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									                June 2011
              February 2010
       CELEBRATING 35 YEARS OF EDUCATING HEALTH PROFESSIONALS                                           Inside this issue:

                           Dear Friends:                                                               Dean’s Message           1
                                                                                                       Department High-         2
                           As we begin our 35th year, I am sharing with you highlights about           lights: Rehabilitation
           ’s              the School as a whole. Note, we are doing many more good things;
                                                                                                       & Movement Sciences
     D                     this is just a snapshot.
            ge                                                                                         Upcoming Events          3

     M essa                    UMDNJ- School of Health Related Professions (SHRP):
                                                                                                       Foundation News          4
                             Educating Health Professionals for the State of New Jersey
                                                   for 35 Years                                        Alumni Highlights        4
As a statewide, multi-campus institution, SHRP enrolls over 1400 students from every county            Convocation High-        5
in NJ, 43 States and Canada. One-third of SHRP students are underrepresented minorities.               lights
SHRP is the predominant, or the only, education program in the State of New Jersey for many
of the allied health professions and offers post high school through post-doctoral programs on         Research Day High-       7
its various campuses: Newark, Scotch Plains, Piscataway, Stratford and on the Web.                     lights

SHRP partners with 31 colleges and universities to offer joint degrees, and with over 600 clini-       Student Highlights       7
cal sites across the country to educate students in certificate, associate, bachelor’s, and clinical
doctoral degree programs. The model of general education at the partner school, and profes-            Faculty Highlights       8
sional education at UMDNJ, promotes quality higher education in a cost effective manner for
the residents of New Jersey and for higher education. In addition, SHRP provides many mas-
ters, clinical doctorates, and Ph.D. programs with the degree awarded solely by UMDNJ.

The SHRP Health Science Careers program partners with 47 NJ high schools to provide col-
lege level health sciences courses for high school and/or college level credits that may be trans-
ferred to many higher education institutions. This year 2500 high school students participated
in this program.

SHRP programs include undergraduate certificates in medical imaging sciences, dental assist-
ing, dietary management, medical coding, psychiatric rehabilitation and at the post baccalau-
reate level, clinical laboratory sciences and dietetics, At the associate degree level, SHRP cur-
rently offers programs in dental hygiene, psychosocial rehabilitation and respiratory care, and
anticipates the addition of occupational therapy assisting in 2012.                                    For archived issues of
                                                                                                            SHRP News:
At the bachelor’s level, SHRP degrees include medical imaging sciences, clinical laboratory
sciences, psychiatric rehabilitation, allied dental, health information management, allied    
health technologies and health sciences.                                                                     news_events/
At the master’s and doctoral level, SHRP offers professional degrees in biomedical informatics,
clinical trial sciences, physician assistant, radiologist assistant, physical therapy and rehabili-    Hearing from you
tation counseling, advanced practice degrees in clinical nutrition, informatics and psychiatric
rehabilitation, and inter-professional degrees in health sciences and health care management.          is important to us.
Most of the advanced practice programs, and all inter-professional programs, are fully web-                  Share your
based. Doctoral programs prepare scholars and future faculty in the applied sciences of allied
health.                                                                                                     experiences:
                                                                                                        where you are now,
SHRP provides clinical services to underserved populations in the areas of dental health, nu-          your volunteer activi-
trition and physical, occupational and mental health rehabilitation. Research strengths are in         ties, honors, awards,
the areas of complementary and alternative medicine, nutrition and wellness, rehabilitation            new addition to your
and movement science, employment and education interventions for persons with serious men-
tal illness, outcomes, comparative effectiveness, biomedical informatics, and educational meth-              family, etc.
odologies research.
                                                                                                       Send your latest news
                                                                                                       and information to:
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                                        Department Highlights
                            Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences
We are excited to welcome the Class of 2014. 57 seven students were admitted to the Newark class and will begin their
intensive Anatomy course in August. 37 students were admitted to the Stratford class and began their studies on May

In the past year our faculty members have been extremely productive. There were had 8 articles published in peer re-
viewed journals and 13 other journal articles and book chapters. Forty presentations were given on the local level, 16
on the national level and 5 internationally.

