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									                                                  De La Salle University-Manila Library

                                 Balitang Aklatan
                                                                      Vol. XXXIX - No. 2 February 2008

 The Instructional Media                                                           Gonzalez Hall, and iMS Office. Below
                                                                                   are the projection/viewing rooms under
                                                                                   the IMS:

 Services (IMS) in Focus                                                           pROjeCTiOn SeRViCeS/VieWinG

                                                                                   V-210 (Second Floor, Velasco Building)
                                                                                        • 90 person seating capacity
                                                                                        • Multimedia projector
                                                                                        • projection Screen
                                                                                        • pentium 4 Desktop Computer
                                                                                        •DVD/ VCD/ CDR/CDR-W/
                                                                                        Mp3/ CD player
                                                                                        • Laser Disc player
                                                                                        • VHS player
                                                                                        • Audio / pA System
                                                                                        • Opaque projector (upon
                                                                                        • Overhead projector

                                                                                      The Instructional ... see page 3

           The Instructional Media         projection equipment and devices:
Services (IMS) of the De La Salle                                                   inside
University-Manila Library provides the     MuLTiMeDiA equipMenT
academic community with multimedia            • Multimedia/LCD/DLp                  2       -LMC Members Attend
and audiovisual resources and services        projectors                                    the SMI-IC Sponsored
to meet their instructional and research      • Laptop Computers                            Seminar on Strategic
needs. It takes charge of the develop-        • Data Converters (Averkey)                   Planning for Library
ment, maintenance and management of           • Visualizers/Document                        Administrators
multimedia materials and equipment.           projectors                                    -Ladlad Invited as Re-
       It houses and circulates more          • DVD/VCD/CDR/CDR-W/                          source Speaker
than 2,000 audio-visual materials such        Mp 3 players                                  -Guinto Receives Me-
as:                                                                                         drano Service Award
       • Digital Video Discs (DVD)         AV equipMenT                                     -Valerio Delivers Paper
       • Video Compact Discs (VCD)               • Opaque projectors
       • Compact Disc-Read Only                                                     5       -Remembering Ulysses
                                                 • Overhead projectors                      Lelis
       Memory (CD-ROM)                           • Slide projectors
       • Laser Discs (LD)                        • Filmstrip projectors             6       -Seminar-Workshop on
       • Audio Compact Discs (CD)                • Karaoke                                  Organizing and
       • Video Cassette Tapes (VHS               • Tape Recorders                           Managing Filipiniana
       Format)                                   • Microphones                              Collections
       • Audio Cassette Tapes
       • Filmstrips and 35mm colored
                                                 The IMS also takes charge of       7       -Visitors
                                           the scheduling of the use of multime-            -Donors
       slides (now being digitized)        dia rooms located at Velasco Building
       Aside from these it also circu-     (V210), Miguel Hall (M406), Andrew
                                                                                    8       -Recent Acquisitions
lates the following audio-visual and
LMC Members Attend the SMI-IC Sponsored Seminar on
Strategic Planning for Library Administrators by Elizabeth Padilla, Head, RSU
                                                 Odsinada, elizabeth padilla, Vivian        and selecting general strategies to be
                                                 Soriente, Clarita Tagasa, and Ana          pursued; and allocating resources in
                                                 Maria B. Fresnido, attended the SMi-       order to achieve the organization’s
                                                 iC sponsored seminar on Strategic          goals; and monitoring implementation.
                                                 planning for Library Administrators,       Workshops followed after the lectures
                                                 held at the LRC, SDA Bldg., DLS-           and the participants were asked to work
                                                 College of St. Benilde, on February        in groups and later on share their output.
                                                 28, 2008. Also in attendance were 20                 The speaker also shared his
                                                 other librarians/library administrators    insights on how to achieve one’s goals
                                                 from SMi-iC member libraries.              in life through the creation of vision
                                                         The resource speaker, Mr.          boards. Furthermore, he gave pieces
     Dean Baylon as he delivers his lectures     Dioscoro Baylon, Dean, School of           of advise and concluded that “to live
                                                 professional and Continuing education      freely and be able to attain our goals in
         Members of the Library                (SpaCe) of the DLS-College of St.            life, one should follow his passion and
Management Committee of the DLSu-M             Benilde, discussed the general concepts      the law of attraction; think positively
Library, namely, jocelyn Balangue,             of strategic management; the process of      and give up negative attitudes by
Agnes Barsaga, purisima Fernando,              identifying the organization’s external      simply following this principle in life:
Willian Frias, jocelyn Ladlad, Yolanda         and internal environments; creating          Intention, Attention and NO tension.”

Ladlad Invited as Resource Speaker                                                          Guinto Receives
         Ms. jocelyn L. Ladlad, librarian
of the European Documentation and
                                          entitled Best Practices in Library Service
                                          and Maintaining Customer Loyalty.                 Medrano Service
Research Centre (eDRC)
and the American
                                                               Her first lecture
                                                               discussed on current
Studies Resource Center                                        practices of libraries
(ASRC), was invited                                            in the philippines and
by the quezon City                                             abroad, particularly
Librarians Association                                         those relating to
(qCLA) to be one of                                            integrated library
the resource speakers                                          systems, on-line
for the Seminar-                                               subscriptions/e-                       Greg at the reception
Workshop on Trends &                                           resources and                          Mr. Gregorio G. Guinto,
Practices in Customer J. Ladlad as she presents her paper o r g a n i z a t i o n o f       university photographer, was one of the
Service in Libraries                                           digital materials            recipients of the juan Medrano Service
& Information Centers, held in pryce      and other technologies as applied to              Award, an award given to employees of
Hotel, Cagayan de Oro, on February        libraries. The second lecture, on                 the De La Salle University for having
20-22, 2008. She delivered two lectures   the other hand, dealt on ways to                  continuously served the university
                                          effectively serve the library customers.          for 25 years. The awarding ceremony
Valerio Delivers Paper                                                                      was held at the Chapel of Great price
                                                                                            on january 26, 2008, in line with
         The Medical and Health                developments in medical and health           the celebration of the 97th year of
Librarians Association of the philippines      librarianship. Ms. Marita G. Valerio,        Lasallian presence in the philippines.
conducted a two-day Seminar-Workshop           bibliographic control librarian, being                 Greg was hired on August
with the theme: The Expanding                  one of the invited resource speakers         24, 1981 and started as a project typist
Knowledge Base Competencies of                 shared her knowledge and expertise on        of the inter-institutional Consortium
Medical/Health Sciences Libraries and          the topic Creating Webliographies. Her       (now South Manila Inter-Institutional
Librarians held on February 28-29, 2008,       topic aided the participants in developing   Consortium) processing Center. He was
at Hotel Kimberly, p. Gil St., Manila. The     new skills in acquiring, organizing,         later absorbed by DLSU and assumed a
primary goal of the seminar-workshop           storing, retrieving, and disseminating       regular position on October 17, 1983 at
was to review and discuss the evolving         quality health information accessible on     the Cataloging Section, where he worked
role of health librarians and information      the Internet. She also discussed on the      as a library clerk. Three years after,
professionals, in order to adapt to recent     criteria in selecting the best websites      he was promoted as technician at the
                                               using the best search engine tools.          Instructional Media Services (IMS) and in
                                                                                            1997 became the university photographer.
2 - DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008
  The Instructional ... from page 1                 Features:                                     • Digital Video Camera
              R             e n In G & V            • 10 person seating                           (upon request)
          LASS ooM LIST                 Ie                  capacity group viewing                • e-Beam (upon request)
     e -C
                                                            and work area with 60”


                                                     television monitor, VHS player,        GRADUATE AREA (Second Floor,

                                                     DVD/VCD/ CDR/ CDR-W                    iMS, Library Building)

                                               R ooM
                                                     player                                      Features:
                                                            • 6 individual station               • 10 Computer Workstations with
                                                            with 14” television moni-            Internet
                                                     tors, VHS players                           • Microsoft 2000 Office Software
                                                            • 2 DVD/ VCD/ CDR/                   • Hyperstudio Software (to be
                                                            CDR-W / players                      deleted)

                                                                                                 • Director MX (to be deleted)

                                             MuLTiMeDiA ROOMS/GRADuATe

                                             AReA                                                The following policies/guidelines
                                                                                            govern the use of projection/viewing
                                             PHINMA – E-Classroom (M-306,                   rooms:
                                             Miguel Building)

