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                                  2005 Annual Review

             because   every kid
                       e v e ry kid
              d e s e rv e s a c hi ld h o od
              deserves childhood
Executive R e p o rt
E x e c u t i v e Report
               President                                                         Executive Director
               I am delighted to share with you some of the highlights           In 2004, thanks to our amazing staff, our generous sup-
              of my first year as President of Moorelands.                       porters, our dedicated board members and hard working
                                                                                 volunteers, we provided fun programming and supports
        The year began with our new strategic plan. The core issue we            that helped build confidence, competence, character and positive
  identified in our plan is to serve the needs of the children who live          connections for more than 1600 children and youth living in some
  in the neighborhoods where we have chosen to expand our city                   of the poorest and most under-served neighbourhoods in Toronto.
  programs: Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park. The needs are dire
  and these communities are some of the most underserved in Toronto.             Almost 600 kids attended Moorelands Camp this summer. Under the
  Our plan is to significantly escalate our services in these communities        able leadership of Lynda Tilley, our Camp Director, camp just keeps
  and to continue to operate an efficient, safe, fun-filled and full camp        getting better every year! A swimming lesson is never just a swimming
  run by quality personnel. We can only meet our goals if we have the            lesson at Moorelands; campers also practice communication, team
  resources, so not surprisingly, our plan calls for elevating our fundraising   work, listening and perseverance. And the camp property itself keeps
  by approximately $300,000 a year and enhancing our communications.             getting better – we now have a new maintenance workshop, boys’
                                                                                 washroom/shower facility, health centre and several new camper
  Mission Accomplished! – Thanks to Rob Ross, the Capital Rebuild                cabins. Our campers approved with comments like, “Wow, the
  Committee and our patrons, we achieved our fundraising goal to imple-          cabin isn’t a sweat box any more… real showers!” Moorelands
  ment a five-year refurbishing of the Moorelands camp. And thanks to            Camp truly is a wonderful and special place where kids learn new
  Sam Levene, the Capital Working Group, and our contractor, Randy               skills and have the chance to just be a kid!
  Burke, the health centre and the boys’ washroom/shower facility were
  completed. Lynda Tilley and her staff ran a successful, fun-filled camp,       In the city, we continued to expand our programming in Flemingdon
  much to the joy and personal growth of almost 600 children.                            Park and Thorncliffe Park while maintaining after-school,
                                                                                              leadership, and day camp programs in the Queen/Greenwood
  We’re Growing All the Time! – Moorelands expanded                                              neighbourhood. We now offer at least one after-
  its after-school programs in Flemingdon Park &                                                   school program in every public elementary school in
  Thorncliffe Park – kudos to Rishika and Ryan for                                                  Flemingdon and Thorncliffe Park and deliver leadership
  spearheading this expansion, and congratulations                                                   programs in the middle and secondary schools
  to Barbara King Rea and the Program Committee                                                      that serve the area. In all, our city programs served
  for their contribution.                                                                            over 800 children and youth in 2004. An additional
                                                                                                    237 families and more than 300 newborns were
  Remembering with Gratitude – Last year, we were
                                                                                                  supported through our Christmas Sharing and Baby
  not able to meet our target for operational fundraising,
                                                                                                Bundles Program respectively.
  but because of the devotion and generosity of our
  departed members and their legacies, we balanced the                                  We are optimistic about the future, but know that without
  books and met our contingent reserve goals.                                    increased support we cannot fully realize our vision – a vision that
                                                                                 includes the continued expansion of all our programs to meet the
  Team Effort – Heartfelt thanks to Laura Bowes, and her financial cohorts
                                                                                 needs of children and youth in Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park.
  for managing our affairs so expertly. Deepest gratitude also to our retir-
                                                                                 We are especially excited to partner with Evergreen on their Brick Works
  ing Board Member, Lorna McKay, for her dedicated fundraising efforts.
                                                                                 Project, which within three years, will turn the former Don Valley
                                                                                 Brick Works on Bayview into a massive nursery and environmental
  Further expansion of after-school programs is on hold until we can
                                                                                 educational and discovery centre – a 40-acre urban oasis that will
  review the results of our re-invigorated fundraising efforts. I know
                                                                                 include an organic farmers market, a Jamie Kennedy restaurant,
  you share our passion to succeed on behalf of the children we serve
                                                                                 ceramic centre, high and low ropes course, event space and much
  and implore you for your continued support.
                                                                                 more. Moorelands will operate a summer day camp at the Brick Works
  Moorelands will continue to thrive with the necessary financial                for children living in Flemingdon and Thorncliffe Park, and help
  resources and the right staff. Executive Director, Patricia Jacobs, sets       introduce the Canadian wilderness to the urban children we serve.
  the standard for our organization through her drive, leadership and
                                                                                 Our small but mighty core staff care deeply about making a positive
  compassion. She has an incredible team and we thank them for doing
                                                                                 difference in the lives of children and youth affected by poverty. I
  such a wonderful job. Sincere thanks also to our Board members;
                                                                                 offer my thanks to: Nellie Austin, Finance Wiz; Cheryle Pollock,
  my task has been easy – the ship runs itself!
                                                                                 Camp Registrar; Rishika Williams and Ryan Duggin, City Program
  On behalf of the Moorelands children we serve, let me express our              Coordinators; Lynda Tilley, Moorelands Camp Director; Steve Tilley,
  deep gratitude and thanks to our donors and friends.                           Site Manager, and Sarah Doherty, Development Assistant.