Three students were invited to give presentations on the state level, and four articles/posters were published and/or

Class of 2011 Stratford student, Kento Kamiyama, was awarded the Edward Bloustein Community Service Award by

The Newark program received two student fellowships, one a NIH doctoral fellowship and the other an American
Heart Association post-doctoral fellowship. Congratulations to Hamid Bagce (Eugene Tunik - faculty mentor) and
Michal Kafri (Judy Deutsch – faculty mentor).

Prof. Robert Dekerlegand from Stratford was awarded the Ellen Ross Memorial PhD Scholarship at the Fourth Annual
Ellen C. Ross Memorial Lecture on May 12, 2011.

Seven faculty members are currently holding office or committee chairs on the state level in professional organizations.
Four faculty members are serving at the National level.

The students and faculty have been very involved in community service providing:

      1. Evaluations in a community clinic in cooperation with the nursing program
      2. Screenings in the Young Father's Programs
      3. Lectures at community wellness programs
      4. Lectures for the National MS society
      5. Fundraiser football games and races
      6. Participation in the Poverty simulation program with the medical school
      7. Physical therapy to individuals who are HIV+ or have AIDS at the "NJ Fit for Life

                         Welcome message from Student Service Counselor
Dear SHRP Faculty/Staff,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new Student Service Counselor/ Disability Coordinator
for SHRP. I look forward to working with every one to ensure that our students receive the academic support services
they need to be successful in their programs.
The Office of Student Services (OSS) is committed to providing equal educational access for individuals with disabilities
in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments
(ADAA). I will assist our students with services that are allowed under these provisions.
In efforts to ensure compliance with the University’s Office of Workplace Diversity and the ADAA, all requests for aca-
demic accommodations for SHRP students must be submitted to the SHRP Disability Coordinator in person or via our
on-line request form My office hours are Monday-Friday
9:00am-5:00pm. I will be establishing hours on the Scotch Plains campus and is exploring the option of travelling to
Stratford to provide student assistance.

For more information on general services offered through our office, please visit our website at:
current_students/shrp_oss_home.html. If you have any questions regarding student services, please contact me at 973-
972-8594 or

Ashanté Guillaume-Salvant, M.S.
Student Service Counselor/ Disability Coordinator
Office of Student Services, SSB- Room 101
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Augu t 11
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Dean’s Message contd. from page 1…                                                          Upcoming Events
SHRP is a statewide asset:                                                              06/10-11
  SHRP graduates are critical in meeting the healthcare workforce needs of New
                                                                                           - Special Olympics, Ewing
  SHRP has a strong and successful statewide network of collaborations                   NJ
  SHRP provides health professions education in a cost effective manner
  SHRP is innovative and visionary in its educational methodologies and curricu-
    lum structure                                                                                Highlights in
  SHRP is diverse in student and faculty population, program site and location                 coming issues
  SHRP provides direct patient services to the community to fulfill unmet health-                   ~~~
    care needs
                                                                                        Month      Dept/Program
  SHRP is a leader in allied health professions education both within the State,
    and across the nation.
                                                                                        July       Community Activi-
Fast Facts Spring 2011:                                                                            ties &
  Number of graduates in the past year                   639                                       Research highlights
  Number of volunteer faculty                            209
  Current number of students                           1,415
  Total Number of Alumni                               8,726                            August     Technology Enhanc-
  Number of full time faculty                            139                                       ing Education/ En-
  Number of part-time faculty                            288                                       rollment Services/
  Number of part-time staff                               52                                       Student Services
  Number of full time staff                               61