                         M                   Features:                                      IMS VIewIng RooMS
                                                   • 42 Computer workstations with                 1. Reservation may be done at
                                                   Internet                                 any of the IMS reservation counters
       • Slide projector (upon request)
                                                   • Video/Teleconferencing system          (IMS at the University Library and
                                                   • Digital Audio System                   iMS-AGH)
M-406 (Fourth Floor, Miguel Building
                                                   • Video Cameras                                 2. Reservation should be made at
                                                   • DVD/ VCD/ CDR/ CRD-W/                  least a day before the scheduled activity.
    • 90 person seating capacity
                                                   Mp3/ CD player                                  3. Only classes that will require
    • Multimedia projector
                                                   • interactive Distance Learning          the use of powerpoint presentation are
    • projection Screen
                                                   System (ROBOTeL)                         allowed to reserve and use the viewing
    • pentium 4 Desktop Computer
                                                   • On-line Management Systems             rooms. (This policy does not apply to
    • DVD/ VCD/ CDR/
                                                   (iVLe)                                   the individual Viewing Room (iVR).
    CDR-W/ Mp3/ CD player
                                                   • Hyperstudio 4 software                        4. For faculty members and
    • Laser Disc player
                                                   • integrated Virtual Learning            graduate school students, reservation is
    • VHS player
                                                   environment (iVLe) software              allowed by telephone or via e-mail.
    • Audio / pA System
                                                   • 2 Digital projectors                          5. A DLSu faculty member may
    / Home Theater System
                                                   • Smart Board                            reserve for the use of the viewing rooms
    • Opaque projector (upon
                                                   • Visualizer for 2D and 3D
                                                   projection/ Document projector             The Instructional ... see page 4
    • Overhead projector
                                                   • Lecturer’s Console with Control
    • Slide projector (upon request)                                                                            A Se M
                                                   panel                                                   R AD        InA
                                                   • Motorized Screen                                  e ST                R
LVR (Listening and Viewing Room,


Second Floor, iMS, Library Building)
                                             MINI E-CLASSROOM (Second floor,

                                             iMS, Library Building)
     • 50 person seating capacity
     • Multimedia projector                                                           R R o oM
     • projection Screen
                                                  • 9 Computer                    InA
                                                  Workstations with internet S eM
     • pentium 4 Desktop Computer
                                                  • 1 instructor’s Computer

     • DVD/ VCD/ CDR/
                                                  Workstation with internet
                                                                             P e RF e C

     CDR-W/ Mp3/ CD player
                                                  • Digital projector

     • Laser Disc player
                                                  • net Support School pro

     • Audio / pA System / Home
                                                  Classroom Management
     Theater System

                                                                                                                                     L A RA

     • Opaque projector (upon

     request)                                     • Hyperstudio 4 Software

                                                  • Director MX Software

     • Overhead projector
                                                  • Frontpage 2000

     • Slide projector (upon request)

                                                  • DVD Writer                                                      Ro
IVR (individual Viewing Room, Sec-
ond Floor, iMS, Library Building)                               DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008 - 3
    The Instructional ... from page 3           which may require the use of the following:    not exceed the number of available
                                                      a. Interactive Multimedia                workstations, which is 10, at any given
                         u   e L 41 0                 Applications                             time. However, special arrangements
                      IG                                                                       may be done with regards to classes that
                  M                                   b. Virtual/ On-line instruction
                                                      c. Video/Teleconferencing                allow 2 students for every workstation.
                                                      d. Other emerging technologies                  4. A qualified technician will
                                                      2. Only DLSu faculty members             be assigned in the area whenever the
                                                who have already taken at least the            Mini e-Classroom is in use. The tech-
                                               PAb first training modules conducted            nician is directly responsible for its
                                                   Lo                                          technical operation and management.
                                                              by the Center for educa-
           10                                                 tional Multimedia (CReM)                5. Reservation of the Mini e-


                                                                                               Classroom may be done at any of the

                                                              or its equivalent shall be al-
                                                                                               IMS reservation counters (IMS at the

                                                       LAS AuDITo
                                                              lowed to conduct classes at
V eL A S

                                                              the pHinMA e-classroom.          university Library and iMS-AGH)
                                                                      3. The pHinMA e-                6. Only faculty members are allowed
                                                               Classroom shall likewise        to reserve for the use of the Mini E-classroom
                                                               be available for CReM’s                7. Reservation should be
                                                               internal and external train-    made at least 3 days before use.
                                                               ing programs whenever                  8. Reservation may be
for a whole term period, provided that          the number of participants exceeds 10.         done either in person or via e-mail.
a written request or email is sent to                 4. The pHinMA e-Classroom is                    9. Reservation for whole term use
the IMS on or before the first week             not intended for film viewing, power-          of the Mini eClassroom is allowed upon
of every term. The request should               point presentations and class reporting.       written request from the department chair
include specific schedules and the                    5. A qualified technician will           and fully endorsed by the college dean.
materials to be used. All requests are          be stationed inside the pHinMA                        10.          Cancellation of res-
subject to the approval of the iMS Head.        e-Classroom whenever in use and                ervation should be done a day be-
Late requests will not be entertained.          is directly responsible for its tech-          fore the scheduled date of use.
       6. A technician will be stationed in-    nical operation and manage ment.                      11.          The “no eating and
side the viewing rooms whenever these are             6. it is advised that a test run be      Drinking” policy shall be strictly en-
in use. The technician assigned is directly     made prior to the scheduled date of            forced inside the Mini e- Classroom.
responsible for the technical operation         use for purposes of familiarization.                  12.         The iMS reserves the
and management of the viewing rooms.                  7. The “no eating and Drink-             right to cancel reservation/ use of the
       7. no class will be allowed              ing” policy shall be strictly enforced         Mini e- Classroom upon violation of
to use the viewing rooms in the ab-             inside the pHinMA e-Classroom.                 any of the above-mentioned policies.
sence of the instructor or a substitute.              8. The IMS reserves the right to
       8. The “no eating and Drink-             cancel reservation/ use of the pHin-           GRADUATE AREA
ing” policy shall be strictly en-               MA e-Classroom upon violation of                     1. The graduate area is avail-
forced inside the viewing rooms.                any of the abovementioned policies.            able to all DLSU graduate students
       9. The iMS reserves the right                                                           for their research, multimedia produc-
to cancel reservation/use of the view-           MINI E-CLASSROOM                              tion needs and other course require-
ing rooms upon violation of any                         Equipped with the latest in in-        ments, on a first come-first served basis.
of the abovementioned policies.                  struction technologies, the mini-eclass-            2. It is not intended for in-
                                                 room has ten (10) computer worksta-           ternet surfing, web games, person-
PHINMA E-CLASSROOM                               tions, a digital projector, and a screen.     al chat and other activities not re-
       The pHinMA e- Classroom has                       1. The Mini e-Classroom shall         lated to the course requirements.
the latest state-of-the-art educational          be available to all DLSU multime-                   3. A registered and validated DLSu
technology facility of the university.           dia production classes that require           I.D. is required to log in and use the
It is equipped with the most advanced            the use of the following software:            workstation at the IMS graduate area.
technology for instruction designed to                  a. Hyperstudio 4                             4. it is encouraged that users use
bring faculty members and students in a                 b. Director MX                         micro floppy disks (diskettes) or flash
virtual learning environment through its                c. Frontpage 2000                      discs in saving documents and other
highly interactive multimedia capabil-                  d. powerpoint Xp                       programs because all units in the area are
ity. The classroom can accommodate 40                   e. Video streaming                     regularly cleaned and freed from unnec-
students at a given time                                2. The Mini e-Classroom is not         essary programs and saved documents.
       1.     The pHinMA e- Classroom            intended for film viewing, power-                   5. A technician is assigned in the
shall be available to all DLSU classes           point presentations and class reporting       area whenever in use.
                                                        3. The number of students should
4 - DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008                                 The Instructional ... see page 6
Remembering ulysses Lelis                                                                          “Almost 10 years na kaming
                                                                                               magkakilala ni Uly, naging mabuti
compiled by Jorge B. Bundalian                   status. I will surely miss his ‘good          siyang kaibigan, mabait na ninong
                                              morning’ or ‘good afternoon boss’ with           sa pangalawa kong anak, kakulitan
                                                a smile every time he arrives in the          tuwing magkikita ngunit seryoso pag
                                              office. I will miss him. May you rest in          seryoso ang mga bagay na pinag-
                                               peace ULY!—Vivian Soriente, Head                 uusapan. Gaya din sya sa ibang
                                                    Circulation-Reserve Section.               kaibigan na maaasahan, masayang
                                                                                             kasama at mapagkakatiwalaan.”—Joel
                                               “Uly worked as a contractual encoder          Gementiza, Asst. librarian, periodicals
                                                  in the Periodicals Section where I                        Section
                                                   was first assigned as an ASF, that
                                                was in 1997. I will always remember             “Uly is a simple, quiet guy but he
                                                  Uly for his respect. Everytime we            crack[s] jokes that will surely make
                                                talk, I can feel his respect for me, for     you laugh. He is also a good friend that
                                                 everyone whom he thought is worth            you can share your ups and downs. A
                                                 respecting. He was goal-driven and            God-fearing individual, “palasimba
                                                very industrious. I was lucky to have        yan” as what her mother told me. He’s
                                                 him as one of my first subordinates,          a reliable worker, he is always there
                                              for he could be counted on to. We may            to help you in any way he could.”—
                                              have never been close as friends for he          Rolando Masindo, Asst. Librarian,
            ul                      s            always treated me as a superior, but              Circulation-Reserve Section.
                 y s s e s L e li                 we talked a lot about life, about his
                                                family. That is why I know he valued         “Nang makilala ko siya dito sa La Salle
         The demise of Mr. Ulysses              his mother the most, for never in our         ay gusto ko na ang kanyang pagkatao,
Lelis, a dear friend and officemate,           deep conversations did he exclude his         siya ay totoo at madaling pakibagayan.
led us to ponder on the value of                 mother. Uly, may you stay in God’s          Si Uly ay simple lang, tahimik, masipag
life and the inevitability of death.          divine embrace and serve as our prayer         sa trabaho at higit sa lahat, maaasahan
When i first met uly nine years ago             warrior. Thank you for the times you          sa lahat ng bagay. Sayang nga lang at
(he was supposed to receive his 10th           shared with us. God bless.”—Willian             bigla siyang pumanaw”—Reynaldo
year service award next year), he was a        S.A. Frias, Head, Technical Services.                Matias, Clerk, Depository.
quiet and naïve guy who would always
greet us with his infectious smile. As i          “A warm person and always with a                 Uly left behind a mother, two
get to know him better, I found out that       grin on his face! Ulysses has been the        siblings, and a girlfriend whom he
he was very friendly, vocal, humorous,           ‘lawyer or spokesman’ of our group          was supposed to marry in April 2008.
and jolly. As friends, we actually have         (Circulation staff) simply because he
something in common—we both love to            was the most vocal and never afraid to              To you my friend, we will defi-
travel. We never missed summer outings          express his opinion. He is analytical        nitely miss you. We are all grateful for
with our friends in the library. I actually    over things concerning his job and his        the friendship and the memories, both
cannot count the places we had been to.           co-staff; and always offer practical       happy and sad, we shared with you.
As a worker, he was very conscientious        solutions to problems encountered. Uly
and hardworking. He was able to                  has been very helpful and
finish his bachelor ’s degree in               cooperative. All these traits
Computer programming in ApC while              of Ulysses endeared himself
working in DLSu. He also dreamt of               among his friends and co-
having a computer rental business.            staff and on a personal level,
people close to uly intimately shared           made my supervision task a
their thoughts of him as a library            lot easier and oh, very lively.
staff, a co-worker and a friend:                 Go Uly go!!! and continue
                                               touching other people’s lives
“I can say that even for a short period          the way you touched ours.
   of time that I became his boss and         Trust, you will always remain
  he became my staff, he was truly a            in our minds and hearts”—
 person that I can rely on. He did his          Clarita Tagasa, University
job well. Every time I asked [him] for                     Archivist
 something [or] to look for whatever                                                       Uly (left) and Jorge in Boracay
  books we need, he will look for that
 book right away and report to me the
                                                                DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008 - 5
Seminar-workshop on organizing and Managing Filipiniana
Collections by Annabelle F. Aliwalas
       On February 15-16, 2008, the            ist.” nevertheless, she stressed that in    of Filipiniana Materials. She discussed
Center for Human Research and Devel-           building a Filipiniana core collection, a   the different steps of the marketing
opment Foundation, Inc. sponsored a            librarian must consider the mission and     process such as: 1) Analyzing market-
seminar-workshop on Organizing and             vision of the library. She also discussed   ing opportunities/scanning the environ-
Managing Filipiniana Collections and           on the idiosyncrasies of cataloging         ment; 2) Selecting target customers and
Services for Effective Delivery of Infor-      Filipiniana materials applying AACR2        market positioning; 3) Developing the
mation, held at the Institute for Small-       2002 revision and provided samples of       marketing mix; and 4) Managing the
Scale Industries (ISSI) of the University      USMARC worksheet which every par-           marketing effort. To promote reader-
of the philippines, Diliman, quezon City.      ticipant filled-up during the discussion.   ship, she also advised librarian to devel-
it was attended by 23 librarians from                    Ms. Ma. Theresa B. Vil-           op promotional strategies and conduct
Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao includ-           lanueva, Filipiniana Librarian of the       measurement of customer satisfaction.
ing Annabelle F. Aliwalas, Filipiniana         Ateneo de Manila University- Rizal          She stressed the need for good service
Librarian, as one of the participants.         Library, on the other hand, delivered       by providing the customers with good
prof. Corazon M. nera, Director of Li-         a paper on Acquisition of Filipiniana       experiences through the delivery of ef-
braries, Lyceum of the philippines and         and Rare Books during the 2nd day.          ficient and effective library service.
Chairman of pRC Board for Librarians           She discussed the importance of col-                  Hands-on       demonstrations
was the resource speaker on the 1st day        lection development policy, methods         on how to make jacket for soft bound
of the seminar where she discussed the         of acquiring materials, and the selec-      books and boxes for rare, brittle, and
core of Filipiniana collections in librar-     tion and evaluation of rare books.          loose-page books, as well as, enclo-
ies and presented the different defini-                  The third speaker, Prof.          sures for the maps, pictures, certifi-
tions of Filipiniana core collection. She      Lourdes David, Director of Libraries,       cates, etc. using MYLAR, were shown.
emphasized that according to Buen-             Ateneo de Manila University talked                    The seminar emabled the par-
rostro (2004), “the core remains unde-         on Appropriate Information Services         ticipants to upgrade their skills in the
fined and most librarians doubt they ex-       and Strategies to Promote Readership        selection, acquisition, circulation and
                                                                                           preservation of Filipiniana materials.
  The Instructional ... from page 4