  Shiraz Bharmal,                                                                Patricia Jacobs,
  President                                                                      Executive Director
                     P ro g r a m R e p o rt
                     Program Report
City Programs                                                               Moorelands Camp
Moorelands Community Services operates city programs                        Moorelands Residential Summer Camp is a spectacular
that reach out to children living in some of the highest                    camp in the Algonquin Highlands on a beautiful peninsula
need, under-serviced communities in Toronto. Specifically,                  surrounded by Kawagama Lake. Each summer, our goal
we serve Flemingdon Park, Thorncliffe Park and the neigh-                   is to serve 600 children from Toronto whose lives have been
bourhood of Queen/Greenwood in Toronto: high density and culturally         affected by poverty; getting them out of the city and giving them
diverse communities that lack programs and activities for children and      experience with camping, nature, new activities, mentors and new
youth. Thanks to the consistent and generous support of individuals,        friends. But our purpose is much deeper.
groups and foundation donors, we are able to make a positive difference
in these communities. Your support has enriched the lives of hundreds       Our mission is to impact our campers with vital
of children and youth.                                                      life skills, equipping them for their future.
                                                                            During a camp session, a camper may take
                     Moorelands City Programs now provide over              canoe lessons. There are many levels to
                        800 spaces of year-round programming,               achieve, from the J-stroke, to sterning, to
                          which include 5 after-school, a summer            canoe-over-canoe rescues. All of these skills
                          day camp and 3 leadership programs.               are important and to be rewarded as they are
                           We’ve come a long way in five years,             attained. But while these skills are being taught,
                           but even so, we still serve less than 12%        campers are also exposed to the deeper skills needed
                          of children in need in the Flemingdon and         for life-success: communication, teamwork, receiving
                         Thorncliffe Park communities. No surprise          instruction, implementing new ideas, considering others, problem
                      then that our aim is to continue to expand            solving and working together. At Moorelands, we make it our purpose to
                   our after-school and leadership programs in              teach these skills and identify them to the youth we serve. We celebrate
             these two communities over the next three years. We            achievements and support our campers to practice positive interactions
are also excited about establishing a new summer day camp at                                                       with each other and staff. We
the Brick Works three years from now in order to introduce the                                                           know that these are the
Canadian wilderness to the urban children we serve.                                                                         skills that transfer into
                                                                                                                               family life, school and
Programs:                                                                                                                        employment, and
After-School – Designed to enhance                                                                                                 are fundamental
self-esteem, provide self-respect                                                                                                   to each camper’s
and self confidence, and                                                                                                            future.
improve lives in terms of
problem-solving, goal setting,                                                                                                      The camp property
and team work. Activities                                                                                                          is magnificent; the
include literacy programs,                                                                                                        scenery unbeatable,
sports/games, homework                                                                                                          the ‘Re-Build’ campaign
help, cooking classes                                                                                                        is making the facility
and crafts.                                                                                                              top-notch but in the end,
                                                                                                                  it’s all about the children. They
Leadership – Programs that                                                  need a break from the city; they need to be exposed to nature and
prepare and motivate youth 11-16,                                           all its wonder; they need to have positive social interaction with adults
and provide personal leadership in                                          and peers; they need new skills to strengthen their confidence and
their own lives and communities. Participants develop skills in             develop their potential, and that’s why our purpose is so much deeper.
interpersonal relations, communications, decision-making, teamwork,
and conflict resolution.                                                    Lynda Tilley,
                                                                            Camp Director
Summer Day Camp – Provides a safe, secure and structured environment
where children can develop self-confidence and a sense of responsibility.
Programming includes crafts, cooperative games, outdoor activities
and sports, cooking sessions, literacy activities, educational workshops,
local day trips, special theme days, daily breakfast and afternoon
snack programs, drama, games, and swimming.

Rishika Williams & Ryan Duggin,
City Program Coordinators
Financial R e p o rt
F i n a n c i a l Report
  Recap for 2004
  Over the past five years, we have more than doubled the capacity of                               In 2001, Moorelands launched a major capital fundraising campaign
  our city programs and we now serve over 800 children and youth. In                                to rebuild most of the camp buildings. Although the fundraising is now
  the summer, another 600 children enjoy the quintessential Canadian                                complete, the building process will continue for several more years.
  camp experience at Kawagama Lake.
                                                                                                    Over time, we have made many investments and commitments to ensure
  Most of Moorelands’ revenue comes from foundation grants and public                               long-term financial health and stability. Our plan is to increase our donor
  donations. Many foundations commit funding for more than one year,                                base and target foundations that are committed to multi-year funding.
  but our donations can fluctuate significantly from year to year. The                              These strategies will ensure the ongoing success of existing programs,
  growth in our fundraising base has lagged behind program expansion,                               and our ability to grow with the ever-increasing needs in our communities.
  and legacy gifts have covered the resulting shortfall. However, in recognition
  of a legacy as a donor’s final gift, we would prefer to use these gifts                           Laura Bowes
  for long-term benefits. We also keep cash reserves equal to six months’                           Chair, Finance Committee
  operating cash flow in order to assist us in running normal programs
  during times of financial instability.