Centers/Institutes and Services:                                                        Sept.      Nutritional Sciences
  Center for Advanced and Continuing Education
  Center for Health Informatics
  Integrated Employment Institute
  Dental Hygiene Clinic at Scotch Plains
                                                                                                SHRP News
  Institute for Complementary and Alternative Medicine
  Institute for Nutrition Interventions                                                  All submissions due by the
  UMDNJ's BioPharma Education Initiative                                                     20th of each month
  Newark Advanced Therapy Services (Physical Therapy Faculty Practice)
  Center for the Study and Promotion of Recovery from Severe Mental Illness
  Wellness for Life Clinic for Metabolic Syndrome and Mental Illness at Scotch
                                                                                         UMDNJ Toastmasters
Key Community Service Events: NJ Special Olympics; UMDNJ Live Well Nutri-
tion and Wellness Program; Give Kids A Smile (GKAS) Dental Hygiene Clinic; Na-           Annual Roast & Toast
tional Children’s Dental Health Day at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City;
Health and Science Career Fairs across the state; National Children's Dental             Wednesday, June 29, 2011
Health Month; Annual Wellness and Recovery Conferences of the Integrated Em-                   6pm to 9pm
ployment Institute of Central and Southern New Jersey; Women’s Heart Founda-
tion “Teen Esteem” Program; National Nutrition Month Health Fair and Culinary                   Chateau of Spain
Presentations; Food Distribution and Smoking Cessation Support for “Touch NJ” (a
                                                                                               11 Franklin Street
hunger relief food distribution pantry); "NJ Fit for Life" physical therapy services.
                                                                                               Newark, NJ 07102
Key Research and Scholarly Activity Focus Areas: Complementary and Alter-
native Medicine; Nutrition and Wellness; Comparative Effectiveness; Movement                     Guest Speaker:
and Rehabilitation Sciences; Psychiatric Rehabilitation; Biomedical Informatics;                Hollis Donaldson
Educational Methodologies and Outcomes.
                                                                                         Employees, Students, Commu-
Best wishes,                                                                            nity Friends are invited to learn
                                                                                          about UMDNJ Toastmasters

                                                                                         Please click link for more info:
Julie O’Sullivan Maillet, PhD, Interim Dean                                             monthreprt/RoastToast060611.pdf
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Au n e 2 0 1110
J ugust

                                         Foundation Highlights
                                The Foundation of UMDNJ is delighted to recognize and thank the faculty, staff, stu-
                                dents and alumni of the Department of Rehabilitation and Movement Sciences for their
                                continued initiative, creativity and generosity in building the Ellen C. Ross Memorial
         News                   Scholarship endowment. This endowment was started in 2007 as a tribute to the late
                                Ellen Ross, a beloved faculty member, to support a Ph.D. student in the Department.
       from the                 To date, the Ross Scholarship endowment has received more than $138,000 in contribu-
                                tions, including gifts, faculty honoraria and proceeds from the Department’s continuing
     Foundation of              education programs. The first distribution from the Ross Scholarship endowment will be
        UMDNJ                   awarded during the 2011-2012 academic year.

                                  Endowed gifts are crucial to any educational or charitable institution because they en-
                                  sure a steady source of funding that the institution can rely on to carry out its mission.
The minimum amount to create an endowed scholarship at UMDNJ is $25,000, which can be paid in installments over
five years. If you would like to learn more about endowments at UMDNJ, please call me at 908-731-6594 or email at
                                                                                                       Regina Beleckas Kelly

                                             Alumni Highlights
Kento Kamiyama, Doctorate in Physical Therapy - SJ, Class of 2011, was awarded an Edward Bloustein Commu-
nity Service Award by Rutgers-Camden. This award is given to a Rutgers alumnus or group of alumni in recognition of
their community service outside of the university . This award was established in 1992 in memory of the 17th president
of Rutgers University.

                                            Letter from an alumni…
Letter from Cynthia Dixey

Changing careers and returning to school full time in my late twenties was not a straightforward decision. In 2001, after
I served six years in the Navy as a Sonar Technician, I continued to pursue a job as well as a degree in electronics. I still
remember my first night in boot camp. Sometime after midnight I turned my face toward the bitterly cold star-lit sky
and turned eighteen into adulthood. In 2003, I married my best friend and biggest fan David. So in 2007 after working
over ten years for various Department of Defense contractors as an electronics engineering technician, I told David that I
would rather have the uncertainty that comes with starting over rather than the certainty that I would one day touch the
ceiling of my limits. While I was at Ramapo College of New Jersey from 2007 to 2010 for Clinical Laboratory Science, I
was able to balance work and go to school. However, before starting at UMDNJ in the Medical Laboratory Science pro-
gram in the summer of 2010, I left my job to focus on my future.