      6. The “no eating and Drinking”          WiLLiAM SHAW LiTTLe THeATeR                       • p.A. / Sound System
policy is strictly enforced inside the         (Ground Floor, William Shaw Building)             • Overhead projector
IMS graduate area.                                  Available equipment:
                                                    • Theater Lightning equipment          pABLO niCOLAS AuDiTORiuM
       Maintenance of overhead projec-              • Theater Sound System                 (3rd Floor, St. La Salle Building)
tors placed in all the classrooms and               • Overhead projector                         Available equipment:
the television sets with video players                                                           • Multimedia projector
mounted on mobile cabinets stationed at                                                          • DVD/ VCD/ CDR/ CDR-W/
                                               WALDO peRFeCTO SeMinAR
different strategic floors of every building                                                     CD player
                                               ROOM (Ground Floor, SpS Building)
in campus is also handled by the IMS.                                                            • VHS player
                                                  Available equipment:
It also takes charge of the acquisition,                                                         • p.A. / Sound System
                                                  • Multimedia projector
operation, and maintenance of all the                                                            • Overhead projector
                                                  • DVD/ VCD/ CDR/ CDR-W/
technical requirements of the following:                                                         • projection Screen
                                                  CD player
                                                  • VHS player
TeReSA YuCHenGCO THeATeR                                                                   TeReSO LARA SeMinAR ROOM
                                                  • p.A. / Sound System
(7th Floor, Don enrique Yuchengco                                                          (Room 230, 2nd Floor, St. La Salle
                                                  • Overhead projector
Hall)                                                                                      Building)
                                                  • projection Screen
      Available equipment:                                                                       Available equipment:
      • Theater Lightning equipment                                                              • Multimedia projector
                                               ARiSTOn eSTRADA SeMinAR
      • Follow Spots                                                                             • VHS player
                                               ROOM (Ground Floor, St. La Salle
      • Theater sound System                                                                     • p.A. / Sound System
      •DVD/ VCD/ CDR/ CDR-W/ CD                                                                  • Overhead projector
                                                     Available equipment:
      player                                                                                     • projection Screen
                                                     • Multimedia projector
      • VHS player
                                                     • DVD/ VCD/ CDR/ CDR-W/
      • Genie Crane (for theater light
                                                     CD player
                                                     • VHS player
6 - DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008
                      The Instructional ... from page 6
BRO. HuGH WeSTeR SeMinAR COMpLeX (Conference
Rooms A, B, C, D, Ground Floor, St. La Salle Building)                   •Waldo pefecto Seminar Room
    Available equipment:                                                 • Ariston estrada Seminar Room
    • 29” Flat Screen Television                                         • pablo nicolas Auditorium
    Monitor                                                              • Tereso Lara Seminar Room
    • Overhead projector
                                                                         Reservation of the folowing venues, on the other hand,
MARiLen GAeRLAn COnSeRVATORY (Ground Floor, St.                    should be done at the Reservation’s Office, located at Mezza-
La Salle Building)                                                 nine of La Salle Building, Room 106:
                                                                         • Tereso Yuchengco Theater
     Available Equipment:
                                                                         • Br. Hugh Wester Seminar Complex
     • p.A./ Sound System                                                • Marilen Gaerlan Conservatory
                                                                         • Multi-purpose Rooms
MuLTi-puRpOSe ROOMS (Rooms 407-409 and 507-509,
Yuchengco Building)                                                      However, reservation of the equipment should be done at
     Available equipment:                                          the iMS following the policies and procedures for reservation/
     • p.A./ Sound System                                          use of multimedia/AV equipment and materials.
                                                                         Other services provided by iMS are the scanning of
      Reservation for the following is being done at the iMS       graphic materials, transparency and other slide production,
Office, Ground floor, DLSu Library Building, Local 624,            video and photo coverage for a reasonable cost. The IMS also
upon approval by the AVC for Campus Development:                   issues referrals for users who wish to borrow films and other
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                                                                   Villacorta, Ernest
        – Peter Chung, iGroup, Thailand
        – Roderick Ramos with 11 BLIS students,
        Philippine Normal University, Manila

                                                               DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008 - 7
                                                                    [compiled by] Christina Sommers, Fred Sommers. Bj1012 .V5
                                                                    2004. 3rd floor, Circulation.