  Summary Statement of Operating Activities For the year ended October 31                                                                         2004                   2003
  Donations and grants                                                                                                                       $ 993,634              $ 833,854
  Legacies                                                                                                                                     280,569                341,769
  Program participant fees                                                                                                                     120,240                106,821
  Other income, including interest                                                                                                              40,152                 53,094
                                                                                                                                             $1,434,595             $1,335,538
  Camp                                                                                                                                       $ 591,310              $ 568,389
  City Programs                                                                                                                                365,004                334,711
  Administration                                                                                                                               117,295                100,175
  Fundraising                                                                                                                                   85,291                112,928
  Public awareness and volunteer resources                                                                                                     142,315                118,063
                                                                                                                                             $1,301,215             $1,234,266

  Excess of revenues over expenses for operating activities                                                                                  $ 133,380              $ 101,272
  Transfers to Rebuild Moorelands and Operating Reserve funds                                                                                  (133,380)              (218,211)
  Net decrease in General fund                                                                                                                        0               (116,939)
  Investment in Operating Reserve fund                                                                                                           67,655                  75,250
  Net investment in (amortization of) capital assets                                                                                            431,900                 (29,441)
  Net investment in Rebuild Moorelands fund                                                                                                     339,582                243,810
  Contributions to Endowment fund                                                                                                                     0                   1,400
  Net increase in fund balances                                                                                                              $ 839,137              $ 174,080

  Summary Statement of Financial Position as of October 31                                                                                        2004                   2003
  Current assets
  Cash and short-term investments                                                                                                            $ 449,617              $ 561,965
  Receivables and prepaids                                                                                                                     133,655                 59,454
                                                                                                                                             $ 583,272              $ 621,419
  Current liabilities
  Payables and accruals                                                                                                                      $   12,936             $    9,095
  Deferred revenue                                                                                                                               80,000                 80,000
                                                                                                                                             $   92,936             $   89,095

  Working capital                                                                                                                            $ 490,336              $ 532,324
  Long-term investments                                                                                                                       1,119,384                670,159
  Capital assets                                                                                                                              1,857,339              1,425,439
                                                                                                                                             $3,467,059             $2,627,922

  Fund balances
  General fund                                                                                                                               $        0             $        0
  Operating Reserve fund                                                                                                                        767,905                700,250
  Property fund                                                                                                                               1,857,339              1,425,439
  Rebuild Moorelands fund                                                                                                                       815,415                475,833
  Endowment fund                                                                                                                                 26,400                 26,400
                                                                                                                                             $3,467,059             $2,627,922

  Description of Funds
  General fund - program delivery and administrative activities
  Operating Reserve fund - permits continued program delivery during times of financial instability.
  Property fund - Moorelands Camp and other assets and expenses relating to the purchase, amortization and disposal of capital assets.
  Rebuild Moorelands fund - contributions and expenses specifically related to stated plans to replace many camp buildings.
  Endowment fund - contributions required by the contribuors to be permanently held as capital.
                                                                                   Thank y o u
                                                                                   T h a n k you
Patrons Circle: Over $5,000
Anndale Properties Limited            CIBC World Markets Children’s        W. C. Graham                           David Menzel                         Tippet Foundation
B & B Hamilton Foundation                 Miracle Foundation               Graham Munro Charitable Foundation     Michael Young Family Foundation      Toronto Star Fresh Air Fund
Bank of Nova Scotia Economics,        Donald F. Hunter Charitable          Great-West Life Assurance              Ontario Trillium Foundation          Towers Perrin
   Public & Corporate Affairs             Foundation                            Company                           RBC Foundation                       Lenore Walters
Karen & Bill Barnett                  Donner Canadian Foundation           Harry E. Foster Charitable             David Ross                           W.B. Family Foundation
BMO Financial Group                   E. W. Bickle Foundation                   Foundation                        D. M. Ross                           Lois Wilson
Carolyn Sifton Foundation Inc.        Embassy of Hope Foundation           J. P. Bickell Foundation               Rotary Club of Toronto Charitable    Steve Wilson
Catherine & Maxwell                   ESTATE of Ruth M. Cowan              Carolyn Keen Fredenburg                   Foundation                        Wrigley Canada
   Meighen Foundation                 ESTATE of William Thompson Smith     John Lamacraft                         John Stephure
Charitable Foundation of the          Frum Foundation                      Leafs Fund                             Robert Tattersall
   Ontario Grocery Industry           Michie Garland                       John Lydall                            The Aquarians