In the past I have been asked “What do you plan on doing with your Medical Laboratory Science degree?” This question
suggested that my degree was inferior to other degrees and I never knew, or even wanted to answer such a question. Re-
cently I came across a quote by Mark Twain I wish I had seen years ago: “Keep away from people who try to belittle your
ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” I surround
myself with positive people, who accept me for who I am, and if I fall on my face they will help me to my feet and brush
me off. I think everyone has something to offer, and you have a choice whether you want to take those pieces of experi-
ence with you or leave them behind.

I often find myself thinking of solutions to solve other people’s problems. This will not be much different than what I will
be doing after I graduate in a few months. After I get my feet wet in the clinical laboratory, I see myself moving into re-
search, forensics, molecular diagnostics, or some odd fusion of the three. Even though most people are unaware of what
Medical Laboratory Scientists do, I know my work will contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of many people. When
I look in the mirror I see my years reflecting back without any regret. Even with my military medals, professional
awards, and honors, I could not have done it without some help (and patience) along the way.

              Join the SHRP Alumni Association —
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Augu t 11
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                          SHRP Convocation Highlights
                                            SHRP begins its 35th year of educating health professionals with
                                           its convocation ceremony. The graduating class, honorees, faculty,
                                           staff, family and friends received a motivational and uplifting key-
                                           note address from William F. Owen, Jr., MD - UMDNJ President.

       “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.”
                       ~James Cash Penney , 1875-1971, businessman & founder or JC Penney Stores
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Augu t 11
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                              contd., SHRP Convocation Highlights
 Citations of Excellence                                                   Dean’s Citations
 Distinguished Service:        Catherine Bolder, MA                        Robert Donnelly, PhD
 Stanley S. Bergen, Jr., MD                                                Pearlie Johnson-Freeman, MBA
 Medal of Excellence:          Arielle Nadine Brettler, DPT                David C. Schulz, AIA
 Distinguished Alumnus:        Dennise Krencicki, DPT                      Tracey Skiles
 Excellence in Service:        Ellen Anderson, MS                          Constance Walde
 Excellence in Teaching:       Claire B. O’Connell, MPH
                               Cynthia A. Kwiatkowski, MS
 Excellence in Research:       Ni Gao, PhD

 Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Awards
 Academic Achievement                                           Pat Olson Memorial Scholarship
       Kelly Hooper - Medical Sonography                             Carly Finkelstein
       Eneze Jatto - Health Information Management                   Robyn Wilson

 Outstanding Academic Achievement                               Clinton Dozier Academic Achievement Scholarship
        Lan Xuan Diep - Dental Hygiene                               Estefany Orellana
                                                                     Hadja Swaray
 Distinguished Scholar
        Paulina Plaskon - Medical Laboratory Science

        Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Academic, Clinical and/or Service Achievement
Academic:                                                               Clinical
Natasha A. Butt                Cytotechnology                           Jennifer L. Malinowski    Cytotechnology
Marcelia Mesquita              Dental Assisting
                                                                        Renee Creekmur            Dental Assisting
Meghan L. Hennessey            Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Amanda N. Fischer                                                       Sheena N. Ferranti        Diagnostic Medical Sonography
                               Dietetic Internship
Mine Demirel                   Medical Laboratory Science               Amanda K. Pietraszewski   Dietetic Internship
Gabriela B. Bullard            AAS Dental Hygiene                       Cynthia Dixey             Medical Laboratory Science
Colleen H. McConville          AAS Respiratory Therapy South            Amy Mauro                 AAS Dental Hygiene
Thomas F. Zaverzence           AS Psychosocial Rehabilitation (North)   Aaron G. Oppelt           AAS Respiratory Therapy -S
Toya A. Edmeads                AS Psychosocial Rehabilitation (South)   Emily Ann Davies          AS Psychosocial Rehab. -N
Patrick Anicette               AS Respiratory Care                      Diana Andujar
Bonnie J. Ivler                                                                                   AS Psychosocial Rehab. -S
                               BS Health Information Management         Michelle Fernandez
Lily Yao                                                                                          BS Psychiatric Rehabilitation
                               BS Health Information Management
Staci H. Walden                BS Health Sciences                                                     & Psychology
                                                                        Nilam A. Patel
Angela K. Brekken              BS Health Sciences                                                 BS Respiratory Care
                                                                        Jennifer M. Fulton
Jennifer Lee Cohn              BS Psychiatric Rehab. & Psychology                                 MS Physician Assistant
Regina Shelkova                                                         Cheryl D. Thomas-Peters
                               MS Biomedical Informatics                                          Doctor in Clinical Nutrition
Vineela Reddy Yannamreddy                                               Jennifer L. Cagiao
                               MS Biomedical Informatics                                          Doctor of Physical Therapy-N
                                                                        Lauren Marie Carter
Brenda L. Braslow              MS Clinical Nutrition                                              Doctor of Physical Therapy-S
Brendan M. O’Neill             MS Clinical Trial Sciences
Tiffany Whittle                MS Health Sciences
Sharron Ladd                   MS Health Systems
Dominika V. Rozanski           MS Physician Assistant                   Service:
Martha McCrory                 MS Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Thanuja G. Kularatne           MS Rehabilitation Counseling             Andrew T. Miles           Cytotechnology
Matthew R. Putts               MS Rehabilitation Counseling             Katie Mae Gorman          Dietetic Internship
Teresa Johnson                 Doctor in Clinical Nutrition             Gabriela B. Bullard       AAS Dental Hygiene
Michael J. Klejmont            Doctor of Physical Therapy-N
                                                                        Kaiwan Mirza              MS Biomedical Informatics
Kento Kamiyama                 Doctor of Physical Therapy-S
                                                                        Sarah Nezworski           MS Physician Assistant
Christopher K. Haverlock       Post Professional DPT                    Olufisayo Adeyemi         Doctor of Physical Therapy-N
Orna Kraus                     Post Professional DPT
                                                                        Mary Helen Tucker         Doctor of Physical Therapy-S
Nisha Zaidi                    PhD Biomedical Informatics
Qingda Zang                    PhD Biomedical Informatics
Rebecca A. Brody               PhD Health Sciences
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Augu t 11
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                                           Research Day Highlights
            2011 Research Award Recipients

    Undergraduate Scholarship:               Natasha butt
    Undergraduate Research:                  Jennifer Cohn
    Graduate Research:                       Michal kafri
    Graduate scholarship:                    Shurika Perry
                                             Julie Tang

                                                Student Highlights
Shurika Perry, Physician Assistant student, Class of                Dental Hygiene Students Participated in New Jer-
2012, was a recipient of the 2011 Edward J. Ill Excellence          sey Dental School’s Annual Oral Cancer Screening
in Medicine Scholar-
ship. Shurika, along                                               The entire second year class of the Dental Hygiene pro-
with the other recipi-                                             gram participated in New Jersey Dental School’s annual
ents, was honored at                                               oral cancer screening. Approximately nearly 200 individu-
the Greenacres Coun-                                               als, many with risk factors for oral cancer were screened.
try Club on May 4,                                                 This year with the help of Essex County Cancer Coalition,
2011 in Lawrenceville,                                             prostate, breast and cervical cancer screening services
NJ.                                                                were also available on site and an educational health fair/
                                                                   health risk evaluation was offered throughout the day.
                         Shurika Perry, PA student, (center) to-
                         gether with Physician Assistant Program
                         faculty, L to R: Matthew McQuillan, MS,
                                                                   The event was a success -- thanks to the selfless support
                                                                   and assistance of many faculty, residents, pre and postdoc-
                                                                   toral students, dental hygiene students and staff.
                   Michele Catena, Doctorate in Physi-                             Dental Hygiene Students
                   cal Therapy student, Class of 2012,                   (the entire second year class of dental hygiene)
                   was awarded an Executive Women of
                   New Jersey (EWNJ) scholarship.                  Jennifer Stern      Carrie Ens          Meghan Guerriero
                                                                   Charlotte Haldy     Kamila Burda        Leanne Burns
                Executive Women of New Jersey (EWNJ)               Lisa Cordova        Melissa Logan Ana Paula Ferri
                a charitable trust founded in 1980                 Heather Hitchens Badal Patel          Christine McClemens
                through the support of three prominent             Patricia Francisco Chrystie Glasser Melissa Johnston
New Jersey corporations - National Newark & Essex                  Danielle Morrison Dayna Kaprowitz Claudia Najar
Bank, Prudential, and Touche-Ross - was intended to be a           Ms. Pressncea         Angela Swandrak Lauren Jensen
forum where senior level women could share business ex-            Omar Hussein          Erin DeVries        Simonet Tan
periences and support each other. To learn more about              Carolina Pineiros     Yvonne Tar        Katarzya Urbaniak
EWNJ, visit their website at                 Marit Sopp           Lisa Seubert         Eliana Vanegas
                                                                   Bozena Roszkowski Tina Teegarden          Olga Pressman
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J ugu        11
Au n e s2t 0 1 0