1. Books                                                            BL – Religion

B – Philosophy                                                      OCR philosophy of religion for AS and A2. Matthew Taylor
                                                                    ; edited by jon Mayled. BL51 .T434 2007. 3rd floor, Circula-
Aristotelian philosophy : ethics and politics from Aristotle to     tion.
Macintyre. Kelvin Knight. B485 .K54 2007. 3rd floor, Circula-
tion.                                                               Religion and culture : an anthropological focus. Raymond
                                                                    Scupin, editor. BL65.C8 R34 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Eastern philosophy : [the greatest thinkers and sages from
ancient to modern times]. Kevin Burns. B5005 .B87 2006. 3rd         Religion and violence in South Asia : theory and practice.
floor, Circulation.                                                 edited by john R. Hinnells and Richard King. BL65.V55 R44
                                                                    2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
The Oxford dictionary of philosophy. Simon Blackburn.B41
.B5 2005. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                         Science, religion and the meaning of life. Mark Vernon.
                                                                    BL240.3 .V47 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Reason and responsibility : readings in some basic problems of
philosophy. joel Feinberg, Russ Shafer-Landau. B21 .F4 2008.        BM – Judaism
3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                    The secret initiation of jesus at qumran : the essene mysteries
The twenty greatest philosophy books. james Garvey. B72             of john the Baptist. Robert Feather. BM175.e8 F4 2006. 3rd
.G38 2006. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                        floor, Circulation.

BF – Psychology                                                     BP – Islam

The Blackwell handbook of mentoring : a multiple perspec-           no god but God : the origins, evolution, and future of islam.
tives approach. edited by Tammy D. Allen, Lillian T. eby.           Reza Aslan. Bp161.3 .A84 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
BF637.M45 B5 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.
                                                                    BR – Christianity
Doing psychology experiments. David W. Martin. BF181
.M294 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                 Christian beginnings and the Dead Sea scrolls. edited by john
                                                                    j. Collins and Craig A. evans. BR129 .C5 2006. 3rd floor,
The emotional intelligence quick book : everything you need         Circulation.
to know to put your eq to work. Travis Bradberry and jean
Greaves. BF576 .B76 2005. 2nd floor, information-Reference.         Faith within reason. Herbert McCabe ; edited and introduced
                                                                    by Brian Davies. BR118 .M234 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Handbook of emotion regulation. edited by james j. Gross.
BF531 .H365 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                 pentecostal theology for the twenty-first century : engaging
                                                                    with multi-faith Singapore. MayLing Tan-Chow. BR1644 .
Human learning. jeanne ellis Ormrod. BF318 .O75 2008. 3rd           T36 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
floor, Circulation.
                                                                    Religious thought in the Victorian Age : challenges and re con-
psychology : an introduction. Benjamin B. Lahey. BF121 .L34         ceptions. james C. Livingston. BR759 .L58 2007. 3rd floor,
2004. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                       Circulation.

The world of psychology. Samuel e. Wood, ellen Green                BS – The Bible
Wood, Denise Boyd. BF121 .W66 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                    David and Solomon : in search of the bible's sacred kings and
BJ – Ethics                                                         the roots of the western tradition. israel Finkelstein and neil
                                                                    Asher Silberman. BS621 .F56 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
An introduction to jewish ethics. Louis e. newman. Bj1285
.n48 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                  The illustrated guide to bible customs & curiosities. George W.
                                                                    Knight. BS417 .K54 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.
Vice & virtue in everyday life : introductory readings in ethics.
                                                                    The lost gospel : the quest for the Gospel of judas iscariot.
                                                                    Herbert Krosney. BS2460.j8 K76 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
8 - DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008
                                                                       2nd floor, information-Reference.
Metaphysics and the God of Israel : systematic theology of
the Old and new Testaments. neil B. MacDonald. BS543 .M3               Twentieth-century Catholic theologians : from neoscholasti-
2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                          cism to nuptial mysticism. Fergus Kerr. BX1751.3 .K47 2007.
                                                                       3rd floor, Circulation.
Women in the bible : miracle births, heroic deeds, bloodlust
and jealousy. john Baldock. BS575 .B34 2006. 2nd floor,                Why do Catholics eat fish on Friday? : the Catholic origin to
information-Reference.                                                 just about everything. Michael p. Foley. BX1754 .F64 2005.
                                                                       2nd floor, information-Reference.
Ya babanan ne Dios nga nesurat kiya baru wa tulag Genesis se
exodus. BS335.i698 2005 Y25. 4th floor, Filipiniana.                   DS – History. Asia

BT – Doctrinal theology                                                Bayani ng iba't ibang panahon. [tinipon ni] Francis jay-R
                                                                       Campus. DS653.7 B39 2005. 4th floor, Filipiniana, Andrew
jesus : a meditation on his stories and his relationships with         Gonzalez Hall Library.
women. Andrew Greeley. BT375.3 .G74 2007. 3rd floor,
Circulation.                                                           Between east and west. Marie Annette Martel ; [edited by
                                                                       Scott Garceau and Melissa Moran]. DS5 .M37 2007. 3rd
jesus Christ. j. R. porter. BT198 .p668 2007. 3rd floor, Circu-        floor, Circulation.
                                                                       Kultura Mangyan. tinipon ni BApA (Antoon postma). DS666.
jesus of nazareth : from the baptism in the jordan to the trans-       M3 .p596 2005. 4th floor, Filipiniana.
figuration. joseph Ratzinger (pope Benedict XVi) ; translated
from the German by Adrian j. Walker. BT301.3 . R3713 2007.             GE – Environmental science
3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                       The global politics of the environment. Lorraine Elliott.
What have they done with jesus? : beyond strange theories and          Ge170 .e44 2004. 3rd floor, Circulation.
bad history -- why we can trust the bible. Ben Witherington
iii. BT303.2 .W57 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.                        palgrave advances in international environmental politics. ed-
                                                                       ited by Michele M. Betsill, Kathryn Hochstetler and Dimitris
BV – Practical theology                                                Stevis. Ge170 .p34 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.

The blogging church : sharing the story of your Church                 The state of the philippine environment. Ge160.p6 S7 2006.
through blogs. Brian Bailey with Terry Storch ; foreword by            4th floor, Filipiniana, Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
ed Young. BV4400 .B34 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                       GN – Anthropology
The power of discernment : helping your teen hear God's voice
within. Maggie pike. BV5083 .p54 2003. 3rd floor, Circula-             encyclopedia of multicultural psychology. edited by Yo jack-
tion.                                                                  son. Gn502 .e5 2006. 2nd floor, information-Reference.

BX – Christian denominations                                           GV – Sports. Physical education

Building bridges : Dominicans doing theology together.                 Filipino world champions. juan dela Cruz. GV697.A1 D44
BX3502.2 .B85 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.                            2005. 4th floor, Filipiniana, Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.

Catholic matters : confusion, controversy, and the splendor            Handbook of sport psychology. edited by Gershon Tenen-
of truth. Richard john neuhaus. BX946 .n48 2007. 3rd floor,            baum and Robert C. eklund. GV706.4 .H37 2007. 2nd floor,
Circulation.                                                           information-Reference.

Catholicism at the crossroads : how the laity can save the             Instructional strategies for secondary school physical educa-
church. paul Lakeland. BX1920 .L334 2007. 3rd floor, Circu-            tion. Marilyn M. Buck ... [et al.]. GV365 .H37 2007. 2nd floor,
lation.                                                                information-Reference.

A church in search of itself : Benedict XVi and the battle for         Sa bubungan ng mundo. Abner p. Mercado ; [edited by Sally
the future. Robert Blair Kaiser. BX1389 .K34 2007. 3rd floor,          e. eugenio and Bernalyn Duma]. GV199.44.e85 M47 2006.
Circulation.                                                           4th floor, Filipiniana.

Dictionary of saints. john j. Delaney. BX4655.8 .D44 2005.
                                                                   DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008 - 9
H – Social sciences                                              .p39 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.

Handbook of public policy. edited by B. Guy peters and jon       Handbook of research on family business. edited by panik-
pierre.H97 .H367 2006. 2nd floor, information-Reference.         kos Zata poutziouris, Kosmas X. Smyrnios, Sabine B. Klein.
                                                                 HD62.25 .H36 2006. 2nd floor, information-Reference.
HB – Economics
                                                                 images of organization. Gareth Morgan. HD31 .M597 2007.
Advanced macroeconomics. David Romer. HB172.5 R65                3rd floor, Circulation.
2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                 informal labour markets and development. edited by Basudeb
Further mathematics for economic analysis. Knut Sydster ...      Guha-Khasnobis and Ravi Kanbur. HD2346.5 .i54 2006. 3rd
[et al.]. HB135 .F87 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.               floor, Circulation.