Leaders Circle: $1,000 – $4,999
ACW-Christ Church Deer Park           Hilary G. Clements                   Richard Holbrook                       W. McCain                            Claire Shaw
ACW-Church of St. Wilfrid             Priscilla Cole                       Holy Trinity Church                    McLean Foundation                    Brigitte Shim & Howard Sutcliffe
ACW-Grace Church                      Conn Smythe Foundation               William N. Horan                       Michael McMurrich                    Martha Shuttleworth
ACW-St. Andrew’s Group,               Terry Couttie                        Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods              Catherine McVitty                    Murray Sinclair
    St. Timothy’s                     Stacey Cynamon                       Inco Limited                           Diana McVitty                        Paul Spafford
ACW-St. Clement’s, Eglinton           Roger Dickhout                       Incorporated Synod of the              Barbara Michasiw                     St. Andrew’s Charitable Foundation
ACW-St. Georges, Scarborough          E.L. Donegan                             Diocese of Toronto                 Alice Moulton                        St. James Catherdal
ACW-St. James Cathedral,              Rick Durst                           IODE - Amelia F. Sims Chapter          G. Moulton                           St. Martin’s, Bay Ridges
    York Group                        John Eckert                          IODE - Princess Anne Chapter           R.E. Munn                            St. Matthew the Apostle, Oriole
ACW-St. Olaves Anglican Church        Dorothy Edmonds                      Maruja Jackman                         Jeffrey A. Nisker                    St. Olaves Anglican Church
Bailey Metal Products Ltd.            Estate of Kathleen A. Ferguson       K.M. Hunter Charitable Foundation      David Oakden                         St. Thomas, Millbrook
A. Gordon Baker                           Cooke                            Amir Kassam                            Keith A. Pankhurst                   Florence Stacey
Victor Barnett                        Estate of Dorothy B. Cooke           David P. Keeley                        Doris Selena Parton                  Sandra Straw
Bealight Foundation                   Nicholas Forrest                     Elizabeth Keeley                       Elizabeth Mary Paterson              TD Bank Financial Group
Beaver Bible Class                    Gartley Family Foundation            Douglas Lee                            T.W. Pellew                          The Christina Mary Hendrie Trust
Aziz & Amina Bhaloo                   Gemini Trust                         O. Lennox-King                         Phillips, Hager & North Investment   The Ouellette Family Foundation
S.Y. Bharmal                          Geoffrey H. Wood Foundation          Margaret A. Light                          Management Ltd.                  Toronto South Presbytery of the
Robert Black                          Colin Glassco                        Lind Family Fund                       Puley Supplies Inc                       United Church of Canada
BMO Fountain of Hope Employees’       Geoffrey Gouinlock                   Loblaw Companies Limited               Michael Rea                          Norene S. Turvolgyi
    Foundation-BMO Financial Group    Robert Gouinlock                     A. Lorriman                            Rosedale United Church               Frank van de Water
R.T. Bolitho                          Grace Church On-The-Hill             James B. Love                          Grace Ross                           Oonagh Walmsley
Randy & Laura Bowes                       Brandon Group                    Wilma Love                             Ron Schwark                          Richard Wernham
Brimstone Holdings Limited            Peter Griffin                        Mackenzie Financial Charitable         K. Scott                             David Williams
Harold & Helena Carpenter             Donna Haley                          Foundation                             Sears Canada                         Winners Merchants Int.’s
Chum Charitable Foundation            Richard Hamm                         Janet Marsh                            Seneca College of Applied Arts       David Young
Church of St. Philip the Apostle      Heaslip Family Foundation            Linda McCain                               and Technology                   Alexander Zivojinovich
Church of St. Timothy                 Henry White Kinnear Foundation       Michael McCain                         Peter Seybold

