations of leading NGOs in the
                 developing world
                 mHealth - Definition

        Education                      Disease/
                      Monitoring/                  Diagnostics/
           &                          Emergency
                      Compliance                   Consultation
        Awareness                      Tracking

The delivery of health-related services via mobile communications
-   Mobile access to health records       -   Medication monitoring
-   Patient monitoring                    -   Outbreak surveillance
-   Public health alerts                  -   Training for health workers
-   Nutrition awareness programs          -   Tracking behavior changes
         mHealth: Impact of our Work
• Mobile Software. Working with Datadyne.org and Nokia to create
effective mobile tools serving as standards for how WHO collects health
data across the world
• Cost effective. Reducing cost and increasing effectiveness in how health
data is collected
• Building sustainable programs. African governments and WHO are
financially supporting the expansion of the program

• mHealth program used during a polio outbreak in Kenya
• WHO has contributed financial resources to the program

• Uncovering low medicine inventory levels – helping the Ministry of
Health react quicker to shortages
              An Opportunity at Bellagio
                • The Rockefeller Foundation hosted a four-week conference on the topic
 eHealth          of eHealth in the developing world
                • The month was divided into 8 components of eHealth

                • The topic of mHealth for Development was scheduled for the third
                  week of the conference
                • 25 individuals attended representing multiple sectors – private and public
                 sectors, government, academia and IGOs

                • The major outcome for the Bellagio sessions was to create partnerships
Partnership       to advance the eHealth in the developing world

                • The development of an mHealth operating and incubation organization
mHealth         • The construction of four mHealth programs
Outcomes        • Over 60 commitments from the meeting participants
             Bellagio mHealth Participants
    PUBLIC          PRIVATE          ACADEMIA           GOVERNMENT
    SECTOR          SECTOR              &                 & THE UN
The Earth         Microsoft       UCSF                  Vietnamese
Institute                                               Ministry of Health
Datadyne.org      Qualcomm        MIT                   WHO - WPRO

Carso Institute   Vodafone        UC Berkeley           South African
                                                        Ministry of Health
CGAP              Nokia           Gates Foundation

Google.org        Cisco/Nethope   Apollo Telemedicine
Cell-Life         GSMA            Rockefeller
AED-Satellife     Voxiva          UN Foundation

D-tree            Google          Vodafone Foundation
                  mHealth Meeting Outcomes
Agreement to construct an mHealth Alliance

 • Unanimous agreement and support from Bellagio attendees
 • Mission and vision statements developed and agreed
 • Funding and sponsorship committed
 • Commitments from >5 globally recognized organizations for membership
 • Announce the creation of an mHealth Alliance at GSMA in Barcelona

Four pioneering mHealth programs defined by Bellagio participants

 • mDoc – A Hospital in your hands
 • mHealth for Positive Living – HIV treatment, Wellness and Support
 • CommCare – Tools for community health workers
 • Breakout – Ending the cycle of outbreaks
                         mHealth Alliance

 • Serve as the leading global advocate for mHealth in developing countries
 • Define the landscape of mHealth and develop standards for mHealth
 • Develop the business case for mHealth – providing information and best
 practices for the private and public sector to invest in and implement sustainable
 mHealth programs
 • Help ensure the policy environment is conducive for mHealth programs to be
 • Working with performance measurement and evaluation experts to rigorously
 measure program impact considering cost benefits and other indicators for success
 • Fund innovative mHealth programs executed by multi-sector partnerships
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