Introducing advanced macroeconomics : growth and business        International business : competing in the global marketplace.
cycles. peter Birch Sorensen, Hans jorgen Whitta-jacobsen.       Charles W.L. Hill. HD62.4 .H5 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.
HB172.5 .S67 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                 Managerial economics and business strategy. Michael R. Baye.
perspectives on mortality forecasting. editors, Tommy Bengts-    HD30.22 .B39 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
son, nico Keilman. HB1321 .p47 2003. 3rd floor, Circulation.     HD31 .p4 2007.

HC – Economic history and conditions                             Managing for dummies. Richard pettinger, Bob nelson, peter
                                                                 economy. HD31 .p4 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.
Competitiveness, FDi and technological activity in east Asia.
edited by Sanjaya Lall and Shujiro urata. HC460.5.Z9 R44         Managing networks of twenty-first century organisations. perri
2003. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                    6 ... [et al.]. HD69.S8 M37 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.

Consuming life. Zygmunt Bauman. HC79.C6 B38 2007. 3rd            Mergers, acquisitions, and other restructuring activities : an
floor, Circulation.                                              integrated approach to process, tools, cases, and solutions.
                                                                 Donald M. Depamphilis. HD58.8 .D467 2005. 2nd floor,
The east Asian high-tech drive. edited by Yun-peng Chu, Hal      information-Reference.
Hill. HC460.5.Z9 T434 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                 Mobility, labour migration and border controls in Asia. edited
Economic growth, economic performance and welfare in             by Amarjit Kaur and ian Metcalfe. HD5856.A8 M6 2006. 3rd
South Asia. Raghbendra jha, editor. HC430.6 .e26 2005. 3rd       floor, Circulation.
floor, Circulation.
                                                                 Modern land consolidation : proceedings of a symposium
The global information technology report, 2005-2006 :            held by FiG Commission 7 on 10 and 11 September, 2004
leveraging iCT for development. [edited by] Soumitra Dutta,      in Volvic, Clermond-Ferrand, France. [editors, paul van der
Augusto Lopez-Claros, irene Mia. HC79.i55 G46 2006. 3rd          Molen, Christiaan Lemmen]. HD1334 .M6 2004. 3rd floor,
floor, Circulation.                                              Circulation.

HD – Economic history and conditions. Industrial man-            panasonic : the largest corporate restructuring in history. Fran-
agement. Production                                              cis Mcinerny. HD9696.A3 j365 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.

The AMA handbook of project management. edited by paul C.        product design and development. Karl T. ulrich, Steven D.
Dinsmore, jeanette Cabanis-Brewin. HD69.p75 A4 2006. 2nd         eppinger. HD31 .u472 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
floor, information-Reference.
                                                                 production organizations in japanese economic development.
The effective measurement and management of iCT costs            edited by Tetsuji Okazaki. HD2326 .p76 2007. 3rd floor,
and benefits. Dan Remenyi, Frank Bannister, Arthur Money.        Circulation.
HD30.2 .e34 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                 project management accounting : budgeting, tracking, and
Financial risk manager handbook. philippe jorion. HD61 .j67      reporting costs and profitability. Kevin R. Callahan, Gary
2005. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                          S. Stetz, Lynne M. Brooks. HD69.p75 C34 2007. 3rd floor,
Formulation, implementation, and control of competitive
strategy. john A. pearce, ii, Richard B. Robinson, jr. HD30.28   Risk issues and crisis management : a casebook of best prac-
                                                                 tice. Michael Regester & judy Larkin. HD59.5 . R44 2005. 3rd
10 - DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008
floor, Circulation.                                                     The guerrilla marketing revolution : precision persuasion of
                                                                        the unconscious mind. jay Condrad Levinson and paul R.j.
Software patents : economic impacts and policy implications.            Hanley. HF5415 .L458 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Knut Blind, jakob edler, Michael Friedewald. HD9696.2.e8
B54 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                       Handbook of management accounting research. edited by
                                                                        Christopher S. Chapman, Anthony G. Hopwood and Michael
The theory and practice of change management. john Hayes.               D. Shields. HF5657.4 .H35 2007. 2nd floor, information-
HD58.8 .H385 2007. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library                         Reference.

Working after retirement for dummies Lita epstein. HD6279               Key debates in new political economy. edited by Anthony
.e67 2007. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.                                payne. HF1359 .K49 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.

HF – Commerce                                                           Lean accounting : best practices for sustainable integration.
                                                                        edited by jose Stenzel. HF5657.4 .L4 2007. 3rd floor, Circula-
Accounting : text and cases. Robert n. Anthony, David F.                tion.
Hawkins, Kenneth A. Merchant. HF5686.C8 A52 2007. 3rd
floor, Circulation.                                                     Marketing management : an Asian perspective. philip Kotler ...
                                                                        [et al.]. HF5415.13 K68 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Contemporary advertising. William F. Arens, Michael F. Wei-
gold, Christian Arens. HF5821 .A74 2008. 3rd floor, Circula-            The marketing playbook : five battle-tested plays for capturing
tion.                                                                   and keeping the lead in any market. john Zagula and Richard
                                                                        Tong. HF5415 .Z34 2004. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Contesting globalization : space and place in the world
economy. Andre C. Drainville ; with a foreword by Saskia Sas-           principles of corporate financial accounting. james M. Reeve,
sen. HF1359 .D7 2004. 3rd floor, Circulation.                           Carl S. Warren. HF5686.C7 R44 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.

The design of things to come : how ordinary people create               principles of financial accounting. james M. Reeve, Carl S.
extraordinary products. Craig M. Vogel, jonathan Cagan, peter           Warren, jonathan e. Duchac. HF5635 . R44 2007. 3rd floor,
Boatwright. HF5415.153 .V64 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.               Circulation.

effective training : systems, strategies, and practices. p. nick        problem-solving cases in Microsoft Access and excel. joseph
Blanchard, james W. Thacker. HF5549.5. T7 B56 2007. 3rd                 A. Brady, ellen F. Monk. HF5548.4.M525 B7 2008. 2nd floor,
floor, Circulation.                                                     information-Reference.

essentials of marketing : a global-managerial approach. Wil-            The rise and fall of Marks & Spencer : and how it rose again.
liam D. perreault, jr., e. jerome McCarthy. HF5415 .M2 2003.            judi Bevan. HF5465.G74 M374 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                        Schaum's outline of theory and problems of intermediate
essentials of marketing research. William G. Zikmund, Barry             accounting. Baruch englard. HF5661 .e54 2007. Andrew
j. Babin. HF5415.2 .Z54 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.                   Gonzalez Hall Library.

Essential mathematics for economics and business. Teresa                The secrets of power selling : 101 tips to help you improve
Bradley, paul patton. HF5691 .B698 2003. 3rd floor, Circula-            your sales results. Kelley Robertson. HF5438.25 . R57 2007.
tion.                                                                   2nd floor, information-Reference.

Fair trade : the challenges of transforming globalization. edited       HG – Finance
by Laura T. Raynolds, Douglas Murray, and john Wilkinson.
HF1379 .F34 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.                               The 10 essentials of Forex trading : the rules for turning pat-
                                                                        terns into profit. jared F. Martinez. HG3853 .M37 2007. 2nd
Financial and management accounting : an introduction. pau-             floor, information-Reference.
line Weetman. HF5635 .W394 2003. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                        essentials of financial management. eugene F. Brigham, joel
Foundations of international political economy. Matthew Wat-            F. Houston. HG4026 .B685 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
son. HF1359 .W38 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                        Financial accounting : information for decisions. john j. Wild.
Global encounters : international political economy, develop-           HF5635 .W4735 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
ment, and globalization. edited by Graham Harrison. HF1352
.G56 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                   DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008 - 11
Financial liberalization : managing risks and opportunities. Ed-   JF – Political science. Government. Administration
ited by ponciano S. intal, jr. HG187.A2 F56 2005. 3rd floor,
Circulation.                                                       Handbook of public administration : concise paperback edi-
                                                                   tion. [edited by] B. Guy peters, jon pierre. jF1351 .H3642
Fundamental managerial accounting concepts. Thomas p.              2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.
edmonds, Bor-Yi Tsay, philip R. Olds. HF5657.4 .F86 2008.
3rd floor, Circulation.                                            JV – Emigration and Immigration

Fundamentals of futures and options markets. john C. Hull.         immigration and asylum : from 1900 to the present. Matthew
HG6024.A3 H834 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.                       j. Gibney and Randall Hansen, editors. jV6012 .i45 2005. 2nd
                                                                   floor, information-Reference.
The handbook of structured finance. [edited by] Arnaud de
Servigny, norbert jobst. HG4028.A84 H36 2007. 2nd floor,           JZ – International relations
                                                                   Globalization : the transformation of social worlds. [Edited by]
investment banking and investment opportunities in China :         D. Stanley eitzen, Maxine Baca Zinn. jZ1318 .G54 2006. 3rd
a compehensive guide for finance professional. K. Thomas           floor, Circulation.
Liaw. HG5782 .L5 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.
                                                                   KPM – Philippine law
Trade finance handbook. Alan j. Beard, Richard M. Thomas.
HG3753 .B4 2006. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                 Fundamentals of obligations and contracts. Salvador E.
                                                                   Austria, Timoteo B. Aquino. KpM810 .A97 2005. 4th floor,
HJ – Public finance                                                Filipiniana.