Friends Circle: $500 – $999
A & A King Family Foundation          Christopher Bee                      Lyn Eakin                              Mabel Hogan                          Hugh Morris
John Abraham                          Ralph Benson                         Todd Edgar                             Holy Family Anglican Church          Gerald Nash
ACW-All Saints Church-Group #10       R.A. Bentley                         David Edwards                          Holy Trinity School                  Joe Natale
ACW-Anglican Parish of Mono           George Boddington                    Bruce English                          Helen Hood                           Douglas Neal
ACW-St. Cuthbert’s Anglican           Charlotte Bolduc                     David Fielding                         Elizabeth Howson                     Michael Newbury
    Church                            William Brien                        William Fillmore                       Arthur Huycke                        Hartley Nichol
ACW-St. James the Apostle,            Gwyneth Buck                         J.E. Fordyce                           Pearl Ingham                         Robert Noakes
    Brampton                          Brian Carter                         Garth Foster                           Wallace Joyce                        Order of the Eastern Star Birch Cliff
ACW-St. Peter’s Church, Erindale      Hugh R. Chambers                     Franklin Templeton Investments Corp.   Jump Communications Inc.                 Chapter, No. 103
ACW-Trinity Anglican Church           Margaret Chambers                    Linda E. Frum                          Kawagama Lake Cottagers              Parish of Mono
Clive V. Allen                        Christ Church, Scarborough Village   Fergus Gamble                          Association                          Johanna Parker
American Women’s Club of Toronto      Christ Church, Woodbridge            Dianne Gartley                         Carolyn A. Kelly                     Laurie Pattillo
Bruce Amey                            Thelma Christie                      George & Esther Snell Trusts           Donald Kerr                          W.B. Pattison
Jamie Anderson                        Church of St. Aidan                  Wm J. Gerring & Son Limited            Pamela Ladouceur                     Malcolm Payne
William Anderson                      CMH Entertainment                    Marion Gibbons                         Dolores Laing                        Pfizer Cares
J.D. Arnup                            Margo Coleman                        Janet Gibson                           Robert Langmuir                      Sid Price
Philip Arthur                         Richard Coles                        Ira Gluskin                            Lexmark Canada Inc.                  Andrew Pringle
Tom Astle                             Bev Collombin                        G.D. Gooderham                         Liberty Assisted Living Inc.         Joan Pringle
W.R. Atkinson                         June Cooley                          Janet Gouinlock                        Joan London                          Paul Quinlan
B’Nai Brith Canada Don Mills          Harold Corrigan                      Anthony Graham                         A.D. MacKay                          A.M. Ragsdale
    Lodge #2131                       D.J. Crane                           Bill Graham                            John & Gail MacNaughton              Doris Reynolds
Nalini Badley                         Margaret Cummings                    Bert Grant                             Mary E.W. Mason                      Margaret Robbins
Michael Baker                         Geoffrey Dale                        Anthony Griffin                        Walter McCormick                     Robert J. Wilkins Associates Ltd.
Jennifer Ivey Bannock                 R.G. Dale                            Lucinda Hage                           McLean Watson Capital Inc.           E.A. Robinson
Edward Barbeau                        Michael de Pencier                   Edna A Hajnal                          Ariella Meinhard                     J. Michael Robinson
Dorothy Barber                        Jeanne DesBrisay                     Florence Hanna                         Clark Middlebrook                    Edward Saunders
Christopher Barltrop                  Ross Dobbin                          Liz Hartley                            John R. Miller                       Cornelia Schuh
Barton Truck & Trailer Service Ltd.   David L. Dorsch                      Fred Hennig                            W.F. Morneau                         Anita L. Sharpe
Dorothy Beare                         Dufflet Pastries                     John Hobson                            Douglas Morris                       Robert Sharpe
Frances Sherring                     St. Augustine of Canterbury         Toronto Scarborough Presbytery        Philip Walker                       John Wilkes
Shimano Canada Ltd.                  Louis Strauss                            of the United Church of Canada   Edith Wasson                        Art & Cicely Wilson
Peter Shone                          J.R. Sutherland                     Jennifer Trant                        Gladys Watson                       J.H. Wright
David G. Smith                       The Canadian Foundation for         Chris Twigge-Molecey                  Diana St. B. Weatherall
Derrick Smith                            World Development               Unilever Canada Limited               Mary Wemp
Sophie & Gwen Boyd Memorial Trust    John David Thompson                 Bill Vanderburg                       Weston Foods Inc.

Supporters Circle: $250 – $499
ACW-All Saints, Penetanguishene      Stephen Cole                        Havergal College                      Mary Louise Meadow                  L.W. Sommerville
ACW-Christ Church, Evening Branch    Gordon Coleman                      William Heath                         Michael Monteith Enterprises Ltd.   R. Spence
ACW-Church of Transfiguration        Barney Colvey                       Pauline Hill                          George Mills                        Robert & Kerin Spence
ACW-St. Andrew’s Anglican Church     W.R. Compton                        Geoffrey Hobsbawn                     Kathy Mills                         Norah Spencer
ACW-St. Andrewís Fellowship Group    Norma Craig                         Bernie Hovesen                        David Munro                         St. Dunstan of Canterbury
ACW-St. James’ Church On-The-        Creasor Crawford Charitable         Ernest Howard                         Margaret Murray                     St. Wilfrid, Islington
Lines Ladies’ Guild                  Foundation                          Raymond Hughes                        Frank Nettleton                     Donald Steadman
ACW-St. John the Divine              Helen Curry                         Edward J.M. Huycke                    Keith Ottaway                       K. Strobele
ACW-St. John’s Church, York Group    Nancy DaSilva                       May Ing                               P.R. Paterson                       Ian Tannock
ACW-St. Pauls - Beaverton            Gina Davidson                       Patricia Jacobs                       Jim Pelot                           Marguerite Taylor
Peter Adamson                        Leigh Davidson                      Michael Jerome                        Pina Petricone                      TD Bank Financial Group Direct and
Marjorie Ashby                       Ken Davis                           David Keeling                         Mary Jane Phillips                  Marketing Services
Mary L. Aziz                         Margot Dawson                       Patrick Keenan                        Michael Poirier                     The Lowidt Foundation
Marsha Baillie                       Deer Valley Holdings Incorporated   Robert Kenn                           Suzanne Powadiuk                    Kasey Thomas
James Baillie                        Bev Deeth                           J.A.C. Ketchum                        David Prescott                      Mary Lou Thompson
Phil Barnoff                         Dorothy Dixon                       Kimberly-Clark Inc.                   Patricia Pringle                    Pamela Thomson
Andy Barrie                          Don Mills Collegiate Institute      Wayne J. Koning                       Marjorie Putt                       Michael Thorley
Paul Barry                           Eric Dowd                           Marion Lambert                        Dilys Quin                          Joyce Tomlin
Florence M. Barwell                  Elizabeth Dunbar                    Blake Langill                         Peter Rea                           Joan Tremayne
Richard Beadon                       Alan Ferguson                       Constance Langstaff                   Joan Ridout                         Margaret Trow
Maria Bettencourt                    Alice Fox                           Karen Lauriston                       Lynn Ridout                         Ian Tudhope
Michael Bliss                        Allan R Francis                     Allan Lawr                            Robert Noakes International Ltd.    Barbara Turnbull
Ann Bollefer                         G.D. Hanna Holdings Inc.            Ronald Levene                         Lisa Rochon                         Maitland Turner
Ann Bone                             Elizabeth Gailey                    Marion F. Logie                       Roof Trusses & Components Ltd.      Harry Underwood
Stephen Bonnar                       Mary Gemmill                        G.T. Lucas                            M. Royce                            Jean S. Watson
Jacqueline Brookes                   Marianne Girling                    Diane MacDiarmid                      C.A. Scroggs                        Joan Watson
Frederick Brooks-Hill                Grace Church on the Hill            Ian MacGregor                         Peter Sebastian                     June Irene Weathers
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Robert Campbell                      Joanne Griffith                     Biff Matthews                         John Sherrick                       Wm. Wilkins
John Chamberlain                     Elizabeth Hamilton                  John McCamus                          Godyne Sibay                        Mary E. Williams
Robert Chenaux                       Bethany Hartwig                     W.H. McCamus                          Brian Smith                         Sally Wolinsky
J. Church                            Julia Haugh                         June McLean                           Joan Smith                          Ted Yates