                                           Faculty Highlights
                   Presentations                                                Publications
Laura Byham-Gray, PhD, Associate Professor, Nutri-            Elaine M. Keohane, PhD, Professor and Chair, Clinical
tional Sciences. “Chronic kidney disease: best practices      Laboratory Sciences co-editor of a textbook in hematology:
for medical nutrition therapy” at the Annual Delaware         Hematology-Clinical Principles and Applications, 4th edi-
Dietetic Association Meeting in Claymont, DE; May 19,         tion. Elsevier, 2012. She also authored four chapters, and
2011.                                                         co-authored one additional chapter.

Robin Eubanks, PhD, Associate Professor, Interdiscipli-
nary Studies, Keynote speaker at the 7th Annual Women’s                         Recognition
Health Advocates Recognition Breakfast sponsored by the
New Jersey Primary Care Association and the New Jer-          Ellen Anderson, MA, Associate Professor, Rehabilita-
sey’s Federally Qualified Health Center Trenton, NJ –         tion and Movement Sciences, was featured in the
May 11, 2011.                                                 “Avoiding Sports Injuries,” Push Pause news program,
                                                              Verizon FiOS-TV, 2011.
Evan Cohen, PhD, Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation
and Movement Sciences. “The use of body weight sup-           Evan Cohen, PhD, Assistant Professor, Rehabilitation
ported treadmill training for individuals with Parkinson’s    and Movement Sciences, represented the Program at a
disease.” Scotch Plains, NJ: UMDNJ-SHRP 2nd Annual            meet and greet session for prospective students on May
Research Day, May 24, 2011.                                   11, 2011 held in the Stratford Campus.
David M. Kietrys, PhD, Associate Professor, Rehabilita-       Robert Dekerlegand, MPT, Assistant Professor, Reha-
tion and Movement Sciences. “The efficacy of dry needling     bilitation and Movement Sciences, was awarded the Ellen
for upper quarter myofascial pain syndrome: a systematic      Ross Memorial Scholarship at the Fourth Annual Ellen C.
review.” Scotch Plains, NJ: UMDNJ-SHRP 2nd Annual             Ross Memorial Lecture on May 12, 2011.
Research Day, May 24, 2011.
                                                              David M. Kietrys, PhD, Associate Professor, Rehabilita-
Adrienne Simonds, MPT, Instructor, Rehabilitation and
                                                              tion and Movement Sciences, provided physical therapy to
Movement Sciences. “Therapeutic exercise recommenda-
                                                              individuals who are HIV+ or have AIDS at the "NJ Fit for
tions for postpartum elvic girdle pain.” Scotch Plains, New
                                                              Life" clinic on May 16, 2011.
Jersey: UMDNJ - SHRP 2nd Annual Research Day, May
24, 2011.

                            Welcome New Faculty& Staff

Catherine Colucci, MA, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Counseling Professions;
Program Director of the Occupation Therapy Assistant program.

Kathleen Kirk, MS, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Informatics, Health Information Management pro-

Garth Nanni, BS, Instructor, Department of Medical Imaging Sciences.

Robin Ratkowski, MS, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Informatics, Biopharma Educational Initiative.


Ashanté Guillaume-Salvant, MS. Student Services Counselor/ Disability Coordinator; Student Services.

Sharon Lipscomb, Secretary I, Department of Rehabilitation & Movement Sciences , DPT-South Jersey.

   “A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.”
                                                                                                     ~Author Unknown

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