Accounting for governmental and nonprofit entities. earl R.        negotiable instruments law and jurisprudence. Reynaldo B.
Wilson, Susan C. Kattelus, jacqueline L. Reck. Hj9733 .H37         Aralar. KpM880 .A9 2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana.
2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                   LB – Theory and practice of education
HM – Sociology
                                                                   Brief counselling in schools : working with young people from
The Blackwell companion to social inequalities. edited by          11 to 18. Dennis Lines. LB1620.4 .L56 2006. Andrew Gonza-
Mary Romero and eric Margolis. HM821 .B586 2005. 3rd               lez Hall Library.
floor, Circulation.
                                                                   Classroom management. Michael Arthur-Kelly ... [et al.].
public opinion and polling around the world : a historical en-     LB3013 .C35 2007. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library
cyclopedia. john G. Geer, editor. HM1236 .p8 2004. 2nd floor,
information-Reference.                                             Classroom teaching skills. Kenneth D. Moore. LB1025.3 .M66
                                                                   2007. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
HV – Social pathology. Social and public welfare
                                                                   Internationalizing higher education : critical explorations of
Applied social research : a tool for the human services. Duane     pedagogy and policy. edited by peter ninnes and Meeri Hell-
R. Monette, Thomas j. Sullivan, Cornell R. Dejong. HV11            sten. LB2324 .i58 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.
.M66 2008. 2nd floor, information-Reference.
                                                                   professional board examination for teachers : a reviewer.
encyclopedia of domestic violence. nicky Ali jackson, editor.      Adela e. peña. LB1765.p6 p45 2006. 4th floor, Filipiniana,
HV6626 .e5 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                 Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.

Encyclopedia of world poverty. general editor, Mehmet              Taking sides : clashing views on controversial issues in edu-
Odekon. HV12 .e54 2006. 2nd floor, information-Reference.          cational psychology. selected, edited, and with introductions
                                                                   and postscripts by Leonard Abbeduto. LB1051 . T29 2006. 3rd
JA – Political science. Collections and general works              floor, Circulation.

power & choice : an introduction to political science. W. phil-    LC – Special aspects of education
lips Shively. jA66 .S45 2005. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
                                                                   The practical critical educator : critical inquiry and educational
                                                                   practice. edited by Karyn Cooper and Robert White. LC196

12 - DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008
.p7 2006. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library                                The book thief. Markus Zusak. pR9619.4.Z87 B66 2007. 3rd
                                                                      floor, Circulation.
P – Philology and linguistics (General)                               Friends, lovers, chocolate. Alexander McCall Smith. pR6063.
                                                                      C326 F74 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Communication mosaics : an introduction to the field of com-
munication. julia T. Wood. p90 .W65 2006. 3rd floor, Circula-         The monk who sold his Ferrari : a fable about fulfilling
tion.                                                                 your dreams and reaching your destiny. Robin S. Sharma.
                                                                      pR9199.3.S497 M6 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Fundamental speech communication for Filipinos. paterna
estoque Manalo, Virginia elona Fermin. p95.M36 2006. 4th              The sea. john Banville. pR6052.A57 S4 2006. 3rd floor, Cir-
floor, Filipiniana.                                                   culation.

PA – Classical languages and literature                               PS - American Literature

Virgil's Aeneid : a reader's guide. David O. Ross. pA6825 .           The Brooklyn follies : [a novel]. paul Auster. pS3551.u77 B76
R67 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                     2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.

PE –English literature                                                The inheritance of loss. Kiran Desai. pS3554.e82 i54 2006.
                                                                      3rd floor, Circulation.
english skills with readings. john Langan. pe1408 .L285
2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                         PS – Philippine literature in English

Handbook on case writing and analysis. juanito S. Sison,              At a glance : more on Manila’s corporate jungle. Antonio R.
Flordeliza M. Sison. pe1408 .S576 2007. 2nd floor, informa-           Samson. pS9993.S194 S8 2003. 4th floor, Filipiniana.
                                                                      Q – Science (General)
PL – Languages and literature of Eastern Asia
                                                                      essentials of physical science (worktext). Ryan G. Malenab ...
The crimson labyrinth : [a novel]. Yusuke Kishi ; translated by       (et al.). q161.2 .e88 2006. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
Masami isetani and Camellia nieh. pL855.i615 K8713 2006.
3rd floor, Circulation.                                               exploding disk cannons, slimemobiles, and 31 other projects
                                                                      for Saturday science. neil A. Downie. q182.3 .D68 2006. 2nd
PN – Literature                                                       floor, information-Reference.

The Bedford glossary of critical and literary terms. Ross             Feminism and philosophy of science : an introduction. Eliza-
Murfin, Supryia M. Ray. pn44.5 .M86 2003. 2nd floor,                  beth potter. q130 .p67 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                      An introduction to physical science. james T. Shipman, jerry
Mga bugtungan at tanungan. Rosario p. nem Singh. pn6377.              D. Wilson, Aaron W. Todd. q161.2 .S5 2006. 3rd floor, Circu-
p6 n45 2004. 4th floor, Filipiniana.                                  lation.

Last sons. Alan Grant. pn6727.G693 L37 2006. 3rd floor,               A new simplified dictionary in science and technology. em-
Circulation.                                                          manuel F. Ocampo. q121 .O3 2005. Andrew Gonzalez Hall
PQ – Romance literatures
                                                                      QA - Mathematics
novels in three lines. Felix Feneon ; translated and with an
introduction by Luc Sante. pq2611.e565 n6813 2007. 3rd                All you wanted to know about Windows Xp : Windows Xp
floor, Circulation.                                                   puts the exciting experiences of the digital age at your fin-
                                                                      gertips. Davinder Sigh Minhas. qA76.76.O63 M568 2006.
Silk. Alessandro Baricco ; translated from the italian by Ann         Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
Goldstein. pq4862.A6745 S4713 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                      Applied numerical methods with MATLAB for engineers and
PR – English literature                                               scientists. Steven C. Chapra. qA297 .C49 2008. 3rd floor,
Bangkok tattoo. john Burdett. pR6052.u617 B36 2006. 3rd
floor, Circulation.                                                   Basic mathematical skills with geometry. Stefan Baratto, Barry

                                                                DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008 - 13
Bergman. qA107 .B37 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.                  ence.

Calculus. Robert T. Smith, Roland B. Minton. qA303 .S64            Text book of atomic physics. D.K. jha. qC173 .j5 2005. 3rd
2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                      floor, Circulation.

introductory statistics. prem S. Mann. qA276.12 .M36 2004.         QD – Chemistry
3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                   General chemistry : the essential concepts. Raymond Chang.
precalculus demystified. Rhonda Huettenmueller. qA303.2            qD33.2 .C5 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
.H84 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                   Organic chemistry. janice G. Smith. qD253.2 .S64 2008. 3rd
Second handbook of research on mathematics teaching and            floor, Circulation.
learning : a project of the national Council of Teachers of
Mathematics. Frank K. Lester, jr., editor. qA11 .S4 2007. 2nd      Structure determination by X-ray crystallography. Mark Ladd
floor, information-Reference.                                      and Rex palmer. qD945 .L34 2003. 3rd floor, Circulation.

Statistics for engineers and scientists. William navidi.           QH – Natural history (General). Biology (General)
qA276.4 .n38 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                   Atlas of community-based marine protected areas in the phil-
Table of integrals, series and products. I.S. Gradshteyn and       ippines. [edited by Margarita n. Lavides, Marivic G. pajaro
i.M. Ryzhik ; Alan jeffrey, Daniel Zwillinger, [editors]. qA55     and Cristi Marie C. nozawa]. qH91.75.p6 A85 2005. 4th
.G713 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                      floor, Filipiniana, Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.