Helping Hand Circle: $100 – $249
ACW - St. Philips Martha Group       A. John Arrowood                    T.R. Box                              Brad Carnduff                       Mary Cousins
ACW-Deanery of Victoria/Haliburton   George Ashenden                     Bracebridge Golf Club                 Carriage Hill Carriers Inc.         Bonnie Cox
ACW-Christ Church, Coboconk          G. Attenborough                     James Bradshaw                        Gordon Case                         Alan Craig
ACW-Church of Our Saviour            Nellie Austin                       David Bragg                           G. Elaine Cassel                    John Craig
ACW-Church of St. Jude, Wexford      Richard Austin                      Kate Branscombe                       Pearl Cathcart                      Denton Creighton
ACW-St. Clement, St. Margaret’s      Bruce Avery                         Canon Brightling                      John Cernik                         Clyde Cressell
    Group                            George William Bahen                Winnifred Broadbent                   P.E. Chalklin                       Marilyn Cronyn
ACW-St. George’s, Hastings           David Baird                         Geoff Brock                           David Chalmers                      Harold Cunningham
ACW-St. John’s Anglican Church       Cecelia-Anne Baker                  Peter Broderick                       Clive Chamberlain                   Rebecca Van Monsjou Curran
ACW-St. John’s, Craighurst           Allen Baldwin                       Alan Brookbank                        A. John Chandler                    Michael Curry
ACW-St. John, Norway                 Peter Ballantyne                    Robin Brooks-Hill                     Christ Church Women’s Guild         Kathryn A. David
ACW-The Church of St. Columba        Evelyn Ballard                      D.J. Brown                            Christ Church, Deer Park            Paul Davidson
    & All Hallows                    Bank of Montreal                    Gordon Bub                            Richard Clarke                      Paul Davidson
Rob Adams                            Mary Barnett                        Margaret Buck                         Geoffrey Clarkson                   Alison Davis
Harry Ade                            David Bartley                       Maureen Buckingham                    Roman Coba                          George Davis
Patricia Agius                       R.D. Baxter                         June Bushell                          Gordon Coggins                      Anne Day
Louise Aimone                        Stanley Beck                        David Butterfield                     Arthur Cole                         K.J. Dempsey
All Saints Church, Evening Guild     Barbara Bemrose                     Buy-Rite Truck Parts Inc.             C.M. Cole                           D’arcey Doherty
James Allen                          David Bennett                       J.D. Cairns                           Richard Coles                       Jim Doherty
Sandra Allin                         Lee Bentley                         John Caliendo                         Nadine Collard                      Paula M. Doritty
M.E. Anderson                        Howard Best                         Robert Calvin                         N.D. Collinson                      Donald Douglas
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Sylvia Anderson                      Robert Blakely                      Robert Cameron                        Ruth Cond                           Doreen Dye
Donna Andrew                         Peter Blatherwick                   Mona M. Campbell                      Anne Coneybeare                     Margaret Dykes Page
Margaret Anglin                      Catherine Blincow                   Bob Campion                           Edythe Cook                         Eclectica
Annuity Accords Insurance            Robert G. Boeckner                  Canada Conclave #7,                   John Cook                           Carolyn Ellis
    Agency Inc.                      Marcella Lee Booth                      Order of True Kindred             North Cooper                        James Emory
Arizon Disposal Services Ltd.        Robert Bothwell                     Donald Carlisle                       Robert Cosman                       Energy Advantage Inc.
Marianne Armstrong                   Walter M. & Lisa Balfour Bowen      R. Carmichael                         Ernest Cote                         Alan & Diane Engelstad
Evergreen Home & Cottage              Wenonah Howis             Vivien MacKay                 Robert Ragsdale                        Barbara Stradwick
Improvement                           George Howse              Ethel MacKie                  Domenic Raso                           Scott Strike
Jacqueline Facey-Plunkett             Bert Hulbert              Valerie Mackie                Yasmin Ratansi                         Kelly Sudsbury
Nancy Louise Farrell                  Fred Hunter               Kathleen MacLeod              Kenneth Reeves                         Frances Sutherland
Lynne Feldman                         Garry Hunter              Susan A MacRae                Hank Reimer                            Hilda Sutherland
Charlette Fennell                     Joyce Hunwicks            Doris Magwood                 Aleen Rennie                           J.R. Sutherland
Amelia Anne Ferguson                  Craig Hutchison           Gord Main                     Hugh Revell                            John Swain
Doug Ferguson                         Robert Hyland             Margaret Mann                 Hugh Reynolds                          TD Bank Financial Group
Peter Ferlejowski                     J.D. Hylton               Laurel Marino                 Alexander Rhind                        The Church of St. Clement-Eglinton
Paul Ferraro                          Eric Jackman              Robert Martin                 J.M. Rice                              The Church of St. Mark and Calvary
Karen Figueiredo                      Joe Jackman               Eric Mathiesen                Julie Rickerd                          Eunice Thomas
Warren Finlay                         Joyce Jackson             Sandra McBride                Carlos Rivero                          A. Thompson
Morgan Firestone                      Patricia Jackson          John McCoy                    Holly Robertson                        Carma Thompson
Katie Fisher                          Nicholas Jacob            Harriet McCrea                Andrew Robinson                        John R. Thompson
Elizabeth Fleming                     Brian & Kairyn Janecke    P. McCrimmon                  Ian Robinson                           Kenneth Thompson
D. Forgie                             Arthur Jarvis             Bob McCulloch                 Sandy Robinson                         Douglas Thomson
Carmen Fortino                        P. Jarvis                 Robert & Juliette McDonald    Dufflet Rosenberg                      Keith Thomson
Julia Foster                          Mary E. Jenkins           Bernard McDonell              Wendy Rothwell                         J. Thornton