QA – Computer science                                              ecology : concepts & applications. Manuel C. Molles, jr.
                                                                   qH541 .M64 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
Fault-tolerant systems. israel Koren, C. Mani Krishna.
qA76.9.F38 K67 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.                       Genetics : from genes to genomes. Leland H. Hartwell ... [et
                                                                   al.]. qH430 .G48 2008. 3rd floor, Circulation.
QC – Physics
                                                                   R – Medicine (General)
Brainteaser : challenging physics puzzlers. Goran Grimvall.
qC75 .G75 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                  Lotus illustrated dictionary of medical. Compiled and edited
                                                                   by Hans Baker. R121 .i44 2006. 2nd floor, information-Refer-
Categories : on the beauty of physics : essential physics con-     ence.
cepts and their companions in art and literature. science writer
& editor, emiliano Sefusatti ; collage artist, john Morse ; fine   RA – Public aspects of medicine
art & literature reviewer, Hilary Thayer Hamann. qC24 .C38
2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                      The Merck manual of health & aging. Mark H. Beers, editor-in
                                                                   -chief ; Thomas V. jones, editor ; Michael Berkwits, justin L.
Checkpoint physics. peter D. Riley. qC23 . R54 2005. 3rd           Kaplan, and Robert porter, assistant editors. RA777.5 .M47
floor, Circulation.                                                2005. 2nd floor, information-Reference.

Higher physics : homework & multiple choice questions for          RC – Internal medicine. Practice of medicine
new higher physics. Adrian Watt ; jime page, editor. qC23
.W37 2005. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                 The cancer survivor's guide : the essential handbook to life
                                                                   after cancer. Michael Feuerstein and patricia Findley. RC262
Laboratory manual in general physics I with supplementary          .F48 2006. 2nd floor, information-Reference.
readings. Allan L. Alinea ... [et al.]. qC35 .L34 2006. Andrew
Gonzalez Hall Library.                                             Handbook of gerontology : evidence-based approaches to
                                                                   theory, practice, and policy. edited by james A. Blackburn,
nuclear and particle physics : [an introduction]. B. R. Martin.    Catherine n. Dulmus. RC952.55 .H36 2007. 2nd floor,
qC776 .M37 2006b. 3rd floor, Circulation.                          information-Reference.

physics now! 11-14. peter D. Riley. qC23 . R546 2004. 3rd          Moderating severe personality disorders : a personalized
floor, Circulation.                                                psychotherapy approach. Theodore Millon, Seth Grossman.
                                                                   RC554 .M54 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
physics success in 20 minutes a day. Valentina Tobos, Lauren-
tiu Tobos. qC21.3 . T6 2006. 2nd floor, information-Refer-
14 - DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008
The therapist's guide to psychopharmacology : working with              Bridge management. Bojidar Vanev. TG315 .Y36 2007. 3rd
patients, families, and physicians to optimize care. jo ellen           floor, Circulation.
patterson ... [et al.]. RC483 . T44 2006. 2nd floor, information-       TH – Building construction
                                                                        passive and active environmental controls : informing the
RG – Gynecology and obstetrics                                          schematic designing of buildings. Dean Heerwagen ; illustra-
                                                                        tions by Brendan Connolly ... [et al.]. TH6021 .H44 2004. 3rd
natural menopause. jan Clark. RG186 .C4 2004. 2nd floor,                floor, Circulation.
                                                                        TJ – Mechanical engineering and machinery
RJ – Pediatrics
                                                                        encyclopedia of mechanical engineering. edited by D. R.
Handbook of human development for health care profession-               Subbu. Tj9 .e5 2007. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
als. [edited by] Kathleen Thies, john Travers. Rj131 .H36
2006. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                                 TK – Electrical engineering. Electronics

industrial hygiene control of airborne chemical hazards. Wil-           Antenna engineering handbook. john L. Volakis, editor.
liam popendorf. T55.3.H3 p66 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.              TK7871.6 .A575 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.

TA – Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)                 ASiC design in the Silicon sandbox : a complete guide to
                                                                        building mixed-signal integrated circuits. Keith Barr. TK7874
encyclopedia of civil engineering. R. Kapoor. TA9 .K36 2007.            .B37 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.
Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
                                                                        Creating web pages all-in-one desk reference for dummies.
engineering mathematics . e. Rukmangadachari. TA330 . R84               Richard Wagner and Richard Mansfield. TK5105.888 .W34
2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.                                           2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.

Handbook of civil engineering calculations. Tyler G. Hicks,             encyclopedia of electrical engineering. edited by john Wilson.
editor ; S. David Hicks, coordinating editor. TA332 .H36 2007.          TK9 .e45 2007. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.
2nd floor, information-Reference.
                                                                        encyclopedia of electronics & telecommunication engineering.
Mechanics of materials. Ansel C. ugural. TA405 .u488 2008.              edited by A. R. Reddy. TK9 .e5 2007. Andrew Gonzalez Hall
3rd floor, Circulation.                                                 Library

TC – Hydraulic engineering                                              Folded unipole antennas : theory and applications. jeremy
                                                                        Keith Raines. TK7871.67.M66 R34 2007. 3rd floor, Circula-
Construction of marine and offshore structures. Ben C. Ger-             tion.
wick, jr. TC1665 .G47 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
                                                                        Radio system design for telecommunications. Roger L. Free-
TD – Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering                     man. TK6553 .F68 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.

Barrier systems for waste disposal. R. Kerry Rowe ... [et al.].         Secure roaming in 802.11 networks. paul Goransson and Ray-
TD795.7 .B37 2004. 3rd floor, Circulation.                              mond Greenlaw. TK5105.78 G67 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.

Handbook of environmental engineering calculations. C.C.                TL – Motor vehicles. Aeronautics
Lee, editor in chief ; Shun Dar Lin, associate editor. TD145
.H36 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                            Hybrid, electric, and fuel-cell vehicles. jack erjavec & jeff
                                                                        Arias. TL220 .e74 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.
pumping station design. editor-in-chief, Garr M. jones ;
co-editors, Bayard e. Bosserman, Robert L. Sanks, George                Wings : a history of aviation from kites to the space age. Tom
Tchobanoglous. TD485 .p85 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.                 D. Crouch. TL515 .C76 2003. 3rd floor, Circulation.

TG – Bridge engineering                                                 TP – Chemical technology

Bridge engineering : [design, rehabilitation, and maintenance           The chemistry of essential oils : an introduction for aromather-
of modern highway bridges]. Demetrios e. Tonias, jim j.                 apists, beauticians, retailers and students. David G. Williams.
Zhao. TG300 . T66 2007. 3rd floor, Circulation.                         Tp958 .W54 2006. 3rd floor, Circulation.

                                                                  DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008 - 15
                                                                • A visit to a motivated classroom. V003585
encyclopedia of chemical engineering. S. Bansaude. Tp9 .B36
2007. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.                             C. Sound recording

TS – Manufactures                                               • Big picture investing : how, when, and why the stock mar-
                                                                  ket moves. (8 discs). HG4529
quality control for dummies. Larry Webber and Michael Wal-
lace. TS156 .W4 2007. Andrew Gonzalez Hall Library.             3. Archives Resources
Z – Libraries and library science                               A. Faculty Papers
How to use Web 2.0 in your library. phil Bradley. Z674.75.i58   • Belita, Jimmy A., C.M.
B7 2007. 2nd floor, information-Reference.                      - When sin defines a church : towards a kenosis ecclesiology
                                                                  in post-colonial age
2. Instructional Media Resources
                                                                • Caballero, Rhodora B.
A. Equipment                                                    - Module of Discipline Office session for Lasallian personal
                                                                  effectiveness program Freshmen Orientation (Lpep SY
• 17 units laptop computers                                       2005-2006) (facilitator's guide)
•   2 units e-beam                                              - Module of Discipline Office session for Lasallian personal
•   4 units speaker stand                                         effectiveness program Freshmen Orientation (Lpep SY
•   2 units wireless barcode readers                              2007-2008) (facilitator's guide)
•   20 units microphone                                         - Module of the "The Broken Squares" (an activity that
•   20 units multimedia projectors                                fosters communication and teambuilding) delivered during
•   29 units overhead projectors                                  the DO paragons Training and Teambuilding Workshop,
                                                                  Summer, SY 2004-2005
B. Video recordings                                             - Module of the DO Discipline lecture for ORienT 1 Class
                                                                  (part 2) 1st term, SY 2005-2006 (DO orientors' guide)
                                                                - Module of the DO Discipline Lecture for ORienT i Class
• Assessment for student motivation : a professional develop-     (part 1) 1st term, SY 2005-2006 (DO orientors' guide)
  ment. CD05103
                                                                - Module of the DO Discipline Lecture for Relstri and Rels-
• Building the relationship : common errors in helping.
                                                                  for classes, (3rd term, SY 2004-2005) (DO orientors' guide)
                                                                - Module of the DO Discipline Lecture for Relstri and Rels-
• Business basics : advertising tactics. CD05096
                                                                  for Classes, 3rd term, SY 2005-2006 (DO orientor's guide)
• Canadian nationals 2004 15 & under events. V003653
                                                                - Module of the DO discipline lecture for ReLSTRi and
• Canadian nationals 2004 junior events. V003654
                                                                  ReLSFOR classes, third term, SY 2006-2007 (DO orien-
• Communication skills : what everyone needs to know.
                                                                  tors' guide)
                                                                - Module of the DO Values Clarification and Development
• Creative teaching methods. CD05101
• Cross-cultural understanding. CD05425                           program (DOVCDp), revised, SY 2004-2005
• From suffering to freedom : practicing reality acceptance.    - Module of the DO Values Clarification and Development
  V003649                                                         program (DOVCDp) for graduate student, (First term, SY
• Getting through a crisis without making it worse : crisis       2004-2005)
  survival skills. V003647                                      - "nuclear explosion" (Module guide for DeS officers
• Great classroom management : maximizing student and             handling the DO values clarification and development
  teacher performance. V003583                                    program), 3rd term, SY 2000-2001
• How debt makes companies perform better. V003620              - pre-hearing consultation module guide for discipline educa-
• Marketing and customer service. V003611                         tion officers (September 2007)
• The masters of enterprise : how the Titans of American
  business shaped the U.S. economy.                             • Chan, Philip
     HF3023.A2                                                  - Duration calculus specification of scheduling for tasks with
• nationals 2003 14 & under events. V003652                       shared resources
• nationals 2003 junior events. V003650                         - netFiles : a novel approach to parallel programming of
• nationals 2003 senior events. V003651                           master/worker applications
• A primer of Beijing opera : a viewer's guide. V003623
• profit & loss statement. CD05105                              • Concepcion, Rene F.
• qualities of effective teachers. V003615                      - Green light. A generation's resolution

16 - DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008
                                                                       • Espiritu, Benjamin A.I.
•   Cruz, Elfren S.                                                    - Green light. Good leadership
-   Framework. Great management decisions
-   Framework. Management innovations                                  • Espiritu, Lloyd D.
-   Framework. Test of time                                            - Design of functional computer literacy program in basic
•   Cruz, Isagani R.
-   Mini critique. Cybered reply awaited                               • Gaite, Maribel R.
-   Mini critique. eDSA 4                                              - The view from Taft. Happiness at work
-   Mini critique. Getting cited
-   Mini critique. is CHeD hopeless?                                   • Hila, Antonio C.
-   Mini critique. name streets after artists                          - Salvador Bernal : father of philippine stage design
-   Mini critique. Readers on CHeD
-   Mini critique. Trouble in CHeD                                     •   Juico, Philip Ella
                                                                       -   Sports for all. Hingis and jones : tales of fallen icons
• Cu, Gregory G.                                                       -   Sports for all. Mikee's winning formula
- CSMA/CD-based multiple network lines dynamic utiliza-                -   Sports for all. pyeong Chang says never say die
  tion algorithm                                                       -   The view from Taft. SR and business education

• Cuansing, Eduardo C., Jr.                                            • Ko, Charibeth Y.
- quantum transport in randomly diluted quantum percola-               - Three approaches to a multi database system
  tion clusters in two dimensions
- Static and dynamic critical behaviors of iterated, fully co-         • Lagman, Oscar P., Jr.
  ordinated percolation [abstract]                                     - Opinion. Tourism, a collaboration of public and private sec-
• Dagmang, Ferdinand
- Identities amidst connections and disconnections                     • Lugtu, Reynaldo C., Jr.
                                                                       - The view from Taft. The future of energy
• De Castro, Renato C.
- The 1997 Asian financial crisis and the revival of populism/         •   Mayshle, Peter George Z.
  neo-populism in 21st century philippine politics [article]           -   MacGyveractics
- The 21st Armed Forces of the philippines (AFp) : an                  -   Mirage
  orphan of counter-insurgency or a military geared for the            -   Mirage and other stories
  long war of the century [Armed Forces lecture series; with
  abstract]                                                            • Nazar, Medi A.
- Assessing the Cebu Declaration on east Asian energy                  - BiT serial modular multiplication on FpGA
  Security : issues and challenges in regional energy coop-            - An FpGA implementation of systolic array for Montgom-
  eration [summary][published in Conference on “Spotlight                ery modular multiplication
  on Asia's energy and security challenges-a multilateral re-
  sponse?” held in Singapore and organized by the “institute           •   Panugayan, Joel L.
  of Defence and Strategic Studies, S. Rajaratnam School of            -   Database fundamentals
  International Studies, and Institute for Security and Devel-         -   Objective and strategy document for Cabana
  opment policy, September 7-8, 2007]                                  -   procter & Gamble employee cloning

• De Mesa, Jose M.                                                     • Pobre, Romeric
- "pandaraya" as sin : a contextual interpretation                     - Below-band gap excited, terahertz emission of optically
                                                                         pumped GaAs/AiGaAs multiple quantum wells
•   Escalante, Rene R.
-   The Augustinian Haciendas in Cebu, 1899-1910                       • Que, Mary Margaret
-   Collapse of the Malolos Republic                                   - Green light. Role model
-   elihu root and the pacification of the philippines, 1899-
    1903                                                               • Ragasa, Consolacion Y.
-   From revolution to land redistribution : American land poli-       - Clerodane diterpenes from Tinospora rumphii [abstract]
    cies in the philippines, 1900-1912 [article]
-   The Mabini-Calderon debate : power play in the Malolos             • Reyes, Rhodora L.
    Congress                                                           - Multimedia intelligent tutoring system for context-free
-   Mass media : a guardian of public fund                               grammar
-   Real patronato de indias at ang rebolusyong pilipino
                                                                 DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008 - 17
• Sison, Raymund                                                      enterobacter spp. from Brooklyn, new York
- The application of machine learning to student modeling :         - effects of Cu2+ ions on the structure and reactivity of
  survey and analysis                                                 todorokite-and cryptomelane-type manganese oxide octahe-
- Incremental clustering of relational descriptions                   dral molecular sieves [Abstract]
- Knowledge management : concepts, techniques & cases               - Synthesis and characterization of nanofibrous sodium man-
- Learner agents as student modeling : design and analysis            ganese oxide with a 2 X 4 tunnel structure [Abstract]
- Student modeling and machine learning                             • Torralba, Enrico C.
- Value chain framework and support system for higher edu-          - Isang dyipni drayber
                                                                    • Unite, Angelo A.
•   Suleik, Mercedes B.                                             - The impact of liberalization of foreign bank entry on the
-   Capital view. Movies to manage by                                 philippine domestic banking market [Abstract]
-   Capital view. The power to govern
-   Capital view. Saul of Tarsus                                    • Villacorta, Wilfrido V.
                                                                    - Can ecotech alleviate the Asian financial crisis?
• Sy, Dante V.                                                      - Coalition-building and ApeC [Abstract]
- Green light. Tax benchmarking                                     - Controlling and eradicating highly pathogenic avian influ-
- The view from Taft. The politics of taxation                        enza in ASeAn [power point presentation]
                                                                    - International conference on geo-agenda for the future :
• Tan, Raymond Girard R.                                              securing the oceans legal and policy frameworks and ac-
- An approximate mixed integer linear programming (MiLp)              tion plan for the maintenance of peace and environment
  model for the design of water reuse/recycle networks with           protection of the ocean approach for implementation of the
  minimum energy                                                      concept (part 2) ASeAn's initiatives in securing the ocean
•   Teehankee, Ben                                                  - Our neighbors respect us
-   After a term of faith-based management                          - The political economy of philippine commitments to ApeC
-   Business and social inequality                                    : the legislative record
-   Can corporations learn to care about people?
-   Catholic social teaching and corporate governance               •   Villadolid, Albert T.
-   Christmas thoughts : social capital and the spirit of Christ-   -   Mapping the future. Getting the most out of IT investments
    mas                                                             -   Mapping the future. MAp CeO academy
-   Class is in session                                             -   Travel and tourism competitive index-philippine ranking
-   Decent work                                                     -   The view from Taft. An evening with the father of modern
-   Detoxifying the workplace                                           marketing
-   Developing standards for quality assurance in e-learning
                                                                    • Villamil, Winfred M.
-   employee welfare : the missing piece in CSR
                                                                    - Trade liberalization and child labor in the philippines :        a
-   Ethics and innovation
                                                                      preliminary inquiry [abstract]
-   The ethics of Wowowee
-   Faith-based management
-   Human capital and globalization                                                  The Library Newsette/ BalitangAklatan
-   Main thesis of humanistic management                                                       is published by the
-   Managing for society : consumption, work and human
    development [article]                                                                DLSU-Manila University Library
-   Outsourcing and the employment relationship
                                                                                       2401 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila 1004
-   praying for the common good
-   The problem of contractualization                                             Ana Maria B. Fresnido (
-   The psychology of labor and employer viewpoints                                                   Editor
-   The role of CSRi in the academic advancement of CSR                             Marita G. Valerio (
    knowledge and practice [powerpoint presentation]                                            Associate editor
-   The search for humanistic managers                                            Avelino e. Dancalan (
                                                                                        Melton e. jo (
-   Starting up                                                                                   Web editors
-   A tiresome false dilemma                                                         Gregorio Guinto (
• Tolentino, Elaine N.                                                               Wilfredo A. Frias (
- Detection of KpC carbapenem-hydrolyzing enzymes in                                              proof Reader

18 - DLSU-M Newsette Balitang Aklatan Vol. 39 No. 2 February 2008

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