C.S. Fox-Revett                       Ann Johnson               Stuart & Lorna McKay          Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 73       Douglas Todgham
James Francey                         Marguerite Johnson        Robert McKegney               Catherine Saad                         Toronto Shrine No 4 (W.S.J.)
Alistair M. Fraser                    Jeremy Johnston           David McLeish                 R.H. Saffrey                           Ann Tottenham
W.D. Frechette                        P.F. Jones                Wayne McLeod                  Alnasir Samji                          James Trayes
Mollie Froud                          Gary Jusela               Bill Meeker                   Beatrice Saunders                      James Tremayne
G.M.P. Truck & Trailer Leasing Ltd.   Jean Keast                Chris Meleskie                William Saunderson                     Tri Church Women
Douglas R. Gardiner                   John Keen                 Todd Millar                   Olive Sauve                            Trinity Church Ladies Guild
Margaret Gentles                      Dianne C. Kehoe           A.O. Miller                   John Scandiffio                        Wendy Turpin
Earl Gerber                           A.P. Kennedy              David Mock                    Roy E. Schatz                          W.H. Twidale
Kathleen Gibb                         Fred Ketchen              C.P. Montgomery               Frances Schissler                      J.E. Twomey
Elizabeth Gibson                      K.G. Kiddell              John Moore                    Irmgard Schweska                       Terry Tyers
Margaret Gilbert                      Janet Kincaid             Eleanor M. Morgan             Dawn Scott                             Germaine Urquhart
Margaret Gladney                      Suzanne Kincaid           W.S. Morgan                   Douglas Scott                          Victoria Van Hemert
George C. Glover                      Margaret King             Judith Moses                  H.R. Secor                             Innes van Nostrand
John Glynn                            M. Kinniburgh             Elizabeth Motton              David Service                          Barbara Vanderwater
Diana Goad                            Neville Kirchmann         David Moulton                 Brian Shaw                             Luc Vanneste
Mary Godfrey                          J.D. Knowles              F.C. Lawrence Muller          Paul Shilton                           Douglas Varey
Aubrey Goldstein                      Gordon Knutson            Thomas Munford                Donald Short                           Ralph Varney
Sidney Gordon                         Ruth Koheil               Edward Nash                   Peter Sidgwick                         George Vogel
V.I. Goring                           H.V. Koring               Yvonne Nevala                 Douglas Simpson                        David Wagner
Nancy Gray                            George Kutas              Newman & Sversky LLP          Joe Simpson                            Kathleen D. Walmark
Jean Green                            Mary Susanne Lamont       William O’Hara                Robert P. Singer                       Dennis Watson
James Greer                           Patricia Anne Lane        James F. O’Neil               Leslie Sivell                          Greg Watson
Tom Gunn                              Shirley Lang              Robert Oldham                 E.G. Smith                             Bernard Watt
George Guy                            Erling Larson             Ontario Camping Association   K.B. Smith                             Isobel Waugh
Elizabeth Haddon                      Elizabeth Leeson          Niels Ortved                  Murray Smith                           Frederick Webb
T.M.H. Hall                           Anne S. LeFeuvre          Glyn W. Osler                 Stephen Smith                          James Webb
Charles Halpern                       Dave Legget               Pearl Ottley                  Bruce Snell                            Judy Weber
Marc Halpern                          Basia Lempicki            Tom Ouchterlony               Elaine Solway                          Joan Weppler
John & Sylvia Hamilton                Irene Lenney              Winn Oughtred                 David A Spall                          Margot Wheeler
Patrick Hare                          C.E. Leon                 Harry & Esta Palter           St. Andrew’s-Ballinafad United         Betty White
Ethel Hargreaves                      Martin Levene             Peter Pangman                 Church                                 Eileen White
Brian Harris                          Sam & Aasta Levene        Gail Payne                    St. Cuthbert’s Anglican Church         Robert White
Paul Haslam                           Bruce Lewis               Scott Peaker                  St. David’s Outreach                   White Line Distributors Inc.
Clifford Hatch                        Mary M.B.D. Lewis         G.B. Pearson                  St. John The Baptist, Lakefield        Bruce Whitehouse
Margaret Hay                          Lavina Lickley            Norah Pearson                 St. Matthew/St. Aidan                  Wm. Whitla
Peter Haynes                          Bonnie Lieberman          Verva Peglar                  St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Lindsay    Mary Willet
Heather Heaps                         Life Design Systems       Norman Penney                 St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Uxbridge   Muriel Williams
Martha Heighington                    Barbara Lloyd-Tomlinson   A.J. Peters                   St. Thomas A. Becket                   Geoffrey Wilson
Paul T. Hellyer                       Karl & Joanne Loszak      Constance Peters                  Anglican Church                    James Wilson
Grahame Henry                         Martha Love               Toy Philip                    St. Paul Guarantee Insurance Co.       Mary-Jane Wilson
Joan Henry                            Iris Lowe                 Kenneth Phipps                Reginald Stackhouse                    Nora Wilson
Mary Henry                            Douglas Loweth            Nancy Pickering               Marie Starr                            Russell Wilson
Shirley Herron                        Jeannine Lunney           W. W. Piepenburg              Kevin Steffler                         E. Blake Witmer
David Higgins                         Margaret Lunnie           Valerie Pippy                 Stern Cohen LLP                        E. Wonnacott
Don Hockin                            Robert A. Macbeth         Claude Pollock                Craig Stevens                          Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Inc.
Peter W. Hogg                         Bob MacDonald             Margaret Porteous             Peter Stevens-Guille                   Daniel Yoon
Ed Holik                              Stanley Macdonald         Shirley Powis                 J. Stevenson                           Marjory Young
Home Trust Company                    William Macdonald         Alfred Preston                Deborah Stiff
William R.C. Houston                  Vera MacKay               Phyllis Pringle               Al Stocks

               All gifts to Moorelands Community Services are greatly appreciated, however due to space
               limitations, only monetary gifts of $100 or greater have been acknowledged here. We also
              gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of those who have donated gifts-in-kind and the
                          countless hours that have been contributed by our dedicated volunteers.
P a rt n e r s
  Program Partners
  At Moorelands, we work with other community service providers to deliver needed programs in an effective and efficient way. We are all part
  of one big community team trying to make a difference in children’s lives.

                                                  City Program Partners:                              Moorelands Camp Partners:
                                                  Applegrove Community Complex                        Children's Aid Society of Toronto
                                                    Gateway Public School                             Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto
                                                       Grenoble Public School                         St. Paul L'Amoreaux Anglican Church
                                                         Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute            Millionaire's Night (Scarborough Teachers)
                                                          Thorncliffe Park Elementary School          Big Brothers / Big Sisters of Toronto
                                                            Valley Park Middle School                 Ken Four Acre Fund

  Many thanks
  To the 100 or so part-time and seasonal front-line staff who make Moorelands Camp and City Programs safe, stimulating and supportive settings
  for the more than 1,600 children and youth we serve.

  Board of Directors                                 Senior Staff
  Shiraz Bharmal, President                          Patricia Jacobs, Executive Director                  Mission Statement
  Michie Garland, Vice-President & Secretary         Nellie Austin, Director of Finance and
  Bill Barnett                                       Administration                               At Moorelands, we recognize the inherent
  Laura Bowes                                        Lynda Tilley, Camp Director                   value of all children and youth. We work
  Louise Greig                                       Rishika Williams, City Program
                                                                                                  with Toronto’s children and youth affected
  Barbara King Rea                                   Coordinator
  Sam Levene                                         Ryan Duggin, City Program                  by poverty, to provide them with positive and
  Lorna McKay                                        Coordinator                                   fun experiences to help strengthen their
  Margaret Robbins                                   Steve Tilley, Camp Site Manager               confidence, competence and character…
  Robert Ross                                        Cheryle Pollock, Support Staff
                                                                                                    because every kid deserves a childhood!
  Brigitte Shim                                      Sarah Doherty, Development Assistant
  Chris Twigge-Molecey
  Bisi Williams
  David Young

  Moorelands: 250 Merton Street, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario M4S 1B1 T 416.466.9987 F 416.466.0727 www.moorelands.org

  Charitable Registration No. 11923 0241 RR0001

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